Their Shy Submissive

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Yvette Pfeifer is bemoaning her fate as the submissive no one wants. She left her family and friends in Florida to work as a receptionist on the exclusive BDSM resort Pleasure Island. There, her deepest hope is that she will find a Dom who will claim her and make her his. Her only problem is her crippling social anxiety; an affliction which makes it hard for her to attend any club or events.

From the moment Deke Estevez and Shep Jackson began working on Pleasure Island as catamaran captains, ferrying guests and supplies to and from Nassau, they have craved the shy, sweet, voluptuous beauty, Yvette. When she agrees to a scene with them one evening after having been stood up at the club, the trio experiences a night of hedonistic pleasure like no other.

Deke and Shep know that Yvette is the woman they’ve always wanted, but they both have past demons which threaten to destroy their budding relationship before it’s even really begun. Can they convince Yvette to be their submissive – not just the night, but for forever?

Publisher’s Note: This short, sexy, ménage novella is part of Anya Summers’ bestselling Pleasure Island series and takes place at the same time as the first book. While we do recommend reading all the titles, it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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Sample Chapter

“Pleasure Island front desk, this is Yvette, how may I help you?” Yvette said for the umpteenth time in the last hour, and her day had barely begun. Most of the guests visiting the island tended to get a late start. Which was fine by Yvette; it gave her mornings that were peaceful, for the most part. When you manned the registration desk at a hotel and resort, there was constant activity. Typically, her mornings were chock full of calls from potential guests wanting to schedule a visit.

New guests to the island didn’t arrive until ten at the earliest each day. One of the boat captains, Shep, Deke, or Derek, would make the first ferry run of the morning at eight—although today, there had been a guest who needed to depart rather early to catch a flight, and they had accommodated his request. It was about an hour’s journey from the island to Nassau to pick up guests and anything else they might need. Then they would return. So Yvette had plenty of time to herself which she only had to share with the occasional early morning guest. She could smell the heavenly biscuits Mrs. Davos liked to cook each day. The yeasty, buttermilk scent filled the lobby. They were the best; Mrs. Davos added a little honey and cinnamon to the batter, and they just melted in your mouth.

Yvette loved it: the fast pace, the need to think quite literally on her feet to accommodate a guest, management, or maintenance, while battling weather conditions, ill patrons, and even the occasional death—which they, thankfully, had not had on the island so far. At the hotel she’d worked in in Florida, however, finding a deceased guest in a room had been a more common occurrence than one might expect.

So far that day, she had scheduled departures on the ferries for four couples, made two dozen reservations, directed an applicant who had arrived on the early ferry up to Master Jared’s office, filled an office supply order, ordered supplies for the maids, and had spoken with the pool staff. It was barely nine in the morning.

Master Jared—the owner of Pleasure Island, a BDSM themed resort for those in the lifestyle—strode into the lobby, his white tank top plastered to his sinuous physique. Yvette didn’t know a submissive who didn’t have the hots for Jared. He was about as sexy as a man had a right to be. If she weren’t so defective when it came to social interactions with men, and Doms in particular, she would have already cast her net for him. As it was, she had the proverbial foot in mouth disease when it came to men she was attracted to. So much so that she almost forgot she had messages for Jared.

“Master J,” Yvette said, stopping him as he walked past the glossy black front desk that was her domain.

“What can I do for you, Yvette lass?” Master Jared said. His voice always carried a hint of Scots brogue. His intense stare made her want to fidget with her pinstripe navy skirt and double check that she was put together appropriately. And that accent made her want to squirm. Yvette didn’t know what it was about his accent, but it was a panty-melter.

She forced herself to redirect her focus to the tasks before her, otherwise Yvette would say something she would regret later—and to her boss, the man who paid her to live at the resort, free from her family’s censure, where she could be who she was. The last thing she wanted to do was muck it up by blurting out, ‘Hey, Master J, I’ve heard through the grapevine that you’re the master of multiple orgasms, and I’d like to take a test drive.’

If she were alone, she’d beat her head against the wall. Yvette had to get a grip. He wasn’t interested in her, and instead, she said, “Your appointment, the interview, is waiting in your office for you.”

