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When he finds out her secret, will he walk away? Or do what’s necessary to protect her – even from herself?

Ty is the brains of the Keller clan and the third son of the complicated family. After graduating from Harvard as a doctor, he wants to do something meaningful with his life. That’s when he makes the decision to join Doctors Without Borders and travels halfway around the world to Nepal. The best part of the trip, aside from helping those less fortunate, is meeting the sexy, spitfire Dr. Brynn Edwards, a woman who is in need of a firm hand. Luckily, he’s up to the challenge.

Brynn was in Nepal when a devastating earthquake hit, and her life hasn’t slowed down since. She’s been working twenty-hour days with little to no sleep, so when Ty arrives, she makes sure he knows who’s in charge. Brynn is feisty and full of sass, but soon discovers Ty is not a man who will accept her behavior without consequences. Strangely enough, she can’t help but fall for the Keller charm. There’s a big secret she’s keeping from him but telling him is not an option. The hectic schedule and the amount of injured people is more than she can handle as it is.


This is book three in The Kellers of Beaumont Falls but can be enjoyed as a standalone.


Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of action, adventure, and power exchange.

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Sample Chapter



“Dr. Edwards, we need you on the floor there is a man who just came in, he was in a building collapse and it looks like a crushed tibia!” a nurse exclaimed, her breath heaving from the run down the hall. Dr. Edwards had lain down an hour before, after working close to thirty hours. With a yawn, she sat up trying to fight the deep-seated need for sleep. If they didn’t get more doctors soon, she was going to lose her fucking mind!

“All right, Adele, I’ll be there in five.” She yawned while sitting up, trying her best to shake off the drowsiness and took a sip of her water. Adele nodded; her job was done. She had informed Dr. Edwards, the Chief of Staff, and now had to get back to the sea of other patients lining their halls, who were not in immediate need of doctor attention.

Brynn stood, trying to ignore the pain in her back from being on her feet for so long. Stretching, in an attempt to dislodge the kinks from her body, she walked over to her desk and withdrew her pills. Provigil, for the tiredness that never left, was the only thing helping her do her job most days and Voltaren for the back pain. Swallowing them, she hoped that with her empty stomach they’d kick in fast. She needed her strength. She needed to snap back to being alert fast, but she was only human.

Since the earthquake, almost a week ago, she was working around the clock. Everyone was. Her medical center was one of the few buildings in their area left standing, although one wing had been affected and left unusable. Her staff were unprepared for the onslaught of need, and there were few relief workers available. The Red Cross assured more were being recruited, but it did little to help them in the first few days. The devastation was just too severe. A lot of roads were impassable, and landing strips had been crippled as well. Their supplies were lowering, need was high, and everyone was pushing themselves to the limit in an attempt to help save the lives of people who had nowhere else to go. She needed a miracle that didn’t seem to be coming.

With two hands placed on the desk as she tried to force her eyes to open and switch her body into doctor mode, she felt them once more closing from the exhaustion racking her body. Deep breaths, she tried to tell herself. Sitting down, she told herself she needed only five more minutes with her eyes closed. Five beautiful uninterrupted minutes.

“Dr. Edwards! We need you now!” Her friend, and nurse, Darrius yelled opening her door and startling her awake. Jumping up, with a surge of adrenaline from the fright, she took off in a run with him leading the way.

“Forty-ish male with head trauma and a crushed tibia that seems to be putting pressure on the popliteal artery, if we don’t work fast, he might lose his leg.” Darrius informed her as they jogged. People in this part of the world, especially men, couldn’t afford to lose limbs. It was a virtual death sentence. They’d never get work, and then their families would pay the price.

“Give him 10mg of Percocet for the pain and 5mg of midazolam for a sedative.” Brynn ordered grabbing his chart and glancing at the need-to-knows. Harem Shez 42, married to Pilar Shez. No history of illness or medication.

“Mr. Shez, I’m Dr. Edwards can you tell me what happened?” she asked, checking his pupils for signs of brain trauma.

He began to tell her in Nepali that the building he and his team of carpenters were working on, collapsed. A large part of a stone wall fell on his leg, but some of his workers helped to free him. He was hit in the head by a stone too, but not knocked unconscious.

Brynn examined the bleeding from a wound on his head and dispelled any real worry about the blow. It seemed to be minor and his pupils were responding normally.

