Their Soiled Dove

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When she decided to auction her virginity to the highest bidder, she never dreamed it would be purchased by two handsome cowboys.

After losing her family and her home to a devastating fire, Faith MacGregor is forced to go to work in a brothel in order to save her younger sister. She thinks that she’s prepared to become a soiled dove. But when two handsome brothers win the right to claim her virginity and her body for an entire week, she learns things about herself that she never imagined were possible.

Eric McKenzie isn’t looking for love, and he doesn’t expect to ever find a wife. He’s always shared women with his brother, and he’s content using the services of experienced whores. After all, no decent woman would consent to being dominated or shared by two sexual sadists. But when he lays eyes on Faith while she’s being auctioned to the highest bidder, he knows that he’s found the one woman he wants to keep for his own. He’s determined to win her, no matter the cost.

The two brothers use pain and pleasure to teach Faith all about dominance and submission. But with her innocence and courage, she teaches them about love. Eric soon realizes that if he wants to capture her heart, he’ll have to make the hardest choice he’s ever faced.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, historical ménage contains a theme of power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

San Francisco, California, Summer 1879

“How are we ever going to raise another two hundred dollars? This is absolutely hopeless! We’re never getting out of here. We’ll still be working as laundresses when we’re old and grey!”

“Stop crying,” Faith MacGregor scolded her younger sister. “It’s not going to help our situation, and you’re just going to make your eyes all puffy and red.”

Hope MacGregor turned tear-filled eyes up to meet her sister’s stern ones. “I don’t understand how you can always remain so strong in the face of adversity. Don’t you ever just feel the need to cry, Faith?”

“Of course, I do, nearly every day, but I don’t have the luxury. When our world came crashing down, at least one of us had to be strong.”

Faith had spoken more harshly than she intended, and her sister’s shoulders shook with fresh sobs. With a remorseful sigh, Faith pulled her in for a hug. She could never bear to see Hope cry. Lately, her sister had been crying more than ever. In fact, that’s all she’d seemed to do for the past month. She had also stopped eating or showing any interest in life. Faith did her best to coax her to eat and to bolster her spirits, but it was difficult when they both knew their situation was grim. Faith was getting really worried about her sister, both emotionally and physically. She didn’t know how much longer Hope could carry on unless their situation improved.

Faith sighed heavily. “I’m sorry, sweetheart. I didn’t mean to snap at you. Please don’t cry. Everything is going to be fine; I promise. We just have to put our heads together and we can figure something out. Now, dry your tears and pull yourself together.”

Faith waited patiently while her sister dabbed her face with her lacy handkerchief. Although Faith was putting on a brave face, she really had no idea how they were going to solve their problems. She simply had to find some way to raise another two hundred dollars to help her sister pursue her dream of becoming a schoolteacher. Surely, if Hope could get out of this awful city, her spirits would improve.

It was hard to believe that just a year earlier, their lives had been almost perfect. Their father had been an extremely talented and successful horse breeder, and he had owned a profitable ranch near Wilbur Springs, California. They had grown up in the comfortable house their father had built on the thousand-acre ranch. They had wanted for nothing, and the most difficult problem Faith had faced was how to discourage the dozens of suitors who were determined to marry her.

She refused to marry one of the handsome but weak-willed men who swarmed around her. She didn’t find them the least bit attractive. If she were going to give herself to a man, he would have to show some backbone. In fact, it would take a man with a stronger will than her own to wrestle her to the altar. While Faith professed not to be interested in marriage at all, she secretly wished that the right man would come along and steal her heart. Her parents shared a deep and abiding love, and she wanted the same for herself. But none of her suitors had even sparked an interest, and she had all but given up on the idea of marriage.

While the two sisters were exceptionally close, their personalities and looks could not have been more different from each other. Faith resembled their father, with her fiery red hair and sparkling green eyes. She also shared his obsession with horses. She wanted to follow in his footsteps, and she had a natural talent for breeding and training horses.

Her father doted on her, and he’d bragged that she knew more about horses than any man. Faith planned to run their ranch some day, and her father understood and encouraged her passion. He had no intention of leaving her to run the ranch without the help of a strong husband, but unlike most fathers, he didn’t pressure her to get married. He figured that she would eventually meet someone who wanted to capture her heart without breaking her independent spirit. After all, she was the most beautiful girl in all of California. Sooner or later, she was bound to attract just the right man who would be strong enough to tame some of her wildness while supporting and protecting her.

Her sister, on the other hand, closely resembled their mother in both looks and temperament. Hope had a sweet, docile disposition to go with her serene, dark beauty. Her hair was as black as a raven’s wing, and her eyes were like deep blue pools. Hope wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a schoolteacher.

Their mother, Ellen, had grown up in Philadelphia, and she had moved out to California when she was barely eighteen to pursue her dream of teaching. She had met Alan MacGregor by chance, on the first day she arrived in San Francisco. The two had fallen madly in love, and they married barely two weeks later. Ellen had never spent a day teaching school, but she did use her knowledge to teach her two daughters.

Hope was determined to actually become a teacher, and she had been making plans to travel back east to get her teaching diploma. Their mother’s sister was the headmistress at a school for teachers, and she had offered free tuition as well as free room and board for her niece. Hope had been looking forward to living in Philadelphia and getting to know her only aunt during the year it would take her to earn her teacher’s diploma.

However, neither of the girls had known that their dreams were destined to be shattered in a sudden and tragic way. After a particularly dry summer, a lightning strike had ignited a terrible fire on their ranch. As luck would have it, the two sisters had been attending the annual autumn ball in town when disaster struck. By the time they learned of the fire and were able to make it out to their ranch, everything had been destroyed. Both of their parents and several of the ranch hands had died in the fire. The ranch house, the barns, and paddocks, and nearly all of their horses were gone.

Although they were devastated, Faith had been determined to rebuild their ranch. It had come as an incredible shock to learn that there was no money for the two orphaned girls. Unbeknownst to them, their father had mortgaged the ranch so that he could purchase some expensive new stallions and mares from Kentucky. He had planned to become the most successful breeder of racehorses on the west coast. If he had realized his ambitions, he would have been able to repay the loan within just a few years. Instead, all of the new horses were killed in the fire. The bank foreclosed, and the two sisters were left orphaned, homeless, and penniless. They were left with the clothes on their backs and just a few dollars between them.

Their aunt in Philadelphia was their only remaining relative. She didn’t own the school for teachers, she merely ran it. She couldn’t afford to send them the money to come, but she wrote to them saying that if they could pay for their train fare to Philadelphia, she would take them both in. Although Faith had no interest in becoming a teacher, she figured she could find work in the big city. But first, they had to raise the money for the tickets.

The heartbroken sisters traveled to San Francisco because there were no opportunities for them in their hometown. They rented a room in a boarding house run by an elderly widow, Mrs. Edmonds. The old woman took pity on the two and charged them a reduced rate for their room and board in exchange for their help with chores. She also told them about a man, Mr. Grieg, who could offer the girls jobs as laundresses.

They had been working at the laundry for over a year, but their wages were low, and the cost of living in the city was high. They’d had to use some of their earnings just to purchase some secondhand clothes and necessities. Between the two of them, they had only managed to save fifty dollars in a year’s time. They needed to raise at least two hundred dollars just to be able to send Hope to Philadelphia, and that would mean Faith had to stay behind in San Francisco. The train ticket would cost nearly two hundred dollars, but because their aunt could offer free tuition, room, and board, it would allow Hope to afford going to school.

Faith’s ambition of breeding horses may have been destroyed, but she was determined to help her sister achieve her long-held dream. At least one of the MacGregor sisters was going to make something of herself and live a happy, fulfilled life. Faith just didn’t have a clue how to achieve that goal. At that moment, their sleazy boss stuck his head out the back door of the laundry and scowled at them.

“You two! Get your asses in here and get back to work. Your lunch break is over.” He spared a moment to let his eyes roam down over Faith’s bosom before he disappeared back into the laundry.

Faith ground her teeth together to keep from swearing at the odious man. As much as she hated him, they needed their crummy jobs.

