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Risk-taker and adventure-seeker Ellen Wyld scoffs at local superstition. It is nonsense to believe that her cousins disappeared during a meteor shower while camped at the river. To disprove such balderdash, she camps at the dreaded spot during a night of heavenly fireworks. 

But the legend proves true, and Ellen tumbles one hundred years into the past and joins her cousins in Texas, 1890. 

When Ellen falls for Skip Manning, the son of the family’s enemy, no one is pleased. But Ellen gets what Ellen wants, and she wants Skip. This suits him just fine. He wants her. He plans to reform his lovely??Wyld Woman????and teach her thoughtfulness, respect and responsibility – over his knee if necessary. 


Can headstrong, spoiled Ellen learn to live in a time when these qualities are not so widely accepted in a woman? Will Skip ever tame this wild twentieth century free spirit without dampening her lust for life – and for him? 


Publisher’s Note: This time travel romance contains explicit scenes and elements of power exchange. 


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“Oh, for heaven’s sake! Don’t be such a scaredy-cat.” Ellen narrowed her eyes, propped both fists on slim hips and glared at her best friend. Melinda returned her glare and raised her a well-heaved sigh. 

“Ellen, you know what they say about the river.” Melinda spoke slowly as if to a small, slightly backward child.   

Ellen’s curtain of long blond hair swung as she nodded her head. “Who are they exactly, and since when do we every care what they say?” She pulled a kitchen chair from the table and lowered her long body to the seat. At five feet, ten inches, Ellen was accustomed to being the tallest girl in the room, and she was fine with it. But she wanted to look her five feet, two-inch friend in the eye. 

“They, well, they are everyone. That place on the river is hauntedEveryone knows to stay away. Especially on nights with meteor showers. Goodness, Ellen, you should be more worried than anyone. It was your cousins who disappeared.” Melinda closed her mouth with a self-satisfied click. 

“How ridiculous. People don’t disappear. It’s a coincidence that it was a starry night when they were last seen. A folktale. A legend. A story to scare little kids around a campfire. Amanda and Marcie are somewhereenjoying themselves on a beach or living off the land in the Alaskan wilderness. They are somewhere. Everyone has to be somewhere. Someday, they’re going to roll into town and have a good laugh at a bunch of country bumpkins who were afraid of a river and a bright sky.” Ellen rolled her ice-blue eyes. 

“Ok, but why tonight? Why can’t we camp by the river another night when there won’t be a meteor storm, and it isn’t so cold?” Melinda looked up through dark lashes at the determined set of her friend’s jaw. 

Ellen rolled her eyes a second time and added a shoulder shrug. She hoped she wouldn’t need to resort to loud, pained sighs. “You know why. It’s New Year’s Eve, 1989. It’s the start of a new decade, and my eighteenth birthday – three good reasons why tonight. And next year we will be away at school. Come on, Melinda. I want to do something differentsomething daring and crazy. Besides, the river is not haunted. What a bunch of malarkey. 

Wyld woman. The name certainly fits. You want to be daring and crazy, but the result is always the same.” Melinda wiped her damp palms on the legs of her jeans. “We sneak out after curfew to meet some boys. I get spanked. We skip school to swim in the river. I get spanked. We set your kitchen on fire when we forget the cookies in the oven. I get spanked. My dad says if I don’t stop letting you lead me into trouble, he’s going to take his belt to my backside. And I know he would think this is a bad idea. If I asked him for permission, he would say no.” She gulped. “And what happens to you? Your brother sighs. He looks disappointed. He might even glare.” 

A flash of guilt crossed Ellen’s eyes. “Okay. It’s true my brother isn’t big on discipline. But we won’t get caught. Tell your parents we plan to order a pizza and watch a movie. That’s the absolute truth. Then we’ll take our sleeping bags down to the river. Instead of fireworks, party horns, and popping champagne corks, we’ll watch the heavens explode.  

Melinda’s shoulders sagged in resignation. “Alright. But if we get caught, and I get spanked, I will never forgive you, Ellen Wyld. Never.”  

