Surviving Savannah

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Savannah has come to Boone, Indiana, for her identical twin sister’s wedding. She has refused to spend any time in the small town throughout her adult life, even though most of her family lives there happily. Savannah is a jetsetter who spends her time traveling around exotic places where the wealthy spend their days. She is much too sophisticated for the tiny town of Boone. But her whole family seems to be conspiring to get her to stay. And when she meets the cowboy of her dreams, there is even more pressure for her to make Boone her home.

Ben, Savannah’s cowboy, vows to make her his, and her loved ones fully approve. But he knows better than to let her know how he feels. Their relationship is fiery and combative at first, only to become wildly passionate.

When Savannah is pulled back to France, she is torn between her two separate lives. If she chooses her cowboy and her family, she will have to face and conquer the demons of her past. Will she be able to do that?


Publisher’s Note: This steamy Western romance contains elements of power exchange.

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Sample Chapter

A sleek black limo pulled up to the curb outside of The Artful Oven and GG’s Gems. The driver hustled around to open the door for his passenger, who extended a long, shapely leg out of the limo, taking her time. He extended his hand, helping her make her graceful way out of the limousine. The tall, beautiful woman held a shielding hand over her eyes, looking down the dusty little main street in both directions. She sighed and told her driver to relax in the limo.

Savannah Beauchamp walked up the steps of the building and went into the gift shop. When she walked into the shop, her grandmother was busy wrapping a fanciful wooden sculpture for a customer. As she finished and placed it into a bag, her eyes travelled up to Savannah’s face. Going absolutely still, she paused then broke into a huge smile, hurrying around the counter to embrace Savannah.

“Savannah! You’re finally here!”

“Gran, I told you I would be.” Savannah had an unguarded, delighted smile on her face for just a moment.

“I know; it’s just been so long. I was afraid it would never happen. Your sister will be so happy to see you, and Carter too.”

GG’s customer was smiling broadly as she took her bag and left the two of them to their reunion. GG took her granddaughter by the hand and pulled her toward the door.

“Come and see Maggie. She’s going to be so happy to meet you!”

The two of them walked next door, where Maggie was putting cookies on a tray for her display case. She looked up with a smile when they walked into her shop, then she stilled, her mouth a little bit agape at the sight of Savannah.

“Oh, my Lord, you must be Savannah! You are the image of your sister!”

Maggie bustled around the counter to hug Savannah.

The taller woman embraced her smoothly and said, “Actually, I was born two minutes before Shelby, so she’s the image of me. So you’re my brother’s wife. I’m pleased to finally meet you, Maggie. It seems that you’ve made my brother really happy.”

Maggie smiled and said, “I sure hope so; he’s made me so happy.”

After a few minutes of chit chat, Savannah said, “Gran, I should go check into the inn.”

GG said, “Absolutely not! You’re staying with me. I have a ton of room, and it’s all been renovated by Carter and Sam.”

“That sounds so strange. I just can’t picture Carter hammering and sawing and putting up new windows. He’s always been such a cosmopolitan creature.”

“He enjoys it, and he’s good at it,” GG said.

“It still seems weird,” Savannah said. “But I’m really looking forward to seeing the house he built for you, Maggie.”

GG said, “Why don’t we go get you settled at my house, Savannah, then we’ll go to Carter and Maggie’s a littler later.”

Savannah said agreeably, “Okay, Gran, that sounds good. Are you finished for the day?”

“It’s a little early, but that’s okay. I just need to lock up.”

Maggie and Savannah exchanged another hug, and then they went on their way. Maggie hurried around the bakery, finishing up and doing a quick cleanup in her kitchen. She couldn’t wait to see her husband and his sister together. Maggie had heard so much about Savannah, and yet she remained a mystery. The whole family was thrilled that she had come to Boone for her identical twin’s wedding. Savannah’s sister, Shelby, was a first grade teacher at the Boone Elementary School and her fiancé, Sam, was Carter’s business partner. The year before had been quite eventful, but Sam and Shelby were going to tie the knot in a couple of weeks.

