The Ghosts of Edgecroft: The Woodshed, Book One

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When Annie and Michael Carter buy the Carter family’s ancestral mansion in rural Virginia, they expect their lives to go on pretty much as before, with Michael commuting into the city to his job as a international banking consultant and Annie staying home to work on her writing and to begin the massive renovation projects the two hundred year old mansion will need.

But on her first day alone in her new home, Annie discovers a lost journal in a box of family papers and bizarrely is transported back to a very different era, to the 1690s, and the time of John and Lucy Carter, the first of the family name to own the property.

Is it a dream? Is it a vision? Is it time travel? Annie doesn’t know, but what she does know is she is shown a glimpse of a world that she could scarcely imagine: an old-fashioned place where husbands take a firm stand with sassy young wives in the most traditional terms.

“The Ghosts of Edgecroft: The Woodshed Book One” is the novella length (13K words) introduction to Annie’s journey through the papers of the Carter family and through her own journey with her husband. “The Ghosts of Edgecroft” contains sexual elements and the spanking of adult women. It was originally published on Bethany’s Woodshed. This revised version has updated the original work to 2014, but otherwise is unchanged from the version originally published on the Bethany’s Woodshed website.

Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Spotsylvania County, Virginia 2014

??????????? Annie Carter turned around and fa?vored her husband with a brilliant grin.? “This is going to be great.”

??????????? Michael Carter watched as his wife skipped off the porch stairs, her red-blond pony tail flipping, and he sighed in resignation.? “This,” he muttered, picking at a chunk of rot?ting wood on the porch pillar, “is going to be expensive.”?

??????????? Stephen Nelson, the attorney for the estate of Sophia Carter Byrd, stood by Michael’s side.? They both watched as Annie walked off through a boxwood hedge, entranced by each bush.? “So what do you think?” he asked.

??????????? Michael snorted.? “I think I’m sorry I called.”

??????????? “Seriously?”? The attorney’s voice tried to reflect a blas? lack of concern, but Michael could tell he was sweating.? The estate wanted to sell this house, and Michael knew he was the only fish in the sea right now.? Sophia Byrd’s will had been very clear:? since she had no direct heirs, the estate was to be divided among a group of eight grandnieces and nephews. Michael was not one of them; his re?lation to the old dame was more distant.

??????????? Each of the direct heirs was to have first "crack" at buying Edgecroft, the family home, at the appraised value, with the pro?ceeds being divided among all the heirs.? If more than one wanted it, they would have to bid against each other.? But if none could afford it, the property was to be of?fered, at the ap?praised price, to any Carter who could prove direct lineal descent from John Carter and his wife Lucy Harrison, who had built the first house on the land in the late 1600’s.? The di?rect heirs were then to split the proceeds of the sale.

??????????? Michael’s relation was distant, but clear enough:? Michael’s great-grandfather and Sophia’s father had been brothers;? Sophia’s grandfather was Michael’s great great grandfather.? That made Michael and Sophia… "Third cousins?" Annie had suggested.?

??????????? "No…" Michael had responded.? "I think it’s actually first cousins, twice removed."

??????????? "Removed from what?" Annie had asked somberly, and then her face had broken into a snick?ering grin.? "Don’t worry.? I’m not as stupid as that.? But I never did understand exactly how that ‘removed’ thing works."

??????????? "It depends on what generation you are in relation to the person in question, and since I’m two generations ‘removed’ from Sophia, well, that’s where it comes from."

??????????? "Oh."? Annie had looked unconvinced.? But it hadn’t mattered, for whatever the ter?minology, Michael was well within the criteria of being eligible to buy the property.?

??????????? "So, you don’t think this is, uhh, going to work for you?" the attorney probed.

??????????? “Oh, hell, I don’t know.” ?Michael walked down the stairs slowly.? "It’s just that it’s very… unexpected."? Together they turned to survey the house behind them, its red brick bulk rising mas?sively behind the white pillars of the front porch.? “But it is spectacular, isn’t it?”

