Tamed by Her Men

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Sophia is the CEO of her family business and wears the cloak proudly. She’s brash and opinionated and, of course, her opinion is the only one that matters. She’s determined to develop a large parcel of land – no matter the consequences to the wildlife, the environment, or the Native American tribe that calls the land home.

Brody has been Sophia’s go-to person for quite a while, and he’s loved her just as long. She demands and he fulfills her wishes. But she’s gone too far this time and he steps up his game, with her father’s blessing. Her days of bullying those around her to get her way are over. Yes, he has his work cut out for him but with the help of his brother, he’s determined to show her the error of her ways.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange and ménage.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter One


Sophia loved her life; she had everything she could ever need to make her happy. She was rich, beautiful, and her boyfriend was under her thumb. Brody was a total hunk, but not dumb, he had some sort of fancy degree, not that she cared about that. No, she liked that he had to work for her as her driver, assistant and any other title she could come up with. Right now he was driving her out to her latest acquisition – more than six hundred acres of pristine and perfect land that was going to make her another billion. The jeep hit another bump and she was tossed about the plush backseat.

“Brody, are you trying to hit every pothole?” she snapped.

“Sophia, this is the wilderness, there are no roads,” he shot back. “How many times do I have to tell you that?”

She grumbled. “Well, that’s the first thing I’m going to change! Are we there yet?”

“For like the tenth time, we’ll get there when… oh, we’re here.”

He slammed on the brakes, the jeep slid to a stop, and she sat back and fixed her clothes as she waited for him to open the door. She grinned, it was yet another measure of her control over him, and she loved it. As they were out in the wild, she’d dressed appropriately: designer khaki slacks that hugged her firm legs and curvy butt, and a crop top that let her show off her toned and tanned belly and barely contained her ample breasts. She bent forward slightly as he opened the door to put her ‘goods’ on proper display.

That always gave Brody a woody.

His eyes met hers. She saw the lust and anger in his face, and she smirked as she got out. Truth be told, she did love him dearly, and with good reason. He spoke four languages, he could speak with authority on a number of subjects and he definitely had her back. As he always said, ‘I’ve got your six’. It was a term from his time as an Army Ranger or Special Forces, she could never remember which. Plus, despite being out of the military for a couple years, he was still totally buff! He had the strongest arms, the broadest shoulders, and the tightest little butt she’d ever seen.

She looked around. “So, where are the others with the camping stuff?”

He whipped out his GPS. “Ah… let’s see, I’ll check their car tracker. Here we go, less than a click north of here,” he said, looking off toward a small clump of trees. “They’re probably just over that ridge, and will be here in a few minutes. Man, would you look at this place? Gorgeous, a true Garden of Eden.”

Sophia grunted and rolled her eyes. Sheesh, he can be such a wimp. “Yeah, nice, pretty. Would you call them and tell them to hurry? I’m hungry and I want to freshen up.”

“Sophia, they can only go so fast. Shit, girl, show an ounce of patience. Hey, how about we go for a walk?”

She bent over, sticking her ass high in the air, and reached into the car. Snagging the blueprints, she spread them out on the trunk. “Brody, get your head out of your pants, we can fuck anytime. We’ve got work to do.”

“Hey, I was just suggesting a walk, not everything is about sex!”

“Yeah, right.” She snorted. “I know men, I’ve banged enough of them, and sex ranks above breathing every time. Now, let’s check out these plans. Ah… how do they go?”

She twisted and turned them trying to get them oriented properly. Brody took ahold of the plans; every once in a while he actually manned up and took control, and it seemed to get her all tingly for some reason. She tried to ignore it. A simple turn and the plans were laid out in the right direction.

“Wait, what in the world is this?” he said, confusion and concern in his tone.

“The resort I’m going to build. Oh, it’s going to be great. That lake will be expanded for drainage and so the guests can fish and water ski, we’ll put the airport there, once all those trees are cut down and the main hotel and casino will have a great view of everything. Finally, here are the others!”

The large van had just come over the ridge, and a moment later stopped near them. One thing Sophia was picky about was her comfort, and so she barked orders to the team to get her tent and kitchen set up. Brody, for a change, was strangely quiet as he just sort of gazed at the plans and the countryside. Finally, when everything was done, they sat down right outside her large three-room tent for a nice lunch of mountain trout.

“Brody, come on, what’s up? You’ve barely touched your food and the chef made this specially for you.”

“Sophia, I’m concerned about this project. I thought the idea was to create a sort of camping hideaway place where people could get back to nature. This is practically a theme park! Come on, look around, this place is fantastic just the way it is, why screw with that?”

“Is that all?” she snorted. “Brody, I tossed those plans in the trash a month ago. My accountant ran the numbers; this design will generate ten times the revenue of the old one, and in half the time.”

