The Gentleman Dom

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When Elle Marden decided to take a trip to Florida to try to escape the remnants of a particularly bad relationship, she never expected to run into a gorgeous geek fifteen years her junior, who somehow didn’t seem interested in all of the bikini clad bombshells surrounding him.

No, Alt Camden knew exactly what he wanted – from the moment they met – and it was Elle.

The problem was convincing her of that, especially when she had the annoying tendency to cut and run whenever he got too close.

Luckily, she didn’t get too far, and he set about convincing her of what he was already sure about: that she was his, and his alone.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains explicit themes and elements of power exchange.


Sample Chapter

Chapter One 



He couldnt believe that he had her. He knew she felt the same way about him, but the difference was that he knew he was the one who was right. 

Sometimes, like this morning, when he awoke early and went out for a run, then came back to shower as quietly as possible so as not to wake her up, he then slipped, naked, beneath the sheet. He pulled it off her, to watch her sleep nude, that glorious mane of red curls spread out over the pillow behind her like a banner. One hand tucked beneath a cheek that showed few signs  to his eye  of her age beyond the laugh lines around her eyes and mouth, which he treasured so, one slender leg bent and drawn up, their only pet sleeping tucked up against her namesake and occupying the very place where he most wanted to be. 

Baldly, he acknowledged that he had certainly had prettier girls. Hell, randy sort that he was  that he still was, although only for her  hed had his share of prettier women, too. Age had never been a barrier to him in the least. If he wanted a woman, he went after her, and hed certainly had to do a job convincing her that he wanted her. 

Not that he begrudged her the reticence shed shown to him in the least at the beginning of their relationship. Hed understood completely where she was coming from. 

He hadnt let his understanding of her motives stop him, but hed acknowledged them just the same. 

But now, he had her, finally. No matter that, hed won her more than two years ago  the excitement at the very idea of just being able to be in her presence  and now knowing that she was his  hadnt dimmed in the least. He still spent long moments nearly every day just like this, watching her and marveling at the very idea that he had won her and  to his sometimes overwhelming amazement  was managing to hold her attention  and, if he dared to believe what she said and there were days that he was less confident  her love. 

And he’d vowed to himself that he was going to do everything he could in his inconsiderable – overall – power – but considerable sexual prowess – to keep her with him for as long as he could. 

Hed even dared to hope that, one day, she might marry him and truly become his. 

But he knew he was pushing it with that. That was more of a bucket list item or something hed wish for in a daydream. Not likely to happen, but not entirely inconceivable, at least as far as he was concerned. 

Hed never mentioned that particular dream to her, of course. He didnt want her going skittering off in a panic because of it. Hed mistakenly thought that, in becoming seriously involved with someone who was considerably older than he was, hed be the one most likely to be flighty, to chafe against the constraints of a committed relationship, but he was wrong. 

Geoffrey Alton Camden  Alt to his friends who were also fellow computer nerds, although ones not lucky enough in the genetic lottery to get his unconsciously artful, head full of shoulder length black curls and waves, bright blue eyes fringed by jet back lashes, and tall, lean body, nor his friendly, outgoing personality. Jack of no particular trades and master of none, either, except for a particularly strong gift with computers, gadfly, and college graduate  by the skin of his teeth  but woefully bad student of anything except female anatomy and the likelihood of the Red Sox making it to the World Series in any given year. He found himself head over heels, storybook, fairy tale in love with a woman who was more than old enough to be his mother. 

Hell, except for the fact that she had grown up on the other end of the country, she could, technically, have been his mother. He had never met the woman himself, although he was quite well aware of the fact that, with his involvement with her, he was treading very firmly in oedipal footsteps. 

He watched her lips part in sleep on a particularly deep breath that she held for a long moment before expelling. While he did so with her, mesmerized by the sight of those beautiful lips, his mind recalled entirely too many images of the long length of him disappearing past them as he slid along a tongue that never failed to cup him lovingly, occupying well more than just her mouth. Not that she had ever balked at taking every scintilla of him with more real pleasure than hed ever seen any female approach a blow job in his  granted  comparatively short life. The lascivious images that floated through his mind brought him from the perpetual semi-erectness in which he lived around her to full, aching mast, hips already automatically arching, seeking the warmth Taffy the cat seemed to be guarding from him. 

