You’re My One and Only

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Sample Chapter

Annaliese tosses her career as a successful model aside for a summer adventure. Taking a job caring for horses at a camp for delinquents looked to be the ideal escape from her shallow life in fashion – and her haunting past – but her adventure becomes more than she bargains for when her new boss sets fire to her passion and is more than willing to warm her behind in the process.

However, she is not ready to settle down yet. She wants to find her own way and make a difference.

Sam is a no-nonsense sort of man. He has to be; he runs a camp for troubled teens. His own haunted past has stolen his ability to trust, leaving behind deep emotional scars. When he first sees the beautiful Annaliese, she triggers his ire – and his libido.

His rational mind tells him not to hire her, but when he sees her application and remembers the beautiful but feisty woman, passion overrides logic and he offers her the job at Camp Horse Feather. Dreams are at risk… futures are at stake… and trust is something that Annaliese and Sam have forgotten how to do.

But the summer just got hotter. Will the flames of passion grow and thrive, or burn hot and bright and fade as the weather cools?

Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Annaliese was disgusted. It was only seven in the morning, yet she was hotter than hell and dripping with sweat. How had she gotten herself into this mess? Oh, yeah. She remembered now. She managed to blow her modeling career in a single photo shoot. "Well?? If you could go back and change it, would you?" she asked herself for the millionth time. "Nope," came her firm reply as she gripped the steering wheel even tighter. "You were sick of the job and all the bullshit that went with it anyway. You were looking for a reason to get out, and that little-dicked photographer gave it to you. So buck up already and move on," she scolded herself.

Annaliese had been having this same conversation with herself for the past two months. And it annoyed the hell out of her. Here she was, twenty-seven years old with a four-year college degree in fashion, and a modeling career behind her in tatters. No "real" job prospects anymore and sweat trickling down her back. Models do not sweat! The thought made her chuckle. "Yeah, that’s right, Annaliese. Never let them see you sweat." She tilted her head and thrust out her chin defiantly, as memories drifted in and out of her brain like a bee buzzing from flower to flower. Picking up speed, she merged onto the freeway and allowed her mind to wander. Some thoughts lingered while others were cast from her mind as quickly as they surfaced.

It was the beginning of summer and she was on her way to her first day at Camp Horse Feather, a camp for troubled kids. She would not be working with the kids though. Didn’t know much about kids really. Rather, she had been hired because she knew her way around horses and a barn, and Camp Horse Feather needed someone with those qualifications who was willing to work temporarily during the summer. She had to do something, she figured. So why not do something she enjoyed, like being outdoors and working with horses. It beat walking around a showroom floor, half-naked, with back biting bitches and gross leering men, who reeked of alcohol and were always trying to feel her up. She could use some time to pull her shit together and deal with some issues that lingered in the present, despite happening in the past. She was going to think positively. Had to. But the sweat and the damn bugs pinging her windshield, and the one which had most recently nailed her in the forehead, were already getting on her nerves, and she had barely left her apartment and the city behind.

Once on the freeway, she picked up speed. The swirling air cooled Annaliese, helping her relax into the seat. The sun, more tolerable now, caressed and soothed her soul as she smiled at the wind that toyed with her hair, tightly secured on top of her head in a ponytail. A pair of warm, deep green eyes slipped into her thoughts and sent her stomach careening to her toes. "No!" She smacked the steering wheel. "You are not to think about any men this summer. Especially that one!"


Sam looked out his office window and frowned. "Well, I see the prima donna has made it on time," he muttered to himself as he watched a dark-haired woman pull up in a small convertible and park next to his truck.

He met her a couple of months ago at a photo shoot he helped a friend deliver horses to. It was supposed to have been an easy job. He scoffed at the memory. That job was anything but easy. Once the horses were delivered, all they were supposed to do was stand around and watch until it was time to load them back up and leave. He shook his head at the memory.

His mind wandered back to the shoot. One of the dim-witted models or maybe she was just high, decided it would be fun to tickle a horse with a feather on her costume, sending its front hooves sailing through the air and scattering screaming women and startled horses to the wind. The beauty standing in his parking lot at this very moment had stepped in to grab the horse’s lead and bring him down to calm him. It was a very impressive sight, and gave away the fact she was obviously comfortable around horses. And right there, at that second, he had wished she were rubbing and comforting him instead of the horse. He shook his head to bring himself back to the present.

