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Sadie Malinda Nelson, with her curly blonde hair and light green eyes, was quite unprepared to awaken in a world two-hundred years earlier, on the morning of the first New Madrid earthquake. Nothing looks familiar, until she looks up into the eyes of the man who rescued her from the storms and floods. His voice, when he says, “I have you,” for the first time, at once mesmerizes and comforts her. She knows that voice. Doesn’t she? 

Aden Barrett is an estate owner who brings an unconscious Sadie to the house in his arms. Her dress is tremendously unladylike, and when he has to clap his hand over her mouth as she speaks for the first time, he realizes this beautiful young woman has a mouth on her like a sailor at sea.

Sadie is terrified at the thought of having to try to adapt, and is determined to get back home, even if that means leaving the family she’s grown to love. She knows Aden is trying to help her. Even so, she is determined not to learn the skills she needs to remain there in the past. And Aden is determined that she will. Even if it means he will need to discipline her in the process. 

Publisher’s Note: Sweet time travel romance, containing strong 1800’s style discipline. If this is not to your liking, please do not read.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sadie hitched her shorts over her slim hips and checked them in the mirror. Sure, they were a little short but she liked the way Troy couldn’t keep his eyes off her when she wore them.

She tied a pale blue blouse around her midriff but decided against it. That was too much skin, even for Troy’s benefit. Less than a week before Christmas, and the weather was as warm as summer. It might be the last day she could wear an outfit like this.

The phone rang and she reached for it, but only succeeded knocking it off and under the bed.

“Dammit!” Scrambling to her knees, she leaned down, waiting for it to ring again. The blue light flashed, and she dived under the bed as far as she could to grab it, grumbling. Troy?

“I swear; he’d better not be canceling on me again.” She glanced at the number.

It was Amy. Thank God.

She hit the button, tucking the phone under her chin as she put one foot up on the bed, fastening her boot.

“Hey, girlfriend.”

“Hi, Sadie. You’re panting.”

“I just crawled out from under the bed with the phone. What’s up?”

“Ah. Mom invited you to come to Bloomfield for the weekend.” She chuckled. “Course, you realize you’ll have to watch your mouth.”

“Funny. Please tell your mom thank you, I’d love to come, but Troy is supposed to go to the Christmas party with me at the college tonight, to mingle with the department heads.”

“If he doesn’t stand you up again. If he does, you have my permission to call him any name you want. What are you wearing?”

“Now? The tan shorts and a matching t-shirt. Tonight, the slinky little black dress.”

“Well, if he doesn’t give you anything you want after seeing you in that, he’s just plain weird.”

Sadie laughed. “I’ll pass the message along. You’re a good friend.”

“Lord knows, I try. If he doesn’t show, I’ll personally come over and beat him to a pulp. Not even his own mother will recognize him until he whines.”

Sadie’s mouth tightened into a flat line. “Amy.”

“I know. Sorry, Sadie. It’s just that I think you deserve better than someone like Troy Thomas. Well, anyway, let me know if you want to come and we’ll plan a great weekend.”

“Thanks, and tell your mom hi. I really appreciate it. I’ll give you a call later.” She ended the conversation with a poke at the phone and turned toward the mirror for a last look.

She frowned at her long curly hair, wondering if it would ever decide exactly what color it wanted to be. It was a golden blonde mixed with darker streaks that sometimes appeared more red than gold. She was trim enough. She reached for the lipstick in a pale peach. Smoothing it on, she paused to give her face a glance. Her skin was the same fair color as her mother’s had been. Her light sea-green eyes, she had inherited from her father. Her nose was too short for her liking, but not too bad, and her lips were full. Her friends often told her that her biggest fault was her language. Amy affectionately labeled her as having a ‘potty mouth,’ and she couldn’t help but admit she had a tendency to say what she thought; Troy had told her the profanity she spewed sounded as if it came out of the mouth of a baby bunny rabbit, not entirely the effect she had been striving for.