“Okay Mr. Shez, we need to operate on your leg, so we are going to prep you for surgery. Is there someone who needs to be contacted? The phones are down right now, but we can make it a priority when they get back up.” Brynn smiled trying to be reassuring.

The man said his men had assured him they’d tell his wife, as he cringed with the pain.

“All right, you’re going to be okay, Mr. Shez. We are going to fix you right up.” Brynn promised turning to Darrius. “Clear curtain five and call in Khatri, we have to get him under quickly. I’m going to scrub in,” Brynn ordered putting down the chart and going to the wash area.

Darrius ran to get the anesthesiologist Dr. Arjun Khatri, an Indian doctor who had joined their team a few months back. He was young, ambitious and excellent at his job. Darrius was a happily married gay man, but he had to admit the Indian doctor was easy on the eyes. Whenever he got to work with Arjun, he found himself in crush mode.

Brynn scrubbed up finally starting to feel the effects of the drugs she had taken to make her more alert, and not a moment too soon. Dr. Khatri joined her to scrub in and in less than a minute they were back with the patient.

“All right Mr. Shez, I’m Dr. Khatri. I need you to start counting backwards from ten please,” Arjun said softly. The man began to do as directed, only making it two numbers before going under. Arjun checked his vitals and inserted the breathing tube. With a nod to Brynn that the patient was ready, she put out her hand in the direction of a nurse.



Chapter One


Ty Keller had been debating what exactly he should do when he finished his residency in New York’s, North Central Bronx. Part of him was being pulled home, to his hometown of Beaumont Falls, Maine. Part of him was still young and motivated enough that he wanted to make a difference.

His college bills were paid. His older two brothers joined his father’s gang fresh out of high school, and his younger brother was a multi-platinum recording artist. His tuition bill just seemed to disappear, although admittedly he wasn’t entirely sure where the money came from. Part of him didn’t care, since he knew the result would be that he would be able to follow his dreams and help people. He stayed a year longer than planned to take extra training in certain areas of personal interest. Ty was like a sponge, absorbing information from some of the best professors that money could buy and he’d be damned if he took it for granted.

As soon as his residency finished, he settled on a decision to not return home immediately, with certainty that Doctors Without Borders would fulfill his ambitious desire to help those in the most need, and flew to Kazungula, Botswana in Africa. His specialty was head trauma, but he had dabbled in infectious disease and Botswana was third highest globally for HIV/AIDS. Kazungula was also on the border of Zambia, where health centers were crying for doctors. After three months, he made the transfer to a medical clinic in Sesheke, Zambia when a friend of his asked him to come up for a consult and he saw the need first hand.

Out of all the Keller men, he was the brain. He had the same height and good looks, but his thirst for knowledge put him above the others. His vibrant blue eyes and dark hair came from his father’s side. His heart and desire to help those in need was all to his mother’s credit. When he was a boy, his mom took him and his brothers to the homeless shelter and made them volunteer. They served food and did dishes at least once a month. Jordan, Dax and Jacob hated it, but Ty loved seeing how the smallest of gestures was so appreciated. His father donated money, but his mom taught him that sometimes it’s the personal touch that matters the most. It was a major reason he chose medicine.

Growing up, his brothers teased him mercilessly. However, every one of his siblings attended his Harvard Convocation. It was nice for them to have a brilliant doctor in the family, even if they didn’t understand how he was so different. When they read his name, and he walked across the stage to obtain his degree, he had never felt more pride. A lot of hard work had gone into that small piece of paper. Plus, he was the only Keller child to get a college degree.


When the Keller kids were in school, the range was so diverse that they were often the conversation in the lunchrooms. In Beaumont Falls, the name had two very different connotations. It depended on how you knew the family.

Jordan and Dax were more like thugs, following in the footsteps of their father, Mike. The motorcycle club, King’s Knights was a double-edged sword in the town. On one end, Michael had been an honorable thug. He donated money to local kids’ clubs and church functions. He helped the community keep major drug and gun lords in check and enforced a law that the police could not. No one was overly surprised when Jordan and Dax followed him, although some were somewhat amazed that they seemed to follow the same code.

Honorable outlaws, a necessary evil.

Jordan, the sexy bad boy, fell in love early with Tegan Forester, leaving Dax to play the full asshole role of the family. Jordan and Tegan had a baby together when they were only seventeen, but decided it was best to give her up for adoption to a family who could better provide for her. After Jordan’s best friend was killed, Tegan left Beaumont, and became a famous photographer.