“Come on, Hope. We can talk about this later tonight,” Faith muttered.

“What’s the point?” Hope muttered dejectedly. “Nothing will be any different tonight. We’re never getting out of this hell.” She trudged back into the laundry, Faith following her with a worried frown.

The two sisters spent the rest of the day performing their back breaking job duties. The work required a great deal of strength. Faith could manage fairly well, but her sister had difficulty. Hope struggled with lifting the heavy buckets and wet linens. She had lost quite a bit of weight since coming to the city, and Faith knew that her sister wasn’t strong enough to keep working as a laundress for much longer. She simply had to find a way to rescue her from their life of drudgery.

Faith had thought things couldn’t get any worse, but when they were leaving at the end of the day, their situation became even more dire. Hope had already stepped outside when Mr. Grieg grabbed Faith by her upper arm and leaned close to whisper in her ear. His foul breath almost made her retch.

“You know, I’ve been awfully patient up until now. But I’m not going to wait any longer, little gal.”

“Let go of me,” Faith gritted out, keeping her voice pitched low so her sister wouldn’t overhear.

He eyed her breasts with obvious lust, and Faith’s skin crawled. “Listen closely, little lady. I’m determined to have you, and I’m not willing to wait any longer. You can either let me fuck you, or you can look for another job.” His beady eyes roved over her bosom, and he used his free hand to wipe a bit of drool from the corner of his mouth. “I told you, I’ll make it worth your while. Let me have a taste of your sweet pussy, and I’ll raise your wages by a dollar a week. You’ve got tomorrow to think about it. If you aren’t willing to let me have what I want, don’t bother showing up on Monday.”

Faith didn’t answer him as she yanked her arm free and rushed out the door. It wasn’t the first time he had made the disgusting proposition, but it was the first time he had threatened to fire her if she didn’t agree. She felt as if the world was collapsing on top of her, and she had no idea what to do.

That night, Faith lay awake struggling with a weighty decision. Although Hope had tried to be quiet about it, Faith knew that her sister had cried herself to sleep yet again. Faith wished she had the strength to offer more comfort to her, but she was too worried to offer any solace. It was a relief when Hope’s quiet sobs finally settled into the deep breaths of sleep.

The weight of her responsibilities was a heavy burden for Faith to bear alone. For the first time in her life, she wished she had a strong man to lean on instead of having to solve all of their problems on her own. But there was no one to help them out of the mess they were in, and it was up to her to do something drastic.

Faith knew there were unsavory ways to earn a lot more money than she made working in the laundry. However, until then, she had never seriously considered pursuing those other options. But after receiving her boss’s ultimatum and listening to her sister’s furtive sobs for yet another night, Faith was beginning to waiver in her resolve.

Living as single young ladies in a city where men greatly outnumbered women, the two sisters had been propositioned for sexual favors countless times during the past year. The girls were both strikingly beautiful, but Faith’s bright red hair was like a beacon for the opposite sex. Men seemed to gravitate to her, and they viewed her fiery spirit as some sort of challenge. Her refusals just made them that much more determined to have her.

Faith had hair the color of shiny copper, and it curled around her face like a shimmering halo. Her green eyes were wide and fringed by sooty black lashes. A pert nose, high cheekbones, and lush pink lips completed her delicate features. Working indoors for the past year, her skin had lost its golden tan, and it was the color and texture of fine porcelain. Her figure was every bit as enticing as her face. She was petite, standing just five feet two inches tall, and she had a wonderfully feminine hourglass shape, with full breasts and hips and a tiny waist. She never wore a corset because her shape was perfect without one. Since she was fifteen, men had found her irresistible, and Faith was used to having to rebuff the attentions of lusty males.

Their boss had been making advances toward Faith since the day they went to work for him. He found countless excuses to brush up against her, and his hands were forever landing on her bottom or her breasts. He had propositioned Faith countless times, but he had never given her an outright ultimatum until today.

Over the past year, Faith had actively sought other jobs without success. Any openings she had found didn’t pay as much as she made working as a laundress. Nor could she go elsewhere and leave her sister working for Mr. Grieg.

There was only one option that Faith knew of to make a significant amount of money quickly. Just a few days earlier, Faith had been propositioned to work as a whore. Until that night, she had never even considered it, and she still wouldn’t if she only had herself to think about. But she knew that her sister wouldn’t survive much longer unless things improved.

Just that week, a well-dressed man had come into the laundry to drop off a huge bundle of laundry and pick up an equally large stack of clean linens. Their boss usually dealt with customers, but as luck would have it, Mr. Grieg had left on an errand. When Faith heard someone ringing the bell on the counter, she came out of the back room to help the handsome stranger.

He was tall and broad shouldered. His suit couldn’t disguise the fact that his arms and chest were heavily muscled. He was nice looking, but Faith might have appreciated his handsome looks more if he hadn’t been subjecting her to a most thorough and insulting inspection. As he leaned against the counter, his eyes had roamed over her figure with obvious lust.

“The way you’re stripping me with your eyes, I’ll be lucky to be left wearing a chemise,” Faith snapped, shooting daggers at him from her green eyes.

The man merely laughed, not the least bit embarrassed about leering at her. In fact, he studied her with even more speculative interest.

“What can I say, gorgeous? I have a special appreciation for beautiful women, and you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a very long time. Where has Mr. Grieg been hiding you, sweetheart?”

Faith was not impressed by his silver tongue. “I’m not your sweetheart, and I would appreciate it if you would stop gawking at me. I’m not one of those loose women who works down at the brothels.”

His eyes twinkled with humor, and he blatantly stared at her bosom. She had unfastened several buttons to combat the heat in the laundry, and he was presented with a charming view of her cleavage. “Funny you should say that, sweetheart. I work for Madame Murphy, and I was just thinking that you would make an excellent addition to our fine establishment. You could certainly make a lot more money working there than you do working in this dump.”

Faith gasped, and her cheeks flamed. She had heard of Madame Murphy’s brothel. It had a reputation as one of the most risqué whorehouses in San Francisco. Apparently, men came from all around to indulge their various appetites with the soiled doves who worked there, because they were rumored to be the most beautiful women in the profession. She was secretly flattered that he had propositioned her to work there, although she would never admit it to him or seriously entertain such a proposal.

“How dare you, you scoundrel. I should have you arrested for talking to a decent woman like that.”

He laughed again and leaned further over the counter. “It’s hardly a crime to offer a job to a beautiful woman.” His eyes once again dropped to the shadowed valley between her full breasts. “With a body like yours, I’m certain that you would be in high demand, sweetheart. You could easily earn ten or twelve dollars per night, and that’s after you’ve paid for your room and board. And the work would be far more enjoyable than slaving over steaming cauldrons of laundry all day.”

It had taken an effort for Faith not to let her jaw drop. She and her sister together cleared only a dollar per week after paying for their living expenses. They couldn’t even save all of that, because they occasionally had to spend money on other necessities. If they kept working as they were, it would take them several more years to earn the money that she could earn in a month at the brothel. Even if she hated to admit it, it was a terribly tempting offer. However, she would be damned before she would admit to having the slightest interest in the handsome stranger’s wicked proposition.

She lifted her chin, pretending indifference. “I would never stoop to earn a living on my back.”

He flashed her a grin. “Oh, trust me; you wouldn’t spend all your time on your back. I’d be plenty creative in finding new positions for us to use every time I fuck you. And I’d always start with you naked and lying across my knees getting your sweet little ass spanked as a warmup.” He winked at her. “Your cute round ass is just perfect for spanking, sweetheart.”

Faith’s cheeks burned, and she was mortified that she felt a tiny flutter of desire in her core. She was used to men who flattered her with trite compliments and fawned over her like devoted puppies. She had never had anyone exhibit such obvious lust or speak to her so coarsely. She was horrified to realize that it gave her an unexpected thrill.

“How dare you! I’m not a whore,” Faith cried, wishing that she felt as outraged as she sounded.

He merely shrugged and flashed her another cheeky grin. “Maybe not, but you certainly should be, sweetheart.” His voice dropped to a seductive growl as his eyes drifted over her once again. “You were made for sin. Seems a shame to waste a body like yours working as a laundress. I could introduce you to pleasure that you’ve never imagined if you give me a chance.”

