We Do Not Suit

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My name is Eli Todd and I’ve made plans to go west. I’m ready to marry my perfect, delicate, and obedient wife and bring her along. All I need to do is find her. When the marriage advertisement I placed in the newspaper leads me to meet Lacy, an ill-suited farm girl, I decide I’ll have better luck finding a wife in Oregon.


I’m Lacy and I’m a runaway, an orphan and a street urchin but I have plans! When I meet Eli Todd, a stuffy gentleman who turns his nose up at my offer of marriage, I decide to go west all on my own because who needs the likes of him? I certainly don’t. But when I find myself in need, he’s there. He’s willing to help me, but he has a few conditions.

Publisher’s Note: This romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of danger, adventure, domestic discipline, explicit scenes, and mild age play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

A city gentleman of good character, aged 29, desires a charming, pretty lady between the ages of 18 and 22 to immediately marry and join him on his journey westward. Must be small of stature, no more than 5’2”, unfearful of the traveling lifestyle, inclined towards adventure and be able to cook over a fire. Of obedient nature a must. Address Eli Todd Post Office D, Chicago.

Lacy realized how desperate she was when she sat back to think about the last advertisement she’d just read three times. That she was small and twenty years old meant she met part of the description, but the city gentleman was looking for a pretty, charming, and obedient lady, which she was not. It spoke to how badly she wanted a solution to her problems that she was wondering how she could make herself pretty. Perhaps he didn’t really mean that part, perhaps he would overlook her badly cropped hair, tan skin, and ordinary face. After all, everyone wanted to marry a handsome or pretty spouse, but not everyone got what they wanted. Plenty of people had to settle. Would city gentleman Eli settle for her?

She read through the rest of the marriage ads but saw none that fit her. She needed a man who was in Chicago, not a fellow who lived in the west already. A man in Chicago could provide her with a meal now, not sometime later when he received her telegram. She sat on the stoop of a store while the city passed in front of her, ignoring the girl who was dressed as a boy and looking more like an urchin than anything else. She touched her hair, but it had still not grown back since the last time she’d checked. How long did it take hair to grow? When would she get her long hair back? It had taken ten years to grow it out after it had been shaved at the orphanage when an outbreak of lice got all the children looking like bald little dolls. She didn’t want to wait ten years.

She shook the newspaper and stared at it intently, but no other ad suited just for her miraculously appeared. She carefully tore out Eli’s ad, then folded the newspaper and stuffed it down her shirt. She’d need it for insulation if it got cold again tonight.


Eli Todd took the letter from the runner boy and tipped him half a penny. He shut the front door and walked back to his study before looking at the letter’s front. The writing was elegant and had no return address. He slid his letter opener along its edge, then plucked out the note.

When he realized it was a response to his advertisement, he checked over his shoulder, then closed the door with a quick shove of his shoe. He took a deep breath, settled himself into his leather chair that had once belonged to his father, and unfolded the note.

Dear Eli Todd,

I do hope this letter finds you well. I have read and considered the advertisement you posted, and I gladly say I hope to be the lady you choose. I am no more than 5’1” and 20 years of age. I am new to Chicago and find the city rowdy and crowded. I often find myself wishing to see the open frontier which is why your advertisement spoke to me so deeply. I was raised on a farm some 50 miles away from Chicago, so I know how to live simply and can indeed cook over a camp fire.

If you find this letter pleasing, you may leave your reply at Post Office D, Chicago.

Sincerely yours,

Lacy Yates

Eli studied each word, his imagination beginning to form the makings of a pretty little lady who wanted an adventure. That she was the only lady who had replied to his ad did not matter. She was perfect.

He left a letter at the post office saying he’d like to meet and walked home full of eagerness. Even his brother and his brother’s wife noticed that he was smiling, which was a rare occurrence for Eli. He brushed off the comments, for he had not told his family of his plans to move to Oregon. He had already found a new man to do the accounts for the family business and he didn’t think he would be missed in the already crowded house. His little Lacy didn’t like how crowded Chicago was either. They had so much in common.


Lacy went to the post office early and picked up the letter she hadn’t been sure would be there. The lady who had written her first letter wasn’t present, so Lacy hurried outside where she wouldn’t be scolded for dallying as she read the letter.

Oh Lord, he wanted to meet her.

She suddenly broke into a cold sweat. This was good. No, this was bad. She looked terrible. She needed a wash. She needed long hair. Oh Lord, she needed a dress.

