The Seduction

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Gillian Morgan’s world has been completely turned upside down since meeting John and Patrick.   She plans to leave them both after the party, even if her heart says otherwise.

John Kenric has never met a woman like Gillian and is falling hard. Now that Gillian is giving him her body, can he convince her to give him her heart and soul?

Patrick O’Malley plans to enjoy Gillian’s body and never see the sharp-tongued harpy again, but can he convince John to do the same?


Publisher’s Note: This steamy ménage romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

The ebony haired, American doctor stepped out into the hallway after fixing her makeup and hair. John winked at her and flashed a row of straight, white teeth as he talked on the phone. Ending the conversation, he walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her before smashing his lips down on hers. Gillian’s tongue mated with his and her arms slipped around his neck as he growled in the back of his throat. John gripped her heart shaped bottom in his hands before smacking one cheek through the black dress she wore. He then loosely gripped her neck and pushed her back to break the kiss.

“You’re playing with fire, kitten,” John said in a deep, smoker’s voice as Gillian’s pulse beat wildly under his grip. Her emerald eyes had taken on a sapphire hue, and he could smell her arousal. This woman was going to be the death of him.

Gillian loved the way John towered over her, and leaning up on her tiptoes, she ran her tongue leisurely over his bottom lip as her hand rubbed his expanding cock through the expensive linen of his pants. “I would rather play with you.”

John growled again as he roughly pushed her back against the wall. He had to gain control of his emotions! This woman was literally leading him around by the dick, and no woman did that to John Kenric. “You will pay for that, wench,” the Brit warned as he locked her hands above her head. “Because you want me to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours at this moment, I am intentionally going to make you wait, kitten. Right now, I need you to meet some friends of mine. If you don’t behave, then I will be forced to punish you. You remember what that felt like, don’t you?”

“I remember, John. You don’t have to be such an asshole,” Gillian replied dryly as she rolled her eyes, annoyance suppressing some of her desire.  “Who are these friends you want me to meet?”

“Business associates.” John smiled, loving Gillian’s fire. The woman was so forthcoming with her honesty and emotions. “I think they are going to like you. Matter of fact, I know they will.”

“Why do you want me to meet your associates?” she asked curiously as he grabbed her hand and began leading her down the hallway back to the party. “According to you and Patrick, I’m nothing more than a whore who has something you want. I don’t even know why you invited me to this party. You don’t even know me.”

John turned on her immediately and pushed her back against the wall. He intimately pressed his body up to hers, and with his lips nearly inches from hers, he said, “I don’t think you’re a whore, and neither does Patrick. Never refer to yourself as that again. As for the party, I invited you because I would like to get to know you a little better. Is that a crime?”

“No, it’s not. I’m just surprised,” Gillian said before he kissed her lips and pulled her along behind him toward the party once again.

“Why are you surprised? It’s obvious that there is a magnetic, sexual chemistry between the two of us. I not only think you are beautiful, but I admire your intelligence and integrity. The latter are very hard to find in women these days.”

“Well then, I’m sure you would agree, John, that in order to get know each other, we have to engage in a give and take type of relationship. So far, all you’ve done is take. Other than what you have researched, you know nothing about me. I know nothing about you.”

“That’s a fair point, and one I plan to rectify in the near future.” He turned and winked at her as they moved deeper into the crowd. The giant Brit then pulled her unexpectedly into his arms and began to slow dance to the classical music coming from the live orchestra. Gillian then felt his lips trail up her slender neck to her ear. His voice was deep and husky as he said, “As for the giving, my darling kitten, I plan on giving all night. The question is will you be able to take it?”

Gillian’s clit pulsed at John’s words, but before she could respond, he captured her mouth with a kiss. Her arms immediately snuck up around his neck to play with his ebony hair as she pulled him closer. Just as she felt him begin to deepen the kiss, he pulled away with a growl.

“Sorry to interrupt your dance, old man, but I thought you could introduce me to your guest.” Benito grinned as John shot him an ‘I’m going to kill you, fucker’ look. He then looked at Gillian, and the breath caught in his throat. No wonder John had made a spectacle of himself when the woman had arrived. She was breathtaking! Benito’s blue eyes were full of lust as he took Gillian’s hand in his and said, “And who do we have here? An angel who has fallen from Heaven?”

Gillian rolled her eyes before she pulled her hand from the Italian’s. She felt John’s hand slip around her waist in a protective manner as he placed himself between them. Before she could speak, John said, “This is Dr. Gillian Morgan, and this, love, is Benito Franca. He is a business associate of mine and quite a rude bastard at times. He just demonstrated the latter.”

“Johnny, I’m wounded.” Benito smiled, ignoring his friend’s harsh words. The Italian had never seen John act like this with a woman before, and he had seen the man with many. He clearly was protective of this one. He then picked up Gillian’s hand again to place a chaste kiss on it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, mi amor. I’m sure you have been told this already, but you are quite possibly the most stunning creature in this room. Tell me, how did you and John meet?”

“He had his men break into my house and kidnap me,” Gillian replied dryly as Benito stared at her a moment before breaking out into hysterical laughter. Deep down, Gillian knew that when John said business associate, he meant friend of the underworld. Benito was a very handsome man, but she could tell that he had a dangerous edge. It was not as strong as John or Patrick’s, but it was there, and he clearly was a man who liked control.

“Damn, John! Is that how you get women these days?” Benito laughed as John smacked the woman soundly on the ass. “You know there are easier ways to get a date. Ever heard of Tinder?”

“I saved your pretty little ass from getting killed! I believe I took care of you in more ways than one,” John barked at Gillian as he watched her rub her bottom and glare at him.

“Oh, that’s right,” Gillian dryly replied as she tried to pull from John’s grip. “You and Patrick did assault me both physically and sexually in your office before leaving me locked in your bedroom for several days.”

“Assault?” John growled, gripping her arms in his, forgetting the crowd of people who were staring at them. “Sweetheart, you can’t assault the willing. I believe Pat and I made your sweet pussy very wet, even though you were fighting it. Did you, or did you not, come on my tongue?”

“I can’t believe…” Gillian began loudly before John crushed his mouth on hers in a dominating, passionate kiss.  She felt her body instantly respond to him as his tongue mated with hers and his hands roamed over her body. She clung to him as he deepened the kiss and his hand knotted into her hair while the other fondled her breast. All anger that she had felt just a minute ago had vanished and what replaced it was pure, unadulterated lust for this man. She purred in the back of her throat as her pussy ached for his tender caress.

Breaking the kiss, John needed to gain some control. He had meant to teach her a lesson but had found himself lost in the moment. This woman made him lose his mind when she was near, and that was extremely dangerous. Even now, he was acting like a total fool in front of an entire room of people. The powerful men in this room would love to expose a weakness in John, and right now, Gillian was fitting the role. John needed to put a little distance between himself and the doctor so he could regain some composure.

