The Princess in the Tower

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Her cruel husband has confined her in a tower. Her only chance of getting out: two Russian billionaire brothers who each want to possess her alone. 

Handsome, dominant Russian airline billionaire, Alexandrov Romanovich, is on a quest in the Scottish castle home of genius aircraft designer and billionaire in her own right, Diana Logan, to find out why her cruel husband has confined her in a tower and pretends she is a recluse. He wants to rescue Diana and rekindle an attraction that started three years ago when they met at a conference. There is just one thing stopping him: his estranged, younger, billionaire brother, Ilya, who has the same intentions and is determined to get to Diana first.

When both men enter the locked tower, they find the beautiful genius has been confined in the room for three years to enable her gambling, adulterous husband to control her company and involve himself with the Russian Mafia. The billionaires realize they must put their feud aside and work together to rescue Diana. Neither will let the other possess her alone.

Diana is strongly attracted to the dominant men who fall in love with her – who are eager for her to submit to their will – and finds she needs to be loved by both brothers together.

The Russian billionaires must take control and help Diana heal from her ordeal – but they require her complete submission to do so.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary billionaire romance has elements of ménage and power exchange.

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Sample Chapter


Sample Chapter


Chapter One


Canary Wharf, London


Alexandrov Romanovich did not tolerate greed amongst his staff. He had given the woman more than a fair price for the work she had accomplished but she wanted more and was determined to hold back what he needed from her until he capitulated to her demands. With a sharp tug of her arm he pulled the young, blonde woman neatly over his knee for a lesson she would never forget. She wriggled and cursed him in Russian, but he paid her remarks no heed as he calmly, methodically pulled the skirt of her pretty, white summer dress up and over her bottom. Normally he would have rested the garment around her waist while pulling down her panties to deliver a firm bare bottom spanking, but he needed to know if she had the object he had asked her to retrieve on her person. He continued moving the dress up and over her body until it fell over her head as she dangled over his knee blocking her view of what he was about to do next.

Quickly, he undid the catch of her lacy bra and pulled the straps part of the way down her arms. Moving his hands underneath her body, he swept them lightly over the curve and swell of each breast still partly encased in the bra to check she had not hidden it there. The girl gave a shocked gasp but she need not have worried at that point. He had no intention of arousing her. His handsome features were stern as he continued his strip search of the girl moving to check inside the front of her thong panties, already exposing the flesh of her helpless pale rump for the spanking he would soon deliver.

To check for the object, he cupped her pussy still confined within her underwear and squeezed. He heard her give a surprised moan of pleasure and knowing she was relaxed, he dipped his hand in to the side of the panties and swept it over the neatly groomed, tight curls of her pussy pushing and bouncing against his fingers. Nothing. Alexandrov removed his hand and decided he would have to spank the information out of her.

He tucked his fingers inside the gusset of her panties and with a sharp rough tug that decimated the material, he pulled them down and away from her body tossing the remnants to the floor in one fluid motion that left her panting for breath. He placed his palm over one bottom cheek as though to centre her and give the girl one last chance to cooperate before he slapped her bottom red.

“Maruska, I have been patient with you,” he began in his dark velvet, caressing Russian accent, seductively circling the tips of his fingers over her soft delicate skin. “Where have you hidden the key to Diana Logan’s room?”


To convince her to speak, Alexandrov raised his right hand and cupping it gently he slapped it down hard on Maruska’s vulnerable cheek, lifting it as he did so. He made sure the slap was hard and unforgiving to give her a taste of what was to come. It made her yelp loudly but did not encourage her to atone for her withholding behaviour.

“I am not telling you until you agree to give me the money I asked for.” He could hear the breathlessness in her voice. “The key is worth much more than you have given me already. I want more.”

Another slap on the opposite cheek had her howling, so much so Alexandrov was satisfied she could be heard outside in the outer office and by the man he suspected of putting her up to asking for more. He continued the punishment, picking up the tempo, making the strikes to her buttocks come fast and hot until he heard the first sob and her tears began to fall.

“Tell me where the key is, Maruska. If you don’t, this spanking will last longer than it needs to.”