She turned, looking up at the small painting that hung on the wall of her bedroom. It was a portrait of her fifth great grandmother, Sadie Malinda Camron, for whom she’d been named. The likeness had always hung in the dining room at home before her parents had been killed. As a child, she had often looked at the other side, which had only ‘Sadie Malinda Camron, 1804-1882,’ scribbled on it. Nothing else. Her mother had often reminded her that she had not only inherited her ancestor’s name, but her looks.

She leaned over to make sure her other boot was fastened, when she felt a rumbling in the floor and straightened. An earthquake? That was strange. She hadn’t felt one of those in a long time. She stood up straight, wondering where Troy was. Had he felt it too?

Troy Thomas was a tall, muscled, blonde, vice-president of a growing corporation. He liked to accompany her to the university parties and receptions, but Sadie had suspected for a long time that it was to meet other executives of the school more than to spend time with her. But that was okay. Wasn’t it? Or was he using her?

A month ago, she would not have allowed herself to even think that. What was it that Troy wanted? Why could she not seem to please him? It had occurred to her that he might be seeing someone else. He had, on the surface, seemed like the perfect man for her. But when the surface layer was removed, he seemed shallow and self-centered. Deep down, she knew that Amy was absolutely right. She kept telling herself that he needed another chance; he, on the other hand, kept throwing away every chance she offered. She was almost ready for a change.


Tucking her phone into her pocket, she picked up her leather purse and hurried out the bedroom into the living room, taking a moment to glance around at the kitchen. Except for a glass sitting in the sink, it was clean. She thought briefly about packing a suitcase to take to Amy’s, in case Troy didn’t show, and then decided against it. She would not allow herself to think that way.

She shook her head and hurried toward the front door, grabbing her keys from the little glass bowl and taking the stairs two at a time down to the ground floor. Her parents, when they had passed away three years ago in a car wreck, had left her enough money to finish her classes at the university. She had taken the small two-room upstairs apartment because it was less expensive than the dormitory on campus.

The little Beetle answered her with a high-pitched squeal when she turned the key, before kicking in and starting. She hoped it would keep working until she was out of school. This was her last year, so Sadie was watching her finances carefully. But she was fully aware they were dwindling. One more semester, and she would be out of funds. But by then, she should be able to support herself teaching science or doing research. She had already been contacted by the heads of several schools in the area about teaching and by two of the medical centers in town.

But as if to reassure her, the car’s engine finally roared to life, and she backed out of the driveway. Traffic in Cape Girardeau was heavy on Fridays, and this one was no different.

As usual, the stoplight at Kingshighway and William caught her.

Sadie’s mind wandered as she waited. She had awakened this morning with a lingering dream. A tall man, with dark eyes and curly dark hair that spilled over his forehead, was leaning over her. The sensation that she was cherished had remained in the air, almost tangibly. His gaze down at her was chiseled and stern, yet she still seemed to feel that he cared deeply about her. It was not the first time that dream had occurred.

“Odd,” she said softly to herself. How had she managed to feel cared for and loved, when he had not even been smiling? His face had, in fact, been quite forbidding. How could those two things go together? She would adore having someone like that to care for her. She tried mentally putting Troy into that picture.

No. The thought of Troy was like forcing a square peg into a round hole. She couldn’t make him fit.

Still, Troy was here and in her life. She pulled out her cell phone and brought up the text screen, looking for one from him. She was fifteen minutes early; that was good. Troy hated to be kept waiting. She looked for his car up and down the street, but there was no sign of it. He could have walked; his building was only two blocks away. But Troy never walked anywhere when he could drive his new BMW, instead.

Terri, the owner of the coffee shop, smiled at her as she entered. “Can I get you something, Sadie? Or are you meeting someone?”

“Supposedly, Troy,” she said, grinning. “If he doesn’t show in a few minutes, I’ll go ahead and order a latte.”

“We still have pumpkin spice, if you’re interested.” Terri’s ever-present smile was welcoming. “It’s so popular, we kept it on for another month.”

“Good!” Sadie looked around the shop, which was a bit empty today. Mid-terms were over, at last, and students had begun going home for Christmas. But it was hard to even think of a white Christmas when it was in the seventies outside. Picking out Troy’s favorite booth, she sat down to wait. Wishing she had brought her laptop with her did no good; it was at home. Instead, she checked her cell phone again, to see if there was a text from him.


