Thrill of the Hunt

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Erotic collection of paranormal stories towards the darker side of passion. A shape-shifting huntress, a desperate soul, and the bite of passion concealed in a vampire’s kiss!


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Has your heart ever pounded in response to the chase? In the erotic collection, ‘The Thrill of the Hunt,’ the Blushing Mischief writers lure you towards the darker side of passion. Whether you’re for searching for love, or the magic of a moment, this rousing collection will leave you hot, panting and hunting for more. Prepare to be thrilled by a shape-shifting huntress, seeking relief from her pent-up feral energy, and enchanted by an enigmatic Asian girl with a secret only true love can reveal. Your heart will ache for a desperate soul, searching for the music he lost along the way, and who could resist the one bite of passion concealed in a vampire’s kiss? Each story in this paranormal collection will leave your heart racing and will touch the desire inside you. Blushing Mischief presents: ‘Thrill of the Hunt.’ Don’t let this one get away.

Sample Chapter

by Jillian Glass

There has always been magic in this world. Whether obvious or not, it has existed since the before the birth of mankind. The creatures born of that magic have adjusted to living their lives as humans do, and Khalil was no different. He was one of the Djinn, a creature of a bygone age who had come to this busy city searching for a very precious glimmer of that ancient magic.

He walked into the coffee shop that he had frequented every morning for the past three months and waited for his turn at the counter. Daphne took his order ? he’d learned her name after seeing her for weeks on end; she smiled at him, just like always.

“The usual?” she asked.

He nodded and got his money out, too intent on his own thoughts to return any small talk that morning. He could feel it on her, the object he was bound to ? it was resting just under her shirt: the object he’d been hunting all this time, the glimmer of magic he’d been longing for.

“Here you go, Khalil.” Daphne smiled, breaking him out of his thoughts as she handed him his cup and change. “See you tomorrow.”

“Sure,” he said, just like he always did before walking over to an open window seat. Though he’d been born in the West, Khalil carried the build of most Djinn males, tall and filled out. His hair was so black it had a blue tinge to it.

Khalil had been bound to the relic long before he could remember. Many of his kind were bound in such a way to everyday items and baubles by human trickery, enslaving them to wishes of their human masters. Of course, those same wishes sometimes proved to be their own downfall. Wasn’t it the humans that were always throwing around that saying “Be careful what you wish for?”

Khalil had lost his pendant after the death of his last owner, and it had changed hands multiple times over the long years. He’d finally tracked it down, letting his magic draw him to that coffee shop and to Daphne.

He came here every day, his first stop each morning, to keep an eye on the owner of his bauble and to figure a way to get it back. As the months went by he learned the girl’s habits, learned about her life and her personality. She had her blond hair with a dyed pink streak, and kept it tied up in a high ponytail. She had lovely, crystal clear blue eyes. She always listened to the vapid, boring stories that the people who came to the counter always needed to tell. Khalil had heard them all before and always rolled his eyes at how they wasted Daphne’s time, but the little blonde pixie would just nod and smile, somehow showing true interest in their lives.

Khalil forgot his coffee as he watched the girl move and turn, her jeans tight around her legs, her hips swaying as she walked. Had she been anyone else, he could have just charmed her with a few soft words to make her give up his trinket. But she was its owner, which meant he couldn’t touch her or use his powers on her without permission. He also couldn’t touch the necklace while she was wearing it, and she never left the damn thing at her apartment.

After drinking his entire cup, on a whim he went back for another. This time, instead of staying silent as he usually did when Daphne spoke to him, he smiled at her. “Thank you, Daphne.” He watched as the blush crept across her cheeks and turned away with a smile before walking back to his seat.

It surprised him, the effect that one statement had. Instead of the smiles and the occasional wave he received on most days, this time she blushed before quickly turning her head away. It was a long wait until her shift ended, all while he bided his time and waited out the clock. Then he got up, walking out the door and down the block, waiting to see what would happen. It wasn’t until he heard running footsteps behind him that he knew his waiting had paid off.

“Hey! Hey, wait up!” Khalil saw Daphne’s blonde ponytail bouncing as she ran to catch up to him.

He smiled at her but said nothing.

“I?” She stopped for a breath, and that blush of hers was back. “I wanted to catch you before you left.”