Savannah tried to get GG to ride with her in the limo, but her grandmother insisted on driving her car home. When they arrived at GG’s house, the driver took several trips in to bring Savannah’s luggage inside. When he was finished, Savannah tipped him well and told him to take a room at the Boone Inn.

“I don’t know if I’ll need you or not, so just check in there and relax. I’ll call them and tell them to expect you. And I’ll take care of your room, of course.”

The driver tipped his hat and said, “Thank you, Miss Beauchamp. Just let me know when you need me.”

“I will. Just charge your expenses to the room.”

GG shook her head at her granddaughter. “Savannah, why would you need a limo in Boone? You can use my car any time you want.”

Savannah smiled smoothly. “It’s my escape route, Gran. You just never know when you might need to make a quick exit.”

“Well, you’d better not be making any quick exits on this trip, darling. We’ve waited entirely too long to see you.”

Savannah laughed. “No worries, Gran. I’m not leaving before Shelby marries her Prince Charming. I thought she was going to get married a long time ago, but it never happened.”

GG shot her granddaughter a level look. “No, and a good thing she didn’t. Of course, you know that.”

“I know, Gran. I’m just teasing. I know that bum went to jail where he belonged. And it sounds like Sam is really a nice guy.”

“He is. I’m happy to welcome him to the family.”

“So show me around the renovations that he and Carter did here.”

GG tucked her arm through Savannah’s and took her for a tour.

“This is really nice work, Gran.” Savannah was impressed.

“Yes, it is. Carter and Sam do a wonderful job of any project they take on. Carter had to talk long and hard to convince me to do this, but now I’m so pleased that I agreed.”

Savannah wandered into the library and looked at the family pictures that were arranged throughout the room. She stopped for a long moment at an old picture of her grandfather with both the twins perched on his lap. When she turned away, she had to blink rapidly to clear the emotion from her eyes. GG picked up a picture of Carter in his basketball uniform from high school.

“Your mom sent me this during Carter’s junior year in high school,” GG said, changing Savannah’s focus to lighter subject matter.

Savannah laughed at the picture. “Carter, the sports star. I’m sure glad those uniforms have changed over the years!”

“It wasn’t the best look for him,” GG admitted with a chuckle. “So tell me what you’ve been up to lately. I’ll pour us a glass of wine. Would you like to freshen up first?”

“Yes, I’d like to change clothes and get out of these shoes. I absolutely love them, but I’ve had them on for entirely too long today.”

Savannah had decided to settle in Carter’s wing of the upstairs. He had renovated it completely and it was equipped with a luxurious, roomy bathroom with a tiled walk-in shower. He had done the decor with the knowledge that it would eventually be a guest suite, so Savannah found it appealing and comfortable. She explored the space and tried out the big bed, finding that Carter had spared no expense for comfort. She had kicked off her gorgeous, red heels as soon as she entered the room and fished through her bags for a pair of slacks and a cashmere sweater that displayed her curves and cleavage to perfection. She inspected herself critically in the mirror and ran a comb through her silky mane of dark hair. Touching up her lipstick, she gave a nod of satisfaction and headed for the door.

Savannah stopped suddenly and turned to the windows. She drew back a curtain and looked out at the familiar neighborhood. It was quiet, as always, with older homes and tall trees, providing lots of shade in the summer months. For a moment, she envisioned her happy times there, before her grandfather had died. Irritated with herself, she gave her head a toss and walked out of the room.

GG was in the kitchen setting out a little platter of cheese and crackers along with a bowl full of fresh grapes.

“You look much more comfortable, love.”

“I feel much more comfortable,” Savannah replied, accepting the glass of wine her grandmother handed her.

“Tell me about your adventures. Did you stay long in Switzerland?”

“Just a few weeks. The skiing was wonderful, and the hot tub time was even better.” Savannah arched one perfectly shaped eyebrow.

