The Eden Institute Collection

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I desire a woman who can fall back into that purest trusting state, that age of perfect innocence when her Papa was her whole wide world. 

Amanda Wingate is the failed product of what should have been a charmed life. Adopted into a family of wealth where she wasn’t truly wanted, her desire for paternal acceptance made her prey to a dominant man whose betrayal landed her in prison.

When she is selected for a program designed to reform non-violent prisoners, she has no idea that the backers are actually a group of powerful men who select women for clients looking for Little Ones to train and claim as their own.

This steamy collection contains four full length romances including Becoming Lil’ Mandy, Training Lil’ Elise, Doctoring Lil’ Daisy, and Correcting Lil’ Kate.

Publishers Note: This spicy collection contains power exchange, age play, and medical play.

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1 review for The Eden Institute Collection

  1. Redrabbitt


    A well-written, page-turning Age-play story with the intriguing concept for nonviolent inmates to have a second chance at freedom and their record to be expunged. When offered a way out of prison and life at Eden Institute, they are not told in advance as to what type of lifestyle they will be leading. Sign your consent or return to prison. Serve two to five years at the Eden Institute in comfort.

    1. Becoming Lil’ Mandy by Elsa Black
    Amanda’s story to become Mandy.

    Ethan Sharp is a self-made man of means and wealth. Money and things are no objects, but what he doesn’t have and wants is his own special woman, but not just any woman; he seeks one to be his Little girl and allow him to be her Papa. The Eden Institute helps find inmates (both male and female) for their wealthy clientele, allowing Bigs to select Littles from a catalog.

    Amanda Wingate was given up for adoption at birth, adopted by the wealthy Wingates but never really given real love, used by Dr. David Best, and then wrongly accused and imprisoned. Can she regress to younger days and become Little Mandy and learn to trust Ethan as her Papa and find true happiness.

    2. TRAINING LIL’ ELISE (Eden Series, Book Two) by Elsa Black

    In book two, we met many people from book one, Becoming Lil’ Mandy. It can read as a standalone but is best read after book one, which explains more of Eden Institute, the concept, and the people who work and live there.

    Elise works as one of the maids at the Eden Institute, doing a little bit of light cleaning and being available to service adults who chose not to have an intimate relationship with their Littles. When she crosses the line and causes trouble, they will kick her out, but Nanny Vi Prim instead suggests making her a Little. What a shock for Elise, who argues no, but secretly is very jealous of all the Littles.

    Maxwell Brookshire is friends with Ethan, Mandy’s Papa, and he introduces him to Eden and their services of finding that special little one. Maxwell and Elise are paired up, and it has its ups and downs but is a perfect match. This is an age-play story at an institution that generally rescues nonviolent submissive adults from prison and matching them up with adults seeking a Little. It includes spankings, enemas, medical exams, and sexual situations.

    3. Doctoring Lil’ Daisy (Eden Series Book 3) by Elsa Black

    Dr. Grant Fullwood has taken over the medical practice at the Eden Institute. He has brought in Nurse Leah Steele, someone he had met while in medical school. Daisy Lowery has had a rough life, losing her parents at age two, taken in by her elderly grandmother, and suffering humiliation at the hands of cruel children, leaving her extremely shy and antisocial. She worked with Dr. Fullwood when he came to the nursing home where she was a nurse. When she crosses an ethical line and lands in jail, she uses her one phone call to him. Although the other Littles at Eden has come from the penal system, Daisy is a little different, but Grant sees the Little in her and convinces Julian Blackstone to allow her to stay and train her to be his Little Daisy.

    This story is emotional, full of entertaining dialogue, with charming characters, and getting to see many of the people from books one and two. I loved the interaction of the Littles talking to Daisy and making her feel special, like she belongs there. There are plenty of spankings, steamy sex scenes, an introduction of special ointment for pleasure and pain, and watching a young woman learn to allow herself to submit and to find herself and true happiness.

    Correcting Lil’ Kate (Eden Series Book 4)

    These books will read as a standalone, but they read better as a series and in the order written. The Eden Institute offers a refuge for the young women who found themselves victims of circumstances and gave them a “get out of jail free” card. These women were all nature submissives, whether they realized it or not. At Eden, they are allowed to regress to young girls and have the love of Mamas and Papas.

    “I think that we just don’t find Eden. Eden finds us. That’s what makes it so magical.”

    We meet Kate Livingston, a snarky reporter who was dubbed by a vindictive ex-wife of CIA Operative, Nick Overmann. Kate’s posting of a video of Nick spanking his submissive brings heat and threats to Eden. Kate finds herself in jail, and Eden sends in to help her. Nick is not angry with her, but his ex-wife. He sees a Little Girl needing protection in Kate and wants to become her protective Papa. For Nick, Kate is perfect for him, and she finds peace she has never known before.

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