“Already?” he asked. He was panting, his breathing heavy from his morning run. She envied the damn sweat coating his ultra-fine form. She’d watched him run along the beach a few times. All the subs on the island had; because their boss was a prime grade A hunk of Dom, whom they liked to watch for the sheer pleasure of masculinity at its finest. There was no harm in looking, and when the specimen was this magnificent, it was damn near a requirement.

“Yes, Sir. She caught Deke’s boat over,” Yvette explained further, and typed something into her computer. If her hands were busy, she wouldn’t say something stupid and reckless that would cost her her job—or more.

“Thanks for letting me know. I’ll see to the interview in a bit.” He gave her a small nod with a grin.

When the man smiled, he transformed from merely handsome to drop dead gorgeous. It caused her brain to go blank. Yvette shivered and glanced away, spying her note. “Oh, and I almost forgot, Jeff wanted you to stop by surveillance.”

Jared saluted her and gave her another grin. Heat suffused her body and she returned his smile.

“I will do that on my way. See you at the club this evening.” His accent was thick and his voice dripping with innuendo.

Yvette couldn’t contain the shiver as it raced along her spine. “Yes, Master J,” she replied. Excitement flooded her veins.

Did he want to do a scene with her tonight? As much as there was a part of her that knew screwing the boss or any of the other employees on the island was a relatively dumb idea, she’d have to be stupid to turn Jared down. She’d heard about his legendary skills. She hadn’t seen them on the island first-hand, but Sherry had definitely been filling all of their ears with his prowess.

She watched him leave, his presence filling the marble lobby. Jared was one impressive Dom, and any sub who caught his eye was a lucky girl indeed. Yvette wanted to pinch herself as he left the lobby. Had that really happened the way she thought? Then the phone rang, spoiling the fantasy building in her mind, and she went back to work.

With a sigh filling her voice, she picked up the black receiver and said, “Front desk, this is Yvette, how may I be of service?”

“Yvette, it’s Shep. Do I have any more passengers for this morning’s ferry run?” His voice sounded like brandy and cigars, and curled pleasurably inside her chest. Master Shep always made her want to fan herself, like her skin was three sizes too small and suddenly the temperature rocketed past a hundred. It resonated inside her as if he was specifically calibrated to charge her gaskets.

Dammit. He wasn’t interested. Get over it, already. Jeesh. Jared had shown interest, and that was a first since Yvette had arrived on the island. She couldn’t hold out hope that Shep would notice her.

“Let me check for you, Sir,” she murmured into the mouthpiece.

Without setting the phone down, she scanned the itinerary of passengers scheduled to depart that day. The list that registration had sent Shep last evening had not changed. Most guests weren’t scheduled to depart until the afternoon. “No, Sir, I don’t have anyone else listed for this morning. Your afternoon trips are booked solid, though.”

“Thanks, I will get underway then.” His baritone resonated and she wished he would invite her. And for more than just a trip to Nassau. As much as she loved Jared’s brogue, Shep’s voice was on another level; it stirred her in elemental ways even she didn’t fully understand.

“Bon voyage, Sir,” Yvette said, wanting to disconnect the call before she did something inherently idiotic and propositioned him.

“Call me if you need anything.” Shep disconnected the line. He was always so abrupt.

And as much as she thought Master Jared was the bees knees, there was something about Master Shep. It was fundamental. He stimulated her with his forthright gazes, but he’d never asked her to do a scene with him at the club. Shep was a bit of a package deal with his partner in crime, the sinfully sexy Master Deke. Yvette could barely imagine having one Dom wanting her, two was a fantasy best left alone. The last thing she wanted or needed in her life was more disappointment. She didn’t need to give life the crow bar to accomplish the job.

She shrugged, trying to pretend it didn’t matter that she had been on the island for three months and still had not had one Dom truly take an interest in her. Instead of examining the whys and wherefores of her ineptitude as a submissive, she immersed herself in her work that day. She didn’t want to trust the hope swimming in her chest, but as the day progressed, it grew.

At last she might finally have a Dom interested in her.


