The Scheme

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Nicky French is successful in a job she hates. She’s also hungry for one sexy man, Mick St. Simons, the owner of the Flamingo Rustler – the hottest club in Richmond, Virginia. Between his six-foot-five-inch body, his sultry Australian accent, and his long golden locks, she’s hooked. Too bad she was hurt by her ex so badly she’s unable to trust another man. But Mick is nothing but a playboy, so she keeps him at arm’s length anyway.

Mick St. Simons may come across as a playboy but things are not what they seem. He’s been hurt in the past and guards his heart. When his bar has some financial difficulties and the need for increased customers, Nicky agrees to help her best friend, Veronica, plan a fund-raising event. The only snag is that Mick wants nothing to do with an event the size they are planning. Nicky is their only hope of convincing him to try. Her method? One hot moment inside a storage room when their chemistry sparks.

What no one realizes is that Veronica holds a secret which, if discovered, could destroy her friendship with Mick. The only solution is to convince Mick and Nicky that they belong together before the truth is unveiled. Secrets and lies weave a tangled web and friends become embroiled in a heated battle of push and shove, one in which burning desires are revealed.

Can Nicky put the past behind her, trusting the one man she could love again? Is Mick able to fight the demons he keeps buried deep inside? Or are they both too stubborn to acknowledge what is right in front of them?

Publisher’s Note: This romance is intended for adults only and includes elements of power exchange, danger, suspense, explicit scenes, elements of ménage, and discipline of adult women. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

“Why the long face, lovely lady?” Leaning over the bar, the rugged blond gave her a saucy grin, his eyes twinkling. “I think you need a good fuck and I have the perfect guy in mind.”

Nicky French sighed as she shook her head. “Very funny, Froggy.” She loved coming to the Flamingo Rustler, the location a perfect stop on her way home from work.

“I’m serious.”

While she should be shocked at his brazen comment, he was dead on. She hadn’t had sex in over a year and she was as horny as she’d ever been. “Don’t say his name to me. After the day I’ve had, I don’t want any additional shit.” The entire day had indeed been wretched, the horrors included three full-blown arguments with homeowners, the usual threat against her safety for being a ‘bitch’ and one massive water leak in her own townhouse.

“I stand by my comment.” Winking, Froggy gave her a heated look. “And an intense round of spanking would do you some good. Over the knee, bare-assed spanking.”

“What?” Nicky had to admit the thought sounded delicious.

“Yup. You’re cranky as hell.”

“If you must know, I hate my job.” She eyed the handsome bartender who’d become a good friend over the past few months and swirled her drink as she thought about her career. Nicky French, Community Association Manager of the very prestigious gated community association, Leopard’s Pointe, was nothing but a punching bag for a group of bedraggled owners who truly believed they were better than everyone else.

Froggy chuckled and grabbed the bottle of merlot, filling her glass to the rim. “Here, sunshine, I think you need another. I haven’t seen you this antsy in a month. I still think I know exactly what, or who, you need to get you out of your mood.”

Grabbing the glass, she raised her eyebrow before taking a large gulp. “Why don’t you tell me then.” Every other night she was stopping by The Flamingo Rustler restaurant and bar for a nightcap. Alcohol definitely soothed her savage beast in trying to deal with the nutcases that disguised themselves as upstanding citizens. Liquor had become her friend. Wasn’t that a freaking pain in the ass?

Slowly he turned his head toward the kitchen door, grinning mischievously. “Why don’t you take the boss up on his offer of unbridled lust? Think about the possibilities. One night of uninhibited raunchy sex is just what the doctor ordered. I think if you ask him right now, he’ll be happy to ride you like a wild pony. Here he comes now.”

Coughing, Nicky couldn’t help but turn her gaze toward the hottest male she’d ever seen in her life. Mick St. Simons was all beefy brawn at six-foot-five with sun-kissed shoulder length hair and the most dashing cerulean blue eyes she’d ever seen. Without a doubt, his all male swagger and delicious Aussie accent were the very reasons a series of tremors shimmied deep into her pussy every time the man opened his mouth. Shivering, she blinked furiously as she watched him saunter through the crowd of adoring patrons, greeting the long-time customers with a sensuous flair. “Whew.”

“Uh-huh, you’re drooling love,” Froggy murmured as he wiped a single bead of wine from her chin. “You two adore the hell out of each other. Why don’t you go fuck like bunnies and soothe the hunger furrowing inside of you?”

