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Josie and Max are finally moving into Corbin’s Bend where Josie’s grandparents, Liam and Nicky O’Donnell, are living a domestic discipline relationship. Josie is excited to be finally sharing her life with ex naval doctor, Max, as his submissive.

But things do not run smoothly from the start, as one thing after another derails their lifestyle dynamic. Will they find their way back to one another, or will a dark secret from Max’s past tear them apart forever?

Publisher’s Note: This sweet contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange. It, like all other Corbin’s Bend novels, can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter 1


Josie Carter pulled her silver Ford over to the side of the road and clambered out on stiff legs. Ed Sheeran crooned away in the background as she gazed awestruck at the amazing scenery surrounding her. Turning a full three sixty degrees, she sucked in a deep lungful of fresh mountain air. This was what she had driven eight hundred miles for. This was her new beginning, the start of her adult life.

She leant against the car and undid the cap on an unopened bottle of water. Chugging back at least half the bottle, she stood soaking up the silence. As she quietly sipped, she realized that it wasn’t actually silent. Through the mountain air the high peewee cry of a bird could be heard as it glided overhead. In the distance she heard the distinctive sound of moving water, a waterfall, perhaps. All around her the faint rustle of leaves shifted, moved by the soft mountain breeze that lifted her hair off her shoulders; tendrils swirled about her face and she swept them from her eyes. She’d had highlights put in a few days before, giving her own dull blonde hair a Nordic lift.

Closing her eyes, she allowed herself to drift for a few moments, the feeling therapeutic after living within the noise and bustle of San Diego. A couple of minutes passed before she took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Slinging the half-drunk bottle onto the passenger seat, she stretched out her legs a few times as Max had taught her to do before jumping back into her car and setting off on the last leg of her journey.

As she swung the car out into what she assumed was a deserted highway, the sudden blast from a horn jolted her and she immediately slammed on the brakes. A large black SUV pulled in front of her, blocking her in.

“Shit!” She cursed, could this turn nasty? A tall, brown haired man stepped down from the driver’s side.

Josie wound down her car window but stayed inside the car. “Hey, sorry about that, the road appeared to be deserted. I guess I forgot to check my blind side, totally my fault!”

The man stood a couple of feet back from her window and listened without interrupting her apology. “No harm done, young lady, but you want to watch that bad habit, you could get yourself injured or worse one of these days. I suggest you turn that music down or, better still, off. You would concentrate better. Are you lost? Perhaps I can help; where’re you heading?”

He reminded her a bit of her grandfather, although this man was nowhere near as old as Liam O’Donnell.

“Thanks. I’m on my way to Corbin’s Bend, my grandparents live there. Do you know the town?”

The man nodded. “Sure do, I’m heading that way myself. Follow on behind and I’ll lead you there. Don’t forget to check your mirrors for that blind spot this time, young woman.”

Damn nerve of the man! She huffed crossly but nevertheless she turned off the music and carefully checked her mirror before pulling out onto the highway. It was extremely irritating to have the giant four by four blocking her view of the road ahead. The man drove his oversized vehicle creepily slow.

Eventually she spotted the domed shaped building, which she knew to be the medical center on her right; this was where her interview was taking place tomorrow. As they entered Spanking Loop, Josie grinned, remembering Max’s reaction when they had popped up here to visit her grandparents briefly last year. They had both done double takes when they saw the road name, and Max had reversed the car up to the sign, just so they could be sure they weren’t seeing things. Nope, it really did say ‘Spanking Loop.’ He’d taken a selfie of the two of them pointing at the road sign.

That was probably the moment they’d decided Corbin’s Bend was the place for them.

The SUV carried on past her grandparents’ turn off. The man waved to Josie as she turned left into the cul-de-sac where her grandparents’ spacious detached house stood. The houses along this stretch of road had a stunning view from behind them.

It was no different in design to its neighbors, other than a couple of unique touches added out front by her grandmother, Nicola O’Donnell. A horseshoe doorknocker fixed to the front door and a pair of fake ceramic hay bale planters sat either side of the doorstep, brimming with colorful plants. Josie had no sooner parked up on the wide driveway than the front door was flung wide open and her grandmother stepped out. Josie loved the way her grandma always acted as though they had just seen one another the day before instead of nearly a year back.

“Hey you.” Her grandmother greeted her with a warm kiss and a hug before drawing her inside the light and airy house.

Josie grinned as her grandfather came through from the back. He greeted her with a huge bear hug. She felt protected and loved by these two special people. She’d explained to Max during her visit last year how her grandparents had grounded her after her mother’s passing. Their kindness and support, invaluable at a time when she was grieving, had made her feel secure, which was just what she’d needed after her mother’s untimely death.

“Your dad’s keeping well, Josie?” Liam asked.

Josie pulled a face. “Yeah, he’s fine; the condo seems to suit him. You’ll never guess what, he’s met a lady golfing buddy!”

“Oh?” She saw her grandma’s gaze sharpen. “Nice. You like?”

Josie grinned. “We-ell, Dad likes her, and that’s the main thing, but she’s—”

“Not your mom. I understand.” Nicky smiled sympathetically at her. Her grandfather placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

“Coffee?” Nicky looked at each of them in turn, an eyebrow raised in question.