Even though she wasn’t interested in his proposition, it felt nice that he was so interested. What was wrong with her? A decent woman would be scandalized, and with a frustrated screech, she flung an arm out and pointed to the door. “Get out!”

“Don’t you want me to pay for the laundry?” he taunted. “I bet your boss wouldn’t appreciate it if you let me walk out without paying.”

Faith narrowed her eyes at him and gritted her teeth. She wished she could slap the smirk off his handsome face. She quickly calculated what he owed as he continued to grin at her.

“That will be two dollars and twenty-five cents,” she said, raising a haughty brow.

He dug the money out of his pocket and held it out toward her. When Faith reached to take it, he snared her wrist in his free hand and pulled her toward him until their faces were just inches apart, with the counter separating their bodies. With her leaning forward, he could see into her bodice, and he took full advantage of the view.

“I sure would enjoy introducing you to the joys of the flesh, sweetheart. Why don’t you let me show you how much better your life could be? I promise you’ll enjoy every single thing I do to you, and I won’t leave you unsatisfied.”

Faith’s pulse was racing, and it was a struggle to keep her voice steady, but she managed as she glared at him. “You are vile and crude, and I’m not interested in hearing anything else you have to say.”

The man laughed and his voice dropped to a seductive growl as he eyed her breasts one more time. “Are you sure about that? You seem kind of interested. Your nipples are as hard as little bullets, sweetheart.”

Faith jerked her wrist free from his grip and crossed her arms over her chest. Her cheeks were as red as her hair. “Get out this instant! I’m not that kind of girl!”

He scooped up the large stack of folded linens as he shook his head sadly. “Suit yourself, sweetheart. But if you change your mind, look us up. My name’s Jimmy. Just ask for me, and I’ll be happy to introduce you to the boss lady.” He gave her a wink and left.

As Faith lay awake looking at the ceiling, she couldn’t get the conversation out of her mind. She was mortified that the handsome man’s indecent proposition had intrigued her. A true lady would never have even listened to such crude and nasty talk, much less been interested. She felt guilty for being curious.

She found herself giving serious consideration to the man’s wicked offer. If she really could earn as much as he had suggested, it was terribly tempting. Within just a month or so, she could save enough money to send her sister to Philadelphia. Then, if Faith kept working for a few months longer, perhaps she could save enough money to buy a small piece of land and a few horses so that she could pursue her own dreams. She would never be able to afford a ranch like the one she had grown up on, but she could likely earn enough to get out of this dirty, crowded city and get back to her true passion—breeding and training horses.

Of course, there would be a heavy price to pay. She would be branded as a whore, a harlot, a soiled dove, and rightfully so. She would have to sacrifice her virtue, her reputation, and any chance of someday marrying and having a family of her own. No decent man would ever want her once she became a whore. But that wasn’t much of a deterrent, since she had given up on the idea of marriage anyway.

Faith knew there would be other costs too. She would have to allow men to use her body. Faith didn’t know much about what happened between men and women in the bedroom. Growing up on a ranch, she understood the basics of mating. But she figured there must be some differences between the ways humans and horses accomplished the act. At least she hoped there were, because stallions were pretty rough when they mounted a mare.

She still didn’t understand her reaction to the way Jimmy had talked to her. She should have been revolted by his lewd suggestions. Instead, she had felt excited and aroused. Even though he was handsome, her attraction to him hadn’t really been because of his good looks. It was the things he said that had excited her. The idea of being spanked by a man was surprisingly titillating, and she was fascinated by the idea that there were different positions for sex.

Although Faith was quite vague on the details, she understood that in order to earn the kind of money he had hinted at, she would be expected to do wicked, immoral things. Hope would never sanction Faith resorting to prostitution in order to save her. But Hope didn’t know just how bad their situation actually was. She didn’t know that Mr. Grieg had given Faith an ultimatum. Since there was no way Faith would allow him to use her body, that meant that they were out of a job. There weren’t any other respectable jobs available that would pay enough for them to get ahead. Faith had scoured the city for months, and there was nothing that would work for both sisters and allow them to earn what they needed. But even if Hope knew those things, she would never approve or agree with Faith making such a sacrifice.

However, Faith had always been the stronger one. She had always looked out for her younger sister, and she wasn’t about to stop now. Faith was determined to at least find out more information so that she could decide whether the offer was worth pursuing. If she really could make the kind of money Jimmy had hinted at, it would solve all their problems. No matter what it cost her, she was determined to buy her sister’s freedom from the nightmare they were living.


The following day was Sunday, their only day off from the laundry. Early that morning, Faith made an excuse to her sister and set out to find Madame Murphy’s. She knew roughly where the place was, and the closer she got, the more lustful and impertinent stares she received from the men passing on the streets. She realized that no decent woman would be seen in this part of town, and the men assumed she was a whore. Finally, she located the infamous establishment, and she swallowed against the nervous lump in her throat as she rapped on the front door.

The solid panel swung open, and she was faced with a huge, hulking man. He stood at least six and a half feet tall. He was broad shouldered and had rough features in a square face. His eyes wandered over her with obvious interest before meeting her expectant stare.

“What do you want?” he barked.

Faith swallowed hard again, trying to clear her very dry throat. “I was hoping to speak with Jimmy,” she ventured quietly.

The man’s gaze instantly turned sharper, and he once again subjected her to a thorough inspection. “Jimmy, huh?” he grunted. “Figures he’d get the finder’s fee, lucky devil.” He opened the door and motioned for her to enter. “Wait here. I’ll get him for you.” He started to turn away but paused and pinned her with a threatening scowl. “Don’t go wandering around, you hear?”

“I won’t,” Faith muttered.

She wondered about the finder’s fee he had mentioned, but she figured she would find out what that meant eventually. She certainly wasn’t inclined to engage the hulking man with unnecessary questions in order to find out. He was incredibly intimidating.

The man disappeared down a hallway, leaving her in a large entrance hall. She tried to ignore her racing heart as she looked at her surroundings. There was a large statue of a naked woman standing to her left. She had to admit that it was beautiful. It looked similar to the pictures of Greek statues she had once seen in a book. However, the pictures hanging on the walls were much cruder.

There was a large painting of a nude woman on her back underneath a man. The expression on both of their faces was blissful. There was another one that depicted a woman spread naked on a bed. She was stroking the flesh between her outstretched thighs while a fully dressed man watched. Still another painting caught her eye, and she ventured closer to make out the details. A nude woman was on her hands and knees between two nude men. One man was on his knees behind her while the other nude man was standing with the woman’s face near his groin.

Faith leaned near and squinted to see better. She was mortified to realize that the woman had the man’s penis in her mouth, and Faith felt her cheeks flood with sudden heat. With an embarrassed squeal, she whirled away from the painting and came face to face with the man from the laundry. Her face felt like it was on fire.

Jimmy grinned, noting her flaming cheeks. “Well hello, sweetheart. I thought you might reconsider and pay us a visit.” He let his eyes wander down her body, and his grin widened. “I’m glad you changed your mind.”

Faith narrowed her eyes at him, hating the smug expression on his handsome face. It really stung her pride to have to face him again after the scandalous suggestions he had made. “I haven’t necessarily changed my mind. I’m only here to find out more information,” she said primly. “You mentioned that I might be able to speak with the owner of this establishment.”

His smile turned predatory. “Absolutely, beautiful. She’s always on the lookout for new talent, and I know she’ll be most interested in you.” He leered at her breasts briefly then turned to the man who had answered the door. “Jake, let’s take this lovely young lady to see Madame Murphy so she can assess her suitability for working here.” Jimmy motioned for Faith to follow the other man as he led the way up a wide, curving staircase. “After you, beautiful.”

Jimmy fell in behind Faith, and she could feel his eyes on her as she followed the hulking doorman up the stairs. She shivered with nerves, but she wasn’t going to run screaming. After all, she had known what she was getting herself into before coming here. If she accepted this job, men like Jimmy would be doing far more than just looking at her. The doorman led her to a room at the end of the hall and knocked on the closed door.

