Submitting To Her Professor

Annie has a hard time saying no. She is a worrier and always tries her best to please everyone. When she allows a smarmy, big guy on campus to talk her into letting him into the research lab she works in, knowing it is against the rules, it really lands her in big trouble.

Mortified after her employer, young, sexy professor, Jackson Davis, catches her in what appears to be an incriminating position, Annie fears losing her job, and maybe even expulsion and an arrest. When Dr. Davis proposes an alternate solution to her, how can she refuse? After all, hasn’t it always been a secret desire of hers to experience discipline at the hands of a handsome man?

Only problem is, the more time she spends with the hot professor, the more she finds herself falling for him – and that’s just asking for heartbreak, isn’t it?

Publisher’s Note: Sweet romance with a mild sexual scene and domestic discipline. If this offends you, please refrain from buying this book.

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Sample Chapter

Paulie was psyched. He couldn’t believe he had talked this chick into letting him into the lab where she worked so they could be alone together. I mean, he knew he was a smooth operator and mega- persuasive, but this proved that he was just awesome! Of course, she objected at first, tried to convince him there was no way she could let him in, but he just pressed her and pressed her and she caved. In just a little over two hours! He thought he might eventually be able to talk her into it, maybe over the course of a couple of weeks, but in one night. God, he was good. He was beyond good; he was epic.

He had spied her at the university cafeteria at dinner. She was sitting by herself, studying her bio-chem textbook. She was pretty enough, but the mousy type who didn’t know she was pretty. Her long red hair was shiny and healthy but not cut into any kind of fancy style. Her face was pretty, but she didn’t wear make up to enhance any of her features. Her green eyes, particularly, could have used a little enhancement, as her lashes and brows were so pale they were almost invisible, but Paulie was a big enough man to look past such imperfections. “I think maybe I’ll just go make her day, or maybe even her year,” Paulie said to himself. He knew the attention of a popular frat man like himself would flatter a chick like this, in fact, probably flatter her enough to provide some action tonight. He doubted she got much action, or even that much attention, judging from the studious way she ignored all the Saturday night revelry in the cafeteria, keeping her eyes glued to her chemistry book like it was the latest romance novel.

He motioned to his frat brothers to go sit down without him then walked over to her table. “Hey, gorgeous, is this seat taken?” he asked in his sexiest voice, the one that always got the chicks hot. She looked up at him, surprised, not sure if he was making fun of her, and he sat down without further invitation.

“So, does that book explain the chemistry between you and me?” he asked. He was like a pro with the come-on lines. She closed the book slowly and gave him a tentative smile. Yes, he was in! “I’m Paulie, and I just couldn’t stand to see you reading all alone on this fine night. How about we do something more exciting than science reading?”

“I’m Annie,” she replied, not responding to his invitation. She looked at him somewhat quizzically.

“So, Annie, tell me about yourself.” Paulie knew from experience that asking chicks to talk about themselves was the fastest way to hook them. It wasn’t like he really had to listen to everything they said, anyway. He just had to look interested and listen enough to ask a relevant question, now and then.

Annie shyly told him a little about herself. She told him she was a sophomore, a pre-med major, came from a small town a couple of hundred miles away near the Canadian border, and worked in a lab in the neuroscience department. As he asked her more about the classes she had taken and told her about people he knew who had taken the same classes, she opened up and became much more responsive, and they sat at the table for a few minutes, after most of the other students had left. After dinner, he asked if he could walk her back to her dorm, and when they got to the door, he asked if he could kiss her. Ever the gentleman, at least at this point in the evening!

He kissed her slowly, sweetly, gently, the way he knew chicks loved, again and again, and then made his move. “Can we move this up to your room?” he asked. “I’d really like to keep doing this, and it’s a little chilly outside, now that the sun went down.”

Annie looked disappointed. “Oh, sorry, no,” she said. “My roommate is sick, and a bunch of us have been taking turns taking care of her. There are probably at least two other girls in addition to my roommate up there, right now.” She looked up at him. “But this was really nice…” she added with a smile.

Fuck! thought Paulie. So close. He grabbed her arm as she started to turn away. “Don’t go yet! I want to see more of you. I don’t want this night to end yet.” Paulie cursed his luck. Damn sick roommate! And he couldn’t bring her back to his room, because he had just joined the frat and didn’t have his own room there yet. He had to share with three other dudes, and one of them had already staked his claim on their room for the night. Damn it all!

