The Carl Hamlin Anthology, Vol. One


Sample Chapter

The Inheritance
Forty year-old Atlanta architect Jed Mallory knows that the age gap is not the challenge facing his marriage with 25 year-old Bridget. The problem is her impulsive attitude. While cleaning out a closet, Bridget’s bad attitude combined with her careless handling of an old shotgun, leads Jed to decide it is time to take matters in hand, so to speak, with an old-fashioned spanking. Over the next few days, Bridget learns that spankings aren’t only for bad girls.

The Promise
Carol Sands is a fifty-three year old educational consultant with a doctorate.  She is in love with a fifty-five year old retired Marine named Martin, but their relationship hits a bump in the road when Carol becomes distraught over a disqualifying mistake in her proposal for what would have been a dream project.

One evening she drinks too much wine and uses cocaine for the first time in her life. Driving home highly impaired, Carol is filled with regret. She had promised her mother that if she ever used drugs, she would force herself to find some respectable gentleman to give her a long, hard spanking. Martin believes she needs to follow through on the promise, and is willing to administer the spanking of her lifetime.

Capitol Punishment
Macie Lowden is a young lobbyist for a Washington, D.C. firm, happily married to Eric, a domestic terror threat analyst for Homeland Security. Eric insists on one thing: that Macie follow his rules about her personal safety. He warned that a breach of those rules would result in a good paddling. 

Macie lets her guard down and finds herself across Eric’s knees. But she will later commit an even more egregious failure of judgment, resulting in the paddling of a lifetime. 

Kara’s View of Autumn
Kara Wulling is a forty-nine year old deputy chief probation officer in Iowa.  Her life was shaped by having been an unwed teen mother and the struggles that followed.  Kara has shunned romance all her adult life.  That changes when she meets a colleague who touches her heart, and her sexuality is reawakened in grand fashion by the mature man who introduces her to delights and sensations she has never imagined.  Roger Lowry proves to be the ideal companion and an ardent lover, but is troubled by Kara’s penchant for taking unnecessary risks.  Roger wishes to marry Kara, but determines that the only way to alter her sense of judgment is a series of whacks to her shapely bottom.

Brenda Madlon is a fashion designer who works out of her Chicago apartment. The 30-year-old single woman leads an uneventful life until she begins to experience very erotic, early morning dreams.

The dreams become more vivid and tactile. She experiences the sensation of making love, and silent, but stinging, smacks to her bottom, as well as some puzzling, enjoyable climaxes. Thinking she is going insane, Brenda seeks medical advice. When she mentions that she was adopted at birth, she is referred to an attorney to see if records can be opened, and any medical clues can be obtained from her birth family. In the process, Brenda discovers that she has a twin sister.

Brenda and her psychiatrist realize that the sensations are being transmitted to her through her sister. The result is a zany weekend visit to meet her twin and the no-nonsense husband who sees value in the effective use of the small household paddle.


Sample Chapter

The Inheritance

Chapter One

Jed and Bridget Mallory got out of their Cadillac Escalade and began walking toward the cabin in the dimming light of the evening. They halted and drank in the scene: the secluded cabin silhouetted against the sunset falling upon the small Georgia lake. Bridget silently pointed to the owl that they had heard as soon as they got out of the car.

Bridget leaned her head against the shoulder of her husband of three months. “Let’s keep this place for the rest of our lives.”

He nodded. “I love it. A birder’s paradise.”? Jed paused. “Are you sure you don’t mind spending the money?”

Bridget shook her head. “Oh, I love it too. And we can make a few changes.” She laughed.

Jed chuckled and peered down at the petite red-haired love of his life. “What changes?”

Bridget took his elbow and began leading him to the door. “I want to enlarge that bathroom and have a hot tub installed. And I want a modern stove, to hook up to that propane tank out back so we don’t have to worry about firewood being dry. I mean, think of how many years we can come here and enjoy this place. I mean, when the stress gets to us? you know.”

Jed drew his wife close and shook his head. “Let’s just be relaxed and happy.”

Bridget giggled. “And horny?”

Jed nodded in an exaggerated fashion, then sat down on the front porch bench and coaxed Bridget to sit on his lap. They now had their own little retreat, and the calls of the birds and rustling of the leaves in the gentle breeze told them they belonged there.

