The Scotman’s Discipline

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Ria is spontaneous and has something to say about everything, while Andrew, who grew up in Scotland, is an old-fashioned guy who values honor and discipline. Andrew enjoys Ria’s fun-loving personality and humorous take on life, but when she goes too far, he does what his background taught him to: He takes her over his knee.

Ria is shocked, but she’s even more surprised to discover that Andrew’s discipline has added a whole new dimension of passion and excitement to their love life. Now he doesn’t only take her over his knee to correct his sassy and irreverent girlfriend, he also does it to connect them – to add even more zing to their already close relationship.

Andrew is ready for a permanent commitment, but Ria fears being a ‘Mrs.’ will make her stodgy and dull, so she’s not quite ready to accept a ring. In the meantime, their lives are full of adventure – a dangerous encounter with an ex-lover, a plan to trick Andrew, a job loss and new business, a little dog with a huge wardrobe, a forgotten Harley, and even serious doubts about the relationship itself.

Will their love for each other be enough to bridge the difference in their worlds? How long will Andrew have to wait to get a ring on Ria’s finger?

Publisher’s Note: This romance contains elements of domestic discipline as well as explicit scenes.


Sample Chapter

Chapter One

It Will Do You a World of Good

Ria was in shock. She’d just had one of the strangest experiences of her life, and every detail of it was etched clearly into her brain—and her bottom. She and Andrew, the man she’d been seeing for several months, had been lounging on the sofa, each reading a professional magazine, but she’d felt restless and was having a hard time settling down. She’d kept jumping up and pacing, and when Andrew had tried to talk to her, she’d been abrupt and even rude, something she tended to do when she was frustrated.

She and Andrew had been seeing each other for several months now, and she knew he wasn’t the kind of guy to accept being used as an emotional punching bag. He’d already looked at her sharply a couple of times and also commented on her behavior. She should have read the warning signs better, but she hadn’t, so when he’d suggested a movie choice for later, she’d answered with a dismissive comment. Well, to be honest, it had been more than dismissive; it had been downright rude. A silence had followed, and then it happened.

She’d started pacing again, so he’d reached out and pulled her back towards him, but instead of putting her next to him on the sofa, he’d kept her standing in front of him. His dark blue eyes had seemed even darker than usual as he’d looked at her steadily and said, “You need to pay attention to how you speak to other people, lass.”

Then he’d reached under her short, gathered skirt and pulled her tights down, followed by her lace panties, and without thinking, Ria had stepped out of them. She’d assumed they were headed for the bedroom, and she could already feel her body coming to life, but his next words had stopped her cold.

“You need a good spanking.”

He’d said it in a very simple and straight-forward way, like it was an everyday event, and Ria had gaped at him, stunned, not sure if he was playing a joke on her or if he’d just lost his mind. She must have misheard.

“Wha -at?”

“I’m going to spank you. It’s been a long time coming, and it’ll do you a world of good.”

Spank her? She was twenty-eight years old and had been on her own for six years now. He couldn’t just say he was going to spank her, could he? Or, maybe he could say it, but it certainly was not going to happen. Who did Andrew think he was?

As she’d stood there dumbfounded, Andrew had taken hold of her and pulled her down across his left leg, her upper body resting on the sofa cushion and her bottom centered on his muscular thigh. She’d immediately fought back and struggled to get up again, but she’d been no match for his strength as he clamped his left arm across her back to hold her firmly in place and then caught her flailing legs under his right calf. She’d been locked in place but still struggling with all her might against her captor.

“You’re only making it worse for yourself, lass,” he’d said, as he shifted her weight a bit to the left to position her backside better and then raised his left leg slightly, elevating her bottom nicely.

Her mind had been a jumble of thoughts and outrage. How could this be happening to her? She was Ria Davis, independent twenty-first-century woman and successful junior designer. What was she doing face down staring at the sofa cushion, feeling Andrew’s rock-hard leg underneath her and his iron grip holding her in place?

This was absolutely the end of the relationship. No man was going to treat her this way! She and Andrew had been getting very serious, but obviously she’d been really wrong about him, and as soon as he’d had his stupid game, she’d tell him to get out and then never see him again. She’d shivered as Andrew had turned her skirt back, exposing her naked bottom to the cool air and whatever ridiculous game he had in mind.

“Fine,” she’d said through gritted teeth. “Do your little spanking thing, but don’t think I’m going to be part of it.”

Andrew had changed the position of his left hand on her back and then said softly, “Oh, you’re very much going to be a part of this.”