“That’s an interesting way to put it. Why don’t you announce that over the loud speaker so the entire restaurant can hear your shameless thoughts?” But damn, if she didn’t hunger for the rough-hewn man like no other. The  thump, thump, thump of her heart matched her scattered breaths as he inched closer. Squeezing her cunt muscles, Nicky knew damn good and well she craved the man who’d toyed with her for six long months. Gulping another large taste of wine, she closed her eyes and tried to control her ridiculous reactions.

Froggy leaned close and sent a pulse of hot breath dancing across her skin. “Yep, you’re hooked and horny. Mick!”

Her eyes flew open and she grabbed his wrist. “Stop it! You know Mick and I wouldn’t be good together.”

He shook his head, wrenched his arm away from her and eased back from the bar. “Quite the contrary. I think the two of you will be sinfully tasty together.” Tipping his head, he sauntered down toward the end of the bar, swaying his hips back and forth to taunt her.

Nicky hissed and stole another lust-filled gaze at Mick. Goddamn, he looked hot as shit. Whew baby! The skin-tight black jeans showed every curve of his delicious round butt and the giant bulge in between his legs. Dear God, Mother Nature had given the man more than his share of testosterone. Feeling a nervous tick on the corner of her mouth, she grabbed the glass of wine and consumed half before setting the glass down onto the bar with a distinct thud. Why the hell was she so nervous around him?

“Hello, luv.”

The low timbre of his husky voice sent chills down her spine. Licking her lips, Nicky fought the quivers that threatened to expose her raging, naughty minx desire and turned slowly to face him. “Hey Mick, good crowd tonight.”

Mick tossed his hair back and eyed the dining room. “Sadly, business is off. I need to do something to kick up the heat.” Grinning, he took her hand and slowly brought her fingers to his mouth, kissing her palm then darting his tongue out to trace a long line down from her wrist to the end of her middle finger. As he took just the tip inside, sucking while he flashed his eyes down to her breasts, he hummed.

So, this was what they meant by full-court press. Nicky fought the hungry beast that lived within her, the one that wanted to throw herself over one of the pool tables in the back room, meant for men only. They wouldn’t be making love. They’d be fucking rough and rowdy style. Stop it! Chastising her ridiculous thoughts, she pulled her hand away and caught Froggy’s impious grin from the other side of the bar. “Well, I’m sure you’ll think of something to drum up business.”

“Mick, can Veronica and I have a word with you?” The stunning blond swayed back and forth, her grin laced with a naughty glint. “Hey, Nicky girl, nice to see you. Mick’s been asking about you.” Her smile was laced with mischief.

“Hey, Candy.” Nicky smiled and eyed Mick. Since the first day Nicky had ventured into the neon swathed restaurant, she and Candy had been friends. Had he really been asking about her?

“Sorry luv, the restaurant queen calls. Be right back,” Mick said quietly as he lowered his head and brushed his lips across Nicky’s cheek.

Nicky realized she was holding her breath, her nerves on edge and as he walked away, she homed in on his chiseled butt. “Oh my.”

“Yep, you two are going to have to fuck soon or the restaurant won’t be left standing, given the amount of electricity soaring.” Froggy refilled her glass.

“I do have to drive home.”

He grinned. “It’s early.”

Nicky tried to ignore Mick as he stood with Candy, the waitress who’d brought in the majority of clients. Gorgeous and brilliant, she was paying her way through medical school. She and Nicky had shared many a conversation about Mick. She eyed the second girl who approached and was intrigued as their conversation became animated. “Spill it, Froggy. What are Veronica and Candy talking to Mick about?”

“You know Veronica. She has ideas all the time about how to make the restaurant better or bring in more clientele. I heard from Candy that Veronica has a rather entertaining idea up her sleeve. It’s good for Mick that they’ve been friends since he moved to the States. The man needs someone to yank his chain every once in a while.”

“Well if anyone can rope in business with a scintillating scheme, Veronica can. I love that girl. Not only has she become a good friend, but she’s a lot like me,” Nicky said, giggling.

“Yeah, wicked and tasty.”

Nicky stuck out her tongue and sipped her wine as she continued to survey the heated conversation. When Mick threw his hands up and strode into the kitchen, Candy gave him the finger and Nicky had to laugh. “You go, girl!”

Laughing, Veronica tipped her head to Candy and both girls headed in Nicky’s direction. “Hey you. I’m glad to see you here. You might be our savior.”

