Taken to Have Their Baby

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Whether they were sold to the Lumberjacks, promised to the Mountain Men or taken by the Bratva, three feisty but innocent women will have their thresholds shattered and their hearts captured when they are claimed by a trio of possessive heroes each to have their baby in this three book collection.

A Baby for the Lumberjacks

Sold to the lumberjacks…

When her father makes one bad deal to get out of another, the end result is giving his daughter to a lumberjack to have his baby. But twenty-one-year-old Saffron Sinclair feels she has no choice but to take the place of her beautiful and timid sister and present herself to the lumberjack instead. Her hope is that he’ll find her undesirable on sight – with her tattoos and the red streaks in her black hair – and send her back home. She’d cite the no refund clause and everything would be fine.

But, when Saffron arrives at the mansion in the forest, she discovers there’s not only one but three dangerously gorgeous lumberjacks. Worse, they have no plans to return her, and walking away would mean giving them their money back.

Prepared to see this through for her family’s sake, Saffron stays and is determined to remain unscathed. Except their shameless examinations and their bold and intimate methods of discipline shatter her boundaries, leaving her curiously aroused and desperately craving more…

A Baby for the Mountain Men

She was promised to the mysterious mountain men in order to have their baby. Now they’re ready to collect their reward.

Twenty-one-year-old Soraya has lived almost her whole life under the shadow of being promised to the mysterious men in the mountain – a deal struck in return for saving her father’s life. Now the time to present herself at their door has arrived.

For Soraya, this means going from the sheltered, friendless, cruel and unloving care of her grandmother to an equally daunting and strange situation in the eerie mansion hidden deep in the dark mountain. There are rumored to be hideous monsters gracing the dilapidated castle-like house, but nothing prepares Soraya for when she meets the three men determined to extract their repayment in full.

For the sake of her father, she’ll pay the debt, then she’ll start living the life she was meant to live…

A Baby for the Bratva

The Bychkov Bratva need an heir. Now.

They wanted a woman quickly, so they chose a home where no one would ask questions. Instead, they got twenty-one-year-old American, Starla Anderson. When the Russian Mafia invades the orphanage where she lives, in the middle of the night, throwing the nuns who raised her into a petrified frenzy, it’s Starla who is chosen as the only one who could possibly survive the Bratva and their demands.

In spite of her own fear of the three massive, glowering and scary men, Starla has to think and act fast. With her heart thundering in her chest, her body on fire at their mere presence, she sees an opportunity, something that might help the other girls at the impoverished home get a chance of a better life. She lays out her only condition: her body for a fee…
Except… No one says no to the Bratva.

Publishers Note: This collection of steamy romances was previously published individually and is now available in one complete collection. Each story contains steamy scenes, power exchange, and a guaranteed HEA.

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1 review for Taken to Have Their Baby

  1. Redrabbitt


    The three stories were previously released as individual stories and are now all together in one collection.

    A Baby for the Lumberjacks

    I will have to say that I laughed out loud, sometimes belly laughing at some of the scenes in this story, especially when Saffron was stirring up trouble with Carter and Caleb. One thing for sure, the story is a nice, even-paced story with plenty of suspense, action, and, yes, an unusual situation that will work itself out in the end. There is a unique chemistry between Saffron and the Lumberjacks.

    Gambling debts that are extensive to a thug, Thunder Montgomery, will have a backroom deal made by her father and three lumberjacks, Carter, Caleb, and Jack, for the use of his daughter to produce a baby. The payoff will clear his debt to Montgomery and help the family. The problem, the daughter they believe they will get is the sweet, meek, and talented Marigold. Saffron learns of the deal, and she can’t allow Marigold to sacrifice herself and her talents as an aspiring artist and insist that she take her place since Marigold’s name isn’t on the contract. Everyone assumes that because of the way Saffron dresses and acts, she is worldly, tough, and in reality, she has them fooled.

    “Marigold was Gold—subtle and serene. And Saffron was Red—fiery and unapologetic.”

    Saffron won’t wait for the ride to pick her, or supposedly Marigold up the next day; she will take herself to the Lumberjacks. She is sure that she can walk away, and her Dad and sister can keep the three million dollars when they see her and find her undesirable. Someone is in for a shocker and finds the plan doesn’t go as she expected.

    The plot will have Saffron agreeing to the contract terms to protect her father, save their late mother’s beloved home, and keep Marigold in art school. While Saffron is the sacrificial lamb, she will learn more about herself with these men by her own acceptance. Not only will she make discoveries, but they will find healing from the injustice of earlier life that they experienced.
    Saffron will learn that what happened to her with another man was not her fault and leave it to these wealthy lumberjacks to find a way to clear up that misunderstanding. Their dominance over her will unlock a submissive side she never knew she had. It takes just the right man, or in this case, men, and a new world will open up.

    “There was nothing better than being taken by three jealous men who wanted to re-exert their authority over her.”

    Trouble is coming their way, and what becomes a matter of life and death, once again, Saffron will go the extra mile to keep those she cares about safe. The picture shows the world with her wild hair color, piercing, tattoos, and attitude is all a big band-aid to protect what is inside her. Can Carter, Caleb, and Jack help her see she is cherished before it is too late?

    The story is a ménage à quatre, with three men and one woman (but no male on male action.) It includes medical play, anal, spankings, and punishments. The story is consensual, and safeguards are always in place during any scene, including punishments.