His eyes landed on the sexy woman who was standing in his parking lot and all he could manage to do from that point on was work at getting his libido under control. His dick stirred at the simple task of watching her get out of the car, and she was fully clothed. Sam’s eyebrows drew together. Fuck! Something about the woman made his blood boil.He didn’t like the feeling at all and it pissed him off. He was a man used to being in control of everything at all times, including his cock. Dammit!

He watched her standing next to her car, surveying the place with a disgusted scowl on her beautiful face. He never liked the beautiful bitchy type, so he was surprised by his body’s reaction to her even now.

She looked around the camp through what he assumed were designer sunglasses, her hands perched on her sexy hips. The memory of a small compass tattoo in the exact same spot where her right hand rested, skated precariously through his brain. Was it part of the photo shoot or is it part of who she is? His brain slipped back in time to the exact moment he had laid eyes on the bewitching design. After gathering the scattered horses, they brought them back to their marks. He stepped up next to her and was surprised to see tears streaming down her cheeks as she rested her head against the gelding’s neck. He had reached out to touch her shoulder reassuringly, yet she jerked away as if he were the most loathsome man she had ever met. Her eyes flew open and her scorching glare virtually lit his eyebrows on fire. The memory spurred the feelings of hurt that had overcome him and sparked a fire under his growing agitation with her.

"She’s a spoiled bitch. Aren’t they all?" He needed to remember that and steer clear of her. It shouldn’t be hard to do, except they were going to be the only ones at the camp for the next couple of days.

Sam owned Camp Horse Feather and was a counselor for troubled teens. She was now one of his employees. He sure hoped she was as good as her references said she was. He didn’t want to have to deal with a bitchy, lazy brat all summer who thought she was on vacation. It was enough to deal with the campers themselves. Shame too, she sure is easy on the eyes.

Sam allowed himself another moment to enjoy her womanly curves. He was not a man easily aroused by merely looking at a woman. He respected them. But this woman put him off kilter and didn’t let him think straight. His dick twitched again at the thought of the tattoo low on her hip. Disgruntled with his response, he took a deep breath. "Okay, might as well get this over with." He stood up, grabbed his cowboy hat off the hook by the door and walked out onto the small porch of the cabin.


Annaliese heard the spring door slam shut and turned to see her new boss stomping down the steps of one of the cabins toward her. He had on a worn cowboy hat, a pair of faded jeans, work boots and a form-fitting white t-shirt with a pocket. She only noticed the pocket because he pulled his mirrored aviators out and slid them on before he got to her. He had been wearing them the first time she’d seen him, and a shudder of dread zipped up her spine at her reaction. But it wasn’t my fault, she screamed in her head. I thought you were that temperamental, photographer who had been harassing me to suck his dick all week.

Annaliese had approached him to apologize at the end of the shoot. The fucking photographer, however, had started making rude comments about her not knowing her place was down on her knees in front of him, and that if she ever wanted to work as a model again, she better be in his trailer in two minutes to take care of his needs. She was at her wits end at that point, so she turned around, flipped him off and told him to go to hell and to be sure to take his little dick with him. Okay, certainly not one of her proudest moments. But really, it had been the last straw, and she’d been praying all week for a sign, and it finally came that day. She recognized it for what it was when the horse unexpectedly reared and her natural instincts kicked in. Comforting the spooked horse reminded her of a time when working with horses soothed her soul. She knew right then she needed to get back to her roots and leave what had become an empty life behind, and the man coming towards her right now had given it to her.


"You’re fired, bitch! And I will make damn sure you never work in this area again," the photographer had yelled.

"I don’t plan on working around here anymore anyway, asshole!" she screamed in his wake.

By the time she turned back around, Sam had the back of the trailer shut and was stepping up into the truck. She ran to catch up to him, jumping on the running board next to his window, desperate to apologize. He turned to look at her, mirrored aviators hiding his eyes and thoughts. Although if the eyebrows drawn tightly together, and the deep lines in his forehead were any indication, the man was not thrilled to see her. His unsmiling, soft-looking lips preoccupied her mind and body, sending an unexpected tingle between her legs. Stop looking at his lips. Now! Her brain finally processing the message, she dragged her eyes up to stare at her own reflection in his sunglasses.