“Who is it?” a woman called from inside.

“There’s a new girl here looking for work, ma’am.” Jake turned and ran his eyes over Faith, making her skin crawl. “I think you’ll want to see this one.”

“Come in,” the woman answered.

Jake swung the door inward and gestured for Faith to enter. Once she had done so, the two men entered and shut the door behind them. They both crossed their arms over their wide chests and stood silently waiting to see what would happen next. Even though the room was large and airy, she felt boxed in with the two men standing between her and the exit. She took a deep breath for courage and turned to face Madame Murphy.

The room was spacious and tastefully decorated, and several tall windows let in an abundance of light. There was a huge oak desk, with two leather chairs facing it. But Faith spared little notice for her surroundings. She was too busy assessing her potential new boss.

Behind the desk, sat one of the most beautiful women Faith had ever seen. She looked about forty-five years old, and she had blonde hair and big blue eyes. Her heart shaped lips were painted bright red, and there was a small amount of rouge on her cheeks. She was wearing an elegant dress that would have been acceptable in any drawing room. Faith felt like her own clothes were downright dowdy in comparison.

Madame Murphy was studying her appearance with obvious interest. She finally met her eyes and raised one dark, finely plucked eyebrow. When she spoke, her voice was melodic, with a lilting Irish accent. “What can I do for you, Miss…” she let the question hang in the air expectantly.

“Miss MacGregor,” Faith replied. “My name is Faith MacGregor.”

“Ah, a fine Scottish lass. I’m pleased to meet you, Miss MacGregor. What brings you here today? This hardly seems like the place for a proper young lady such as yourself.”

There was no malice in her words, merely curiosity. Faith cleared her throat and glanced briefly over her shoulder at Jimmy. He met her eye and winked, and she turned back to face the madame.

“I happened to speak with Jimmy a few days ago, and he seemed to think that I might be able to find rather lucrative employment here. I thought I would enquire further.”

Both of Madame Murphy’s brows rose as she gave Jimmy a speculative look. “Did he now? Well, our Jimmy is always interested in recruiting new talent. Especially when he gets a finder’s fee for any successful applicants.” Her intelligent gaze settled on Faith once more. “Unless I’m mistaken, you’ve never worked as a whore before. Is that correct, Miss MacGregor?”

Faith cleared her throat nervously. Just the word whore made her want to shrivel up with shame, and she could feel her cheeks growing warm. “No, ma’am. I haven’t.”

The madame nodded sagely and glanced at Jimmy again. “Did Jimmy happen to mention what your duties would entail, Miss MacGregor?”

Faith felt a blush rising into her cheeks as she replied, “No, but I believe I understand what working here would involve.”

The madame was torn. The young woman before her was not only beautiful, she was just the type of woman her customers would enjoy. She would likely bring in hefty profits if she decided to hire her. But it was obvious that the young woman had no idea what the job would be like, and the madame wasn’t one to prey on young, innocent women. She usually hired only experienced whores who had already been corrupted, although she did make rare exceptions.

“Do you really think so? I doubt it, love. You don’t look as if you’re starving or desperate. Although I can see by your hands that you’re no stranger to hard work.”

Faith clasped her hands behind her back to hide their chapped appearance. She lifted her chin and met the older woman’s eye squarely. “I am rather desperate, actually. I work in a laundry, along with my sister. It’s honest work, but I need to earn more than I’m currently earning, and I need to do it quickly.”

“What’s so urgent that you would need to sell your body and sacrifice your good reputation to earn money quickly?” Madame Murphy asked.

“It’s a long story, but suffice to say, I have my reasons,” Faith said, frowning.

The woman studied her. “Well, if you want a job here, you’ll tell me the whole story. I can’t afford to have someone working here whom I don’t fully know and trust. Now tell me why it’s so urgent that you earn money quickly, and don’t leave anything out.”

Faith took a deep breath and let it out on a sigh. She could see that the madame wasn’t going to budge, so she told her the whole sad tale, from growing up on the ranch, to the fire, to her parents’ deaths, to losing everything. She told her about coming to San Francisco more than a year earlier and struggling just to get by while working in the laundry. She told her about her sister’s dream to become a teacher and their aunt’s offer to take her in. The madame listened with patient interest through the whole story, asking questions from time to time.

“So now you can understand why I’m desperate. I won’t even have a job anymore unless I’m willing to become a whore. If I’m going to do that, I want to at least make decent money for my troubles. And to be honest, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. My sister isn’t strong like I am, ma’am. I’m truly worried about her. She’s not going to last much longer. We’ve been trying to save enough money to send her to school to become a teacher. It’s her lifelong dream. But we still need another two hundred dollars, and it would take us years to save that kind of money. My sister doesn’t have that kind of time.”

“I see,” Madame Murphy said thoughtfully. She drummed her fingers on her desk as she studied the young woman standing before her. “That’s a noble cause, but I wonder whether you understand the real implications of the sacrifice you would be making if you were to come to work here.”

“I believe I do,” Faith insisted. “I grew up on a horse breeding ranch, so I know roughly how things work. I may be young and naive, but I know that I would have to allow men to,” she hesitated, blushing hotly as she remembered that Jimmy and Jake were listening, “to do other improper things to me.”

Madame Murphy chuckled softly and shook her head. “To do improper things to you? Your previous lovers must have been woefully unimaginative.”

If it was possible, Faith’s blush deepened. “I haven’t had any previous lovers, ma’am.”

The madame’s eyes bulged. “You’re a virgin?” When the younger woman nodded, she groaned and shook her head. “How old are you, dear?”

“I’m old enough,” Faith stated with a slight frown. “I turned nineteen last month.”

“Oh, my dear, you are indeed very naive.” The madame sighed and gave Faith a hard look as she leaned her elbows on the desk and leaned toward her. “Dear girl, you would have to allow men to strip you naked and fuck you multiple times every night. Do you even understand what that means? They would use and debase you in every way imaginable. Once they pay a few dollars, men think they own you and can do whatever they like to you. They would stick their nasty cocks in every hole you have, and you would have to smile and pretend you were enjoying it as they grunt and sweat and use your body for their pleasure. To make the kind of money you are wanting, you would have to allow hundreds of men to use you like that. Now, I suggest you turn around and hightail it out of here before anyone sees you here.”

Faith’s face flooded with color as she listened to the graphic things Madame Murphy said to her. She could hear the two men snickering softly behind her. She felt very foolish indeed, but she was also more determined than ever to find out the information she had come seeking. She squared her shoulders and lifted her chin proudly as she waited for the three of them to stop laughing at her. Then, she met the older woman’s eye calmly.

“And if I were willing to allow men to use me in the ways you have just described, how much money would I earn?”

The madame gave her a smile that was sympathetic but firm. “Go back to the laundry, Miss MacGregor. Believe me; you’re better off working there than you would be here.”

“Are you saying you won’t hire me? Am I not pretty enough?”

Madame Murphy shook her head and smiled wistfully. “Don’t mistake me, dear girl. I would love to hire you. You’re stunningly beautiful, and I’m sure that my customers would line up in droves to have a turn with you.”

Faith gave her a puzzled frown. “Well, what’s the problem then? Jimmy made it sound as if you would be happy to hire me.”

Madame Murphy flashed a brief look of annoyance at Jimmy before returning her gaze to Faith. “That doesn’t surprise me. What he didn’t tell you is that he wants you for himself. You see, as one of my girls, you would also be responsible for entertaining Jimmy and the other bouncers who work here. You would have to allow Jimmy and Jake and Eddie and Marvin to fuck you for free once a week. If they wanted to fuck you more often than that, they have to pay just like any other customer. And, as a finder’s fee, Jimmy would have the right to have you suck his cock three times a week for free for the first month. The girls are usually allowed to charge the bouncers for cocksucking, you see, so that’s quite a perk for him.”

Faith felt like her cheeks were on fire. Before she’d seen that painting, she’d never even imagined that men might put their cock in a woman’s mouth! She shot a brief glare over her shoulder at Jimmy. He was grinning from ear to ear, and she knew he was picturing her with his cock in her mouth.

