The Spanks You Missed – Spank in Time Book 2

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‘The Spanks You Missed (Spank in Time 2)” is another collection of six sizzling historical spankers, designed to make you blush both above and below.


Sample Chapter

Hot on the heels of the success of ‘A Spank in Time,’ the writers of Blushing Mischief have done it again. ‘The Spanks You Missed (Spank in Time 2)” is another collection of six sizzling historical spankers, designed to make you blush both above and below.

In “One Hard Rescue” – A private detective is asked to rescue a stubborn daughter from a mob hit with explosive results.

“The Soft Breeze of the Nile” – A high-ranking courtesan, bound unhappily to the Pharaoh, seeks solace in the arms of a palace architect.

“When in Rome” – Where a slave girl uses blackmail to barter for her freedom, but the price her Roman Master asks is the pleasure of her body.

“Subdued by the Knight” – A knight’s jealousy leads to sensual chastisement when he spots his lover kissing her official betrothed.

“Spank and Deliver” – On the brink of starvation, a husband and wife team discovers that highway robbery can bring fresh sparks to their love life.

“Painting Venus” – An artist, taunted by the model sitting for his masterpiece reminds her there is a price to pay before she gets the thing she wants.

With tons of spanking and naughty antics galore, you will love this latest collection. “The Spanks You Missed,” don’t YOU miss it!

Sample Chapter

Jeremiah Reid sat by the window, reading a letter from his uncle. The corners of his mouth twisted downward, and he felt too weary to hide his disappointment from his wife. ?Not good news, my love. It seems my Uncle William can offer us no assistance after all.?

His wife, Kitty, lay over on the bed where she?d been staring at the ceiling for some time. With some effort she hoisted herself up on her elbow and looked over to her husband. ?That?s disappointing.? Her defeated sigh hurt him more than any tantrum ever could. Jeremiah hung his head in shame and ignored the sting of hunger in his belly as he tried not to think of tomorrow. ?I hope he chokes on his Christmas pudding,? Kitty added.

?I had hoped he?d see it in his heart to stop here on his journey to Chigwell and give me an advance on my allowance. But apparently his own rig is damaged and he?s taking tomorrow?s evening coach to Bromley instead. He says there will be no time to visit, and sends his deepest regrets, can?t be avoided, etc. etc.??

?Miserly old screw,? said Kitty. ?He gets fat on your money; meanwhile, we starve and face debtors? prison.?

?My Father wanted to make sure his legacy wasn?t squandered during the follies of my youth. When he left my inheritance in Will?s hands he couldn?t have foreseen the difficulty this has placed us in. His intentions were good, I suppose.?

?Yes, but that doesn?t put the food in our bellies. It?s been three whole days, Jeremiah. If we don?t eat soon we?ll starve. And worse, the nights are getting colder and we?ve no money for wood.?

?I could steal some.?

?And risk exportation or hanging? No my love. I simply couldn?t bear to lose you over such a trifle.?

Jeremiah lowered his head into his hands, and then lifted his face to the ceiling, as if in prayer. If only his uncle had kept to his original schedule, he thought. Jeremiah was convinced that had his uncle met with him face to face, even the hard-nosed William Reid would take pity on his nephew?s plight. ?Something will have to be risked, my love. I cannot bear to see you like this. I have failed you.?

?Not at all, Jeremiah, none of this is your doing. I believe in you, husband. With God as my witness, I know you will think of something.?

Jeremiah smiled weakly and got up to stand by the window. His silver snuffbox sat upon the sill, unused and empty. It had been a long while since he?d had the money to enjoy the pleasure of snuff. Still, the box was well carved and it occurred to him that even empty, the box itself might have some value. At the very least, it would buy a little food to get them through the day. He slipped the box inside his jacket pocket.

?I?m going out, Kitty. There?s something I must do.?

?Should I get my coat and come with you??

?No, sweetheart. Take your rest. I?ll be back soon enough.?

Jeremiah closed the door quietly behind him and slipped out onto the busy Bromley road. Carriages were running up and down the High Street, each one carrying rich and prosperous travelers, and each loaded with enough wealth to feed Kitty and Jeremiah for a month.

With his mind lost in their difficulties, Jeremiah stepped out into the road and was almost floored by a passing carriage. The driver raised his whip and moved to crack him with it for his trouble.

?Watch for me damn ?orse,? yelled the driver.

So I?m now worth less than a beast of burden, he thought. Dazed by the incident, Jeremiah stood in the street and was almost knocked down a second time.

?Watch where yer going!? screamed the second driver.

He must take better care of himself, or else what would become of his beloved Kitty, he thought? Jeremiah jumped onto the pavement and headed north into the town square. There were a few jewelers there, and like as not he was sure he?d get a fair price for the snuffbox from one of them.

He walked confidently into the first jewelry shop and wandered up to the sharp looking man behind the counter. Twenty minutes later he emerged from the same store with only a few coppers in his pocket. The jeweler had taken one look at him and had known instantly he was in no position to bargain. He?d been legally robbed, that?s for sure. Still, there was enough money for bread and ale, so Kitty and he would eat, if only for one night. His fingers caressed the handful of coins, which within minutes he?d exchanged for food at the grocers. Then, without further delay, he took his prize back to their rooms situated on the edge of town.