“Why do I feel a nightmare coming on?” Nicky asked, giving her a heated look.

“Because you know that Veronica won’t take no for an answer,” Candy mused and plopped onto the closest barstool.

“So, what were you trying to get Mick to agree to?” Nicky toyed with her wine glass.

Veronica shrugged. “Business sucks and I have an incredible idea to bring in more customers.”

“Let me guess. Your idea is nothing but pure sin. Right?” Nicky laughed.

“Let’s just say the snazzy event has to do with having an all-male stripper night,” Veronica pouted.

“And Mick wants nothing to do with it.” Candy sighed, nibbling on her bottom lip. “Tell her the rest.”

Veronica hissed. “I figured you would bring that up. I was just thinking about something like a mechanical bull to add to the festive fun.”

“Male stripper night complete with electronics, eh? I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. Your boy toys would participate I would assume?” Nicky loved the fact Veronica lived with two of the hottest males around and the relationship simply worked for them. “Tell me the rest. You’re terrible at lying.”

“You bet my boys are going to be involved, sister! Granted, they don’t know the details yet or all the tasty little debacles they’re going to be in the middle of, but…” Veronica giggled. “Besides, I kinda made a bet with them.”

“A bet?” Nicky grinned. “Meaning?”

“Meaning that she told them she could get any man to do anything and everything she wanted.” Candy laughed.

“Interesting. That sounds a bit dangerous,” Nicky mused.

“Don’t remind me,” Veronica snarled.

“Tell her the rest. If you can’t?” Candy egged her on.

Veronica pouted and kicked her feet. “Then they can have their way with me without my say for one long night. I’ll be their little subbie and I want to own my boys once.”

“Aren’t you already their submissive?” Nicky asked.

“Yeah, and I want something else,” Veronica countered. “Besides, they want me as their slave.”

“Women,” Candy said as she laughed.

Nicky cocked her head. “Let me get this straight. You have not one but two sexy hunks who you regularly sleep with and you’re complaining about being their slave girl? I realize I haven’t had sex in longer than Jesus has been alive, but are you freaking kidding me?”

“That’s what I said,” Candy sniffed.

Veronica leaned forward. “You don’t understand, girls. My boys like to play rough.”

Nicky chuckled. “And you don’t?” She knew exactly what Veronica hungered for and was completely embarrassed by. It had taken one girl’s night with a huge bottle of tequila to drag out of her that she wanted to live the S & M lifestyle as the submissive.

“My dilemma is more that I like to be in control every so often and Jonathan refuses to be a switch.”

Candy shook her head. “I’m with Nicky on this one. If you don’t want to play, I won’t mind taking a walk on the wild side.”

“I don’t think I want to hear the gory details,” Nicky shook her head. “Switch, eh?”

Veronica tossed a swizzle stick at Candy. “Touch and die. And yes, conservative girl, I want to tie them up and tease them like they do to me. I’ll find a way to win. Hmm. Maybe I still can.” Her grin mischievous, she turned toward Nicky.

“If this has something to do with Mick, then I don’t want any part of your conniving ways,” Nicky purred.

“Bullshit!” Candy snorted. “You want that man like no other and Veronica and I are tired of seeing you pining away for him.”

“Who’s pining away?” Nicky asked as her naughty muse whispered in her ear. Okay, so she’d used her pink rabbit vibrator that morning as she envisioned Mick’s thick cock sliding in and out of her wet heat. As the flush crept up her face, she looked away. Damn it. This was getting out of hand.

“See, told ya.” Candy grinned.

“She’s right and I think my idea is a hot one. You, my dear friend Nicky, are the only one who can convince Mick to allow this to happen.”

“No, you don’t,” Nicky said as she willed her erupting hormones back inside Pandora’s box.

Veronica leaned forward and raised her eyebrow. “If not me, then for Mick.”

“Veronica!” Nicky knew where this was headed.

“I think it’s a perfect idea,” Froggy chipped in. “Why don’t you give him just a little taste of say… you and that should do it.”

Me?” Nicky exclaimed. “Nope! Not going to do a damn thing. Nope. You can’t make me.” Now she sounded like a child. Great.

“Oh, come on. Can you at least try and talk to him? Business really is down and if we don’t do something, Mick’s going to have to lay off a few people,” Candy said slyly.

