Unconventional Marriages

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Three Unconventional Marriages involving age and power plays plus lots of hot, hot, hot love and discipline.

In Pleasing Him, destitute Lady Jocelyn is saved by the commanding Lord Summerlain, who makes her his ward and then his wife. Her prayers have been answered – but at what cost?

In An Unacceptable Arrangement, Cassandra is given away by her father to his business partner, a man she does not know. Can she forgive her parents and learn to love her new husband?

In Pleasing Her, Peter Wessex’s heart is held in thrall by his commanding wife’s riding crop and black leather booties. Can she make a man of him in time to take his place as the Duke of Ashton?

Publisher’s Note: These three books, originally published separately, contain elements of stringent discipline, as well as explicit scenes and power exchange. If such naughtiness offends, please do not purchase.

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7 reviews for Unconventional Marriages

  1. Tami

    Unconventional Marriages is the compilation of Pleasing Him, An Unacceptable Arrangement and Pleasing Her. All of the books were published separately before. Every book is different, there is domestic discipline, age play, female domination, and much more taking place in a historical setting. The characters are engaging and the stories are well written. There were some scenes that made me cringe (for example being punished for picking up a pencil) because I felt they were too harsh, but this is just my taste. Overall I liked all the books and enjoyed the long read.

  2. Redrabbitt

    The three stories in this one book were previously released several years ago. The revolved during 1860 England and include power exchange, domination, age-play, discipline, and female domination. The scenes are detailed and explicit. Some of the characters will crossover into multiple stories.

  3. Margaret Corcoran

    This is a very good value box set, originally published separately. I love this author and enjoyed reading this hot stories. They are not for the feint hearted and have both male and female Dominant and littles. There are some harsh disciplinary spankings and hot spicy sex and lots of love and understanding. All the characters are very well written and described. A very easy to read book. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  4. Sam

    I appreciate the variety in these stories. It is nice to have a collection of such unique books. The first story is age play, followed by an arrange marriage, followed by a female dominant. I personally preferred the first two stories as I prefer the male to be dominant. This collection is a great way to try something new. I like how well the author conveys the emotions of the characters. I really would like to see another story about Cassandra and Frederic as their story was my favorite.
    I received an ARC of this book.

  5. Susan Kirkland

    Three different stories and all of them different. Domestic discipline, age play, female domination and more enjoyed in a historical setting. I enjoyed most of them, but some areas were a bit harsh for me.

  6. Goldie Nut

    This is a very good read. A lot of Age play and age regression.
    This book actually has 3 stories of unconventional marriages. The
    marriages in many cases are done so as to establish a class above
    where they are in society. The women in 2 of the stories think they
    will be lady of the house but as they find out they don’t get that title
    at all. One of the stories involves a female dominant that puts their
    husband in his place.

  7. John Lindow

    I liked all three stories in Victoria Winters’ collection of Unconventional marriages, and boy did she get the title right on the button. The stories range from keeping a woman as a “little” girl complete with nursery and nannies to a femdom marriage where she actually rules the rooster. Of course, being a Blushing book, they all contained elements of naughty boys and girls getting their bare bottoms spanked long and hard, often with others as witnesses. And, at their heart, though, they were all three heart warming love stories about the different types of marriages that work in this world of ours. This is a rather late voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Blushing Books.

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