Alexandrov slapped at each cheek, then the seat of her bottom over and over again, enjoying the way her sexy rump lifted, wobbled and quivered under the pressure of his hand while colouring to a soft rose blush. In time, it would be crimson and burning hot. She would be begging him to stop and answer his question.

Maruska started to struggle like a wild cat prompting him to press the hand he’d placed in the middle of her back to hold her in place down harder and twist his leg around her own to trap her there. That was when he turned his attention to a fresh source of torment for Maruska to experience, spanking the tender backs of her thighs. She howled like a baby.

“I don’t have it. Please, Alexandrov. Please stop spanking me. It hurts. It hurts,” she sounded like a small child begging Daddy to stop her punishment for being a naughty girl. He paid it no attention even though the sentiment was endearing.

“Who has it, Maruska?”

Another strike quickly followed by another harder one to the back of her thigh. He’d varied the strikes so much she didn’t know where he was going to slap next. He could see a sheen of moisture appearing on her back as she continued to struggle and fight to gain her freedom from his knee.

“I can’t tell you. Please, I only want a little more money.”

“Enough, give me the name or I will continue this spanking with my belt.”

Silence reigned. The only sound that could be heard was the loud slap of a hand making firm contact with female flesh and the sobbing yelp that quickly accompanied it. He made the strikes to the backs of her thighs burn a little hotter.

“Okay, okay. I can’t take anymore. He is not worth this.”

Alexandrov raised one dark eyebrow in surprise as he delivered another slap. A smile curved his sensuous lips.

“Who is it?”

Another pause. Another hot strike.

“Surkov, your aide has it. He put me up to getting more money from you. We have been seeing each other for a while. Ow, please Alexandrov, stop spanking me like a child,” she pleaded.

It was as he’d believed all along. Alexandrov would add it to the man’s crimes against his company, Dyeus Airlines, and finally he could rid himself of the thief. Alexandrov finished her spanking with four more slaps of his hand across each buttock. He rested his palm against her bottom loving the feel of the heat coming from her flesh confined beneath his hand. When she sat down, she would remember her lesson and never be greedy again.

He sat listening to her sob with relief as he took the time to soothe her agitation by circling his fingers over one cheek.

“I trust you have learnt your lesson, Maruska.”

“Yes, yes I have. I am sorry. I am sorry. Are you going to let me up now?”

“In a moment.”

Alexandrov leaned over his desk, keeping Maruska balanced on his knee and asked his secretary to bring Surkov into the room. While he waited, he pulled the dress over Maruska’s head and removed her bra. She was quiet but he could feel her heart pounding against his leg as she waited to see what he was going to do next. Her punishment wasn’t over yet. The billionaire had trusted Maruska and respected her work but her collusion with Surkov would end her employment with Dyeus Airlines. But not before he had a little fun. He bent over her bare butt to peer between her legs. He could see dampness licking her inner thighs. To see better and assess her wetness after experiencing the pleasure pain paradox of her discipline, he gently moved his fingers between her legs and opened her pussy lips from behind. She was soaking wet and would be aching to be penetrated. Just as he’d hoped.

Alexandrov slowly raised Maruska up to sit on his knee facing the desk. She was completely naked and still contained by his power when he immediately slipped his middle finger between her plump, juicy pussy lips and began a rhythmic stroke just as Surkov entered the room. He stood at the door and stared at the scene before him with surprise. Alexandrov watched Surkov roam his eyes over Maruska’s sexy naked body and rest on his finger stroking in between her wet folds. Jealousy flared in his eyes, but he did not remark on the scene as he approached the desk amid soft moans and pants echoing from between Maruska’s lips.

“Good Morning, Surkov. Please sit down. We have a lot to discuss,” the handsome airline tycoon told him coolly. “But first of all, I want to know where the key to Diana Logan’s room is?”

“I don’t have it,” the man lied, too preoccupied with watching his girlfriend being aroused by another man, his jealousy fading to be replaced with lust. Wasn’t it the fantasy of every man to watch his woman being taken by another? Alexandrov slowed his caress when Maruska began to lightly buck against his fingers, letting her full breasts bounce on her chest. He circled her entrance raising a small gasp before he cast his penetrating black eyes over Surkov.

“That’s not what I am told, Surkov. Maruska says otherwise.”

