Wild Alpha Fantasy

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Books were her first love – full of shifters and romance, fantasy and unfulfilled dreams. Can Hunter and Gage live up to her expectations?

Erin is a loner not out of choice, but due to tragedy. When she is approached by a writer living in the wilds of Alaska offering her the chance of a lifetime, she jumps on board. She has a good feeling about the move, but the Pandora’s box she is about to open could end her life.

Gage and Joshua are business partners in the community of Wolf Pass, Alaska, and they’ve learned to keep their personal lives secret from the human world because they would not be understood outside of the Native Alaskan community. They are shifters of the werewolf variety. Hunter is the local Alpha, and Gage, his Beta.

When Erin’s boss dies a gruesome death, Alpha Hunter and Daddy Gage introduce their own brand of taking care of business when the police fail to handle the investigation. It is soon discovered that Erin is at the center of the chaos – whether or not she wants to be – and her life is in grave danger from several simultaneous sources.

Can Hunter and Gage earn Erin’s trust quickly enough for her to allow them to keep her safe and eliminate the threat? They must, for there is no other way to save her life – and their future.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, steamy shifter romance contains elements of fantasy, danger, mystery, suspense, paranormal elements, adventure and ménage.

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Sample Chapter


Working for Joey James was a trip. The man often gave the appearance of living a solitary, aimless life. A person who never showered or changed, let alone left the house. And boyfriend material he wasn’t for more reasons than I could list, but the main ones were: he was probably twenty years my senior, and my boss. While he wasn’t filling my romantic dreams, he was a kickass graphic novelist that was lousy at graphics. That’s where I came in. One day, out of the blue, I received a call from Joey, saying he had a private position to fill and I was recommended for the job. After Googling Joey James, I called him back. We talked and discussed the incredible job offer. I thought over wine and blueberry cheesecake, the only way to solidify one’s thoughts, and then decided it was the chance of a lifetime. The final determiner was he didn’t ask for exclusivity. When he didn’t need me, I could fill the time with freelance work. I’d long come to terms with the fact that not any of this particular endeavor was going to be art gallery work, but I was excited to accept his offer. I needed a change. A challenge. Income.

I moved from Seattle, a city I’d lived in and roamed through my whole life, to Wolf Pass, Alaska because I couldn’t miss the opportunity Joey offered and for all the people in Seattle, I was still lonely. Joey came to Seattle and met me. Once I was satisfied he was no ax murderer, he helped me pack and move. I left the comfort and familiarity of a city for the wilds of secluded Alaska, and it was exciting and scary at the same time.

Joey authored the stories, and I did the graphics. Well, he’d draw a rough impression of what he was thinking, doing the basic stick man drawing, but it was me who he relied on to bring the characters and action to life. Which is just what I did after I read the section I was illustrating. Some parts were easier than others.

“Joey, are you sure you want to add selkies to this book? Do they even fit?”

“Wherever there are seals, there can be selkies. I don’t think it’s their part of the story that bothers you, but the fact that you don’t like drawing them. Are they too difficult for you?”

“Now you’re trying to be ridiculous. You know I like my shifters to save only their part of the universe, and I want romance. Selkies are not romantic.”

“Good because neither are my books. They’re for entertainment, not for sexy dreams.”

“Really? Then why have you started another series on shifters because believe me, they are so very sexy.”

“Not the way I portray them.”

“Yes, but they are in the way I read them.”

Joey had sighed in resignation, but he smiled as he ruffled my white-blonde hair, as only a man nearly twenty years your senior might be expected to treat you and walked away to go back to work.

“Good to know that’s what you find sexy.”

I’d worried he had thoughts other than being my friend and employer and I didn’t want more. He hadn’t changed his demeanor towards me, though. No, it was apparent he didn’t have any designs on me, and we relaxed back into our comfortable relationship. Camaraderie was not something I had experienced once I lost my family. It was something I’d grown to cherish.

Once out of foster care and in college, I’d thought I’d finally be able to connect without any stigma or fear. But old insecurities rose up to haunt me. As a teen, the premonitions and hyper senses soon went from a coincidental thing to odd. Soon I was seen as a strange freak. Even when I hid what I now see as gifts, it was too late. Someone always knew. So I poured myself into my work, becoming quite good at it. As good as I had grown with solitude.