??????????? “Yes it is.? One in a thousand at this point.? Most of the houses like this are gone… or have already been renovated squarely into the three million dol?lar range.?? You can get into this one for under a million with the land.? And the fact that it’s been in your family for three hundred years…” Stephen shrugged.? “I don’t know, Michael.? I would assume that that means something.”? Stephen proceeded slowly.? “Is the financial end of it going to be a problem?”

??????????? Michael shook his head.? “Well, we can afford to buy it. I wouldn’t be here if I could?n’t.? Still,? Annie is a writer… and we’re still waiting for that big book, so we’ll be do?ing this on one income.? And the down payment will just about wipe out my savings, so a lot of the work of renovat?ing is going to have to come from us.? And it won’t happen all at once.? Neither the money nor the time is going to be instantly available.? With my job…”

??????????? “Banking, isn’t it?” Stephen inter?rupted.

??????????? “International banking consulting.? With ‘international’ being the operative word.”? Michael shrugged.? “I’m out of the country about a quarter of the time.? I just wonder if she’s realized that she’s going to be out here, alone, sixty miles from most of her friends, sometimes for days at a time, in an old house where a lot of things just plain don’t work.”

??????????? “Well, I guess you’ll have to ex?plain it.”

??????????? “No.”? Michael walked along slowly.? “She’s been on cloud nine ever since my mother called to tell us that the house might be on the market. And that was without even see?ing it.? She was adopted, and you’ve got to understand the idea of a family that can be traced back like mine is very overwhelming.? And now, we could actually own the house that’s been lived in by Carters for almost three centuries…”? He shook his head.? “No, I think things are pretty well decided.? Michael and Annie Carter, yuppie couple, are about to become Michael and Annie Carter, Virginia gentry.”

??????????? “So I should start the paperwork?”? Nelson tried to keep the hopeful note out of his voice, but he did not succeed completely.

??????????? “May as well.”??????????

??????????? Michael wandered out into the large lawn towards the estate’s outbuildings, look?ing for Annie.? Stephen Nelson had disappeared back into the house to begin what was, Michael knew with resignation, probably an appalling amount of paperwork.

??????????? As he walked away from the house, he felt some of the last traces of hesitation slip away. It was staggeringly peaceful and beau?tiful here, and although this was not a dream that he and Annie had ever shared, to be?come “gentlemen farmers,” or to renovate an older home, sometimes things happened that made people change course in midstream.? Like, he reflected with a rueful grin, Annie herself.

??????????? ?Michael Carter, with his MBA from Harvard, had been on the road to the quintessential yuppie exis?tence.? A politically-correct wife (tall, thin, with degrees to equal his own) had been in his future, undoubtedly to be followed by socially correct children (two: one boy, one girl, three years apart, with their names on the list for the “best” preschool the morning after their meticulously-planned conception.)? And then he met a twenty-one year old, skinny, jeans-wearing undergraduate with huge blue eyes, a sassy mouth, an infectious laugh, a brilliant but spacey brain, and the improbable name of Annie Unterbrink.

??????????? “Met” was perhaps too strong of a word.? He’d more or less “rescued” her from a team of purse snatchers (or worse) outside of a Georgetown bar one cold February evening.? Once he’d calmed her down and dried her tears, he’d bought her a beer and had listened to her explanation:? She’d come there, by herself, to meet some friends who hadn’t shown up.? She wasn’t, she’d confessed, even sure she was in the right place.? The obvious answer, that she call them on her cell phone, wasn’t going to work.? She’d lost her phone and because she didn’t know anyone’s number by heart, she couldn’t call from his.?? They’d talked then, (actually, he’d scolded and she’d lis?tened, and if that had brought a few fresh tears, well, too bad).? Once that was over, he had stayed with her, just intending to make sure her friends did arrive.