Alexandrov trailed the tips of his fingers down her arm before moving them to her thigh and her bottom. He turned the swivel chair slightly and cupped her bottom guiding her to lift a little from his knee. He stroked his fingers down her hot red bottom admiring his work.

“Admittedly, she did reveal the information to me during her spanking. You should be pleased she did not give you away so easily,” he grinned at the man noticing him harden at the sight of Maruska’s hot, blushing bare bottom.

“She had to go to a lot of trouble to get it and put herself at risk,” Surkov stated. “Everyone has been led to believe the engineer is a recluse and will see no one but it is a lie. The woman is kept under virtual house arrest by her husband and locked in a damn tower in their home. He controls her every move except the fifty percent of Empyrean she owns. He can’t get his hands on it because of legal reasons. It is sewn up tight. The man is violent and won’t let anyone near her so he can control her interest in the company. Maruska could have been hurt. This is not what you pay her to do,” he challenged going on the defensive.

“No, it isn’t but she was given a separate payment and protection if she had needed it. I know what he is doing to his wife. But every precaution was taken with Maruska’s safety.”

“I think it requires a higher price.”

“There is such a thing as being greedy. It seems you take this attitude with the company accounts as well. I now have proof that it was you who defrauded them by £100,000 and you continue to do so.”

As he spoke, Alexandrov picked up his stroking of Maruska’s wet vagina and brushed his lips across her naked back. “You have breached my trust and you are a thief. Give me the key or I will call the police.” He closed his hand around one of her breasts to trap and squeeze the flesh. Maruska whimpered moving her body as he teased her with the penetration of his finger, circling her entrance but never quite entering her channel.

Surkov’s eyes narrowed but still he said nothing about the billionaire’s caress of Maruska.

“Tell me why you really want it.”

“Why? So, you can sell the information?”

“I already know about the experimental aircraft she designs. But the rumour is she has designed an aircraft that is going to change the face of the airline industry. If that aircraft was exclusive to Dyeus Airlines on its first inception, you would own the market for air travel. But the real question is whether you or your brother is going to get to her first? My money is on your brother.” A cruel smile twitched on Surkov’s lips.

Alexandrov’s grip on Maruska’s breast momentarily tightened at the mention of his brother and greatest rival.

“Your time is running out. Give me the key.” Alexandrov made sure his voice was firm and even, then brushed his lips along Maruska’s neck just as he inserted his finger fully into her entrance. She sighed with satisfaction and moved strongly on top of it as he thrust in and out.

He pulled cruelly at her nipple watching Surkov stare captivated. The former employee reached into the inside pocket of his dark grey suit jacket and pulled out an old, wrought iron key. He slid it across the oak table towards Alexandrov as he curled his finger up inside Maruska to expertly stroke her G-spot holding back when she came too near to her climax. He nodded at the man.

“You have done well, Maruska. You have my permission to come now,” he whispered to her. “Do not keep Surkov waiting. Show him just how much you are enjoying yourself.”

She did not need to be told twice. She moved like a woman possessed even though Alexandrov could tell by the expression on her face she felt some humiliation at being fucked by his finger in front of Surkov as though he owned her. It made his revenge bittersweet.

Surkov stared at Maruska’s naked body erotically moving up and down on Alexandrov’s finger as he squeezed her breast. Maruska’s wet glossy lips parted to echo a cry of release as her orgasm broke and rode her hard, flushing her body with a pink glow from its burning heat.

Alexandrov kissed her arm as her movement ceased and she slumped back against him exhausted. He kept his finger inside her, stroking the channel to soothe the gentle aftershocks while he addressed Surkov once more and picked up the key.

“Thank you. Consider your employment here over along with Maruska’s.”

Surkov nodded.

He abruptly removed his finger from Maruska’s pussy and holding her tight around the waist to keep her in place, he inserted his finger into her mouth forcing her to taste herself, thrusting it in and out of the dark wet cavity and coating her pink lips, a reminder of his taking of her when she kissed Surkov later. He pulled her off his knee, picked up her clothes from the floor and threw them at her.

“Now leave, both of you. I don’t want to see either of you again.”

Maruska quickly dressed and cursed him in Russian as they headed towards the door. Alexandrov asked his secretary to call security to make sure they left the building and bring the car around to the front to take him to the airport and his private jet for a journey to the Highlands of Scotland.

