The Awakening of Sister Agatha


Sample Chapter

They always said this convent was for the bad girls and she had never believed it until now.

Such are the thoughts of Sister Agatha, who – along with other cloistered nuns – lives under the watchful eye of a Mother Superior whose sole purpose is to reform women prone to naughtiness.

But when the Mother Superior fails to instill proper discipline, the task is given over to handsome Father Alfredo, a newcomer who stirs the impure thoughts of every sister in the Order. But what is an upright man of the cloth to do when faced with tempting beauties in need of correction?

The answer is indeed a wicked one, as the sole priest in a convent full of wanton nuns begins doling out the physical correction these women need and crave. But spanking is just the beginning. Penance soon gives way to pleasure in this must-have book for those making it a “habit” of combining the sexy with the sacrilegious in their fantasy lives.

Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Three loud thumps on the dark oak door announced the arrival of Father Alfredo. The Sisters looked up at the sound, surprised. A stranger? Coming to see them? But no one, they thought, ever came to or visit them in their cloistered little world. It was so quiet and so unchanging there that the days and the years all seemed the same. It was so rarely different or new that it was easy to believe that it was some fantasy, or dream, some place completely untouched by the real world outside.

Waiting outside the door, Father Alfredo stood tall and dark in his cassock, pulling his black cloak tight about him against the icy wind. He waited with increasing impatience for the oak door to swing back. When an indifferent nun finally opened it, he was even more annoyed. She gave him no sign of respect, no sense of deference. Instead she merely shrugged a little and swung open the door further. He looked at her with growing concern. Her casual behavior was at odds with the respect he should be receiving, both as a priest and as a visitor. Things had gone very far in this convent, he feared.

He stepped into the hall, carrying his small case with him, and looked around. A gritty light shone through dirty windows that had not been cleaned in weeks. There was a statue of the founder, as expected. The hall was dusty, even grimy, and he could see a broken chair thrown to one side. The floor had scuffmarks from muddy shoes. The nun was looking at him. She didn’t smile, or offer to take his case. Instead, she just waited for him to speak.

“I am Father Alfredo,” he said. “I am here to see your Mother Superior.” She nodded and indicated he should follow her, but otherwise did not speak. She didn’t meet his eyes at all. Father Alfredo wondered why. Had she been told not to, that it was wrong? That it was a sin? He very much hoped that she hadn’t. The whole purpose of this convent was to provide a to nuns who could not be bound by such rules.

Not every woman was cut out to be a nun. And despite what some might think, not every nun was the same. Some did very well under the yoke of chastity. And some most certainly did not. Those that didn’t were sent here, to this convent, and certain ? arrangements were put in place. Other circumstances were overlooked. Nevertheless, those nuns whose unending cravings made them unsuitable for other roles wound up here. And that was to everyone’s satisfaction, at least it had been.

They turned and walked down the long hallway, and she held open the door for him as they walked into another corridor. Father Alfredo saw two nuns, quite young, walking towards him. One had dark brown eyes that looked at him with a questioning – even saucy – air. The other was blond and blue-eyed, and she openly giggled at his gaze. Neither of them seemed at solemn or respectful. They were barely mannered. Now this was much more like it, he thought to himself.??

He turned and looked at them as they went past, leading to even more laughter. Such luscious conduct. He fought back a smile crossing his lips.

“Father? Are you alright?”

The old Sister couldn’t blame the novices for giggling, even though they had to know it was wrong. Father Alfredo was just an amazing man to look at. He was a very tall, with dark hair and dark eyes. His face was strong and almost too beautiful to be called handsome. His lips were full and soft. His body was strong, broad, and he had large hands that looked more like someone who worked in the fields than in the Church. His hands would be amazing to feel, she thought. They would be strong as anything, but would be able to find the ticklish places, the delicate places. Her palms grew sweaty as she stole another glance at him. But it was more than her palms that were getting damp as she felt the long forgotten heat of want, of lust. How long since she had seen a man? How long since she had been in the presence of a man like him? She couldn’t remember. She would love to be at the mercy of a man like him, thought Sister Margaret. But Mother Superior would never allow that.

They went further into the convent until they reached the great hall. Or rather, he went forward, striding with quick steps, and Sister Margaret tried to trot after him. The Great Hall was used for assemblies and services involving the village down in the valley. It was plainly decorated, with wood and white walls.? As the priest went, he saw a group of nuns sitting there chatting quietly, and he could only shake his head at the sight. This was supposed to be a contemplative order, where silence was to be the norm, rather than this routine talk. The nuns should either be working, or carrying out their duties. Sitting around talking was not appropriate. He would have a large task ahead of him, he saw, to instill proper discipline in these women. But whipping them into shape was exactly the kind of task he relished. The pleasure, indeed the pains, he took in forming these souls into obedient nuns – well, it would be worth all the effort. The pair kept walking, and moved towards the offices of the principle nun, the Mother Superior. Her office was in a dark corridor, lined with portraits of the founder of the order, the Pope and the previous Mother Superiors.

