The Vampire’s Ball

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When Gregor the vampire goes out looking for a date to The Vampire’s Ball, he finds himself torn between two lovers instead. On the one hand, there’s the mature and submissive Regina, and on the other, there’s the brash young Philippa. Can he tame them both with spanking, or will they drive him crazy before he ever even gets to the ball?

Sample Chapter

Chapter One

“Regina,” I told my minion, “I have to find a date for the Vampires’ Ball.”

“Go pick up some woman from the village,” she answered (a little testily, I must admit).

“No,” I told her. “She has to be someone really special, someone none of the others has ever met before.”

“Then we must travel to the capital, for everyone knows these dreary village women.”

“Well, then, make the preparations. And make sure you put me in a nice box this time. The last one gave me splinters.”

With that, Regina padded off to go pack our things and prepare a box for our journey to the capital.

It wasn’t truly a very long journey. We could easily make it in one night, but I also had to search for a woman, and that would take some time. It wasn’t worth taking a chance. Besides, what would Regina do if I were incinerated? She loves me dearly, and all the other vampires already have minions.

“Oh, Regina. That reminds me,” I said, when I saw her next. “Isn’t it nearly the full moon? Don’t forget to remind me to feed. I’ve been thirty-three already and I didn’t relish the age. I like this age, and I don’t want to regress any further.”

“Don’t worry, Master. I’d never let you regress.”

I was about forty when I was turned, and it was sort of a hit-and-run affair. The thing was never explained to me properly at the time, that vampires can ? and will ?age backwards unless they’re fed within a week of the full moon. It wasn’t until I looked in the mirror one day (and yes, you foolish mortal, we can see our reflections. How do you think I get my hair so perfect?) that I noticed all my gray hair and wrinkles were gone. I come from a long line of youthful-looking middle-aged people, so I hadn’t a lot, it’s true, but I did have some, and suddenly they were gone.

I also noticed when I fed frequently enough, it seemed to stop time and I neither aged nor regressed.

I was enlightened at my very first ball, to which I, like Cinderella, went alone.

Since I didn’t know anyone there, being announced at the ball was rather nerve-wracking for me, but I walked in with my head held high. I wore a proper set of tails with a flashy white waistcoat made of satin and embroidered with gold. My shoes were shiny and my scarlet evening cloak was made of velvet. I may not have had any friends there, but what I did have was poise and address. The other vampires surrounded me at once and brought me forward to meet the countess who hosted the ball each year.

I was in luck. The countess was very kind, and the other vampires, seeing her kindness, took me under their wings, so to speak. Not only did they befriend me, but they also explained the facts of this age regression thing to me.

And they supplied me with a human partner.

“Think nothing of it,” said the countess. “I always have a few spares.”

And so, I was introduced to my lovely Regina, who has become a loyal and trustworthy minion, even if she is a bit long in the tooth these days.

No matter.

I have promised to turn her at her very next birthday, which is but six months away. I figure I can bag a date for the ball and still have plenty of time afterwards to train up the new one to be my next minion.

“You shall be a countess,” I tell her, when she starts to grumble about her lowly status. I say this because I assumed the title of the man I killed and took his castle. It’s sufficiently creepy to keep most people out, but we do have trouble with teens and ghost hunters from time to time.

Regina tries to be content with this answer, but I’m not sure she really is, the poor girl, so I try to be extra kind to her when she seems down. “You’ll make a marvelous vampire,” I tell her. “And you’re excellent at waltzing. Why, I’ve not had such a fine partner since the minion I had in 1840.”

“Then why cannot I be your partner to the ball?”

“Minion, Regina. We’ve got to have another minion before I can change you, else we’ll have no one to take care of us.”

“Yes, Master Gregor.”

“Good. Now be a good girl and help me out of this coffin.”

Now, many people think we have to sleep in coffins, but the truth is, we do not. The reason we do it is because they’re virtually air tight, which means that light cannot get in, either. That means that if an intruder ever comes and breaks down the door and lets light into this room, it cannot harm me.

Regina is very careful, though, I must admit. She’s the absolute best minion a man could ever ask for, and I, too, am impatient for her birthday so I can turn her. That she loves me I have no doubt, but the fact is, I love her, too. There is something really attractive about her, and I’ve always been drawn to her, especially when she was younger. ?

I’ve never told her this, since I am her master and have to treat her in the vein of a father who’s fond of his child, but as a companion, she cannot be surpassed. She is polite, a good conversationalist, and like I told her, an excellent dancer. She’s sweet and kind and very, very attentive, and she’s still extremely pretty, her black hair bound by a piece of ribbon, her dark eyes so quick and expressive. She fills my lonely hours with laughter and willingly does anything I ask of her.

