The New Arrangement Anthology


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A compilation of three stories each dealing with the intricacies of living a domestic discipline lifestyle.

Danielle, who wants the lifestyle but changes her mind after John complies with her wishes.

Emily is the wife of a prominent attorney with a shopping habit to combat her loneliness and a longing for discipline.

Alexis is in an abusive relationship. When her knight in shining armor rescues her, will she accept his love when she finds out he is a spanker?

Disclaimer: These are stories about loving, domestic discipline relationships. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always heartwarming and full of red bottoms, this book contains adult spanking scenes.


Sample Chapter

The New Arrangement

Chapter One


Walking into her house, arms loaded with groceries, Danielle Stevenson almost tripped over the dog sleeping in the middle of the floor. Once again, she’d been so engrossed in her thoughts that it seemed as if she was on autopilot. Tonight was the night. She’d thought of little or nothing else for the last week. And tonight, come hell or high water, she was going to come clean with him.

Her hands shook as she first put away the groceries and then started dinner. Not sure how she was going to even put her thoughts into words, she ran several scenarios through her mind. And absolutely none of them even sounded good. In fact, several sounded downright insane. But she knew the time had come to talk to him about this. And she would not back down. She’d have to trust him. But that was the most troubling thing of all.

Looking down at her still sleeping pup, she shook her head.

“Ok, Riley, I guess it’s now or never.”

The lazy basset hound never even raised his head to acknowledge her. Attempting to ignore the running commentary going on in her head, she continued her preparations for the meal.


* * *


Danielle sat across the dinner table from the man in her life and worried her lower lip between her teeth. A stunning redhead with cornflower blue eyes, she was often unaware (as she was now) of just how beautiful she was. The pounding of her heart had her flushed and almost breathless. As much as she wanted to continue, she wasn’t sure that she could.

“Danni, what are you trying to say?”

She knew what she wanted to tell him, but the question really was, could she. She had met him only eight months before. He was tall, handsome, and charismatic with a wicked sense of humor. They had both fallen instantly in love. She had been divorced for three years before the fateful day he had walked into her life. She had really thought that no possibility for love existed for her ever again. In fact, she’d become somewhat jaded and doubted that real love even existed. Looking now at the man sitting patiently waiting for her to speak, she knew just how wrong she had been.

“C’mon, baby, you can talk to me about anything.”

Even though they didn’t have a long history together, in the short time they had been together, she’d known this to be true. He’d always had her back, in every instance. But in this situation, she wasn’t so sure. Telling him this would result in revealing a huge part of who she was. It would make her more vulnerable than she’d ever been. And it might just cost her this relationship.

Confiding this in him would undoubtedly change everything. So why did she feel so compelled to tell him? Why was she so sure that she could trust him? Why couldn’t she just leave the situation alone and go on as they had been? She knew the answer but simply didn’t want to face it.

“Okay, Danielle, now you’re worrying me. Please…

“Really, it’s all good. How about some dessert? Its cherry pie, I could even find some ice cream.” She said it in an attempt to derail the freight train that this topic had become. Maybe she really shouldn’t tell him this.

“No, I don’t want any more food. What I do want is an honest answer from you.”

He was looking at her with what she privately called the puppy dog look. It was one of the things she found so irresistible about the man. And something she was hard pressed to ignore. It was obvious that the small boy still existed within the man. She found that to be infinitely attractive. He gently took her hand in his, and she knew it was now or never.

“I had a different kind of relationship with my ex-husband.” Now she was surprised when her love snorted.

“Yeah, I know all about that. You mean the kind where he was a narcissistic jerk who only cared about what he wanted and who didn’t deserve you?”

She smiled at his defense of her, realizing that there was a lot of truth in the statement. But that was hardly where she was headed with this conversation.

“No, John, I meant in another way.” Ignoring his look of puzzlement, she forced herself to continue as she was quickly losing her nerve.

“Last week, you playfully smacked my behind.”

Now looking completely confused, John merely smiled. “Yeah, and I got to say, honey, you didn’t seem to mind it all that much. Your response was hard to forget. But what does that have to do with any of this?”