Finally, she looked up to see Terri, and she forced a smile.

“I’ll have that latte now. Thanks.”

“Sure, Sadie. Bring it right out.”

She waited until Terri had gone before she picked up her phone again and sent a message.

“I’m here at the coffee shop, holding your favorite booth.”

She waited. Another moment passed. Finally, it buzzed.

“Can’t right now. Busy.”

Her mouth flattened.

I rearranged my whole day. I wish you had told me.”

“My time is important.”

And hers wasn’t? She seethed inside. Tears pricked behind her eyes. She waited, in silenceThe server brought her the latte, and Sadie made an effort at a smile, fully aware that it did not show in her eyes. Finally, she picked the phone back up.

“Are we still going to the Christmas party tonight?”

“I doubt it.”

Her heart began to pound with hurt and anger.

“Troy, we talked about this just a few days ago.”

“Something has come up. Can’t be helped. Sorry.”

She stared at the phone. Was he seeing someone else?

You’re better off, she told herself, remembering something that had happened the week before. Her fingertips brushed the fading bruise on her cheek, a bruise she’d tried to cover with makeup that morning. Last week, she and Troy had been at a cocktail party at the Dean of Chemistry’s sprawling riverside estate. The heat and the noise of the party had triggered a migraine the minute she walked in the door, and she had insisted on going home. Because he’d driven her there, Troy had to leave with her. All the way across town, he’d stayed tight-lipped and silent. It was only when the door of her apartment closed, he grabbed her from behind.

“You ruined my night, you little bitch,” he said, smacking her hard across the face and sending her to the floor. Then he’d turned and left her there. She had climbed into bed with her head pounding even worse and feeling more alone than ever. The next day, he’d been remorseful, more loving than she’d ever seen him. He arrived at her apartment with a dozen red roses before taking her to dinner at Antonio’s downtown. He’d begged her forgiveness with the charm of a silver-tongued devil. And she’d bought it. The humiliating thing was that it wasn’t the first time.

Oh, yes, she did remember.

Perhaps he was backing out of their relationship. Fine. She would back out, too. She would do what she should have done a month ago.

“That’s fine. I won’t ask again. Ever.”

As soon as she’d sent it, however, a dark familiar chill crept over her, as it had so many times before. It had begun when she was a child of eight, this feeling of needing to belong to someone. Her father had gotten a new job, and her parents had explained to her that it would require quite a bit of travel abroad. Sadie had assumed that her mother would stay at home with her; but it didn’t happen that way. A few weeks later, her mother and father had left her at home with an aunt, who made sure that she did all her schoolwork and made it to classes on time. Aunt Shirley had always been there when Sadie needed her, but she had not been a very affectionate person and Sadie’s loneliness had increased.

That her parents had adored each other was obvious to everyone they knew. But an eight-year-old Sadie left at home watched them leave regularly, feeling as though she did not matter anymore. When her father had decided to retire, she was a senior in college, still hoping to find the closeness she had longed for. That was when she had lost them forever. A drunk driver had crossed the center-line over the crest of a hill, and just like that, they were gone.

Sadie was determined to be strong. Outside, she exuded a funny, witty and carefree demeanor, with sparkling eyes and a big smile. No one knew the inside, except Amy, who had tried her best to include Sadie in her own family circle. And Sadie had managed to hide the vulnerability that had stayed with her. Now, she had begun to wonder if it would ever go away.

She realized she was staring out the window, lost temporarily in her past, and moved her gaze inside. Glancing up at the TV screen on the wall, she sipped her latte without tasting it. The newscasters were announcing several small earthquakes that had occurred just this morning.

“This was the date, two hundred years ago, when the area just fifty-three miles south of Cape Girardeau, began experiencing the series of huge quakes we now refer to as the New Madrid Earthquakes. The first one hit at 2:15 a.m., with an aftershock later that morning at dawn. Today, seismologists are concerned; they have detected five small shakes this morning, registering from 2.5 to 4.0 on the moment magnitude scale. This is where the fault lies, as we know it.”