“Let’s just walk around for a while,” Paulie said. That would give him time to think. He already had his “fuck-bag” with him, just in case he got lucky. It contained some booze and pot (to loosen up the lucky girl), some condoms, some breath mints, and some chocolate. Chicks loved chocolate – it really turned them on. It also held some candles, a flashlight, and an inflatable mattress just in case they were reduced to lying on the cold ground in the woods, but he decided that an outdoor romp wouldn’t be possible tonight. Despite the unseasonably warm spring-like weather during the day, it was still mid-winter and had gotten too damn cold at night to get into the state of undress he had planned.

They had walked around campus for about ten minutes as Paulie morosely tried to think of where he could take her for the privacy he needed. Fuck! All the classroom buildings were closed at this time on a Saturday evening, as were all the other building where they could have any degree of solitude. He even thought briefly about breaking into one of the buildings, but he knew that all the classrooms, offices and labs had excellent security systems that…wait a minute; didn’t she say something about working in a lab? Maybe she had a key! Paulie didn’t think she would go along with it, at least not tonight, she seemed like such a goody-goody, but he decided to start working on her to let them both into the lab. Even if he couldn’t get her to do it tonight, it might work some other night. Yes, he was a patient man, at least if he was pretty certain that sex would result!

For almost an hour, the chick tried to explain why she couldn’t let him in; it was an animal lab; it was not only illegal but also dangerous to the animals to let strangers in. She needed the money from the job and couldn’t afford to lose it; it was unethical, unsafe, and irresponsible, but Paulie had just kept pressing her. Finally, he just demanded she let them in, even shouting at her, and to his surprise, she relented. She no longer seemed in a romantic mood, but hell, he could fix that in no time. He was a charmer, if he did say so himself.

As she nervously unlocked the door and turned on the lights, Paulie returned to his earlier M.O. of asking her a lot of questions to put her at ease. He found out this was the lab of Dr. Jack Davis. Paulie remembered reading something about Professor Davis at the beginning of the school year. The student newspaper had run an article about him because he was a new hire and, at only twenty-six, the youngest professor on the faculty of the university. Paulie remembered that he had seemed kind of like an asshole in the interview, talking about holding students to “a high standard” and the importance of “fighting grade inflation.” Hell, thought Paulie, he’s probably just trying to compensate for being so young and close to our age so he acts like a stuffy old prick. Paulie smiled to himself. He was pretty good with the old psychological bullshit himself! Maybe I should major in psychology, he thought to himself with a smirk.

Paulie looked around the lab in a calculating fashion. Not much here in the way of comfy furniture, but hell, he’d used his inflatable mattress before, and at least the room was warm. He still couldn’t believe his luck that he had been able to talk the chick into letting them in here tonight. Hell, if she was that easy to convince, then he should have no problem “persuading” her to go all the way with him!

If he had to guess, he’d bet she was a virgin, but he didn’t expect that to last long once they got started in here tonight. Oh, she might put up some token protest, but once he turned on his considerable charm, she wouldn’t stand a chance. She’d let him in here, hadn’t she? She really had not wanted to let him in, but he had persuaded her. No way, he couldn’t make her do whatever else he wanted. Hmm –that made him think – whatever he wanted. This could be an excellent night. What great luck to find a girl who caved in to his demands so easily. He really knew how to pick ’em.

Annie stood in the middle of the small room and watched uncomfortably as Paulie rummaged through his bag. “I’d better take a quick peek at the rats,” she said. “It’s my job to make sure everything is okay with them. And stay in this outer room,” she added. “It’s really important that you don’t come in any direct contact with the animals.” She quickly slipped through the door to the room where the rats were kept, pulling the door closed behind her.

Yeah, right, really important, thought Paulie as he got the mattress out of the fuck-bag and started blowing it up. As if I wanted to be around a bunch of creepy rats. But then again, he reflected, maybe I should make her let me in there, just because she doesn’t want to. Just to, you know, kind of let her know who’s in charge here.