Again feeling her heart pounding in her chest, she pushed on. “I’m trying to get to that, but this is complicated. You see when I was married before, I might have thought…no my husband maybe might have…no.”

She was surprised when he leaned across the table and grasped her chin in his hand. “Tell me and stop beating around the bush. I want the whole story and I want it now.”

Knowing that there was no way to do this easily, she just blurted it out. “My ex-husband used to spank me when I broke the rules.”

She knew she would never forget the look on John’s face as her statement sunk in.

“Excuse me, Danielle, I don’t think I heard that correctly. Please repeat what you just said.”

She shook her head and folded her trembling hands, one over the other. This had been a terrible idea, and what the hell had she been thinking? “No, I just want you to forget it.”

He shook his head adamantly. She was once again reminded of just how stubborn and single-minded he could be. Knowing there was now no other way out, she quietly dropped her head and repeated what she had just said.

“He used to spank me when I broke the rules.”

She saw fury flash in John’s eyes. “That bastard laid his hands on you! I’ll find him and kill him.”

Now she groaned and put her head into her hands, wondering why the hell she ever went down this path. “No, no, I didn’t mean that he forced it on me. I sort of agreed. We had an agreement about it. There is even a name for it.”

John looked even more incredulous. “What do you mean that you agreed to it?”

The Antique Store

Chapter One


Emily walked through the antique store with the same reverence that one walks into a church. On one side of her was a large Victorian hutch, which towered over her. Its dark shelves were dotted with old lace doilies where fine bone china teacups and saucers were featured. Their beautiful, vibrant colors stood out against the fine webbing of the white hand sewn circles.

The other side was a set of old wicker. It must’ve been well cared for as it was still in amazing condition. The pieces looked as if they were one of a kind. The high backed chair and the settee had intricate designs woven into them. And the two small side tables matched perfectly. As if that wasn’t enough, there was even an intricate sewing basket that matched. She’d never even seen one of those before in wicker, much less one that was part of a set.

She took her time as she walked from one display to another. The shop was set up with different areas, which looked like rooms of a house. The owner had packed the rather large shop with thousands of pieces. And to Emily, each one was more fascinating than the last. She stepped into the space that was supposed to look like an old time barbershop. And her heart rate kicked into high gear.

There was a very old barber’s chair, several chairs, which the patrons would’ve sat in and an old barber’s station, complete with mirror. But none of that had her heart thrumming. She looked around to make sure no one was watching as she approached the item that she always made a point of stopping to visit. She dropped her hand and ran her fingers over it, unable to stop the shiver that ran through her or the sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.

The razor strop felt soft and supple under her touch. But the thought of a bare bottom being on the receiving end of a hard swat from the strip of leather just about made her knees buckle. It was always the object of her fantasies, and she visited it as often as she could. She knew that someday, someone would buy it and take it home. But until then, she would live vicariously through her fantasies about it. She lingered until she knew that it would be too obvious before she continued her search for treasures.

She finally finished her perusal of the store and chose her purchases for the day. She came to the store once a week and always bought a few things for herself. It was something that she considered to be her right. She worked hard, and she deserved things that made her happy. Today’s tally would be well over two hundred dollars. In some part of her brain, she knew that two hundred dollars was a lot of money. But she ignored what her conscience was trying to tell her.

Her husband, Thomas, was a lawyer. He put in so many hours a week that she felt as if she was entitled to her little spending sprees. It was as if she was treating herself because of all the time she spent alone, without him.

Besides, it wasn’t like he knew anything about her spending sprees anyway. He’d always turned his check over to her and she paid all the bills, so luckily, he was none the wiser.

“Well, well, now, are you finished with your shopping today, Mrs. Reilly?”

Emily smiled at the owner of the shop as he looked over her weekly finds. He seemed to be a very nice, kind, older gentleman. She’d gotten to know him just a bit because of the regularity of her shopping habits. He seemed to be very insightful and had helped her make a decision more than once. She knew that he had impeccable tastes.

“I think so but I still can’t decide if I also want that beautiful rose-colored perfume bottle that you have over there.”