I’m in the dark with a man, thought Sister Margaret, and she sniffed the air slightly. He smelt strange and foreign to her. Strong. Male. Oh my.?

He knocked on the door, not waiting for the nun to do it, and entered.

The woman sitting at the desk reading looked up when the door opened. Who entered without knocking?? She was in her mid-fifties, with a snub nose and pale eyes that looked through large thick glasses. She stared in shock at the intruder before gathering herself together. A blush reached her cheek and she was flustered. But soon she was composed again.

“Who are you, please?” she asked.

“I am Father Alfredo, Mother Superior. I have come from the Chapter House.”

Mother Superior looked confused for a moment.

“Chapter House? But they didn’t send word that someone was coming. I was not told to expect a visit from the Chapter House, what is the meaning of this? Why would they send someone to me now?”

He looked at her. Her face was a picture of smugness and arrogance. She seemed stuffed into her habit, her fat face and fingers a guide to her self-indulgence. He lifted his voice to answer.

“The meaning of this is that your poor work here in this convent has become loud enough for us to see and hear about it. You, Mother Superior, are a disgrace!”

The nun behind him gasped, while Mother Superior rose quickly to her feet. A short woman, the gesture carried little impact, but she came around the table to stand close to him. Not too close, though, otherwise she would be obliged to tilt her head back.

“How dare you! I have run this convent on the highest intentions for twenty years! Twenty years of back-breaking work!”

“Maybe you have, Mother Superior, but intentions alone no longer succeed! This order is now failing in its mission and in its purpose. The control of these nuns is neglected. The same goes for their duties! They are forced into a lifestyle that we all know they cannot bow to. Foolish. Foolish! They cannot be like other nuns. You know this! We all know this! And they can only be what they are. By so obviously neglecting their discipline, you have risked their health and their remaining at the convent. “

The Mother Superior was shaking her head now. “No, no, you don’t understand! It is not that bad, just a little less restrictive. I have let the Sisters explore their nature, removed discipline, and allowed them to develop their paths naturally. I cannot make their lives completely restrictive.

“The nature of religious life is restrictive!” the priest replied angrily. “The nature of a life for a is already decided, by others more knowing and more understanding than you!”

She stared at him through the lens of her glasses, beginning to understand her mistake.

“Mother Superior, if you refuse to discipline these women, you have no one to blame but yourself.”

“Oh?. oh but Father, I’m sorry-“

“I’m aware of that, Mother Superior. I am here to undo the damage your inaction has done.”

“But ? but I can change, I can undo the damage,” she tried.

“Mother Superior.” He drew himself up to his full height and looked directly at her. “For the foreseeable future the day-to-day management of the convent will be handled by me, with assistance from your sisters.”

“No, please!”

“It is done. You are to return to the Chapter House immediately.” His tone was resolute.

She lowered her head, defeated.

“Who, please, is your second in command?”

The older woman foundered for a moment, her mouth opening and closing without words. He turned to the other nun in the room, who nodded immediately.

“I’ll go get her,” said Sister Margaret and slipped out.

“But Father Alfredo,” said the Mother Superior. “While there may be some element of laxness in my leadership, surely that does not merit my immediate removal? And without any warning? Or right to respond to this ? this finding of being unable to lead?” Tears were forming in her eyes, but Father Alfredo was unmoved. He frowned.

“Mother Superior, look at you. The very fact that you are arguing with me about this, here, while I present you with the explicit instructions from our order, illustrates exactly how far from the ideals you are, and how much must be done. Now, I ask you again, who is your second in command?”

“I am,” said a voice behind him, as the door opened. He turned, and he looked. There stood a young woman, slender as a pick, with sallow skin and dark hair that peeked from around her habit. Her face was extraordinary, like a vision in the darkness. It curved perfectly, so that the habit merely accentuated the line of her jaw. Her lips were full and smooth to the point of being lush. Her nose was full and straight, with a delicate flare of nostrils. Her were astonishing – the brown of coffee with a tiny touch of cream, under eyebrows that were a straight line of strength.?

A long moment passed as they assessed one another. It was only when there was a noise from the third nun that either of them moved again.? Father Alfredo turned back to the Mother Superior, swallowing.

“Now Mother, I would ask you to leave us. Your second and I have much to discuss.”

“Mother Superior?” asked the Second.

“Sister Agatha, I am? no longer in charge of this convent and am today returning to the Chapter House. Father Alfredo here will explain everything. You are to give him every assistance, and carry out his every word. Do you understand? ”

Father Alfredo, thought Sister Agatha.