Ty was the brain, always reading and top of his classes. He skipped ninth and tenth grade, on his way to medical school. Everything he entered in academically, he excelled at. His dream was always to be a doctor and despite the trials and hardships along the way, it seemed to be his fate.

Samantha was the first girl, and the boys catered to her. Quiet and shy. Smart, but with a more nurturing side that made her driven more toward the honorable family business. Farming.

Mike’s father Wilber had started the Keller Family Farmer’s Market, and it was a staple of the Beaumont community. The fact it was over half a century old and still family run, was a legacy of pride for the family known for a range of abnormal careers. Ty’s mother Ruth and Sam focused most of their attention there, which kept them out of the boys’ craziness.

Jacob was the superstar.

Always playing his guitar and writing.

In high school, he was also the athlete. The girls flocked to him, but he only had eyes for his first love Victoria. It was a surprise that when his best friend Kyle McKinley died, he broke it off with her and took off to Nashville. It was an even bigger surprise when he shot to fame and the baby of the family, Charlotte became his Assistant/Manager.

Charlotte the tiny spitfire they all adored. None more than Jake, but Ty babied her too. Charlotte had had cancer as a child. She had spent over a year at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland then a miracle happened, and she went into remission. It was a scary time for the older kids, who were old enough to remember the chaos that having a sick baby sister meant. To give back, Jake performed a benefit concert and fan meet-and-greet to raise money to help families at the hospital every year or two.


On April 25th, 2015 a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the Kathmandu Valley, in Nepal. A second one had hit on the 12th of May leveling more buildings to rubble and too many bodies to count. When the earthquake hit, the entire country was in a horrific state of emergency. Ty had applied for a transfer from his post in Zambia, with a desperate feeling of obligation to help, but the red tape had taken time to cut through.

The American Red Cross had flown in doctors and medical staff to assist and assigned them throughout the country to help those most affected. When Ty’s name came up, it was already mid-July, but Nepal was still in crisis. Most of the airstrips had been affected so they had to be helicoptered in, which further hindered the process. In third world countries, disasters such as these devastated people who had long given up that life was fair. Over one-third of the population lived below the poverty level in conditions that barely withstood normal circumstances, so disasters like earthquakes, hit like a pride of lions taking on a baby zebra. The chance of survival was so minimal, it was almost impossible.


It was Ty’s first day at the ER in a medical center just outside of the city of Kathmandu. Three months since the first quake had hit.

The state of the hospital would have shocked any western physician who was used to the anal cleanliness of an American hospital. Even the tented medical facilities littered through Africa looked luxurious in comparison. Ty hadn’t really known what to expect, but these conditions far outweighed the images he had conjured in his mind.

Everywhere you looked there was devastation.

Every face you looked in had the shallow look of hopelessness.

It was hard to describe the true impact that a disaster of that caliber had on those involved, but as Ty took in his new surroundings, the only word that came to mind was Hell, and he had landed right at the gates.

Looking through his paperwork, he had to find a doctor named Edwards. That was what the email had stated was his superior’s name.

Dr. B. Edwards, the head physician for the Doctors Without Borders in that area.

People were everywhere, and it was difficult to tell the difference between workers and staff. Some of the staff were in white slacks, which he had been instructed to wear the first day. However, he learned quickly that was not a guarantee that a person was staff.

It was literally hit the ground running.

As he approached, cots of people were even out on the street, because going into parts of the building was still too dangerous.

“Excuse me,” he asked a girl who appeared to be a nurse. Reading the nametag, he learned her name was Adele Harris. She was young, maybe in her early twenties. “I need to find Dr. Edwards.”

Adele was checking the pulse of a man, who was severely bandaged. Part of the wounds were showing around his neck and they looked like burns. The girl thought for a second and then pointed. “Dr. Edwards should be doing rounds in that small building to the left. She was there about fifteen minutes ago, anyway.”

Ty nodded a thank you and headed in that direction.

Dr. Edwards was a she? He asked himself, surprised since he had assumed that it was a male supervisor he would be working with. In Africa, it had been all male supervisors.

The small building was well lit. The whitewashed walls offered decent lighting, which was good since much of the place still had very limited power.

“I need a crash cart!” An order came, as Ty faced a loud, female voice, as she pushed past him.