Ellen threw her arms around her friend and hugged her. “Thank you. Thank you, Melinda. It will be such fun. We’ll take pictures to prove we slept out by the scary old river on a starry night and lived to tell the tale. Ha. We’ll be the talk of the school.” 

“As long as my dad doesn’t hear about it, Ellen. Don’t be a big showoff.” Melinda frowned. 

“Okay. I’ll just show Jeff Johnson. I told him I planned to spend New Year’s Eve out here, and he wouldn’t come. Too chicken.” Ellen gave a dismissive snort. “Disappear, my foot.” 



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18 reviews for Wyld Woman

  1. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Third story in a series. Ellen decides to investigate the area where her cousins disappeared during storms. Suddenly, she is back in time and with her cousins and their dominant, protective, spanking husbands. There is much conflict when she meets her own spanking man. Can she stay in a world with no modern conveniences to be with Chip?

  2. Lalaland

    This is the third in this series about the women of the Wyld family who have watched a meteor shower at a certain spot and then found themselves 100 years in the past. Ellen is their 18 year old cousin a risk taker who always gets her way and she believes that the spot where the girls disappeared is not haunted so decides to camp in the same place to prove it. Inevitably when the meteor shower begins she finds herself 100 years in the past. Because Ellen is the type of girl who believes she can do exactly as she pleases and always gets her way, this does not go down well with the spanking dominant husbands of her cousins. Then she meets Chip the son of the rancher who has been trying to run all the other ranchers off their land and decides she wants him and regardless of the consequences she will get him. Chip is a believer in domestic discipline too, will Ellen learn to obey and behave and how will she cope in a time with no running water or electricity? This is her story. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  3. rjr

    Another great entry in this series! Ellen is a cousin to sisters Amanda and Marcie. Daring to take on the tales of a haunted river, which somehow is suspected of being involved in her cousins’ disappearances, Ellen tempts fate. She too disappears and must find a way to survive and be happy where she ended up. The reader is reunited with many characters from the first two books and it’s so enjoyable to catch up on their lives. On her journey Ellen faces danger, a chance at love, a chance to mature, and a big decision to make. A major problem that had been brewing in the previous books comes to a head. This can definitely be read as a stand alone, however, it’s a more satisfying read if you read the series in order. My only issue with this sweet story is the speed of the marriage that takes place. The couple involved had only spent about 30 minutes in each other’s company and I felt that wasn’t realistic. Everything else felt just right and I enjoyed it very much!

  4. Hope W

    I enjoyed this third book in the Texas Time Travel series! While it is the third book in the series and can be read as a standalone, I enjoyed it more having read the first two stories. You will see characters from the first two books but they will also be well explained in this book. This story will focus on Ellen as she travels back 100 years and finds that her spoiled brat ways do not go over well in this time period. Her cousins, Amanda and Macie, are thrilled to see her, but she has a few troubles adjusting to having to answer for her behavior and be under the authority of her cousin’s husbands. Ellen is spoiled, independent, and likes to take risks. When she meets Skip, it is instant chemistry and love at first site. However, Skip is an alpha male who believes in domestic discipline and will not tolerate Ellen trying to run things her way. When family conflict interfere with what Ellen wants, Skip takes it upon himself to set Ellen straight with a spanking given in love. Can Ellen accept a spanking relationship, will she head back to the future at the first chance she gets, or will there be another way. Come read and find out. The story was fun, made me laugh, kept my attention waiting to see how everyone would accept or reject their relationship, and had plenty of spankings to keep the girls in line and the men on their toes. I recommend this wonderful time travel story for a fun night! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  5. JigsawGirl

    Interesting time travel romance with a twist. It is always of interest to me how the writer will have the characters who travel back in time adapt to their new circumstances.

    Ellen seemed to adapt much faster than I expected her to based on her behavior in her own time. She also adapted to Skip’s discipline much quicker than I expected.

    The end was a truly nice twist on the story. I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy.