Both had grown up in Georgia, and met in Atlanta, where they both still worked, although they now lived in a nearby suburb. Jed was a construction engineer of forty, a rugged man with wavy brown hair and piercing blue eyes.? The fair-skinned Bridget was an elementary school teacher. Now school was over for summer break, and on this, their first stay at the cabin, they would celebrate her 26th birthday.

Jed thought back on the first time he had met Bridget?

He had gone to a seminar on the various species of birds in the South when he sat down in the one remaining seat at a lecture on predators. He squeezed his muscular frame into a chair next to a pair of women who were turned toward each other while chatting.

He may not have seen the face of the petite woman next to him, but he was immediately captivated by the set of legs protruding from the short, blue sundress and the striking red hair of their owner. The room was crowded and the seats too close together and he struggled to contain his broad and muscular upper torso without intruding upon the owner of those attractive and freckled limbs.

Those bare limbs? the gorgeous thighs were slightly? perhaps fleshy would be the word? But those calves were? just? just as gorgeous, while also somewhat more than ample.

A man approached the podium and took hold of the microphone. He proceeded to announce that the scheduled speaker was being delayed in traffic, and asked all in attendance to relax and wait.

The woman turned to see who had sat down next to her, and for the first time Jed gazed upon the face of a most beguiling young woman named Bridget Holly O’Neal.? Jed was instantly drawn to her. She was not fashion-model beautiful. He saw her as simply lovely, sexy and intriguing.

As for Bridget, she was momentarily stunned to find such a handsome and well-built man next to her. Jed noticed that she slightly blushed as he nodded to her before speaking. “I’m sorry if I’m crowding you too much.”

Instead of hearing a reply from the diminutive girl next to him, the woman with whom Bridget had been chatting leaned forward. ?“She doesn’t mind. I promise you.”

Bridget slid down in her chair and groaned, “Arlene? oh my gosh.”

The brash woman leaned forward again. “We’ve been trying to get her married off for some time.” Bridget slid down even further.

Jed was amused at her chagrin, but his attention was captured by the fact that as she slid downward, the brief blue dress did not, and revealed much more of her legs. Suddenly, the speaker came to the microphone, apologized and launched right into his talk.

Jed could not concentrate on minutia of the mating habits of hawks, although the subject of mating was now very much on his mind. He discreetly looked out the corner of his eye at the red, shoulder-length hair, the somewhat round face and a generously buxom chest.?

He detected the scent of Estee Lauder. After a few minutes, the two of them were stealing glances at each other, neither bothering to avert their gaze, and both ignoring the lecture. And in the process, each was peering at the other’s hands to look for rings. He took that as a sign that the obvious difference in ages was not an immediate problem.

They chatted after the talk, and then went to dinner in the hotel dining room. Bridget’s co-worker took a cab home, feeling a little reluctant and protective of her young friend.

They lingered over the meal, staying for dessert and later ordering some wine. Jed was impressed by Bridget’s enthusiasm about teaching, and was happy that she was relaxed enough to make humorous comments.

He enjoyed listening to her stories of being a member of the only Irish family in the small Georgia town she grew up in. He spoke of his own Irish background, and told tales of his great-grandfather’s struggles with the poverty in his hometown.

They talked of past jobs, Bridget earning much of her college money as a store clerk. When Jed spoke with fondness of his summers of employment as a logger, Bridget felt that it explained the physique of the 5’11” man.

Bridget had never been married, but had been in a couple of casual relationships. Jed had experienced a wife leaving him years ago for another man. Bridget became more candid as the evening and wine wore on. She told Jed that she probably had never married due to her tendency to be hard to get along with. She described herself as overly critical and quick to make comments on the actions and opinions of others.

Jed saw that potential in her right away in a less that courteous comment to the waiter, but still he was drawn to her smile, her laugh and her love of animals. She spoke freely of being troubled by the plight of the impoverished, and Jed saw that she had a good heart in spite of what temper and pettiness she may reveal in the future.

At the same time, Bridget was pleased to sense that Jed was a gentle but strong and protective man who could be trusted. His manners were impeccable, and not a single offensive word passed his lips the entire time.

Finally, Jed came to feel more emboldened. “I’m forty.”

Bridget smiled. “I’m twenty-five.”

Jed took a deep breath: “Am I too old to ask you out?”

