The Supplicant

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Desperate to save her home and the memories inside…

After the loss of her husband, Arden has struggled to make ends meet.

When an opportunity presents itself, she gets involved with Loch Frazier, a filthy rich software genius extraordinaire. A man who doesn’t believe in the kind of love Arden had spent her entire life surrounded by.

With a way out of her money woes, will she be able to let go of her beloved in order to sleep with a man whose sole interest in her has nothing to do with love?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance includes elements of power exchange.


Sample Chapter



and I thought he was going to pound me right through the mattress and the floor beneath it! I was seriously worried I was going to end up crashing down into the apartment beneath. Wouldnt that give old Mrs. Kingston something to talk about? 

Her best friend nudged her ribs hard with her elbow, but it was all Arden could do to keep from blushing. She wasnt at all sure she was able to pull it off, and she knew that the sight of her pink cheeks would only egg Sylvia on. 

But then I guess you can tell what a great time I had with him by the fact that Im still walking funny two days later. 

Everyone else was laughing uproariously at that and offering their own lurid stories of their weekend conquests. Everyone except Arden, who was quietly happy not to have anything to contributeespecially since that was the moment he decided to make his appearance, with that deep, rumbling baritone that disturbed her moreand in more waysthan she cared to admit. 

He made her tremble in a way that only one other man in her life had, and she found that wholly unacceptable and annoying in the extreme, blaming him as much as she did herself for her reaction. 

He wasnt even mad to find them therefar from it. She almost wished he was, it would be easier to understand and cultivate a dislike of him if he was an asshole. 

Good morning, everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. 

Loch Frazier, head of the ever-expanding empire of Frazier, Inc., practically had to duck through the door into the break room where his employees had gathered to chat and grab coffee before starting work. Greeting each of them by name as he made his way through the blatantly admiring sea of them, he asked after them and their familiesflawlessly remembering the names of their significant others, their children or parents or whatever their hobbies were and managing, somehow, to sound as if he actually cared about each one of them as he did so. 

At least, thats what they thought. His employees were true devotees of what could only be called his cult of personality. Somehow, he managed to inspire a deep, abiding loyalty in people. Many of them had been with him from the startfrom when hed been working on his software from a tiny room in his tiny apartment. And, although he was also known by his detractors as a slave driver, he had made sure that those who had stuck with himthrough what was, in the beginning, thin and thinwere amply rewarded for their work and their fealty to him once the company began to turn a profit. 

In fact, he was far from the only multi-millionaire to have arisen from the computer and marketing genius he had shown in building his business. Those who had left his employin his good graceshad done so with large, lucrative severance or retirement packages that included both stock, which continued to split in a truly meteoric rise, as well as health care benefits for those retiring that were the envy those who had left larger companies that showed considerably less tangible concern for their former employees. 

Unfortunately, Arden had never understood what it was about him that held so many peoplepeople she considered to be relatively intelligentin rapt adoration of him. If anything, she preferred to avoid him, if at all possible. In fact, just the sight of him made her uneasy enough thatas soon as she caught sight of himher cheeks blushing even brighter red for some unknown reason at the idea that he had probably overheard what Syl had said. She kept her eyes carefully averted from him, sliding off the counter she was sitting on and grabbing her purse, intending to escape as quickly as possible, saying, And thats my cue to leave this den of iniquity. 

To her horror, Loch stopped in his tracks at her words, staring down at her and murmuring, his voice having the same effect on her as if they were alone and he was whispering it into her ear, You neednt go because of me, Ms. Valenti. 

She smiled nervously up at him, looking down again quickly and heading towards the door. Thank you, Mr. Frazier, but, since Im not an employee, Ill let you get to work. 

He smiled and it was a disgustingly pleasant thing to behold. Well, youre welcome here any time. 

Thank you. 