He looked back towards the door to the coffee shop. “Well, you did manage to catch me.”

She laughed and looked away, “I was going to ask if you wanted to grab something to eat with me tonight?” Her blue eyes seemed so hopeful.

“You’re asking me?”

She smiled and nodded. “I am.”

“Well, alright then.” He held out his elbow for her to take. “Lead the way.”

She giggled but rested her hand there as they walked together.

The girl grew less and less hesitant as she held onto him. Contact with a Djinn could have that effect on people. One stroke of luck had brought the object of his desires to him. Now he had to get the locket back somehow so he never had to fall prey to anyone’s control again.

Daphne stopped at the end of the block and squeezed her eyes shut with a groan.

“What is it?” Khalil asked. He wondered if she was having second thoughts, and immediately started making backup plans. He also felt a hint of disappointment at the thought of not spending time with her that night.

“I’m not even dressed for going out,” she said, sounding apologetic. “Do you mind if we just head to my apartment instead? I can cook dinner and we can watch a movie?”

He smiled again, letting his amusement show all the way up into his dark eyes. “Wherever the lady wishes.”

Another blush answered him as she pointed towards one of the nearby apartment buildings. “It’s actually just up there.”

They said nothing as she led the way inside the building and into the elevator. Daphne pulled the hair tie from her ponytail and shook it out. It fell in shiny waves to her shoulders. The bright pink streak drew his eye, and Khalil felt something then that he hadn’t felt in such a long while – the tension that comes with physical attraction.

Daphne was showing more and more of the effects of his closeness. Her blush was still there, but most of the shyness was gone. When the doors opened and took his arm, running her fingers along his bare flesh, Khalil pretended not to notice, even while those fingers sent shivers across his skin. She leaned into him, placing her other hand on his chest. He smiled and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “This is your floor.”

Daphne seemed startled and her face turned red again as she led Khalil down the hall to her apartment. The moment they walked in and shut the door behind them, the shy girl from behind the counter was gone. There was no reluctance, no contemplating what anyone thought of her, no responsibility to behave as others expected her to. She stood tall and straight and turned around to face him.

“I really need a shower before I start cooking. You won’t mind, will you?” Even the tone of her voice had changed and it had a warmth and smoothness that dug into Khalil’s bones, exciting him.

He held his hand out to her and when she took it, he pulled her close to him. He didn’t want to let her go in that moment, only half-thinking of the trinket that lay so close to his chest. “I won’t mind, so long as you take me with you.”

She bit her lip and pulled away, looking back over her shoulder as playfulness revealed more of her true nature. “You’d best hurry up.”

* * *

Khalil watched through the clear curtain as Daphne let the water pour across her forehead and down her naked body. He waited to get in, enjoying the show as his small beauty ran her hands down her breasts and over her stomach, spreading the water’s warmth across her skin.

He never took his eyes off of her as she stripped out of her shirt and pants at the door, but as he bent now to slide his own underwear off, a gleam on the nearby sink caught his eye. There it was, an antiqued gold chain and round locket bearing an engraved golden flame ? it was the thing he’d been longing for, the accursed object that he’d been bound to. He’d searched for years and there it sat, less than a foot in front of him. His eyes darted back to the little blonde vixen who was now leaning out of the warm shower, her blue eyes so bright and inviting.

“Are you coming in, or are you going to stand there naked all night?”

Her teasing broke him out of his enthrallment and he followed her into the shower. His olive flesh was dark next to her pale skin and light hair. He ran the side of one hand down her cheek as she looked up, her eyes taking in every part of him. His back and shoulders bore a tattoo shaped like a wild, living flame as it coiled down his arms, nearly to the elbows. She touched him there, just above his elbows, tracing the flame’s wild lines with her fingertips as they rose over the muscles in his arms and shoulders. Her mouth opened slightly as she did, while her eyes closed part-way in her want of him.

Khalil tilted his head back as he felt her fingers, and for the moment his locket was forgotten. It had been a long time since he’d even wanted a woman’s company, let alone found one that he liked enough to let touch him. She gently urged him to turn away from her as she reached over his shoulders, tracing the flames down his back where they merged into one single sharp tip at his spine. Her fingers slipped down and followed the trailing water as he shivered.