Before releasing her, he whispered in her ear, “Was that assault, dear kitten? I think I could spread your legs and fuck you right here in front of these people, and you would let me.”

* * *

Gillian felt heat shoot from her pussy to her face. Her eyes traveled from John to the multitude of people standing in the room. All eyes were on the two of them. Some whispered while others just stood in awe of what was happening. What the hell was John doing to her? She acted like a wanton hussy when he was around. It was hard to admit to herself, but John spoke the truth. He could bend her over and strip her down right here in front of this crowd, and she absolutely would let him. Matter of fact, it took everything in Gillian not to beg him to do it.  When her emerald eyes found his again, they were shooting daggers at him. As she opened her mouth to speak, though, John put one finger to her lips.

“Before you say something you will regret, sweetheart, we need a moment apart. I need a drink, and so do you. Meet me in fifteen minutes in the game room. Duff will bring you to me. Understand?” John said before he placed a kiss on her neck. He nuzzled the area for a moment before he looked deep into her eyes. Seeing the immediate effect his actions had on her, the smile that lit his face was brilliant as he kissed her lips once more and then turned to walk away.

Gillian watched John disappear into the crowd with Benito in tow. She closed her eyes a moment as she began to deep-breathe. The beautiful American needed a moment to think. She prided herself on control, and she rarely, if ever, lost her temper. She could not understand the emotions that John evoked in her. The handsome Brit made her feel emotions that she had buried deep inside years ago. She could not even begin to explain how much she wanted him. If she was being honest, Gillian could feel her heart swell every time he was near. It was as if they were connected by some imaginary force. She even felt the sensation with Patrick, but it was much stronger with John. She found herself fantasizing what life with John would be like if she was in a relationship with him. Opening her eyes, she looked around the room. There was not one ugly woman here. John was a billionaire bachelor who had probably slept with most of the women in this room. He wanted nothing more than her body. She would willingly give him that, if only for tonight. Gillian had already decided to give John the book, but she would wait until morning, and then she would say goodbye.

“You look as though you could use this,” Duff said as he came up behind her with a glass of wine. He watched her down it immediately. The Scottish man could tell something was bothering her. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just need a moment to freshen up,” Gillian replied softly before she left him and headed toward the restroom. Duff snapped his fingers as he and a tall, muscular, spiky haired blonde named Baily followed the American at a close distance. The beautiful woman walked into a very large bathroom and made her way to the last stall. The stall was its own posh little space with a toilet, elegant chair, vanity, and mirror. After locking the door, she sank down in the chair and felt the tears threatening to fall. Burying her face in her hands, she allowed herself a moment to feel. She sat in silence for a few minutes before she heard a group of women walk into the bathroom and begin talking.

“Did you see John tonight? He looks positively delicious. Remember that night we spent with him, Natalie? He and Patrick kept us up all night. We could barely walk the next morning! Maybe I’ll see if we can have a repeat performance later.”

“Well, it appears as though he has a new pet to play with. He seems preoccupied with this one. Word has it, Pandora has been MIA since she came into the picture, and you know she is his favorite. Maybe John has replaced dear, vicious Pandi.”

“New pet? More like a new whore to fuck! Did you see how fat she is in that dress? I found myself wanting to moo. The bitch is not even pretty! And she’s an American! Everyone knows John hates Americans! I wonder what dumpster he pulled her from.”

“Well, wherever he got her, you know it won’t take long for John to grow bored and send her back. After he fucks her, then Patrick will fuck her. He might even let Benito and Kin have a turn.”

Gillian’s heart sank even further as she listened to the women talk and laugh. What the hell was she doing with John? These women reinforced how little she really knew about the Brit, and who the hell was Pandora? Gillian had no idea if John was married or in a relationship. His staff had gotten female clothes from somewhere, maybe it was this woman’s closet. Although Gillian could not see the women who spoke about John, she had no doubts that they were more than beautiful. The women at this party were made for wealthy men. Of course, John had slept with them. What man wouldn’t?

Letting out a large exhale, Gillian stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She knew that she was not a skinny woman, but she had never considered herself fat. The dark-haired American had never had trouble getting a man’s attention, but for some reason, she could not keep one. Maybe men saw her as nothing more than a whore. Her uncle Gary had always told her that she was a mistake and she would always be alone because no one would ever want her. Maybe he was right. Maybe Gillian was destined to be alone. She saw the way that men looked at her and she could see in their eyes that she was nothing more than an object. Somehow, Gillian had thought she had seen something different in John’s chestnut eyes. He had made his intentions clear. She was a fool to think that there was something else there. Maybe she should just leave the party and never look back, but that thought had a painful knot forming in the pit of her stomach. The thought of never seeing John again had her chest hurting with an empty sadness.

Hearing the women leave the bathroom and the room quiet again, Gillian dried her eyes and repaired her hair and makeup. She was not surprised to see Duff standing in the restroom when she walked out of the stall. When her emerald eyes met his, she said, “Look, save it. I don’t need a pep talk or anything. I’m sure you heard some of their conversation. I just want to get the hell out of here.”

“Well, that’s not possible, sweetheart,” Duff replied, hating the sadness he saw in her eyes. He had heard the conversation, and Baily was now personally taking care of the bitches for him. “There is no way in hell that John is going to let you leave.”

“Yeah, because I have the book. I know,” Gillian responded dryly. “John can have the freaking book! I don’t care anymore! My life has done a total one eighty since stumbling across that damn thing! He can have it, and then I can leave. That’s what he really wants anyway.”

* * *

John could give a fuck about the book, Duff thought to himself. The only thing his mate wanted was standing in front of him, but Gillian clearly couldn’t see that. It would be up to John to tell her, because Duff wouldn’t betray him like that. “Look, I’m not going to stand here and bullshit you, lovey,” the man said as he approached her and lifted her chin so he could see her eyes. “John wants you, and you obviously want him. Why not just enjoy your time together? Fuck those bitches! They’re jealous and bitter. Don’t give them the satisfaction of ruining your plans.”

“Is John married?” Gillian asked as she searched Duff’s eyes. “Who’s Pandora?”

“John is not married,” Duff began honestly. “But I will let him explain who Pandora is. It’s not my place to answer that for Johnny. Why does it even matter? Are you jealous?”

Gillian stood there and stared at Duff for a moment, refusing to answer his question. She could not explain the sense of relief she felt in knowing that John was not married. Maybe this Pandora was a girlfriend of sorts, but if she was, why had Gillian not met her? The American had been in John’s personal quarters for the past week and had seen no pictures of women, no clothing, nothing that made her think John was in a relationship. Maybe Duff was right. Maybe she should just enjoy tonight with the dangerous Brit. Gillian had no doubt that it was going to be memorable. John wanted her! He was only the most beautiful man in the world, and he wanted her intimately! More importantly, Gillian desperately wanted him!