When Kitty saw the food in his arms she jumped from her cot and ran to her husband. ?My word, how did you find the money for such a feast?? She stuffed the bread in her mouth before Jeremiah had time to answer.

Jeremiah told her about the snuffbox.

?But, my love, the snuff box was a gift from your father.? Jeremiah watched as her hazel eyes filled with tears, and drops fell down to the loaf in her hand. ?It?s wrong, I tell you, wrong. They can steal from the poor and nothing is done to them, while we daren?t steal the food from a pig?s trough! There?s no justice, Jeremiah, none! I curse your uncle, and I curse the awful law of this land that condemns us to starvation. I hope the old codger is robbed on the highway so he may feel the misery we do.?

Jeremiah, a little revived by the food in his belly, laughed at his wife?s passion. ?My heart, if I?d known it would bring such a twinkle to your eyes I?d have robbed the post myself.? Even as the words escaped his lips Jeremiah pondered the possibility of such a thing. If he were to face death for so little, why not chance it all? He sat down by the empty fire and stared into the grate.

?My love?? said Kitty.

?Think of it, my darling. Indulge me if you will, but imagine how it could be. It would make me feel better to know the rascal suffered.?

?You jest, surely?? said Kitty. Nevertheless, she knelt down at her husband?s feet and took his hand into hers. ?Could such a thing be ventured??

Jeremiah saw the pulse rise in his wife, just as it did in his own heart a moment ago. ?We?d have to steal a horse, perhaps two. If we steal a horse and are caught, it?s the noose for sure. Think about that, my love.?

?Do we not face death this very day, Jeremiah? What hope is there of change? Your snuffbox has bought us a little food, but when that?s gone, what then? We?ll be dead by Yuletide as things are. Think how glorious it would be to risk everything together, side by side, husband and wife against the world. And we may not fail and face the noose, we may flourish and prosper. Oh Jeremiah, I can just imagine it.?

There was a sparkle in Kitty?s eye Jeremiah hadn?t seen for some time. She clasped his hands excitedly, and he could hardly retract his words now. He knew that if he did, that spark would be extinguished forever. He puts his hands around hers and kissed her gently on the mouth. ?Then let it be so my love.?


The next day, Jeremiah and Kitty waited on two stolen horses at the crossroads joining Bromley and Brighton. Both husband and wife were dressed in breeches and oils, their faces hidden under black tricorn hats with a kerchief concealing all but their eyes.

?Are you sure he won?t recognize us?? asked Jeremiah. He fidgeted with the edge of the scarf pulling it as high as possible over his nose.

?He won?t be looking at us. Not directly. I doubt he?ll even make eye contact.?

Jeremiah?s horse stomped restlessly beneath him, its agitated breath making tiny clouds as it snorted into the cold air. He pulled hard on the reins and patted the beast gently on its flank. ?There, there boy, just a little longer.?

In contrast Kitty?s horse stood perfectly still, neither horse nor rider seemed phased by what they were about to do. Who is this woman beside me, Jeremiah wondered? Gone was the timid victim of poverty who only yesterday could scarce rouse herself from her cot. In her place sat this amazing Amazon, looking calmly into the face of death, prepared for whatever fate might bring. Disguised as she was, Jeremiah was excited by this change in his wife; he felt a familiar stirring in his loins as the adrenalin pumped through his young body.

Jeremiah sensed a sudden change in Kitty?s demeanor. She sat ramrod straight on her mount and raised a gloved hand to her freezing lips. ?They?re coming,? she said. They?d positioned themselves so that the coachman wouldn?t see them until it was too late. The rocks and trees at the crossroads made this the perfect place for an ambush.

As the carriage slowed down along the rocky road, Kitty pulled a musket from her coat and held it high by her head. ?I?ll take the front, you cover the rear.?

Jeremiah nodded, and then checked his kerchief one last time before he followed his wife out onto the open road.

Highway robbery was not unusual in these parts, and the driver carried a flintlock of his own. Kitty grabbed at the horses reins, forcing the carriage to slow. The driver aimed the flintlock at her head, but waited for the horses to stop to be sure of his objective and not waste his single shot. He took aim and was about to fire, when he heard the click at his ear.

?Not so fast driver. Pull that trigger now and it?ll be the last thing you ever do.? Jeremiah had abandoned his own horse and now clung cavalierly to the side bar of the post. He kept his musket pointed at the driver but was well able to see the passengers as they huddled together inside.

Kitty, having brought the post horses to a complete standstill, dismounted and ran around to the side of the carriage where she pointed her gun inside the chamber. She said nothing; they?d agreed in advance it would be better if she didn?t speak at all.

?Stand and deliver!? said Jeremiah. With a flick of his musket, he ushered the driver down to the ground and, once he?d dispossessed the man of his weapon, roughly pushed him to the side of the road. He shouted through the carriage window. ?Out you all come, hands in the air. Do exactly as I say and no harm will come to any of you.?

