The Masterful Viking

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Handsome Norwegian Billionaire, Vidar Alvarsson, nicknamed the Viking because of his raiding of businesses and the stripping of their assets, wants revenge on the man who stole his sister and trafficked her across Europe. Not content with simply ruining his business empire, he wants Ethan Prince’s most valuable asset, his beautiful daughter Fallon.

Alvarsson doesn’t count on Fallon Prince melting his icy heart with her fiery temper while he seeks to tame her with his dominance. She’s determined to hide her vulnerability when he persuades her to settle her father’s debt in his bed every night. But he finds an emotionally damaged woman, forced to face the truth about her father, who triggers every protective instinct he has.

When they are forced to marry to play a sadistic businessman’s game to find Vidar’s sister, the Billionaire is determined to prove to Fallon he is the husband and dominant she has been crying out for in her life. But while danger swirls around them, will she allow herself to trust again and accept his love or choose her freedom instead?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, danger, adult themes, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter



The handsome Norwegian billionaire sighed and sat back in his chair behind his ornate desk at his company office in the city of London and took another look at the photos of the woman he had been handed along with the report. She was beautiful. There was no denying it. She also possessed a formidable, tenacious, and determined temperament by all accounts. He didn’t need the report to tell him that, he could see it shining out of haunted emerald green eyes. She was going to be a handful and not easy to tame. But then the challenge would prove more fitting to his revenge. However, before he could begin there was a more pressing problem to deal with.

Vidar Alvarsson looked up from the photographs at the three women facing him perched naked on all fours on a platform in front of his desk enjoying the way their pert breasts hung low on their chests, their taut nipples pointing at the surface of the platform. They looked nervous and so should they be, he thought with humour. They were badly in need of correction. The Billionaire put the photographs down on top of the desk and picked up the riding crop lying in wait in front of him. He made his large leather chair swivel as he flexed the whip in front of him. It had been a long time since he had whipped three naked female bottoms together. It sounded an impossible task but it was one he had managed on several occasions in his decadent past and he had no doubts he would now.

“Are you all aware why you are here?” he asked flexing the riding crop again, studying it closely as he ran his fingertips along its length delighting mischievously in the way two of the young women gulped.

“Yes,” they chorused timidly.

“I put you all in a team of five women because you are the best. Your expertise is second to none and sometimes I believe the situation benefits from an all-female or male group working on it. The focus and concentration is maintained and a good result obtained. It has worked in the past with several teams but not with your group,” he told them sternly in a deep, dark, low male voice betraying a small hint of his Norwegian accent. “I was supposed to have had a strategy for moving the Deadulus Electric hybrid concept car forward and into production by now but you haven’t produced anything and our competitors are taking the lead. Instead I have been informed of unmanageable competitiveness, bullying and more between you. I put Katherine in charge of the team because she was the best person for the job but none of you have accepted her leadership. There has been harassment, cyber bullying and more. One of you, whose name I will not mention even issued threats. I can’t have this.”

He stood up carrying the riding crop and moved around to the front of the desk revealing his tall, athletic, muscled figure in his light grey haute couture suit, crisp white shirt and black silk tie that made him cut a formidable dominant figure.

They turned their heads to watch him walk behind them.

“Eyes front,” one of his male employees snapped the order. Also in a suit, he came to walk in front of them and snapped his fingers. Immediately they turned back and did not dare to try to look around again.

Vidar stood silently behind them surveying and admiring the row of ripe peachy bottoms in front of him quivering in anticipation of being struck.

“So, I have to take action. I have your signed authorities to take disciplinary action and whatever course of remedy I choose. Before I start and explain the changes I am going to make to the team so we can go forward with the project, is there anyone here who wishes to change their mind and leave my employment, taking the first option that was given to them?”


Then, “No,” from each of them.