“Really, money, again? Girl, must you reduce everything to dollars and cents?”

“What else is there?”

He sighed. “Love? My love for you, yours for me, and how about love of good old Mother Earth?”

She rolled her eyes. “God, did you really serve in combat? Because you sound like one of those green pansies who are always crying about some environmental issue.”

“Only those who have seen death truly appreciate life,” he snapped. “You can’t eat, drink or breathe money, Sophia!”

“No, but you can buy any food or drink you could ever want.”

“Not when the plants and animals are all dead,” a man’s voice said.

Sophia jumped in her seat, and Brody, ever the protector, got to his feet and turned toward the man. She turned too and saw two Indians standing there next to their horses. While they were dressed in modern clothes, their heritage was obvious; the older one even had one of those headband things with a feather in it.

“Who are you, what do you want?” Brody said firmly to the man who’d spoken.

“I am William White Cloud, Chief of the local Wampanoag,” the older one said. “This is my son, Tony.”

“Tony?” Sophia said, getting to her feet. “Not a very Indian name.”

Brody spun to face her. “Sophia, the proper term is ‘Native American’. It’s a pleasure to meet you, gentlemen. Is there something we can do for you?”

“Actually, these days we just go by ‘Native’,” Tony said.

William raised a hand to cut off his son. “Yes, yes, enough of the PC crap. We are here to speak with Miss Grant. Our attorney has advised us of her intentions to change the plans for this area. That is something we cannot allow, we wish to cancel the contract.”

“How’d he find out about that?” Brody said. “I only just learned it myself.”

“I don’t give a shit how they found out,” Sophia snapped. “We have an ironclad contract and I’m not changing a thing!”

“Ah, excuse me, but you have sixty days left to exercise your option,” Tony said. “If you don’t, the land reverts to us, and we intend to stop you from doing that.”

“That sounded vaguely like a threat, sir,” Brody said. “I do hope you’re not suggesting an act of violence or eco-terrorism, because I would have to fight you on that.”

William sighed. “Forgive my son; he can be a bit enthusiastic at times. No, we are merely going to file an injunction to block any work from being done.”

“Ha, good luck with that,” Sophia sneered. “My lawyer says you don’t have a leg to stand on. I have final say as to the use of the land.”

“Father, is this true?” Tony said.

“The contract could be interpreted that way,” he said. “However, Miss Grant gave me her word of honor that she would respect our wishes as to the nature of the development.”

Brody groaned. “Shit, you fell for that old line?”

“Hey,” she snapped.

“Really, girl?” he said, totally exasperated.

“Your tone does not inspire confidence,” William said. “I take it she has no honor.”

“Hey,” she growled.

“Good sirs, please, do not act in a rash manner,” Brody said. “Give me time to talk to her. I give you my word as Brody Ironwood of the Navajo that I will do all I can to help you.”

The two men looked at each other, looked at Brody, and nodded.

“Very well,” William said. “Because you ask, we will wait – for now. Miss Grant, know this, these lands are not merely our home, the spirits of our ancestors dwell here, and they will not allow this place to be desecrated.”

They mounted their horses and rode off, Sophia fuming the whole time, but she didn’t want to scream until they were out of earshot. It was clear the staff knew what was coming. They all moved off to their own tents to busy themselves with their work. Finally, she spun to face Brody.

“Just what the fuck was that all about?” she screeched. “You’re my employee and my boyfriend; you’re supposed to be on my side all the time!”

“Sophia, there are some things more important than even you, and this is one of them,” he said, gesturing at the natural world around them.

“You’re a fucking coward, you know that?”

His back stiffened and he frowned. “What did you say?”

“You heard me! You’re spineless, gutless, you don’t have the balls to stand up to a couple of Indians and so you give me all this eco-friendly crap.”

“That’s the last straw,” he said simply.

Sophia swallowed hard as she took a step away from him. She’d never seen Brody so mad. “Umm, my man, calm down now, remember your place.”

“Oh, I know my place,” he growled, seizing her by the wrist. “It’s time for you to learn yours!”

Pulling her to him, he sat on a large round boulder protruding from the ground; she went across his lap, and – smack! His strong hand connected with her supple bottom. She gasped, her eyes flying open. Never in her life had anyone done such a thing to her. Half a dozen more landed before she found her voice.

“You fucked with the wrong lady! Brody, you stop this at once or you’re fired, and I’ll never speak to you again.”

“Well, that’s your right, missy, but that’s not going to stop me giving you the spanking you deserve,” he said calmly. “I have put up with your attitude, your demands, and you looking down your nose at anyone you deemed beneath you, but I’ve now had enough.”