Sadie continued to stare at the TV. They pointed out the area highlighted in an angry orange color, showing the size and shape of the fault. She knew little about the New Madrid earthquakes that had caused such damage two hundred years earlier, aside from knowing the dates. Odd that earthquakes chose this day, two hundred years later, to happen again. But these certainly weren’t like the original quakes. She had felt only one this morning.

The sudden sensation of longing and loneliness washed over her once again, acutely. She longed for the safety of someone’s arms about her. Troy’s? She shook her head.

No. She didn’t think so.

Her phone buzzed again. Another text. She considered ignoring it but then decided it might possibly be Amy. She picked it up.

“You’re being awfully pushy lately. I think it’s time we had a talk about our relationship. Perhaps you should try to avoid being as annoying as you were last week at Dean Wright’s home. I’m sure you remember what happened then.”

She stared at it, and her breath hitched. She did remember. The last time, she hadn’t even known it was coming before he’d sent her flying to the floor. But he’d apologized profusely for it later. Now, he was threatening her?

Unconsciously, she brought her small hand to her cheek.

The Christmas party wasn’t that important. She could go alone, but she would almost rather stay home. Her mouth became a straight line. Finally, she picked the phone up again. Determined not to use any foul language, she typed her reply.

“I think you’re right. Perhaps it’s best to put an end to our relationship. I just thought you liked to hang out with the department heads at the university, and several of them will be there tonight. Of course, you have other responsibilities. Don’t give it a second thought. Goodbye, Troy. For good.”

She slammed it down onto the table in front of her, face up. Troy would miss the sarcasm completely; she was sure of that.

When it buzzed again, she looked at it. The message was clear.

“Is this the one? I thought that was next week. I’ll pick you up at five-thirty.”

But Sadie was done. Done with the broken promises, done with dates when he didn’t show, done with his unforeseen reactions to what she would say. Just done.

“No ,” she typed in.  “You won’t. You are no longer invited. Have a nice life.” She promptly turned off the phone and put it into her pocket before he could respond.

The newscaster was announcing yet another quake when she set the tip and the payment on the table and walked toward the door. She was glad Terri had been busy in the back. There was no way she felt like smiling at the moment.

But as she began leaving, she felt the ground shake. She turned back to look inside at the shop. The employees were watching as the glassware and coffee mugs trembled on the shelves.

The earth wasn’t the only thing trembling. Sadie was, too. Had she angered Troy? He was only two blocks away, and she looked around cautiously. She hurried to her little Bug, hoping to get out of town, in case he decided to come looking for her.

To her relief, the car started perfectly and roared away from the curb. She turned the radio on in hopes of finding some news.

She was blinking back tears, unable to avoid thinking of the way Troy had taken the breakup of their relationship. Had he not thought she was serious? Did he really care so little?

As she pulled around the block, she looked up. The sky on the north side of town seemed almost black. Most storms came from the southwest. This was unusual.

Great . A storm was all she needed.

Pulling out onto Broadway, she took the road up to Kingshighway and turned left then right again on William Street. She glanced up at the sky, frowning. If she took 74 and drove in haste to Bloomfield, perhaps she could outrun it.

She reached into her pocket, pulling out the phone, turning it on and hitting the speed dial button she’d saved for her friend.

“Are you coming?” Amy’s friendly voice sounded extremely welcome.

Sadie could almost see Amy’s large hazel eyes, filled with concern.

“I’m on my way.”

A sigh at the other end sounded sad. “He didn’t show.” It wasn’t even a question.

“I can’t—” Sadie fought the cry that tried to escape. “Amy, I can’t talk right now. There are some earthquakes.”

“Yes. We feel them here, too. Be safe, Sadie. We’ll be watching for you.”

Sadie disconnected, thankful for Amy. She always understood.

The rain began to hit the windshield as she turned left on Mt. Auburn and followed it, past the Doctor’s Park. The radio announcers had morphed into a solid state of anxiety now, and the sky in her rearview mirror had become even darker. By the time she reached Old Bloomfield Road and crossed over I-55, the rain had become a downpour. The curvy little road, usually a delight to travel, seemed uneven and unpredictable now.