He’d laid his large right hand gently on her bare cheeks, feeling first one and then the other, almost as if taking the measure, and then he’d run his hand along the top of her thighs, just where they met the bulge of her cheeks. Ria’d shivered again involuntarily, both from the feeling of his hand and from a sense of total vulnerability.

Then he’d raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her waiting bottom, and Ria had gasped and jerked upwards. In fact, she might have fallen off his lap if he hadn’t been holding her so tightly. “Ow!” she’d yelled, outraged. “That hurts!”

Andrew nodded calmly and replied, “It’s supposed to.” Then he raised his hand again and brought it down a second time, exactly in the same spot, and again she’d yelled.

“Ow-w-w! Stop! I mean it! That hurts!”

Andrew had completely ignored her cries then as he’d brought his hand down over and over. Ria had squirmed and tried desperately to get away from his falling hand, but he’d held her firmly in place, forcing her to feel what was happening. At first she’d yelled threats and insults, but as the spanking had continued and the sting in her poor bottom had built in a way she’d never before experienced, the fight had gone out of her, and much to her chagrin, she’d simply lain across his knee and cried.

* * *

Ria’s relationship with Andrew was getting serious. They were together almost every day and felt totally at home with each other. In fact, it seemed hard to remember when Andrew hadn’t been part of her life.

She’d met him at a charity auction for the local library in Chandler, New Jersey, and at first glance, he’d seemed every woman’s dream—tall and rugged, with strong jaws, a full head of dark hair, and piercing dark blue eyes. They’d arrived at a table to write their bids at almost the same time and had exchanged a few words, and then, hoping to continue the conversation, he’d invited her to sit down with him at the coffee bar set up nearby.

He’d introduced himself as Andrew MacNeil, and, during the conversation that followed, she’d learned his family was from Scotland and that he was an architectural consultant who ran his own business from home. Ria wasn’t surprised to learn that he also loved sports and played as often as he could because it was obvious that he kept himself in top form. Her heart had fluttered as she’d taken in his broad chest and shoulders, his muscular arms, and his large hands. Mr. Andrew MacNeil was as fine a specimen of the male world as she’d ever seen.

For his part, Andrew had been totally taken with Ria. He’d seen her across the room, a smiling blonde in a little red dress, and when he’d arrived at the bid table, he’d found himself looking into the greenest eyes he’d ever seen. Even more interesting than her obvious beauty, though, had been her bubbly personality. She was like a glass of champagne, and he’d thoroughly enjoyed the brief time they’d spent together, so he’d asked her out to dinner the following week, and that date too had been a great success. They’d talked and laughed for hours, finding they shared many interests but still had enough differences to keep things lively. He’d regaled her with amusing stories about Scotland, and she’d told him about the work she did for the local branch of a medium-size interior design firm.

After that first date, they’d seen each other often, and soon it seemed like they’d always known each other. Most evenings they were together at Ria’s small house where they ordered in or cooked together in the kitchen and then ate either in the small dining area or in the living room. Some evenings they both had work they needed to do, but other times they cuddled together on the sofa, watching TV or just talking. Ria adored being pulled close to Andrew’s hard chest and feeling his strong arms around her, and often their evenings ended in the bedroom.

Andrew was different from the men she’d dated before. He had an Old World sense of courtesy, always opening doors, pulling out chairs, and carrying packages. Sometimes he used words like honor and respect, and while she herself was from a prominent family where manners were important, she would usually have thought this was a bit corny. With Andrew, it seemed natural.

He also had a great deal of self-discipline. He could work hard all day and then simply shut it off for a few hours and give all his attention to something else. For Ria, it was very different. When there was something at work or in her personal life that bothered her, she fidgeted, tapped her toes, or drummed her fingers, and when she was restless, she frequently said things that would have been better left unsaid. Andrew sometimes thought she entertained herself with little verbal zings, but whatever it was, he wasn’t willing to be on the receiving end of comments he considered rude. Several times he’d told her she needed to think before speaking or maybe just turn off her thoughts for a while, but she didn’t know how.

Today, when Ria’s restlessness had caused her to snap at Andrew one time too many, he’d finally taken matters into his own hands—literally. He’d turned her over his knee and spanked her.

* * *

After what seemed to Ria like a painful eternity, Andrew’s hand finally stopped smacking her bottom. She was in shock and emotionally too drained to move, so she lay there very still, her mind turned off to everything but the fire burning in her backside and the closeness of Andrew’s hard male body. She had no interest in fighting anymore and just wanted to lie there. Strangely enough, her original anger towards him had disappeared, and all her resolutions about tossing him out and never seeing him again seemed to have come from a faraway forgotten place. Instead, she felt strangely peaceful, soft and accepting, and what she really wanted was to feel Andrew’s arms around her.