??????????? Of course, they never did, and before ei?ther one knew it, the group he’d arrived with had moved on and it was last call.? In those few hours, he had learned all about her: she was twenty-one, still an undergraduate at Georgetown, and completely unimpressed by who he was and what he did.? After talking to her for less than ten minutes, he found that it was more than refreshing to meet a woman whose eyes did not shine with dollar signs as soon as he mentioned the name of the consulting firm he worked for.? Annie Unterbrink had, in fact, never heard of it.

??????????? By the time they were two hours into the conversation, he realized that, while Annie seemed to acknowledge intellectually that his degrees were nothing to sneeze at, still she did regard him as just a tad moronic:? it was incomprehensible to her that the six?teenth-century writings and Tudor history that seemed to be the core of her course of study were unknown to him.? It had been a very long time since anyone had regarded Michael Carter as moronic (even a tad), and he was just miffed enough to be intrigued.

??????????? He also found her unspeakably sexy.? He was surrounded every day by "dress-for-success" women, and when Annie shrugged out of her jacket to dance with him, curly blond hair flowing loose around her, and he saw that her black sweater was on inside out, he was lost.? Inside out or not, what was under that loose sweater (and under those ex?tremely tight jeans) looked gorgeous, and, after last call, having a few more beers himself than was his custom, he found out.? Gorgeous was an understatement.?

??????????? Putting his cold, naked, slightly intoxi?cated body under the warm quilts of Annie’s bed, he’d made love to her with a sweaty vigor and dominance that had been totally lacking from his relation?ships since graduate school. For too long he had to worry about sexual pol?itics between equals.? In Annie’s bed, he’d be?longed on the top, and she’d belonged very firmly on the bottom.? It just seemed right.? No questions asked.? She was warm,and willing, and she had wanted to please him.? And when he’d mur?mured, "Now be a good little girl, and turn over for me… we’re going to do it that way," she had turned over like a good little girl.? Again, no questions asked.? It had been great.

??????????? Still, the next morning, he wondered if he hadn’t made a dreadful mistake.? Granted, the bare round bottom poking up between rumpled quilts and covers was really nice, but still…a hangover sure had a way of bringing up some nasty questions.? Twenty-one?? An undergrad?? He was ten years older… What would all his colleagues think…?? Maybe he should just quietly slip out…? Then she’d rolled over (giving him a glimpse of her wonderful breasts), pushed her hair out of her face, smiled at him, a little sadly, almost as if she could read his mind, and said, "It’s OK if you need to go."

??????????? Well, of course that was all it took to bring the Virginia gentleman out.? He’d reassured her that he wanted to do nothing of the kind, and before breakfast was over, she had him laughing so hard with tales of small-town life in Michigan’s upper peninsula, that he realized he never wanted to leave again.

??????????? They were married three months later, much to the horror of Michael’s entire family and circle of friends. To his mother, Annie’s familial antecedents were beyond dreadful; a Carter from Virginia did not marry a young lady named Unterbrink from Michigan, no matter how cute her laugh.? To his (mostly male, mostly Ivy League) colleagues, Annie’s age and lack of either professional achieve?ment or ambition, were baffling; a young con?sultant on the partner track at McMahon did not marry a twenty-one year old undergrad, no matter how cute her ass.?

??????????? But Michael had convinced himself he was doing the right thing, and in the three years since, he’d known he’d made the right decision? The rest of his married col?leagues spent a lot of time moaning about the dreadful logistics of a two career-couple, while Michael had to resist the temptation to praise home-cooked meals.? Going to school part-time, she’d earned her masters in history since their marriage.? Now she did research and wrote part-time; the rest of the time, she was, quite bluntly, a homemaker.? Michael had learned just to ignore the occasional snips from his friends about "Suzy."????