She swallowed and faced the older woman again. Faith liked the prospect of working as a whore less and less by the minute, but she was also desperate. She wasn’t about to let Mr. Grieg use her for just a dollar extra per week. And entertaining Jimmy seemed far preferable to entertaining her disgusting boss! She raised her chin and met the madame’s eyes squarely.

“Perhaps I would be willing to entertain the bouncers in the way you’ve just explained, for enough money. But you still haven’t told me how much I would earn if I came to work here.”

Madame Murphy sighed as she studied the beautiful woman standing so proudly before her. “You remind me a bit of myself at your age,” she mused. “I remember what it felt like to believe that the world was actually a good place and that it was possible to achieve my dreams if I worked hard at it. And I have managed to carve out a nice life for myself. I own a very profitable business, but I have long since given up on my dreams. I didn’t realize until it was too late that by selling my body, I would also be giving up any possibility of love or marriage or having a family of my own. But it isn’t too late for you to have those things. I’m trying to save you from a life of hardship and misery.”

Faith swallowed hard and frowned at the older woman. “Don’t you see? I’m already living a life of hardship and misery. I’m trying to get out of the deep hole I’m in. And besides, I don’t want to get married. I’ve received dozens of marriage proposals, and I turned them all down. All I want is to save enough money to get out of this city and buy a small place of my own where I can raise horses. I believe this is the only job I could find that would allow me to help my sister and pursue that dream. But you still haven’t told me how much I could earn.”

The madame sighed. “With your looks, I’m sure you would be very popular with our customers. After paying your nightly room and board, I expect you could earn fifteen dollars a night, maybe more. Of course, if you wanted to earn that much, you would have to entertain at least ten or more men each night. We charge two dollars for a fuck or a hand job. You could earn even more if you get really good at cocksucking or taking it up the ass. We charge three dollars for those things.”

Madame Murphy gave her a speculative look and tilted her head to one side. “Then, there are the girls who are willing to let men torture them first. That’s where the real money is.” Seeing Faith’s eyes light with interest, the woman leaned forward. “I don’t mean just the routine slap and tickle. All the girls have to be willing to endure spankings and such. I’m talking about real pain. The girls willing to submit to punishment, bondage, minor torture and so on get paid the highest. We charge ten dollars per session for that, and the really good ones entertain two or three customers per night. But girls usually don’t last long doing that unless they really enjoy receiving pain.”

“I don’t understand. Some women like to receive pain?” Faith asked, strangely intrigued by both the prospect of submitting to pain and the exorbitant fee the madame had mentioned for such a service.

Once again, the madame studied her closely, noting the gleam in the younger woman’s eyes. “Just like some men enjoy inflicting pain, there are some women who enjoy receiving it. Sometimes, those women eventually find the one man they wish to serve, their chosen dominant or master, and they leave the business to be with him. Others only agree to receive pain because it pays more. They quickly tire of that and move on to other types of work.”

“I see,” Faith murmured. “What kinds of pain do men like to inflict?”

The madame laughed softly. “Oh, my dear, men find a nearly infinite variety of ways to inflict pain. Most commonly, they enjoy tying a woman up and whipping her, using any number of implements. We also provide various toys and tools to be used by our customers. Many men like to leave painful marks and bruises on a woman, but here at our brothel, we don’t allow customers to leave any permanent marks or scars on our girls.”

“Oh, I see,” Faith said again, even though she didn’t see at all. She imagined what it might be like to be tortured by a man. The idea should have been terrifying, but oddly enough, it wasn’t. Instead, her pulse raced as she imagined being bound and helpless while some faceless stranger whipped her, and she felt an unexpected flutter of excitement in her core.

The madame noticed that Faith’s cheeks were flushed, and her eyes had darkened with arousal. Perhaps there was more potential for this young woman than she had first thought. She cleared her throat before continuing. “It would be entirely up to you to decide whether you were open to entertaining those more demanding customers or not. Regardless of how you choose to earn your money, I charge five dollars a day for your room, board, clothing, and protection. You would work six days per week with one day for rest, and you would have your own room.”

Faith thought about it for a few moments. It would only take her three or four weeks to earn enough to send her sister to school. If she were willing to let men hurt her, she could earn the money even faster. Even if she provided the other, cheaper services, each day she would be earning ten times what she made as a laundress in an entire week. If she worked hard, she could even earn enough to start a new life within a year or so. Of course, by then, she would have let hundreds of men use her body.

She studied the madame, who looked serenely beautiful. While the prospect of working as a whore was daunting, it didn’t look like it had taken much of a toll on the older woman. And the thought of being able to start fresh was undeniably appealing. If she worked hard, she might be able to save enough to start a small horse breeding operation of her own.

Faith certainly wouldn’t be able to pursue that dream if she kept working at a menial job. Even if she managed to find other employment, she would never be able to save enough to make a better life. It seemed better to take this chance now, while she was still young enough to make her dreams a reality. And if she made enough money, she could go somewhere where no one knew about her sordid past. Surely, rescuing her sister and making her dream come true would be worth just a few months of degradation.

Faith tried her best to imagine what it would be like having to allow men to see her naked and touch her and do all those things the madame had mentioned. In her hometown, there had been dozens of young men who’d tried to court her. A few of them even kissed her, but their chaste kisses had left her feeling bored and uninterested. She had secretly wished that one of them would haul her into his arms and simply take control. That’s what she always imagined when she pictured what went on in the marriage bed. Faith was more excited by hearing the madame’s descriptions than she had ever been by the attentions of her many suitors. Perhaps she would be well suited to the life of a whore.

“I’ll do it,” Faith said quietly. “How soon can I start?”

Madame Murphy’s eyebrows nearly met her hairline. “You certainly don’t frighten easily, do you?”

“No, ma’am. I don’t. My sister and I have been through hell this past year. After losing everything, I don’t think there’s much that would frighten me.”

“Trust me, dear, this job will frighten you.” The older woman leaned back and drummed her fingers on the arm of her chair. “I certainly can’t hire you without examining what you have to offer. Take your clothes off and let us have a look.”

Faith’s eyes opened wide. “What, now?” She glanced at Jimmy and Jake. They were watching her with obvious lust in their eyes. “You expect me to undress in front of them?”

The older woman laughed. “You just said that nothing frightens you. Now you’re scared to undress in front of them?”

Faith shot one more glare over her shoulder at Jimmy and sighed. “I’m not scared; I was just surprised. But if that’s what it will take to get the job, then I’m willing to do it, ma’am.”

She knew she was being tested, so with businesslike efficiency, she removed her shoes and stockings. Faith unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off, and she ignored her burning cheeks as she laid it over the back of one of the chairs. She unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of it with quiet dignity. She swallowed hard and flashed a look at the madame.

Madame Murphy gestured with her hand. “Take your hair down.” Once Faith had complied, the woman’s eyes took on a speculative gleam. “The customers are going to love your hair, my dear. Keep going. I need to see you naked. But please, turn around and face the men while you remove your undergarments. You can’t very well work as a whore if you’re too shy to let men see you naked.”

Faith was tempted to refuse. It wasn’t too late to change her mind and call the whole thing off. But then, she remembered how Hope had cried herself to sleep every night and how thin she had become. Her sister didn’t have the strength to carry on for much longer, and Faith was seriously worried that she was going to lose her sister if their situation didn’t improve soon.

She firmed her lips and turned to face the two grinning bouncers. She glared at Jimmy as she lifted her chemise to untie her pantalets, but he didn’t even notice her defiant look. He was focused on looking at her body. When her drawers dropped around her ankles, he met her eye and smirked.

She ground her teeth together and unbuttoned her chemise, working as quickly as she could. She just wanted to get this humiliation over with as quickly as possible. She figured that eventually, she would grow used to undressing in front of men. She shrugged out of her chemise and stood naked before them.

The two men devoured her with their eyes, and it was tempting to cover herself. Instead, she stood still and proud before them. She refused to cower beneath their hungry stares. Let them look, she thought acidly. If it meant that she could rescue her sister and pursue her dreams, she was willing to do far worse.