He was about to start but Lucy on the end of the row piped up. There was some anger behind her tone and rebellion. It was she who had made threats to Katherine. His first reaction had been to instantly dismiss her and report her to the police. Vidar took the well-being and safety of his staff very seriously, especially the women and he would not tolerate such behaviour. But Katherine had requested he give her a second chance. She was an asset to the team and she believed they could work things out. So here he was giving her another opportunity albeit with some strict changes and rules he had already discussed with Katherine.

“I bet you wouldn’t do this to one of the all-male teams,” she sneered. “I bet they don’t get stripped and spanked like a child.”

Vidar couldn’t help but laugh. He walked around to the front of her and bent towards her face making sure she had a prime view of the riding crop held so firmly in his hands.

“That is where you are wrong. The team on the Thornton project were disciplined for similar reasons. Not by me, of course but I did find the female dominants entertaining to watch.” He reached out and cupped the side of her face and raised her head letting his gaze pass over the red vampy glossy lipstick. “You will find me a lot more lenient than them, I can assure you,” he smiled. “Although if you push me and continue back chatting when I am disciplining you, I can make you beg me to stop.”

Her icy blue eyes widened in surprise.

“Sorry, Sir,” she whispered.

He gave her face a gentle squeeze and then let go.

“Good girl. Now let’s get started. Afterwards we will talk about the adjustments I am going to make to the team.”

The Billionaire walked behind the women once more leaving his assistant, as instructed, to keep a watchful protective eye on the women at the front for any real signs of distress.

The women had been placed huddled together, their warm naked bodies brushing each other to promote solidarity and a sense of team spirit, he mused with humour.

He stood at the side ready to move position when required. He raised the riding crop and aimed it precisely at the left buttock of the first woman. She shrieked when it made contact with her tense cheek.

“Try to relax and it won’t smart so much, Clarissa,” he said swatting the leather end over the second buttock before quickly moving to the middle and end girl to repeat the action. He moved swiftly between the three lashing their buttocks with the riding crop and alternating between striking each cheek with the fleshy seats of their bottoms with quick precision. Their butts flushed a healthy rosy red immediately. Applying the crop so expertly made their plump rumps quiver and wobble. The sting produced hot tears and gentle sobs with each strike.

Vidar continued for a short while enjoying his task as he attended to it with vigour. Then he abruptly stopped.

“I think that is enough of my involvement in this matter. I have warmed you up for the real discipline that is to come.”

The women said nothing. They were too busy whimpering. With a satisfied smile at his assistant who returned it, he motioned for another man standing at the side to open the door. Five young handsome men all impeccably dressed in dark suits filed into the room. Three of them stepped forward.

“Ladies, I have decided you will each have a mentor, someone who will help to keep you focused on the project and disciplined to deliver it on time. These men are going to shadow you in the team during the day and at night in your homes. They will not leave your side. These dominants will keep you in check and police any bad behaviour administering punishments and spankings wherever necessary. And before you ask, Lucy, yes, this happened to the male team, although it was a little different. I provided each of them with submissive females to help contain and tame their aggression by training them. These men will be with you until the end of the project. I hand-picked them for each of you according to your temperaments and needs.”

He made sure his speech was firm. There was no room for changing his mind. Besides the initiative had worked well with the men. Relationships and marriage had ensued and two of the women were now pregnant. The men were better and so much more focused at their work producing good results. The male dominants would tame and temper the women’s aggression and need to catfight bringing them under firm control. He disliked losing talented high calibre staff and he believed this was a good solution that suited him as well as everyone else.

He nodded and the men moved forward directly behind the women. Clasping their hands around their waists they moved the women apart. The assistant came towards them and handed each male a riding crop. The women gave a snivel but did not object. The assistant moved around to the front again to keep an eye on proceedings and the men took up position next to their charges. They carefully slipped a hand around the women’s throats to guide their head upwards and kept them there to ensure steady bottoms ready for correction.

“Bring in Katherine and Claire, the other team members. I will see to their correction before the dominants waiting for them take over as their mentors,” Vidar announced to the other man in the room assisting proceedings. “They do not require the same level of discipline as you three do but nevertheless, Katherine needs to learn to better manage and direct her team.”