“It’s Fenton and very old, and wouldn’t it go rather nicely with the dresser set that you bought several weeks ago?”

She’d forgotten about the dresser set because it was still hidden in the back of her closet. She always hid her purchases for a few months and then randomly scattered them throughout the house so that Tom didn’t really have any idea just how much stuff she’d bought. Luckily, it was a big house. But lately, she’d been thinking about the possibility of needing a storage locker in the future. Knowing that would involve more than little white lies to her husband, she was still holding off.

“You know you’re right, Mr. Peterson. Add it to the other things that I picked out.”

She smiled and watched as he put the pretty, cranberry glass item with her other things. It made her so happy to buy things, especially beautiful things like these. And once again, she asked herself if she didn’t deserve to be happy.

“I sure could use more customers like you, Mrs. Reilly. Not only do you love my things but you also have excellent tastes and a very good eye.”

She smiled at his compliments and ignored the twinge of conscience that stabbed her as she signed the credit card invoice. The perfume bottle had brought the total over three hundred dollars. But as she loaded her purchases into the trunk of her car, she reminded herself that she deserved each and every thing that she’d bought.


* * *


Thomas David Reilly snapped his cell phone shut and tossed it on the car seat next to him. Why did it always seem like everything that had to do with his job was an emergency? For some ridiculous reason, he’d thought that after he made partner the seventy hour weeks would stop, or at least slow down. But it seemed as if he worked harder than ever.

But the one good thing was that the money he made allowed both him and his wife, Emily, to live a pretty nice lifestyle. She’d been able to quit her job a few years ago and that was something he was very proud of. His own mother had worked herself into an early grave and he’d always promised himself that he would do better for his own wife.

He’d come from a hard childhood with an abusive, often drunken father. His mother had been the only stability he’d known. It was often made worse by the fact that he’d been an only child. His best friends had been books. And it’d been apparent at an early age that he had a formidable intellect. His mother had always told him that it would be the way out for him. And it had been.

He’d been in college on a full ride when his father finally succumbed to the effects of a life of alcoholism. He’d been both sad and relieved. Relieved, because, finally, his mother would be free. That freedom had lasted for four months. Then the cancer diagnosis had come and in another six short months, she was gone. She’d never even gotten to see him graduate from college, much less law school. And she’d never met the woman who would be his wife, and the love of his life.

It surprised him that even after all of this time, he still thought about his mother almost every single day. That every victory he had was that much sweeter because of the hard life she’d had to live. Even though all of the things that he’d accomplished had been through hard work, he still felt that he and his wife were two of the most blessed people he knew.

He turned onto Main Street and remembered why he loved this town so much. It was picturesque and looked like something from a postcard. He slowed down as he noticed a familiar car parked in front of the antique shop. As he drove by, he caught a glimpse of his beautiful wife loading things into her trunk. He didn’t know that she’d ever shopped here before.

He thought about stopping to talk to her, but another idea struck him. Their anniversary was coming up and maybe he could go back and talk to the guy who owed the shop and talk him into helping pick out something that she might love. He grinned as he circled the block waiting for her to leave.

For The Love Of Alexa

Chapter One


Jess sat watching her, entranced at how she moved. After setting a bowl of nachos down on the surface of the table, she opened a cabinet and stood on tiptoe to grab the salsa. He couldn’t miss the fact that the soft denim skirt she was wearing slid up several inches. Looking to Gabe, he was amazed that his friend wasn’t even looking at her. How could that be possible?

“Hey Jess are you even listening to me, man?”

Jess forced his gaze from the beautiful long, bare legs and looked at his friend. He’d been listening to Gabe go on now for the last thirty minutes. His friend had a new job and it seemed to be all that he talked about, well, that and his hobbies. Jess didn’t mind listening for a while, but the guy just seemed to go on and on.

The guys had met their first year in college. While Jess was more quiet and laid back, Gabe had always been the life of the party. His sense of humor was legendary. Jess had always thought that Gabe was the funniest guy he’d ever met. They had ended up in the same fraternity house, and eventually formed a friendship. If guys were drawn to Gabe’s extroverted personality, that was nothing compared to how the female population felt.