She would have ducked out, but Syls voice bellowed from the back of the room, caused her to stop before she was able to make a clean getaway. Remember, its Feed a Starving Artiste night. General Tso and I will be over at seven. You have Netflix fired up and well catch up on Luke Cage. Have plenty of drool towels around, please. She didnt bother to suppress a sexual shiver at the thought that embarrassed Arden yet again. 

Okay. Have a great day, everyone! She was very aware of how squeaky her voice sounded and equally as glad that no one could see how red her face was as she accidentally caught Lochs eye and he set her heart to racing at a dangerous pace when he very slowly, very deliberately winked at her. 


Chapter One 



The music was so loud that her ears hurt, and she could feel the bass literally vibrating beneath her feet and up her legs. The crush of people was suffocating, but having claimed a large table for their group helped a bit to keep the masses at bay. The rest of the groupminus one big hunk in particularwere on the dance floor, gyrating wildly to the beat that was rapidly giving her a headache. She felt like a stick in the mudand knew she was acting like one, toobut shed claimed a chair that faced the dance floor and the stage, and she wasnt going to give it up until she decided to leave. 

Which, she determined, was at least an hour from now, if she was going to appear even slightly polite. They hadnt even gotten to gift giving yet, and it was Syls birthday bash she was attending. She could hardly duck out early without insulting her best friend, even if the only man to whom she’d had any kind of reaction in agesnegative or positivewas sitting across the table from her. Hed been eying her all evening, only somewhat covertly, but she had no doubt that she was right, since every time he so much as glanced her way, every inch of her skin seemed to come alive in a very disconcerting way. 

She did clean up reasonably well, she supposed, even if she was in the only nice outfit she owned. Most of her clothes were ancient jeans and t-shirts, all decorated in various shades of paint spatters that never seemed to come out, no matter how often she washed them, but then, she had never much been into dressing to impress. Luckily, in her profession, that kind of thing didnt matter much, and the love of her life couldnt have cared less what she was wearing. The less, the better, as he would have said, in fact, waggling his eyebrows lasciviously at her and probably twirling a fake, Snidely Whiplash mustache at her. 

Putting her head down, Arden tried ruthlessly to squelch the direction her brain automatically went into stem the tide of tears that flooded her eyes at the merest fleeting thought of him, of the whole world shed lost when shed lost him. 

And, by concentrating so hard she blotted out everything and everyone else around her for a long moment, in a manner shed had to learn the hard wayfor self-preservationshe did manage not to let those tears overflow, blinking them back until they were gone. 

But when she raised her head again, proud of herself for not having given in to the overwhelming wave of grief, she realized that Mr. Frazier was no longer sitting across from her, but rather had takennot one of the seven other unoccupied seats, but rather, the one right next to where she was sitting. The imposing sight of him surprised her, and she couldnt prevent herself from starting a bit. 

Of course, hoping a man like that wouldnt notice her small movement was entirely too much to ask from an unforgiving universe. 

Im sorry. I didnt mean to startle you, but I hate shouting across the table and I did ask if it was all right. 

Arden was sure he had. Hed probably asked when she was preoccupied wrestling with her own feelings, and when shed bowed her head, hed taken that as her assent. 

There wasnt really a graceful way to get out of it now, either. She could hardly get up and move away from him, she supposed, without appearing to be downright impolite. Although it might be interesting to see if he followed her around the table if she did, she mused, in a sort of perverse, adult version of musical chairs. 

No, its fine, she lied blithely. I just was off in my own head for a moment. Sorry. 

No need to apologize. Please dont let me make you feel uncomfortable. 

It wasnt quite an offer to move, but then she didnt know if she would have taken him up on it if he had. She didnt want to be thought ofespecially by him, for some unfathomable reasonas a ninny. 

Although I have a feeling that this entire evening is making you feel uncomfortable, so me sitting next to you should barely register, he continued astutely. 

The problem was that he was dead onshe hated this kind of place, but it was in Syls blood. She might have been in her mid-thirties for the third year, but she hadnt slowed down a bit. 