Vidar watched the man open the door again and removed his suit jacket from over his waistcoat. He sat down on the sofa spreading his knees out. Two more handsome dominants carried two naked women into the room. They took them straight to Vidar and placed each of their slender bodies over a knee. The men made sure the women were in a position where their rumps were balanced on top of Vidar’s knees and the whole top and middle of their bodies were bent downward with their shoulders just about touching the floor. Then they bent to hold their hands on the floor and keep them in the strained position.

Vidar smiled and rested a palm on each girl’s bottom giving them a gentle rub.

“Right, let’s begin, gentlemen.”

The dominants applying discipline to the three women on the platform aimed the whips at their butts and struck hard barely leaving room for them to take a breath before the next lash was sweeping across their cheeks to darken the rosy red already glowing there.

Vidar applied himself diligently to the task at hand, turning his toned waist to one side to deliver two firm slaps to Katherine’s buttocks and then swiveling to the other girl to repeat the action. He stroked his hands over their bottoms with precision, gently cupping his hand to lift the buttock high when striking from under the curve. They were quickly whimpering and tears were falling but none objected or begged for him to stop, something he noted to their advantage.

The dominants were caressing the whips over the tender backs of the girl’s thighs now and producing a fresh batch of tears and helpless cries from each of them. Vidar followed suit making his own women quiver and tremble when he struck the fragile backs of their thighs before moving the end of the riding crops in between their legs to strike their vaginas and the small buds resting there, pussy whipping them. The room was filled with the pleasurable sound of whips cracking through the air and loud unforgiving slaps to vulnerable quivering female bottoms.

A short while later the punishment session ended.

“Are they wet, gentlemen?” Vidar asked slipping the middle fingers on both of his hands gently in between the folds of the women’s pussies resting on each of his knees, smiling when he found them soaking. He watched the men move the end of the riding crops over the women’s vulvas and gently in between their folds. They removed them and held the ends up and showed him the evidence. Every end was drenched in juice.

“Good. Then I see no reason why pleasure shouldn’t follow pain and you can initiate the dominant/submissive relationship. The sooner we start, the better, the quicker the project can proceed. The men nodded and put down the crops. They lovingly stroked the hot fiery bottoms in front of them, soothing them with a cool hand and the brush of their lips.

Vidar heard them pull down their zips as he picked up the rhythmic stroke of his fingers inside the women’s pussies. The small whimpers around the room were replaced with soft delicate moans and helpless cries of pleasure. He heard the men grunt and looked up to see them each embedding their long hard lengths into the women’s vaginas from behind, up inside them to the hilt with one hard thrust, reaching forward to hold their throats. With some encouraging slaps of their hands to their sore rumps, the men rode the women and themselves to satisfaction and release beginning the mentoring relationship.

The Billionaire kneaded Katherine and Claire’s clits wondering which of them would come first. He sharply pinched the small buds making them buck and rear as the men at either side fought to hold them down in place.

“Good girls,” he whispered inserting first one then two fingers up inside their channels, curling them expertly to caress their G-spots, teasing their pleasure, taking them to the edge and then back again. The men at either side reached one of their hands upwards and cupped a breast, working in perfect union. They firmly squeezed the breast as though to milk it and both flexed and tugged at the tight nipples. Then they reached up to wrap their lips over the teat and suck. Vidar smiled, approving of the erotic touch. The men from the human resources department were experts and it was not the first time he had used them all in such an arrangement. It wasn’t long before the women were panting and begging to be allowed to come as the men grazed their nipples with their teeth and Vidar thrust his fingers hard and fast inside them. To his delight the team leader came first and a second later Claire. The rest of the women were bucking back against the dominants coming hard.

Not long after, the room was cleared, Vidar cleansed his fingers and replaced his suit jacket. His security chief entered the room. He appeared excited.