GG chuckled. “It sounds great. I think I’d go directly to the hot tub at this point in my life.”

“They also had an excellent spa. You should go with me sometime—facials, massages, the full treatment.”

“Oh, Savannah, I can just picture you there. You must have had a wonderful time.”

Savannah said brightly, “I did! And when it starts to get boring, I move on.”

GG sighed. “Somehow I can’t imagine how it gets boring.”

“Well, it does. It’s amazing how much time people can spend talking about themselves. I reach a point when I have to bite my tongue a little too often and I know it’s time to leave.”

“That’s another thing I can’t imagine. You biting your tongue and not speaking your mind.”

“Oh, the tongue biting comes after I’ve pushed the speaking my mind as far as I can.” Savannah gave a merry laugh.

“I called your brother and sister while you were freshening up and asked them to stop over after work. I didn’t tell them you were here. I can’t wait to see their faces.”

Savannah felt a sudden, deep pang. Huskily, she said, “I can’t, either. Suddenly, it seems that it’s been way too long.”

GG patted her hand. “Well, you’re here now.”

“Of course, I’m not going to tell them that. I have an image to uphold. It’s my job to drive them crazy. I’ve already been working on Shelby.”

GG laughed. “Yes, I know; she’s been sharing your emails with me. She was completely speechless when you sent her the picture of the dress you said you were choosing.”

Shelby had sent her sister a swatch of fabric and asked her to choose a dress that she liked in the color of the fabric swatch. Savannah was her maid of honor, naturally, and Shelby wanted her to wear a dress that suited her.

Savannah was laughing. “When I saw that dress in the perfect shade of blue, I couldn’t resist it. I figured Shelby would be too nice to say she hated it, but she surprised me. She told me that she was not going to allow me to be in her wedding wearing a street hooker’s dress. I nearly fell off my chair laughing.”

“She was so fired up when she brought me the picture, she was almost yelling. I can’t believe she didn’t realize you were messing with her.”

“Now, Gran, you know I can pull it off. And women get a little irrational about their weddings too.”

“That’s true. I managed to calm her down a little before she responded to you, or she probably would have had a lot more to say.”

Savannah smiled smugly. “It was great. Shelby’s developed a backbone since she came back here. It must have been good for her to stand up to Tanner and send him off to prison.”

“It certainly was. I was so proud of her.”

“Now I have to figure out how to get Carter going.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem for you; he’s not difficult to get stirred up,” GG said.

Savannah grinned. “And it’s so much fun.”

The two women heard the front door open, and Savannah slipped out of sight when she heard Shelby call out.

“I’m in the kitchen,” GG called.

“Hi, Gran.” Shelby bustled in and gave her grandmother a hug. “What’s up?”

“She just thought you might like a surprise.” Savannah stepped into sight.

Shelby’s face was stunned. “Savannah! Oh, my God, you’re here!”

The two of them rushed together in a fierce hug. Shelby was tearful, and her sister wiped a tear away too. They both started to talk at the same time. Laughing and chattering, the sisters hugged again.

“Savannah, it’s so good to have you here. I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.” Shelby was beaming.

“I didn’t realize until I saw your face, how long it’s really been,” Savannah said. “I’m so glad to see you, face to face.”

“Wait till Carter sees you! And Sam; you have to meet Sam. And Maggie!”

“I met Maggie today when I first got here; just for a minute, but you kind of like her right away, don’t you?”

“Yes, you really do. And she and Carter are so happy together.”

“I hope she’s not too sweet to him; he needs to be harassed a little bit.”

GG spoke up. “I’m pretty sure she keeps him hopping.”

“Oh, good. I’d hate to see him get too spoiled.” Savannah laughed.

Just then, Carter and Maggie walked into the kitchen, Sam trailing behind them. Carter’s mouth fell open when he saw his sister.

“Holy shit!” Carter crossed the kitchen in three steps and swept Savannah off her feet, swinging her around in a huge bear hug.