Moving as stealthily as he could manage, Alt reached over her nearest leg and grabbed the cat, unceremoniously dumping her off the edge of the bed, then looking back at his love to see if he had disturbed her. 

He hadnt. Sleeping Gorgeous slept on. 

No wonder. She had been away at a business conference for a week, and he had worn her out last night practically from the moment hed picked her up at the airport, only letting her out of his arms to sleep in the wee hours, regretting the loss of her  and feeling guilty about doing so  immediately and at the same time. 

He moved his considerable length around slowly and carefully, keeping himself as relatively tightly folded as he could so as not to awaken her. Arranging himself so that his head was exactly where the cat had been positioned between her legs, his nose practically buried between folds that were already naturally separated by virtue of her position, he couldnt stop himself from taking a long, deep breath of her. 

She smelled like sex, like an intoxicating mixture of their essences entwined and comingled within her, and, indeed, he had to bite back a moan when he realized he could see the remnants of his prior possessions of her  plus, evidence of her own natural excitement  still seeping from her body. 

Even when they hadnt been involved in the type of relationship they had eventually settled into, once he had gotten her to understand  and beyond that, believe  in the beginning that he wanted more from her than just a casual hookup. And even before that, that he truly desired even just the hookup, if that was all she would allow him  she had never denied him her body. Not once, even though he was – by his own estimation – absolutely insatiable for her – more so than any other woman he had ever been with was. She was his crack, heroin and cocaine all wrapped up in one amazing, exciting woman, and if he had his druthers  and now he mostly did, when the outside world wasnt interfering  hed be at her constantly. 

He knew he should let her sleep, knew she was exhausted from having spent the week den mothering everyone at work who had gone on the trip with her and now even more so from submitting herself to his desires all evening and well into the early morning. But he justcouldnt keep his hands  or in this case, his lips and tongue  to himself. 

He had to taste that wonderfully familiar, delicately musty bouquet that was his lovely Elle. 

And Alt knew  knew it in his core  that she would have been upset if she thought that he had denied himself the use of her body in favor of allowing her to sleep when she could sleep any time. Indeed, he would likely require that she do so later in the day, imposing a nap on her because he felt she needed it, whether she wanted to or not. 

It was that self-sacrificing nature  her unfailing tendency to put others, especially him, first that had led him to suggesting that he take the upper hand in their relationship  that she let someone  him  take care of her, for a change. 

It had taken no small amount of talking on his part. Along with some cajoling and a terrifying  at the time, because he worried shed simply tell him to shove his chauvinistic platitudes and leave him altogether  amount of demanding, and some ignoring the protests she insisted on making that he knew were just what she thought she should say, rather than what she wanted to do. 

There was no more of that allowed from her any longer, or the condition of her bottom would directly reflect his displeasure. 

But right now, he was literally salivating at the sight of her, licking his lips, feeling the warmth of that soft, velvety apex surrounding him as he leaned forward to press his own lips over hers. His broad, stiff tongue glided over that pliable seam as it parted in silent supplication, leading him past the home he had found so often within her. To his great surprise and delight  it still caused her to gasp with each first, full thrust, as if she would never become accustomed  physically or psychologically  at the imposing size of him within her. That lovely flesh parted around his evercurious tongue, offering a slick path to the jewel he most sought at the moment. Gently butting his head against her legs, causing them to part around him with a sleepy sigh as her thigh settled on his shoulder, the other neatly trapped beneath him, cradling his face and holding him in place quite naturally. Especially as his hands came up to cup her bottom, giving her nowhere to go even if she awoke suddenly and decided she wanted to. 

Not that shed be allowed to, but she sometimes chafed at the restrictions he imposed upon her, and he never knew when she was going to balk, which added considerably to his excitement. Sometimes, when he thought she was most likely to object to his high handedness with her, she acquiesced quietly to his will, and other times, when he did or said something off-hand that he thought was nothing, he unwittingly set her off. Reining her in when she decided to fight him was one of his favorite things, and, with her, the amount of those experiences just kept growing. 