She also wanted desperately to rub her bottom, but Andrew was still holding her hand with his own while he ran his other hand gently over her back, then her neck and upper legs. “Are you ready to get up?” he asked after several minutes.

Ria nodded slightly, so Andrew’d slipped his large hands underneath her arms and stood her up again, causing the short skirt to fall back down over her bright red cheeks. Her discarded panties and tights were still on the floor, but she made no move to recover them. She really didn’t care and couldn’t remember when she’d felt so mellow.

She put her hands back to rub her throbbing cheeks, but he took hold of them and brought them back to the front, using them to steer her down until she was sitting on his leg—the same leg she’d just been lying across. Then he wiped away the tears still on her face. “Are you all right?” he asked almost gently.

She nodded, still stunned by what had happened to her. She didn’t remember ever being spanked before and had felt overwhelmed by unfamiliar feelings. Physically, her bottom was on fire, but inside she’d felt totally calm and peaceful, and what she wanted most right now was to feel his body surrounding her own.

It was as if he’d read her mind. After holding her on his lap for a few minutes, he stood up, pulling her up with him, and then bent forward, scooped her into his arms, and carried her to the bedroom where he laid her gently on the bed and then lay down next to her, studying her face intently.

Had he gone too far? Had the spanking wrecked their growing relationship? He’d only known Ria a few months, but he could already imagine spending the rest of his life with her, so he sincerely hoped he hadn’t ruined things. In his heart he believed he’d done both her and their relationship a huge favor, but American women could be very prickly. She might not see it the same way, and, in fact, she might never forgive him. She seemed okay right now, but what would happen when she started thinking about it later?

He pulled Ria closer. She was quiet, and with her eyes closed, she looked serene and almost angelic, with a look of pure contentment on her face. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly as one of his hands started to slowly caress her body.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear.

She was silent, and once again he wondered if he’d gone too far. Her tongue could be tart, but he knew at heart she was very gentle and had always lived a protected life. Being put over a knee and spanked until she cried was not something she was used to. He continued to caress her gently, willing everything to be all right. Ria sighed and moved slightly.

“I love you, lass,” he repeated quietly. He needed to know she understood his feelings.

“I love you, too.”

It was almost a whisper, but it was clear. With those four words he felt a weight lift from him, and he smiled in relief.

They were going to be all right.

11 reviews for The Scotman’s Discipline

  1. JigsawGirl

    This is a continuation of the prequel, but you do not have to read the prequel prior to reading this book. Everything in the prequel is pretty much laid out in the first pages of the book.

    I liked Andrew, but Ria was childish, bratty, immature, and silly at 29 years old. I can’t imagine why Andrew is so anxious to marry her. There is another book coming about Andrew and Ria that I have to read just to see if she grows up.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy.

  2. Donna L

    ByDonna Lon November 21, 2017
    Format: Kindle Edition
    Another entertaining read by Laura Hart.I loved the easy
    dialogue and sassy banter between Ria and Andrew.I loved
    Rita’s strong willed,sassy personality but she is no match for
    her heavy handed boyfriend.Andrew has no tolerance for Ria’s
    quick,abrupt temper.After meeting at a charity auction,their
    relationship is starting to get serious.The only problem is Ria’s
    rudeness,she was spoiled, being the baby in the family.Finally
    her luck ran out when Andrew spanked her for the first time.
    Shocked,overwhelmed and emotionally drained,Ria’s first thoughts
    are to leave Andrew.What she did not expect was a sense of peace,
    and great sex.Who was this new man in her life.Its takes many trips
    over Andrew’s knee to keep Ria sweet and learn responsibility.Andrew
    is ready for marriage but something is holding Ria back.This is a really
    engaging,quick read with entertaining characters.Their relationship
    develops believably with the right amount of spankings.Andrew was your
    classic,rugged,Scottish hero.Read and enjoy.
    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

  3. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. This continues the story of a girl from Raleigh and a man from Aberdeen. A serious, strong, beautiful man and a dreamy, exuberant lovely woman. The promise of a future where love grows and discipline is learned. Andrew and Ria are now deeply in love and he has introduced the concept of discipline in the shape of Andrew’s hand connecting with her bottom. While she hates the pain, she loves the aftercare. Convincing her to become more aware and also open to becoming engaged might take him a lifetime. I can’t wait to read the rest of their story. Hand, paddle.