Faith met Jimmy’s gaze, and she raised one imperious eyebrow. He grinned and shot her a wink. A tiny, secret thrill raced down her spine, and she had to suppress a shudder. She would die before she would admit it, but Jimmy was a handsome man, and she enjoyed the hungry way he was looking at her. Her nipples pebbled painfully, and she wondered whether he would notice the effect he had on her.

“Well, boys, what do you think? Would Miss MacGregor be an attractive new addition to our establishment,” Madame Murphy asked.

“Oh, yes, ma’am,” Jimmy averred with a nod. He let his eyes wander down over Faith’s body once more. “Her tits are mouthwatering, and the hair on her pussy is just as pretty as the hair on her head.” He grinned as he met Faith’s eye. “I do love redheads. I’ll definitely be dipping into that pool, and I’m going to enjoy wrapping that red hair around my fist while she sucks my cock three times a week. I suspect Jake and I will have our hands full making sure the customers wait their turn to fuck her. She ought to turn a pretty profit for you, ma’am.”

Faith felt her blush all the way down to the tips of her nipples. She was certain that Jimmy was purposely humiliating her. Her body’s reaction was unexpected as she felt a tiny trickle of fluid running down her inner thighs.

Jake was far less talkative. He merely nodded and grinned. But the fact that he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her and the obvious bulge in his pants spoke volumes. He obviously liked what he saw.

Madame Murphy came from behind the desk and walked in a slow circle around Faith, examining her critically from all angles. “You are beautiful, my dear. And you’re a lot braver than I gave you credit for; I’ll grant you that,” she mused. She lifted Faith’s chin and met her eye. “And you’re absolutely certain that you want to do this? It’s not too late to change your mind.”

Faith frowned. She wasn’t going to back down, especially after she’d already bared all to these people. “I’m certain, ma’am. I want this job.”

The madame sighed with resignation. “I tried to save you, but I can see that you are determined to pursue the life of a whore. If I don’t hire you, some other brothel will, and I know that you’ll be far safer in my establishment than anywhere else. Since you are determined, bend over my desk, and Jake will give you a flogging.”

“What?” Faith asked with wide eyes. “Is that another word f-for…” She couldn’t bring herself to finish, and she blushed hotly.

The madame and the men were chuckling again. “Are you wondering whether it’s another word for fucking, dear?”

Faith was so embarrassed that she merely nodded.

“No, a flogging is a whipping with a special implement.”

Faith’s eyes widened, and she took a couple of wary steps back from the madame. “A whipping? I didn’t agree to that,” she said, shaking her head. She felt a surge of excitement despite her fear.

The madame smiled reassuringly. “Don’t worry, my dear. You don’t have to be frightened. My purpose in having him flog you is twofold. I need to make sure you can withstand the rigors of the job, and I’m trying to get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses. Lots of our customers enjoy spanking a woman’s naked bottom before fucking her. If you can’t withstand a spanking, you really can’t work as a whore. But the second reason is to see how you respond to pain. Do you remember me mentioning that some girls make a lot of money because they are willing to let men inflict pain?”

“Yes,” Faith said with a slight frown. Her nipples were so hard, they ached.

Madame Murphy narrowed her eyes as she studied Faith for a thoughtful moment. “I’m not necessarily suggesting that you should become one of those girls. However, you seemed intrigued when I mentioned it. If you’re open to receiving pain, at least occasionally, there are a few customers who will likely be attending the auction who would certainly bid more if they knew that you were open to that. It could really drive up the price for you,” she said, watching for the young woman’s reaction.

“What auction?” Faith asked, swallowing hard.

“We always have an auction, anytime we hire a new girl. We offer her up to the highest bidder for her first night here. It’s extremely popular with our customers. I think it makes them feel powerful, and they enjoy having a whole night in our nicest room. For the girl, it means she makes more money than on an average night, and she only has to entertain one customer on her first night instead of ten or twelve. We’ve had girls go for as much as a hundred and fifty dollars if they are as attractive as you and they’re willing to endure some pain.”

Faith frowned thoughtfully. A hundred and fifty dollars for one night! She had no idea that being a whore could be so lucrative. She was still naked, but her mind was so busy that she no longer even noticed the two men admiring her body. The idea of receiving pain was having very strange effects on her body that were not at all unpleasant, but she was still frightened by the prospect. She met the madame’s eye once more.

“I don’t know whether I would be open to that or not.”

“That’s why I’m going to have Jake give you a flogging. I want to see how you respond.”

With an elegant wave of her hand, the madame signaled for the hulking bouncer to fetch the flogger. He retrieved one from a tall cabinet and handed it to the woman. Then, he flashed Faith a leering grin.

Madame Murphy held it out to her, and Faith frowned as she took the strange item. It consisted of a multitude of soft leather strands that hung in a loose bundle. One end of the strands had been braided to form a sturdy, handsome handle. A few of the loose ends had been tied in tiny knots. It looked fairly innocuous.

Faith’s frown deepened as she ran her fingers through the soft strands. “I don’t understand how this could hurt all that much. It seems pretty soft to the touch.”

The madame chuckled softly. “The leather feels soft in your hand, but believe me, in the hands of a skilled man, it imparts quite a sting. And men like using it, because it turns a woman’s backside a beautiful shade of red and makes it quite warm. That enhances their pleasure when they fuck you. I’d like to see how you respond to it, if you’re agreeable.”

Faith’s cheeks flamed, and she noticed that both men were grinning and running their eyes over her with obvious lust. Once again, she refused to cower before them. She swallowed and handed the flogger back to the madame.

“All right, what should I do?”

Madame Murphy gave her a smile of approval. “I like you,” she murmured. “You’ve got a lot of spunk. Now, turn around and bend over the desk, dear.”

Faith complied, and she gasped when her stomach and breasts pressed against the cool wood. It was quite a contrast to Jake’s huge, hot palm when he rested it on her lower back. She flinched and would have jerked away, but he held her in place with his massive hand.

“Be still,” he said gruffly. “Spread your thighs nice and wide.” When she didn’t immediately comply, he landed a firm swat on her bottom with his hand. “Spread your thighs,” he demanded.

Faith yelped from the sting. “What? Why?”

He grinned down at her, and she could see he was enjoying her discomfort. But the hulking man didn’t talk much, and it was the madame who answered.

“Because you need to expose your inner thighs for the flogger. Jake’s going to flog everything from your waist to your knees to see how you respond. And it’s always good form to flaunt your pussy whenever a man wants to spank you. That’s half the fun for him, dear.”

Faith blushed hotly but allowed Jake to arrange her to his liking as the madame and Jimmy stepped back to watch. Jake obviously enjoyed running his hands over her as he urged her to spread her thighs out to the sides and tilt her hips so that her ass was presented. She flinched slightly, but otherwise didn’t protest the liberties he was taking. She knew she was again being tested, so she submitted to his touch, even when he ran his fingers lightly down her slit.

She knew that her body was on lewd display, and she squeezed her eyes tightly shut from humiliation. The air in the room felt cool as it wafted over her wet, exposed flesh. She was surprisingly excited, and her heart was pounding as she waited to see what the flogger would feel like on her upturned bottom.

Jake drew his strong arm back and delivered the first stroke. Faith squealed and flinched but otherwise stayed in position. There was a second or two delay before she felt the sting, and she moaned softly. The second lash delivered even more heat, and Jake settled to the task of turning her ivory skin a nice dark red.

Faith had never been spanked, so she’d had no idea what to expect. The flogger imparted quite a sting, and the pain and burning in her bottom was growing progressively worse. But she was more focused on other sensations in her body. She felt a growing ache in her lower belly, and there was a strange throbbing between her thighs. She wanted to press her thighs together, but she couldn’t, and she released a soft, yearning moan. She felt like she was climbing a mountain and she might find relief for the ache if she could just reach the peak. Each lash from the flogger made her climb higher, and she began to crave the kiss of leather on her bottom, seeking that elusive relief.