At first, he simply lapped at her, as if she was a particularly excellent ice cream cone, slowly and deliberately dragging his tongue over that already engorged pearl of hers. Then swirling around it in a way that he knew drove her crazy, rewarded by her unselfconscious groan and the way she tried to arch herself towards him, within the confines of his arms. 

Hands, which had been cupping her bottom, squeezing none too gently, moved up to capture breasts that were so generous they overflowed even his large hands as he palmed her nipples while hefting their weight, forefingers and thumbs. Finding those raspberry peaks he knew better than his own, unfailingly gratified to find them at least as eager for his attentions as the tidbit he had captured gently between his teeth to flick the tip of his tongue over that now forcefully exposed bundle of excruciatingly sensitive nerves. 

Her body jerked violently  although he easily used his youthful strength to keep her exactly where he wanted her to be. 

Mmm, Altwhat are you doing to me? she breathed on a soft sigh. 

His chuckle was decidedly evil. Why, whatever I please, my darling, with that which I own.  

He very nearly lost control at the way her breath sizzled into her lungs through her teeth at his words. 

And he pleased to spend long, torturous moments bringing her perilously close to peak, then backing off a bit, sliding impossibly long fingers inside her as she clutched at his head, her fingers buried in his curls and clenching spasmodically within them as he forced her to ride both his lips and his tongue at the same time. 

Please  please! she begged breathlessly. 

Fuck  you know what it does to me when I hear you beg me, Elle, he growled, his hips jerking violently against the sheets, his body searching for that which his fingers currently possessed. 

Alton  Alt  you must  please  I cant  I cant s-stand it! 

She was the only person on the planet who could call him Alton and get away with it, because out of her beautiful mouth it always sounded like sex itself to him. 

But, despite the fact that her level of experience far outstripped his, he was surprised and delighted to find that she was quite bashful with him. She blushed readily and often around him, and for some reason he couldnt fathom  and neither could she  she was quite reluctant to say the naughty things he adored hearing come out of her mouth. Luckily, he had absolutely no compunction about coercing her into saying them anyway  if she wanted to achieve her pleasure and avoid a spanking. 

Tell me what you want, sweetheart. The whispered command was made with his mouth pressed against her dripping cunt. If you have any hopes at all of getting it. 

He adored it when she growled  hell, he adored almost everything she did, and nearly all of it turned him on, too, even the most innocent of things. But that throaty, uninhibited protest of hers spurred him on. He knew her more than well enough that he could  and had  tease her for an inordinate amount of time, keeping her dancing  writhing  right on the razors edge, which was just what he proceeded to do now. 

Elle couldnt take it. Shed been too long without him, and Skype sex didnt cut it in any way, shape or form, and even last night hadnt sated her completely, it seemed. Her own fingers  which had long been her best ally against her own high libido  were distinctly dissatisfying now. 

Only he could take her where she wanted  where she desperately needed to go  with that low, sexy voice of his, hands that seemed to know her body better than she did, and his mouth was a perpetual orgasm waiting to happen. 

She was within sight of the edge, perfectly willing to hurl herself over, but he wouldnt let her to get quite that close, the bastard. 

And then he made as if to sit up, withdrawing from her completely. “Well, I guess you’re not that interested –” 

Elle almost screamed. If he had been wearing clothes, she would have grabbed hold of his lapels or at least his shirtfront, but he was as naked as she was, and she had to settle for tightening her fingers against his scalp, causing him to yelp. 

Not exactly what she wanted, but at least he wasnt moving away from her any longer. 

Elle! The hand that had been worrying her nipples came crashing down onto her behind instead, in swats that she knew would tattoo the outline of his big hand in carmine each time on her otherwise pristine flesh until each individual smack was indistinguishable from the others. She was made to chant her contrition  to no avail  while the spanking continued. 

Im sorry  Im sorry  Im sor-ry  Im sorry! she vowed in a frozen whisper, knowing she had put her own climax in serious jeopardy as her tears dampened the hair she had just pulled at the top of his head. 

Naughty girl, he chided in a tone she seriously hated because it meant that she had disappointed him, even as his mouth drifted back where it had been, which gave her a glimmer of hope. 

