Trained by Her Daddy

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She never thought spending a week with a Daddy Dom would turn her life upside down…

The same year twenty-four-year-old Lori Gold’s fifth grisly murder mystery novel made it to the New York Times bestseller list, she decided to write a series of books in the Daddy Dom/little girl romance category. After all, she was once involved in a risqué relationship, so what could be so difficult for the Queen of Crime to write sexy stories?

Unfortunately, Lori’s publisher Jake Wolk felt her novels were just too sweet for his readers who expected nothing less than sizzling scenes. Even though he was knowledgeable in the D/s lifestyle, it would be unprofessional for him to teach her about the steamy world of BDSM. But his father John proposed a solution. John is a real-life Daddy Dom, and he offers to train Lori in his home for a week—so she could write realistically from first-hand experience.

Sparks fly between John and Lori in more ways than one, and Lori’s eyes are opened to a way of life she never really understood. Naturally, it didn’t take long for her to realize why she’d been drawn to write this type of unconventional fiction.

As her intense week of instruction ends, she wonders if their new relationship will continue or was John only doing his son a favor by training her?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of romance, sensual scenes, adult themes, power exchange and is intended for adults only. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

Sitting in front of a blank computer screen, I tapped a white lacquered nail on the thick glass that topped my desk. My publisher had recently suggested I spend a week at his father’s house to understand how a submissive and dominant really live together.

Was he kidding?

A familiar ping rang out from my computer, indicating I’d received a new e-mail. And damn if it wasn’t the devil himself, Jake Wolk.



My father and I are anxiously awaiting your response.



With fingers perched on the keys, my intent was to send him an e-mail politely declining his offer. But then I pulled my hands from the computer keyboard and gazed at the lit screen.

The same year my fifth grisly murder mystery novel made it to the New York Times bestseller list, I watched with surprise as an unknown erotic romance author published a trilogy of successful kinky novels. And soon after taking the literary world by storm, she was asked to turn her stories into screenplays. So, why couldn’t I do that? I’m a professional fiction writer, so how difficult could it be to create an erotic BDSM scene, right?


In a hurry to have the series of sexy stories I’d written under a sultry pen name published, I quickly submitted them to an up-and-coming BDSM publisher. But to my horror, one by one each book died a dramatic death on all the retailer sites. It reminded me of the female victim in my last suspense novel, who had a brick tied to her ankle by the perpetrator before getting hoisted into the deep end of a swimming pool.

I can only imagine Jake’s disappointment in my sales—after all, I’d been an established author and my ranking had soared on Amazon. So, there was no doubt in my mind he hoped I’d give a boost to his new publishing company. It was right after my most recent novel tanked that he decided to be honest with me and suggested we have a conversation via Skype.

During our meeting, he said it was obvious I had no knowledge of BDSM, and my books were too sweet and light for the taste of his readers who wanted their taboo sex to sizzle off the page. I’d heard the man had a reputation for not mincing words when it came to dishing out constructive criticism, and though I’ve always been the lover of a straight shooter, my heart sank as I listened to his blatant comments. While steadying myself for the ultimate blow of being fired, he then surprised me with a three-hundred-sixty-degree turn, stating I was a natural talent who probably just needed some real-life experience in the world of D/s. In a last-ditch effort to defend myself, I told him all about my ex-boyfriend who was a dominant man, and Jake’s lips politely remained closed in a straight line until I was finished. Then he slowly shook his head and said it sounded like my Dom was about as vanilla as the flavored creamer in his coffee.

Although my publisher was single and extremely knowledgeable in the lifestyle of D/s, he felt it would be unprofessional for him to train me as a submissive, and I agreed wholeheartedly. But the next bit of information to roll off his tongue was about his father, a real-life Daddy Dom, and the forty-five-year-old man had already agreed to train me.

Were they nuts?

After rolling my eyes to the ceiling, I placed my shaky fingers back down on the keys. Though I hated feeling like a failure where my kinky novels were concerned, and it would’ve been easy to throw in the towel, I’m far from a quitter.

Straightening my back, I took a deep breath and tapped the reply icon.



Your faith in me is appreciated more than you know, and I’ve given some serious thought regarding your father’s generous offer to train me in the D/s lifestyle. I’m willing to participate in this adventure, and I look forward to hearing from him.




I reread the e-mail three times while gathering the courage to send it. Then I finally worked up the nerve and pushed the damn button.

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1 review for Trained by Her Daddy

  1. David (verified owner)

    This is a classic D/s stogy, and a food one, but it is not a true daddy/little girl story, much less an age-play story. The punishments are all hot but all are intended to produce sexual shame, and to lead to sex scenes, and they do. He insists that she call him “daddy” and he calls her “baby girl” but he is a classic Dom, not a Daddy-dom, although she is a sub with father issues. They also fall in love very fast. Only the late scenes where he forbids a scary movie and the Build-a-bear scene felt like Daddy scenes to me at all.

    Otherwise this is just fine,

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