“The legal team have just given me the okay. The evidence we have on Ethan Prince is infallible. We’ve got him just like you said yesterday. We can move on him now. We can move as soon as you are ready.”

Vidar stared at him, a wide grin spreading across his handsome features.

“What’s more. I think I know where your sister is. Let’s put your plan into action.”

Chapter One


Vidar Alvarsson marched along the corridor of the office building in Docklands, London, in his designer black three-piece suit, with purpose while checking his cufflinks, a habit he had when he was about to enter a confrontation. Nicknamed The Viking because of his ruthless raiding of companies and stripping their assets, he more than lived up to the name with his striking Nordic features, a neatly groomed beard, and tall appearance that left any woman who came near him falling at his feet. He had waited a long time for revenge on his nemesis. Now everything in the building and the majority of the rest of Ethan Prince’s dubious business empire belonged to him and Alvarsson Industries. He’d bought the stock in Baron Prince Petroleum at a cut down price when he had helped to break news of its money laundering operation, other illegal practices, and mafia connections made by the CEO and Chairman of the Board. Now he was the majority holder and buying up the rest of the stock no one wanted anymore and stripping the company and taking the assets. There was just one final asset to claim, Ethan Prince’s daughter.

He made his way along the corridor, past glass enclosed offices full of people gathering up their belongings and making preparations to leave, towards three large offices overlooking the Thames and stopped at the first one. Fallon was pacing up and down talking to someone on the phone looking frantic and stressed out. He knew it was her father. Vidar didn’t wait to be invited in. Fallon looked up the moment he walked inside and contorted her pretty porcelain features with a glare, slamming down the phone, her conversation unfinished.

“There is no way, I am going with you. I don’t care what my father said on the phone.”

Fallon Prince appeared adamant and the Billionaire realised he was going to have to be more persuasive. “He thinks he can make decisions for me but he can’t. I will not give up control of my life for a man, not even for him.”

“If you want your father to stay out of prison with his failing health and your brother not to go to prison, you will,” he made sure he said it softly, calmly. “I can make all of it go away with one phone call.”

She folded her arms and narrowed her heavenly emerald eyes at him making a wicked smile begin to curl at the edges of his mouth. Fallon Prince was a beautiful, formidable, feisty woman but one he could easily handle. He knew that from the research he had been given on her but he also knew she would sacrifice herself for her family especially her twin brother with whom she shared a close bond. He couldn’t wait to have her lying beneath him in his bed tamed and submissive.

“You can’t threaten me like this. I will call the police.”

She reached for the phone. Vidar took a step forward and gently but firmly pulled the receiver out of her hand and replaced it.

“That is not going to help anyone. It certainly didn’t help my family when your father kidnapped my sister, and her friends, and trafficked them across Europe for sex. They didn’t lift a finger and I will make sure the British police grant you the same courtesy.” The bitterness in his voice was clearly audible and it was an effort to rein it in. Every time he thought of his sister at nineteen being abused by man after man or worse lying dead in an unmarked grave all because of Ethan Prince, he wanted to kill the man but perhaps fate was beating him to it. The man’s health was just about gone and time was running out for him. Taking his beautiful daughter and enslaving her as his whore was a much better revenge against a cruel bastard who was dying.

“What? This is some kind of joke, right?”

Vidar took hold of her arm and tugged her to him. She gave a small helpless gasp that made the sardonic smile now lighting his lips widen.

“Get used to it, Ms Prince you are coming with me. I own everything here including you.”

“I won’t be your whore. You are lying about my father. I know he has done a lot of things but he hasn’t done that.”

“I am afraid it is you who is lying to yourself. I have all the proof I need to have him convicted. But seeing him rot in a cosy cell isn’t enough. So, yes, you will. There is no choice. If you refuse, your father goes to prison and your brother gets convicted of a crime he didn’t commit just like my father did. Hopefully, he won’t die in jail like mine did or cause your stepmother to despair so much she commits suicide like my mother did.”

