The Emperor’s Decree

Olivia doesn’t need or want a man, she just wants the story. So, why does she feel drawn to Emperor Axelsson?

The year is 2943. After the third world war twenty years ago, Earth is now run by Emperors who operate like Mafia War Lords after the countries were carved in to Empires as the spoils of war. Ten years ago, a virus wiped out most of the planet’s female population, leaving the planet on the brink of extinction, and has only recently been eradicated. Olivia Jaxon is an English journalist. She travels to Skiptavegr, the seat of the mighty Emperor of Scandinavia. She wishes to interview the Emperor about his new initiative to encourage population growth and protect the dwindling numbers of women being stolen by international slavers and sold to the highest bidder at an alarming rate.

Emperor Gabriel Axelsson does not expect to fall for the beautiful woman who is determined to uncover all of his secrets and challenge the way he leads his people. He quickly finds the feisty, reckless journalist is in need of some stern discipline over his knee and a firm guiding male hand in her life before she gets herself killed pursuing another story. The War Lord discovers she hides a secret from her past she would rather die than reveal. But slowly, with tender loving care, he exposes her vulnerability and lays her bare finding an emotionally wounded woman requiring his love and protection. When one of the underworld Emperor’s attempts to take her from him, he brings the full might of his wrath down upon his enemy and stops at nothing to get her back.

This is book one in the Emperor War Lords series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This dystopian, sci-fi romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of action, adventure, mystery, suspense, possible triggers for some readers, power exchange, and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

2943, The Emperor of Scandinavia’s Palace, Skiptavegr, Scandinavia


Olivia shifted in her seat feeling her cheeks warm when she noticed the handsome emperor watching the way the slit in the silky, black, one-shouldered evening dress opened wider when she crossed her legs to tantalise him with a brief glimpse of her soft thigh. He slid his finger across his sensuous lips that curved in to the beginnings of a knowing smile. It made Olivia feel like prey but what was more surprising was her body’s aroused state at the very prospect. She had to admit he was the perfect male specimen in that very sexy designer tuxedo clinging to every muscle, defining it to perfection. He was everything she desired in a man whether she liked it or not. He was tall, athletic with deep black eyes, short raven coloured hair and neatly groomed facial hair around his mouth and jawline.

She felt wetness trickle treacherously between her thighs preparing her body for him. Olivia had no doubt she wasn’t the first female journalist he’d had that effect on. By the look in his eyes he was enjoying her embarrassed flushed reaction. Not for the first time in the last month while she had been staying at Solna Palace to collect research on the famous Emperor Gabriel Axelsson to make a documentary and write an article.

The bastard was reeling her in under his spell. He was just another Mafia boss come War Lord even if he did have a genuine royal bloodline running through his veins. He still masqueraded under the title of Emperor in the new order established after the third world war twenty years ago, she told herself. Yet she couldn’t deny his alluring power or resist its potency. He appealed to all of her primal senses on every level. With his lean, toned, athletic physique he was more than capable of protecting her from the world. A world even more cruel than before to what was left of the female population after the killer virus had taken hold ten years ago before its full eradication only five years ago. The emperor was intelligent with an above average IQ and erotically handsome as hell. He made her feel safe and incredibly feminine. He was an alpha in every sense of the word down to the ring on his finger worn by all emperors across the world to mark their power and commitment to their code of honour.

Damn it.

Olivia narrowed her green eyes automatically and continued her questioning.

“Why was your country split in two?” she asked in her best indifferent journalist’s voice hurriedly uncrossing her legs and demurely smoothing the skirt of the evening gown down over her exposed leg. Another wicked smile lit the emperor’s lips making her feel cross before he answered her question. She ran her hand through her long, honey-blonde, curled hair and tried to compose her concentration while her cameraman continued to film.

“Well, our historians like to quote geographical and economic reasons as the main cause but in truth it came down to one simple thing,” he answered in an accent fitting the new language which had grown in combination of the old from Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland when the countries were unified in to an Empire.