* * *

As Paulie considered how far to push the chick, Annie stood on the other side of the door, leaning against it and breathing deeply. “How could I have let him talk me into this?” she screamed silently at herself. “Why can’t I ever say no? I don’t want him here, and I don’t want to be here. How can I get him out of here?” Hot tears of anger and frustration pooled in her eyes and she brushed them angrily away. “What’s wrong with me; why can’t I just say no? Why do I always get myself into these messes?”

Annie was so angry with herself for bringing Paulie to the lab that she was shaking. It had just so taken her by surprise that he had wanted to be with her! She had never had a boyfriend in high school, as most of the boys there had seemed intimidated by dating someone smarter than they were. The few times she dated in college had consisted of going to a movie or ball game with a boy, maybe stopping for a smoothie afterwards, and then a quick peck on the cheek at the front door of her dorm when he dropped her off. No boy had ever seemed interested enough to take her out more than twice. She had started to think that maybe something was wrong with her.

Then, tonight, Paulie had shown up out of the blue. He seemed so attentive to her, and when he kissed her, he seemed far more interested in her than any boy ever had. She was just so reluctant to disappoint him. And saying no had never been a strong point with her, anyway. Ever since childhood, she had often found herself doing things she didn’t want to do, just because she couldn’t say no if someone really demanded or persisted.

Anyway, she had to find some way to get herself out of this mess. It had been a big mistake to bring him here, and now she had to get him to leave. She took a few more deep breaths to calm herself down then opened the door to face Paulie. She had to tell him they had to leave, immediately. Maybe she could make up some story that something was wrong with the animals, even though she was a terrible liar. There had to be something she could say to make him leave.

As Annie opened the door, her eyes grew wide at the scene that greeted her. Paulie had turned down the lights, taken some things out of his pack, and set up what could only be called a little love nest. There was an inflated mattress, with candles burning next to it, and a flashlight and candy strewn around it. And was that a bottle of alcohol there next to him? It must be – there were two paper cups nearby. She couldn’t even take it all in. It was just too much!

“What do you think you’re doing?” Annie cried with horror. She wanted to rush over and start throwing things back in his pack, but she seemed rooted to the spot.

“Hey, calm down! It’s just a little party for the two of us,” Paulie replied with a smirk. “Come on, it’ll be great. It’ll do you good to lighten up a little, and I can’t wait to suck your face again.”

Suck my face! What a disgusting term for something as sweet as kissing, Annie thought confusedly. She quickly pulled herself together. She flicked the lights back on and hurried across the small room to take Paulie by the arm. “We have to get out of here. We have to! Right now! We can’t have food or drink in an animal lab! It is against the law and against university rules. We have to leave right now!” Her voice was rising hysterically.

“Calm down, calm down, no one has to know.” Christ, why do chicks always have to freak out over nothing? “It’s all right. Nothing is going to happen. No one will ever know,” Paulie reassured her, forcing his face into its most charming grin. “Let’s just lie back on the mattress and relax.” Paulie reached his long arm behind her to flick the lights back off, leaving them again in the candlelight. Then he turned to take her in his arms and reassure her in a way that would leave no room for protest.

Annie struggled to push his arms from her so she could talk some sense into him, but he just held her tighter. She started to struggle more and more frantically until she realized it would never work because he was just much stronger than she was. She suddenly went limp, which surprised him enough that she was able to get his attention.

“Listen, Paulie,” she said quickly. “This is not just about getting caught, although that would be beyond horrible. The law is there to protect the animals. There’s a reason for those rules, and the reason is that it’s not good for the animals to have food or drink or strangers in here. Rats have a great sense of smell, and if they smell unfamiliar people or foods it can make them act differently during the experiments. You know,” she went on desperately, trying to push his hands off her breasts. “These experiments are really important. We’re studying the relationship between neural regulation of neonatal ingestive behavior and addictive patterning of the serotonergic system in the ventromedial hypothalamus…” At this point, Annie’s words were cut off because Paulie covered her lips with his.

Annie tried again to push him back just a little and then resumed frantically, “No, really, the up-regulation of glucocorticoids in the amydala is…”

Just then, the overhead lights suddenly came on. Both Annie and Paulie were frozen in their positions, blinded by the sudden light.

“What the hell is going on here?” Professor Jack Davis stood in the doorway, glaring at the two students.



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