Yvette took her time getting ready for the club. It wasn’t every day that a Master showed any interest in her. Granted, she’d been too scared to wear her employee cuffs since arriving on the island. It was her own fault, she had let her insecurities control her actions. She applied the finishing touches on her make-up. It was a shame, really, that when it came to actually interacting with a Dom, she was about as shy as one could be. That had always been her MO—not just with Doms, but crowds of people in general. As a little girl, she had been so painfully shy she had never even looked up at people, and knew them by their knees alone.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do a scene with a Dom or get to know one. God, did she ever. Her deepest wish was to find the one Dom whom she could belong to, metaphorical warts and all. It had been so long since she had been touched that she wondered if, when a Dom finally did pry her legs open, there would be a plume of dust. She had always been socially awkward as a child and had never really grown out of it. Yvette had forced herself to be better, and she was, but then the anxiety would rear its ugly head at times, tending to cripple her already awkward social interactions. As much as she loved being a submissive, she wasn’t forward.

It didn’t help that her mother, as well meaning as she was, had called yesterday. Again. It had been another attempt to try and convince Yvette to come home and stop what her mother considered an act of rebellion on her part.

As much as she wished it didn’t hurt, her mother’s unwillingness to accept Yvette as she was, instead of how she wanted her to be, had left scars on her psyche.

Yvette had painstakingly made her outward appearance look like she had her act together. She had perfected the ability to walk into a crowded room and conceal that, on the inside, she’d rather be anywhere else. In reality, Yvette far preferred small, one-on-one gatherings, or just being at home alone.

The problem was, a girl couldn’t meet a Dom sitting in her favorite comfy chair and reading. If there was a magical fairy that could drop one in her lap, then Yvette would wish for it. As it was, she was forced to go out and be social. She could do it for work, because that was her job. She was paid to do it, and here, she was paid well.

Yvette liked it on the island. She liked her place. The small, one-bedroom apartment with its hardwood floors and Spanish style influences suited her well, although she did hope that her large four-poster bed would get more of a workout than it had so far. She did long to have a cat, though, someone who wouldn’t care that she didn’t do well in crowds, and who would cuddle with her. It was something she had considered asking Master J about too many times to count but she’d always chicken out. Maybe if he engaged in a scene with her tonight, she’d feel more comfortable asking him for what she wanted.

For the club that night, she’d chosen an outfit that offered easy access for an enterprising Dom. She wore a leather bustier, with a front zipper that displayed her rather ample, double D cleavage. Black, thigh high stockings, with a black leather garter, black thong, and an itty bitty red plaid skirt that left nothing to the imagination, completed the ensemble.

She styled her hair into one long, sleek black ponytail trailing down to her mid-back. If there was one thing she had been blessed with, it was great hair. It was midnight black, thick, and she could style it however she wanted. And it was one of her deepest hopes that, arranged this way, it would entice a certain Master to pull on it.

Her stomach tied itself in knots as she donned her stilettos and headed out her door. Her apartment was on the first floor, but due to the way Master Jared had designed the island residences, she still had a full flight of stairs to contend with. Yvette didn’t mind. She had a stunning view of the Gulf of Mexico right outside her front door. There was a barbeque area and a sand volleyball area nearby, and on the opposite side of the apartment building there was a state-of-the-art fitness center. All the employees had their own golf cart assigned to them, to ferry them around the island. Yvette was no exception and she climbed into hers. She’d hung a pair of fluffy pink cuffs from the rearview mirror to help distinguish hers from everyone else’s vehicle.

As the motor started, she was supremely thankful for the convenience. There was no way she would hike in heels in the humidity and heat through the interior island jungle. Even though there was a lighted path, she wasn’t much of an outdoor girl. Her skin tended to burn to awful shades of pink and red, so she avoided long spells out in the sun. But that didn’t mean the island didn’t have its charm and appeal. She loved it there.

And it would be even better if she could find a Dom who wanted her. Maybe one who would treat her well and wouldn’t tell her she was defective. Yvette parked her cart in the employee section. Shutting off the motor, she curled her hands into fists to try to stop their trembling. The white employee cuffs with the island symbol emblazoned upon them in red stood out even against her pale skin. She gulped in a few deep breaths.

Why was she such a ninny? She could move halfway around the world for a job. Leave her family and everything she knew behind, with hope in her heart that she would find the one Dom who would make her his. But when it came time for her to actually head into a club to be seen and perhaps chosen, she was terrified, and her knees shook so badly she could hardly convince herself to disembark from her cart.

She watched a seagull swoop and dive toward some unseen prey, its squawk piercing the twilight.