Finding her replacement will not be easy. So many women these days are lazy and ill natured. It is these whose necks I would gladly snap, if I were that kind of a vampire. Instead, I have to settle for spanking them, the way I’ll have to spank the new girl, even if she turns out to be malleable.

I even had to spank Regina while she was in training (and still do, from time-to-time.)

I decided to go out and start searching for a new girl that very night.

We hadn’t the problem of Prohibition here in Europe, so there was no need to hide our nightclubs or use silly hidden entrances. Nevertheless, I touched down in the alley behind The Palais.

I heard music inside, and I dusted myself off, shot my cuffs and raked back my hair, which was messy after the flight. Feeling dapper again, I left the alley and went out to the front door.

There were lots of pretty girls there, but most of them had escorts. I found a place near the front, where there were two girls alone and I could see the show.

One girl was complaining to the other in a voice that was louder than necessary.

“He’s a bastard,” she was telling her friend. “What are you going to do? Just sit there and let him stand you up like this?”

“I don’t even like him,” said the friend, a gorgeous little blonde.

“We should do something,” said the first girl.

“Just forget it, Mary Jane.”

“No one treats my friend like this and gets away with it.”

“Madam, shh,” I told her, as tired of hearing her nasal whine as her friend was.

She fell into an abrupt silence, and then she got up and went to the ladies’ room. The blonde sat tight, and when her friend was gone, she apologized for her.

“Did I hear right?” I asked the girl. “You were stood up?”

“Yes.” She blushed. “I should’ve known.”

“May I buy you a drink?”

“Sure. Won’t you join us?”

I nodded and moved my own drink to sit beside her. She was slim and pretty, with a glittering bandeau around her head with feathers curling out of the side of it.

“My name’s Gregor, by the way.”


“Now, why should you have known your date wouldn’t show up?”

“I don’t know, because he’s scum.”

“An ill-mannered young hound, eh?”

“Good-looking, but yes.”

Just then, her friend returned with a dark-haired fellow, one with a lot of muscles and a very thick neck. They sat close and kissed, barely paying any attention to us at all.

“Don’t mind Mary Jane,” she whispered. “She’s a little… fast.”

“I see that. Are you uncomfortable? Would you like to go somewhere else?”

“All right.”

I collected her wrap from the coatroom girl and helped her into it.

She smiled up at me in a confiding manner. “You know what? I’m starting to be glad he stood me up.”

“Me, too. Come.”

We left the building, her hand in mine. I led her around back and pulled her into the mouth of the alley, pressing her up against the brick wall and kissing her. I held her in thrall for several minutes before I gave her the suggestion to sleep. She started to swoon so I caught her, and then I pulled her close enough to pick her up and carry her off. She was light and easy to carry, and I flew her back to my castle.

Once there, I brought her to Regina’s bedroom. She was at the vanity brushing her hair when I kicked the door open and laid the girl down on her bed. She stopped in mid-stroke and set the hairbrush down. “Who’s this?” she asked, circling around to stand next to me.

“This is our new minion,” I told her. “Come on. Let’s get these clothes off of her.”

We stripped the girl down, removing her shoes and her glittering sequined gown.

“She’s very pretty, no?” said Regina, pulling off the girl’s long, white opera gloves. She’d lost her feathered bandeau during the flight, but no matter. Regina handed me the gloves and I set them aside as Philippa lay there in her chemise on the soft, ruffled bed.

As she came to, Regina and I stood over her, watching. Her eyelids fluttered and opened and I smiled. “Well, good morning, Philippa.”

She looked at both of us, and then she glanced around the room, her brow furrowed. “Where am I?”

“You’re in my castle,” I told her.

“What am I doing here?”

“Becoming our minion.”

She sat up suddenly, as if she would argue with me. “What if I don’t want to become your minion?” she asked me.

I sighed and straightened up, pacing the floor a little. “Ah. Then we have a problem,” I told her.

She made a frightened noise in the back of her throat and looked at me, her glance wary. “Who are you, anyway?”

“I am Gregor DiNardo Dacia, Count Rucar. Are you hungry, my dear?”

She nodded. “A little.”

My glance met Regina’s. “Regina, my dear, please find our visitor something to wear, and then take her to the dining room and feed her. I’m afraid we haven’t much at this time of night, Philippa. Roasted meat, a few vegetables, but Regina will take good care of you. Go with her.”

I watched as the women went off together. Things were off to a good start.