Daphne used her nails to tease little lines of pleasure down his back as she stepped close to him, pressing skin to skin. Her breasts pressed to the middle of his back and she ran her hands around his hips and up his stomach. Those tiny fingernails roamed over his chest and back down, both of them sweeping down over his rapidly hardening cock and along his thighs. He groaned in her arms and felt her smile, her cheek pressed against him.

Two could play the teasing game. Khalil turned around and pulled her close, one hand at her chin to tilt her head up. He took her mouth in a deep, hungry kiss as his other hand followed the line of her throat, down between her breasts and across her belly button, straight between her legs ? from the feel of it, her wetness had nothing to do with the water pouring over them. He slipped his index finger inside her and heard her moan inside his mouth. She yanked her head away, gasping for air but didn’t pull away or move her legs, grabbing on tight to his shoulders to keep steady.

Khalil kissed her throat as he slowly worked his finger into her as the shower beat at his back and steam kept rising. Daphne went with it, riding his hand as her moans became whimpers and she edged closer and closer to orgasm. He pulled away at the last moment, eliciting a moan and a needful look; she kissed his chest, pleading with her warm, wet lips. Before she could resist, he picked her up in his arms and held her against his chest.

“Are you sure?” He asked as he looked down at her.

When she nodded, he swept her out of the shower and knelt on the plush bathroom rug, laying her down in front of him. He leaned over her, pressing the dripping tip of his cock at her entrance and let it sit there, drawing more whining protests from her even while she moaned that she wanted him. Meanwhile, Khalil kept his mouth busy as he tasted her, this woman he’d been searching for all this time if only for his trinket. Now he wanted more ? he wanted her. He tasted her as if he’d never tasted a woman before, his tongue and mouth starting at her throat and working their way down. He kissed across her chest, taking each nipple in his mouth and sucking until she cried out in pleasure, her back arching up to him until he took the other one and did the same. His hand pressed against her belly, keeping her from wiggling around in the shudders of want and need. He kissed down her stomach, making her squirm with ticklishness that quickly turned into lust, her hips thrusting upwards to try to get some bit of him inside her.

Khalil finally took pity on his lover. He leaned over her, kissing her hard and fast as he pushed forward and thrust up into her. She gasped for air, letting out a low, long moan as he began to move inside her. She was so tight and now he was groaning as he moved in time with her breathing and moans, thrusting in and out of her. The sounds she was making only made him harder, driving him to the edge as her walls gripped tight around him, stroking him as he moved. Daphne squeezed his shoulders when she hit her breaking point and he slipped one arm under her waist to hold her to him as he thrust deep one more time, shuddering as she cried out, her entire body clenching onto him as she came.

When they both stopped shaking, Khalil smiled down at Daphne while she looked back at him with lust-slaked eyes. Her chest was heaving as she spoke.

“I don’t think we’re going to make it to dinner tonight.”

* * *

Khalil woke some time later. They’d moved to the bed and spent much of the night in each other’s arms, but now it was time to go. He gazed down at the girl’s face and allowed himself a moment of sadness before sliding out of bed and creeping into the bathroom. The moment he picked the trinket up from the counter, the bathroom lit up with a bright blue flash from the tattoo upon his back; the stylized flame on the locket twinkled in response. With that, Khalil felt his bonds vanish. He was finally free. After so many long years, he was now free to do as he wished, and with the trinket in his possession, he’d never be imprisoned again. With a quick breath of relief he dressed hurriedly and headed for the front door. All he had to do was walk out and never come back, but a sound stopped him. His hand froze as he reached out for the knob.

It took him a moment to realize it was Daphne. He walked back to the bedroom door and looked in to where she slept fitfully, tossing and turning. It was a warm night and the soft light from the moon shone through a nearby window. Her face contorted in a frown as her dreams nagged at her.

He set a hand against the door jamb, wanting to wipe the frown from her face and let her smile come through again. He wanted to comfort her through her nightmares, because as he stood watching he knew they were his fault. He’d broken her connection with the locket ? it had won him his freedom, but the loss of it would haunt her now, whether she realized it or not. The locket was his again, and he could use his powers to soothe her nightmares. But did he really want to do that? And would she resist his attempts to soothe her?