I enjoyed working for Joey as he created. Fairies and selkies weren’t my thing, nor was the superhero stuff that sold so well. I could draw them but reading his books was for work only—not my cup of tea. His characters were ‘save the mystical world’ but sans romance. I didn’t have any love in my life, and I wanted it but not at the significant sacrifice level it seemed was necessary to obtain such devotion and keep it. I wanted something that would last. Someday. Preferably before I needed orthopedic shoes.

Joey had several storylines ongoing, soap opera style, but this one was shifter based. And so realistic, I practically felt part of the world this time. I almost believed he knew what he was talking about because I wanted them to be more than a fantasy. Sometimes, when I needed a little more romance, they were real, which was ridiculous because, well, shifters. They only existed in my fertile imagination, supplying my dreams, and the native culture surrounding us.

I loved shifters, werewolves, werebears, werecats and so on, but I loved romance more. Put the two together, and you had a masterpiece as far as I was concerned. Shifters of any kind were mythical creatures that needed nothing to make them romantic. They just were. Dominant, protective, secretive and so damn sexy they could fuck anyone happy. Yes, please.

Joey must have listened because this last series was different.

“Here are your shifters, Erin. I wanted you to know that I didn’t forget you. I think you’ll love these. No, not romance but I don’t think that will be a problem. I’ll make them tough and protective. You fill in the parts you want when you read it. And illustrate to my story please, not your desires or imagination.”

“I use my imagination to create.”

“Well, create the way I write, please.”


What I needed now, though, was a mind reader like one of his empaths, or telepathic characters from previous books to tell me what was going on. In the last week, something had happened with Joey. He’d become manic about getting out as much work as he could. I was already working hard to get the graphics out to keep up with him but not enough to satisfy him. It wasn’t possible to meet his goals, which, in itself, was a new experience.

Usually, I had patches of free time as he wrote the next chapter. Then I’d read it and work on the graphics finishing before he had completed the next section. This afternoon he called me to his house, presumably for another chapter. What greeted me was a man haggard beyond comprehension. A front room that looked like a tornado had hit it, and a stench I had never smelled before. He shoved a flash drive that included the rest of his draft work in my hands and pushed me to the door. I hadn’t even taken off my coat.

I refused to turn right around. Something was very wrong. Joey wasn’t a perfectionist, but he was kind of a neat freak. The front room was more than out of character.

“Joey, let me help you pick up. Did you have a break-in? Did you call the police?”

“No, don’t worry about the room. You have to listen to me.” He was so impatient and anxious, he was angry. I’d never seen Joey angry.

“What can I do to help? Something is very wrong and don’t you dare tell me it isn’t.”

Joey took a deep breath. “I am stressed, but it’s something I have to deal with. If you want to help me, do as I say. Take the drive and copy it to your cloud. Here’s the password to my cloud for back up. I’m going to keep sending my work there. You work from home to do the graphics but under no circumstances do you share this with anyone. And don’t come back this week. If something happens to me, read every line and then after you are sure you understand it, finish the graphics if you want, share it with everyone you want, but under my name. I don’t want you involved. It’s too dangerous.”

“What do you mean, ‘if something happens to you’?”

His manner confused me. His near manic state frightened me. I thought something like a brain tumor was causing his changes, but he was completely lucid. I pleaded; he refused all of my concerns; instead, he continued to reiterate what he had already told me. He made me promise. After another round of verbal pushing and pulling, I reluctantly promised, but now I was scared. And what was I supposed to do with that type of send-off?

Maybe I should call the police but what would I tell them? My employer and friend was trying to keep me out of his place? Told me to work from home because his place was a mess and he was stressed? Yeah, that works. Looney bin, here I come. I finally allowed him to push me out his front door and watched him watch me get in my car and start it. Something was very wrong.