  6. Tami

    Wyld Woman is the third book of the Texas Time Travel series. This time it is Ellen Wyld who is hijacked to the year 1890 in Texas. She is elated to meet her cousins again which makes it easier to cope with another time period. When Ellen meets Skip she feels attracted to him, but she soon learns that disobeying or being sassy leads to her getting spanked. Can Ellen accept domestic discipline, or does she want to get back to her time?

    Though this story is a stand-alone read, I would recommend you read the first two stories first because you will meet many characters from the former books. I really liked the way Skip treated Ellen. He was stern and yet gentle and understanding of the strange situation. I enjoyed reading the story very much.

  7. Maryanne

    Ellen is headstrong, spoilt and wants everything her way but when that lands her 100 years in the past, where women can%u2019t act that way, there is lots of trouble coming! Then she meets Skip handsome, strong and very determined that this young lady will behave properly in this century!! Fireworks ensue! A great story that kept me enthralled and is the third in this series so updates on characters from previous stories was an added extra. I recommend to anyone who enjoys a good tale!

  8. DB

    Another great story in this series! Ellen has traveled back 100 years where her two cousins live with their husbands. Ellen is surprised by the way her cousins listen and obey their husbands. She is used to doing what she wants, when she wants and nobody will stop her! Then she meets Skip Manning and he weeps her off her feet. He is not one to put up with disrespect, bad attitudes, disobedience and Ellen doing whatever she wants and lets her know it over his knee.many times. I love the way the husbands looked after their wives by helping out around the house and with the kids. This was a well written romance story with some drama, sassy female, many laughs, alpha males, little suspense, little danger, many spankings, sex and a great epilogue! 5 Great Big Stars

  9. Redrabbitt

    What a great addition to the Texas Time Travel series that will have people and events from the first two books mentioned, but not critical to making this third story a stand-alone. With the disappearance of two of Ellen Wyld%u2019s cousins, Marcie and Amanda, there are rumors about a certain location being haunted. Ellen is determined to go there for the next meteor shower and to take her friend with her. The year is 1990, and once again, history will repeat itself, and Ellen will be transported back 100 years.

    Ellen Wyld is a spoiled brat who is so used to getting her way and everything working out the way she wants. No one has ever really made her mind. She knows her best friend, Melinda, gets spanked by her Dad, but that has never been the case for Ellen. She has earned the nickname Wyld woman. Determined to do as she pleases, and once again, that includes talking Melinda into joining her, she will go to the known location that her two cousins disappeared years ago. She will even take pictures of being there to show that she did it.

    The plot will have Ellen transported to the past and to her good fortune, she will find her cousins and be under their husband%u2019s protection. That doesn%u2019t stop her from being the typical brat she has been before coming to the 1800s. A night at the town barn dance will have her meeting and dancing with Skip, who she will later learn is a Manning, son of Ray Manning, an enemy to her cousin%u2019s family. Sneaking out of her window will not sit well with Skip, and he will spank her but return to ask permission to court her. Rather than waiting for permission to marry, they will sneak off to town and elope after only knowing each other days.

    The story takes on some life and death drama when trouble is coming their way, because of a criminal that John Wayne placed behind bars when he was a Marshall. With Marcie expecting, it will put them on alert and also means that Ellen will need to grow up and be helpful. When push comes to shove, she comes through. The story is also about accepting that because of parentage, that doesn%u2019t make someone else a bad person, case in point, Skip is nothing like his father, Ray.

    I love how the story brings out some of the differences in time between the one hundred year gap. For a woman, childbirth is also a danger, among other medical issues. This third story will also take a new twist that adds a bit of excitement and also sadness. Which would be more difficult? To travel back in time and lose modern conveniences, or to travel forward with so many inventions?