Arden, on the other hand, had never once sped up in any way in her forty-plus-too-many yearsshe had never been able to match her best friends pace and had long since stopped trying. 

But worse than that, he was dead wrong about him not being a blip on her radar, because all kinds of klaxons were going off at his nearnessnot just in her head, which she could have dealt with much more easily. But in her body, too, as if they had decided to join forces against her. 

It had been almost four years since her life had endedwell, that was what it felt like, anyway, even to this daysince the dearest man in the worlda man who, though he certainly had been up close and personal with her foibles for the past fifteen odd years of marriage, thought she could walk on water and nail Jell-O to wallshad left her. 

Frowning fiercely, she chastised herself for thinking of it that way. It wasnt as if he had wanted to go. The cancer hadnt been anywhere near polite enough to ask. Perhaps if it hadnt been so damnably quick, if it hadnt been so unexpected, she might feel differently, might have been able to let go of the pain more easily and find the happiness he had told her multiple times during his lightning fast decline that he desperately wanted her to discover when he was gone. 

But she just couldn’t, and shed already made peace with the fact that she was going to be alone for the rest of her life. 

Her family and friends, however, were nowhere near as resigned to her fate as she was. 

And, apparently, she could now rank her own mind and body along with them, as they were on full alert at the presence of this highly masculine, almost threateningly potent man. 

She took a drink of her plain diet sodathe one and only drink she could afford in this place, frankly. And even it had been mind-bogglingly expensiveshe’d been nursing all night, he’d noted. Youre…not wrong, she allowed on a drawl, studiously watching the band, although she wasnt seeing any of them. All of hermore than she could even remember feeling with her belovedwas concentrated on the man seated next to her. 

And he wasnt even touching her. 

He was, however, sitting there, manspreading wildly as if his knees had never met each other and looking as if he owned the joint, not a carefully cut, short black hair out of place. He was dressed in an expensively casual outfit of oxford shirt, surprisingly not unbuttoned to his navel, but there was still no mistaking the peek of dark chest hair that showed in the small V anyway, jeans that were undoubtedly designer and worth more than her house, probably, as well as a leather jacket that was probably quite pricey in its prime but that now looked as if it had seen better days. 

And it all looked absolutely gorgeous on him. It was the perfect outfit for a successful man who was going out with some of his employeeswell put together and obviously not from Walmart, but not in-your-face rich looking, either. 

I dont think Syl would care if you snuck out early. 

Arden had to chuckle at that. Yup. Syl knows me well enough to know that Ive already got my escape planned, and I did from the moment she let me know where she was having this shindig. 

Damn, his throaty chuckle played hell with her nerves, skittering warmly along them, igniting what few he hadnt already, simply by his nearness. 

What was going on with her? She didnt react like this to mennever had! Even her husband had complainedonce theyd gotten togetherthat shed been much too reserved while they were dating, almost wary, taking two steps back for every one he took towards her. Luckily for her, hed considered wooing her to be a challenge that he was more than up for. 

Unfortunately, she had a feeling that Loch Frazier would have much the same reactionnot that shed ever allow him to pursue her in any way. 

Would you like a real drink, Ms. Valenti? He wondered if she didnt indulge at all, for whatever reason. Its on me. 

For once, she gave him her full attention, and he had a feeling he was being judged and found lacking, although he wasnt sure exactly why, but he did like a puzzle. She was warm and pleasant and funny with everyone but him, andalthough there was only curiosity involvedno emotionhe was mildly interested in why he seemed to put her back up by his mere existence. There was something about herhe couldnt quite put his finger on it. She wasnt spectacular looking, in fact, she was older than most women hed been dating lately, the majority of whom looked like models. Arden was much more age appropriate for him, although he thought she was a couple of years younger than he was, perhaps. 