She had one day to prepare herself and no money to do it with. She pressed herself against the brick side of the post office, then slid to the ground. That the ground was dirty mattered not when her shirt and trousers were already dusty and sweaty. She watched the legs pass by and on the street horses clopped while pulling wagons and carriages, leaving behind their dung in little round boulders. She spied a boy shoveling the dung and she all at once knew what to do.

After a day of work, she collected the pittance of her wages from a large man who glowered at her. Did she feel offended that he hadn’t given her a second glance, jumping to the assumption that she was a boy and not a girl? No, for she had money now. Did she care she’d nearly got run over three separate times while scooping dung as the boy she’d spotted earlier had laughed to see her fear? No, because she had just taken her first step to being a female again and soon would be married. All would be well, she told herself as she used the crumpled-up newspaper to pack against her skin. The sun had gone down and taken its warmth with it. All would be well.


Eli used his height to look over the crowd’s heads. Why had he foolishly chosen such a busy location to meet Lacy? Because he had always found this park to be romantic. Well, he wasn’t the only one, as made obvious by the lovers courting each other on benches and the lawn. Her letter had not stated the color of her hair or what color dress he should expect her in, so he looked for a woman who was twenty years old and little more than five feet tall. He ignored a short lady who was too old, a young lady who was on a man’s arm, a dirty lady who was too poor, and an old lady who looked on the verge of death.

His shiny shoe tapped impatiently. He had written in his letter that he would likely be the tallest man around, that he had brown hair that looked almost black, and that he would pin a green ribbon to his jacket.

Where was the girl?

“Eli Todd?” a delicate voice said from behind him.

He let himself, for a split second before he turned, smile and imagine how she must look. He knew his imagination could never compare to his real little Lacy.

He turned around, spotted the dirty lady who was in a dress of poor quality and looked over her head for his Lacy.

“Are you Eli Todd?” the little pauper asked.

He glowered down at her. Had his Lacy sent this person on her behalf? What game was she playing at?

“Yes,” he snapped, trying to spot if Lacy was hiding behind a tree to spy on them.

“I’m Lacy Yates.” She held out her hand to shake.

Dear Lord.

He looked her up and down. Her dress was rumpled and sun worn, her hat over-large and fraying, her fingernails dirty around the edges, and worse yet, she was rather plain. He was unable to form words at having his Lacy turn into this Lacy. She had not lied in her letter, but she certainly had neglected to tell him the whole truth. How would a lady such as herself have framed it? I haven’t bathed since last summer, my clothes are second-hand and do not fit me, I like to lie to respectable gentlemen and I probably spit and curse like a sailor.

“Yes,” he said slowly, a grimace he hoped she’d take for a grin on his face.

Lacy thought he was marvelous. He was tidy and very tall. His hair was combed to the side, the lines from the comb having left perfect rows like a freshly plowed field. Even his eyebrows were neat. He was clearly wealthy, which she had not expected since she had assumed that wealthy men didn’t have a single adventurous bone in their bodies.

But she would have to be blind to not see how he was looking down his nose at her. She had bathed, so she knew she didn’t smell of manure any longer, and she had thought this dress was rather nice with its little flower pattern. The hat could have been better, but she needed to hide the state of her hair. Overall, she was now female again and she didn’t like the way he was looking at her. It offended her femininity.

“Pardon me, but am I not what you expected?” she said, her own nose going up. Pride cometh before the fall, she reminded herself. Yet for the last month, all she’d had was her pride to fill her quickly emptying purse. She clung to her pride like to a sinking ship.

Eli mulled over a few things to say, but he was a gentleman before all else, so he went with something simple. “I apologize, but I do not think we suit each other.”

Was he dismissing her already? He was walking away now, stepping around her as if all the trouble she’d gone to meant nothing.

She hurriedly placed herself in his path and held up her hands. “Wait. I can cook and clean, I can hunt and shoot a gun.” She backpedaled to focus more on the womanly arts. “I’m kind and I’ve been told I have childbearing hips—”

“Enough,” he said. He glanced around, hoping no one had heard that last part. “We simply do not suit,” he repeated more firmly.

“But I’m of the right height and I’m only twenty,” she pleaded.

“Please, Lacy, you are embarrassing yourself.”

She started ticking off her attributes on her fingers. “I can sew right quick, I don’t ever complain, I don’t need to be told anything twice, I’m not the crying sort.” She paused on her pinky. “I’m not the crying sort,” she repeated as she tried to come up with something more to add. “Oh, I like adventure.”

She was looking up at him hopefully.