“So where is John?” Gillian asked as she stood up straight and brushed her ebony hair back over one shoulder. “He said something about the game room.”

“Follow me.”

About five minutes later, Gillian was walking into an enormous type of game room. There was a bar area, a pool table, a large sitting area, and an elaborate, rectangular card table. At the card table, John, Benito, an Asian man, and Patrick sat. As she entered the room and the door closed, all four men turned to stare at her. Gillian immediately felt a wave of lust and desire hit her core as Patrick stood up and walked around the table to aggressively approach her. She straightened her back as the Irishman circled her. She felt him rub his face against her dark hair and inhale as his hands cupped her bottom through her dress. At her sharp gasp, she heard him chuckle before coming around to stand before her. As their eyes met, she felt her pussy flood with moisture. Patrick was a very beautiful man. The Irishman had the face of an angel but the heart of a devil. Her eyes drifted down from his turquoise eyes to the cream-colored vest and pant suit he wore. The long sleeved, white shirt he wore under the vest was rolled up to the elbows to expose his tattooed arms. On his blond head, Patrick wore an off-white newsboy hat. Just like John, Patrick took her breath away.

* * *

Patrick felt his dick punch the zipper of his pants as his eyes took in her voluptuous form. He had felt the woman approaching the room even before she had opened the door. The moment he had seen her, he had felt himself being drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Gillian was sexy, stunning, sinful, and Patrick wanted to feel every inch of her luscious body against his. He felt guilty for the things he had said to her earlier, but he could not explain the raw emotions he had felt when the American had gently touched his injured hand. Only his mother had ever caressed him that way, as a child. The woman had caused such an uproar in Patrick emotionally that he had run from her when all he really wanted to do was fuck her on the table. He didn’t like the feelings Gillian elicited in him, and he would be damned if he let a woman make a fool out of him or his brother, John. What made Patrick even angrier was that he had left Gillian and called a mistress to get the monkey off his back but had called it off before she had even arrived. Maybe if he just slept with Gillian, Patrick could get her out of his system. Tonight, would be his test.

“You look rather delicious tonight.” Patrick smiled as he licked his lips. “I’m surprised Johnny let you out of the house dressed like that. Then again, I’m glad he did. It would be so easy for me to raise your dress up and fuck that pretty pussy.”

“You won’t be fucking anything, Patrick, especially after the way you treated me earlier today,” Gillian replied coolly, looking directly into his eyes.  “I’m no man’s whore, and that includes you.”

Patrick dryly laughed as he towered over her. Just because the Irishman could, he knotted her long, ebony hair in his injured hand and jerked her head back. His lips hovered above hers as he huskily said, “You’ll be whatever I want you to be, Gillian, and right now, I want your legs wrapped around me.”

Gillian’s breath caught in her throat when Patrick’s mouth slammed against hers as he roughly pushed her back against the door. Her hands pushed at the Irishman’s broad, muscular chest, but he was too strong for her. She felt his hand jerk up her dress as he easily picked her up and wrapped her legs against his waist. The stunning American moaned in ecstasy as Patrick rubbed his erection against her damp pussy and assaulted her mouth with his lips and tongue. Her fingers dug into his hair as his mouth blazed a trail down her neck. She heard him let out an animalistic growl as she bit his ear lobe and pulled it with her teeth before one of her hands slipped down between their bodies to fondle his clothed, engorged cock.

“Fuck, I need you,” Patrick growled in Gaelic so Gillian wouldn’t understand. His blood was boiling with lust for this woman. He could feel her wet pussy against his dick and could smell her arousal. He had been with multiple women in the past, but none of them set his soul on fire like Gillian. The woman may be angry at him, but she couldn’t hide her desire for him. All he had to do was unzip his pants and slip inside of her. Patrick’s cock literally pulsed with that thought. He was so caught up in her that he did not hear his brother walk up behind him.

“Pat, get a grip on yourself, mate,” John whispered from behind him in Gaelic. “There will be plenty of time for that later, I promise.”

The Irishman gritted his teeth before he pushed his clothed dick against Gillian’s core once more before capturing her mouth. Why did he seem to have no self-control with the American doctor? Gillian had to be some type of witch, casting a spell over him and John. Releasing her legs, Patrick growled once more before abruptly turning from her to stalk over to the bar and pour himself a drink.

Gillian tried to regain her composure as she pushed down her dress and pushed back her hair. Casting her emerald eyes down, she felt mortified and could feel all of the men staring a hole through her. So much for standing her ground with Patrick. She could not believe that she had just let the Irishman do that to her in front of strangers!

John could see Gillian wrestling with her emotions. He lifted her chin and stared into her emerald eyes for a moment. “Are you all right?” he asked in concern. When Gillian nodded her head and looked away, John wrapped his arms around her and said, “Don’t be embarrassed, kitten. What happens in this room stays in this room.”

“I need a minute,” Gillian said softly as she tried to pull away from John and leave the room. When he wouldn’t let go, and his hold on her tightened, she said “Let go of me, dammit.”

“No,” John said flatly as he pushed his body against hers. “You’re not going anywhere, Gillian. You have nothing to be ashamed of; we are all adults in this room.”

“I’m not a whore, John!” she bit out quietly, angry at the way her body was responding to him. She knew that if he pressed it, she would let him fuck her right here. Even though she could not see around his mountainous body, Gillian knew the other men were watching her intently. Thinking back to the conversation the women were having in the bathroom, she said, “You’re not going to share me with your friends, either. If that is your intention, then I’m leaving right now, with or without your permission! There are plenty of other women here who will gladly sleep with you and your friends.”

* * *

“Share you?” John growled as he roughly gripped her upper arms. What the fuck was she talking about? Why was she suddenly so angry at him? The woman was a whirlwind of emotions that he did not understand. “Where the hell is this coming from? Did someone say something to you?”

“No but as I’m sure you know, John, you are quite popular with the ladies. I have heard several of them talking about their sexual encounters with you and your friends,” Gillian replied coldly as her eyes shot daggers at him.

“Fuck those stupid bitches!” John shouted angrily, not understanding where her anger was coming from. Couldn’t she see how much he wanted her? “I never said I was an innocent man, Gillian. I enjoy sex and frequently. I have fucked several women in my past and have shared them but only because they wanted me to! As for you, sweet kitten, let me be clear about one thing. I have no intentions of sharing you with anyone other than Pat. I told you earlier, I know you’re not a damn whore! Refer to yourself as that again and see what happens.”