Oh, please, Alt  Im so sorry  truly I am  I didnt mean to hurt you. I just wanted  

You were being a greedy girl, werent you? Trying to take what you wanted rather than submitting yourself to me and accepting what I gave you as your due, werent you? Alt leaned back from her kitty a bit, so that he could watch her as his words  powerful and potent as they were to the both of them  sank into her mind, seeing her face fall, and actually watching her submission wash physically over her. 

Yes, Sir, she answered dutifully, honest contrition plain in her tone. Her body remained taut but still, as if awaiting his judgment about her errant behavior. 

This  this right here  was what he loved the most about what they had together. The sex was phenomenal and he loved her to distraction, and he knew that she felt the same way about him, but this right here  that proud head bent, her breathing slowed from the ferocity of before, her entire demeanor concentrated and focused completely on him  where it belonged  and patiently, complacently awaiting his direction. 

Her submission to him – and her love of him – was of equal weight to him; he could no longer do without either of them. 

Put your hands behind you, he ordered softly, and she obeyed immediately, although there was no answer for her in it. 

Her slender wrists were trapped, held in place by his free hand and yanked down just a bit more than she would have naturally, giving her no choice but to arch her back to alleviate the slight discomfort the awkward position created. Theres my good girl, he complimented, his tone deliberately deep and firm, watching her entire body flush with the almost childish compliment, seeing her trying to bow her head even further, turning right and left, but there was nowhere  no way  to go to hide the embarrassment he so effortlessly conjured within her. 

He spoke to her as a father spoke to a cherished but spoiled child, but with his mouth pressed against her clit and his fingers again hammering into her. Now, Im not going to tell you whether Im going to let you come or not because you misbehaved. But you must tell me when youre close, Elle. Do you understand me? 

“Yesss, Sirrr!” she cried, her head already thrown back, hair pooling on the bed behind her, her body immediately brought back to where it had been, as if the punishment interlude had never been. Oh, Sir, I  

So soon? he asked, almost scolding, making her tug futilely at her wrists as he left off her just a bit, removing his fingers from her dripping cunny and replacing them with his tongue instead, those already moistened fingers finding their way to knock at that little pucker of hers. 

No  Sir  please! 

Why she protested every time about something he knew she adored he would never know, but hed never allowed it to stop him, and he wasnt about to start now. 

He didnt prepare her in any way. She was grateful that he had crossed one finger over the other, which he didnt always do. But he wanted to occupy her bottom. And there was nothing she could do to stop him. And that helplessness, he knew, only added to her already unbearable excitement. 

She mewled, begged, panted, and moaned, but those fingers ended up knuckle deep within her  and then began to fuck her there at least as vigorously as they had her quim. 

Elle couldnt help it. It might have been how shed always wanted to be treated, but it was unbearably embarrassing to her that she even wanted such a thing. And her body absolutely did, so much so that she could have an anal climax much more readily than a vaginal one. 

And he knew that, as he plunged and twisted those fingers in an alternating rhythm that drove her out of her mind. 

“Alt – Alt – I-I’m – ahhhnn…” 

To her great surprise, he didnt stop. Instead, he suckled her clit even further into his mouth and had his way with it as surely as his fingers were having their way with her, feeling the strength of her muscles gathering around him. Thats it, baby. Be a good girl and come for me. Im not going to stop until you do  until you obey me. 

If her hands had been loose, she might have bitten her fist to keep herself from being as loud as she was, but she wasnt given the nicety of that option. 

The combination of everything he was doing  to and for her  not the least of which were his carefully chose words  made her throw back her head, pressing her slit into his face while his fingers followed her movements. He brought her to dual climax as she screamed uncontrollably and followed every animalistic, uncontrolled, uncoordinated movement, never easing up, never allowing her a seconds respite until she could do nothing but collapse  completely spent  in his arms. 

As much as he knew she wanted to burrow into the warmth and safety of them, Alton excused himself apologetically to go see to himself, reappearing as quickly as he could to gather her into his arms and lift her off their bed. He settled with her on his lap into the big overstuffed rocker that was tucked into one corner of the room by the window to simply hold her. She was often quite fragile afterwards and holding her close  holding her very tightly to him and whispering reassuring things  could often belay a storm of emotions that made her feel uncomfortable, thinking it annoyed him no matter how many times he reassured her to the contrary. 