So this was the man whose arrival has caused a flurry in every nun in the convent, not that she couldn’t sympathize. Even now she tried to ignore her body’s reaction to him. It wanted him. She felt that want in her belly, on her breasts.

Agatha, control yourself.

She remembered the lessons Mother Superior had tried to teach her – that she should ignore her body at all times.

Nodding wordlessly, Mother Superior left the room. Her second and the other nun stood to one side to let her pass, their heads lowered in respect as she went. The disgraced nun went with head held up, proud but accepting.

“She is relieved of her duties?” asked Agatha after the door had closed behind her.


She nodded slowly to herself.

“You’re not surprised.”

“No, I’m not. But I am saddened for her. She used to be rather strict, but her heart has been touched by a personal tragedy, and it softened her.”

She nodded to the young nun, who turned and left, closing the door behind her. They were alone.

?“Father, I will provide any and all assistance I can to you.”

He looked at her.

“All assistance?”


For a moment he let the silence fall on that word.

“You must carry out my every instruction without complaint or question, Sister. Will you do that?”

“Of course I will, Father.”

“The restrictions I place on you will seem harsh, but they are necessary.”

“Oh? How so?”

“Sister, the tales of this convent have alarmed Chapter House very much. They see no need to have the convent remain if it does not improve its function in the order. If those who sent me continue to remain unhappy, it is possible that they will close the convent down.”

“Close the convent?” Her voice was barely a whisper. She looked shocked, horrified.

“Yes, Sister. They will close it, with the sisters disbursed to other convents in other parts of the country. Chapter House is very serious about discipline, Sister; these sisters need to be whipped into shape immediately. I am here to do just that.”

“But what can we do? And what must we do to retain the convent?”

“We must improve discipline in all areas. We must ensure that the nuns are perfect examples of their mission. They must show discipline in their work in the convent. They must start up their charity visits to the village again, and must help all those who ask for it, no matter what. In this way we will see correct behavior again.”

She swallowed, thinking.

“You do not wish for this convent to be closed?” he asked.

“No. No, definitely not. I would do anything to keep it open.” She looked at him. “Anything.”

“I know you will. I will see to it. It is my role to see that you do – that all the sisters do. But you must do what I say, when I say it, with no objections whatsoever. Do you understand?”

A moment passed. Slowly she began to nod.

“Yes, Father. Yes I do.”

“Good. Then we will begin. Can you tell me, please, where the books of accounts are?”

“Accounts? You are worried about thieving?”

“Sister! What did we just agree?”

She started, and then realized what she had done.

“Oh! Oh forgive me Father!”

“No. No, I will not.”

“I’m sorry?”

He went to the desk and snatched up a ruler. Quickly, he walked back to her and took hold of her hand. Turning it palm up, he it pulled towards him.

“No objections,” he said. “No exceptions.”

And he lifted the ruler and hit her for the first time. One lash. She gasped, and tried to pull her hand away, but he gripped it harder in his. ?A second strike.? The sting on her palm hurt but she didn’t pull away. What she found herself doing was pulling only a little, so that he would curl his hands around her again. A third, hardest of all. He let her hand go and she immediately hid it behind her, while it burned red and sore.

“An instruction is an instruction, Sister. I very much mean what I say; you are under my control and my discipline, and I won’t hesitate to correct you for insubordinate behavior. Do you understand?”

His tone was cold, almost angry. Meanwhile the burning in her left palm reminded her of his heat. It burned there, unbeknownst to anyone – a private feeling he had given just to her. She held it loosely in the punished hand, behind her back, keeping her face composed.

Her gesture pulled her arms back, making the faint outline of her breasts clearer to him. Irritatingly he felt his heat grow between his legs.

“Certainly, they’re here,” he said, directing her attention back to the matters at hand.

She moved to a cabinet behind the desk and gestured to several ledgers. The priest took them down and put them on the table.

“Any other documentation you need Father?”

“I’ll not know until I see these, but nothing for now,” he replied, sitting down to examine the books.

“Certainly. I will arrange for some food to be brought to you, and I will be close by if you need me,” she said. “Please ring that bell and I will bring you anything, anything at all.” It occurred to her that the offer could have several different meanings. But for some reason she didn’t correct herself.

“Good,” he replied. He noted the double meaning as well, and was beginning to suspect that it was intended. Oh, how he would enjoy that. He watched her as she walked out of the room, staring at her without a fraction of embarrassment.?

If Sister Agatha were here, then she must be here for a reason. He would have to teach her the power of her own desire ? educate her on her true nature. He would, in fact, have to teach all the Sisters the power of their desires. He allowed himself a smile. What a delightful thought to have. What a delicious burden to carry.?


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