Fury darkened her delicate pale peach features. She raised her free hand to slap him but he caught it poised in mid-air and tightly gripped her wrist. He tutted and shook his head at her prompting his pretty little captive, with her gorgeous chestnut curls bouncing on her shoulders, to struggle to gain her freedom. She went wild beating her fists against him and kicking prompting him to quick stern action. Holding both of her arms while she kicked at his legs, he pushed her backwards towards the red leather Chesterfield at the side of the office. That distracted her and stopped her from kicking him. He said nothing. Actions would speak louder than words.

The moment he reached it, he swiftly sat down and pulled her off her feet without warning straight over his knee face downwards. He pulled her arms behind her back and joining her wrists together he secured them in the small of her back with one hand.

“What are you doing?” she was breathless and a little afraid.

Good. It will make your punishment more effective.

His words sounded cruel and sharp even in his mind.

Ignoring her demands and the small struggles she made over his knee trying to roll off him, he reached for the bottom of the black pencil skirt trying to ignore the intoxicating scent of strawberries and cream from her hair and the soft notes of orange, honey and gardenia coming from her perfume threatening to hypnotise him and cast him under her spell. She was his whore now and he was damn well going to treat her like one. He owed it to his family and justice itself even if she was simply the innocent sacrifice and pawn caught up in his game of revenge.

The Norwegian Billionaire roughly pulled Fallon’s skirt up her silky pale thighs and over that nice plump pert round bottom he hadn’t been able to stop admiring when he’d walked through the door. He bunched it around her waist and then dipped his fingers inside the back of the sexy skimpy black lace panties she wore making her cry out with indignation.

“What the hell do you think you are doing? Let me go now before I scream for help.”

He chuckled.

“There is no one here to hear you,” he told her in a dark voice, building the tension she felt just a little higher as he began to tug her panties down over her butt to expose it. Vidar pulled them along her legs and down over her black patent leather high heels to toss them to the floor. “You won’t be needing them anymore,” he said with some humour.

The actions sent her in to a wild frenzy over his knee. Acting quickly, he curled his leg around her own preventing her from making any further movement. He smoothed his hand over the succulent bare flesh covering her exposed bottom making her whimper then raised his hand to sweep the first buttock with a hard slap. She yelped loudly, her voice banging off the glass walls of the office as she wiggled trying to escape the next, tantalising him with the brush of her helpless naked pussy across his lap.

Another slap.

“Let me start how I mean to go on. Every time you disobey me or try to strike me, I am going to spank you like a child,” he informed her picking up the tempo, striking the seat of her bottom and then each buttock in turn. “This is how your life is going to be from now on, Fallon. Get used to it fast and submit to my wishes. If you accept my control of your life, you will want for nothing expect perhaps love.”

Her butt jumped and quivered turning a soft rosy blush that deepened with each hot sting he applied to her cheeks turning his attention to complement the colour by spanking the tender backs of her thighs. Fallon’s yelps turned into cries that broadened in to sobs as he delivered her firm spanking without remorse. Next time she thought of trying to hurt him or break free she would think better of gaining another burning bottom. He gave her two more strokes and finished. She was sobbing and panting when he rested his hand on her hot flesh. He rubbed it gently feeling the sudden urge to soothe and calm it.

“There. There. All over,” his gentle voice betrayed a small amount of malice that sparked a twinge of guilt in his icy heart. He dismissed it.

“Now, let me see if you have learnt your lesson and understand I am now in full control of you and your life whether you wish it or not,” he whispered, continuing to lightly caress her bottom loving the feel of heat emanating from it as its sting pulsed and throbbed.

Gently, he pulled her skirt down loving the idea she was now free and available to his caress under it. He finished by smoothing the material over her rump and gave her bottom a condescending pat when she wriggled on his knee and growled.