"Uh, look I’m sorry about what happened back there. Um, it’s just that he’s been pawing at me and touching me inappropriately all week, and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I thought it was him again," she finished quietly, looking down at his lips again. When he didn’t respond, she felt like a damn fool hanging off the side of the truck. Her brain kicked into high gear, allowing rational thought to take over. Say goodbye and get off the damn truck already. "Okay, so anyway. Have a safe trip home," and she jumped down and headed in the direction the rest of the models were going.

A thrill ran up her spine when she heard him call softly, "Hey, beautiful" to her retreating back. When she turned around to stare at him questioningly, his glasses were off and his bright green eyes bore into hers. Her heart thunked and beat wildly.

"How come you can handle a horse?"

Annaliese swallowed hard before she could even speak. "I grew up around them," she managed to get out. She watched as he nodded.

"Ever muck out a stall?"

The ends of her lips quirked up as a small snort slipped out. "More times then I’d like to remember."

He turned away from her momentarily while he worked at pulling his wallet out of his pants. Annaliese seized the opportunity to notice his well-defined, tanned arms. When he brought his attention back to her, he thrust his arm out the window and handed her a business card. "Sounds like you might need a job this summer. It involves taking care of horses and includes mucking out stalls." He nodded to the card indicating she should take it. "If you’re interested, give me a call."

Annaliese stepped forward to take the card, their fingers brushing in the exchange. A tingle zipped up her spine and lingered at the base of her neck. She enjoyed the warm fuzzy feeling. Then he was gone.


The crunch of gravel under his boots brought her back to the present. Or was it the delicious smell that radiated from his body and blew in the slight breeze. Was that pine she smelled?

?They’d gotten off to a rocky start. He witnessed her flipping an authority figure off, so he knew what she was capable of it if she were pushed to her limits. The memory almost prevented her from making the first call, but she needed a job.

The call had been formal. He asked several questions that only a person who truly worked with horses would be able to answer, and then he asked for references. It was an entire month and a half before she heard back from him. She’d actually given up on the idea and was looking into other options, like working retail at the mall. But then he called and in an authoritative tone, offered her the job. She wondered at the long pause on the other end of the line when she said yes so quickly.

"Hello? You still there?" she had asked hopefully.

His voice boomed at her through the line and she pulled the phone quickly from her ear. "Then be here June first at 9:00 a.m. If you’re late, you can forget it." And the line went silent.

"Hello? Hello?" She didn’t understand his attitude, but forced herself to push it from her mind.

Annaliese could tell by the way he was walking toward her, that his attitude had not changed. Maybe he doesn’t like women at all. "Fuck." The word slipped out in a whisper.

"What was that?" Sam asked, stopping a foot in front of her.

"Oh, nothing." She forced herself to push her nerves aside and gave him one of her most radiant smiles, or at least tried to. She tilted her head back slightly to look up at his face. And I thought I was tall. Annaliese looked up to very few men, both figuratively and literally.

Sam’s eyebrows pulled even closer together and his frown deepened. "Okay, number one, please tell me you brought clothes that will cover your body up a little better."

"Yes, of course!" she replied somewhat surprised. "I’ll always wear jeans and boots when I work around the horses. I was under the impression from the paperwork you sent me that the horses weren’t coming for a couple of days, so I dressed for the ride up in the heat."

"Okay, good, see that you do. We’ll have some teenage boys here who may think your current outfit an open invitation for some distasteful comments or worse."

"I hardly think that a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and sandals would be considered distasteful."

Sam reached up and pulled his sunglasses down and looked at her over the top of them.

Amazing. No man should be allowed to have eyes that color green.Annaliese’s stomach flipped.

"On your body, sweetheart, everything looks distasteful." He shoved the glasses back up to the bridge of his nose. "Number two?" He tried to continue.

"Now you just wait one fucking minute!" she snapped and stepped right up to his face, removing her sunglasses, which she realized quickly was stupid because all she could see was her own reflection in the aviators and she had to tilt her head back even further to look up at him. Not the vantage point she was hoping to achieve. She put her hands on her hips. "I wear nothing distasteful. I have class, buddy." She poked him in the chest a couple times to emphasize her point. "I’m not sure what your problem with me is, but I’m here to do a job. If you point me in the direction of where I’ll be sleeping and then the barn, you won’t even have to worry about seeing me all summer unless you step foot in my barn. Got it?" She poked his chest one more time.