Finally, he said, “Yes, those are very admirable traits.”

“Well? I’d make a fine wife, I swear it.” She looked abashed. “I don’t swear.”

For lack of anything better to say, he said, “A lady should never swear.”

“That’s right, I don’t. Not ever.”

They shared an awkward silence.

“Well, I must be on my way,” he said, tipping his hat to her and quickly spinning on his heel.

“Wait,” she hurried along at his side. “I want to go west. Very much. I do hate this city. See, I was raised on a farm like I said in my letter.”

“Uh huh.”

“I want to ride in a covered wagon, see wild Indians and kill a bear. No, not kill a bear, not myself I mean, just see a bear killed is all. They got some big bears out west, I hear.”

Eli huffed, then stopped short, but before he could make her go away she went on.

“Are you heading out with a wagon train from Fort Gunther? I hear that’s where all the good trail masters are. Do you have a wagon yet? I suppose that’s a silly question, as where would you fit one in the city? See, if I had my own wagon I’d-”

“Lacy,” he said sharply and was rewarded with silence. “We do not suit.” He stared hard at her, begging her to understand.

Lacy’s heart dropped. She’d been counting on Eli to help her out of her bind, but he didn’t want her.

“Fine,” she said, trying to hide her unhappiness. “I don’t find you suitable either.”

Eli watched the little farm girl stride away. He let out a gust of breath, relieved now that he was alone again. The lady he was looking for would be gentle, innocent, and biddable. A delicate flower whose complexion was as light as the moonlight. Her laughter would be like little bells. She’d be the sort who dreamed of adventure while looking out her bedroom window and sighing. He’d be the man to fulfill all her dreams.

Two weeks had passed and the only other reply to his ad had come from a fifty-year-old woman wondering if he could introduce her to his father.

Where was his beauty with a passion for adventure?

He was slumped in his study, the accounting books open on the desk untouched. The man he’d hired to replace him was eager to begin his duties. Eli was eager to start his journey. In fact, he didn’t have much more time before he had to leave Chicago. Wagon trains had to leave early in the year to avoid being caught in the clutch of winter. He simply couldn’t delay any longer.

Damn it! He thumped his fist on the armrest. He very much disliked having his plans fall apart. Could he go on without a wife and find a suitable woman later? Of course, but he had wanted to share the wagon trip with another, not go alone.

Fine, he’d just have to compromise. He’d go alone and once he had settled in Oregon he’d send out another advertisement.

That settled, he had plans to make.


Lacy had plans to make. So, she wasn’t good enough for Eli, that didn’t bother her. So, she had to go back to being a boy and work shoveling dung, that didn’t matter. She had a goal now: to show Mister Tall and Snooty that she didn’t need him to be her husband.

Of course, being angry at a total stranger might be making her days of dung-shoveling go faster, but the truth was she was excited about her decision to go west. She saved all her money as best as she could, hiding it from the gangs of boys who might want to steal from her, and she collected abandoned newspapers to stuff her shirt and pant legs at night. She spent her money on food and nothing else.

She was going to go west!

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23 reviews for We Do Not Suit

  1. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Eli advertises for a eife. A young, tiny, wife. An educated woman to stand by his side obediently. Lacy is not that woman. She answers his ad, but is poor and living on the street. They both want to go West, but Eli knows it will not be together. Even if Eli doesn’t want Lacy, she is still determined to go. This is a really good read. Spanking western romance. Ageplay, spanking, figging.

  2. madpuss

    This was a good story and held my attention throughout. Even though Lacy was puzzled with some of Eli’s wants she enjoyed for the first time in her life having someone who cared and looked after her. When Eli got to know her he realised she was beautiful as she was everything he desired in a woman.

  3. Ben Morris

    Lacy has been hurt by life over and over and had hopes for Eli as an arranged husband, when he rejects her she still travels west and ends up pretending to be his niece showing her usefulness with a gun and travelling and gets to know him. She at first is confused by him dressing her as someone young and yet starts to care about him more and more and his ways of caring for here and the attentions he gives her even while she doubts she is good enough for him.

    Eli as a dominate is interesting in that he has never really experienced what he wants in woman and in many ways has no name for it, his desire is for a biddable wife yet also someone who will let him take care of them as a little girl and their is an innocence even to him in what he wants. He doesn’t know why and has very little sense of if anyone else is like him beyond a very light reading. For him Lacy will not work, being too poor to uncultured and not the young blond image he has. Though seeing her relate to his desires and seeing her as a woman starts to get to him more and more.