“I can see you are going to be over my knee a lot if you continue to take this attitude,” he sighed with humour relishing the thought. Carefully, he let go of her arms and allowed her to stand. She stood in front of him with her tear stained face, fury in her eyes as he in turn stood to tower over her small curved form. Cautiously she took two steps back and then made a lunge for her panties lying on the floor. But he made sure he got there first, scooping them up into his hand. He opened the flimsy material up in front of her deciding to press her buttons a little more and studied them.

“Very pretty and very skimpy,” he said bringing the delicate material to his nose. “Mmm. They smell of you. Strawberries and cream. I like them but you won’t be needing them. I will hang on to them for now,” he informed her slipping them into his trouser pocket.

Fallon stared hard at his trouser pocket. She had that look that told him she was about to bolt and make a run for the door. He shook his head and fastened the button on his suit jacket.

“Don’t think of trying it. You won’t get far. I will have you picked up before you get out of Docklands and I will have no choice but to keep you locked up until you see the error of your ways,” he mocked.

But she still had to try it. He already knew that in his heart. He’d learned Fallon Prince was a fighter. He was going to enjoy the challenge of training her to reveal the natural submissive he knew she was hiding under that icy exterior.”

“You are lying. You can’t keep me with you against my will.”

She turned on her high heels and made a dash for the door. Vidar stood with his hand in his trouser pocket and watched her amused.

“Technically, I can. I can do whatever the hell I like. I have the means and the motive. What about your father and your brother? I am told you have always put your family first, to your detriment. Why stop now?”

Fallon opened the glass door and stopped dead, her back to him as he started to walk towards her.

“I meant what I said. Carter will go to prison. The police will blame him for the money laundering scandal in the company when we both know it was your father and his Russian Mafia friends. You and your brother had no clue what he was doing. He has been hiding who he really is from both of you for an exceedingly long time. I know you are only working here at Baron Prince Petroleum because your brother begged you to. He is afraid of your father and the way he still physically threatens you both and has done since you were children. You gave up your dream of being an astrophysicist just to protect him and I know you will now. Everything your bastard father told you on the telephone before I came here was the truth. He is a kidnapper, rapist, trafficker, a murderer and he and the rest of your family including your doting aunt will answer for keeping his crimes silent and unpunished,” Vidar’s Norwegian accent had become stronger as he had grown more passionate with his speech. He fought to keep his anger and righteous sense of justice under control.

For a second she remained quiet. Not once did she correct him or leap to her father’s defence.

“He is now. He is dying,” she said tearfully, her voice full of anger yet Vidar could not detect any pity or real love for the man she called father. It didn’t surprise or shock him. If anything, it made her more endearing. “Isn’t that enough?”

“No. No, I am afraid it isn’t. You wouldn’t want your brother to go to jail for a crime he is innocent of, or would you?”

She turned around.

“You are a cruel bastard,” she spat the words at him. “Who had the idea of taking me as your whore?”

He smiled.

“That was all my idea. You should know your father strongly objected but then we both know why. He wants to marry you off to one of his violent abusive rich mafia friends before he dies. The guy is already planning his wedding. He’s had a thing for you for a long time now. Although I know it isn’t mutual. He makes your skin crawl. Can’t say I blame you. Not to mention his violent nature with women.”

There was no masking the contempt Vidar held in his tone for Ethan Prince and the treatment of his own family as well as the billionaire’s own.

“I am really doing you a favour. At least you will be safe with me. Your stepmother was all for this arrangement on the condition I left the rest of Ethan’s inherited wealth alone. She will do anything for that man or at least his money.”

“I need to talk to them. You are lying.”

“Unfortunately for you, I’m afraid I am not. You can’t run home. They have agreed not to let you back in. All of the company credit cards have been cancelled as have your own. I made sure no one will take you in. There is nowhere for you to go not even to that cold violent ex-husband of yours. You will now rely on me to provide for you,” he delivered the statement coldly.

“You have no right.” There was some angry hysteria in her voice threatening to erupt making him sweep his eyes over her with concern and then quickly hide it, determined she would not see any weakness for her even if he was beginning to feel it.

“How the hell did you do that? I would rather walk the streets and starve. I can look after myself.”