Gabe’s girlfriends were the most beautiful, popular and smartest girls on campus. And there were always plenty of them. He changed girls so often that his buddies joked that they needed a scorecard to keep up. But every one of his buddies thought he was the luckiest guy on earth. Although he dated bountifully, it was his sexual conquests that were legend. It’d always embarrassed Gabe to hear so much about his friend’s personal affairs. But Gabe loved to talk about it all, and all the other guys loved to hear it all.

Jess was sure that some girls dated Gabe just for the status of being on the arm of the handsome football player. There had been many who had honestly been in love with him. But none of that mattered as his relationships never seemed to last too long. The girls that loved him and the girls that didn’t. That never posed any problem for Gabe; he just went on the next gorgeous girl. It was as if they were waiting in line outside his door.

Jess had done all right with the ladies, as well. He’d had only two serious relationships in college. And then there had been Susan. That had just ended six months ago. They had been together for two years. He had thought he loved her until she started talking about marriage and a future. The thought of spending his entire life with her woke him up. He appreciated how much she loved him but he just didn’t feel the same way. He’d hated to hurt her, but it would have been worse to string her along, letting her think there was a chance for a future.

He realized that he still hadn’t responded to the question.

“Yeah, I’m listening. Are you ever going to stop talking about your job?”

The beautiful brunette with her arms now draped around Gabe’s shoulders smiled at his question.

“It’s all he wants to talk about. Isn’t that adorable?”

Gabe beamed like an angel. Jess knew damn good and well that his friend was gloating that no matter what he said or did, the woman in his life was hanging on every word. The smile turned snide and suddenly Jess wasn’t so thrilled with his old college buddy. He wondered if he even had a clue how amazing she was.

As if she knew what he was thinking, she stood and resumed putting out nachos for them. Jess had to fight with himself to keep his eyes off her. They all talked for another hour before she stood, stretched and excused herself. Gabe felt a sense of let down as she left the room. He privately wondered if maybe it hadn’t been his old college buddy that had been the draw for his visit after all.

“So are you surprised at how ‘adorable’ I am, old buddy?”

Jess suddenly struggled with the urge to smack that smug smile off his friend’s face. Not only did he realize that she seemed to adore him but he was enough of a jerk to boast about it. He wondered why it was that he had ever thought that this guy was ever funny.

“No, actually I don’t know about adorable, more like an ass.”

Instead of being pissed, Gabe just laughed as if the comment hadn’t been a slam but a compliment.

“You do realize that I just have it with the chicks, right? That there will always be another one down the line. It’s my gift. What’s your gift, Jess, old boy?”

Ignoring his friend’s question, he stood and grabbed his coat.

“Hey, got to go, I’ll call you later.”

Gabe looked rather surprised but stood and quickly embraced him as he went out the door. As Jess unlocked and got into his car, he realized that his friendship with Gabe was probably nearing an end. It didn’t take much for him to recognize that he had outgrown his college pal. Or maybe he had never really had anything in common with him, after all. And he thought about the answer to the question that Gabe had asked him. Although there was no one else in the truck with him, he still answered aloud.

“My gift is having the ability to not punch someone in the mouth when they really deserve it.”

Most of the guys that were in their college clique had been jealous of Gabe and his legendary circle of women. But Jess had never felt that way. At least, not until the moment that Gabe had introduced him to Alexa. She was the first girl his friend had ever lived with. A fact that Gabe pointed out to her on a regular basis. But more importantly, he realized his having feelings for her could come to no good end. He made up his mind then and there to just leave the two of them alone. He hoped his friend would step up to the plate and be the kind of man that she deserved, but he doubted it.


* * *


Jess parked his car and got out. The sun was high in the sky and the day was warm. He was so glad to see summer finally come. The spring had been filled with long, dreary months. He did some rudimentary stretching to gear up for his run. He didn’t usually do his run on the park path but today, he’d felt the need to be around people. In the distance, he saw a tall brunette and felt his heart skip a beat. But as she turned, he could easily see that it wasn’t Alexa.