Sam grabbed her hand before she could pull it away and held it firmly. "Number two, you are to only work with the horses. Leave the kids to the trained professionals." Annaliese tried to pull her hand out of his. He would not let go. "Number three, no swearing. Number four, hands to yourself, young lady, or else." He released her hand slowly as if to let her know she could have it back only because he allowed it.

Annaliese squinted at him and went nose to nose, stepping up on her tippy toes. "Or else what?" she ground out between clenched teeth.

?"Or else you’ll find yourself over my knee. Now grab your bags and follow me." He spun on his heels and walked away. She scowled at his back and tucked the arm of her sunglasses into the front of her t-shirt.

"Dick," she muttered, not sure who she was more annoyed with-him for threatening to spank her, or herself for liking the idea.

Annaliese reached in the back seat of her convertible and pulled out a duffle and another bag that she slung over her shoulder. She packed light with just a couple of pairs of jeans, t-shirts, shorts, her tiny thongs and bras. She decided to leave all the makeup and hair stuff behind. Only pony ties, and a brush and comb made the cut. Keeping things simple was part of her plan.


Sam was smiling to himself. She’s got spunk. He’d give her that. He spun around expecting her to still be standing by her car, waiting for him to carry her bags for her. She seemed the type. He was ready with his snide comment, "This isn’t a five star resort. Carry your own bags, honey." He was surprised when she was right behind him and smacked into him.

"What the hell, jackass?"

"Boy, you sure have a potty mouth on you, don’t you? Watch it around the kids."

"Christ! What did you stop walking so suddenly for?"

"Never mind." He turned around and continued up the path. "Okay, so listen up. Because of the children we deal with, the girls’ camp and the boys’ camp are kept separate for obvious reasons. Some of these kids have already had sex and they’re all under the age of seventeen. There are two adults assigned to five kids. These are not your average, everyday teenagers. They are street smart and have not had it easy. Gangs, drugs and violence were part of their normal everyday lives. They’ve committed a crime and have done some time in juvie, but someone there knows their entire story and has seen promise in them. This camp is a way of keeping them off the streets for the summer before they have to go back to their homes and situations. To give them a chance to be kids, learn some responsibility, make some friends and hopefully, help them see that there is more to life than making money selling drugs or their bodies. These are not bad kids, per se. They’re just kids who made some bad decisions."


Annaliese had been listening to what Sam was saying until he mentioned the kids not being bad, just that they had made bad decisions. Well, haven’t we all? She spent her entire life watching other people make bad choices, and even made a few of her own along the way. Her thoughts drifted to her mother and the day she came home from kindergarten, excited to share her day with her dad like she always did. She got off the bus to find her mom standing there instead. "Where’s Dad?" she had asked. "I made him a picture." Her stomach clenched even now at the memory. Her mother’s eyes filled with tears. "He’s gone, Annie. He left us."

Smack. She ran right into something hard.

Ouch! That hurt! She was pissed when she realized she collided with Sam’s back, again. "What the hell is your problem, buddy?" she snapped.

"My problem is you’re not listening to me." He turned around and crossed his arms over his large chest.

Annaliese threw her duffle down on the ground with a thud. "Okay. Look, Sam, it’s obvious you don’t like me. So why the hell did you even hire me?" She put her hands on her hips and glared at him.

Sam looked at Annaliese’s defiant posture. She was even prettier when her eyes were spitting fire. He was beginning to realize that maybe he did like a feisty woman who could hold her own. He felt bad for telling her that everything on her looked distasteful. It obviously wasn’t true. The woman could be wearing a burlap sack and she’d still be sexy as hell. A heavy sensation grew in his jeans, pissing the hell out of him that he didn’t have control of his dick around her. He closed his eyes and sucked in a deep breath. Not her problem or her fault, so stop being such an ass.

His eyes opened and he took a moment to look at her as he would any other female employee. Her raven black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. There was a lot of pain and anger in those dark brown eyes. It was apparent from her body language she wasn’t about to back down. Good for her.He had treated her like shit and they both knew it. She wasn’t going to take crap from anyone. He knew firsthand what starting over was like. That was why Camp Horse Feather existed in the first place. It was all about giving kids who had made a mistake a second chance. Be a man. Admit you were an ass.

"Let’s start over."? Sam smiled and stuck his hand out to shake hers. "Hi. I’m Sam and I’m the head counselor here. Welcome."