And he would quite happily spend the rest of his life doing just that, if she would let him. 



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20 reviews for The Gentleman Dom

  1. Stats23

    Get this book into your library and read it as quickly as you can. What we have here is the love story of a single, albeit older, woman (Elle) who while on vacation meets a young, but not too young, man (Alt) who is at a business convention at the same resort. Elle had a loving family life growing up, and she is a natural submissive recovering from a bad relationship causing her some understandable insecurities. Alt had absolutely no home life growing up, and being a super nerd business phenome has all the confidence in the world. He is also a natural Dom with outstanding manners and demeanor. It is true what they say, opposites attract%u2026 in all aspects! This is a great romance with wonderful character development and exploration of emotional attachment. Elle is darling and Alt is absolutely divine. Everything is written superbly; the characters, the story, the spankings, the sex, EVERYTHING. A classic spanking romance, nothing less than what you expect from Carolyn Faulkner.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  2. Nicolette

    Another wonderful book by Carolyn. Elle is on vacation and meets up with a handsome young man. Alt who is a brilliant IT geek looks nothing like the part and Elle finds him fascinating although the age issue is a major problem for her. Alt has a mind of his own and she soon finds out there is a lot of interesting things about this young man. I good read.

  3. Leslie

    I will confess to a growing fascination reading stories where the woman is older than the man. In %u201CThe Gentleman Dom,%u201D Carolyn Faulkner introduces us to Elle and Alt, an unlikely, but charming couple, who don%u2019t appear to be much of a match but it turns out that they fit oh-so-well together.

    The story begins in the present but then shifts to their first meeting and while I normally don%u2019t care for that, it works really well starting out in Alt%u2019s head and also does a great job of setting the tone for the type of person he is.

    I really like the overall movement to the story. Ms. Faulkner has created a rhythm that flows well and I almost feel as though there should be a soundtrack playing in the background as I read, it moves so smoothly. And I haven%u2019t been able to put my finger on it and this might sound odd, but the story%u2019s tone instantly put me at ease and I found that I couldn%u2019t put it down, making it a good thing that it%u2019s a short read or I would have been up quite late.

    In terms of overall kink and sexiness factor, I%u2019d rate the kink a 1.5 with loads of yummy spankings and in terms of feel good sexiness, I%u2019d rate it a 4 (that%u2019s sexiness, and not sex scenes).

    It%u2019s definitely enjoyable and recommended.

  4. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Can a woman who’s old enough to be a man’s mother still let him lead her, dominate her, spank her for naughtiness? Can she trust him after a horrible past d/s relationship? That is the question that Elle has to answer when she meet Alt. He is so much younger than her, but he moves her in a way no one else ever has. Hand, belt.

  5. Margaret Corcoran

    I love this author and this is one of her sweet sexy stories. The characters are well written and described. There are some disciplinary spankings but lots of love and support. The story tells of a young man falling for an older woman. It’s very sensitivly told. I enjoyed reading this story. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. I enjoyed reading it. A well written and described story.

  6. DONNA L

    5.0 out of 5 starsAge is just a number
    ByDonna Lon March 24, 2018
    The beauty in this book is in its simplicity.The plot is the interaction
    between Elle Marden and Alton Camden.The story delves deeply
    into the characters feelings and reading how Elle tries to make sense
    of her growing feelings for Alt,despite their age difference.Elle can’t
    understand what Alton sees in her,a much older woman.Alton could
    have any woman he wants,he is young,handsome and wealthy.Elle
    has come out of a bad relationship with a Dom who hurt her,the last
    thing she is looking for is a relationship with a computer genius.Alton
    made no apologies for his feelings,so began a cat and mouse game
    with Alton refusing to give up on Elle.He persued her at work and with
    sexy phone sex,but gave her the space she needed to learn how to trust
    again.Elle emotional journey was heartwarming as she realized she
    needed and deserved Alton’s love.With his love came discipline,Alt
    did not back off from dishing out painful spankings.He was the perfect
    Dom for Elle,she now feels cherished.This story includes scorching sex
    scenes and well deserved spankings.