  4. Redrabbitt

    The plot will continue from the prequel, The Scotsman, with the relationship of Andrew and Ria taking a more serious turn, spending more time together than apart when they aren%u2019t working and eventually moving in together. Unfortunately, Ria can work herself up into a tizzy and push things until they are ready to explode. After learning his friend, Graham%u2019s secret to saving his marriage, Andrew decides it will either make or break their relationship, and he will spank Ria. While she is shocked and upset, it also has some good sides, she calms down, and her libido is elevated.

    Meeting Ria%u2019s parents gaining their respect and support of their relationship, although they would prefer to see an engagement and impending marriage in the very near future. Learning that is also his intentions helps Sarah and Richard, but getting Ria on board is another issue. Ria and Andrew have admitted to each other their declaration of love, now if she would only be open towards marriage.

    She will go from a high of being awarded a coveted award for her work as a designer, to the company being bought out and finding herself out of a job. With the business savvy of Andrew running his own architectural company, he will try to help her put her business and personal affairs in order. Learning that while Ria pays her bills, she is na?ve about some of her bills, and credit card expenses. Being the baby and having doting parents who have spoiled her, may be a huge part of her immaturity.

    The story will have some tense moments of trouble with a former boyfriend harassing Ria, and then her trusting Andrew when he wants to put safety measures in place. A tantrum will ensue, and discipline will follow.

    Having read and loved each book by Ms. Laura Hart, I am equally excited about this new series. I love the set up from the prequel to get to know our two main characters and equally enjoyed seeing the relationship as it has developed in this book. This story does include domestic discipline and shows the advantages in their relationship, and the sex scenes are mild and not overly explicit. I am looking forward to the next book, Engaged To The Scotsman.

  5. Dyane

    The more books I read by Laura Hart, the more I enjoy her writing. The heroine Ria is fun and quirky, but certainly naughty enough to frequently end up over the hero%u2019s knee. Andrew is stern yet still somehow indulgent, bemused but entranced by the heroine%u2019s spontaneous, carefree and at times reckless behavior. There are a couple of places in the storyline that portray Ria as a little ditzy, but overall she is a strong, fun character. The plot flows nicely, and the book is easy to read. There are a few sexy love scenes, and there are many, many detailed discipline scenes. I look forward to the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  6. Tami

    The story of Ria and Andrew from “The Scotsman” continues. I enjoyed the prequel and I love this much longer story about this great couple even more. Ria and Andrew are simply made for each other. Andrew is stern, passionate and tender and Ria is a free spirited woman who learns to enjoy Andrew’s corrections.

    The storyline is well written and kept my interest from start to finish. I hope I don’t have to wait too long for the next book in this exciting series.

  7. Joanie M

    The Scotsman%u2019s Discipline picked up where the prequel left off so be sure to read the prequel first. This book begins with Ria’s introduction to getting a spanking from Andrew%u2019s hard hand. It turns out to be the first of many, all well-deserved. Ria is quite a character; I love her spunk and child-like outlook on life. Discipline is a new word in her vocabulary as Andrew tries to teach her to be respectful and responsible. He has the patience of a saint with her, probably because he%u2019s hopelessly in love with her. Although the characters were well developed in the prequel, we learn some interesting new things about them as well as meet Ria’s wonderful family in this book. The story is a sweet romance with realistic conflicts given the nature of the characters. The plot held my attention, while Ria and Andrew had me laughing out loud. There%u2019s no shortage of erotic scenes either. The book ended in a good place and left me looking forward to the next one.

  8. DB

    Great new series! Loved all of Ria and Andrew’s adventures. Andrew takes loving Ria seriously although Ria wants everything to be carefree and happy all the time. She does have a lot of things happen to her, some her doing and some not. Andrew is always there to save her, whether turning her over his knee, or saving her from an ex-boyfriend. This book was full of witty dialogue that had you laugh out loud, many spankings, a little danger, a very dominant level-headed Scotsman, a super cute feisty misbehaving female, a loveable dog and another book coming in December that I can’t wait to read! 5 Big Stars

  9. Margaret Corcoran

    I love this new series from this brilliant author. She has an amazing talent. The characters are well written and described. This is a very easy to read story with lots of different elements to hold the reader’s interest. I enjoyed reading this story very much and I am looking forward to reading the next one. There are some disciplinary spankings but lots of love and support. There is also plenty of hot spicy sex. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

  10. Sam

    I really enjoyed this book. It is really interesting and has some fun plot points. Ria is a great character but I was constantly amazed at how naive she was. Andrew does a great job of grounding her. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

  11. susan landowski

    Loved this story and want to read the other books. This has well developed characters that have a great repertoire of sass and sarcasm as well as a fun loving interactions. Love the respect and love between the 2 main characters as well as the sexual chemistry. Of course the sex is intense and contains spanking as well. Please read as you will not be disappointed.

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