Maybe it was the delicate air of hurt around her, although that was hardly something he usually found intriguing. She was a small thing, and so obviously still deep in the grips of grief from the loss of her husband. Hed never lost anyone hed loved, personallyprobably because hed never really loved anyone—but he found himself grappling with the most unfamiliar impulse to pull her onto his lap and into his arms to hug her and hold her and tell her that everything would all be all right. 

But that warred with another impulse that was at least as powerfulif not more soto then flip her onto her back and remind her what it was like to be made to scream a mans name while convulsing violently around him. 

At those two disparate thoughts, he took a sip from his own rocks glass. 

Thats not necessary. Im fine with my soft drink, but thank you. 

It might help you enjoy yourself a bit more. Id be glad to drive you home, if it comes to that. 

Arden snorted. One drink is not going to incapacitate me. There was a time when Id drink you under the table without batting an eyelash. 

His eyebrow rose. I would pay serious money to see you do that. He signaled to the nearest wait person, who happened to be a young lady who practically gushed all over him, which was something that apparently made him feel uncomfortable. 

Arden had a hard time not grinning like an idiot at seeing him so discomfited when he always seemed as if he was so in command of himself and everythingand everyonearound him. 

The lady will have a drink, please. The insecurity vanished as if it had never been when his eyes settled on her. Order anything youd like. 

She hesitateddisliking being maneuvered into accepting a drink from himbut he gave her an expectant look that, for some reason, she allowed to goad her into obeying him, then surprisedand impressedhim by ordering a well-regarded but relatively inexpensive glass of whiskey, neat. 

Before the waitress left, he murmured, his eyes still on Arden, Make that a double, please. He was rewarded quite simply and completely by the sound of her laugh. She looked more relaxed already, which was his goal. 

The young lady was back in record time, obviously hoping to curry favor with him, which set Ardens teeth on edge, for some reason. But beyond a polite, Thank you, he ignored the poor girl in favor of looking as if he wanted to devour her whole. 

Desperate for somethingor someoneelse to look at besides him, Arden noticed one of the waiters who was bussing a table near them. He was tall and slim, which wasnt usually her type, but with beautiful, almost delicate facial features. Wow, way to rock the man bun, she muttered to herself. 

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Loch consider the man for a moment, then dismiss him. I agree. Hes pretty perfect, if thats the type you prefer. His tone was almost too neutral. 

And I suppose you should be the type I prefer, instead? She didnt usually say such things out loud, but this man made her nervous, and she tended to run off at the mouth sometimes when she was nervous. And the potent drinkthat was so much better than she rememberedwas only going to make things worse for her in that area. 

He gave her an annoying half-smile. No, not necessarily. Im not to most peoples tastes, but then, I only sleep with very select people. 

She wasnt sure exactly how theyd gotten to the point of discussing who they liked to sleep with, and she knew she should simply smile and nod rather than engage him, but instead, she found herself saying, Well, I dont think I have a type, since I dont sleep around at allIve only ever had sex with people I loved. 

He smilednot unkindly, but definitely in amusement. How quaint. Well, youve obviously had a very different life than I have. I dont believe in love, so that wouldnt even be possible for me. 

Arden didnt bother to curb how acerbic she sounded. Somehow, Im not in the least surprised to hear that. I, on the other hand, have pretty much been surrounded by it my entire life, and I was lucky enough to experience its truest expression with my husband before he died. She couldnt believe she was having this conversation with himand she couldnt even blame the liquor, since she was only on her second sip! 

And Id be willing to bet that you havent had sex since the last time he touched you. Those dark eyes narrowed on her, making her feel a bit trapped. 

She cringed. Its that obvious, huh? 

To anyone who bothered to notice, yes. 

Of course, he had. 

Well, in my own defensenot that I feel I need to defend my choices to you… he inclined his head in acceptance of that fact I pretty much figure I have nowhere to go but down, sex-life wise. 