Bridget laughed and produced a wide smile. “Well. Just give it a try and see if you get short of breath.” She waved her hand to dispel her wise-ass reply. “Of course you can ask me out. And the answer is yes.”

Jed hesitated. “I think you’re a very attractive woman.”

Bridget blushed and looked down. “Thank you. I look like my mother, but I know I’m not a slender woman.”

Jed shook his head. “No, I think you’re very pretty. Most of all, I really like you, and I’d like to get to know you better.”

Bridget leaned forward. “You are such a gentleman. Not one of the boys who usually ask me out. And? I? think you’re?” She began to giggle. “You’re a hunk.”

Both began to laugh, Jed waving the suggestion away. Bridget continued. “I mean, let’s face it. I’m sort of plump. I was the chubby cheerleader in high school, and the most curvaceous prom queen candidate. I have a problem finding petite slacks that fit over my butt. My mother always tries to make me feel better by telling me I’m just ‘pleasingly plump’.”

Jed reached over and took her hands in his. “Perhaps, but I would heavily emphasize that word ‘pleasingly’.”?

Jed cleared his throat dramatically, and whispered. “Please don’t think I’m fresh? but as you walked your friend to her cab? well? even though you’re wearing a dress, I can see that your body is a work of fine art. All in all, I think you’re hot. And, although it is draped in that lovely little dress, I got the impression that your butt is rather cute.”

Bridget blushed. “Then you would love me in slacks. You think it’s cute? I think it’s more than a tad oversized.”

Jed smiled. “These two descriptions are not mutually exclusive.”

Neither had ever dated another. They were inseparable, having dinner together almost every evening at one of the many restaurants near Bridget’s suburban apartment, just a mile away from Jed’s much larger high-rise condo. They found a Catholic church in a suburb that was in accordance with their tastes and they shared similar likes in music, but not food.

Both were successful in their careers, and earned good salaries, but they did have some minor squabbles over her temper, usually resolved by some physical closeness. Most disagreements were over trivial matters, and this was where Bridget’s tendency to needlessly criticize brought about the most troubling tensions. Jed would hear acidic comments about the personal traits of a coworker or the dating choices of one of her adult siblings. Or Bridget may suddenly disparage a choice of a restaurant or even the color of Jed’s tie.

Bridget was also impulsive, and impatient while driving. Just twenty-five, she had enough speeding tickets to have extraordinarily high insurance premiums, and was flirting with a driving suspension. Just three weeks before the wedding, she decided to follow a driver who had cut her off in traffic to “give him a piece of my mind”, and had to convince a police officer to not charge her with road rage. Jed found himself in constant concern for her safety.

But most of the time she was pleasant, and all the time she was madly in love with this older man who had changed her life by the selection of a chair in a hotel lecture hall. And that man had himself fallen so hard that he decided it was worth any effort to find a way to cope with the idiosyncrasies of the spirited lady he lovingly referred to as Freckles.

They were confident that they would prove a good match in the bedroom. Bridget was touched by how immediately and unconditionally Jed accepted her desire to remain a virgin until her wedding night, never saying a single word to try to convince her to change her mind.

However, that each had strong urges was never in doubt. Their physical attraction was immediate and vigorous. On their third date, which consisted of dinner at Bridget’s apartment, she informed Jed of her intentions on waiting. That had the effect of unleashing them in another direction.

An hour after they had that talk on Bridget’s sofa they found themselves in her bedroom, enjoying the comfort and relief to be found in each other’s fingertips. For such future romps they would meet at Jed’s condo, where Bridget could have her own small room in which to change into and out of her sleepwear and enjoy her own bathroom and shower. The priority they placed upon the frequency of their petting sessions gave them a glimpse into the future of their relationship.

Six months after meeting, they were married in a small, family-only ceremony after the chaste courtship, before entering into a relationship that stunned each of them with the level of libido the other possessed. Each could simply not get enough of the other. For Bridget, it was her first sexual relationship. For Jed, he had simply never experienced anything like the times in bed (or on the living room couch, or the floor in front of the fireplace) with Bridget. Everything simply felt better with his full-figured little Irish lover.

* * *

Before entering the cabin, Jed sat down on a rustic porch bench and guided Bridget onto his lap. They talked for a while and listened some more to the birds, trying to identify their calls.

