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You’re not allowed to be a coward and be in love. You must choose one.

Special Agent Laura Logan had a difficult childhood and that’s putting it mildly. She channeled her buried rage into her studies, earned a law degree and joined the FBI. As a member of the new human trafficking task force, she wants to impress – and she wants to make the perps pay.

Detective Lieutenant Steve Moretti moonlights at a very exclusive club in return for free membership and other perks. His family is pressuring him to find a nice woman and settle down, but that bridge was burned by his ex. His new view: Marriage is betting half your stuff that you’ll love someone forever.

A kidnapping shocks Steve’s town and the FBI is called in. Steve and Laura meet at the crime scene, sparks fly, and they work the case together. As passion ignites, their ‘no love’ commandment is tested. Can they overcome the heartbreak of betrayal and learn to love before it’s too late? Or are they so afraid they’ll refuse to love at all?

This is book two in the Steel and Desire series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, adventure, danger and power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

Giggles. Shoes clacking on the cobblestone driveway. Viktor Aristov tugged at the hairs on his bushy black eyebrows as he waited, then smiled. Wearing high heels, the three teens came into view, the full moon illuminating them in an eerie blue. He aimed and fired, three quick shots. Startled, the girls momentarily hung suspended before gravity took over and they plunged to the pavement.

The tranquilizer gun proved one of his best purchases. No fuss, no muss.

He rushed forward to retrieve his merchandise when another figure marched down the driveway. He’d only expected three females. Who was this?

A tall woman appeared. “Alyssa?” she said. “Louise? Brenda?” The heap of bodies stopped her short. She gasped. “Holy Mother.”

Viktor reacted. The tiny barb hit the woman squarely in the chest. She slumped, lying atop an unconscious teen. Viktor squatted beside the pile of bodies. Dumb broad. She probably discovered the girls sneaking out for a night of fun and intended to stop them. Well, she wasn’t part of the plan, but, hell, what a bonus.

Loading the four bodies into the van, he secured each with leg shackles bolted to the vehicle’s floor. He turned the key in the ignition and gripped the steering wheel so hard his fingers went numb. Heart pounding, he blew out a long breath. The thrill of the hunt! Best part.

The van traversed the bumpy driveway, his foot heavy on the accelerator. He’d scored big time. The crew had taunted him about not meeting his quota after the cache of women from his homeland mysteriously vanished from the container ship. He’d show them. Not only had he grabbed three prime females, but an extra bitch to boot. And Americans fetched a higher price than Slavic women. Fifty-thousand U.S. dollars would fill his coffer with a little over three million rubles. Then he could afford to rescue his mother from that horrible institution and make her comfortable—enough food, clean bedding and fresh country air. He grinned with satisfaction. His brother was somewhere in a Siberian prison, unable to help the family, and his sister languished in a labor camp. Unemployment there had hit the population hard, half were out of work and only a quarter of those employed got paid on a regular basis. He’d found his way out, and living in America had blessed him with many bounties. He kissed the rosary beads he kept around his neck for good fortune.

The targets had been easy prey. Chatrooms provided the perfect vehicle to find lonely teenage girls searching for love. Create a fake profile, add a pic of a hot guy, tell each what she wanted to hear and boom—the fish bit the hook, begging to be reeled in.

Viktor turned onto the long dirt road leading to the Sound Avenue Nature Preserve. The county park was mostly deserted at night, especially at this time of year. Perhaps a few bird watchers and hikers during the day, but with winter approaching the boating and swimming festivities had ended. The cabins were empty because they had no heat, electricity or water. A perfect hideout for his operation.

Two colleagues met him and helped unload the merchandise. “Brother, where have you been?” Iosif said, hiking up the waistband of his trousers on his too-thin frame. “We worried.”

“Picking up the final product,” Viktor answered.

“Thought you lost it when the ship arrived empty last week,” Mikhail said, twirling one end of his villainous dark moustache.