You can do this. Master J will see you in this get up and won’t be able to resist. It’s now or never.

With breathless anticipation, she left her cart. Her legs trembled so much her knees nearly buckled. When the elevator doors opened, she forced herself to step inside, and had to remind herself that hyperventilating was not an attractive feature in a sub. The elevator ride was far too short. The small ding announcing the floor sounded, and a shiver raced along her spine.

This was it.

Clutching her small wrist wallet with all her essentials, Yvette stepped off the elevator and into the breach. Music played softly on hidden speakers as she entered. The heavier, metal style music was typically played later in the night. But early on, it was softer, sexier strains like Enya. Doms and subs were already engaged within the club in alcoves and on couches. There was a nice crowd, with more streaming in behind her. This was the premier spot in the evening for all guests and the employees.

She did love it there, loved the way she didn’t have to hide and pretend she was anything other than who she was in her heart; a submissive to her very bones. As she wound her way through people, some guest Doms greeted her and she gave each one a small smile before lowering her gaze out of respect. None of them stopped her. None of them were interested. Even the few she passed who gazed at her with approval didn’t request that she pause her forward progression to discover whether she would like to get to know them for the evening or the night.

Nothing. She had to steady herself, relax the knots in her belly, and continue onward to the bar, hoping that a drink would help her loosen up. Perhaps if she perched herself in open view on a barstool, Master J would spot her more easily.

“What’ll you have?” Sean Davos, who was nearly a decade her junior and considered himself a Dom in training, asked. His chocolate eyes held a wealth of meaning. If she got really desperate, then maybe she would say what the hell.

“Rum and Coke, please,” she murmured.

“Coming right up,” he said, pulling out a glass and scooping ice into it. His movements were trained and almost routine.

“Here you are, love. I’ll put it on your account. If you’re not busy, maybe I could interest you in a session.” Sean winked at her.

She blushed furiously. He was only around twenty and still filling out—although he was doing so rather nicely. “Thanks, I appreciate it.”

Instead of telling him no outright, she hurried off the stool and away from him with her drink in tow. Instead of hiding on a bar stool, she would put herself front and center. She found a corner on one of the couches, and waited near Master Jared’s throne. To calm her nerves, she sipped at her drink and attempted to appear as though she was right where she was supposed to be. He would choose her; she knew it was time. She started to lose herself in a fantasy where she played it so cool, and Master J was so blown away by the way she looked tonight, he would whisk her away to his villa and make mad, passionate love to her—after a naughty session in his private dungeon, of course.

And then she spied him. Yvette inched toward the edge of her seat. This was it. She just knew it had to be.

Jared walked right past her. He didn’t even glance in her direction. Was she that invisible? Maybe he had just missed her. And then she followed his line of sight. It was intimately trained on the island’s newest acquisition, Naomi. There was such unbridled lust in his gaze, directed at the new maid, Yvette knew she couldn’t hope to compete with that.

Why had she even bothered? It really was useless. No Dom wanted her, and she didn’t really understand why. She did everything right. She dressed the part, she never spoke up or corrected a Dom.

Her hopes, the unrequited dream she had built in her mind, were dashed into smithereens before they even had the chance to fully form. She’d been such a fool. She should have known by now that she just didn’t interest Doms—or men in general, for that matter. It didn’t matter what she wore or how well she comported herself, they were never interested in her. Maybe it was the fact that while she was submissive and adored sex on the wild side, she wasn’t forward about it. She didn’t throw herself at a Dom.

Maybe it was all the romances she had read. But she wanted to be swept off her feet, both metaphorically and literally. She wanted a Dom to want her as she was, and not try to change her into someone else to fit his ideals. Was it so wrong that she wanted to be wanted? She wanted the white knight to charge in and then take her to his dungeon to do all manner of naughty things with her.

But that was a fairy tale. In real life, in her world, there was no white knight, there was only disappointment and disillusionment. She did it to herself every time. She would think a Dom was interested, only to realize they must have been looking right through her.

She nursed her drink, tears in her eyes at her own foolishness. Yvette was contemplating her stockings and wondering if she just wasn’t cut out for the lifestyle when not one but two pairs of male legs clad in leather appeared in front of her.

She looked up and then up some more, over firm, bare chests, and then her jaw nearly dropped through the floor.