“Well, hell,” she whispered under her breath. She turned the radio off, to concentrate on the weather. The lights of the car behind her had come very close.

Her voice angry, she glared into the rear-view mirror at the car that was only a foot or two from her bumper. The driver had to be an idiot to follow this closely in a rainstorm.

“So, come in and introduce yourself, why don’t you, you moron!

Setting her flashers and turning her wipers all the way up, she gasped repeatedly as the road seemed to rise and fall in front of her. Was it really the ground moving? Or was it just that the rain was coming down so hard she couldn’t see exactly where she was? It almost seemed unfamiliar, suddenly.

Sadie’s eyes widened, when she made the right onto 74 and looked to her left. The car was still behind her in the torrential downpour.

At least the road was slightly wider now. To the left was the low farmland, with the diversion channel in the distance. But the land that was usually just brown dirt all the way to the channel looked frothy and white, as if the channel had overflowed and was rapidly moving toward her. To the right, the ground rose almost steeply upward and then hit a plateau. She could barely see the beautiful white house that she had admired so often, on the top.

The road rose and fell, But the next time she looked to her left, she gasped once again. Flash floods? She looked for a driveway upward toward the higher ground. Finding it, she turned right and began to guide her little VW up the hill. The driveway was steep.

And then it wasn’t.

The house that had been at the top of the hill seemed just above her now.

Sadie’s eyes widened. What was happening? Was this another large earthquake, such as they had experienced two hundred years ago? She let out a cry as the Beetle swayed out of her control. The ground was shuddering in waves.

Struggling to maintain her steering, she shrieked in fear and held on to the wheel, praying the car would stay upright. The hill above her was steeper now, but her vision was so limited from the tears and the rain, it was impossible to tell.

She knew now that the warnings were right. She was sliding over inside the car, despite her seatbelt. It seemed to be hovering on the two right wheels, and she screamed as it began to roll over. A sudden jerk on the seatbelt caused it to let go, and Sadie was thrown violently to the other side of the car, crying out as her head hit the window. The door had flown open now, and she tried to find something to hold on to but couldn’t. Feeling a sharp pain at her right temple, she moaned as things began to fade slowly away.

* * *

Consciousness called to her. She heard shouts above her and tried to open her eyes, but it was difficult. When her eyes fluttered open for a few seconds, a fierce face hovered above hers. Dark brown eyes glittered down at her.

Was she still dreaming?

This was the face that had appeared to her that morning .

She heard the voice of a young woman, too, calling out, anxious and frightened.

Sadie closed her eyes again; she was extremely cold and soaked from the storm; that much she knew. Had she fallen out of the car? She shivered, chilled to the bone from wind and rain.

Arms, sliding under her body, lifted her suddenly, and she was held next to a warm chest. A deep male voice was the last thing she remembered hearing.

“I have you, young lady.” It sounded familiar, as it said once more, “  I have you.”

Comforted, she relaxed in the arms that held her, and faded out again, until there was nothing left but silence.

* * *

Her head throbbed with pain. Sadie struggled to open her eyes as she heard voices in the distance. She was warm now. That was all she knew. She was snuggled down deeper inside warm blankets. A hand rested on her forehead, and that same deep male voice spoke, but it was impossible to understand the words. Someone was trying to force a strange tasting liquid down her, and she fought it, until they stopped.

Sadie had no desire to awaken now. She only knew she was dry and warm and felt suddenly safer than she had in a long time.

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19 reviews for Time for Change

  1. Tami

    Time for change is a sweet time travel romance. Sadie is on the road during an earthquake, when her car is caught in a flood. When she awakens, she learns the year is 1811 and everything she’s ever known has changed. With the help of Aden, his sister Becca and aunt Lavinia, Sadie has to learn how to speak and behave like a lady from that time. As Sadie is a woman from the 21st century, it is not easy for her to adjust and she is spanked quite often by Aden. She is also not the only person who travelled back in time.

    The story was well written and kept my interest. I loved all the main characters and enjoyed reading the story very much.