  7. Goldie Nut

    Elle is coming off a bad experience with her Dom (Dunn). He has hurt her physically and emotionally. She thought he cared for her but that is exactly what he didn’t. Elle meets Billionaire, dominant and Tech Giant, Alton. Elle is falling for him when they meet. She becomes scared and she runs because of her past experiences. She finally tells him but that is all because I don’t want to ruin the twists and turns that are coming. A great novel! A must read.

  8. Lalaland

    This is classic Carolyn Faulkner erotic, romantic fiction, a genre in which she is undoubtedly a master/mistress. I like this story because Elle is an older woman who meets Alton a younger man, who is also gorgeous and dominant and a very rich and successful geek. Alt recognises that Elle is a submissive woman but she has difficulty accepting that one such as Alt can be interested in an older person like herself. Added to this, Elle is coming off the back of an abusive relationship with her previous Dom so her inclination is to run. Obviously, the story continues and develops to an eventual HEA. However, it is Ms Faulkners inimitable writing style, depth of characterisations and painfully descriptive discipline spanking scenes which keep you wanting to read on. I found this book to be very entertaining albeit a very quick but satisfying read, excellent. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  9. Tami

    Elle is much older than her Dom and Lover Alt. Naturally, she does have self esteem issue, not able understand why such a good looking man is interested in someone like her. So it is up to Alt to show Elle how much he adores her.

    Miss Faulkner created a wonderful, enticing story that shows that love knows no age, and that age is just a number. The intimate scenes were very sensual and I also liked Alt’s dominance. I loved reading the book from beginning to the end.

  10. Rhonda

    Super hot, we all need an Alt in our lives.

    I have long been a fan of Carolyn Faulkner and I think The Gentleman Dom is my new favorite of her books.
    There was something super special about her coupling of Elle and Alt. Alt’s care of her was exquisite. I loved how he worked at having her believe in herself and in them. Along with the heartwarming care was the heart pounding sexuality that made this a seriously hot read.

    I received an advance reader copy.

  11. Hope W

    The Gentleman Dom takes a different take on the relationship with Alton, a Dom, being younger than Elle. The author shows that age does not matter, it is what is in your hearts that is important. Although Elle has been abused in the past and has many insecurities, Alton will help her understand that she is beautiful, desirable, and can trust again. The author wrote a great story with developed characters. The sex scenes were written wonderfully and the discipline is shown to be fair and given in love. I felt the end was a little rushed but it did keep my attention with an unusual ending. I recommend this book for a quick but great night’s read. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  12. lani

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for an honest review. another great book by one of my favorite authors. Not as much spanking action in this one as in other books, but a lovely romance story that was well written and very enticing. I highly recommend this book!

  13. Ajjmb

    Carolyn Faulkner, as usual, has written an incredibly erotic novel. Alton is an extremely gentle but strict man who has fallen for the older, Elle. Elle is recovering from an abusive relationship and who could blame her from running from another man with strong Dom tendencies like Alton. Alton is so patient though and he only wants to take care of Elle. She really struggles to find the trust she needs to have in him but I love that he is not overly pushy and willing for her to be ready to let him care for her and guide her. This book is so sweet but also very erotic. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  14. rjr

    This is an intense story of a D/s relationship between two people who really shouldn’t work out on paper. Elle is healing from a terrible relationship and not interested in starting anything serious. Meanwhile, Alt finds himself head over heels for her very quickly. He is considerably younger than Elle, very handsome and successful, and a celebrity of sorts. He works on winning her over, and is very charming. Even so, he will not let any misbehavior go unnoticed. Theirs is a lustful, steamy relationship with intense and graphic interactions. Ms. Faulkner is an excellent author and while the book is very hard to put down, there was one area where I felt I wanted more. Specifically, I would have liked to see Elle’s character fleshed out a little more. We get her back story and she is described as very intelligent, beautiful, and successful. However, I felt I knew so much more about Alt and what he was like. Elle may be conflicted, but I didn’t feel she did much for Alt in the context of their relationship, outside of sex. He seemed to make every effort, and indeed he was the one doing the pursuing, but sometimes I wondered why. That being said, I enjoyed the book a lot and look forward to reading reviews to see others’ take on that aspect. I found it to be very good company on a cold evening!