    As we follow these two in the wagon train going about their normal route somehow the author is able to fill what they are going through with sexual tension and some great inner dialogue, that keeps everything very hot even at less intense moments. Their romance feels lived in and the personalities and life choices they have made keeps you engaged to the end.

  4. PJB

    This takes on a slightly different slant on the usual western wagon train story. Eli is not a farmer, nor poor. He hankers after adventure and yearns to explore the Wild West which he has read about. He is quite the dreamer and has a preconceived idea about what he wants in a wife and it is certainly not Lacy, a dirty and homeless street urchin! Through twists and turns the two end up travelling out west together as Uncle and niece. Eli gradually falls for the plucky little Lacy; he comes to appreciate her finer points and then love is in the air! This is an age play western which is sexy, sweet and sassy. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale!

  5. Tami

    Eli is looking for adventure and wants to explore the Wild West. He places an advertisement in a newspaper, looking for a good wife. Homeless Lacy is the one who offers to marry him, but she is rejected by Eli who wants a better educated and more sophisticated wife. They end up on the wagon trail together with Lacy posing as his niece. During the long days they have to travel together, Eli realizes that he might have erred in telling Lacy that he is not interested in her.

    We Do Not Suit is a sweet Western romance. Eli and Lacy do have great chemistry and the intimate scene were very spicy. The author was able to draw me into the story and I enjoyed reading it very much.

  6. Hope W

    I loved this historical western romance. The plot is filled with time traveling in a wagon train on the way west to a new life and the challenges they faced along the way. The characters were a fun pair that led to many laughs along the journey. Eli came across as a snob when he first met Lacy. He had a vision of what his future wife would be like and how the life they would share would be. However, sometimes having a preconceived idea of your life can make it easy to overlook what is right before your eyes. Eli doesn’t think to look past the young woman standing before him to understand the challenges that Lacy has faced or who she is underneath the surface. Lacy, on the other hand, has not had an easy life, as Eli has. She has faced many challenges and is determined to find a new life even if it is not easy. Come read to enjoy this journey they embark on together to see if they will find a way together or separately. I enjoyed that the author included tears, laughs, spankings, chemistry between the characters, age play, everyday challenges during the historical times that people would face, and yet found a way to entertain the reader and make it a fun read. Way to go! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  7. Stats23

    For a relatively short story this book packed in a lot of action, adventure and eroticism. It presents two uniquely different backgrounded people each seeking out a new life, and partner, to start that new life in the old west. Eli had a life of privilege, but wanted to create his own success in the new(er) world, while Lacy had no family, no money and no possible opportunities for a decent life in Chicago. They first met via an ad placed by Eli for a bride to accompany him to the west. That initial encounter did not go, or end, well. However, circumstances developed that saw them meet again at the beginning of a wagon train trip west. Their further developing relationship, forged in the hardships of the harsh realities of the times, created an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, desire and ultimate love. The give and take of what he wanted, what she needed, and what they enjoyed played out throughout their journey. A very good story, an excellent adventure, and an exciting development of a spanking romance with age play overtures. I really liked this book. 5 Stars
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  8. charlotte Huelsemann

    We do not suit by Emma Greefield.
    Lucy is desparate, she is hungry and homeless after leaving her foster home. Eli Todd is looking for a wife to go with him on his grand adventure out west. He is a man of means and she is poor. He takes over protecting her on the trail but insists she is not good enough for him. Until he realizes she is just what he wants. A woman to work beside him and be strong but willing to submit to his will. A woman he can love. He finally is forced to spank her in order for her to agree to marry him. I would have liked to have seen her cause him a little more discomfort for continually telling her she was not good enough for him. Like denying him and making him put some effort into wooing her but this story is an easy read but enjoyable none the less. I really enjoyed it.

  9. Ajjmb

    I have always loved mail order brides but We Do Not Suit had an unusual twist to it. Eli is rather a snob in the beginning of the book. His snobbery is kinda amusing though. Laci has never had the good things or the basics in life nor has she ever been really loved. Her story is heartbreaking. She is an orphan that was adopted just because she could be free labor for the family. When trudged you strikes, Laci is blamed and treated terribly by the mother of the family. Laci has run away and she answers Eli%u2019s ad for a wife but because she is homeless, dirty and her hair is shorn, Eli turns up his nose at this desperate girl. Laci is determined to join the wagon train west anyways. She hires on with a lazy brute of a man that is soon beating her and trying to race her. Eli steps in to save her thinking she is a boy and soon realizes she is a girl and not just any girl but the one that answered his ad. Eli decides to take Laci on because she does know more about the wagon train than he does. But in the process Eli decides to turn Laci into the little girl he desperately want as a wife. It takes Eli a while to realize that Laci will make the perfect %u201C little%u201D wife and that she is desperate for his attention and love. She doesn%u2019t care much for his discipline but she she loves being his little girl. Even though it takes Eli a bit to decide that Laci is the perfect little girl wife for him, they finally come together in the end. I really enjoyed this book. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  10. Nancy Hughes