They both recognized their fat, pompous uncle, William Reid as he climbed unceremoniously down from the post. Jeremiah?s aunt, Emily, followed after, and Jeremiah noted how his uncle left her to climb down alone. The third passenger, a young man around the same age as Jeremiah, journeyed with them. He shot both Jeremiah and Kitty a defiant glance but did nothing foolish and joined the others at the side of the road.

Kitty had a small sack with her, and Jeremiah watched as she expertly flashed it before each passenger, coaxing them at gunpoint to drop their valuables in the bag. Their uncle looked like he?d twisted a bowel as his fat purse dropped into the sack. Kitty turned and nodded to Jeremiah, signaling they?d collected enough.

?Well done, well done,? said Jeremiah. His voice was disguised, afraid his uncle would recognize his all too familiar tone. ?All you have to do now is climb back in the carriage and be on your way. We hope you all have a pleasant evening.?

Uncle William cast him a flustered look, but as Kitty had predicted, he was too cowardly to look Jeremiah directly in the eye.

The travelers didn?t need to be asked twice. In no time at all they clambered back inside, and the carriage was soon hurtling north along the dirt road. The second it rolled out of sight, Kitty pulled down her kerchief and ran into her husband?s arms. Excited and breathless, she jumped up and down on the spot, making Jeremiah jump with her. ?Oh my word, Jeremiah, we did it, we did it!?

She kissed him over and over, the excitement clearly getting the better of her. Jeremiah succumbed to the same emotion and he felt himself harden at his wife?s caresses. He pushed her gently away, and taking her hand, walked by her side as he rounded up the two discarded horses. Kitty almost cantered alongside him, unable to conceal her excitement. ?Oh my word, Jeremiah, we?re highwayman, wasn?t that the most exciting thing you ever did? Oh God, did you see his face? Just seeing his look of horror was enough for me. Oh Jeremiah!?

?Come with me.?

With the reins of the two horses in his hands, Jeremiah led them all into a nest of trees that lined the side of the road. All the while Kitty danced and laughed in circles around them. She was on fire, a powerful goddess, and once out of sight of the main road she ran into his arms and kissed him hard on the mouth. As her excited tongue penetrated his, Jeremiah felt a momentary lack of control, which unnerved him. He took Kitty?s hands in his own and forced her away.

?You?ve been a real bad woman,? Jeremiah said. ?You?ve forced me to commit a most heinous sin, and I don?t think it?s given you a moment?s trouble.?

?Oh my love, his face was such a picture,? Kitty said. Breathless, she threw herself back into his arms but Jeremiah caught her and kept her at a distance.

?Look at you,? he said. ?Look at your clothes, your hair and your eyes. Where is my dainty wife, where is the meek little woman I married??

The slightest shadow crossed her face, and Kitty looked afraid. ?Have I displeased you, my love??

Jeremiah thought she?d never looked so beautiful, but the evening had proved thrilling, and he had other thrills to experiment with. Kitty had called the play thus far, now it was his turn. ?Take off those man clothes, now.?

?Here, right out in the open??

The color rose in Kitty?s cheeks and she looked about her, as if suddenly afraid they were being watched. ?But it?s freezing.?

?Do as I say, wife! Do not question me. Take off your clothes, right now.?

Kitty pulled away and trembling, her fingers tugged at the buttons on her coat. ?You have never asked me to do anything like this before,? Kitty said.

?Are you complaining??

Kitty shook her head.

Jeremiah wanted her like he?d never wanted her before, but this new Kitty both excited and perplexed him. He needed to know she was fully his, and that he was still the master.

The coat dropped to the ground at her feet. She stood, frozen to the spot, unsure of what to do. ?All off,? he said. ?I want to see you naked.?

?Help me undress,? Kitty said.

?No. I want to watch.?

?Shouldn?t we get away? They might come back to find us.?

?Then you?d better do as I say, and hurry.?

?What shall I change into? We didn?t bring anything else for me to wear. I shall catch my death.?

?Undress. Now.

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8 reviews for The Spanks You Missed – Spank in Time Book 2

  1. Cane

    I think Blushing Mischief gets better and better as they go along. The tales are totally original, nothing like anything else i\\\’ve ever read. Plenty of hot sex, plenty of animation, another must read!

  2. Cane

    I think Blushing Mischief gets better and better as they go along. The tales are totally original, nothing like anything else i’ve ever read. Plenty of hot sex, plenty of animation, another must read!

  3. Alicia

    Great sequel with even more refreshing stories that keepu interested and wanting to read more.

  4. Alicia

    Great sequel with even more refreshing stories that keepu interested and wanting to read more.

  5. Evelyn

    Very good collection of stories to say the least that really make you laugh out loud at some of the plots and characters.

  6. Evelyn

    Very good collection of stories to say the least that really make you laugh out loud at some of the plots and characters.

  7. Beverly (verified owner)

    Some stories I really enjoyed but wished they were more lengthly. Imaginative story lines.

  8. Beverly (verified owner)

    Some stories I really enjoyed but wished they were more lengthly. Imaginative story lines.

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