    A Baby for the Mountain Men

    For years, Soraya Arlington has been told how she was to be given to the mysterious mountain men in payment for a debt owed for saving her father’s life. The agreement will take place when she turns twenty-one, and that time has come. She has been treated horribly by her paternal grandmother, made to dress in her clothing, and lived with ridicule from a cousin. Today is the day her life takes a new direction—and they have sent for her.

    “It’s bad enough you will be known as the town’s slut, giving yourself to three men, we don’t need to flaunt it.”

    “With the new knowledge, the castle instantly turned into a dungeon-like prison. There was not one handsome and kind prince, but rather three horrible beasts who had waited until she reached the required age so they could swoop down and pluck her from what little life she had. And all so she could have their baby as repayment for saving her father’s life.”

    The meeting with the Lockhard brothers comes as a shock to both Soraya and to Logan, Noah, and Archer. The photograph that they have is a blonde, and actually a picture of her cousin, Tina. But they have Soraya, and the deal is she will submit to them and having their baby; after all, it is payment for her father’s life.

    “You want a baby, well here I am, a far cry from the girl you had fantasized about, the one who you thought would be arriving at your doorstep, ready to have your baby, and who you couldn’t wait to have. How’s this for revenge? Careful what you wish for and all that.”

    “The only thing she was guilty of was being Daniel Arlington’s daughter. Over that she had no control. Her crime was fated and not intentional.”

    What started as an agreement, one of revenge, will change as the Lockhard men become intimate with Soraya. Yes, this is revenge, a debt to be paid, to give their stepfather a grandbaby, but Soraya is actually an innocent victim in this scheme. She unwittingly must surrender herself, give them her submission, her virginity, acquiesce to their demands, and have a baby for them. She is told not to become emotionally involved, that this is a business arrangement, but that is easier said than done. Even the tough Logan is falling for Soraya like his two brothers, Noah and Archer, have.

    “You are weak; you are coward; you are horrible men who care only about yourselves. And if I never see you again, it will be too soon. I hate you. I hate all of you.”

    “She was their revenge pawn.”

    The story has explicit sex scenes, voyeurism, exhibition, medical play, humiliation, dominance and submission, and ménage scenes. There are secrets, bargains, and revenge that will all play out. But what happens when the hearts of all the players get involved? Will they be able to put the past in the past and find happiness in their futures?

    “She was whole. Loved. Cherished. Treasured. Theirs.”

    A Baby for the Bratva

    The story is a reverse harem, dark mafia romance with plenty of mystery, suspense, angst, secrets, power exchange, non-con, and dub-con situations. Throw in three Bratva who must find a woman and have a child to hold onto their power. Coming to an orphanage in the middle of the night and demanding a female of age. Sister Nayda will choose American-born Starla Anderson, who has been under the guardianship of Sister Alena since she was sixteen. Nothing so devastating has happened to her since the night her mother died in a fire, and now, she is a prisoner of the Bychkov Bratva.

    “Take us all down to save one girl. Or—sacrifice that one girl to save us all. If the girl does as she is told she might be able to see this through and remain unscathed until the end. As unscathed as one could be given what is going to happen to her once that have her.”

    The story will have Dimitry, Mikhail, and Nikolay Bychkov coming to the orphanage where Starla has been since she was sixteen. Now, she is subjected to these men striping her, examining her, total humiliation, and then she must leave with them. It is either her or one of the other girls, and she will go to protect them. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t give them plenty of attitude and angst—even if she pays the price for it.

    “Innately, she knew she would never be the same again. These men would change her, break her, destroy her, and she would have no say in the matter. The terror she felt surely shone from her eyes. They were the Bratva. Crime lords. Dangerous men who lived dangerous lives. They were—devastatingly beautiful and devastating scary at the same time. The worst was going to happen anyway, whether she consented or not. She was doomed if she did and doomed if she didn’t. She really had nothing to lose.”

    The first half of the story will be the men coming to the orphanage, the humiliating exam, and taking her away. They will take her to a remote cabin where she will argue with them for her demands, not for herself, but what she wants for the others. It will include her being punished and how she will seek revenge. But eventually, she will acquiesce to their demands, and they will claim her. After all, the purpose of her is to produce them a child.

    “You belong to the Bychkov Bratva.”

    “Taken, penetrated, owned. She was giving them what they wanted. Her body. For free. To do with as they pleased. They won. She now belonged to them.”

    When they are summons back to their home by the Prababushka, they don’t hesitate; they leave immediately with Starla. She will have mixed emotions about everything happening, and yet, the Prababushka will take to Starla and become her greatest ally. Secrets will be revealed that shock even Starla and cause a rift within the family—but how will these three men handle it.

    “Remember this. A man incapable of love is reckless. A man capable of love is dangerous.”

    The story has the good, the bad, and the ugly. It will have Starla learning about herself, her desires, and her passion for the Bychkov men. I wasn’t sure how it would go from the first half of the story, but boy, when it picked up, it moved right along. There wasn’t any chemistry in the beginning (duh, she was forced into this) but once she capitulated to what they wanted, they are surprised by the depth of the emotions they developed. Was it her spunky attitude and demands, her body’s reaction to them, or did she thaw these harden men out during the blizzard blowing outside?

    “They were her Masters, and she was theirs to do with as they pleased.”

    The story includes explicit sex scenes, medical play, ménage, and punishments. It does not include rape; sex is given and consensual. Best of all, there is a happy ending.

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