Lifting his laughing wife from the porch bench, Jed carried her inside the cabin and flipped the light switch to reveal the pine walls and redwood floor. He ran his fingers over the grain in the wall of the small combined living room, dining room and kitchen. A very long and large leather sofa was the dominant furnishing.

Bridget sighed.? “What a great place for on the weekends and for vacations.” She pointed to the fireplace. “I feel a chill. Okay if I start a fire?”

Jed smiled and nodded. “I think that dress could start a fire all by itself.”? Bridget tossed a smile over her shoulder, swaying her bottom back and forth. The short, sleeveless little black dress fit her frisky mood for the evening while the couple visited an elegant restaurant in the nearest town half an hour away to celebrate Bridget’s birthday two days early. Jed watched the movements of the lovely vision that now consumed his life as she placed some kindling on the fireplace grate.

“You know, Bridget, that is a really short dress.”

She looked around as if she had been rebuked. “It’s too short?”

Jed laughed. “No?I was expressing my appreciation.”

Bridget gave a sigh of relief. “I knew you would like it.”

Jed shook his head. “It’s funny?I see you in the buff every day. But when you wear something like that?it’s like I can’t wait to see you in the buff again.”

His wife looked up and winked. “That’s why I bought this dress. So you’ll want to take it off me. And I look forward to you taking my clothes off.” She laughed. “Funny? you seem to do so much better at undressing me than I can do myself.”

He laughed. “Can I get some more practice right now?”

She knelt down and struck a match to the kindling, then began giggling. “Jed, before we go to bed, remember that you promised yourself you would go through one box of their stuff each day.”

Jed moaned. “I know. But it’s your birthday weekend.”

Bridget walked over to him, flipped off the light and then reached for the bedroom door. “We’re going to be here for four days. Anyway, you inherited all the contents. Perhaps you’ll be amused at what you find. I’ll go through one with you.”

Her husband sighed. “You’re right. I need to get started? one box at a time. We need the closet space.” He walked across the bedroom and stepped into the large closet at the back of the room. He took the top box off the stack that was taller than he and carried it to the bed. He sat down and removed the lid, while Bridget sat on the other side of the box, curled up at the foot of the bed.

Jed gripped a stack of magazines and placed them on the bed. He looked them over while Bridget took some more things out of the box and began examining them before handing them to her husband.

Jed took a deep breath. “Old fishing magazines?? anything else?”

Bridget reached to the bottom of the box. “Feels like a couple of pocket knives a notebook? a few pens and pencils down there. Box one is done already. See, if you would just stop putting tasks off all the time?”

Bridget saw the frown on her husband’s face, then stopped and placed her fingertips over her lips. “I’m sorry. I’m trying to not do that so much. I love you so much?I don’t know why I have that reflex to be so bossy and critical over little things.”

Jed shook his head. “Good thing you’re so cute.”

Bridget leaned her head against his side. “While I’m at it, sorry about my comments about your driving on the way here?and complaining about that place we stopped for lunch.”

Jed cleared his throat theatrically. “And about the air conditioning and the way I packed the SUV?”

Jed shook his head. “You make me so happy?but you concern me. I want to see you get over your impulsiveness before we have children. I want you to think. You get those speeding tickets?you had that ?what?road rage incident?”

Bridget nodded. “And the wisecrack I made to your barber about your haircut. And how I made your sister mad at the wedding? I can be a real bitch, huh?” Bridget began stroking his chest. “I think I know how to say I’m sorry.”

* * *

In the early morning light Bridget woke to hear Jed turning on the shower. She tossed off the covers, and felt that the air in the room was quite warm, then noticed that the space heater was running. Bridget ran to the bathroom and shouted, “Room for me?”

A grinning husband opened the door and kissed her as she stepped in. They soaped and scrubbed each other, interspersing the bathing with kisses.

Toweling each other off, the kissing resumed, and Jed wrapped a large towel around their entwined torsos. Bridget looked up and smiled: “We’re not getting dressed now, are we?” She stood on her tiptoes, allowing her 5’2” frame to enable her to nibble on her husband’s earlobe.

Jed dropped the towel, then scooped Bridget up in his arms and carried her to the bed. He dropped her from a foot above, making her squeal with delight. She covered up with the sheet on the still unmade bed and reached for Jed as he settled in next to her. The kissing and stroking resumed, and after a few minutes, Bridget pushed the sheet down and away, before turning onto her stomach.