Annaliese hesitated. She didn’t trust this sudden turn of events. She looked down at his hand, then back up to his aviators and squinted. Sam took off his sunglasses in an attempt to show he was being sincere.

Their eyes locked and a jolt traveled to his stomach before it headed a little lower. Fuck! Keep smiling. He watched as her gaze moved to take in the nasty scar under his eye. He saw the unasked question. "What happened" They always want to know what happened. Well I’m not in the mood to tell you right now, honey, so let’s move on.

"You going to leave me hanging?"

She looked back down at his extended hand. She reached out and shook it. Much to Sam’s surprise, it was a solid, firm handshake, not a limp-wristed girly one. On second thought, it didn’t come as a surprise.

"I’m Annaliese," she said, looking him directly in the eyes. "Nice to meet you."

Neither one seemed to want to let go. They stared at each other. Sam came to his senses first and pulled his hand away. His aviators went back on, and he turned around and continued as if nothing happened. Annaliese picked up her duffle and started after him.

"As I was saying, this is not your typical summer camp. The kids will not be doing arts and crafts here. They will be doing things that will be more useful to them in their lives like learning personal finance, healthy cooking, anger management, self-defense, basic math skills, family care, self-care and the evils of drugs, sex and money. They will do something physical everyday such as swimming, basketball, running or working out. We teach them responsibility for themselves and others. That’s where the horses come in. We expect each kid to help groom, feed and take care of the horses. It’s something new we’ve introduced this year, so I’m hoping for some good results. Your feedback during the summer on anything to do with the program, good or bad, would be appreciated. We thought the girls would take care of the horses for the first month, the boys the second. You will be responsible for showing them what they need to do and overseeing it only from the horse’s aspect. The kids have adult supervision at all times, and if an issue should arise, it would be best if you stepped back and let the trained professionals handle it. Follow their lead. Things are very structured here. They have to be. We all eat together and sleep at the same time. There are only three of us here who are not assigned to a kid 24/7. Me, you and Marci, the camp cook. The kids become suspicious of adults who are around them but don’t interact with them and it can add to their stress, so you and Marci will be expected to join us for all meals and for circle time at the end of every day."

"Circle time?"

"Yes, circle time. It’s a group counseling session where everyone comes together. We work on personal skills and communication. It is the only time of day when the boys and girls are allowed to intermingle. It’s held in the mess hall. I’ll give you a schedule on Saturday at the staff meeting. Marci will be arriving on Friday to get the kitchen and supplies ready. She is your bunkmate for the summer. Everyone else will arrive on Saturday or early Sunday. That’s when we’ll have the staff meeting and you’ll get to meet everyone else. Then on Sunday, late afternoon, the bus will arrive with the kids."

They stopped walking and were standing in front of a small cabin. Sam turned to walk up the steps and reached in his pocket pulling out a lanyard with a key. He propped open the screen door, put the key in the lock, opened the door and stepped inside. Normally, he would have opened the cabin and let it air out before she got here, but he had not been looking forward to her arrival. He was too busy kicking himself in the ass for hiring her in the first place. He wanted this woman to have to do everything herself because he believed she was the type who didn’t normally have to. He was starting to re-think that notion and was feeling a little bad about the state of the place now. A rush of hot musty air hit him once he opened the door. He expected her to walk in the place, be horrified by the dust, the spiders and the nine months of neglect and hightail it back to the city. He turned to watch her reaction as she stepped through the door.

"It’s bigger than I thought it would be." She walked to the dusty table in the middle of the cabin, and dropped her duffle on top. "Has potential." She was smiling while wiping sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. "Has Marci been here before?"

Not the reaction Sam expected at all. "What?"

"Marci, has she been here before?" She turned to look questioningly at him.

Sam frowned, brows drawn together as if he didn’t understand what she was saying.

"I’m only asking to see if there is a certain bunk she was used to already, is all."

"Oh! Well yes, she has, but Marci is pretty easy going about everything, except her kitchen, so it won’t matter to her. You could probably pick the one you want."

"Well, last year when she was here, where did she sleep?" she persisted.

"That side of the cabin was hers last year," he said, pointing to the right.

"Okay, thanks." She picked up her duffle and moved it over to the left side of the room.

