The Masterful Englishmen

Zara’s life is in danger. Alex and Brett Barclay want to keep her safe and keep her for themselves. Will Zara agree?

Zara Hart is a renowned Architect who has designed and is heading the team working on her biggest project yet. She thought it was her big break, but she’s been sexually harassed and attacked at work and she decides to quit. When Alex Barclay, the billionaire and Dominant, who runs half of the enterprise finds out what is happening to the woman he chose to run the project, he is determined to make her come back to work and offers her his protection. He will see to it the men involved are fired and brought to justice. When Alex convinces her to return to the office one of the men who harassed and attacked her without reprimand enters the building and shoots her friends and work colleagues in front of her.

Alex Barclay protects her with his life when the gunman aims his weapon at her and a strong bond grows between the two. Sensing her need to be submissive, cherished, disciplined and kept safe in his arms, Alex is only too willing to become her Dominant and take her in hand. As the danger increases and Alex must travel to confront the man responsible, he insists his handsome twin brother is the only man he can trust to protect Zara while he is away. Despite their previous rivalry with each other Brett agrees. But Brett becomes attracted to Zara and is determined to make her his own. Will the two brothers fight over Zara or learn to share?

This is book five in the Masterful series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, dark romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, danger, menage, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

The handsome billionaire, Alexander Barclay, continued to scrutinise my design proposal with interest as I completed my presentation. He was sitting at the head of the conference table with his chair turned sideways flicking through my architectural plans and drawings for the Levan Tower he wanted to build in Canary Wharf London with his partner Jack Anderson. I was one of three others, including Jack Anderson’s own son, competing for the honour of having their design accepted and heading the project.

Jack Anderson gestured for me to sit down at the table next to two other male colleagues and two women.

“That was very impressive, Ms Hart. Your presentation was detailed and I really like the concept of the tower being triangular,” Jack Anderson told me, appearing genuinely enthusiastic about my design. “Alex, what do you think?”

It was the first time I had met Alexander Barclay. Jack appeared to handle the day to day running of Anderson Barclay, just one of the many companies Alex owned and ventures he was engaged in. He was tall with short fashionably styled dark brown hair. The toned muscle, clearly evident by the way the designer charcoal coloured suit and waistcoat clung to his body, was athletic and very tight. His handsome, dark features were enticingly masculine and accentuated by the neatly groomed dark facial hair lining his mouth and jawline and he had the most unusual combination of green, blue and grey coloured eyes which I believe are termed as glasz. He was sexy with a capital S. Power radiated from him and his presence filled the room forcing the other occupants to fade into the background.

He looked up at me and smiled, taking my breath away.

“Yes, very impressive. It is unique. I have never come across a design like this before.”

He shut my presentation booklet and put it back down on the table. I could feel my cheeks warm as he swept his captivating eyes over me with appreciation, widening his smile when he detected my embarrassment.

“I also liked your budget calculation for the whole project. It is well within the parameters I was looking at. Still, we have some other candidates and their projects to review,” he told me as he stood. It was my cue to leave.

I nodded. “Of course. Thank you for considering my proposal.”

I walked towards the door passing by him. He stopped me and reached out to take my hand and shake it.

“We will be in touch by the end of the week once we have made our decision,” he said widening that enigmatic smile again, resting his eyes on my lips. For one moment I couldn’t look up at him. He made me feel like a bashful sixteen-year-old. He could have any woman he wanted and I had no idea why he was checking me out. Maybe I was imagining it and fantasising he would have any interest in me. Anyway, I just wanted him to choose my design for the tower. That’s what was important.

I removed my small hand unable to stop thinking of how large and masculine his own was completely covering mine. His eyes twinkled at me as I moved towards the door.

A week later I was summoned to Jack Anderson’s office.

“Take a seat, Ms Hart. As you are aware The Levan Tower is more Alex’s project in our Docklands office buildings venture and he had the overriding vote on deciding which proposal to accept. By the way, he sends his apologies for not being able to be present today. In short, Ms Hart he and the rest of us were in unanimous agreement that your design is an intriguing challenge we wish to pursue.”

“That’s fantastic. Thank you.”

I was ecstatic.

“Alex wants you working as Project Manager and assembling a team to assist you today. Can you do that?”

“Yes, I will get on it straightaway.”

This was a huge career opportunity and I knew exactly whom I wanted on my team. But the moment we all started work it became apparent there were some who were in disagreement with my promotion and did all they could to make their feelings known and my life unbearable until I gave up and surrendered my role.


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