“And what is that?” she asked feeling suspicious of the answer she was about to receive.

The fearsome Emperor of Scandinavia gave a small laugh and allowed his eyes to travel the length of her body sitting rather primly in the chair now, letting them rest for a moment on the swell of her breasts. He rubbed his finger along his lips again making the heat rise in her body and flush her skin. He knew it, damn it. He was majestically forcing her to submit to his power and there was nothing she could do to stop him. Every time those gorgeous black eyes swept appreciatively over Olivia’s body, her mind filled with images of him holding her down in his bed while he dominantly made love to her. Anger, more aimed at herself for being weak, riled in the centre of her stomach. This wasn’t like her to act so unprofessionally.

The War Lord leaned forward giving her an intoxicating hint of the notes of pine, mandarin, lime & basil in his cologne as she found herself leaning towards him in response.


His seductive velvet voice rolled over her senses holding them prisoner.


She gave him a quizzical look forcing herself to sit back in her chair away from him, feeling overwhelmed by his dominance, and breathless as she did so. He followed suit raising an eyebrow at her movement away from him.

I don’t fall so easily, your Majesty. Not like all of those other women who crumple at your feet and let you walk all over them.

He appeared to recover quickly sitting back comfortably in his chair to smile at her again.

“Yes. I can tell you the story, if you like? Some believe it a fable as it has not been recorded by the history books but I, on the other hand, strongly believe in its authenticity after my historians carried out research and it has validity today. We could all learn something from the story.”

“I would be extremely interested to hear it. Please go on, your Majesty.”

Olivia glanced at Josh to make sure he was still filming as the emperor began his tale.

“It all started with, Josef Olofsson, an ancient and as some believed fabled King of Sweden as it was then known and where I was born. He was a powerful king conquering the lands around them and he was feared by all. He possessed a beautiful young wife who doted upon him. But Josef had a roving eye and did not care for fidelity despite loving his wife. When Queen Elsa complained, he confined her to a tower in the castle whereupon he would visit her every evening to make love to her. But one night the beautiful queen refused his amorous advances citing if she did not have his faithful love she would never share his bed again.”

“Sensible woman,” Olivia couldn’t help commenting and smiling surprised that even in captivity the ancient vulnerable queen would take such a strong stance.

Gabriel grinned.

“Quite. But as you can imagine this did not settle well with the king.”

“I can imagine.”

“She expected him to simply force himself upon her but Josef was an honourable man. He gave her a choice and ultimatum. She could stay safe, loved and protected at the castle in the tower to be made love to whenever he chose or she could be banished and sent to live in the opposite end of the country where he kept a second castle never to be seen in his presence again.”

“What did she do?”

“She too was honourable and determined. Perhaps some might say, stubborn and she decided to leave and be without his love. If she could not have all of it then she chose not to have any at all.”

“I would have done the same.”

Olivia blushed wishing she had kept the thought in her head where it belonged. The War Lord’s eyes brightened with amusement.

“I have no doubts that you would have. You strike me as a very capable independent woman who does not suffer fools. Yet I will be intrigued as to your reaction to the rest of the story and whether you will feel the same about the queen’s firm stance at the end.”

“I am sure, I will.”

“The king watched his beautiful queen leave with her ladies in waiting and some of the women folk from the castle seeking refuge from their own husbands. The journey was long. A portion of the king’s army guarded the women as they travelled and immediately left once they reached the castle. Over time Queen Elsa’s castle became a refuge to women from all of the country and the lands conquered by Josef. A natural line divided the country leaving only men on one side and women on the other ruled by Queen Elsa. It was a lonely life for both.”

“Interesting. But how did the country prosper if the women and men were separated? Were any children born?”

“Only a very limited amount who were native to the country. Queen Elsa’s heart grew hard and bitter. She forbade the women in her castle and her half of the country to engage with any man. A small number of women came pregnant to the castle after leaving their husbands and children were born. Any sons were sent to King Josef to care for. Over time, the women learned to be great warriors and made the land strong and fruitful in crops and trade with neighbouring countries just as the men did on the other side.”