The cold that usually shocked me when I stepped out of Joey’s house, barely registered until I got to the car and touched the door handle. Seattle was more temperate. Here, the snow was plentiful, the cold numbing, and sometimes I forgot. My car was already freezing again. Usually, I started it and then went back inside while it warmed up—not today. Joey wouldn’t welcome me back inside in his state of mind, and that bothered me more than I would have guessed. Feeling confused and a little abandoned, I snuggled into my emergency wool blanket waiting for the interior to warm. My engine was already warm from the engine heater I kept plugged in when I wasn’t driving so it didn’t take as long as it might have. Plus, I wasn’t gone even an hour.

I went home telling myself he hadn’t gotten out into the world lately. Holidays made him work harder, but maybe he should take a vacation. My internal trouble meter was screeching, but there didn’t seem to be anything I could do right now. I hadn’t felt this helpless and confounded in a long time.

A familiar voice full of gravel said, “Is everything all right, Miss White?”

The deep voice pulled me out of my reverie. “Oh, sorry Gage, I was concentrating so hard I forgot where I was. Isn’t it funny how you can do so many things by rote, and you don’t know you’re doing them? I didn’t even know I was home.”

I pulled off my large coat as I was suddenly sweltering. I wasn’t sure whether it was because I had come into a warm room from a cold exterior or Gage. I suspected it was Gage. Over the last year and a half, Gage, besides being incredibly easy on the eyes, was overprotective of me whenever he was in the building. I didn’t bristle when he grumbled and released a near growl at my confession. I smiled indulgently and relaxed. That was another thing about Gage. I always felt as though I could only tell him the truth. My deep dark secrets might be revealed without me ever knowing it if I wasn’t on my guard. That is if I had any secrets.

“I’m fine.” I heard his grunt of disbelief, and I was somehow comforted. He cared.

I immediately remembered the time, last winter, when he was with his boss, and they were in the office. I met Hunter while I was bundled up and in a hurry to go to Casey’s Bar. I didn’t want to go, but some people that I met there had invited me. I knew I was going to be there with plenty of other singles and that worried me. Bars, singles and dark winters didn’t mix well. Gage had made that clear often enough.

That was the one time I had tried to avoid the truth with him. I was going alone but said I was meeting a friend for dinner. Well, I was if you counted acquaintances as friends and dinner as bar munchies. He saw right through me. His look of ‘now you’ve done it’ made my panties steam and my belly wiggle so much, I confessed my actual plans and scurried to my apartment. That was when I noticed his boss was hot in a severe kind of way. Hunter must have thought I was a flake. He might not be wrong.

I anticipated what Gage would do if he caught me, and I almost wished he would. Well, I did wish it but didn’t want to acknowledge that fact, officially. I envisioned what it would be like for him to punish me for telling him anything but the unvarnished truth. Once inside my apartment, I locked the door and brought myself off, imagining his hands on me, his chastisement, his hunger. Best. Afternoon. Ever.

If I were looking for a boyfriend, Gage would have been my first choice if he weren’t so fierce. It seemed that every time I went on a date, which was three whole times since moving here, he was in the building if I told him in advance or found his way into the building to greet me home if I didn’t tell him. The only date I allowed back to my apartment gained a growl from Gage so intimidating that I’m sure my companion decided he needed to leave, fast. After a few days, I knew the poor man heard Gage because he never called back. I almost told him he owed me for running my prospective boyfriend off, but I held my sassy tongue.

“Miss White, that’s how bad things happen to attractive women. I’ve told you—”

“Erin, remember?” I said to cut him off. He gave me that raised eyebrow. Damn, that was so hot. “I know you’re right. I’ve just got a lot on my mind.”

His demeanor changed. He was attentive. “Can I help? Spank your ass so you will remember to pay attention, maybe?”

“Um, no, thank you. I promise to be more careful.” Why I loved the thought of that threat becoming a reality, I would not consider. Not now, anyway, regardless of the way my body was chanting, ‘bend over’.

“You’ve promised before. I think you need me to paddle that ass and take care of you.”

“Um… Maybe? No, sorry, sorry. You might be able to help if you know about shifters and writers and crazy employers. But being a hot, hunky security guy doesn’t quite fill my most urgent need right now.” Not sure where I found the bravery to be so sassy, but I didn’t regret it even though I’m sporting a wet pair of panties and a hot face.