Sam’s mouth was hanging open in amazement. Shelby threw her arms around him and then drew him closer to her sister.

“Sam, this is my sister, Savannah.” Shelby took Savannah by the hand and drew her closer.

Sam looked stunned as Savannah ignored his hand and gave him a warm hug. Shelby laughed at him.

“I just… I’m happy to meet you. You’re just… you’re really identical!”

Both sisters laughed at him.

“You have always known this, honey,” Shelby said.

“I know, but seeing you both in person is a shock. I never dreamed you’d really look this much alike. Did you play tricks on people when you were kids?”

Savannah gave him a wicked smile. “That’s between us, now, isn’t it, Shelby?”

Shelby snickered, and Sam looked alarmed.

Carter said, “Buddy, you’re in for an education if these two get going.”

“I think I need a beer,” Sam said weakly.

Carter got a couple of beers from the refrigerator. “Anybody else?”

Shelby said, “I’ll have one.”

“Well, then, I will too,” Savannah said with a grin.

“Might as well give me one too,” Maggie said.

“Beers all around,” Carter said, playing bartender. “Gran?”

“No, I’ve got wine,” GG answered. She thoroughly enjoyed seeing her grandchildren all together.

Sam still looked a little shell-shocked whenever he looked at the two sisters. Savannah looked at him speculatively; she touched the tip of her tongue to her lush upper lip, tilting her head provocatively as she gazed at him with her full attention. Shelby looked at the two of them, noting the stunned expression on her fiancé’s face and spoke sharply to her sister.

“Savannah! Come with me. I’ll show you my wedding dress.” She took her sister’s elbow and tugged her firmly along beside her.

Savannah laughed and said, “Aw, Shelby, I was just playing with him.”

Shelby answered drily, “Yes, I know. Knock it off right now; Sam is off limits.”

Savannah pouted prettily. “What am I supposed to do for fun around here? It looks like this place hasn’t changed a bit since I was a fifth grader!”

“You’ll survive. Now promise.”

Savannah heaved a huge sigh and said, “All right, I promise. No playing with Sam, no matter how bored I am.”

“Thank you. Now, look at this.” Shelby pulled her dress out of the closet with a flourish. The sisters spent a few minutes oohing and aahing over the dress. Shelby asked, “Where’s yours? Let’s see it.”

Savannah said, “The designer is shipping it directly here. I had a final fitting right before I left France, and they promised to have it here before the end of the week.”

“Ooh, the designer, huh? You’ll probably look better than I will. Let’s go back downstairs before they start looking for us.” Shelby tucked her arm through her sister’s as they went back to the others, talking all the way.

Savannah entertained the little group with a story of her trip to Budapest the year before and kept them laughing at her descriptions of the people she had met. Maggie was in awe of the places where Savannah had travelled, and Carter smiled, watching her. He knew that in spite of her fascination with Savannah’s travels, Maggie had no desire to explore the world herself. He had offered her a honeymoon trip to the location of her choice, and her choice had been their newly finished house right there in Boone, Indiana.

When GG noticed the time, she spoke up. “Hey, children, it’s getting late. What are your plans for tonight? Should I order pizzas?”

Savannah said, “Well, I was planning to go see Carter and Maggie’s house, but maybe I should wait until tomorrow.”

Carter answered, “Tomorrow would be fine; we’ll both be home by five.”

Maggie smiled. “I’ll make dinner; you’re all welcome.”

GG ordered pizzas, and they all had a second drink. By the time they had finished eating, they were all beginning to yawn. Even Savannah stifled one, though she told herself it was more out of boredom than fatigue. As GG locked the front door, the two women sighed in unison. Savannah gave her grandmother a hug.

“It was good to see everyone and meet everyone. And now I’m ready to try out that big, beautiful bed Carter bought. Good night, Gran, I love you.”

“I love you too, darling. If you need anything, help yourself. This is your home as long as you want to stay.”