His expression was almost benevolent, flirting with condescending. You might be surprised. You should try it sometimesex with no emotional attachmentwith the right man, of course. It might be an interesting experience for you. Might well be just what you need, since you obviously dont think that any man who would want to be seriously involved with you would quite measure up. There would, then, be no hurt feelings, no expectations on either end if he didnt. 

Gathering all of her courageliquid and otherwiseArden turned in her seat to face him, finding her legs immediately trapped between his and knowing she should have been more worried about the inherent intimacy of her position than she was. And are you suggesting, then, that the person with whom I should explore this idea is you? 

Loch paused for what seemed like a long time, his already intense stare deepening, leaving her just on the verge of apologizing to him for having assumed that. Im not sure whether I am or not, truth be told. He curved a big finger over his lips as if deep in thought while contemplating her. 

She actually squirmed beneath his stare before stifling the impulse. Well, anyway, thats obviously not part of my deal, as you put it. 

Out of purely morbid curiosity, he asked, But whatbesides lovecomprises the rest of it, I wonder? 

He asked as if he was truly interested in her answer, although she convinced herself that he was merely amusing himself, playing with her to pass the time. Arden laughed softly. I think I gave you the wrong impression, Mr. Frazier. I dont really know youand you dont know me at all, and it may seem terribly old fashioned, but Im not really in the habit of discussing my sexual preferences with someone I dont know and care about. 

Thats another thing you should try sometime, Ms. Valenti. And dont apologize for being old fashionedits an interesting novelty. He seemed to hesitate for a split second, then said, But perhaps you should call me once you decide to let him go and stop clinging to your widows weeds as if theyre going to sustain you for the rest of what youre inexplicably determined to make into a very boring, lonely life. 

Furious at his attack, Arden stood, reaching for her coat, annoyed to find that he, too, was standing and holding it for her. There were so many things she wanted to say to him that she couldnt get any of them out, so she settled for glaring at him fit to singe his hair and storming out. 

Loch looked at her drink and calculated that shed not had enough to impair her, so she should be fine to drive. If he hadnt thought so, nothing she could have said or done would have stopped him from getting her home safely, up to and including driving her there himself, if he had to. Hedve sent her home in his own car with his driver, if it was necessary, to know she was going to get home in one piece. 

Why he gave a damn about whether or not she did, he refused to examine any too closely. 




11 reviews for The Supplicant

  1. Stats23

    Can two diametrically different individuals find enough common ground for a meaningful relationship? That is the hypothesis that Ms. Faulkner addresses in this (relatively) short spanking romance. Arden Valenti is a widowed lady who had a truly romantic love-charged marriage to an equally romantic love struck husband who was unfortunately taken by cancer. Loch Frazier, on the other hand, grew up as a ward of the system and not only never felt love but does not even believe the emotion truly exists. They are also opposites in that she is a secret submissive and a romantic spirited artist struggling to survive financial needs while Loch is a ridiculously rich app developer who is a Dom interested only in the scene itself, neither wanting nor encouraging any interpersonal relationships. Their common thread is Syl, an employee of Loch%u2019s and the best friend of Arden. How their relationship is initiated immediately causes to the reader to question Loch%u2019s methods and to dislike his emotional detachment. How their relationship develops is the meat of this book. There are some very severe D/s scenes in the early going, as well as some erotically graphic sex, but both are mostly just referred to in the later stages. A good read, a quick read, but could have been so much more%u2026%u2026. 4 Stars.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  2. JigsawGirl

    An interesting book. Sometimes humorous, as intense, sometimes a bit uncomfortable. You wonder is Loch pushing Arden too much, too far? Is he crossing a line in the sand?

    While you are having those thoughts, the writer has moved the story and relationship forward to the point you realize they have fallen for each other. The moment they realize where the relationship has gone is worth waiting for in this book.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy.