“Ouch! Brody, you stop, do you hear me? You can’t do this to me! I’ll… I’ll have you arrested, I’ll see you in jail, you’ll never work for me again, and we’re through,” she screamed.

“I don’t think you want to file charges, sweetie,” he said smugly. “To prove your case, you’d have to testify in court as to what I did. You really want the world to know that Sophia Grant, heiress to the Grant Plastics Empire got an old fashioned spanking across the lap of her boyfriend?”

She seethed, as she knew the answer to that question as well as he did. Wiggling and squirming on his lap, she found escape impossible. Brody was far too strong. Her yelps and wails grew louder by the minute, and then she truly died of embarrassment when she heard voices surrounding them. The rest of the staff had emerged from their tents and stood around watching the whole sorry scene.

“Help me! Someone, get this motherfucker off of me, right now or you’re all fired,” she shouted.

Looking around, she saw no one making a move. Most were smiling, a couple gave Brody a thumbs up, and the chef pulled out her phone to take a video! If that turned up online, Sophia would totally die.

“Folks, this act is my choice and mine alone, and I will face the consequences, whatever they may be. My suggestion is that you pack up your things and get ready to go, because we’re leaving just as soon as I’m done with Miss Saucy Britches here.”

Sophia burned with pure rage. Her staff, all these people who worked for her, owed their livings to her were doing just exactly what he said! They turned away, started to take things down and load stuff up, and Brody just kept right on spanking away.

“All right, all right, you’ve made your point, now stop it!” she wailed. “Come on, dude, this is silly.”

“No, this is discipline, which you clearly have been lacking in your life.”

“I don’t need it, or you, now unless you want a lawsuit that’ll leave you broke, stop!”

“Oh, we’re back to threats are we? Guess you haven’t learned your lesson,” he said, his tone scolding.

Sophia ground her teeth. The pain was getting to be too much for her to take. “No, I’m s… I’m sorry, okay?”

She was relieved that he actually did stop and release her, and she broke away from him and grabbed her tender cheeks.

He stood and just looked at her. “Well, I know that apology was completely insincere, but I think I’ve made my point, and I’ll be going now. Just to be clear, I quit.”

“Oh no you don’t, you can’t quit, I want to fire your sorry ass! Now, get out of here,” she snapped, pointing off towards the horizon.

“Yes, I know, and I’ll go. You want a lift back to town?”

“Nothing is what I want from you, is that clear? Get away from me, leave and never come near me again.”

“Really, you want me to just drive off and leave you stranded out here in the wilderness?”

“What are you talking about?” Sophia said. “I’ll just catch a ride with…”

Her voice trailed off as she looked around. They were alone! The staff had loaded up and driven off.

Holy shit, they were fast! No-good jerks.

He grinned. “You were saying?”

“Never mind! Just go. I’ve got my cell phone; I’ll call my copter in when I want to leave.”

Brody’s brow wrinkled. “Huh? You’re staying?”

“The contractor, engineer and architect are coming out here tomorrow, and we’re going to review the plans and timeline for the project. So yeah, I’m staying. Now, get out!”

“But… no, never mind, there’s no point me trying to talk any sense to you. Okay, Sophia, you’re on your own, and good luck to you. I really am sorry I had to do that, sweetie, but you crossed a line, and I had to act.”

“Sorry? You’re sorry? Ha, now who’s being insincere? Just get out of my sight!”

He turned and marched off. She stood there, cupping her tender cheeks and watched him go, and felt totally conflicted. Anger rippled through her, yet there was also a real sense of relief and even joy, which made no sense to her at all. She hated Brody, but also loved him, and there was another emotion in play: passion. Her body actually hungered for him, desired his touch, the feel of his body, the thrust of his cock in her pussy, and she didn’t understand how that could be.

I’m confused, I’m disoriented, that’s all. I need to cool down. Yeah, that’s the answer.

She headed to her tent, walking fast at first, but quickly slowing as she winced with each step. Her poor bottom was quite sore. Slipping off her clothes, she got a hand mirror and inspected the damage to her butt, each cheek glowed, and the sting was terrible. She picked through her things for cold cream, but couldn’t find any.

Shit, I’ve got to find something to cool down my ass. Hey, the lake!

Moving to the tent flap, she looked out. No one was around. It seemed everyone had indeed cleared out. A pang of regret cut through her. None of her employees felt any loyalty, any compunction to stay? She shook her head, trying to drive such concerns out of her head, and she focused on the lake. It looked very cool and inviting. Grabbing a towel, she marched on out, and headed for the water. The grass tickled the bottoms of her feet, and, reaching the shore, she stopped to take it all on. The lake was modest, but not small, and a beautiful waterfall cascaded down a small hill on the left. She moved to a cluster of rocks near the waterfall, and shivered and tingled from the cold mist that enveloped her.