Nicky shook her head and couldn’t help but notice as Mick went in and out of the kitchen, stealing glances every time in her direction. Perhaps it was the wine or her raging desire, but the vivid vision of seeing the two of them in bed, Mick thrusting his thick, hard cock deep in her pussy sent a trickle of her juice sliding into her already moistened thong. Eighteen months was too long to go without sex. Her snazzy collection of vibrators was starting to take over her dresser. Even the UPS man was starting to wonder why she was receiving so many orders from one discrete business in plain brown wrapping. Do it! Do it! Do it! Her blood pulsing, she took a long sip of wine, nearly draining the glass before she rose, gripping the edge of the bar.

“You go, girl!” Veronica winked, giving her a look of raw attitude.

“Work it, baby,” Candy added.

Tossing her remaining inhibitions and most of her sanity aside, Nicky threw her head back and pursed her lips. As she watched Mick slip into the supply room, a brilliant idea settled into the back of her mind.  Live a little girl.Without a doubt she was insane, but living the life of a nun was getting old. “Do not allow anyone to get inside that room or there will be hell to pay.” As she gave the girls one last salacious grin, she sauntered toward the supply room hearing their sparkling giggles in the background. Was she nuts? Probably. Did she care? Hmm.

Nicky entered quietly and closed the door as she held her breath. The large storeroom held all the dry goods for the restaurant. Mick was at the far end, clipboard in hand, checking the inventory. Swallowing hard, she unfastened the top three buttons of her crimson silk blouse; thanking God she’d worn a matching scarlet lace bra and panties that day. Her heart racing, she fluffed her hair and inched forward. “Hello, Mick.” Her sultry voice barely recognizable, a tremor of fear raced down her spine. There was no going back now.

Mick turned slowly, his grin roguish. “Whew, luv, what’s gotten into you?” Blazing a long trail down the length of her body and back up slowly, he settled his hungry gaze on the swell of her breasts. As he pitched the clipboard on top of a box of pasta, he raised his eyebrow and issued a single question, “Finally getting to you, am I?”

Nicky knew without a shadow of a doubt he didn’t believe she’d come to seduce him. Seduction. Just saying the word brought another series of tremors, but this time directly into her pussy. Time to kick up the heat. Unbuttoning another button, the majority of her bra peeked past the thin slip of material. “See something you like, big boy?”

He cocked his head and laughed as he brushed his hand through his hair. “Hmm, for you to be in here giving me that bedroom pout means you’re all hot and bothered.” He sauntered forward, his smile laced with husky lust. “I like, but then again you knew I would.”

She pushed a single finger past her ruby stained lips and sucked the tip, moaning softly as she inched closer. Tilting her head, she glanced down the length of his stunning body and felt like a wicked kid in the middle of one naughty store for grownups. The man had dark and dangerous down to a T and she wanted nothing more than to rip his clothes off. Whatever had gotten into her, she kinda liked.

His breathing ragged, Mick crept forward, his eyes never leaving hers. “I don’t know if it’s the wine or the company, but I like the wild girl standing in front of me. Whew, baby, I’ve craved you for far too long.”

Removing her finger, the tiny pop permeated the dense air. “Me, Mr. Playboy, when you can have any woman you want?” When she unfastened the last button, she edged the silk off her shoulders, allowing gravity to take the now unwanted material to the floor.

Mick watched the slow movement as he panted, moving closer still. Now standing barely a foot apart, he shook his head and hissed. “Be careful what you’re starting, woman, because I’m very hungry tonight.”

Slowly, Nicky glided her fingers behind her back to unsnap and unzip her tight polyester skirt. “I hope so, because I’m famished.” Pushing the soft material past her hips, she shimmied until the skirt dropped to the floor. She stepped out of the thin material and kicked the skirt aside, her motions nothing more than that of a sultry kitten. When a few seconds passed, she become completely self-conscious. This was ridiculous.

“Ho…ly fuck!” Mick exclaimed as he licked his lips. “You’re more beautiful than I imagined. Damn, girl, what did I do to deserve this?”

Thank God. Thank God! Purring, while she should feel embarrassed standing in thigh highs and stilettos, wearing only a bra and panties, at that moment she felt exhilarated, free. Uninhibited. Giving him a saucy grin, she closed the distance between them and tilted her head up. Their lips almost touching, she breathed against his skin as the exotic scent of his cologne destroyed her last resolve. “I want you.” Wrapping her arms around his neck, she brushed her lips over his, as the thumping of her heart became a wild ride of emotions.