Gage went still, and I watched him for a moment as he seemed to process what I said.

“Sorry to throw you with my bad mood. I’m just frustrated, and well, you asked.” I shrugged and started towards the elevator.

“What about shifters and the rest?” His wide grin is what I could only interpret as predatory. I wished that I felt confident enough to kiss that man because he would have become the face on my shifter dreams for sure. It might still happen, I told myself fueled by the realization that my panties were damper, my pussy, slippery. He was still waiting for an answer. Think girl.

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4 reviews for Wild Alpha Fantasy

  1. Marybeth

    Erin is a graphic artist working for an author who needs her skills. She moves to Alaska to be able to work with him. Then, one day, something out of the ordinary happens and she needs help. In walks Hunter and Gage, the alpha and beta of the local werewolf pack. Gage I’d more of a Daddy and Hunter is definitely the dom.Their wolves are attracted to her even though Erin is human. They protect her and decide to keep her for their own. This was an amazing book and I can’t wait for book two! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review but once the book came out, I bought it!

  2. Margaret

    I loved this book. Erin is strong sweet and so lonely. Gage and Joshua need her as much as she needs them and they all worked well together. I enjoyed the interaction between all the characters. This is a brillant slow burn with lots of different elements to hold the readers interest. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and I very highly recommend it. Brillant, enjoyable page-turner

  3. John

    This book by Tasha Winters was a very sensual and sexual read about a young woman who did not know exactly what she was, and two very alpha wolves who would do everything in their power to help her, protect her and love her, until the time they die. It was also a rather interesting tale that slowly revealed the history of her and her family as she learns exactly what she is and how to live with it. Unfortunately, the story was tinged with a little darkness as a Hellhound seeks to destroy her and everyone she is associated with. The characters were strong, determined and able-bodied, and yes, even badasses, both male and female. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Booksprout for Blushing Books.

  4. Redrabbitt

    The first book in the Alphas in the Wild series has me craving more. Ms. Tasha Winters has a wonderful way of spinning a tale, keeping just enough secret, slowly revealing the past and how it affects the present and a hefty dose of paranormal romance. Throw in two dominant shifter wolves, plenty of angst, desire, and mystery and you have an amazing story about Hunter, Gage, and Erin.

    Graphic artist, Erin, lost her family when she was ten-years-old and was raised in the foster system. Graphic novelist Joey James will hire her, and part of the package includes helping by paying part of her rent. She likes it in Wolf Pass, Alaska, can also consign other graphic work on the side, and works well with Joey. But lately, things are getting strange—and his last words to her have her greatly concerned.

    “What do you mean, ‘if something happens to you’?”

    Hunter and Gage own the building where Erin lives, and Gage has been after Hunter to meet her, he feels a connection with her and now she is in danger and he knows they need to help. He makes several comments about paddling her for her lackadaisical regard to safety.

    “You’ve promised before. I think you need me to paddle and take care of you. You need a spanking and a keeper. No, you need a daddy.”

    The story will have Erin’s world turning upside down; someone has tried to get into her apartment; she has Joey’s last flash-drive, and then learns he has been murdered. Her mind starts playing over events, her love of shifters, and the storyline that Joey was working on. What does all this have to do with her? Hunter and Gage know they have to intervene and keep her safe—even from herself.

    Hunter: “Don’t lie to the big bad wolf, baby, because I’ll have to punish you. A real punishment, and I like punishing naughty girls.
    Erin: “But what if I like the big bad wolf?
    Erin: “I thought Hunter was the big bad wolf.”
    Gage: “He is. I’m worse. I’m your daddy.”

    This paranormal romance story is full of mystery, suspense, danger, and passion. Hunter is Alpha, and Gage is his beta, but could Erin be their chosen mate? She is part human, but what else, could she be a hybrid, making her special? The story does have some discipline, in various forms, and mildly explicit sex scenes.

    “Shifters as a species are endangered because of the inbreeding and low birth rates. There are also fewer females born. And of course, we are hunted.” –from Joey’s notes

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