17 reviews for Their Shy Submissive

  1. Redrabbitt

    Yvette Pfeifer has been employed at Pleasure Island for about three months. She takes care of the front desk, handling issues with guest, making schedules, taking phone calls. When it comes to her job, she is outgoing and appears to be an extrovert. When it comes to her personal life, she is the complete opposite, withdrawn, shy, and suffers social anxiety. Her one dream is to have a D/s relationship.

    Deke and Shep both handle running guest and supplies on their catamarans between Pleasure Island and Nassau. They have been friends for years, and both enjoy topping a sub together and have their eye on Yvette. The problem is, in the three months she has been on the island, she has never made herself available. What a pleasant surprise to go into the BDSM club on the island and she is wearing her employee cuffs. They see this as their perfect opportunity and take advantage of it.

    The plot will have Deke Shep, and Yvette scening together at the club, and then they take her back to one of the boats for the night. What happens when she wakes up, and then slips out of bed and away from her men? Yvette comes with baggage leftover from a poor Dom who was great with verbal abuse, having affected her self-esteem. Deke and Shep have their own baggage, but something that together they have been able to tackle and keep above water.

    The story will show that we are all human, all prone to mistakes, all needing forgiveness. One mishap will cause much pain for these three, but can they forgive and more forward or will this end their relationship? The story has explicit sex scenes including several m?nage scenes.

  2. lillie1922

    I reviewed an advance reader copy voluntarily of this book. Another addition to the Pleasure Island series. This Yvette’s story. She runs the front desk at the resort and dreams of being submissive to a strong man who will love her forever. She doesn’t think a Dom will ever want her, but the ferry captain%u2019s, Shep and Deke, want her. They have watched her since she came to the island. Earning someone’s trust is not easy, but all 3 are trying. Hot sex, spanking, anal.

  3. Rhonda

    Sexy BDSM novella

    What a great addition to the Pleasure Island series. After months on the island Yvette finally puts on her cuffs signaling she is ready to play. It’s the signal Deke and Shep have been waiting for from the little sub. The chemistry between the 3 of them was off the charts. Their road is a little bumpy but well worth the ride.

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  4. JigsawGirl

    The thing that I liked about this book was that both Doms were as flawed as their sub. On occasion, I have read about a Dom who is near perfect and he is going to come along and fix the sub.

    Both Shep and Deke had demons they were fighting, and were more than willing to love her and help Yvette fight her issue. I liked seeing her strength in helping Shep, no matter the cost and bringing the threesome together.

    The scene at the very end was a new one on me. I was trying to figure out the logistics in my minds eye. Lol.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy.

  5. Lalaland

    This is the third outing of the Pleasure Island series which tells the story of Yvette Pfeifer the receptionist. Yvette is very confident and organised in her professional life and always cool under pressure and by using her ability to produce this professional facade, she is able to hide the fact that she is in fact, very shy and has absolutely no self confidence whatsoever. Yvette longs to have a Dom of her very own who will take care of her and make all her dreams come true. Deke and Shep are the two sailors who ferry guests, staff and supplies back and forth to the island from Nassau and they have often topped subs together, in fact, as friends with difficult pasts they come as a package deal, always supporting each other when their past mistakes affect their present. One night in the club Yvette is wearing her employee cuffs which indicates that she is open to scening with a Dom and Deke and Shep who have always fancied her are happy to spend an incredible night with her. Of course, Yvette with her usual lack of self esteem thinks that it will just be the one night and leaves before they can kick her out, this of course, makes Deke ad Shep mad and they decide to punish her when they have done their daily routine runs to Nassau. From then on the story develops and we see that all three have demons that need exorcising. This third story in the Paradise Island series was okay and quite entertaining. I am a fan of Ms Summers but I can’t help feeling a bit let down by these stories. They need something more tangible to make them real, rather than one hot erotic scene after another I would like a bit more substance. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  6. Margaret Corcoran

    I loved this sweet BDSM story and definitely give it 5 stars. It’s a story about three ordinary people who work at Pleasure Island. The characters are real and human. It could be any of us! The scenes are hot and sexy and the interaction between the characters honest. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  7. Goldie Nut

    This is a great book. Yvette is very shy when it comes to owning up to being a submissive. She finally has the courage to go to the bdsm
    club on pleasure island. Yvette works as a front desk clerk and is wanting something new. Enter Master Deke and Shep that also work
    at the same island. They claim her as theirs and the rest is too much to tell.