“Baby, you have no idea how much I want you.” Crushing her mouth with his, Mick dragged her into his body, lifting her off her feet.

The kiss awakened the ravenous kitten that had been kept hidden, buried deep inside the kinky woman who craved to experience so many delicious acts. Nicky entwined her fingers with his silky locks as he pressed his tongue past her lips, tasting. She could feel his heart beating raggedly and as she closed her eyes, a wave of nirvana swept through her body.

Cradling her body tightly against his, Mick trailed his hand down her back, caressing her tender flesh. As the kiss became manic, he stumbled backwards, slamming against the storage rack, sending cans tumbling down onto the floor. Grunting, Mick broke the kiss and panted, gingerly placing her onto her feet. “God damn, woman. You’re one fiery lady. He lifted her chin and nipped the underside of her neck as his hand cupped her ass, squeezing until a single moan escaped her lips.

Nicky tipped her head back as he pressed a series of long licks down the length of her neck. As he pushed her into a deep arc, his hand moved forward past her hip to her thigh, tracing up and down in a slow and lazy fashion. Shivering as he inched closer and closer to her wet heat, fire and ice tore through her. The effect sent electric jolts of white-hot heat rushing through her system. Grabbing onto his arms, she clawed the crisp white shirt, struggling to remain standing. With every lick, every taste, she grew more and more frantic to have him, taste him. “Ooh. Yes.

Mick moaned and nibbled down between her breasts as he used a single finger to inch first one then the second bra strap down her arms. “Beautiful and sexy. I could eat you for days.” He unfastened her bra and very slowly slid the remainder of the lace down her arms, finally releasing her from the tight binding. Inhaling deeply, his eyes settled on her breasts as he licked his lips. “Sweet Jesus,” he moaned and fondled both, flicking his thumb back and forth across her nipples until they became rock hard. Leaning forward, he slid his hand underneath the crease, lifting and kneading the voluptuous handful between his fingers before pulling a nipple into his mouth, sucking as he growled, the tone dark and sensuous.

Her blood sizzled as the intense feelings sent a shower of dancing light around her eyes, marring her vision. Panting, there was no doubt she would have fallen to the ground if Mick weren’t holding her. “Oh, oh, oh…  ah!”

Mick licked and sucked the other nipple, taking the hard point between his teeth. Biting down, he hissed as he pinched her other bud roughly between his fingers, twisting until she whimpered.

“Oh. Yes!” Fighting a scream, she clamped her mouth shut as he bit and nipped her tender flesh. Wet and hot, she clawed him, whimpering.

Mick grunted and raised his head, his eyes filling with a dangerous look. “You’re one naughty woman.”

As he righted her body, she palmed his chest, nipping the sexy little dimple on his chin as her pussy clenched. She was wet and hot. “Tasty.” Sliding her hand down the length of his chest, she cupped his crotch, feeling his cock throbbing against the dense material of his jeans.  Dear God, the man is huge. Nicky blinked furiously as she stroked him, grazing her hand up and down, relishing the way his dick throbbed. “Oh my.”

“I can’t wait to lick your pussy, baby. I can tell by that sweet scent of yours that you’re going to taste like peaches and cream and I’m going to devour you.”

Hearing the shameless words, she shivered and fumbled to release his erection. The sound of the zipper as she tugged the thick metal brought a moan bubbling past her lips. Slipping her hand inside, the fact that he went commando sent a thrill though her.

“Playing with fire, girl.” His grin dashing, Mick kicked her legs apart and eased a finger past the tight elastic of her thong.

Nicky shook as she held his cock in her hand and stole a glance at his lust filled face, cooing as her pussy quivered in anticipation. “You are…” Unable to finish, her laughter floated into the room.

“What do you want?” Mick asked as he pressed his fingers under the lace, flicking the tips back and forth.

“Want? I…” The moment his finger brushed across her clit, she shivered violently, a moan escaping her lips. “I… I… oh!”

Mick moved back and forth across her wet heat as he lowered his head, capturing her mouth for a quick kiss. When he leaned back he demanded, “Yes. What. Do. You. Want?”

Struggling to get out of his hold, she dropped to her knees. “I want to taste you.” Giving him no time to object, she took his dick and slid her tongue all the way around his cockhead, swirling the tip as her hand stroked him lightly.

“Dear God, you’re so bad!” Mick entwined his fingers in her curls, holding her head as he arched his back. “You have one hot mouth.”

