The Point of It All

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Diana Kenyon is a beautiful, successful doctor with her own practice and her own life. But the occasional work she does for the DC-based Stanton Group thrusts her into the dark world of political refugees, kidnapping and torture.

As the company owner of VRS Securities, Valerio Rios knows his subject well, and his seminars are well-attended by top executives from top companies who do not want to pay huge ransoms for their executives’ safe return. When Diana turns up missing, Val is hired to find her and bring her home safely. But rescuing the beautiful doctor is not the end of Val’s work. He is determined to keep the independent and strong-willed lady safe. Neither counted on falling in love.

Val is a ruthless man, and Diana has secrets she’ll share with no one. Underestimating her will be Val’s biggest mistake; playing Val Rios for a fool will be hers.

From Miami to the coasts of Mexico and Chile, to the warmth and security of Southern California beaches, The Point Of It All will take the reader on an adventure like no other, and introduce a love story that will not be forgotten.

Publishers Note: This collection includes three full length novels from Jade Cary including: The Point of it All, Days with You, and The Reason for it All.

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1 review for The Point of It All

  1. Redrabbitt

    The three-book series MUST BE READ in their written order because it is an ongoing saga. It is an emotional, heart-wrenching tale of Diana and Val Rios.

    The Point of It All

    I enjoyed this romantic suspense and can’t wait to get into book two. Diana Kenyon is a brilliant doctor of plastic surgery, and the Stanton Group uses her to change people’s looks. She has been told that they were political victims of torture and will help them have a new life. Jack Stanton, Billy Stevenson, and several others have different agendas, including people in the CIA and FBI.

    The plot has Jack Stanton sending Diana to Miami for a conference on what to do and possibly avoid becoming a kidnapping victim. She only attends the first half of Valerio Rios’s lecture, and even at that, she wasn’t listening; she would never be a victim. How wrong she will be, and she is kidnapped, drugged, beaten, abused, raped, and held in various locations, hearing the horrors of what is happening to others and eventually escaping. Many things about her kidnapping don’t correspond to what a typical kidnapping would entail, no ransom demand, nothing; she is off the grid. It takes Val six months to find and rescue her and then hide her, rather than take her back to Jack Stanton. What Val and Diana didn’t count on was developing feelings for each other. Will Diana learn to trust Val and believe that he is trying to protect her and keep her alive? Why will she not be honest with him, and what secrets is she hiding?

    “Every compromise you make weakens you until you are left with nothing by compromise.”

    The story is a roller coaster ride of horror, memories, continued threats, and trying to start over again. The physical and emotional chemistry between Val and Diana sizzles on the pages, whether he is taking her in hand, blistering her bottom, or making love to her.

    Days With You (The Point of It All Book 2)

    For the past six months, Diana has been dealing, coping, reliving the sudden death of her husband, Valerio Rios. She has returned to their home in Chile for the Christmas holiday and will be joined by family and friends.

    The plot has Diana going through déjà vu moments of her past few years, before and after her marriage to Val, and now coping with his death. She is back in Chile for the Christmas holiday to be with Val’s family and close friends. Several times she has caught a fleeting sight of a man who makes her think it is Val.

    The story is very emotional, and while I kept thinking when book one ended, you can’t say Val is dead, book two picks up with his death. Hold on, reader; this story leaves us on an emotional roller coaster high that will be book three. The story is full of memories and people from book one.

    The Reason for It All (The Point of It All Book 3)

    The third story of this saga takes the reader on a shocking roller coaster ride of emotions. How could a man allow his wife to believe he was murdered and mourn his death because he is fighting for a cause in another country. Is the greater good of one nation worth the heartache, painful loss, and agony to the woman you profess your love with all your heart and soul?

    I have enjoyed this series; the three stories are page-turners, international conflicts, life, death situations, and a great cast of characters. Falling in love doesn’t always come with a straight path and connect the dot situations; sometimes, it is full of battlefields and landmines, as it is for Val and Diana.

    The plot had me ready to take Val out myself for all he puts Diana through, and then for those that are supposed to care about both of them, that also know, and sit back and see the daily anguish she suffers. This was a tough one; he wanted to protect her by faking his death, which he feels will prevent her from becoming a target. Diana has already been through a couple of lifetimes of hell just with the loss of her parents, the six months she was kidnapped and held a prisoner, and then to lose the man you love in a senseless act. When you are summoned to him after he nearly died in an attack, and you, help bring him back to be sent away again. When do you walk away and just finally cut your losses?

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