  8. Tiffany

    As someone who is often shy and frequently worries that I’ve made some kind of huge mistake socially, I really connected with the heroine and I would say that she was was fleshed out quite nicely. On the other hand, I didn’t really connect with the two heros very much. It felt like they had some deep issues with previous addictions but the knock on effect of those issues seemed to be glossed over. It almost felt like those issues were added in order to make for a more tense plot line rather than for character development. Nevertheless, this was a sweet read and fairly quick. I’d recommend it if you enjoy a menage a troi or like having a shy heroine.

    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  9. Toni L

    I love this author & am reasonably certain that every read is going to be good. That said, the last couple for me have kind of missed the mark (while still being great), but this book lifts it back up. It’s shorter than they usually are & the ending felt a bit rushed, but the relationship between the 3 was wonderful. Looking forward to more.

  10. susan landowski

    This is a good spin-off series. I especially like this story line because both the Doms and the submissive have deep emotional issues and they counterbalance each other to eventually for a strong unbreakable bond. This story is emotional, erotic and characters and plot keep one moving forward and entertained. I highly recommend you read this book.

  11. Hope W

    Pleasure Island is a wonderful spin off series in which the author always writes characters that reach deep within the readers. Yevette is insecure, socially awkward, and has family issues. Deke and Shep are two alpha males who see past this and want to be her Doms’. However, both Deke and Shep also struggle with their own past issues. The three of these characters form a great union with all of this triad helping each other to overcome their pasts to form a strong bond. The story included desire, intense erotic scenes, deep emotions, friendships, fun, lust, and love. The only part that I found off in this book was that the ending seemed to be rushed and unfinished. I hope to see more of these characters in future books that will answer the questions I found unfinished. Overall I highly recommend this wonderful novella! I voluntarily reviewed and advanced reader copy of this book.

  12. Molly Friis

    This is the third book in this spin off series all have been great and you definitely don’t need to read anything in order each book is a stand alone. For this adventure Yvette is starting to lose hope that any of the Doms on the island like her. She has been working their for about three months and has yet to have any of them approach her. Until she realizes that she has never worn her wrist bands signaling that she would like to be approached. No sooner does she put them on then she gets propositioned by not one but two handsome hunks. Funnily enough the same two that she has been eyeing for the last three months. Yvette, Deke, and Shep all have their own issues to work through but can they all work through them together? It’s very interesting watching them work through it.

  13. Susan Kirkland

    Has it already been three months that Yvette has been on the island and worked at the BDSM club? She finally puts on her cuffs to say she’s available and not one but two doms approach her. Shep and Deke love her and though they have their own issues they help Yvette with their unconditional love. I really enjoyed the interaction between the 3 and hope that the next book lets you into their lives as a threesome.

  14. lani

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for an honest review. This is a short novella in the Pleasure Island series. If you like erotica with a little BDSM then this is the story for you. It%u2019s, essentially, one long sexual escapade with very little else. The characters aren%u2019t super interesting or engaging, but the sex is graphic and well written.

  15. T M

    This could have been a five-star book, but I saw a similar theme in one aspect of the book as was in a previous book in the series. However, this is still a really good novella. It was surprising to see the heroine in this way, but Ms. Summer’s pulled it off smoothly.

  16. Annmaree

    Fantastic book loved ever second of it. I was lucky enough to read a copy from ARC. Highly recommend this book 1girl 2guys with issues girl not sure why no one asks here to participate reason not wearing bracelets. When she does they bounce and then miss understand and then well I will let you find out. Great read.

  17. Kitty Ranma

    Short and steamy.
    Anya never disappoints. I look forward to reading more of this, I want to say more about this story but I absolutely hate spoilers, so I won’t go into details. I wish we could give half stars everywhere, I’d have given this a 4 1/2 stars.
    Reasons I enjoyed this book:
    Happily Ever After, Wonderful characters, Page-turner, Great world building, Unpredictable, Easy-to-read, Entertaining, Sexually Action-packed, Steamy.
    adult, angst, bdsm, club, contemporary, dom-sub, island, menage, romance, series, short, spanking.
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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