Taking the obvious cue, Jed began petting her bottom. Bridget purred. “Gosh, I love it when you do that. Just keep that up for about a week.”

Jed laughed as he continued the caressing. “That would be a great way to spend a week.”

Bridget looked up at him and winked. “You know what that does to me.”

Jed nodded. “I hope that never changes.” Bridget sighed and closed her eyes as the gentle massage continued. Arousal set in, as they both knew was all but inevitable, and Bridget began to squirm.

Jed continued the stroking. “Is the room warm enough for you?”

Bridget nodded, and then looked up. “I just wish you had checked out that heater more closely. Sometimes they can be? oops.” Her fingers once again covered her lips, and she placed her face straight down in the pillow. She murmured, “Sorry?there I go again.”

Jed had stopped the soft caressing, his hand resting on the middle of her backside. He laughed and shook his head. He gave Bridget’s bottom a couple of firm pats and said, “One of these days? “

Bridget gave a gasp of mock indignation. “Are you threatening to give someone we know a spanking?”

Jed resumed the careful, roaming caressing of her soft posterior. “It has crossed my mind. I remember a day when you got home from school and you were fuming about that girl who was always whispering in class.? You told me how you would love to give her a hot seat. I thought to myself how I could relate to that comment.”

Bridget pressed her face down on the bed and grinned impishly.? “Uh-oh.”

As she enjoyed the resumed stimulation, Bridget spoke slowly: “Well then, Sweetie? when you do this? do you ever have the impulse to actually give me a good whack?”

Jed paused the caressing for a moment, then resumed. “Yeah? sometimes I do. Why? Would you like that?”

Bridget giggled and her face turned dark pink. “Well, sometimes I almost expect you to.”

Jed pondered her words. “Are we building up to a birthday spanking, here?”

Both went silent for a moment before Bridget spoke. “Would it turn you on to warm my bottom?”

Jed gave a nervous laugh. “To be honest? I imagine it would.”

There was another long pause, this one broken by Jed. “Would that turn you on?”

Bridget blushed even more, began giggling and buried her face in the pillow. “It very well may.? I?know? what it’s like to get a spanking. And the last time, I was twenty at the time.”

Jed patted her bottom again, this time more firmly. “You going to tell me about this?”

Jed looked down and noticed that there were now tears brimming in Bridget’s eyes. “What’s wrong?”

Bridget wiped her face. “This is?embarrassing. We’ve been married three months and dated for six months before that, and I still never mentioned any of this. I never talked about this with any guys I dated.”

Jed gave her a couple of light spanks. “I have ways of making you talk.”

Bridget looked up. “I was finishing my second year at the junior college. I wasn’t dating anybody, but I had a group of regular friends who studied together. One of the boys was a sort of a guy pal to me. There were some sparks, but we had never even kissed.’

“My parents were away on a business trip near the end of the last semester. Ed was twenty-five, and I was a year away from being old enough to buy drinks. We all went to this tavern to get pizza, and I was all decked out in this flirty little mini skirt, feeling my oats. I ordered a beer, and flashed the waitress a phony I.D. card. Ed was really upset that I was going to get in trouble.’

?“Ed whispered to me that he ought to give me a spanking when he took me home. That just flipped a switch in my brain?sort of came out of nowhere. I whispered back that I was counting on it, and that he had better do it right because I was going to order another beer. We made a deal. I got another beer, and then he could spank me.’

“We left the tavern about ten, and Ed drove me to my house in silence. He was mad at me, but I was just beside myself with all kinds of?well, feelings. We walked in and for a moment, and we just stared at each other in the dim light. I kissed him for the first time, and told him that I was ready for my spanking.’

“He led me over to the sofa, sat down in the center and pointed to his lap. He said, ‘Don’t come over here if you think I’m joking around’. Everything in my mid-section was shuddering and my heart was racing? I kicked off my shoes, knelt next to him and lowered myself over his knees.’

“Ed flipped my skirt up on my back and gave me a hard whack across my silky black panties. He kept on spanking me, really hard, and it got me all turned on. Then all of a sudden, he pulled me up and kissed me. We had a good time without taking off any clothes.” Bridget laughed. “Some things got loosened and rearranged.? Until you came along, Sweetie, it was the only time I ever had an orgasm caused by another person.”