??????????? Michael sighed as he looked around himself.? He was happy with their life, very happy, and this… estate would bring major changes into their lives, more profound than their marriage itself.? After their wedding, they had gone on like before:? she as a student, he in the same job.? They’d even lived in his old apart?ment.? What effect buying this house would have on them was not an issue to be ignored.

??????????? Yet, even though he’d minimized it to the attorney, making it sound as if it were mostly Annie’s thing, this old place drew him strongly.? He’d been here only once, to some huge family reunion in the nineties and from that day forward, he had never forgotten this house, a mansion of red brick, white pillars, old wood, and seemingly end?less rooms, smelling of musty furni?ture, with a park-like yard shaded with huge old trees.? And he real?ized, that almost un?consciously from that day to this, he had judged almost every fine older home he had ever visited, by the standard of a dimly-remembered Edgecroft.

??????????? Walking now among the outbuildings (and there did seem to be a huge number), his adult eye was more discerning.? Much of the property was in a truly sad state of disrepair.? When had Edgecroft last looked truly pros?perous?? The twenties?? The eighteen-nineties?? Hell, this place needed a staff, and it could be that Edgecroft had not been fully staffed since before the Emancipation Proclamation.? Still, the im?ages from his childhood superseded the shab?bier reality and he knew that this property could be re?stored.?

??????????? The condo he and Annie shared in DC was comfortable, even fashionable, but it was just that: a condo.? They’d talked about what they would do when their family started coming and had concluded that they’d make a fairly typical choice: the standard four bed?room house on a decent street somewhere in Fairfax or Arlington.? But as Michael looked around, felt the solid Virginia clay under his feet and heard nothing but birds and crickets, he knew that this was a "real" place to raise a family, a place where children could play ball in their own yard, a place to glide on a porch swing with your wife after the little ones were asleep, while your Labrador dozed at your feet.? This was…

??????????? "Mike.? Over here."? Michael turned abruptly at his name.? Annie was the only person in the world who called him Mike.? His mother hated that.? "Whatchya doing?"

??????????? He looked for her, spotting her standing in the low door of a small planked structure.? At one point, it may have been painted white, but now it was too dingy to tell.? Suddenly, he felt a little foolish about his sentimental thoughts:? children, swings, Labradors, for Christ’s sake.? What was wrong with him?? Before he knew it, he’d be imagining guests out for a weekend of fox hunting, with a butler carrying mint juleps around on sil?ver trays.? "Getting a little maudlin, I guess."

??????????? "Maudlin?? Why?"? Her face immediately showed her concern? "Does this place make you sad?"

??????????? "Not sad, exactly.? Even though all the disrepair is a little depressing, I guess.? No, I? was just walking along picturing about six lit?tle blond boys playing soccer in the yard…"?

??????????? "Six!" Annie laughed, slicking her hair back from her sweaty forehead.? "And all boys??? Hmmm.? You must know something about bi?ology I’ve been missing all these years."

??????????? "Not at all," Michael grinned, getting into the spirit.? "There’ll be six blond girls helping you in the kitchen."

??????????? "Watch it, Mikey, or I’ll turn you in to the thought police."? Annie was also the only person in the world who called him Mikey, and even he hated that.? She walked up to him and took his hand.? "So what do you think?"

??????????? He looked down at his petite wife.? "What do you think?? You’re the one who’s go?ing to have to stay here while I’m out of the country.? How are you going to feel when you can’t come with me any?more?"? He leaned back against the boards of a shed and drew her in-between his legs, looking done at her seriously.? "The money part of this is nothing to take lightly, honey.? Remember the last time you came to Athens with me?? It was short notice and do you remember what your ticket cost?? $1800.? Poof.? Just like that.? And we didn’t even think twice about that.? I don’t mean to make it sound like we’re going to be in the poorhouse, but this place costs a million dollars.?? Even with taking a quarter of a million out of our savings for the down payment, our mortgage payment is going to be around $4000. a month.? And every spare penny beyond that is going to have to go into the rennovations.? Stephen says that the house needs a new furnace.? That’s $30,000… before fall.? Did you ever see that movie with Tom Hanks, ‘The Money Pit?’"? She nodded.? "Annie, I just want you to understand that this is the money pit.? We are buying the money pit.? You’ve got to be comfortable with that before we sign on that line."