“So, are you one of the spirits I’m supposed to respect?” she said to the stones.

The rocks did sort of look like a man reclining next to the lake, his frowning face gazing off to the west, and a thin outcropping of stone above his right shoulder kind of looked like a raised hand. She sneered and pranced about in front of him, kicked water in his face, and giggled as she stretched out across his lap.

“Are you going to be like my boyfr… like that jerk of an ex-employee, and spank me too? Come on, spirit, show me you’re a real man!” she mocked.

She lay there for a moment, then got up and started to turn away, but a nice package between his legs caught her attention.

“Whoa, not bad,” she said softly, and looked around just to be absolutely sure she was alone. She grinned. “Hey, what the hell, why not?”

Kneeling between his legs, her back to the stones, she eased his solid cock inside her. She trembled, the coldness coupled with the heat in her ass and the cool mist wafting around her sent her body into overdrive. Sophia moaned and sped up, raising and lowering herself on his large shaft, her pussy quickly becoming enflamed. Her hands flew to her breasts, she tilted her head back and opened her mouth and a guttural wail of bliss erupted from her lungs.

“Oh yeah, oh yes, yes-I… I… oh,” she howled.

She rode him and rode him for a good ten minutes, and screamed out multiple orgasms before flopping forward on her hands and knees. Turning to look over her shoulder, she smiled, his cock glistening with her juices.

“Shit, you’re better than most of the men I’ve dated. Pity you’re not real and able to teach me a few things, but at least you’ll never argue with me. Later, dude.”

Getting to her feet, she raced forward, jumped from his lap and landed in the cool and refreshing water. She winced, the sudden coldness against her stinging cheeks was a bit much, but the water was clean and clear, and so very inviting. Stretching out her arms, she did a slow backstroke across the lake, the sun felt soft and gentle on her bare breasts, and the water caressed her tender cheeks and smoldering pussy.

It felt good!

The howl of a wolf made her flop around in the water, she almost got a mouthful, but managed to control herself. Spinning around, she saw a lone wolf atop the hill, the sun shining behind the animal as it raised its voice into the clear blue sky.

“What the hell? A wolf howling now? This doesn’t make sense; it was just lunchtime a few minutes ago.”

“Greetings, my dear, you are as lovely as my brother said,” a soft voice said.

Sophia truly fumbled about as she almost screamed in surprise and fear. She finally got turned around and found herself looking up at a very tall Indian. He stood there, his massive and powerful arms crossed over his equally rippling chest.

“Who are you, what are you doing here? Get away, this is my land,” she stammered, her hands struggling to cover her body.

“This is the place we dwell, Sophia; you are merely a visitor, and a naughty one at that. Come, come with me, and let us show you the error of your ways,” he said simply, stretching out his hand to her.

“Naughty? Error? Oh no, you’re not getting a shot at me like Brody,” she snapped. “I’m out of here!”

Turning, she swam for the shore, then waded once she was close enough to touch bottom. Drawing near to the land, she froze and her jaw dropped as she saw someone seated on the stone figure. He raised his arm to wave to her, and then rose to stand before her, naked and quite buff and well-endowed, and looked down at her.

“Greetings, Sophia, is this a real enough man for you?” Brody said.

She fainted and did a face plant into the water.


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1 review for Tamed by Her Men

  1. Redrabbitt

    The story will be the life and changes of Sophia Grant, who is now the CEO of the family company. She is brash, a brat, and has always had whatever she wants, that reality and the real world aren%u2019t something she really comprehends. But, then there is Brody Ironwood, her boyfriend, gopher, driver, man-of-business. Changes are coming–and that is the rest of the story.

    When Sophia, CEO of the Grant Foundation makes a deal with William White Cloud, Chief of the local Wampanoag tribe, it was to acquire pristine land and keep it that way, making it a family getaway. But Sophia has changed her mind and wants to turn it into a high-end resort with casino%u2014it will be up to Brody, of the Navajo tribe to help her see the errors of her ways%u2014and he will enlist the help of his brother, Ethan.

    Sophia will learn more about nature, the animals, the giving and taking of Mother Earth and her spirit guides, at first a wolf and then the horse. Understanding her original plan is best will now require getting the Board of Directors and her design team on board. She had made a promise to Chief White Cloud originally; now she has to show him she will keep her word.

    The story includes several couples, will involve dominance and submission, punishments, have a couple of ménage scenes, it also has some paranormal elements and pet play%u2014as ponies. The story does have explicit sex scenes and play, including exhibition, voyeurism, and humiliation. It is heavy on power exchange with dominant men and women who capitulate to them. In the end, Sophia learns to let go and trust Brody, that she thrives off of his dominance and she enjoys being his pet, his pony.

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