He picked up the key and sat back in his leather chair studying it while he waited.

“Time to rescue the princess from the tower.”


3 reviews for The Princess in the Tower

  1. Marybeth

    So…Diana is a designer of planes. She has been isolated and imprisoned by her husband. He keeps her complying by threatening her with the death of their son, who Diana has only seen the day she gave birth. Alexandrov and his brother Ilya have the same idea, save Diana. But, they quickly realize that they will have to share her. They decide to keep her as a submissive and then regress her to help her get over her panic attacks. There is a HEA. I think that the ending was a little too quick. We just get her rescued and, boom everything is solved and the end. I do wish that the ending could be a little slower.

  2. Redrabbitt

    The story is a fast-paced action adventure that will have three main characters, Diana Logan, Alexandro, and Ilya Romanovich, brothers. The story will involve betrayal, deceit, exhibition, humiliation, ménage, age-play, control, and revenge. It will bring two brothers who have been at odds with each other working together and deciding that they could make things work with Diana—but first, they must rescue and save her from her evil husband.

    Diana designs aircraft and has been held prisoner by her husband, locked away in a tower. He pimps her out to his associate, and her only comfort is she is allowed to design planes, ones that are highly sought after by the aviation industry. It will be at a party to introduce her latest design, Empyrean-629 aircraft that will have the Romanovich brothers attending—but they don’t just want the first rights to the airplane, they each plan to rescue Diana—can they also agree to share her?

    “In no time, I will have you kneeling at my feet, obedient and willing, little one.”

    Against what they would want, they make a deal with her husband, and part of the contract will include a night of sex with Diana—but it comes with terms, being watched by others. Can they make this work to their advantage?

    “She’s a good whore when I want her to be so she will indulge you.”

    Can Diana trust Alexandrov and Ilya to rescue her? Will she be able to play along, knowing she will once again be having sex with men and being watched?

    “Diana knew what they expected from her. Making love with them both this evening had been mind-blowing. She’d never experienced such intense pleasure or domination and by two men working in perfect harmony to pleasure her. They were rescuing her heart, min, and sou, not just her body, reputation, and aircraft, they were looking for her precious son and already had a lead on his whereabouts.”

    The story will include age-regression age-play with two daddy doms, and while little will include humiliation, bottles, diapers, and acceptance of their control of her. Locked away for three years has her afraid of the outside, and it will take her learning to let go and trust them. It also has punishments.

    “Everything became clearer in her mind. She hated to admit it to herself, but they were right, she was hiding, and it was time she showed herself to the world.”

    The story is full of mystery, suspense, and danger. It will have Diana submitting to the dominance of her billionaire daddies. But she will even surprise them a time or two. The story does have a happy ending.

    “During the time she’d spent locked in the tower room in the castle, Diana had never believed she would love again or trust anyone else to love her. Now, she was safe, secure, and blissfully happy in her new family.”

  3. Julie

    Alexandrov Romanovich, the handsome dominant Russian airline billionaire, wants to find and rescue the genius billionaire aircraft designer Diane Lucas and find out why her cruel husband has her locked up in the tower.

    His estranged billionaire younger brother Ilya wants to do the same thing.

    The brothers must stop their feud and work together to save Diane, who has been a captive for three years.

    Her evil husband did this to take over her company, enabling his gambling addiction along with adding two partners. One partner is an American while the other one is in the Russian mafia.

    Her husband James has not only beaten and abused her, forced her to allow other men to use her any way they saw fit. But James has mentally and emotionally abused her by the threat of the death of her son that was taken from her when he was born.

    Neither brother will let the other possessed her alone. She must submit to both of them.

    But they rescue her, find her son and well there is a too quick happy ever after ending that happened too quick. If that part had been slowed down a bit, it would have been more enjoyable and believable.

    There are all types of abuse, suspense, mystery, and danger, as with all good books. I give this book four stars because of the too fast ending.

    She will be lucky after the billionaire brothers rescue her and her son the three of them her husband James and two partners rot in jail. Or will they get by with it or be killed as mafia tend to do? What do you think? Sorry, you will have to read the book to find out.

    I received a free copy of this book. This honest review was posted voluntarily.

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