    This was a page turner and written well. Eli, a city guy wants to head west in a covered wagon, but lacks knowledge to accomplish this. He even has to read a manuel on how to be a dominant. It%u2019s interesting how he turned his heel at Lacy, at first, but she has the knowledge he needs, and she also can fulfill his age play fetish. Lacy is small and can pass as his niece, so the story takes off. Happy ending. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  11. DB

    Emma Greenfield is a new author for me and I did enjoy this book! Eli and Lacy join a wagon train going to Oregon, but was not something Eli wanted to do with Lacy, since he thought Lacy was beneath him. This story does have age play and other scenarios that were surprising for a wagon train story. Eli has Lacy’s age as 13 and her calling him Uncle. Lacy is a wonderful character in this book, funny, full of life and ending up over Eli’s knee many times! Their life and all the hardships they had during their traveling keeps the story interesting and the pages turning! The length was great too! 5 Big Stars

  12. Nicolette

    Lacy answers an add to become a mail order bride, but when she meets Eli Todd he looks down on her and tells her she do not meet his expectations. Lacy decides to travel west on her own and soon finds herself in trouble and Eli ends up helping her. There adventure soon gets interesting and Eli finds that not only is she a help but he might just like her. A lovely old fashioned story.

  13. LuCinda Beebe

    I enjoyed this book, it was easy to read and the characters were interesting. The plot was some what predictable but still had some twists to it that kept my attention. The setting so vivid that I felt like I was right there walking along with the wagon train. Lacy was courageous but at the same time makes some foolish decisions but at the sametime Eli does too which hurts Lacy. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys some age play added into their stories.

  14. Redrabbitt

    The story is an adventure of traveling the Oregon trail from Chicago to Portland, Oregon and some of the harrowing accounts along the way. It is also the story of two people, the main characters, Eli Todd and Lacy Yates.

    Eli has decided it is time to leave Chicago and move westward to Oregon. He has worked in his family textile business, but now he wants an adventure and new life. He will place an add in the paper.

    For weeks he receives no reply and then an answer from a lady will come. Lacy Yates has left the adopted home of her family after the death of a brother. With her very short hair, she is able to dress like a boy and stay safe so far. Seeing the ad in a found newspaper, she will reply to Eli%u2019s ad, but when they meet in the park, he is shocked at her appearance, she is small, but she isn%u2019t what he has envisioned nor would call pretty with tanned skin and rough around the edges. He will tell her; we do not suit. He knows what his dream wife/little girl is too look and act like, and Lacy isn%u2019t it.

    The determined Lacy will make enough money to buy what she needs to get to the starting point of the wagon train and then be accepted by a single man to help along the journey for passage. But that goes south quick before they even leave on the trail. With the help of Eli, a change in wardrobe as that of a thirteen-year-old girl, she will be introduced as his niece who just lost her parents in a carriage accident.

    The story will be the trip along the Oregon trail, the hardships of daily travels, accidents, deaths, and Uncle Eli correcting his naughty ward, Lacy, with spankings. The only problem, he is developing an attraction to her as the time goes on. What happens when he decides that she could very well fit into his dreams and desires of having a little wife that he is Papa to and she will also be his little girl? Can he order and spank her into accepting his marriage proposal? It is her duty to listen and obey, and she will acquiesce to him and his demands, even if she does so begrudgingly.

    The story will have many spankings given by Uncle Eli who is pretending that Lacy is his ward and niece along the journey. The problem is, he finds himself enamored with her and his fantasies are wanting to take things further. The develop a Papa/little girl relationship as they marry secretly but must maintain their Uncle/ward persona to the rest of the wagon train. He will have her dressed in childish clothing and even punish her wearing a nappy. The story has multiple punishments, including figging, and has explicit sex scenes. The story does have an epilogue with how everything turns out for them at the end of their journey with a happily ever after conclusion.