  2. kmcopeland

    The book begins in December 2011 with a 23-year-old Sadie waiting for her boyfriend Troy to call her back about a University Christmas party they are to attend. She has one semester left to finish her master%u2019s degree (I think in a science field of some sort, maybe Chemistry?).
    Troy has told her that %u201Cthe profanity she spewed sounded as if it came out the mouth of a baby bunny rabbit%u201D. What kind of rabbits is he hanging out with?
    He ends up being a complete jerk until he remembers the party will be attended by University elite that can help him with his business.
    After telling Troy off, Sadie begins the drive home in the middle of a storm and earthquakes. Coincidentally, a devastating series of earthquakes happened 200 years ago on the same date. Sadie ends up getting swept off the road, thrown out of her passenger door and getting knocked out. She wakes up in the home of a handsome but unyielding 34-year-old man, in what turns out to be the year 1811. She had been unconscious for three days and Aden has kept close to her. Aden actually believes that she is from the future from her cell phone, clothing and his ability to tell if someone is lying.
    Aden%u2019s sister Becca and Aunt Lavinia (who is not a fan of many) immediately treat her with love and welcomeness.
    Aden uses spanking to curb Sadie’s profanity, disrespect and use of current phrases (contractions mainly) to get her to fit in and not draw attention to herself. He decides in the first few days that he wants to keep her. While she dreamt of him for months before her travels (and evidently he of her), she is hesitant to stay, not wanting to endanger the family in case the community figures out her secret.
    I cheered for Sadie and Aden%u2019s relationship.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  3. LC

    Sadie Nelson%u2019s spirits are as dark at the storm that builds around her in chapter one of Time For Change. It is the anniversary of the New Madrid earthquakes and the ground is shaking again. When torrential rain floods the road she is driving on, her car is swept, away rolling several times before Sadie passes out. Then the real drama begins.
    Sadie wakes up in a strange room with people she doesn%u2019t recognize attending her. Stranger still, these people are wearing strange clothes. Has she been rescued by a theatrical group? No. She has been transported back to the year 1811. Her rescuer, Aden Barrett, has brought into her home to convalesce. Aden, a single man of means, is both charming and a strict disciplinarian, especially when Sadie%u2019s 21st century manners offend his 19th century sensibilities.
    With no idea if she can get back to the life she knew, Sadie tries to adjust to her new world. What ensues is an appealing story where Aden and his family work to help Sadie assimilate. Aden%u2019s lessons are often the old-fashioned kind, over the knee, which adds to the heat of the novel.
    Her sudden appearance in Aden%u2019s life makes some people jealous and others suspicious. At least one person lingers in the shadows intending to do Sadie great harm. Will Aden be able to protect her? Or should she try to get back to life she has known, as unhappy as it was?
    Pippa Greathouse has a gift for period detail which brings the early 19th century scenes to life with colour and authenticity. Her antics of her characters keep the pages turning. Time For Change is full of drama, love, and of course, good old-fashioned DD.
    This sweet romance will take you into a world so different and far away, you won%u2019t want to come back.

  4. Stylie Kidd

    I am not usually a fan of science fiction, and it takes a lot for me to buy into a time travel story – but this one is so well drawn, sweet and compelling that I found myself completely wrapped up in the story and totally enraptured by the characters. Sophie is a petite and beautiful young woman who has lived a lonely, loveless life, few friends and an unreliable boyfriend who is becoming abusive. She accepts his bad treatment, because she has never known anything better. When a terrible storm threatens to flood her small town, a series of unexplained events throws her back in time to the early 1800%u2019s, when the town experienced the last big floods. She arrives in the front yard of Aden a tall, handsome, well to do and old-fashioned bachelor who lives with is sister. They take her in and care for her, but her spunky personality and inappropriate modern language convinces him he must take her in hand. Without giving away too much of the story, I%u2019ll say that Pippa Greathouse writes these characters with great affection and you are with her every step of the way as they try to figure out what%u2019s happening and also how they can handle the growing attraction that Aden feels for Sophie and the attachment that forms when Sophie feels she finally has people around her who care. Will she ever be able to find her way back to the future, and if so, will she want to go? Loved this book and couldn%u2019t put it down – highly recommend.