  3. Hope W

    The Supplicant is a well written story about how people’s pasts affect who they are but also how they can change to make a better future. The characters are developed but quite different from each other. Lock is a rich business man who tries to keep his emotions shut down and keep relationships physical with no emotional entanglements. Arden, an artist and widow, lives her life with her emotions ruling her life. When these two meet there is bound to be challenges that keep the reader interested in seeing how they will work them out. Overall, I enjoyed the story. I felt the characters could have had more chemistry and the ending felt rushed, but it was still a wonderful story. Sometimes we have to let those we love go to see if they come back and are really ours. There is plenty of confused emotions, erotic sex, spankings, and more to enjoy! I recommend reading this story for an enjoyable night’s read.I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  4. Lalaland

    This new book by Ms Faulkner tells the story of Arden a very sad and lonely submissive widow, still grieving the loss of her husband who was the love of her life, and Loch a Dom who wants her, physically but is emotionally barren. Arden Valenti was happily married to a dominant but romantic and loving husband who sadly died prematurely from cancer. Now Arden who is a talented but struggling artist is having difficulties financially, she is still deeply in love with her dead husband and wants to preserve the memories she made with him by living in the home they built together. Sadly, because of the medical expenses left over from his illness and the cost of just running a house Arden is just a few short weeks from losing everything to the bank. Enter Loch, a rich and successful Dom whose proposition, although most unusual, will wipe out the debts and put Arden in a position to stay comfortably in her marital home with her memories. Loch does not believe in love or tenderness or romance for him everything is physical and he wants Arden and in order to get what he wants he is willing to pay. As always Ms Faulkner writes beautifully, there is humour and pathos in this story, eye watering painful spankings and lots of hot and sensual scenes which lead to an eventual HEA. Classic Carolyn Faulkner which I enjoyed very much. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy

  5. Tami

    The Supplicant is another great read from Carolyn Faulkner. Arden lost her husband a while ago and does need money. Loch does have lots of money and makes Arden an offer she can’t refuse. He wants her to be his submissive and abide to his wishes and Arden agrees. But the both did have some bad things happen in the past, so it is not easy to trust each other.

    At first I thought Arden and Loch are so very different in character that they will never be a good couple. But the further the story progressed the more I was drawn into the relationship, and in the end I was so happy about how Miss Faulkner managed to bring them together in a very believable way. Loved the book!

  6. Margaret Corcoran

    An enjoyable fast paced story from a brilliant author. The characters are well written and there are plenty of hot spicy sexy scenes. This is a believable and sweet story. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. Well worth reading.

  7. Mary Ann Reilly

    Two people, wounded in very different ways, come together. They decide, again for very different reasons, to enter a short term sexual relationship. Both firmly believe that sex will be the only involvement. This story is short, hot, intense, and captivating. It is also very well written and I found it impossible to put it down until I finished it. And then I wanted more!

  8. Jf12574

    I read an advanced copy of this book and it was good. A fast paced love story that won’t disappoint!

  9. Ajjmb

    The Supplicant is a very sweet and erotic story. I was instantly sucked into this story. I have never had to grieve a husband but I could feel Arden%u2019s pain. Her struggle with letting go of her dead husband and opening herself up to Loch was a painful journey. I was moved by Loch%u2019s struggle to learn to love anyone. I thought his declaration in the end was too sweet for words. What a good book. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  10. Good bedtime reading

    Still grieving for the loss of her husband, Arden finds herself at a loss on how to cope with the many day-to-day chores as her accounts and medical bills for her husband’s treatments seem to be swamping her. Should she take the hand that is being held out to her by Loch Frazier? He’s a man offering her everything but a caring love, a love that she had with her husband. But Loch offers her the financial means to pay her bills. Should she become this submissive woman that he wants so much?

  11. Toni English

    I love knowing that when I start a Carolyn Faulkner story I’m going to get a good, well written, interesting story that is nicely paced and is easily finished in a few hours. This was no exception, although I did take a while to warm to these characters. Once I was there though, I just loved it. Particularly Loch – what a wonderful character. I think this has to be one of my favourites from this author

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