Savannah went upstairs and closed herself into Carter’s suite with another sigh. She stripped off her clothes and got ready for bed, switching on the TV set while she pampered her face and brushed her teeth. She looked out the window at the dark street and shook her head.

I’ve been here six hours, and it feels like six weeks. I’m never going to make it until this wedding is over. This place hasn’t changed one bit since I was twelve! Shelby, if you weren’t my twin, I would never do this; not in a million years!

Savannah flopped down on the bed, wishing for the hundredth time that day that she was boarding a plane to pretty much anywhere. She flipped through the channels without finding anything of interest and glanced at the time, laughing out loud when she realized that it was only a few minutes after ten. Finally, she opened her laptop and read some emails, only to realize that they were boring too. She turned everything off and settled down in bed among a pile of pillows and vowed to herself that she would find something to make her stay interesting if it was the last thing she ever did. When she finally drifted off to sleep, she dreamed of a tall, lean cowboy with hard, calloused hands.

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6 reviews for Surviving Savannah

  1. Stats23

    A lovely, sweet, story about a successful world traveler’s return to her small home town in Indiana for her twin sister’s wedding. She has stayed away for far too long, for reasons of her own, much to the chagrin of her family. Now that she is back, they conspire in every way possible to get her to stay. No angst, no mystery or suspense, just a very nice feel good story to touch your romantic soul. There are a couple of disciplinary spankings and some sensual sex, but nothing kinky. The story does prove the old adage that you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl. 4 Stars.
    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  2. Marybeth

    This is book three of A Strong Man’s Hand. This can be read as a stand alone, but it helps to have read the first two. Savannah is coming home for her twin sister’s wedding. She is a jet setting woman who loves the world. When she gets home she starts to appreciate the simpler life. She meets Ben and they fall in love. But there is a reason why she doesn’t want to live in Boone, Indiana. I do wish that we learned more about her first marriage. It’s used as a reason why she is able to live the life she does, but it is never mentioned again. There is a HEA and it’s fun getting there.

  3. Ronald

    The first book I have read by this author and I really enjoyed it. It was a good story about a young woman, Savannah, who has led a “jet set” type of life, but returns to her small Indiana town for the wedding of her twin sister. While there she meets a cowboy, Ben, and is persuaded by her grand-mother to stay longer in order to help with the grand-mother’s store – but it also provides time for her to learn what she has missed and to fall in love with Ben. Her struggles with herself about whether to stay or return to her former life, the growing affection of Ben and Savannah for each other, and a host of other interesting and enjoyable family members make this story easy and enjoyable to read. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  4. Redrabbitt

    I enjoyed the third book by a new author, Ms. Kat Carrington that had that friendly hometown feel that you get in a small town. The story has a delightful cast of characters, plenty of friendly comraderies, a touch of mystery and suspense, and a sweet new relationship forming. While this is a series, the book is well-written and will read well as a stand-alone. It will have some of the charming characters that were in Maggie’s Match and Shelby’s Secrets. The story is about Savannah Beauchamp and a new relationship with new to Boone, Ben Conner, the new farrier.

    Savannah Beauchamp has returned to Boone, just as she promised, for her identical twin sister’s wedding. Boone is the last place she really wants to be, and she feels antsy and not sure how she will make it for three weeks. But, there is also a peacefulness, with the long-time townsfolk, where some things never change. It’s good to see her family again.

    Ben Conner loves working with horses and tired of the overinflated world of pretentious horse owners in the racing world. When he was offered the opportunity to move to Boone and work as the new farrier and teach horseback riding, he gladly accepted. What a pleasant surprise to meet Savannah Beauchamp. When she decides to take lessons on how to ride, it sealed a new deal for him.

    “He was looking at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and in a flash, he knew that he had to make her his. He had never believed in love at first sight. In fact, he had often not believed in love at all. But he knew without a speck of doubt that he had just fallen completely in love with Savannah Beauchamp.”