* * *

Gillian stood there for a moment and watched his dark, chestnut eyes. She clearly had pissed him off, but she could see the sincerity of his words etched in his face. John didn’t think she was a whore, but he wanted her, although she didn’t understand why just yet. Gillian knew John wasn’t innocent. Of course, a man like John had slept with multiple women. He was the ultimate bad boy, rich, gorgeous, damaged, and dangerous. Somehow, Gillian knew that there was much more to the Brit that was hidden right under the surface. Although he was rough with her, there was a tenderness to his touch that she couldn’t explain. John and Patrick had saved her from Domenico’s men and had seen to it that she was well taken care of. She was so confused with what to do. Gillian wanted John and Patrick even if it meant just for one night! Why was she standing here jealously obsessing over what those women had said in the bathroom when she could enjoy her last night with this man?

“I’m sorry, John,” she said softly before standing up on her tiptoes to place a kiss on the vein that was pulsing in his thick, corded neck. She then cupped his beautiful, bearded face in her hands and looked deep into his eyes. “Everything that has happened since Giovanni’s death has been so overwhelming. Things like this don’t happen to me. I’m trying to figure it all out as I go, but I’m not doing a very good job.”

The Brit’s body instantly relaxed as she spoke to him softly and stroked his face. He knew his American was struggling with everything; he could see it in her eyes. Wanting to reassure her, John kissed her lips gently before he ran his tongue over her bottom lip. “Stop overthinking everything. I want every inch of you, Gillian, and even though you are fighting it, I know you want me. I also see the way your body responds to Patrick. We are going to bring you so much pleasure tonight, kitten, if you let us. Do you trust me?”

Gillian nodded her head ‘yes’ as a brilliant smile touched John’s handsome face. He then kissed her once more on the lips before he led her over to the table. After he pulled out her chair, Gillian sat down and demurely crossed her legs. John sat down in the chair immediately across from her, and Patrick sat to his left. On the right side of John, sat Benito, and to her immediate left, Kin Chen. A servant soon appeared with a round of shots.

As the scantily clad female servant passed out the drinks, John looked at Gillian and said, “We were getting ready to poker. Do you play?”

Gillian leaned back in her chair and licked her red lips. “I do, actually. Deal me in.”

Kin leaned forward to take her hand in his and kiss it. “Since John is being rude this evening, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kin Chen, and I have already heard all about you, Gillian. You are even more beautiful than Benito said. I know you came with John, but maybe I can convince you to leave with me. Did John tell you that I will be emperor one day?”

“No, he didn’t, but I couldn’t care less,” Gillian replied politely as she watched his eyes roam over her body. A smile touched her face when John, Patrick, and Benito burst out laughing as Kin’s eyes shot up to her face.

“Well, John, your harpy has a rather sharp tongue,” Kin responded hotly, feeling the sting of her rejection. He had never had a woman turn him down before, especially one as beautiful as this one. “So, Gillian, I hear that you are a rather distinguished physician. Tell me, sweetheart, did you pay or fuck your way to the top?”

“Kin, if you value your life, mate, you will watch your words,” John said in fluent Chinese to the Asian man, the warning clear in his tone.

“Of course, a man like you would assume I used sex to get to where I am. It couldn’t be because I’m a brilliant surgeon or that I graduated summa cum laude from Harvard,” Gillian replied, smiling sweetly at the Asian leader. “It’s called intelligence, Kin. Believe it or not, a woman can be smart. I have never, nor will I ever, use anything other than my brain to get what I want. You know, if you would have used your brain instead of that other little part between your legs, you may not be facing your current legal problems.”

John and Patrick both chuckled as Benito roared with laughter. Kin looked deep into the woman’s emerald green eyes for a moment. Dr. Morgan was just as smart as she was beautiful. His dick hardened in his suit. Damn John Kenric for meeting this woman before he had! Kin wanted to be mad at Gillian, but her comment had impressed him. She had shown no fear and had looked directly at him the entire time. He knew grown men who were too afraid to do that. Reaching under the table, he placed a large hand on her thigh and cockily smiled. “Touché, Gillian. However, I must let you know that there is nothing little about what is between my legs. You let me know when you want to see for yourself.”

Gillian rolled her eyes and pushed Kin’s hand off of her leg. She then looked at John who was hungrily licking his lips as he smiled at her. “Tell me, kitten, you seem unafraid of my Asian mate. Since we know you’re clearly not stupid, are you hiding a giant pair of balls under that dress?”

“You tell me, John. You were the one under there earlier. What did you see?” Gillian shot back as she seductively smiled at the Brit. As the men lightly chuckled, Gillian said, “Sorry, but Kin doesn’t scare me. I’ve dealt with men like him my entire life. He’s nothing more than a bully.”

“I’ll drink to that!” Benito laughed as he held up his shot glass to the rest of the table. As Kin shot him a heated look, the Italian looked at Gillian and said, “Lift your glass, love. It’s tradition that we down a shot of Patrick’s homemade Irish whiskey before we start our game. Salute!”

“Salute!” Gillian replied before downing her shot.

An hour later, the beautiful American woman laughed loudly as Patrick and John shared a tale about a recent business meeting. She was feeling quite toasty and was on her third glass of wine, not to mention the shots she had shared with the men this evening. Gillian had to admit, if only to herself, that she was having a great time! John and Patrick both had a boyish charm that was sweet and endearing. Their smiles and good mood were infectious and very arousing. She wanted these two men even more than she had earlier. They made sure that she was the central focus of their attention and conversation. John had made every effort to include her, and she could tell he was making an effort to get to know her. Too bad Gillian wouldn’t see either man after tonight, because she could see herself easily falling in love with a man like John.

“I’m out!” Benito said in defeat, his eyes roaming over the American.

“Shit, me too!” Kin said.

“Fuck!” Patrick exclaimed as he threw his cards down on the table. “You have to be cheating tonight, Johnny. There is no fucking way you are that lucky, you bastard.”

“I’m not the only one winning tonight, Patty,” John replied as he cocked his brow at Gillian, who was looking at her cards. “You play poker quite well, kitten. Who taught you how to play?”

“Mr. Dauphin,” Gillian said before taking a sip of wine. “When I was about fifteen and living on my own, there was a bar where men would gather to play poker on Saturday night. Mr. Dauphin and his wife knew I was homeless and living in an old abandoned camper, so they let me work there a couple days a week and paid me under the table. He taught me how to play, and we made a small fortune off hustling strangers who came in.  I’m not proud of it, but it kept food in my belly.”

“Where the fuck was your family?” John asked, narrowing his eyes in anger. Who the hell let a vulnerable fifteen-year-old girl live in squalor by herself? “Surely, you had someone who could have helped you.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I had no one,” Gillian said as she cast her eyes downward. She didn’t like the way the men were looking at her. More than anything, she hated the pity she saw in their eyes. “I told you I left my uncle’s house at fourteen. He was all the family I had, and that’s not saying much. When I split, I had nothing, but that was better than getting the shit beat out of me all the time. The camper was not much, but it was shelter from the elements. I was used to living in squalor when I lived with my uncle, so the camper was no different. I’m not ashamed of it. It made me who I am today. Not all of us had the pleasure of growing up with a silver spoon in our mouths.”