  10. Ajjmb

    I have enjoyed each and every Wyld woman book. This was rather uniques in that Ellen travels to the past, falls in love, gets married, and then Skip and Ellen come back to the future to live. This is a stand alone book but I think the reader would appreciate it more if they read the first two books in the series. The ending is rather bitter sweet but I won%u2019t go into detail so the story won%u2019t be spoiled. It is a great addition to the series though. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  11. DONNA L

    5.0 out of 5 starsWyld by name,Wyld by nature
    ByDonna Lon April 9, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    This has been an entertaining series about time travel,i am a little sorry to see it end.
    Set in a place in time where men’s word was law and women obeyed or else.This did
    not sit well for 18 year old Ellen Wyld.Ellen does not believe the outrageous folktale of
    her cousins disappearence.To disprove the theory,she convinces her best friend to camp
    out during a meteor shower.To her absolute horror,she finds herself freezing and alone
    in the middle of nowhere.Found by her cousins and their strict husbands,Ellen finds it
    difficult to adjust to the expectations of the era.She is spoiled,bratty and does what she
    wants.Her world is turned upside down when she meets Skip Manning at the local barn
    dance,his touch is like a zap of electricity.Skip starts out as he means to go,he spanks
    Ellen for dangerous behavior.Ellen tearfully admits she has been waiting for someone
    who cares enough to put a stop to her naughtiness.Things move quickly and despite Skips
    background,they soon marry.The plot includes frequent spankings,danger,new lives and
    romance.The ending has a definite twist to it,it was not what I expected at all.The characters
    in this series were rich and well developed,revealing their individual traits as the story progressed.
    A very enjoyable read.

  12. Penny Gwen

    Ellen is young and determined to prove the town wrong about the river and it’s abilities to make people disappear. When she wakes up 100 years in the past, she is forced to re-evalutate everything.

  13. Dyane

    I really love this series of books. I have read the first two books, and it was great to get updates on those characters, but each novel could easily be read as a stand-alone. Although this heroine has been spoiled her entire Iife and is used to getting her way, it does not take much time at all 100 years in the past for her actions to reap very painful consequences for her backside. I loved that the hero was direct in his desire for her, and steadfast in following up on warnings to her. All of the main characters are very likable, and there is plenty of drama and action to keep the reader entertained. I will say that there were a couple of things in the epilogue that I did not care for, but otherwise it was a lovely novel. I look forward to the next book by Victoria Phelps. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  14. charlotte Huelsemann

    Wyld woman by Victoria Phelps
    This book is a continuation. You get to revisit Amanda and Tom . Amanda is Ellens cousin and sister to Marcie who is married to John. Both of these girls jumped time. Ellen wanted to try it when the meteors fly. Ellen manages to go back to 1883. There she meets Skip and they fall in love. This story is full of love and discipline. Ellen is very spoiled and it is Skips job to set her on the right path. I enjoyed finding out what happened to Amanda and Marcie. I really enjoyed this book. It is a stand alone but I enjoyed meeting old friends again. Very good

  15. Good bedtime reading

    Inveigling her friend to go and camp down by the river with her, Ellen decides to test the superstitions. She wants to know about the disappearances of her two cousins. Travelling back in time was not in any way the answer to her theories. But finding yourself in the middle of the Wild Wild West, stagecoaches and dominant men included, soon brought the past in her present day. Joining her cousins and their families, a range war soon sets her head spinning as she tries to hold off the attentions of a would-be suitor who doesn’t hesitate to spank her if she misbehaves and returning to the future.

  16. Jf12574

    I read an advanced ed copy of this book and it’s as great as the other two. Totally different ending, which was a wonderful surprise. You so t want to miss this one!!!

  17. Toni English

    Third book in this series & while it may help if you’ve read the previous, it certainly can be read standalone. This time, cousin Ellen comes through & maybe because she’s younger than the other characters but she was so much more bratty & juvenile than the previous heroines. While I did enjoy the story, Ellen’s personality was a stumbling block for me. That said, the relationship between Skip & Ellen was great, meaning this story wasn’t my favourite in the series. A twist in the end kept the series fresh.

  18. Stylie Kidd

    Another charming and well written story about the time traveling women of the Wyld family. When a spunky girl from the present decides to tempt fate – she winds up over a 100 years in the past with her ancestors%u2019 family. Like those before her, she discovers there is no easy way to get back– so she takes up life in the olden days — where men are the heads of their households and 2018 manners are not really going to cut it in 1800%u2019s society. Great story – recommend it!

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