??????????? Annie shrugged.? "We knew that I wouldn’t be able to travel with you much anyway once I had a baby.? So buying the house moves that change up by a year or two.? I really want this house, Michael.? I just feel like we belong here."? She gestured around.? "This is just the… neatest place. I never in my life dreamed I would ever be able to live in anything like this.? All these buildings…? Come on, I want to show you what I’ve found."? They started walking along to?gether, down a narrow, rock-strewn lane that passed between several rotting buildings.? "Look at this.? I think this used to be the smokehouse."

??????????? Together, they ducked into the dim, dank interior of a small building.? Michael’s own nose quickly picked up the pungent scent of now-damp timbers forever saturated with smoke, in?dicating that Annie had identified the build?ing correctly.? "God," he muttered, "I can’t wait to get out here with a flash?light and some more practical clothes."

??????????? Annie nodded as they stepped back into the bright sunlight.? "And I think we should get a metal detector.? Who knows what we’ll find."? They walked along.?? "Michael, look.? That building still has a chimney.? Do you think that was the old kitchen?"

??????????? "Maybe," he responded as they walked towards it.? "You know, this place re?ally is amazing.? It’s a wonder it’s never been put on some sort of historical tour."

??????????? "Forget it, Michael," Annie snapped, mock-serious.? "I don’t want any grubby tourists tramp?ing around my house."

??????????? "Your house??? Hmmmm.? How quickly one forgets who’s the Carter and who’s the peasant."

??????????? "Peasant?"? Her voice went high, and playfully she slugged his arm.?

??????????? "Watch it, little girl," he warned, "or you’ll find out who’s master here quickly enough."? They had reached the building, which was somewhat larger than the others, and it did in fact still have a brick chimney.? They pushed the door open… and quickly stepped back.? "Hornets," Michael snapped, pushing her behind him before he slammed the door.? "I guess we have to get an exterminator out here first thing."

??????????? "Did you see the fireplace?? Do you think it was the kitchen?"? Annie asked eagerly.

??????????? "Well, with a dirt floor… I don’t know.? Hell, Annie, you’re the historian.? It’s kinda far from the house.? If I’d have to guess, I’d say more like a blacksmith’s shop."

??????????? But Annie was hardly listening.? She’d already bounced on ahead to a smaller build?ing behind the one they had just investigated.? "What do you think this was?"

??????????? "Annie, I haven’t a clue…"? Christ, he thought, rolling his eyes.? It was like being with a five year old.? "Careful."?

??????????? "I don’t see any bees here," she shouted from inside the structure.?

??????????? Tentatively, Michael followed her.? The planked structure had a window, and with the door wide open there was enough light to see that it was mostly empty except for a few stacks of what looked like very old wood, and a broken barrel or two.? "Who knows?? It could be….,"? Michael paused as his eyes narrowed, and then he stepped forward.? "Well, here’s a clue," he chuckled.

??????????? "What?"? Annie had moved over to stand by his side.

??????????? Michael reached up, and brushing aside sticky, dust-laden cob webs, took a strap of leather from where it hung from a hook on the wall.? It was about twenty-four inches long, four inches wide, and it hung from a tarnished ring at the top.?? It was very dusty, and the leather was so old, it was dry and cracking.? "Well, what do you know?"? He chuckled.? "I wonder when the last time was that this was used."

??????????? "What are you talking about?"? Annie’s brow furrowed in frank confusion.

??????????? "If I don’t miss my guess, I’d say this was the infamous woodshed."