“A silver spoon?” Patrick shouted as he shoved the chair back and stood up. “Who the hell do you think you’re talking to, sweetheart? You clearly don’t know shit about Johnny or me! You weren’t the only one getting the fuck beat out of you!”

“Pat, calm down, mate,” John said in Gaelic as his eyes met the Irishman’s. He could see the pain in the depth of his brother’s turquoise eyes and knew that Gillian had unintentionally struck a nerve. “She’s not trying to insult us, boyo. She doesn’t know anything about our past.”

Patrick glared at Gillian a moment as her eyes met his. He could see that she was surprised by his words, but he could also see something else. Was that sympathy he saw? The sympathy instantly dwindled his anger and had him wanting to confess his deepest, darkest sins to her. What the hell was wrong with him? Patrick had never wanted to tell a woman about his past! He wanted to be pissed at Gillian! He wanted to hate her and send her back to the States! Patrick, instead, found himself wanting to bury himself deep within her body and never let her go. Since Gillian had come into his life, the Irishman had not been able to sleep with anyone else. For some reason, he just could not look at another woman without seeing her lovely face and feeling the foreign emotion of guilt.

“Gillian, just like you, Pat and I have gone to great lengths to hide our pasts. We are not who the media paints us to be,” John said as Patrick sat down beside him and poured them both another drink. “Without going into great detail, we both come from a very abusive past. We met in an orphanage where we spent most of our childhood. The priests there were anything but godly and made our lives a living hell. Pat and I both have the scars to prove it. When we came out of the orphanage, we lived on the streets and often went without food. Kenric Industries was built from the ground up, and what you see before you are two self-made men. As you said, sometimes you do what you have to in order to survive. That is exactly what we did, and I regret nothing.”

“John, Patrick, I’m so sorry. I had no idea. I’m sorry that you both had to go through that,” Gillian replied, her voice dripping with compassion and understanding. She was surprised by John’s admission but more so by the fact that he was sharing it with her. Her heart ached for these two men, but something about them had told her that there was much more hidden beneath the surface. Gillian wanted nothing more than to comfort them. “Maybe the three of us are more alike than I thought. It’s nice knowing, though, that I am not the only misfit in the group.”

Patrick and John both felt their dicks harden in their pants. They had not expected her response, but somehow it had been perfect. The Irishman looked at the Brit and said in Gaelic, “Johnny, I’m done playing games. I want to fuck this woman, and I want her now.”

John, like his brother, wanted—no, needed—to be deep inside of Gillian.  Even though she didn’t know every detail of their past, the woman was accepting of who they were. There was not an ounce of judgment in her eyes, only compassion. Ignoring his friend’s remarks, John’s eyes met Gillian’s. “Let’s make a wager, shall we, kitten? If you win this hand, you keep the book and leave. However, if I win, you give me the book and I fuck you in front of everyone here. What do you say? Do we have a deal?”

The intensity bouncing from John was palpable in the air. Her eyes then went from him to Patrick, who was barely sitting in his seat and looked as though he would pounce on her any moment. Benito and Kin also appeared to be salivating at the thought of watching John take her. Gillian’s pussy immediately flooded with moisture. She had never made love to a man in front of others, but there was something dark, sensual, and exciting about it. Gillian wanted her freedom, but at this moment in time, she wanted John more. Glancing down at her cards, she saw three queens. Could John beat that? She was about to find out!

“Deal!” Gillian calmly said as she tossed down her cards on the table. “Three queens; beat that, John.”

John knit his brows together as he looked at his cards and then looked at Gillian. “Damn it, kitten. Mr. Dauphin taught you to hustle pretty well. However, you don’t become the king of the underworld without picking up a few tricks yourself.” John then laid down his cards and smiled. “Four kings, love. Looks like you lost.”

“No!” Gillian exclaimed although her nipples were already becoming hard nubs with the thought of having John’s cock in her. She had honestly thought she was going to win. How the hell could she sleep with John in front of his friends? “You cheated, dammit!”

“I would not have pegged you for a sore loser, Gillian.” John smiled before leaning back in his chair and crossing his legs. “You lost, sweetheart, and now it’s time to pay up. Come to me, kitten.”

Gillian’s heart was about to beat out of her chest. Every nerve ending in her body felt electrified. She watched John take a long drink of his beer before rubbing his bearded chin. His eyes were intense and full of lust. “I…can’t…” she began as she cast her eyes down.

“You can and will, kitten. Come here now.”

John’s cock slammed against the zipper of his pants as he watched Gillian slowly stand up and make her way around the table. As she passed by Patrick, the Irishman pulled her down on his lap. Patrick’s lips found hers as his hand gripped her neck. The growl caught in the back of his throat as she undulated her bottom against his groin. Just as he deepened the kiss, John grabbed her hand and pulled her off Patrick’s lap. He kissed her lips before walking around her in a slow circle.

“Hmm, what to do first, Gillian,” the gorgeous Brit huskily said as his hand traveled across her breasts before sliding down her stomach. “Do I have you suck my cock, or do I finally fuck that beautiful cunt? Let’s start with you taking off your clothes while Pat and I watch. Be a good girl and hop up on the table.” As she began to tremble and open her mouth to speak, John put his fingers against her lips. “Keep your eyes on me as you take off your dress. You’ll enjoy every moment of tonight, I promise. I wouldn’t hurt you, kitten.”

As Gillian stepped back to do as he ordered, John said in fluent Italian, “I’m going to need a little room, boys, and Gillian needs some space. Benito, you and Kin move farther away. Pat, you come sit across from me.”

Gillian watched the men move and knew that John had ordered the change. It made her feel better knowing that Benito and Kin had moved. At least in her mind, she could pretend it was just the three of them. She then stepped up into a chair to stand on the table. Slowly and deliberately, Gillian reached down to pull the form fitting dress up her thighs, stomach, and then over her head. She watched John’s eyes blacken with lust before she undid her strapless, black bra and allowed it to fall to the floor. Standing only in diamonds and heels, John motioned with his finger for her to turn around. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she did as he ordered. As her eyes found Patrick, Gillian found the man rubbing his hardened cock through his pants. When the Irishman’s eyes met hers, Gillian felt her pussy flood again as it pulsed with need and excitement.

“Isn’t she stunning, Pat?” John asked in Gaelic as he too rubbed his painful erection through his pants. “Gillian’s body was made for hard, intense fucking, and now she belongs to us.”

“Absolutely breathtaking, Johnny,” Patrick replied, feeling hot and sweaty. Her body was perfectly designed for sin. Her breasts were round and large, her hips full and wide. Gillian’s skin was porcelain and flawless, and the little strip of hair between her legs was glistening with her juices. He was going to enjoy tonight, and then the good doctor would be on her way. “But you talk as though Gillian will be staying longer than tonight. Not possible, mate. We enjoy her tonight, and then she leaves tomorrow after giving us the book.”