Again, not what he expected from a woman who worked modeling gigs for a living. Sam continued to watch her as she looked around the place. This time he assessed her as if he were meeting her for the first time. Annaliese’s pretty expressive eyes wore no makeup.? Her hair was pulled back in a simple pony tail off her face.? A plain red t-shirt hung loosely around her torso while her shorts hung just above mid-thigh. There was clearly nothing distasteful about her outfit. Oh God!Sam felt like such an ass. The longer he watched her, the more aware he became of her sexy, well-defined body. And there it was, that heavy sensation just before his dick surged. He closed his eyes and clenched his hands, looking toward the ceiling and fighting for inner strength.

He opened his eyes again, completely in control. Annaliese turned her back to him and was leaning over the kitchen sink, opening windows. His eyes followed the curve of her back, down to her firm backside and he enjoyed watching it wiggle as she struggled to get the window up. His eyes continued their slow perusal down her long muscular legs to her painted toe nails. It was then he realized she had turned around and was standing with her hands on her hips looking at him with a disgusted scowl. Uh oh!? Not cool.

Now this type of behavior Annaliese was used to from a man. Figures. It was only a matter of time. She was disappointed, until the anger set in. She thought he was going to be different. She crossed her arms in front of her full chest. "Was there anything else you needed to tell me?" She was annoyed with his perusal.

"Nope." Came his lazy reply as his gaze made its way back up the length of her body to her angry eyes. "That’s about it for now."

"Well, I have a couple questions then. When do the horses arrive?"

"Thursday morning. The barn is in order but the trail was an old walking trail that hasn’t been used since last year. We’ll need to clear it."

"Has any of the food or hay arrived yet?"

"Yes. That’s all been put down in the barn and is ready to go."

"And where might the barn be?"

Sam walked out the door onto the small porch. Annaliese followed. He pointed to a path to the left leading deeper into the woods. "It’s just on the other side of this clump of trees. Not far at all."

Annaliese looked through the trees and sure enough caught a glimpse of red.

"How many horses will I be responsible for?"

"There will be ten horses delivered, with twenty kids total sharing them. Only eight will go out on the trail at a time. Five kids, two counselors and you riding them. I may tag along from time to time, depending on the situation."

"Okay, thanks for the info." Annaliese turned to walk back into the hot cabin. Sam followed. Annaliese continued to open the rest of the windows and bent over to look under the cabinet of the sink. Nothing. She turned around to look at him. "Any cleaning supplies around?"

"There are some locked up in the storage closet in the mess hall. I can walk up there with you and unlock it when you’re ready."

"I’m ready now." She headed for the door. "Are there any bed linens or towels?"

"Yes, I can give those to you too while we are up there."


8 reviews for You’re My One and Only

  1. Saoirse Roghan

    I love Eve\’s stories. There are real people at play with real problems. Give me an independent woman, an alpha male throw in some kids–well I\’m there. Hot sex? Well, the laptop blew up. What does that tell you?

  2. Saoirse Roghan

    I love Eve’s stories. There are real people at play with real problems. Give me an independent woman, an alpha male throw in some kids–well I’m there. Hot sex? Well, the laptop blew up. What does that tell you?

  3. JK

    Just loved the whole premise of this book! It was long enough to give you some good insight into the characters, and time enough to care about what\’s happening to them! The relationship that develops between our two main characters is very hot. Their discussions, the sex, and of course the spankings all add up to a very enjoyable read!!

  4. JK

    Just loved the whole premise of this book! It was long enough to give you some good insight into the characters, and time enough to care about what’s happening to them! The relationship that develops between our two main characters is very hot. Their discussions, the sex, and of course the spankings all add up to a very enjoyable read!!

  5. Denise (verified owner)

    As the other reviewers said, i also liked that it seemed very real life. Two people with pasts that hurt them, yet shaped their lives too. Loved that it was a complete story, with a very HEA. I liked how up front they were about exploring sexual intimacy. How their experience with each other evolved. Very enjoyable story.

  6. Denise (verified owner)

    As the other reviewers said, i also liked that it seemed very real life. Two people with pasts that hurt them, yet shaped their lives too. Loved that it was a complete story, with a very HEA. I liked how up front they were about exploring sexual intimacy. How their experience with each other evolved. Very enjoyable story.

  7. KatD (verified owner)

    Ok needed a bit of save and rescue

  8. KatD (verified owner)

    Ok needed a bit of save and rescue

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