Jed chuckled. “Well, if the mood ever strikes you? I’ll smack you.”

Bridget drew herself closer. “It was a long time ago? but I’ll think about it. Maybe?maybe since you’ve already thought about it?perhaps the next time I bitch at you I should end up over your knees.’

The little red haired delight giggled. “I even got paddled at school for smoking. “

Jed gave her bottom a firm swat. “I have to hear this.”

“I was a senior. I had just turned eighteen a couple of months earlier.’

“The principal, Mr. Levington, scolds me for smoking then he had a secretary come in to witness. The he opens a drawer and takes out his paddle, has me bend over the desk, then he landed that board on the seat of my skirt five times.’

“He tells me to stand up, and he asked me, ‘Still think smoking at school is a good idea?’

“And? Bridget being Bridget? I told him that I thought we should be able to smoke if we were eighteen, and that it was a stupid rule.”

Bridget giggled. “Those next five whacks really, really hurt.’

?“He called my parents and told them what had happened. My Dad took me aside that evening and told me that he had thanked Mr. Morgan for giving me what I deserved.? Mom didn’t believe in spanking, and Dad gave in to her. But if he had prevailed, I know I would have ended up over his knees many times. That evening after I got whacks at school, Dad had the best line. He told me, ‘In the end, justice always prevails’.”

Jed shook his head and laughed. “But, you said you never smoked again?”

“Not after that butt whuppin.”

Jed raised his eyebrows. “What did that tell you?? I mean?? in light of what we were just talking about?”

Bridget sighed. “That ?maybe?it?would?be good for me. I’ve always wondered if my attitude today is because I never got my butt spanked at home.”


Bridget nodded. “Okay? maybe we should make that part of the deal from now on.? But I know one thing. Just talking about it makes me want to just? show you? a good time.”


The Promise

Chapter One

Carol Sands pulled her new Mustang convertible into the small parking lot in the rear of the professional office building. She casually knew the psychologist she was there to see, and she was pleased that the office was in a part of the city in which she was unlikely to encounter acquaintances. At least she hoped that she would not encounter anyone else who was familiar in the building, which was also occupied by accountants, attorneys and a couple of advertising agents. If she was seeking counsel for stress, a relationship problem or some other “normal” reason for seeing a psychologist, she may not have felt so guarded and tense. She scolded herself for those emotions, as she recalled many times, for she had advised others that there was no stigma attached to seeking help in dealing with a vexing problem. Now it was her turn.

She locked the doors of the red car, and in spite of her anxiety, could not help but gaze at the sports car she had purchased just four weeks before. She had always wanted such a car, but she would not allow herself to buy one until she could pay cash and have a lot of money left over. She had arrived at that stage in her life, and she enjoyed shifting the gears and driving with the top down on a mild day. She had never anticipated the glances and approving nods she would get from men while sitting in traffic in the gleaming muscle car.

She did not really want to enter the building; she feared the conversation ahead. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and read the suite directory. Her counselor was on the second floor, and she saw a sign with an arrow directing visitors to the stairs and elevator. She walked down the hall and took a left turn.

She encountered a handsome man who appeared to be in his mid-forties, some years younger than she was. However, she was flattered and a bit embarrassed when she peered back slightly and saw that he was watching her form as she climbed the steps. She was used to that, and she could not help but smile.

She finally reached the office she was seeking, but as she reached for the door handle, she found that she was trembling badly. She took a deep breath, pulled the door open and stepped up to a window where the receptionist was placing the phone back on the cradle.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m? I’m here to see Jennifer.”

“Your name?”

“Carol? Sands.”

“Please have a seat.”

Carol sat down and tried to occupy her mind by browsing through some magazines on the table next to her. Her urge was to walk back to the window and cancel the appointment, but she knew that she would encounter Jennifer elsewhere.

Two minutes later, a door opened and the familiar face of Jennifer Howard appeared. “Carol? nice to see you. Come on in.” They walked into a small office, and the psychologist motioned to a chair. Carol sat down and drummed her fingers nervously on the arm of the large leather chair.

The two women were in a social sorority and were in each other’s presence several times a year. They had met and spoken superficially only.

Jennifer sat down, picked up a writing tablet and lowered her glasses on her nose. “So, Carol? what brings you here?”

“I’m having a problem coping with something? something I did that I’m ashamed of.”



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