Licking down the sensitive underside, she darted the tip of her tongue across his balls, savoring the musky scent of his masculinity. There was nothing she loved more than sucking a man, taking his cock deep inside her mouth. She loved the taste of cum, salty and sweet, and had no doubt his would be spectacular. Nicky took first one ball then the other into her mouth, sucking with just enough pressure he moaned, his hands gripping her hair tightly.

“Baby, baby… oh, yes.”

She repeated the effort until he groaned. Her body jazzed with heat, she licked up the length of his shaft slowly. Her hands working in perfect unison with her tongue, she swirled around his throbbing muscle until he squirmed. Inching closer, she circled the tip as the first bead of cum trickled out of his slit. Unable to breathe, she gazed at the cream before taking the single drop onto her tongue, savoring the flavor. He was so much better than she’d imagined. There was no doubt she could do this for days.

“Mmm. Careful, girl,” Mick breathed, his voice strangled.

Nicky had no intention of being careful. Taking the tip into her mouth, she used her strong jaw muscles to draw out a long string of his honey.


She took him down an inch at a time, as her hands cupped his balls, squeezing. He was much larger than any man she’d ever had and as she struggled to take more of him, she forced her throat muscles to relax. Pulling him all the way out, Nicky raked her nails down and back up as her tongue circled around and around the head in languishing movements.

Mick grunted and yanked her head forward, forcing her mouth down his shaft. “God, suck me, girl!”

Her motions becoming wild, she began thrusting his cock into her mouth as she slid her hands around to cup his carved ass. The man was a walking God-like creature, built like no other man she’d ever been with. As her heart fluttered, sending a series of shivers racing throughout her body, Nicky began fucking her mouth with wild abandon, taking more and more of him with each hard plunge.

He used the power of his muscular legs to drive into her. Howling, he threw his head back as she took the last inch of his cock, the tip hitting the back of her throat. “Shit! No…”

Hearing the word ‘no’ only fueled her actions more. She continued the wild pace, going up and down and the sounds of groans made her want more.

“No, baby… not… not like this.” His pants scattered, Mick grunted as he tried to push her back.

Nicky refused to let go, frantically licking and stroking.

“No! I have to have you.” Snarling, he pushed against her shoulders hard, until she broke the hold.

“Why?” Purring, she tried to grab him as she licked her lips.

“No, you don’t, you wicked woman.” Mick grinned and dragged her to her feet. “I’ll have you my way.”

“What?” She could see the mischievous glint in his eyes as he raked his gaze down her body. What the hell is he planning?

Giving her a dominating look and zero choice, he wrapped his hand around her thong and jerked.

“Oh!” Squealing, Nicky was shocked at his brazen act. Now standing fully naked in front of him, she resisted crossing her arms across her breasts as the look on his face grew carnivorous.

“Now, I take you my way.”

Mick growled, placing his hands under her buttocks and in one swift move, yanked her legs around his waist, impaling her on the entire length of his shaft. “Yes!”

Oh!” The shock of his impetuous act forced a series of whimpers to erupt from her mouth. As he lifted her until just the tip was inside, she gripped his shoulders. “Mick, I…”

“Hush, luv.” Plunging her down again, his grunts became feral.

The harder he drove into her, the more breathless she became as every part of her body sizzled from the moment of rapture. Unable to focus, Nicky lolled her head back as her pussy muscles clamped around the tight invasion, milking like a tight vice.

“So tight, baby. So damn good.”

“Mmm.” Her heart racing, she was unable to hear anything but their combined moans as he used the power of his legs to fuck her in an almost savage fashion. Never had anything felt so wonderful in her life. In and out he continued the manic actions until she was left exhausted.

“That’s it. I want you to come, baby.” His whisper hoarse, he nibbled her neck, licking up to her mouth.

Inhaling deeply, she kept her eyes pinned on his as the climax raced through her system. God, she wanted to hold it back, to continue the delicious act, but as he pressed her back into an arch, changing the angle until he hit that wondrous ‘G’ spot, there was no holding back.

“That’s it, come on my cock.” Mick fucked her harder and faster as the sweat trickled down his face, falling onto her breasts.

As the salty drops mixed with hers, sliding down her heated skin, she panted and struggled to grip onto anything. “Oh… oh!” Her pussy muscles clenched as the climax raced from her toes and in a sudden blinding flash of light, Nicky tipped her head back, a single scream erupting from her mouth. “Ah!” The sensation of utter bliss was the most delicious feeling she’d ever had.