The madame and Jimmy watched with keen interest from across the room. As Faith’s bottom was gradually covered in red stripes, she was surprised that she was enjoying the experience. Having them all watching her and talking about her, only added to her titillation. Her moans grew louder, and her inner thighs grew slick from her arousal.

“We could get a fortune for her if the right buyers show up to the auction,” Jimmy murmured with a lustful grin.

Madame Murphy nodded. “I’m not often surprised, but she is turning out to be quite a gem. Still, I hate that she’s only doing this to save her sister.”

Jimmy nudged her with his elbow. “Don’t go getting all soft now.”

She flashed him an exasperated but affectionate look. “I’m not soft. I just want to make sure that I do right by my girls. As a fellow professional, it’s the least I can do to make sure they are safe and get paid handsomely for their services.”

She turned her attention back to the young girl being flogged. Jake had moved on to Faith’s sensitive upper thighs. Most girls would be dancing around and crying, but she seemed to have melted onto the desk. In fact, after every lash, she raised her bottom slightly to welcome the next one.

The madame’s eyes gleamed with excitement. “Look at that. She really is enjoying the pain.”

Jimmy grinned and nodded. “Yeah, she’s actually leaning into the lash, and her pussy’s drenched now. She’s a hot blooded one for sure. I knew that she was cut out to be a whore.”

The madame was nodding thoughtfully. “I think you’re right. And now that I know she likes pain, I’m really looking forward to the auction. If I can get the right buyer to bid for her, I know she would be in good hands when she loses her virginity. And I have the perfect buyer in mind,” she murmured with satisfaction.

“Who?” Jimmy asked.

Madame Murphy smirked at him. “Never you mind. But leave it up to me, and I can guarantee that Faith will be a big hit at the auction.” She crossed the room and laid a hand on Jake’s forearm. “That’s enough, Jake. We can clearly see that Faith enjoys being flogged.”

Faith allowed Jimmy to help her stand upright. Her skin was dewy with perspiration, and her breasts and cheeks were almost as rosy as her bottom. Jimmy grinned when he noticed how firm her nipples were, and he ran a bold hand over her burning bottom.

“You are one naughty girl,” he murmured in her ear. “I knew it when I first laid eyes on you.”

Faith would normally have objected to him handling her with so much familiarity. However, her brain seemed a bit fuzzy after the flogging. She felt oddly frustrated, and the ache in her core was more intense than ever. She sank into one of the chairs and gasped when her hot, tender bottom landed on the cool leather. Madame Murphy handed her a glass of water, and she drank it down gratefully.

“Thank you,” Faith murmured. She met the older woman’s eyes. “Did I pass the test?”

Madame Murphy smiled and nodded. “You certainly did, my dear. Now, were you telling the truth when you said you’re a virgin?”

Faith blushed hotly. “Yes, ma’am.”

“If you’ll allow me to verify that, we should be able to raise even more money for you at the auction, my dear. In fact, I might be persuaded to give you an advance on the money for your sister. That way, you could send her off to school right away.”

Faith’s eyes filled with hope. “Oh, ma’am. That would be simply wonderful. But how can you verify that I’m a virgin?”

“Sit on the edge of my desk, dear.”

With a small, puzzled frown, Faith complied. She gasped when her sore naked bottom landed on the cool wood of the desk. Madame Murphy held her gaze as she spoke over her shoulder. “Boys, please hold her still for me.”

Jimmy and Jake took hold of her arms and legs. Faith gave a little squeal as they pushed her onto her back and spread her legs wide apart. She had been feeling less self conscious after the flogging, but she was suddenly more nervous than ever, and she began to struggle.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” Faith cried, squirming to try to break free. All she accomplished was to make her breasts jiggle enticingly, and both men seemed to be enjoying the show.

They each hooked an elbow around one of her thighs and held her arm down easily with that hand. That left each of them with a free hand, and they took the opportunity to grope her breasts and twist her nipples painfully. When Faith struggled even harder, Madame Murphy met her eye with a stern frown.

“My dear, if you can’t tolerate a little fondling, this is never going to work. Jimmy and Jake and countless other men will be touching you like this, so if you’ve changed your mind, say so now. But if you want this job, you’ll stop fighting and allow me to examine you.”

“I want the job,” Faith murmured.

“Then lie back and let the boys have a little fun with your tits while I have a closer look at your pussy. Having men squeeze your titties is the least of what you’ll have to endure as a whore, I assure you. You may as well start getting used to being treated this way. It’s going to happen multiple times every day.”

Faith took a deep breath and released it on a wobbly sigh. When she glanced up, Jimmy was grinning at her.

“That’s a good girl,” Jimmy crooned with a lustful smirk. He pinched her nipple and made her jerk. “Easy, love. The boss is just going to take a look inside your gorgeous pink cunt. She’ll be able to see the truth of the matter soon enough.”

Faith turned her face away from him to hide her blush. She really didn’t understand what was happening in her body. They were restraining her and handling her in a most humiliating way, and yet she was secretly aroused by it. She hoped none of them could tell how she was feeling. That would be more humiliating than anything else she had endured.

Madame Murphy parted Faith’s folds and peered inside her. “Well, I’ll be damned,” she said softly. “She really is a virgin. Look at that, Jimmy.”

Jimmy grinned as he peered between Faith’s legs. He gave a low whistle of appreciation. “That is one beautiful virgin pussy, boss.” He ran his finger around her opening and grinned when Faith whimpered.

The madame tried to move his hand away. “Be careful. I don’t want you to destroy her maidenhead.”

“I won’t,” he insisted. “I just want to see how tight she is.” He inserted his finger just inside her opening and gave a low whistle. “Oh, man. I’ve never felt such a tight, hot little hole. I can hardly wait to fuck that pretty little cunt.”

The madame shot him a mildly annoyed glare, but she allowed him to continue fondling her. “Well, you will wait, young man. She’ll fetch a handsome price if we auction off her virginity, so none of you boys are going to touch her until after that. Whoever has the winning bid at the auction will enjoy her more if she’s still innocent, and pleasing our customers must come first. After that, you have my blessing to have your fun.”

Jimmy winked at Faith, and her blush made him chuckle. Meanwhile, Madame Murphy continued to examine Faith’s sex clinically.

She met Faith’s eyes with a smile. “I suggest we hold off until next Saturday for the auction so that we can get even more money for your virginity.”

“Why do you think we should wait?” Faith asked with a frown. “I want to start earning money as soon as possible.”

“There’s a convention that starts next Saturday, and there’ll be a lot of wealthy men in town. If we wait, you’ll be sure to fetch an even higher price.”

“She certainly would,” Jimmy said with a smirk. “I think that’s a good idea, even if it does mean I have to wait an extra week to fuck her.” Faith narrowed her eyes at him, and he chuckled. “She is a feisty one, boss.”

The madame gave a murmur of agreement. “She sure is. She seems quite responsive too. Look how swollen and sensitive her clit is.”

The older woman brushed her fingers against a certain spot, and it sent shockwaves of pleasure through Faith’s pussy. She did it a second time, and Faith shuddered.

“What are you doing?” Faith squeaked, ending on a moan when the madame brushed that area yet again.

“This sensitive little button is your clit, my dear. Yours is quite prominent and very sensitive. Women who have a clit like yours usually have strong sexual appetites, which is an excellent quality in a whore. Look, boys, just the slightest touch makes her shiver and moan, and just look how wet she’s getting. Our customers are going to love her.”

The two men watched in fascination as the madame fondled her swollen little bud. The woman seemed to know just what to do to stimulate little jolts of pleasure. Faith was helpless to resist the stimulation, and she moaned and writhed on the desk, growing increasingly restless as the older woman stroked her.

“Pinch her nipples harder, boys. I think she likes the pain.”

Faith squealed and squirmed, but she couldn’t escape the men’s strong fingers. They twisted and pinched her nipples hard enough to bring tears to her eyes. But each painful tweak sent a jolt of arousal to her clit, and Faith moaned louder.

The three of them continued to torment her. Faith didn’t understand what was happening as that ache in her lower belly continued to get worse and worse. When she was sweating and panting and it all seemed too intense, the madame squeezed hard on the little nub and sent her over the cliff. Faith cried out and tried to squeeze her thighs together as blissful relief washed over her.