“I improvised.” He unlocked the van’s side door, sliding it open. The four females remained unconscious. “Those tranq darts work like a charm. Worth every penny.”

Iosif jumped inside and unlocked the manacles on the three young girls. Each man slung a body over his shoulder and headed inside, leaving the woman for last.

Viktor returned to find her awake, her back against the sidewall, her head leaning precariously to one side. He climbed inside and squatted. Upon closer inspection, tears streamed down her face and she was mumbling.


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6 reviews for Unbound

  1. Tami

    UnBound is the second book of the Steel and Desire series and is a standalone. The book is a mixture of suspense, action, danger, romance and spankings. The characters are great. Laura and Steve do have great chemistry, the intimate scenes were explicit and very steamy. The plot is also very interesting and kept me reading. I liked this book very much.

  2. Jessica N

    UnBound is the second book in the Steel and Desire series. Laura, FBI agent, and Steve, police detective, meet when three teenaged girls and a nun go missing, which soon evolves into a human trafficking case. Feeling an odd draw to each other, they work well to find the ladies, but one of the abductors goes missing. Even with dead ends, they edge closer to finding their man, and Laura and Steve heat up their no-strings relationship. But with his help and guidance, she blossoms and both realize they mean so much more to each other, just as Laura goes missing. Can Steve find Laura and their man before she%u2019s taken and harmed?

    This book just sucked me in right from page one! We get insight into the kidnapper%u2019s mind, his intentions, and I absolutely loved that! Laura and Steve are absolutely dynamite, both in their professional worlds as well with their intimate scenes. I absolutely loved Steve%u2019s patience and his ability to open Laura up to a whole new world. Her past just about broke my heart, but I loved their way to help heal the hurt. I liked some of the parallels of her past with the ending of the book, and loved how strong Laura was! Even though this was the second book in the series, this acted as a stand alone, and even with the previous characters%u2019 presence in this book, I never felt lost or like there was an unknown. I really loved these characters, enjoyed reading this book, and am excited to see where this series will go next!

  3. Hope W

    Unbound is the second book in the Steel and Desire series but can be read as a standalone. The story is filled with crime and intrigue. However, the story is also a mind field of emotions. Each character lives with heartache and past betrayal that overshadows their happiness. Steve works in local law enforcement and at a BDSM club while Laura works for the FBI. As they investigate a sex trafficking ring they work closely together and become deeper involved than either expected. Their chemistry can be off the chart hot but also sweet and emotional in just the right moments. Can these two overcome their pasts to find happiness? Only reading will tell but, I can say that watching the interactions between Steve, Laura, and the bad characters lead to some on the edge of your seat moments throughout the story. I hope you will enjoy the story as much as I did and I highly recommend this book! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  4. Lalaland

    Unbound is the second book in a series about female FBI agents working to bring an end to human trafficking. FBI special agent Laura Logan is a member of an FBI task force set up to tackle human trafficking called in by the local police force after a shocking kidnapping. Detective Leiutenant Steve Moretti is in charge when three teenage girls and a nun are abducted. Steve is also an experienced Dom and works part time as a Dungeon Monitor at a local BDSM club in return for his membership and a place to play. Obviously there is attraction between Steve and Laura but they are both carrying lots of angst and baggage from the past and who knows how they can get past his dominance when she is not submissive in any shape or form, or is she. This story has all the ingredients for an erotic thriller, action, mystery, a really rotten villain (hiss), hot erotic scenes and spanking, what more do you need. Very entertaining read, look forward to the next one. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  5. lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.? Special Agent Laura Logan and Detective Steve Moretti meet over a case.? A nice long read with plenty of emotion, intrigue, danger and lite BDSM.? I wish every woman who has suffered sexual abuse could find a Steve.

  6. susan landowski

    Highly emotional. Great range of feelings and tragic pasts that while never forgotten healed with love. Love a story that has mystery, suspense, eroticism and a happy ending. While long this story was extremely hard to put down as you are sucked in. Read this book please.

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