The Billionaire moved closer to Fallon watching her lips tremble as emotion threatened to override her steely resolve once more. There was that feeling of guilt stabbing his heart again and something else, something he hadn’t expected to experience. He felt protective of her for the cruelty shown by her father and stepmother who were so willing to give her life up even without her consent. The Billionaire tucked his fingers underneath her chin and raised her face up towards him. He studied her glossy pink lips.

“Do not be afraid, little one,” he said with a caressing whisper. “I will take exceptionally good care of you. Behave and you will find me kind.”

Fallon couldn’t look at him. She opened her mouth to speak and then closed it. He felt a surge of triumph. He was winning the battle.

“Good.” He made sure his tone softly blew across her senses coaxing her into submission. “You have made the right decision. I promise Carter will be safe. The police will release him this afternoon. You have my word.”

Fallon let go of the door handle and allowed it to close. He watched her close her eyes and open them again with frustration but she did not speak. She walked away from him, back into the office towards her desk as though she wasn’t sure what she should do. He followed her and when she turned to address him again he was close.

“What is this going to entail?” she asked breathlessly.

She sounded so fragile, so hurt. It made him reach out and brush her cheek with his fingers to soothe her agitation. He didn’t want her to be afraid of him. For a moment, he wavered, wondering if he should forget the whole revenge thing. Then he saw his mother’s body hanging from the rope swinging from the rafter in the garage in their country home in Skjolden. He’d found her at sixteen years old and he’d spent the next two years in foster homes while his father was in prison trying to come to terms with what had happened, doing drugs, hanging around with the wrong crowd. It had taken every ounce of strength to pull himself out of his depression and make a success of his life. It had turned his heart hard and Fallon’s family deserved to pay for destroying his. Too bad she was the one to pay on their behalf. The sliver of ice in his heart cut a little deeper and returned him to his senses.

“It starts here,” he said seductively sweeping his hands around her waist. She gave him no objection. With one sharp tug, he pulled her closer so that the tips of her breasts in the crisp white shirt brushed his suit. The simple contact fired inside him making him hard. He had to be inside her. Vidar bent his frame and lifted her up to deposit her to sitting on the edge of the modern dark wood desk. He heard a small frightened gasp leave her lips as she reached her hands out to cling to his suit jacket to maintain her balance. That need to protect her soared even higher inside him and there was little he could do to deflect it. Even his anger and desire for revenge could not dismiss the overriding feeling.

The urge to possess her because of it was strong. Not something he had banked on. He wondered if she could also feel the electricity suddenly dancing between them. Vidar placed his hands on her hips and held them possessively for a brief moment before widening his palms and sliding them down her legs to the hem of the skirt. His lips were so close to her neck. He could feel his breath brushing across her delicate pale pink skin. The urge to touch his lips to it was almost overwhelming but he refrained just because he could.

Vidar sashayed the sexy black skirt up those hot, lightly tanned thighs and hips until it settled at her waist. He looked down to inspect her feeling the thrill of anticipation as he did so. He rested his hands on her hips again feeling her body gently tremble causing him to feel protective of her once more.

“Shh. It’s okay. You are safe,” he whispered.

Fallon had beautiful curves with full hips. They were a pleasure to hold not like some of the bony ones belonging to some women who constantly dieted and never felt themselves thin enough. He gripped them tightly and heard Fallon give a soft, unexpected moan of pleasure. The Billionaire couldn’t help but raise a surprised eyebrow and gloat inside. He swept his eyes over her pussy taking in the neatly shaven triangle and found himself holding his breath.

“Very beautiful,” the compliment was out of his lips before he could check it.

I wonder if you are wet after your spanking. It would be perfect if you were. Even when I was first shown your photograph and made the decision to own you, I knew you were submissive. Prove me right, little one. Make this the perfect revenge.