“That’s it, my dear. Very good. Let the pleasure take you.”

When Faith was finally able to catch her breath, she stared up at the three people watching her, and she blushed a deep shade of red.

“Oh my goodness,” she moaned. “What did you just do to me?”

The madame gave a throaty laugh and motioned for the men to release her. They helped her up, and Faith wrapped her arms around her waist, hugging herself protectively.

“We just gave you a little taste of sensual pleasure, my dear. Don’t expect that from your customers. More often than not, they will just take their own pleasure and leave you unfulfilled. Consider yourself lucky if they take the time to satisfy your needs.”

“Does this mean I’m not a virgin anymore?” Faith asked, tears hanging on her thick lashes.

“No, of course not,” the woman assured her. “Your virginity is worth a pretty penny. I intend to auction you to the highest bidder next Saturday night. That is if you still want the job.”

She looked at the younger woman expectantly. Faith swallowed hard and flashed looks at each of the two men in turn. She realized that they had given her just a small taste of what the job would entail. The flogging had been surprisingly arousing, and they had shown her what it felt like to have someone touch her most private parts. If she couldn’t withstand this, there was no way she would make it as a professional whore.

Her conscience was screaming at her to get the hell out of there before she completely abandoned all her morals. But Faith wasn’t interested in listening to that nagging little voice. She desperately needed the money. She was willing to withstand this, and worse, every day if it meant saving her sister and having a chance to pursue her own dreams.

“You mentioned a possible advance. Were you serious about that?” Faith asked.

“Absolutely,” the madame assured her. “You’ll soon learn that I’m a generous woman, but I always expect to be repaid with interest.” She returned to her seat behind the desk and withdrew a small box from one of the drawers. She counted out a stack of bills and held them out toward Faith. “This is three hundred dollars. I know you said you only need two hundred, but since your sister will be travelling alone, I figure it’s better to send her first class. That will be safer for her. And this will also give her a little extra to cover any unforeseen expenses she may encounter.”

When Faith reached to take the money, the madame halted her. She met the younger woman’s eye with a warning frown. “If you accept this money, there is no going back. You will be under contract to me. I will expect you to work until I have been paid a sum of three hundred and fifty dollars, plus the five dollars per day for your overhead. If you’re lucky and you don’t spend all your money on clothes and whiskey, that should only take you a couple of months. But I don’t care how long it takes; you will work hard and without complaint until I’ve been repaid. When we auction off your virginity, I will take fifty percent of the money raised, but the money I keep from the auction doesn’t count toward paying your debt to me. It’s to reimburse me for launching you into this business and helping you build your clientele.”

Faith swallowed hard and then nodded. “All right,” she said, her voice sounding thick.

The madame raised a warning brow. “For the term of your contract, I will own you, and you will do as I say. Part of the service we provide is to keep you safe. We also insist that our customers are clean and free of disease. If they aren’t clean when they arrive, we have them bathe. And if a man gets violent, he is banned from our establishment. Otherwise, the girls are expected to entertain all of our customers, whether you like them or not. I will not tolerate my girls snubbing any of our paying customers, whether they are crude miners or charming gentlemen. As long as you are in my employ, you will also pay me five dollars per day for your room, board, protection, and expenses. That includes the next week leading up to the auction. Even though you won’t be working, I will be preparing and grooming you for the job, and you will owe a daily rate for those days. Once your debt to me is cleared, it will be up to you to decide whether you stay or go.”

The madame took a deep breath before continuing. She looked deep into Faith’s eyes. “There’s still time to turn back, my dear. I know the money is tempting, but I warn you, this life is a hard one. Some men will hurt you. Most will simply use you like a piece of meat. But each and every one of your customers will chip away at your dignity and self respect. This job can easily destroy your soul if you aren’t careful.” She leaned back and sighed. She had done what she could to warn the girl. “You’ve heard my terms. What do you have to say?”

Faith’s heart was pounding in her chest. She was both terrified and hopeful. What she had just endured at their hands hadn’t been as terrible as all that, and some of it had actually been surprisingly pleasurable. If she could just endure another few months of that, both she and her sister could achieve their lifelong dreams. She swallowed hard and reached for the money. “I say that it looks like you’ve just hired yourself a new girl.”

Madame Murphy smiled and shook her hand. “Since you’re determined, let’s make the very best of it. Now, we just need to come up with a name for you. None of my girls use their real names. What do you say, boys? Any idea what we should call her?”

Jimmy once again spoke up. “Since she has that gorgeous red hair, I think you should call her Ruby.”

“Ruby,” Madame Murphy mused. “I like it. What do you say, Ruby?”

Faith slowly nodded her head. “I like it too.”

The madame smiled at her. “I believe this is going to be a profitable venture for both of us, my dear. And if you trust me, I promise that I will get you the best possible price when we put you on auction. But to get such a high price, you’re going to have to stand up in front of a room full of men wearing very little clothing. Men don’t spend money unless they can see what they are buying, so I will insist you show a lot of skin. But by the time I’m finished flaunting your body in front of them, those men will be clamoring for the privilege of claiming your virginity. I won’t be surprised if the bids go as high as two hundred dollars, and of course, half of that would be yours.”

Faith’s eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped. “Really? You think you could get someone to bid two hundred dollars just for one night with me?”

Madame Murphy nodded. “I do. But you’ll have to do your part to earn that much. It will take tremendous courage to be put on display in front of a roomful of lustful men, my dear. And there are no guarantees about who will win the bid. It could be a handsome gentleman or a tough mountain man. Whoever it is, they are going to expect their money’s worth. Do you think you are brave enough?”

Faith took a deep breath to calm her racing heart. She felt all three pairs of eyes on her, and it reminded her that she was still sitting naked before them. She lifted her chin and met the madame’s eye bravely.

“If I can earn as much as you think by flaunting some skin and auctioning off my virginity, then I’ll do it. If I can earn a hundred dollars for my first night, that would go a long way toward paying you back.”

The madame’s eyes twinkled. “I admire your spunk, my dear.” She turned her attention to Jimmy. “Go with her to purchase a train ticket for her sister. Then help her pack her things and bring her back here. We’ve got an auction to prepare for, and if we expect to get top dollar, we’re going to need to prepare. And, Jimmy,” the madame met his eye sternly, “she’s off limits until after the auction.”

Jimmy flashed one of his unrepentant grins as his eyes drifted over Faith’s body. “Don’t worry, boss. I’ll behave myself. But after the auction, I’m going to enjoy our newest girl.”

Faith swallowed with a gulp but didn’t reply. She would never admit it, but the idea of entertaining Jimmy wasn’t nearly as offensive as it had been before she entered the madame’s office. It seemed that she really was a whore.

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  1. Marybeth

    Faith and Hope were raised on a horse ranch and Faith hoped to eventually run the ranch. When the ranch burns down they become orphaned. They move to San Francisco and try to raise the money to go to their aunt in Philadelphia. They are not able to make enough money legitimately. Faith is told that she should become a whore as she would be able to make $10-$12 a night! Faith turns down the offer at first, but then goes to the madame and, after the madame tries very hard to discourage her, she decides to auction off her virginity and start her new life. The madame loans Faith enough money to send her sister to their aunt.

    Eric and Daniel McKenzie are identical twins that share everything. They have arrived in the city for the West Coast Horse Breeders Convention. They usually stay at the brothel where Faith is to be auctioned. Eric buys her for a week to be shared between the brothers.Both brothers are sadists and, luckily, Faith is a masochist. They enjoy each other and spend a lot of time in bed (and on the floor, in the the bath, etc.). Eric is determined that Faith is his ‘one’ and that he will marry her. They learn that Faith has an excellent eye for horseflesh and is a gifted trainer. Eric convinces Faith to marry him and he buys the rest of her contract from the madame. They spend time getting her clothes (and other things) for when they return to their ranch. Eric is also finding that he doesn’t want to share Faith anymore but he doesn’t know how to tell Daniel. There is a HEA for Faith and Eric and we get a sneak peek into the next book.

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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