He stepped back feeling bad for getting in the way, and irritated that she so rudely pushed him aside.

“Is Dr. Edwards here?” Ty asked a man who looked like a nurse. He was approaching with the cart.

The man chuckled, pointing to the woman who had just pushed him.

It took a moment to register that the beautiful young woman who was issuing orders was now his boss.

“Dr. Ty Keller, what can I do?” Ty asked, skillfully introducing himself and approaching to help.

Without missing a beat, she replied, “Dr. Brynn Edwards, and stay out of my way!” Brynn flagged down a person she seemed to know, and they started going with the cart and man she was working on into another curtained room. Ty stepped back, trying not to take it personally. In all his years he had not encountered someone so abrupt when someone was trying to help.

“Don’t mind Dr. B, she can come off as a bit of a bitch to people who don’t know her. However, she really is a wonderful doctor and boss,” a man’s voice said from behind.

“Thanks,” Ty said reaching his hand out, “Dr. Ty Keller.”

The guy shook it. “Darrius Wallis. RN.”

Ty struggled to think, he wanted to help, but wasn’t sure if that help was wanted. When Darrius passed him a scalpel, his wink and nudge toward the patient solidified the meaning. Stepping in, Ty ignored the woman dishing out orders. He did what he thought was necessary.

As the procedure came to an end, Ty busied himself with the clean up.

Dr. Edwards removed her mask and began heading to the sink for a scrub.

“Dr. Edward’s, I’m your new surgeon. Ty Keller.” Ty said to a less than impressed Brynn. She had had three other appointees since March, no one stayed long in an area that required so much attention. Looking him up and down, she pegged him as a pretty boy who wouldn’t make it a week. His hair was even styled like he had a date after shift. Cute. She thought. This must be her payback for flipping out in her last letter to the higher-ups about needing more help. They raided the graduating class that paid their way through their degree by modeling or stripping. She smiled as if it didn’t matter to her what his name was and began to walk away.

“Dr. Edwards?” Ty questioned losing patience at her abrasiveness.

Turning, Brynn tried to keep the scorn from her voice.

“Dr. Keller?”

“What can I do to help?” he asked not trying to hide his exasperated frustration.

“I’m sorry, I thought I answered. Stay out of my way.” She smirked, slamming her chart down and turning to walk down the small hallway.

“Yes, I heard that,” Ty snapped after her, as a flood of people entered the emergency room, a few on gurneys. He didn’t plan to let her just walk away but froze when a panicked voice sliced through the quiet.

“A landmine exploded. We have four wounded!” a man yelled, Ty turned, forgetting about the sassy young boss who had so rudely dismissed him, and ran over to start treating people. Brynn and he would hash things out at some point, he was sure of it, but now was the time to do his job.

One teenager, with no leg below the knee was clearly in shock and pain. Barking out orders, Ty followed the crew to the makeshift operating room. Bumping into Brynn’s gurney, an unconscious female jolted, but given her injuries didn’t acknowledge the collision. Ty looked up expecting a reprimand.

She smiled. “Doctor Keller is second in charge. I’m off to the OR, if you need direction seek his help.” The OR was just a room at the back of the building that had the most equipment and supplies; because of their current situation, they were being made to operate on people behind curtained gurneys. However, when it was available, they preferred to take the more serious cases to where their chance of survival was greatest. That meant for an unspecific amount of time, Ty was in charge of the front lines.

He had a look of shock frozen on his face as if someone had just tossed their drink on him. Looking down at his own patient, his eyes snapped back to Brynn in a silent bewilderment of what responsibility she bestowed on a perfect stranger. Ty was momentarily speechless.

Shrugging, Brynn said, “You wanted to help. So, help. Impress me.”

The look on his face said it all. He hadn’t expected her to leave him in charge. In her head, she thought, Okay, pretty boy let’s see what you’re really made of. With a smirk on her lips, she began to push the gurney with an unconscious female, about thirty, down the hall with Darrius and another nurse at her side.

“Someone get me, Arjun Khatri!” she hollered.

As her retreating back disappeared down the dirty hallway, another nurse stepped forward. “I can take this man to a curtain, Doctor.”

Ty nodded gratefully, still dumbstruck at his current appointment. He scolded himself to get it together, pinching the bridge of his nose like it would somehow make his brain start functioning again. He was in charge and if he wasted anymore time recovering from the shock of being handed this position, he’d blow his shot to save lives and prove himself.