Mick emitted a low rumble and gripped her tightly as he pitched her against the back wall, driving into her until he roared. “I. Can’t. Hold. Back.”

Unable to hear anything but the sounds of their hearts thumping, Nicky opened and closed her eyes, her lashes fluttering against her cheeks as she tried to catch her breath.

They held each other for several minutes, breathing raggedly as they clung to each other.

“You’re amazing.” Mick kissed her passionately, their tongues entwining. Caressing her back, he dragged the tips of his fingers up and down her spine. When he broke the kiss, he gently pushed her legs to the floor and palmed the wall with both hands, his eyes twinkling.

“What?” Nicky panted.

He tipped his head back and laughed. “You’re very bad.”

“Who me?”

“You bet. Tell me, beautiful woman, why exactly did you seduce me?”

Dear Lord, the man had always been able to see through her. “What do you mean? This was just about passion. Desire.” How the hell was she supposed to tell him the truth?

“Just about. Uh-huh. Hmm, you better tell me or I’ll turn you over my knee and spank that pretty ass of yours.”

“What?” Nicky couldn’t have heard him correctly.

“I’m serious.”

“No you wouldn’t.” Taunting him, she purred and blew him a kiss.

“Oh no?” Jerking her arm, Mick plopped down on top of a box and yanked her over his lap.

Crack! Pop!

Nicky squealed, more from the shock than pain, but as he planted a series of hard spanks across her backside, she shivered from the realization she enjoyed his sinful actions.

“You need to learn that teasing a man isn’t in your best interest.” His voice was gravelly.

Pop! Whoosh! Crack!

Holy Shit! No man had ever spanked her before. Wiggling, she was amazed how strong his hold was. She threw her hand back and when he grabbed her wrist, wrenching her arm she hissed. “Stop.”


“No. You deserve a serious whipping for about a dozen reasons,” Mick replied.

“I’m a good girl.”

“Stop fighting me or I’ll continue until you can’t sit down for a week!”

Crack! Smack!

She believed every word he was saying. Tears slipped to her eyes as tension eased, yet her heart continued to race.

“This is what you’ve needed all along. A strong man,” he stated, the tone commanding.

Whap! Pop!

Nicky wanted to disagree but he was right. She’d envisioned this very moment for months.

“I’ll always give you what you need.” Mick rubbed the small of her back, caressing her skin.

After he issued several additional hard smacks her ass was on fire, her heart racing. Breathing hard, she lay limp as he rubbed her ass cheeks, her pussy still trembling with desire.

“You’re going to learn to listen to me or I’ll do this on a regular basis.”

Nicky had no idea what to say. None. No man had ever floored her. A moment of raw anger rushed up from the depths of her being.

He eased her body up, forcing her to sit on his lap as he grinned, and brushed the moist strands of hair from her face. “That’s better. Now we’re going to talk. Straight talk. No bullshit.”

Before she realized what she was doing, she lashed out and slapped him hard across the face. “Shit.”

Mick’s head snapped to the right and he snarled as he clenched his eyes shut. In a flash, he had both wrists in his hands, jerking her toward him. “You will never do that to me again, luv. Am I clear?”

There was something about his voice, the authority in his tone that absolutely made her realize she wanted to obey him. The thought was daunting. “Yes.”

“Yes? Not good enough.” Shifting her body, Mick grinned as he tugged her forward, issuing another hard smack.


“What were you saying?”

“Yes, sir.” She knew what he craved.

“Good. Now tell me what you’re doing,” he stated as he eased her back down, giving her a stern look.

Nibbling on her bottom lip, she wrinkled her nose and knew it was time to fess up. “Well, I heard about the male stripper night.”

“Bloody hell, not you too! You did this to help the girls?”

“I admit I wasn’t going to go this far, but yes.” Groaning, she could tell the wine made her feel particularly feisty.

“I’ll be buggered. Damn, woman.” Narrowing his eyes, Mick grinned as he shook his head.

“We all think the Rustler could use a little spark,” she cooed.

“What am I going to do with you?”

“I dunno…” Purposely letting her voice trail off, she brushed her lips across his cheek. Damn if she wasn’t hot and bothered all over again. When she heard Mick panting she knew she had him. Hook. Line. And sinker.

“Okay, tell me what you want and perhaps we can come to an understanding as well as a payment plan.”

Why were those little words sending bottle rockets shooting into her brain?