  15. Jf12574

    I enjoyed this book greatly. The chatacters , despite the title do find they suit. Strong headed, funny loving characters enhance the plot. A great read. I read an advanced copy and this is my honest review! Truly enjoyable!

  16. Sam

    This was an interesting twist on several different themes. It made for a very interesting story. I didn’t like Eli in the beginning; he seemed very snobbish and unpersonable. Normally in these books it is the female character who really develops throughout the story but in this case it was clearly Eli that needed to change. I like how the age play was incorporated throughout the story. I received an ARC of this book.

  17. Margaret Corcoran

    I liked this story even though I didn’t like Eli. He was nasty to poor Lacy. The characters are well written and described. The scenery and the journey across America is brilliantly captured. There is a wonderful interaction between Lacy and Eli. A very good read. They do in fact suit and this is the story of how much. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and I highly recommend it. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  18. DONNA L

    ByDonna Lon January 10, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    This is a mail order bride story with a touch of age
    play thrown in.Eli Todd needs a wife for the journey
    of a lifetime along the Oregon trail from Portland to
    Chicago.Lacy Yate’s life has been one of abuse,orphaned
    and taken in by her uncle,her life is full of trudgedy.She
    is determined to have a better life but is heartbroken
    when Eli turns her down.Who is this dirty street urchin
    answering his add for a bride.Eli rescues Lacy from a
    cruel, fellow wagon traveler,offers her his protection and
    a safe place to sleep.The vibrant,vivid description and
    detail of the era are excellent.Lacy continues to try Eli’s
    patiences on many occasions and is punished by his hard
    hand.Eli’s feelings slowly start to change and he falls in
    love with Lacy.The journey is slow,dangerous and full of
    surprises.Lacy was tenacious,she wanted a better life and
    was determined to make it happen.This is a crisp,clean
    and not overly detailed story.It starts of slowly and builds
    up to some really great scenes.

  19. Lisa Watson

    This is the story of Lacy and Eli. Eli wants a wife to accompany him on the wagon trail to Oregon. Lacy is homeless so responds to Eli’s advert for a wife and they arrange to meet.?

    Eli had am image in his head about what his perfect wife should look like and act like and Lacy just does not measure up. ?After being told they do not suit Lacy goes away promising herself that she will show him they do suit.?

    She saves all of her wages and joins the wagon trail dressed as a boy. When the man she is travelling with realises she is a girl he attacks her and Eli comes to her rescue. With no other option Eli takes her under his wing as his little Lacy. Over the coming weeks he begins to realise that his perfect wife is actually Lacy.

    This is a sweet age play story which has a good storyline and you can’t help but fall in love with little Lacy.

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.?

  20. Good bedtime reading

    This was Lacy’s chance, she was determined to escape the misfortune she found herself in. Yes, she was an orphan with no money therefore no prospects, but she was going to make her way West for a better life. First she has to find someone with a wagon so that she can tag along and find her pot of gold at the end of her rainbow. Thus she answers the ad for a bride that Eli had had published. But the dirty ragamuffin who presented herself was nothing like his dream wife – dainty, petite, and would always look up to him. His rejection.We do not suit.didn’t dash Lacy’s hopes at all as she connived her way with another wagon going west. However, they clash again during the wagon train with anything that was plain sailing.

  21. Toni L

    Let me start by saying that I’m not into age play so I approached this book with caution. I didn’t need to worry. The age play elements came in so gradually & gently that I was ok with it. It helped that we really got to understand what was going on inside Eli’s mind. I ended up enjoying this book much more than I thought I would, but can still understand that it wouldn’t be for everyone. Surprisingly enjoyable

  22. Penny Gwen

    Wonderful read!
    Eli is heading west to Oregon. He has decided that the journey will be easier with a wife so he places an ad in the Chicago paper. Lucy wants to leave Chicago and find adventure. She decides to answer Eli%u2019s ad, but he is not interested in her plain and dirty appearance. They end up in Fort Gunther, a part of the same wagon train. When Eli saves Lucy from the man who is trying to rape her, he unwittingly becomes her guardian as well as savior. As the wagons get closer to Oregon, Eli and Lucy get closer too.

  23. susan kirkland

    Lucy is an orphan and though she is 20 she looks like a young girl. She wants to move from Chicago, where she lives on the streets, to Oregon. Eli lives in Chicago and puts an ad in the paper for a wife to travel with him to Oregon to relocate. What an interesting story and the danger that needs to be overcome to get them to Oregon. I enjoyed the age play because it was gradual and love the love story it turned out to be.

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