    Savannah travels with, Joey, her bodyguard-chauffer wherever she goes, and that includes coming to Boone. But she will get a shock when he informs her that seeing her with her family has him wanting to make a change and join his brother in a business venture.

    “I’m wishing the best for you. And that means you need to open your eyes and see things clearly.” Joey was dead serious.”

    GG, her grandmother enlist Savannah’s help and eye for local artwork that will fit into her shop, GG’s Gems, and it keeps Savannah busy, but what about her own life, traveling the world, her socialite friends, and the fundraiser she will do? Then GG will drop a surprise on her leaving her confused. She is enjoying her family, the visit, and getting to know Ben, but she can’t stay in Boone—or, can she?

    “You probably have a point there. When it’s my family at stake, I guess I’m willing to not play fair. It’s a good offer, and it deserves serious consideration.” –GG

    “My life has been on hold since I got here. I never planned for one second to stay in Boone for the rest of my life. And now Shelby’s pregnant, and Carter is going to start a family, and Gran is getting older, and then there’s you!”

    “Whatever secret you’re holding onto, let it go. We all love you, and guess what? We all know you too. We know you’re crazy and funny and smart and gorgeous. We know you can do anything you set your mind to. We can picture you fitting in with all those rich and famous people. You could fit in anywhere. We love you for you, Savannah.”

    The relationship between Ben and Savannah is explosive from the beginning. What starts as whimsical flirting, quickly becomes much more. The more they are together, the more they want each other. When they finally give it, they sizzle together. But, it won’t be long that Savannah learns that Ben is more than just a fun roll in the sack, he is a man who is dominant and when she is dangerous, he proves to her that he will take her in hand. How will she handle his dominance, their mutual attraction, and her former life? Now, she has a new proposal, her family wants her to make Boone her home, and she needs to make decisions.

    “You say you can always visit here while you’re living there. Well, the opposite is true too. You can always visit there while you are living here.”

    Will going back to Paris help her solve her dilemma, or will she become more confused about what she wants in her life? Ben isn’t just a passing fling—her family is important, and now with Shelby expecting, there is so much more to miss—then with GG getting older and needing to slow down, she really needs Savannah’s help. What will be the right choice? Will, her friend Henri, be able to help—and will she listen to his advice?

    “No, not easy. But worth every step. You can do this, darling. And then you will have a life full of love.”

    While there are several spanking scenes, there are also several intimacy scenes that are not overly explicit. It is a story full of emotions with lots of angst, ups, and downs and a great addition to this series.

  5. Toni

    Book 3 in this series & I’m still loving them. This book brings the prodigal Savannah back to Boone where she meets cowboy Ben. I enjoyed the characters in this book immensely & loved the addition of the characters from the previous 2 books. I loved the willingness of Savannah to enjoy her life in Boone, even when it wasn’t what she wanted to do. Combine this with well-meaning but meddling family & does Savannah really stand a chance?

  6. Rjr

    Another great entry in this series. I’m in love with the town of Boone and the characters that inhabit it, so I was so happy to see another book in the series. This is Savannah’s story. Savannah comes to Boone for her twin sister’s wedding and to reconnect with her brother and grandmother. She has led a jet set lifestyle since her brief marriage ended and rarely visits. Savannah has her own reasons for staying clear of Boone and is determined to attend the wedding and get back to her life. However, family concerns have her staying longer than she intended and then she meets a guy – a cowboy of all things! She can’t imagine anything lasting with him, but is very attracted to all he has to offer. As things heat up, secrets come between Savannah and her family as well as the man she has fallen in love with. For his part, Ben would love Savannah in his life permanently but knows she has demons she must face. He also is a dominant man who expects better behavior from Savannah than she sometimes shows and he knows just how to fix that problem! This was a fun, face-paced and romantic story which I loved. I also really enjoyed catching up on the characters from the first two books. They feature prominently and that was very welcome to a reader who has really become fond of this series.

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