  5. DONNA L

    By Donna L
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    This review is from: Time for Change (Kindle Edition)
    This romantic time travel story has everything you would
    want in a book.It has suspense,danger,betrayal,angst,
    spankings,mystery,earthquakes and true love.Add a strong
    alpha male and a sassy female and and I was hooked.
    There is a great cast of secondary characters that give
    a richness to the story.Sadie Nelson woke in a strange room
    after being unconscious for three days.The last thing she
    remembers is driving home in a storm after dumping her
    loser of a boyfriend.Aden Barrett has many questions for
    the beautiful young girl who is now in his care and his home.
    The way she dresses,walks,talks,her unladylike behavior,
    all have him intrigued but concerned.Sadie is shocked
    once she realizes she is now in 1811.How will she get
    home again whilst Aden keeps her and her secret safe.
    Does Sadie want to go back to her own time,she now
    has strong feelings for Aden even though she finds herself
    over his knees frequently.Expect heart stopping scenes
    that will take your breath awayIt was interesting to read
    how people lived and the protocols they followed.This was
    a alluring,delightful and bewitching love story.
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book

  6. Ajjmb

    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book. I really enjoy time travel novels and this one was uniques. It is wrapped around the Missouri earthquakes of 1811. Sadie is thrown back in time by one of these earthquakes and literally into Aden’s arms. With Aden’s help and the help of his Aunt and sister, Sadie must learn to navigate the past. And even though she is falling for Aden, she is torn on whether she should return to the future. Aden doesn’t let her get by with much either and he is not afraid to spank her into obeying his commands. But she is not the only one that has followed her on her journey. An evil has followed her and she may not survive the trips back and forth. I loved this book. It was a rollercoaster of events and excitement. I highly recommend this book as an enjoyable read.

  7. Hope W

    Pippa Greathouse has written another wonderful book. This sweet, time travel romance focuses on Sadie and Aden. Sadie is swept back in time during storms and an earthquake. When she awakes, she is being taken care of by Aden, an old fashioned alpha male who’s eyes look familiar. Aden is attracted to Sadie right away but is confused as to why she looks, dresses, and talks different from what he is used to. Sadie is independent, sassy, and headstrong which will only lead to experiencing old fashioned discipline over Aden’s knee. While these characters are the main ones, there are also secondary characters that add to the story with their special personalities both good and evil. One of my favorite characters is Aunt Lavinia, who is larger than life and entertains the reader throughout the story. Overall, this author included mystery, suspense, danger, abuse, laughs, love, lust, spankings, and much more. I highly recommend reading this wonderful domestic discipline, time travel romance for an enjoyable evening read. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  8. Margaret Corcoran

    I loved this book. It’s well written, worth reading and interesting. I don’t have any knowledge of earthquakes in America but it’s a very interesting topic to base a story about. Adam is very protective of his time traveler Sadie and has no problem spanking her. There is lots of love and family affection. The characters are well written and the era well described. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  9. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. This is the story of earthquakes and time travel that sends a young woman back 200 years. It wasn’t long before she realizes that it also sent her abusive ex-boyfriend back too. By then, she has been rescued by a lovely family headed by a dominant, gorgeous man who is determined to keep her safe. Sometimes to the detriment of her bottom. Spanking romance with hand and paddle.

  10. Redrabbitt

    A very well written and fun time travel story that starts in December 2011 and will send Sadie Nelson back two hundred years to December 1811. The story revolves around the New Madrid earthquakes and aftershocks and will be the correlation for this story. There is a great cast of characters, plenty of angst, anger, confusion, new beginnings, along with mystery and suspense.
    Sadie Nelson, orphaned, alone, and in her master studies in college has recently started dating Troy Thomas, but she feels he is using her for connections to the college. Not only that, he has proven to be abusive and has hit her twice. When he stands her up for coffee, she will send him a text and break things off and start driving towards Amy%u2019s family home. There have been some tremors, and as she is traveling, she will encounter extreme weather, more earthquakes, and flooding. That will set this tale into motion.
    Aden Barrett will find an unconscious Sadie, in scandalous clothing. He will take her to the family estate and with the help of his sister, undress her and place her in bed. When Said finally gains conscientiousness, and they learn more about her, it is decided to keep her identity and history a secret, fearful of accusations.
    The plot will have not only Sadie but also Troy, traveling back in time two hundred years during the earthquakes. While the Barrett family devise a plan to keep Sadie safe, a story as to how she came to the estate, and to try and teach her how to speak and act to fit into the time period. On the other side of town, Troy is using the name Thaddeus and working to slander her name.
    The story brings out many qualities of the early nineteenth-century era of dress, speech, behavior, and discipline. As long as Sadie is under the protection of Aiden Barrett, she will be expected to follow his rules and when she breaks them suffer the consequence. History of the New Madrid quakes will give Sadie an inside to when the next two will happen. Can she find her way back to the 2011-12 time period? What happens now that Aiden and Sadie have developed feelings for each other? He wants her to stay but leaves it up to her. The story has many spankings.

