The Rakes of Mayfair

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Determined to make her mine…

Her husband died on their wedding day before the wedding night. Charlotte is the Virgin Widow and she needs my protection and help to clear her name.

This steamy historical collection includes His Virgin Widow, His Disobedient Thief, His Little Problem, His Curious Imp, His Party Guest, and His Lady Brat.

Publishers Note: These stories contain elements of power exchange and sensual scenes.

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1 review for The Rakes of Mayfair

  1. Redrabbitt

    A great new series that will revolve around a group of men who are members of The Club for short. Years ago, two Lords created it after a night of two men and one woman, and when they initiated spanking her, it became apparent that it was pleasurable for all three of them. Over the years, they have added new members to The Club, including some single men and even widows.

    His Virgin Widow

    The plot will be full of mystery, suspense, danger, murder, accusations, confrontations, secrets, and surprises. When Charlotte does not consent to Lord Essex’s orders to her from the evening of his party, he will hunt her down the next afternoon and embarrass her in front of her friends, then take her to his home where she will receive the spanking she was promised

    Charlotte will learn more about The Club and its members and will be initiated appropriately into membership in the form of a group public paddling that is entirely consensual among all participants. There is chemistry between Lord Essex and Charlotte, and she thrives off of his dominance and the experience of pain and pleasure. The story has plenty of spankings, including group spankings and voyeurism. There are also scenes of bondage and explicit sex scenes.

    His Disobedient Thief

    The plot will have Carin going into four homes because of the four keys with addresses found in her murdered father’s possession. What do the keys unlock, and will she find out who the killer is? Knowing of the various soirees and balls, she will use that knowledge, along with sneaking in to search for evidence, but never take anything. Having Lord Ellington come home while she is in his bedroom will have her hiding under his bed until he falls asleep

    When the crime is solved, will Tristan introduce and initiate Carin into the Rakes of Mayfair Club? There is erotic chemistry between Tristan and Carin, and she thrives off of his dominance and the experience of pain and pleasure. The story has plenty of spankings and an introduction to BDSM scenes. There are also scenes of mild bondage, introduction into anal play, and explicit sex scenes.

    His Little Problem

    The story includes an intimate dinner party with two married couples where their spouses will spank them in front of Alice and Buxton. She is learning more about the Club and its members and developing a friendship among the wives. Together, there will be discussions that help lead them to several suspects and motives for the blackmail. At a dinner and scavenger hunt party, they are hoping to draw their suspect out, but Alice will be kidnapped and her life in danger before the night is over. How far will a man and his friends go to rescue Buxton’s fiancé?

    There is erotic chemistry between Julian and Alice, and she thrives off of his dominance and the experience of pain and pleasure. The story has plenty of spankings and an introduction to BDSM scenes. There are also scenes of mild bondage, erotic toys during sex, and explicit sex scenes.

    His Curious Imp

    The story will include scenes with Lord and Lady Essex at a Rakes club meeting that Gabby will witness and learn more about Mayfair’s Rakes. She will also be made a member and must pay her dues at a club meeting when Fergus devises a great punishment for her because of her rash actions.

    There is erotic chemistry between Fergus and Gabby, and she thrives off of his dominance and control. The story has public punishments, exhibitions, explicit sex scenes, voyeurism, D/s, and creative writing of erotic scenes.

    His Party Guest

    The plot will have several of the Rakes of Mayfair members attending the house party hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Stanhope. Many with their spouses, but the two dubbed the Lord Bs will be single men in attendance. It doesn’t take long for Andrew to make his acquaintance to Clarissa and force a conversation, one that even turns risqué. Teamed up for the planned scavenger hunt, he will follow her and confront her why she is in Belinda’s room, where she will have to confess. It doesn’t take long for Andrew to agree to help her and many Rakes members become involved, especially after overhearing a conversation that could cause harm to Clarissa.

    The story is full of secrets, plots, murder, missing documents, a couple of catfights, snarky comments, witty comebacks, and some hanky-panky at the party. The more time that Andrew and Clarissa spend together is a game of seduction and intrigue. He is nothing like the cruel man she was married to and makes her feel special.

    The story has many intimate scenes, with Andrew seducing and teaching Clarissa the pleasures between a man and woman, something she never had with Taylor. There is even a public scene at the theater. With the Rakes and their women’s help, Clarissa will learn more about various proclivities and be introduced to a new realm of sexuality. Andrew’s art of rope play that he learned in Japan will be discussed and explored. The story does have a happy ending with some surprises. I’m sure when Andrew and Clarissa are attending the party, they didn’t know they would find so much happiness. The story is light on domestic discipline and more on mystery and the new relationship.

    His Lady Brat

    The story will bring Jonathan and Belinda together, whether she wants it or not. He is clever how he will start rumors about him being her protector so that other men won’t approach her. Giving her an allowance and with her purchasing items, it all looks just like he intended. The truth of the situation is that they are not sharing a bed like he leads people to believe.

    As the truth comes to light, plans are made, and a game of cat and mouse will begin. Just as the Rakes anticipated, it will have key players come out, and the truth is made known. How can a father turn on his daughter? Over time, a family has torn apart; deceit leads to greed, blackmail, and cover-ups.

    The story will have Jonathan allowing people to believe he and Belinda are a couple, but it only has an appearance and punishments. There is a humiliating public punishment for her behavior towards Clarissa. While some of the punishments are only discussed, several take place. After they are open and honest, they will be trusting each other with secrets of their past before they take their relationship into a sexual nature, but when they do, it is very carnal and explicit.

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