When I joined them in the grand dining hall a little while later, they were getting acquainted over a joint of cold beef and a bottle of wine, a candelabra sitting on the table between them. Philippa seemed to have accepted that she was our ‘guest’, and was going along with it so far.

When Regina saw me, she made a quick gesture and stood up, indicating to the new girl that she should follow suit. Philippa also stood up, and I went to the head of the table to my usual seat. She came to sit beside me at my left hand.

She was wearing one of Regina’s dresses, which was a little too big on her, but no matter. She’d soon have some of her very own. Besides, too big or not, it looked charming on her.

“Thank you, Philippa,” I said, pleasantly surprised by her cooperation. My glance met Regina’s and she looked very hopeful. “Please, have a seat. Did you get all that you wanted to eat?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Then let’s talk about what a minion does, and that is, whatever her master ? or mistress ? asks of her.”

She looked down at her hands, folded neatly in her lap. “You’re to be my master, then?”

“Yes, my dear. I’m afraid so.”

“And I’m to be your slave?”

“I wouldn’t put it quite like that,” I said. “More like an apprentice, actually.”

She had an unhappy expression on her face and I reached over the table and held out my hand. She glanced up at me and took it.

“Here’s the thing,” I told her. “You may leave here if you like, but you’ll have to make up your mind tonight. And once you’re gone, there’s no coming back.”

The girl sat back in her chair, thinking hard.

“Think about where you came from,” Regina added helpfully. “Is it a place you really want to go back to?”

Their glances met, and Philippa thought for a moment before shaking her head. “If you put it that way, no. There’s nothing for me there. My mother died last year and all I’ve got is a lousy little room in a boarding house. That outfit I was wearing tonight is my only good thing.”

“It’s not bad here,” said Regina. “Plenty of free time, a nice room, pretty clothes. I quite like it, myself.”

“There is one thing,” I told Philippa.

“And what’s that?”


Her eyes grew wide. She set down her wineglass, staring blankly. I had to do something to snap her out of it, so I tipped up her chin and made her look at me. “Tell me, Philippa, my dear. Have you ever been spanked before?”

“By my mother a few times.”

“But by a man?”

“No,” she said, shaking her head regretfully. “I grew up without a father.”

“Then there’s no time like the present,” I told her. “You shall be spanked directly after dinner.”

“But why?”

“As part of your training. And if you decide not to stay after that, I’ll let you go and fly you back to where I found you. If, however, you decide to stay, you’ll learn to serve me and, later on, Regina.”

“Wait,” she told me. “I have one question. What are you?”

“Surely you’ve guessed by now? I am a vampire.”

I watched her closely. She didn’t seem overly alarmed by the news, so I took that as a good sign. After dinner, I led the way to the drawing room, where we could all be comfortable. I sat down on the nearest sofa and pulled Philippa to sit on my lap, while Regina settled herself nearby.

I felt Philippa trembling and I smiled at her. “Don’t be afraid. It won’t hurt much.”

“Yes, M?”

“That’s right. Say it. Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

“First let’s discuss what I hope to accomplish with this spanking. This spanking, my dear, is to accustom you to life as my new minion. Always with a new minion, there is a period of adjustment, a time when she’s getting to learn what I like and what I dislike.”


“Ask Regina. Even she’s had to be spanked a few times, but if you’re a good girl and pay close attention, you’ll soon learn the ropes and the spankings will dwindle.”

She shot a glance at Regina, who managed to look proud but embarrassed.

“Well?” I asked her. “What do you say?”

She shrugged, and then our glances met. “I don’t know,” she told me. “I don’t suppose it will kill me.”

“It won’t.”

She nodded ever so slightly and I pulled her around and down to lie across my lap. She went willingly enough, but I heard her whimper. I pulled up the soft chiffon skirt and the satin chemise underneath, unveiling her matching panties.

“What a pretty little bottom you have, Philippa. I shall enjoy spanking it.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Then let’s begin.” I spanked her a few times over her panties, but I’ve always hated doing it over their clothes, so I pulled them down to her thighs. “Here are the rules,” I told her. “When I ask you a question, I want it answered. Not just now, but always.”

“Yes, Master.”

“And you’re to treat us with respect at all times.”

She didn’t say anything, so I started up again, my hand coming down sharply over her smooth, pale skin. She flinched a little, but she didn’t struggle or cry out.

“My third rule,” I said, smacking her bottom as I spoke, “is that I expect to be obeyed. Always.”

“Yes, Master,” she gasped.