* * *

John said nothing in response to his brother’s remark. The Irishman wanted the woman as much as he did, but for some reason, he was fighting it. Somehow, he didn’t think Patrick would be as eager to let the American go in the morning. John was going to have to make sure and change his mate’s mind. With a seductive smile on his face, he commanded, “Get on your knees, sweetheart, and crawl to Patrick. Stay on all fours, and keep that lovely ass in the air.”

Gillian did as John instructed. As she seductively crawled across the table toward Patrick, she watched the Irishman remove the vest he wore and begin to unbutton the white shirt underneath. Gillian began to openly salivate as his tanned, broad, muscular chest was exposed. The golden skin was tight and taut and covered in a variety of tattoos. As she got closer, he reached under her and began massaging her breasts with his hands.

Bringing Gillian only inches from his face, Patrick said, “Your body is magnificent, love. I have wanted to do this since I saw you that night at Radio.” The Irishman then ran his tongue along her lips. When Patrick heard her gasp, he chuckled. He then allowed one hand to slowly trail down her stomach to her core. His finger trailed her wet pussy lips as his tongue mated with hers playfully. When she grabbed his arms for support, Patrick said, “I thought you didn’t like me, sweetheart. I can stop if you want me to. Do you want me to stop?”

Gillian moaned as his fingers dipped into her pussy to slowly massage her clit. The breath caught in her throat before she gripped Patrick’s hair and slammed her mouth on his. The animalistic growl she heard from him sent shivers of electricity through her body, and he quickly took control of the kiss. Not wanting to end the contact, one hand slid down his muscular body to begin undoing his pants. Gillian then pulled free his enormous, throbbing cock and began stroking it with one hand.

Patrick broke the kiss as his blond head fell back in ecstasy. His muscular hips undulated in perfect rhythm to her movements. He loved how bold and honest Gillian was in her caresses. He had never wanted a woman to control the pace of sex, but he would gladly let this woman. The sound of John clearing his throat broke her spell over him. What the hell was wrong with him? Patrick O’Malley let no woman control him…ever!

He gripped Gillian’s throat with one hand and brought her face back to his. “Since my dick is in your hand, sweetheart, I am going to assume you don’t want me to stop.” Patrick smiled before kissing her lips. “I want you to suck my cock, Gillian. Put your mouth on me.”

A soft, sensual grin touched Gillian’s beautiful face before she kissed Patrick and then trailed her lips and tongue down his muscular frame toward his giant, erect shaft.  She gripped his cock in her hand and playfully licked the head, tasting the salty precum. She then licked the vein of his throbbing organ before easing the tip into her hot, sweet mouth. The Irishman nearly came unglued as his head fell back in pure surrender. Before he could tell her to, Gillian relaxed her throat and jaw muscles and deep throated the entire length of his cock. As the tip of it reached the back of her mouth, she began to hum. Patrick’s muscular stomach convulsed, and he growled at the most intense pleasure of his life. Knotting his hand into the American’s ebony hair, Patrick then began to control her movements.

As Patrick controlled the head he was receiving from Gillian, John took off his jacket and shirt and positioned the American’s perfectly shaped bottom before him. With his hands, he spread her ass and moaned at the small, pink hole staring back at him. John’s mouth salivated at the pussy juices sliding down the inside of her porcelain thighs. He massaged the plump skin on her ass before he playfully slapped both cheeks. John then leaned forward and ran his tongue up her glossy pussy lips. Hearing Gillian’s moan and watching more moisture develop between the folds, had John repeating his actions. He then gripped her hips and attacked her cunt with his mouth.  He sucked on her engorged clit and licked the painful nub with his tongue as she began undulating against his face. John felt her pussy clench around his tongue before his mouth was flooded with her juices.

Gillian pulled Patrick’s cock from her warm mouth as the orgasm tore through her body. She screamed as her clit pulsed on John’s tongue, but her scream was soon captured in Patrick’s mouth as he slammed his mouth on hers for a passionate kiss. As the Irishman’s tongue began mating with hers, the contact was lost as John grabbed her ankle and dragged her to the edge of the table. Before she knew what was happening, the Brit had her sitting on the table and his mouth slammed on hers. Gillian moaned again in pleasure as she tasted herself on his tongue. Her hands roamed his body, and she found herself not being able to get close enough to him. Feeling the head of his enlarged dick rubbing against her clit had the doctor spreading her legs and wrapping them around his waist, all thoughts of the other men in the room gone.

“I’m going to fuck my pussy, kitten,” John growled, breaking the kiss as he continued to rub his dick in between her lips. “While I fuck what belongs to me, you are going to suck Pat off.”

“I don’t belong to you,” Gillian breathlessly moaned as he beat the tip of his cock against her throbbing clit. Her eyes locked with his, and the lust she saw there was replaced with something unreadable.

“Oh, but you do,” John replied, a deep rage forming in the base of his spine at her refusal. This woman belonged to him, and he had no intentions of letting her go, book or no book. “And I’m going to prove it. Tell these men how much you want me, kitten.”

Gillian shook her head in refusal, but it fell back in pure, sweet pleasure as John eased his cock deep within her core. John then pulled out slowly, only to plunge back in balls deep. He engaged in the sweet torture several more times before he pulled all but the tip of his dick out and froze. Sweat poured off him as he stilled his movements. When Gillian tried to slide him back into her warmth by undulating her own hips, John twisted her nipples before slapping each of the large, porcelain globes with his hand. Her passion filled, emerald eyes immediately shot to his as she moaned in frustration. John then loosely gripped her neck and brought her face close to his.

“Are you frustrated, kitten?” John asked with a sensual smile on his lips. Truth be told, he was on the edge himself and near the breaking point. He only hoped he could hold out longer than she could. “If you want me to fuck that pretty pink pussy, then you will tell these men how much you want me. Pat, come here. Kitten has something she wants to tell you.”

The Irishman quickly walked around the table. His dick painfully throbbed as he slowly jerked it. He knew exactly what John wanted the witch to do, and John Kenric always got what he wanted. Patrick found himself wanting her name on his lips too, so to add to her torture, he began massaging her clit with his fingers. He kissed her softly on the lips before he whispered, “Tell Johnny what he wants to hear, sweetheart. The sooner you do, the quicker you get what you want.”

* * *

Gillian’s body was engulfed in flames! As Patrick massaged her clit and licked her nipples, John kept her vaginal opening stretched wide as he kissed her lips. Damn John for wanting her to beg! How dare he say that she belonged to him! Gillian Morgan belonged to no man! Although she had denied him with her words, her heart had melted into a puddle. John wanted her, and not only that, he wanted to keep her! Gillian wanted nothing more than to belong to him, but deep down, she also wanted Patrick. Damn your stubborn pride, Gillian shouted at herself as her pussy wept and pulsed with painful pleasure! She wanted these two men, and tonight, if only for one night, she would belong to them and only them. Gillian could hate herself in the morning when she was leaving London.