  11. BlueDiamond

    I loved this romance. The author did a fabulous job blending the time travel into the plot, and it fit perfectly into the story. This one has mystery, suspense, and loveable character.

  12. DB

    Sadie and Aden had a great love story! I really liked the part, when she told Aden where she came from, he believed her. This was a great time travel story. In a lot of time travel stories the character are explaining how they came to be in that time and how everything had changed. Aden believed her from the start. He had to prepare her for his century if she couldn’t find her way back and there were many spankings involved. Her first spanking was in the first chapter (I think) due to her sassy mouth. She wasn’t a pushover and did speak her mind about a lot of things. Aden just always wanted to protect her and keep her safe from people who would find fault with her and call her a witch, which was a very bad thing back then. I thought Aden could have been a lot nicer on their wedding day. This love story had: time travel, mystery, great length, suspense, lots of spankings, funny moments, witty dialogue and a love that traveled through time. I do love Pippa Greathouse’s books! 5 Big Stars!

  13. Pettigg

    I love Pippa Greathouse she did it again. Sadie takes a drive during an earthquake which sends her tumbling back in time 200 years into the arms of Aden. A very dominant man who is determined to keep her safe even if it is from herself. Spankings and discipline take center stage now Sadie has to decide if she wants to go back to her own time or stay with Aden and all that entails.

  14. Dyane

    I am a huge fan of Pippa Greathouse, and this novel definitely meets my expectations. Sadie experiences an earthquake and tumbles two hundred years into the past. Aden rescues her and carries up to his estate, where his sister and feisty aunt help her convalesce. One of the things I loved about this book is that there is no time wasted with the heroine lying or pretending she has amnesia or such to account for her futuristic behavior. Aden believes her immediately, given certain physical evidence, so there are no untruths ballooning between them. Nevertheless, she must conform with society’s expectations, and Aden’s lessons in that area are effective, albeit painful. This charming novel has something for everyone. love, romance, spanking, time-travel, history, humor, danger, intrigue and passion. I know I will read it again and again. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  15. Toni L

    Well thought out & characterised time travel story. I really liked the characters & the story moved at a good pace. I did find it a bit annoying that there were obvious things that weren’t addressed – nobody in 1811 questions what a car is, for instance. Overall, I just accepted the fact that in a time travel romance, there are things that aren’t always going to add up, but none of these things effected either the story or my enjoyment of it.

  16. lani

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for an honest review. This was a good book. It has a well thought out plot and the characters are developed. The ending is well done, with lots of climaxes and some twists that keep you engaged. However, as with her other stories, the characters are a bit unrealistic. The hero is overly protective and chauvinistic without being endearing. The heroin is just annoying. They have their moments when they are well done but at times they make you say why are you acting like such a jerk/brat.

  17. Sam

    This is a really good time-travel romance. Actual historical events are used which in my opinion makes the book even better. I like the way spanking is used for discipline. I really enjoyed the end of this book and how the author ties up all the loose ends.
    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  18. Sam

    This is a really good time-travel romance. Actual historical events are used which in my opinion makes the book even better. I like the way spanking is used for discipline. I really enjoyed the end of this book and how the author ties up all the loose ends.
    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  19. Eva Wade

    Great read.I love the time travel and romance in this story. standalone with a HEA

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