He had to stop doing that. He thought he saw her everywhere. It’d been months since he’d been at Gabe’s house. And his friend had tried to call him several times. He’d refused to answer or call him back. It wasn’t about Alexa; it was the fact that Gabe was such a jerk. Oh, who was he kidding? Everything in his life lately had been about his feelings for her. Not only was he seeing her everywhere, but she was in his dreams every night. And it was pathetic that he couldn’t wait to go to bed and didn’t want to wake up. He was such a logical, rational guy. What was happening to him?

He started his run slowly, trying to pace himself. The urge was strong to run with all that he had, as if he could run away from the feelings that seemed to dominate every moment. He picked up the pace far too soon and felt his leg muscles tighten in protest of the unusual punishment. He ran past women with babies in strollers and old couples walking their dogs and holding hands. And each and every one made him think of her.

He ran hard and fast, feeling such a fool for his thoughts. He’d never been so focused on any one thing in his life. And he knew that if he could just put some time behind him that maybe he could forget her. There was a new receptionist at work, who was very attractive. She’d been sending him signals since the day she’d started. So why then, could he care less about her? Why was he blind to anyone beside Alexa?

He finished his run and came back to the front of the park. The children’s playground was filled with noisy, rambunctious kids with mothers chatting away in the sunshine of the day. There were people reading books under the trees and kids on skateboards and all varieties of bicycles. Apparently, the rest of the world wanted to enjoy the day.

Looking towards where his car was parked, he saw a brunette sitting on a bench. He cursed himself for immediately thinking that it was her. What the hell was wrong with him, anyway? Why was he seeing her everywhere? He could see that the girl had her head in her hands and seemed to be crying. He forced himself to ignore her and whatever her problem was, as he walked past to get to his car.


He froze for a moment, thinking that it just couldn’t be. Wasn’t it bad enough that he thought of her night and day? Now he was hallucinating, too? Turning slowly, he looked over and realized that it actually was Alexa. Seeing her doe eyes filled with tears made him feel as if someone had just kicked him in the chest. He sat down on the bench next to her and wrapped her cold hand in his warm one, wondering all the while, if even that was too forward. But considering how forlorn she looked, he threw caution to the wind and did it anyway.

“Alexa, what are you doing here? What’s the matter?”

He could see that she was fighting to get control of her emotions. But her resolve wavered about the same time the tears once again started to roll down her face. He wasn’t sure that she was even going to answer, but eventually she did.

“My cousin died. She was only thirty-eight.”

Her words prompted him to throw his arm around her shoulders and pull her close.

“I’m so sorry.”

She nodded and again attempted to pull it all together. He was struck with just how much strength of character she had. And he had the sudden urge to find his old college buddy and pound on his face for not being here to support her.

“Thank you. She had been sick for a long time, actually. I guess I’m shocked but not exactly surprised.”

Her words didn’t ring true to him, considering how upset she was. So he simply waited, hoping that she would confide in him. He didn’t have to wait for very long.

“When I found out about her death, I started really thinking about all the things that she’d done in her short time here. And then I started thinking about my own life.”

She said it in such a defeated way that he felt the need to defend her.

“You are an intelligent, kind person who is already making a mark on the world. How many times have you saved someone’s life? You’ve only been out of nursing school for three years, and yet you’re out there changing lives every day.”

“How do you know that?”

He knew she was hopeful that Gabe had told him, but the truth was that he doubted if his old friend even knew those things. He felt a flush spread up his neck onto his cheeks. He knew no other way other than to tell her the truth.

“Well, my sister works in the same unit that you do. She works a different shift, her name is Callie Johnson.”

He could see her chewing that over. “She works nights, right?”

“Yeah, she has a whole houseful of rowdy boys. She only works weekends.”

What he hadn’t told her was that he practically pumped her for information about Alexa every time he talked to her. So much so that Callie had recently told him to suck it up, be a man and just tell her that he was in love with her. His sister was nothing if not honest. He’d ignored the advice.

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