7 reviews for The Scheme

  1. lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Two beautiful people who have been devastated by love and busybody friends. A recipe for an exciting ride. Veronica and Froggy have stirred the pot and hopefully Nicki and the six foot five, stunning Aussie manhood that is Mick St. Simons can navigate their way through the mess. BDSM, spanking, anal play, and lots of fun.

  2. Tami

    Nicky has been hurt in the past and doesn’t trust men, but she can’t deny her attraction to Mick. One day, Nicky is drunk and seduces Mick. She can’t believe what she’s done and tries to keep him at bay, but Mick is determined to show Nicky that she can trust him and that she is the woman for him. Then there is their well-meaning friend Veronica who loves to meddle. Unfortunately, her efforts to bring the two together make things much more complicated.

    I absolutely loved reading this from start to finish! The intimate scenes, be it Nicky and Mick or Veronica and her two men, were scorching hot. The characters were well written and the chemistry between Nicky and Mick was off the charts. I would love to read more about Veronica, Jonathan and Travis and hope that the next book is about them.

  3. Redrabbitt

    What a delicious start to a new series with a yummy cast of characters. Owner and entrepreneur and Aussie, Mick St. Simons has the Flamingo Rustler, the hottest new club in Richmond. The business is run by an interest group of employees and friends. A former marine for a bartender named Froggy, a creative but temperamental chef named Lucifer, and two servers, Veronica and Candy add to the glamor and charm of the business. Needing a plan to help boost business, a wild idea for a fun night, using a mechanical bull/horse, and a contest if formed.

    Nicky French is a regular customer and friend at the Flamingo Rustler. Holding a secret crush for the owner, Mick, she remains aloof after a painful breakup with her ex, Tim. She sees Mick as a player and doesn%u2019t want to be just another girl in his string of women. Mick has wanted Nicky since he first met her, but flirting between them is as far as things ever go.

    The plot will have the girls coming up with a plan to help boost business, and in the process, raise money for a worthy cause. Enlisting the help of a regular customer, Nicky French, the idea for a contest is in works. Getting Nicky to help convince Mick to their plans, leads to a seduction and steamy encounter in a storage room.

    Between the three ladies, with the help of Veronica%u2019s two men, they work their magic to stop a pesky county employee that is trying to shut down the Flamingo Rustler. The story will have a whirlwind relationship between Mick and Nicky, but both have been hurt in the past and are skittish. With Veronica playing matchmaker, will she bring them together? Will confidences and secrets shared come to light and drive them apart?

    The story has plenty of angst, anger, passion, and intrigue. Veronica with her two lovers, Jonathan and Travis, and their relationship will lean towards a Master/slave status. The on again and off again of Mick and Nicky will have them finally talking honestly with the help of some friends. The story has several playful spanking scenes between various couples, BDSM scenes and explicit sex scenes too. You can just feel the chemistry and passion among the couples sizzle off the pages.

  4. Lalaland

    This is a new series by an author I haven’t read before. Its about a bar and restaurant which was inherited by an Australian (Mick). He likes Nicky and she likes him, and one night they get it on and its hot and sizzling but Nicky has been badly hurt in the past and thinks that Mick is a player and only wants one thing and once he has had it he moves on. She is mistaken, however and their feelings for each other are real. Meanwhile business is bad and Nicky and his staff have come up with a scheme to get the punters in and revitalise the bar and restaurant. This was okay, maybe the author is trying a little too hard and needs to tone it all back a bit, I love a raunchy story as much as the next person but do people really talk the way these characters do, I don’t think so. I voluntarily reviewed and advance reader copy.

  5. Sandy Leigh

    The Hot Aussie of Lucifer’s Lair!!
    This is going to be an awesome series. One hot Aussie named Mick St.Simmons and Nicky French have been dancing around each other for awhile now. Both have been hired by their past, can they overcome to find love. Come join the journey of the Lucifer’s Lair it’s going to be an exciting ride.

  6. PJB

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Two people who have been hurt by love and interfering friends. A recipe for an exciting ride. Veronica and Froggy have stirred things up so hopefully Nicki and Aussie Mick St.Simons can find a way to happiness in this hot BDSM tale.

  7. susan landowski

    Great beginning to a new series. Hope she can keep the momentum up. This is a tale of 2 lost souls meeting each other in the unusual setting of the BDSM world. Highly erotic and sensual and lots of sex. Enjoy.

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