??????????? "Woodshed?? Last time I knew, this…" she reached out her finger, and wiped some of the dust off the strap that now lay across her husband’s hand, "…was called leather.? Maybe this was where they made, you know, leather stuff.? Like harnesses."

??????????? "I don’t think so, Annie my love.? This is not a harness.? This is what used to be known as a razor strop, and there’s only one reason I can think of for it to be hanging out here."

??????????? Annie looked up at him, baffled.? She had a huge smudge of dust across one cheek?bone.? "They came out here to shave?"

??????????? "No, you little dope.? What kind of his?torian are you?? Don’t they have woodsheds in Michigan?"

??????????? "Well, of course, but…"? Suddenly, her eyes widened in understanding.? "You mean, like, for… spankings?"? Her face grew incredu?lous.? "Oh, surely not."

??????????? "What do you mean, ‘surely not?’? This is the South, my girl.? My fa?ther grew up on a farm, and to hear him talk, trips to the woodshed were practically weekly occurrences."

??????????? "But how could they whip little children with something like this?"? Her eyes were glued to the strap with astonishment.

??????????? "Well, I think that a ‘down-home stroppin’,’ as my daddy used to refer to it, was re?served for much larger children.?? Remember, as you pointed out, this is the woodshed.? For our naughty lit?tle boys and girls, we had switches and…" he reached down and picked up a flat slat from a broken crate, "something along these lines."? Without warning, he reached out, grabbed her, tucked her under his arm, and gave her a cracking swat across the seat of her shorts with the slat.? "Think this would do the trick?"

??????????? Annie yelped and jumped forward, grabbing at her bottom.? "Ouch," she laughed, rubbing ex?aggeratedly.? "I’ll say.? My behav?ior’s modified already."

??????????? "That’s a joke."? He grinned at her, and then his expression grew softer, and much more serious..? "I think to even begin modifying your behavior, we’d have to take these…," he drew her into him and began fumbling at the button on her shorts, "right straight off…," he bit her neck, "…and then the panties..," he kissed her soft mouth slowly as his hands slid under the waistband and down onto her smooth bottom "…and then…"

??????????? "Michael?? Annie?"? Stephen Nelson’s voice came to them dimly, and the couple jumped apart.?

??????????? "Jesus," muttered Michael, as Annie laughed.? Quickly, Michael hung the strap back up on the nail.? "We’re in here," Michael shouted.?

??????????? "Aren’t you going to save it?"? Annie asked, nodding towards the leather.

??????????? Michael shook his head.? "Shhh, no.? Leave it here.? I don’t want Nelson to see it.? Technically, every?thing here that isn’t nailed down is still part of the estate.? Anything that the appraisers find and tag is going to get sold at the auction.? If it stays out here with all the other junk, it’ll probably get missed.? That way, we’ll have our very own razor strop to start our very own woodshed collection."

??????????? They walked out into the sunshine and saw Stephen Nelson moving towards them, picking his way gingerly through weeds and debris.? He looked ridiculous in his suit.? "Woodshed collection?"? Annie asked.? "What for?"

??????????? Michael snorted.? "Those twelve little blond children we were discussing earlier."

??????????? Annie’s snort surpassed Michael’s.? "Well, in the first place, we’re hardly going to have twelve, and in the second, I can’t imagine we’re going to have to resort to… violence."

??????????? "A no-nonsense trip to the woodshed with Dad hardly constitutes ‘violence,’ Annie."

??????????? She stopped in her tracks and grabbed his arm.? "I can’t believe you’re serious about whipping my precious little babies.? Hell, maybe we should just make them live down in the slave quarters.? It’s got to be around here somewhere. What are you, some sort of child abuser?"