“So, what brought the two sides together or should I say, who gave in first?”

“It wasn’t a simple case of giving in. Neither side did. It was a matter of conquering the female queen and her land by a new young emperor who succeeded Josef. Emperor Arvid Axelsson, the first in my family line took an army to the queen’s land and forced her to kneel before him.”

Olivia felt disappointed and it showed on her pretty face.

“The queen did not resist?”

Gabriel smiled and she couldn’t help holding her breath hypnotised by the intense black depths of his eyes.

“There was little she could do faced with the physical might of the emperor and the prowess of his army. But she did her best. The emperor and men would go no longer without the love and warmth of female companionship nor would they be without the birth of children from their own race. The emperor invited his warriors to choose a bride from the captured women he had imprisoned and set a precedent to discipline their unruly resistance that if truth had been known, was merely to placate the hurt queen. They had long tired of being alone and wished to be united with a male, it is written.”

“And the precedent, the emperor set to ensure the discipline of the women?” Olivia was trying to maintain a calm professional tone in her voice.

Gabriel’s smile grew wider. There was a distinct darkness behind it that made her want to shuffle in her seat and rub her thighs together.

“Well, the great handsome emperor eager to bed the queen and impregnate her, brought her to task with a simple act that would resonate around the Kingdom and enforce a new law I have decided to bring back today.”

“And how did he take her to task?” Olivia asked unsure as to whether or not she wanted to know.

“In front of a male audience, he stripped the kneeling queen naked and roughly pulled her over his knee as he sat on her own throne,” he told her in a seductive velvet voice. “And spanked her plump bare bottom hard in front of them all while pulling her long mane of flaxen hair from behind her to keep her in place, shaming her for her disobedience. The historian recording the spectacle appeared to take great delight in recording every detail for prosperity,” he finished with amusement at the shock displayed on Olivia’s pale beautiful features.

She imagined the poor queen’s fragile rump being coloured bright red by the handsome emperor’s firm male hand. When she looked up at King Gabriel Axelsson she was startled to find herself imagining him roughly removing her dress to throw her over his knee, pull down her black lace panties and administer the same punishment. The scene appeared to reflect back at her from his eyes with that pervading smile twitching on his lips.

“The punishment resonated with the men of the country when it was unified. The women were made wives, put back in the bedroom to be loved and reproduce under the firm loving guide of their dominant husband. The women became happy. They felt safe and protected again and the country became prosperous and abundant with children.”

“Interesting. And what happened to the reluctant queen? Did she learn to submit to the dominant emperor?”

Once more, Olivia forced her tone to be professional and unaffected even though she felt disturbed not only by the very idea of domestic discipline but to the intrigue of wishing to know what it might feel like to be struck on her bare bottom by a man.

“Ah, that is a story for discussion tomorrow. I think we should re-join the party, don’t you? Perhaps you will allow me a dance.”

“Of course, but one last thing. Do you really intend to introduce a law permitting men to use domestic discipline in your country as well as decreeing the compulsory arrangement of harmonious marriage despite…”

Gabriel interrupted.

“I know where you are going with this Ms Jaxon and I am undeterred. Men and women are growing apart more than ever in my Empire. The population is declining as a result and women are being left alone and unprotected in an age when they are captured and sold as sexual slaves by organised crime on a massive global scale. I believe the action I have already taken to introduce the law is a sound objective and will ensure the safety of the women everywhere. There is talk of it being taken on by other European Empires such as your own English one. The rule of compulsory harmonious marriage applies to single women left unaccompanied and at risk from slavers. This problem is getting out of control. Action must be taken,” he told her passionately. “The law has already been accepted and goes through the legislation process in a week. Now, let us talk no more until tomorrow.”

The imperious Emperor leaned forward in his chair and tucked his fingers underneath Olivia’s chin. She gave a small whimper shocked by his directness and the firmness of his touch.

“Or do I have to throw you over my knee and spank you for asking too many questions?”

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