Vidar stroked his fingers along her thigh delighting in the softness of her skin and dipped them in to the V shape. Another whimper left her lips but she did not object. He murmured his triumphant approval finding the pink folds soaking wet. Vidar stroked his fingers in her rich creamy juice finding it luxurious and circled the small bud. Another whimper but no full reaction.

Fallon was still. Not giving him the satisfaction of losing her cool. It made him frown.

What did it take to break the ice maiden and ruffle those prim feathers?

He continued his caress, circling his middle finger around her entrance threatening to penetrate it and found some satisfaction when her breathing became laboured. Still she narrowed those gorgeous emerald green eyes with defiance making the need to make her submit to him become passionately strong for a reason he couldn’t quite yet discern.

I will have you. You will be mine, little one. All mine.

“You are very wet,” he said huskily twisting his fingers inside her folds luxuriously coating them in her juice. “I will have to spank you more often. It seems discipline suits you well,” he finished with a grin.

Those eyes narrowed just a touch more and she growled, raising her hand away from his neck to slap him. His head twisted to one side. The blow had a sting. She could wield her hand well, he’d give her that and his reaction wasn’t one he expected. Turning his face back, he abruptly removed his fingers from her soaking wet vagina and cupped her buttocks, making her squeal when he dug his fingers into her flesh to slide her sore hot backside along the desk until she was even closer to him. Then he slid one hand around her throat and forced her lips against his to roughly kiss her, scraping the neatly groomed facial hair around his mouth and jaw against the smooth skin of her cheek. At first, she was a little resistant and he knew if that persisted he would have to calm down but, for now, he wanted to see what she would do.

To his surprise, her hands left his neck and moved through his short brown hair flecked with strands of blond. She held on to it rather a little too tightly to the point he grunted. He forced his tongue in between her glossy damp pink lips and wrestled her tongue for dominance. Their duel fired his arousal for her to new heights. The more she pulled on his hair, the more he increased his hold around her throat and dug the pads of his fingers into her hot rosy bottom.

Fallon’s struggle to resist his kiss began to wane and she was now surrendering to his control, softly moaning her acquiescence and beginning to kiss him back with fervour. She still maintained her grip on his hair when he took his hand away from her butt and unzipped his trousers. He never wore any underwear so his long hard, broad cock was unhampered when he guided the tip to her pussy still kissing her, still holding her throat to keep her in place. He had to be inside her, conquering her will, claiming her as his own.

The Billionaire guided his penis just inside her entrance feeling her grip on his hair intensify. With a growl in response, he thrust inside her to the hilt, spearing her on top of his cock in one fluid motion to tame her. Vidar felt Fallon cry out against his mouth even though the sound was muffled in their deep kiss. Her grip relaxed on his hair signalling her surrender. He stabbed his thrusts inside her as though he were making a kill, determined to bring her under control.

She bucked her pelvis back at him hard, whimpering against his mouth with the ferocity he used. Vidar made sure he stared into her eyes and captured her gaze. He wanted her to know she belonged to him now and there was no escape. As he felt her orgasm erupt around his penis that had driven so deep inside her, expertly stroking the centre of her pleasure, he allowed himself to come and make the final kill of his prey spurting his hot seed along her channel, internally branding her as his own. His revenge complete and satiated.

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1 review for The Masterful Viking

  1. Stats23

    A Norwegian billionaire (Vidar Alvarsson) kidnaps the beautiful daughter (Fallon Prince) of the man he feels is responsible for destroying his family. His intent is to enslave her as his whore, as he believes her father did to his sister. His motivation is purely revenge. Not a very auspicious beginning for a book pertaining to be a contemporary romance! Quite honestly, were it not for my respect for the author and her previous books I might have walked away from this book early in Chapter 1. However I did persevere and I am glad I did. Their romance is a surprising development to both protagonists but one they both get an extremely erotic charge from. Although the “business” meeting with Janis Bukelis stretches the realm of believability, the graphic eroticism is off the charts. An unexpected twist at the end is a fitting conclusion to this remarkable story. 4 Stars
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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