Daphne had kicked the covers down and her loose half-shirt was up, exposing her plump breasts. She wore a pair of boy shorts that hugged her hips and left little to the imagination. Seeing her twist and writhe in the agony of another nightmare made up his mind for him. Khalil had quickly fallen for the blue-eyed coffee shop girl and he couldn’t let her suffer, not when he had the power to stop it. He raised one hand and let his magic live again. The silver moonlight was painted blue as his tattoo, the mark of his people, glowed in its own light. A small blue flame that held no heat appeared in the palm of his hand, and now he stretched that hand out towards the woman before him. That tiny flame lifted and traveled across the bed until it brushed against her elbow and quickly traveled over her forearm. Soon it covered her in a blanket of dancing flames and began to increase in both light and soothing heat, filling her body with warmth.

A small sigh told him what was in her heart. Daphne moaned softly as the magical fire fluttered just above her skin, banishing the nightmares and calming her restlessness. Khalil used his power to reach into her quieting dreams and put an image of himself there, a vision of him touching her just like the flames were touching her. The flickering blue fire focused on her sensitive nipples, making her chest rise and her body squirm before easing away and tracing down her ribcage. Her body arched with his magic as her frown turned into a half frustrated, half lustful expression.

Soon Daphne’s hand started moving across her stomach, brushing over those warm blue flames that coursed across her skin, warming her, teasing her. He watched as she rubbed her hand down one pale thigh and back up, edging into the cloth those snug boy shorts, fumbling as she pushed them down in her sleep. Her hand quickly found the wet crevice between her legs, running her fingers over herself while Khalil’s magical fire danced across her body. Khalil found the most sensitive spots ? up her throat, behind her ears, darting up the back of her spine as she arched in response ? all the while her fingers worked themselves around her clit, driving her closer and closer to satisfaction.

Khalil helped her along, sending sparks and warmth wherever it touched until finally sliding inside of her. He stretched his magic out then, pushing more power into it and Daphne moaned, gasping as every nerve tingled in pleasure. It took only a few more moments before she pressed a second finger deep along her folds and started to push them in and out with quick, darting movements. Khalil left that task to her as he concentrated on the rest of her body, remembering everything he knew of her to give the most pleasure he possibly could. She liked to be hot, so he made the flames warm her even more. She liked the trickling of the water down her skin and so he let the magic course over her skin in small rivulets, never staying in one place.

Her breath started coming harder as her hand worked her sex over and over. He ran the blue flame over her lips as she dreamed of kissing him. At the second they kissed in her dreams, the blue flames that had licked their way around Daphne’s body intensified, glowing bright enough to light up the room and she cried out, overwhelmed with sensation.

Daphne came, warmth flooding through her entire body, ending in wash of liquid gushing over her hand and fingers. She felt her inner walls pulsating around her fingers as she rode the intense waves that shook her. The moment she hit her breaking point, the locket lit up the room and Khalil felt the warmth deep within him ? they were connected now. He’d made his choice, and now she was the one he was bound to. With mixed feelings of jubilation and regret, he slipped the locket around her neck again.

Daphne began to stir, her eyes fluttering open as she sat up. Her face was flushed, her entire body pink with the aftereffects of the waves of pleasure she’d gone through. She looked up at him with big eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “You were having a nightmare.”

She nodded, a frown passing over her face as she saw him dressed. “What are you doing awake?”

Khalil smiled and sat down next to her on the edge of the bed. He reached up and brushed a stray hair out of her eyes, “I was going to go for a walk, but changed my mind. I think I’ll just stay with you for awhile.”

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6 reviews for Thrill of the Hunt

  1. Alicia

    Good collection of stories thatr are all different and unique and keep you interested right to the end.

  2. Alicia

    Good collection of stories thatr are all different and unique and keep you interested right to the end.

  3. Evelyn

    NIce set of short stories that are just different enough to keep you wnating to read all of them. Good characters and interesting plots.

  4. Evelyn

    NIce set of short stories that are just different enough to keep you wnating to read all of them. Good characters and interesting plots.

  5. Sadie

    A hot mix. There is something delicious about the different levels and kinds of power play involved in each story.

  6. Sadie

    A hot mix. There is something delicious about the different levels and kinds of power play involved in each story.

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