Like a sport star finally given a chance at glory, Ty got his head back in the game and let his natural leadership skills takeover. Orders came flying from his mouth with ease, as he assessed situations with expert eyes. A natural ease at being in control, reinstated his confidence. He’d make it look easy too, he encouraged himself. Even if he was in over-his-head and feeling like his heart was about to explode from his chest through his pinstriped shirt. Ty was a Keller and Keller men were natural born leaders.

As she disappeared down the dirty hallway, all Ty could do was turn and give his attention to the victims before him needing his care and focus.

Welcome to Nepal.

It was a long way from Beaumont Falls.



11 reviews for Ty

  1. Lori

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.  When Dr Ty Keller goes to Nepal to help, he meets his boss Dr Brynn Edwards. A farm boy and a city girl. It isn’t long before his dominant daddy nature takes hold and Brynn needs it, because she has a lot of issues. This is a spanking romance and a really good one. It goes into a lot of detail about how he chooses to deal with Brynn and her issues. I really enjoyed this read. Hand, paddle. 

  2. Marybeth

    Loved this story. Ty and Brynn meet as volunteers with Doctors without Borders in Nepal. They fall in love and they have an unusual relationship in that Brynn calls him Daddy. When Brynn starts having problems, he takes over to get her the help she needs. I loved this and now I want to go back and read the other books.

  3. Rjr

    Ty is book three of the series The Kellers of Beaumont Falls, but is the first I’ve read in the series. Ty is a young doctor wanting to help the less fortunate so he goes off to work for Doctors Without Borders. In Nepal, under really rough conditions, he meets Brynn. Their life in Nepal is almost always work, but through it all they manage to find time to get to know one another. Ty is a dominant man who wants to take care of his feisty, intelligent, doctor girlfriend. At first, she is hesitant, but they find what works for them. I loved that the author took the time for this couple to really get to know each other before moving forward with the plot. After more than a year, the couple moves on to other locations and meets up with the rest of the family. The Kellers are a huge family and we meet all of them. I’m sure for those who have read the two previous books in the series, there was catching up on favorite characters. I particularly enjoyed the realistic building relationship of this couple. They are smart people with very busy careers. They’re also human and they’re not perfect with each having issues to work on. But they work through their problems in a way that works for them. They’re also very sexy and there’s quite a good deal of sex in the book. While steamy, it remained tasteful. The discipline Ty brings to Brynn’s life is never harsh and she thrives on it. I really enjoyed this intelligent story. For the second time this month, I’ve read a book that is in the middle of a series, and just like the previous time, this book makes me want to read the two previous books so I can enjoy the Keller family even more. I highly recommend this book!

  4. Ronald

    A well written, enjoyable story. Brynn is a young doctor helping with the devastation from the Nepal earthquake, and Ty is another doctor who comes to the clinic to help. They meet, fall in love and develop a relationship that involves some spanking and discipline as she has problems that he has to help her with. Later, they move to his home town, where they meet a number of other supporting characters, primarily Ty’s family, who are interesting and energetic

  5. Ajjmb

    The newest Keller story was a great one. I really like how this author deals with drug addiction. Ty does a great job of supporting Brynn through her addiction and helping her get the help she needs to beat addiction and deal with her own anxieties and fears. I loved seeing so many of the characters from the previous books. This book had its own feel to it and was very enjoyable to read. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  6. T

    Aside from some grammatical issues that resulted in sentence fragments, it was a relatively good book. The story was just too much of what can be seen in real life with Brynn’s addictive behavior and Ty’s response in thinking he was enough to fix her by himself. The author definitely gets you to feel sorry for the heroine here. You can’t help but root for Brynn to get her HEA.