Her bottom was heating up and turning pink, and I lifted one of her cheeks to get a better shot at her sit spot. She kicked up her foot, so I did the other, and then I stopped spanking her. I ran my hand over her skin, remembering Regina’s very first spanking. She was brave and let me carry on for quite some time, admitting that it was still better than the countess’s dungeon.

“I can’t think of any other rules just now, but if something comes to mind, I’ll let you know.”

Philippa nodded her head, and I guess she thought we were done, because she started to get up, but I kept her there and began spanking her again, aiming for a particular shade of pink. She squirmed around, but never tried to stop me. I hit her a few times particularly hard to see how much she could take, and all she did is cry out, once for each swat. There was none of the sobbing and begging that I had expected from her.

Finally, when I got to the shade of pink I wanted, I stopped.

Philippa was breathing hard, and I kept her over my lap until she was calm again. “Do you like being cuddled after a spanking?” I asked her.

“I don’t know,” she told me. “I’ll try it.”

So I sat her on my lap and drew her into my embrace. She laid her head on my shoulder and waited.

“You were a good girl during your spanking. Very well behaved.”

“Thank you.”

“I see you need some new dresses and things. Tomorrow, you and Regina can go into town and go shopping.”

She lifted her head and stared into my eyes.


“Certainly. Spare no expense. Now give me a kiss and get up.”

She reached up to kiss me on the cheek, but I turned my head at the last second and made her kiss me on the lips.

She had sweet, soft lips, and I slid my tongue between them. Her breath still tasted of wine from dinner and I kissed her for a moment or two and let her go. “Very nice,” I told her. “You’re a good kisser.”

“Thanks, Master.”

“Go on now. I have some thinking to do.”

* * *

Philippa went to bed early, due to not being used to late nights. Once I was sure she was asleep, I went to Regina’s room to talk to her. “What did Philippa think after her spanking?” I asked her.

“I don’t know,” Regina replied. “She was sort of embarrassed, I guess, but she didn’t complain.”

“Yes, she took it rather well, didn’t she? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she likes to be spanked.”

“I would think so, too.”

“Well, we’ll play more tomorrow and see which way the wind blows.”

The next day, after their shopping expedition, I called for her. When she arrived, I put her over my knee at once.

“What for?” she asked. “I didn’t even do anything.”

“A master doesn’t need a good reason,” I told her. “Just because is good enough for me.”

“Are you going to spank me with your hand?”

“Yes. I think that will be sufficient, don’t you?”

“I don’t know. I was kind of hoping you’d give me a real spanking, just to see what it’s like.”

Regina laughed, despite herself. “What do you want? The hairbrush?”

“If that’s what he uses on you.”

“Yes, when he’s really cross at me for something.”

“Well, then,” I told Regina. “The hairbrush it shall be.”

She turned on her heel and went upstairs to fetch her heavy, flat hairbrush. I didn’t know what Philippa was expecting, but what she was going to get was a bruised, well-spanked bottom.

She was fidgeting over my lap, and I told her to be still. A moment or two later, Regina returned, bearing the punishing, hard hairbrush.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” I asked her.

“Yes. I want to know what the worst will be so I won’t be frightened of it.”

“You may have trouble sitting for a while.”

“Can we just get this over with?” she asked. “I have some things to unpack.”

“As you wish,” I told her, and began.

It was just as I suspected, and she didn’t struggle very hard until I turned up the heat and pushed her, pushed her harder than I’d pushed her the night before, just to test her boundaries. Instead of crying, she quickly went into her headspace.

I let her enjoy it for a time, and then finally, I stopped.

When I stood her up, she was a little woozy and unsteady on her feet. I didn’t say anything or try to cuddle her. Instead, I just let Regina lead her away.

What strange creatures mortal women were. I thought back over the century before I became a vampire. I’d been flogged a few times as a boy, but to my recollection, I’d hated them, every one.

Even Regina seemed to hate to be spanked.

How, then, did this one enjoy it?

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4 reviews for The Vampire’s Ball

  1. sandy (verified owner)

    I like the story
    But I do feel there was need for more spankings
    The ending was so very abrupt

  2. sandy (verified owner)

    I like the story
    But I do feel there was need for more spankings
    The ending was so very abrupt

  3. JK

    This was a really interesting vampire story! I loved how the vampires had “minions”, and how they dealt with them. The story was pretty short, but between our Vampire, Regina and Philippa, it sure kept me reading!

  4. JK

    This was a really interesting vampire story! I loved how the vampires had ???minions??, and how they dealt with them. The story was pretty short, but between our Vampire, Regina and Philippa, it sure kept me reading!

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