“Please,” she heard herself whisper in a hoarse, soft voice.

“Please what, kitten?” John smiled in male dominance as he rubbed his bearded face against hers and Patrick stepped back, eager to watch Gillian beg.

“John, please…fuck me.” The ebony haired woman whispered through clenched teeth as she attempted to move her hips to take John’s cock in deeper, but her actions were instantly stopped by the Brit.

“Sounds like she wants us to fuck her, Johnny.” Patrick wickedly smiled as he stroked his dick with slow, long movements.

“Aye, it does, boyo,” John huskily replied as he hungrily licked his lips. He looked deep into the depths of her green eyes, and he could see that she was suffering sexually. He could also see how she was fighting her own emotions. John couldn’t explain the sensation he felt by hearing Gillian begging him. It literally made his blood boil. Leaning forward, he nuzzled her neck. “Was that a plea that I heard cross your lips, kitten? Tell me what you said again, but this time, say it louder so our friends across the room can hear you.”

Gillian tried to capture John’s lips for a kiss, but he would not allow it. Couldn’t he see how she was hurting? She chewed on her bottom lip a moment in pure sexual frustration before she growled loudly, “Fuck me, John! Please! I need you, dammit!”

“That’s music to my ears, sweetheart.” John grinned as he closed his eyes in bliss for a moment. His little American was not as tough as she pretended. As he opened his eyes, John eased his cock back into her warmth as she moaned loudly. His mouth found hers as he placed a long, leisurely kiss on her red lips. Pulling back, he asked, “Who is it that you belong to you, kitten?

Gillian’s pussy wept around John’s cock as it stretched her wide and its tip rested against her G-spot. Her hands kneaded his muscular arms and chest as her eyes darted in between John and the gorgeous Irishman who stood before her stroking himself. Wanting the sweet torture to end, Gillian softly said, “You, John. I belong to you.”

“Aye, you do,” John groaned, looking deep into her eyes before he slid out his cock, only to plunge it back into her core. The handsome British man watched Gillian arch her back on the table as he began to pump inside of her at a maddening pace. The beast was riding him hard as he spread her legs further apart and went deeper and deeper with each thrust. He felt Gillian’s pussy tighten around his cock before she let out a scream of pleasure and came hard. John pulled his cock from her beautiful, wet cunt as he watched the salty, clear liquid pour from her core while she convulsed on the table. Wanting to taste her essence and elongate her pleasure, John spread the wet folds and ran his tongue along her clit. He chuckled as she nearly came off the table.

John eased his throbbing, massive dick back into her tight, wet warmth as she moaned into his mouth. A shiver ran through his body when she wrapped her legs around his waist. “Kitten, lie back on the table and hang your head off the other side. Pat is going to fuck your mouth while I enjoy your pussy.”

“John, I don’t…think…” Gillian said quietly as her eyes met his.

He could see the fear in her eyes, but John could also see how much she wanted not only him but the Irishman as well. His little kitten’s vulnerability struck a chord in him, and he found himself wanting to take care of her and assure her that everything would be okay. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Gillian.

“Don’t be scared, kitten,” John said before kissing her softly on the lips. “I know being with two men is something you haven’t done before, but I promise that you will like it. Do you want us to stop?” When Gillian said nothing and kissed his lips again, John smiled gently at her. “Pat and I won’t hurt you, kitten. If, at any time, you feel discomfort or fear, your safe word is diamonds. Understand?”

Gillian responded to the Brit by leaning forward to run her tongue over both of his male nipples and then let it trail up the pulsing vein in his neck. John growled loudly and pushed her back roughly on the table before he began pumping himself in and out of her pussy. He massaged her large, round breasts as he thrust deeper and deeper. Arching her back on the table, she felt Patrick’s hand knot her long, ebony hair before his lips claimed hers in a passionate kiss. She feasted on Patrick’s mouth and slipped her hands into his blond, curly mane.

The Irishman’s warm lips left hers to trail a path to her ear. “I know you want John, Gillian, but I need to know that you want me,” Patrick whispered hoarsely in her ear before pulling the lobe with his teeth. “Do you want my cock in your mouth, kitty?”

Her eyes met his as she giggled wickedly before chewing on her bottom lip. Being with these two men made her feel so wanton and bold! Maybe it was the alcohol running through her veins, but she thought for a moment that she saw a flash of insecurity in Patrick’s intense gaze. Wanting desperately to reassure him, Gillian’s tongue blazed a trail up his thick, muscular neck as her small, porcelain hand began to stroke his massive cock and fondle his balls. Feeling him shiver, the smile widened on her stunning face. When her tongue found his ear, Gillian whispered, “I want you, Patrick…all of you.”

The American doctor had no time to respond as the Irishman gripped her loosely by the throat and positioned her so her head lay off the edge of the table. He then positioned himself so her head was between his legs. Patrick then roughly tapped his erect dick against her lips as he painfully plucked at her rose-colored nipples. When Gillian cried out in sweet torture, Patrick eased his cock into her hot, wet mouth. Sweat dripped off him as he slid himself in and out of Gillian’s mouth slowly as John pumped her pussy. Patrick felt her hands massaging his balls and felt her hum as his dick touched the back of her throat. His balls began to tighten and precum dripped from his erection into Gillian’s mouth. Patrick could not even begin to explain the pleasure coursing throughout his body as Gillian sucked him off. His turquoise eyes watched the unadulterated gratification and fulfillment fill John’s eyes as he pumped Gillian’s pussy. He had seen his brother intimately with many women and had never seen that look on his face before. Patrick hated to admit it, but the Brit’s face mirrored the emotions he felt inside. Damn this woman! What was Gillian doing to them?

“We’re not keeping her, Johnny, so wipe that fucking look off your face,” Patrick half-moaned in Gaelic, pulling all but the tip of his cock from her lips before plunging back in her warm, sweet mouth. He growled, and his dick pulsed when her teeth grazed the head as she began stroking him quickly. Before he knew he was doing it, he yelled out as the orgasm ripped through him. He fell over her body and laid kisses across her breasts and abdomen as she sucked every drop from his convulsing cock. Patrick’s flat abdomen flexed, and he breathed heavily as wave after wave rushed through his body. Placing another chaste kiss on each breast, Patrick pulled his softening cock from Gillian’s mouth. He quickly found her mouth and captured her lips in a hot, demanding kiss. He groaned into her mouth as he tasted himself on her tongue. Patrick felt a heady sensation as the two kissed and an unfamiliar pressure was building in his chest. Not liking the sensations he was feeling, and needing to distance himself from Gillian, the Irishman reluctantly pulled himself from her embrace and went to the bar to pour himself a drink.