??????????? Michael was a little taken aback at her vehemence.? The issue of corporal punishment and children had simply never come up between them, and that was odd, he realized now, since he’d been sub?jected to a fair amount of it himself growing up.? Now was hardly the time, but still, she seemed pretty far off the mark, and he found himself stubbornly not wanting to let it go.? "No one’s going to ‘whip your babies,’ Annie," he hissed, conscious that Nelson was almost in earshot.? "But if you can’t see the difference between child abuse and a spanking from Dad when the mis?behavior warrants it, I’d say we’ve got some talking to do, honey."

??????????? "Well, we’ll just see about…"

??????????? Nelson reached them.? "These dependencies are really something."

??????????? Smoothly, Michael turned to Stephen.? "Our thoughts exactly.? In fact, Annie and I," Michael put her arm around his wife’s shoulders, "we’re just saying that this fine old woodshed would be one of the first things we’re going to …"

??????????? "Demolish," snapped Annie, interrupting.? And before either man could say anything, she had walked away, her gait just this side of "stomping."

??????????? "What’s wrong?"? Nelson’s face looked very worried again.? "Did she change? her mind?

??????????? "About the house?? No.? She’s just got a bee in her bonnet about something else.? Don’t worry about it."? Michael dismissed it, but quietly he fought down just a touch of annoyed irritation:? Hell, there had been no need to be quite so snippy in front of the attorney.? Her temper was a tad too hot, this had come up between them before, and his eyes narrowed as he watched his wife walk away.? There was a definite smudge of dirt across the seat of her khaki shorts where the slat had fallen;? he found himself wishing, his jaw clenching? that the crack he’d given her had been just a bit harder.? It occurred to Michael Carter, facetiously of course, that a few good trips to the wood?shed wouldn’t do Annie Unterbrink Carter any harm either.???

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8 reviews for The Ghosts of Edgecroft: The Woodshed, Book One

  1. Mary Keenen

    I just loved this book. I was disappointed it was so short. I hope the continuation comes soon. I think Anne Randolph did a great job writing about Michael and Annie\’s relationship.

  2. Mary Keenen

    I just loved this book. I was disappointed it was so short. I hope the continuation comes soon. I think Anne Randolph did a great job writing about Michael and Annie’s relationship.

  3. Redrabbitt

    I loved this story, the beginning of Michael and Annie Carter and buying the ancestral home of John and Lucy Harrison Carter from the 1600s. Part of the sale of the estate including all the journals and paper documents inside the attic. Finding John Carter\’s farm journal and Lucy\’s personal journal. This is the beginning of a series and I look forward to learning more about the Carters of the 17th century and the Carters of the 21st century. I was so captivated as the journals were shared and Annie\’s reaction to an earlier time in history and women being spanked by their husband.

  4. Redrabbitt

    I loved this story, the beginning of Michael and Annie Carter and buying the ancestral home of John and Lucy Harrison Carter from the 1600s. Part of the sale of the estate including all the journals and paper documents inside the attic. Finding John Carter’s farm journal and Lucy’s personal journal. This is the beginning of a series and I look forward to learning more about the Carters of the 17th century and the Carters of the 21st century. I was so captivated as the journals were shared and Annie’s reaction to an earlier time in history and women being spanked by their husband.

  5. Barbara (verified owner)

    This is written with an interesting approach. Essentially it\’s two stories in one. Anne Randolph is an accomplished writer and this is one of her \’lighter\’ books but it\’s fascinating to read.

  6. Barbara (verified owner)

    This is written with an interesting approach. Essentially it’s two stories in one. Anne Randolph is an accomplished writer and this is one of her ‘lighter’ books but it’s fascinating to read.

  7. Denise (verified owner)

    The writing is really superb. You cannot help but become engrossed in both loves present and past. I, too wish it were longer. Having read a bit of this on Bethany\’s site, i hope it does end. The last i read it was still not completed. Will await the next installment.

  8. Denise (verified owner)

    The writing is really superb. You cannot help but become engrossed in both loves present and past. I, too wish it were longer. Having read a bit of this on Bethany’s site, i hope it does end. The last i read it was still not completed. Will await the next installment.

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