  7. Hope W

    Mira Brooks has written a great book where deep love that has no limits! The plot is real and has raw emotion. The characters are developed and share a strong chemistry. Brynn is an amazing doctor that is an overachiever and controls her work atmosphere with precision, but lets herself go by overdoing. Ty is a strong dominant personality who knows that he is not threatened by Brynn but finds her a challenge. Their chemistry is strong and the love never waivers. However, when things get tough Ty takes control and Brynn finds out that love can be hard, especially when your man has a hard hand! Will Brynn shut down or will Ty hold out and help the love of his life? Come and read to find out! I highly recommend this 5 star book for a great night’s read. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  8. Goldie

    Ty has the brains of all the Kellers and after graduating from Harvard as
    a physician he decides to join Doctors without Borders. He goes to Nepal
    to assist after a major earthquake under the direction of Dr. Brynn Edwards.
    She needs to eat and sleep but has been going for 20 hours without either.
    Ty and Brynn work tirelessly together to help save lives. She has a secret
    but she is afraid to tell him because he might walk out and she couldn’t
    handle that. He proposes to her and she says yes and then he finds out
    her secret and wants to help her so she doesn’t spiral out of control. She
    lies to him and he makes a decision to go to a private spot that his brother
    Jake recommends. He takes care of her and eventually they end up in
    Beaumont Falls. There is still plenty to come with some twists and turns.
    A great series but can be read as a stand-alone novel.

  9. Redrabbitt

    The story of Dr. Ty Keller and Dr. Brynn Edwards is a wonderful addition to the Kellers of Beaumont Falls series and is one full of emotion. What starts as Brynn in Nepal as part of Doctors Without Borders dealing with total chaos after multiple earthquakes have hit, destroying the area, shattering buildings and lives. When Dr. Ty Keller shows up, she doesn’t get her hopes up and doesn’t even take notice of him until he jumps in and does what needs doing. It doesn’t take long before Ty realizes that Brynn needs someone to hold her responsible and decides he is the man for the job. She has run herself ragged, not eating properly, or getting the sleep she needs, but that is going to change.

    “Don’t worry, babygirl, Daddy wouldn’t give you a choice.”

    While the story starts in Nepal, it will become apparent to Ty that Brynn needs help, and that includes him and an intervention. Contacting his brother, Jake, borrowing his plane, and taking Brynn to Thailand for some much-needed rest and relaxation is only the beginning.

    “You, my love, are in some serious trouble,” he whispered. “New rules are coming into your world starting when you open those gorgeous eyes. Rules you’ll fight me on, I’m sure, but Daddy’s in control now, sweetheart. I’m going to make you take better care of yourself. Daddy will be watching very closely, sweetheart. Life is about to change for you.”

    The story is a daddy dom—little girl tale without age-play. It is the relationship between two very alpha people but one, Ty, knows that Brynn needs someone to take control, and that includes making rules, spanking her, and loving her. It includes dealing with attitude, addiction, and teaching her that she is loved and he is there for her. Both of them grew up differently, and Ty knows that love and support will get them both through a crisis—even if it is tough love.

    “You know, my Mama had a saying for us growing up, ‘Smart mouths plus loose tongues, equal red backsides.’ It might be best for you to remember it. I have a feeling that you’re going to earn a few trips over my knee just by sassing me,” Ty warned.

    The story includes the meetings of the families. Brynn will be warmly welcomed into the Keller fold and embraced by all of them. It will help her understand Ty and be envious of the family love and support he has. Ty will see what Brynn has had with self-centered parents who allowed her to be raised by nannies rather than her parents. Her mother is a huge factor with some of the issues Brynn is facing.

    “After all, Jake, if anything, I find Ty mysterious and sexy—plus when he stops my heart, he knows the moves to restart it.”

    The story includes the beautiful marriage and how far a man will go to help the woman he loves to know that she is his everything—sometimes his friend, his co-worker, his lover and now his wife, but also his babygirl.

  10. Margaret

    I did not expect this story to hit me as it did. It’s not the normal sweet story. There are two different elements that are wonderfully engrossing. Working in a distaster area and drugs. I had not read the others in this series but that did not impact on my enjoyment of this story. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and I very highly recommend it. A brillant read.

  11. Rhea

    This third book in the Keller series has a very good and meaningful plot and delivers a message to live by. The romance and the relationship between the two main characters is, simply put, beautiful. It is absolutely a story worth reading. One reason I haven’t given it five stars is that the love between the main characters comes out of the blue with little to none explanation of why and what, which makes it seem both very rushed and superficial, and that is too bad because it gets really good and deep later on. Another reason for the not-five-stars rating is that I found the writing style confusing; the views from which person you follow the thoughts of shifts very frequently back and forth on very little space and is not restricted to the two main characters.
    This is without a doubt the best story of the three books in the series, but the other two were in my opinion more well written and less confusing.
    I still highly recommended you read it though because it really is a beautiful story with a deep and meaningful plot.

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