Before Gillian could even comprehend Patrick’s actions, John roughly jerked her up and slammed his mouth on hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his wide, muscular hips as he continued to pound inside of her while their tongues mated. Gillian found herself not being able to get close enough to the gorgeous man. Her body was on complete and total overload, and she could not even begin to understand the emotions flooding her chest. Gillian’s head fell back in sheer delight as John’s mouth left hers to blaze a trail down her jaw and neck. She felt his hands slip under her hips and lift her bottom off the table as he began to pump her pussy at an even faster pace. She cried out as his long, thick cock hit her G-spot in rapid succession. Their bodies slapped together in a melodic rhythm as the orgasm built in her core. Then, as if hit by a bolt of lightning, Gillian screamed hoarsely as the climax claimed her. Her pussy pulsed with clear liquid that seeped around John’s thick cock embedded in her as she jerked against his hard body. Gillian felt as though she was floating above her body as she rode ripple after ripple of pleasure.

“That’s it, kitten. Come for me,” John moaned, his hands gripping her hips painfully as her pussy spasmed around his cock. He was so close to the edge of his own orgasm, but he wanted to prolong the delightful sensations they both were feeling.  When Gillian’s eyes met his, they were glazed with lust, need, passion, and something he couldn’t quite make out. Even though John couldn’t make out the last emotion, he loved the way it made her look. There was a softness and vulnerability to Gillian that the Brit had never seen before tonight. The way she looked at him made his heart swell and his soul come alive. Fuck Patrick and his words! John was keeping this woman, and he planned on exploring every inch of her delicious, voluptuous body.

“It’s now my turn to come, kitten,” John growled as he slid her bottom off the table and held her in his strong, muscular arms. He then began to bounce her with ease, up and down his cock as she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders. “Tell these men that you want me to come inside your pussy.”

Gillian’s eyes locked with his as she hungrily licked her lips before a wicked grin crossed her beautiful face. “Come inside me, John. But first, you need to tell these men how good my pussy feels.” To enhance her words, she tightened her vaginal walls around his as he hissed loudly and bared his teeth at the intensity of pleasure. Gillian then gasped and began to pout as he slapped her painfully on the ass.

“You’ll pay for that, sweetheart,” John growled, secretly loving her attempt to top from the bottom. He then gripped the legs that were wrapped around his waist and carried her the short distance to the wall. Pushing her back against it, John buried his cock balls deep inside her core. He loved watching her squirm on his dick and chew on her lower lip as he made small, pulsing movements with his hips, leaving himself fully embedded in her. The Brit’s sweet torture had sweat rolling down his own body as Gillian clenched her own vaginal walls, making her already tight pussy hug him even tighter.

“Fuck, kitten, you feel good,” John groaned, Gillian’s teeth nibbling the vein in his neck. He then moved his hands to grip her inner thighs so he could spread her legs even wider. He could feel his balls begin to tighten as the impending orgasm began to build. The ebony haired giant then positioned himself so he could pump her pussy at a maddening pace. His balls slapped against her anus as every inch of him slid in and out of her warmth. John growled when she screamed out his name as she came on his cock again. Feeling her juices slide down his thighs and feeling her nails digging into his back, the British man gritted his own teeth as he pushed deep into her womb once more and came hard.

“Fuck!” John yelled as he collapsed against Gillian and allowed the extremely powerful sensations of the orgasm to rip through his soul. He heard Gillian’s whimpers of pain and pleasure when he pushed deeper into her womb as his body convulsed as if having a seizure. John breathed heavily as he felt Gillian gently stroking his hair and lightly kissing the side of his face. He nuzzled her neck and allowed her to comfort him. There was an odd peace that settled into the depths of his soul as he held the American in his arms. If John was being honest with himself, he could stay forever with Gillian, just like this.

As the fog of pleasure began to lift from her mind, she suddenly began to feel embarrassed. Glancing around the room, she found Kin and Benito repairing their pants as two women stood up before them. Gillian’s porcelain face went up in flames as she saw a very naked Patrick O’Malley staring a hole through her as he downed a brown glass of liquor. Not only had John’s friends gotten off by watching her and John, but they had also seen her engage in a threesome with John and Patrick. Although the sex act had felt so natural and…right…Gillian could not believe that she had allowed it to go down. Squirming in John’s arms, she needed to get down and put some distance between herself and these men, particularly John and Patrick. She pushed at John’s chest, but the Brit didn’t move.

“John, I, um,” Gillian began hesitantly, trying to think up a lie quickly. “I, um, need to use the bathroom.”

The gorgeous, dark-haired man raised his head to look deeply into her emerald green eyes. He knew by the tone in her voice that she was lying, and he couldn’t understand why she was putting an emotional distance between them. He cracked his neck as he tried to control his rage. “Really, kitten? A lie? Tell me why I shouldn’t bend you over and beat your pretty ass!” John half growled as he pulled his softening cock from her warmth. The Brit’s anger rose as he watched her attempt to cover her naked body with her hands. He pushed her hands away from her body as he towered over her. When her eyes met his, he could tell that something was bothering her. Had one of them been too rough during sex? The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Gillian. Lifting her chin, John’s tone was soft as he asked, “Kitten, what’s wrong? Did we hurt you? Is that why you are choosing to lie to me?”

“No one hurt me, John,” Gillian replied, wanting to reassure him. Her voice was barely audible. She hated seeing the anger in his chestnut colored eyes, so she reached out to stroke his bearded face. “Look, I’m just embarrassed, okay? I’ve never had sex with two men before, let alone in front of an audience. What is everyone going to think of me?”

“Everyone is going to think that you are magnificent, kitten, trust me. I know every man in this room wishes he was me,” John replied, feeling relieved that he had not hurt her. He pulled her into his arms and cupped her bottom in his large hands before his lips found hers. Breaking the kiss, he pulled back and smiled. “You have no reason to be embarrassed, love. We are all adults here, and what happens here stays here. Plus, I hope you aren’t calling it quits on me yet, kitten. After all, you and I are just getting started.”

“Are we?” Gillian asked seductively as she rubbed her bare breasts against his chest. “Who knows, by the end of the night, you may be begging me, Mr. Kenric.”

“We’ll see, my darling kitten.” John smiled as he spread her ass cheeks. “We’ll see.”

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  1. mjj197273

    I love, love, love this book! It picked up right where the first stopped but ended on another cliffhanger. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 3. In the first book I was not a big fan of Patrick’s but the more I read the book the more he is growing on me.

  2. Marybeth

    We continue with the relationship between Gillian, Patrick and John. Gillian and John are falling in love, but they are both fighting it. And what are they going to do about Patrick?

    This is the middle book in the series. We get a HFN ending. This author writes a great story of love and loss. I’m looking forward to the finale.

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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