  15. Redrabbitt

    Having read May-December romance before, this one is a bit different, because HE is the May and SHE is the December in this couple. At first, I wasn%u2019t sure how I felt about Alt and Elle and was a little uncomfortable with the relationship. But I will be the first to admit, the more I read, the more I saw how he cared for her, how hard it was for her, the more I liked them together. While he never has doubts about them being together, she has concerns, and he lets her know, they aren%u2019t issues that matter to him. He doesn%u2019t care what other people say or thinks, only how they feel about each other. Confidence is sexy, and Alt is a very confident man.

    Elle Marden has taken an escape vacation trip to Florida, just wanted to soak up the sun and allow the ocean to give her peace. She has just left an ugly D/s relationship with her Dom, Dunn, who hurt her, again. The last thing she is looking for is another man. Elle isn%u2019t a young girl; she is a mature woman who has slowly worked her way up in her job. When it comes to her job and work, she is a confident person, but right now, when it comes to men and relationships, she is broken.

    Alton Camden is a confident, self-made and wealthy dominant man. He is a computer nerd, one that Time Magazine called King of the Nerds. Not only is he smart, but he is also good looking, an Adonis, well built, fit, and yet, he isn%u2019t arrogant or snobbish. He is a man who knows what he wants, and when he wants something, he goes after it with a vengeance, and he wants Elle.

    The plot will have Elle in Florida for a couple of weeks to get away after a bad and nasty breakup with her Dom. When a mid-twenties, Alt, come up to her, she is snappy and sarcastic to him, telling him he needs to go find his parents and go to Chucky Cheese. Alt doesn%u2019t get mad or brush her off, he remains a polite gentleman and lets her know that his offer of dinner is still on the table.

    You can%u2019t help but admire the confident nature of Alt and his polite but persistence when it comes to Elle. He will get her to agree to an outing and keep her on edge in the same instances. One night he will take her to heaven and back, but she will panic and flee. Alt is a man of means, and he won%u2019t let her just get away. When he wants something, he goes after it and doesn%u2019t stop. When she puts brakes on their situation, he will back off to a degree but refuses just to walk away. He will give her time to think about their relationship, but he doesn%u2019t completely play fair. Even at a distance he is still the dominant and controls her and them.

    By the time I reached the end of this story, I was happy to see that Alt and Elle were right together. He may be half her age, but he was definitely very mature, confident, determined, and persistent. Elle learned that age was a number and it isn%u2019t the age, but the character of a person that matter the most.

  16. Kitty Ranma

    Wonderful story if a little short. It’s was fun seeing a older woman with a younger dom.
    Reasons I enjoyed this book:
    Happily Ever After, Romantic, Wonderful characters, Page-turner, Great world building, Easy-to-read, Entertaining, Steamy.
    This book was given to me at my request from the publisher or author and I provided this unbiased voluntary review.

  17. susan landowski

    A new style of writing for Carolyn but enjoyable. This is an older woman/younger man sweet love story that contains sexual heat, disciplinary spankings and the great emotional characterization of how opposites attract and especially how an older woman deals with the angst of letting a younger man be in charge. I recommend this book especially if looking for a quick enlightening read.

  18. Toni L

    I’ve become quite a fan of Carolyn Faulkner books as I’m always assured of a good, interesting read. This is no exception with characters that are engaging and likable. The story starts in the present but then takes the reader back to the beginning of their relationship. While I didn’t mind that, I was ultimately left a little mystified as to when the prelude takes place as the story seems to end at the present again but at a different point. Anyway, whether I missed something or not, it didn’t impact my enjoyment. This story is long enough so that it didn’t feel rushed but not too short.

  19. Sam

    It is nice to read a romance where an older female and younger male find happiness. Alt is clearly the dom and confident in their growing relationship. Elle is still recovering from a bad relationship but slowly comes to love Alt. A great read.

  20. Good bedtime reading

    Another great read from author Carolyn Faulkner.Elle Marden is visiting her friends in Florida but trying to avoid Alt Camden is practically impossible. He pulls at all her feelings, instincts, hormones whatever you want to call it, every which way there is. She has to avoid him at all costs, cos not only is he younger by several years than her, but is she ready for an affair. Where else can this lead? Can she let go?

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