“Please!” they both chorused. Liam moved toward the door. Josie followed her grandmother.

“Josie, throw me your keys. I’ll fetch your bags.”

“Thanks, Grandpa.” Josie tossed him the key which he caught mid-air. He went out whistling.

Josie looked about her. Not much had changed since she’d been here last. Her grandparents had decorated the ultra-modern house using a ranch style theme. Pale butter-honey walls and wooden floors and a native woven rug achieved the aim of simplicity. The addition of a large bronze horse statue and the odd leafy pot plant put a modern slant on the traditional ranch home. Josie thought her grandmother’s use of old polished horseshoes as drink coasters was an ingenious touch.

Over the fireplace hung a huge picture of her grandmother’s twin sister, Claire. She sat astride a horse, eyes half closed in bliss as she tipped a canteen of water over her hot flushed face. Her head was tipped back, her hat and hair spilling over her shoulders. Each droplet of water held a tiny rainbow of colour caught by the photographer—Josie’s grandfather, Liam.

Claire, Josie knew from reading her grandmother Nicky’s diary, had been murdered way back in the 1960s. She was the sole reason why Nicky had travelled to the U.S.A. She’d met Liam on her father’s ranch in Arizona.

When Nicky returned with the coffee, she and Josie took it out back onto the deck. Liam placed Josie’s bags in the guest room then returned to his office with his coffee.

Josie sat silently soaking up the fantastic view spread before her; they sipped their coffee in companionable silence. That was the nice thing about her grandma, she had the ability to relax and de-stress those around her. After a while Josie turned to her with a sigh. “I hope I get this position at the hospital. I really love it up here.”

“It suits us and I for one would love to have you living nearby but only if this is the right place for you both.”

“I’m sure Max is going to love living up here. The peace of the mountains just seems to flow over and right inside you, somehow. I stopped on the highway before I arrived and just breathed in the serenity of the mountains.”

Nicky smiled at her. “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, darling. It certainly isn’t whimsical to be stuck halfway up a mountain range in the dead of frozen winter.”

Josie giggled. “Sometimes you sound so very British still, Grandma!”

Nicky smiled. “You can take the British girl out of Britain but the Englishness remains ingrained.”

“There you go again, so British! You’ll be saying ‘bloody’ next. Do you miss it? England?”

“No. I hate how overcrowded the country has become. Consecutive governments have concreted my country of birth to death with over-building. Last time we went back I swore I would never return and I won’t. Besides, I love it here in Colorado. Be sure to wear lots of moisturizer and sunscreen because the air here is very dry due to the altitude.”

“Did it take long to get used to the fact everyone who lives here is in some sort of spanking relationship?”

“No, it was a relief actually. People became so judgmental and non-accepting of spanking after the seventies, until the ‘Fifty Shades’ book came out, but even that made us all look like a lot of fetishists. Corbin’s Bend allows everyone living here to feel normal and supported in a community that accepts you whatever your lifestyle choice may be.”

“Can I ask you a personal question, Grandma?”

Nicky grinned. “You may, but I reserve the right to not answer.”

“Okay. Did you and Grandpa have a set of rules right from the start of your marriage or did you kinda make it up as you went along?”

Nicky frowned thoughtfully. “We have always lived what is known today as a domestic discipline relationship. Your grandfather told me very early on, when we first met, that to avoid conflict in our marriage he would be the company director and always take the ultimate decisions within our marriage. I could put across my point of view but at the end of the day, if no agreement could be reached between us, we would do what he thought was best. As I explained, this was to avoid conflict, if I continued to argue, I was spanked. It worked for us and it seems to work for a lot of other people, hence Corbin’s Bend.”

“Yeah? What about the Dom/sub relationship that Max and I are into? We only use the dynamic in the bedroom or playing at a club.”

“If that’s what you and Max agreed upon and that’s what works for the pair of you, then you’ll fit in right with the folk of Corbin’s Bend. Nobody here will judge you, Josie, but as with any society, there are a set of rules which we all have to abide by.”

“Okay. Hey, I have the welcome pack that Brent Carmichael’s assistant gave me and guess what’s included? A wooden paddle with the Corbin’s Bend logo carved onto it! Max will love it! Say, what’s with this public paddling thing? Have you ever witnessed one?”

Nicky looked serious. “I have; your grandfather took me as a warning to obey the community rules. Not long after we arrived a girl called Kirsty was paddled for drunken behavior and name-calling, something Brent Carmichael won’t countenance. Believe me, it was a salient lesson in obedience. I would hate to undergo the humiliation of a public paddling. Not to mention the paddle they use is a formidable object!”

Josie was round eyed. “I think I’d better read up on these rules, start to finish, and pretty darned quick!”

“Good idea.” Nicky grinned.

Liam stuck his head around the door. “Hey, my angels, how about lunch out? My treat, fancy some pizza?”

“You bet!” Josie jumped to her feet. Nicky rose more slowly, her older bones cracking as she straightened. She followed Josie inside and Liam swatted her bottom as she walked past him. Pulling the patio door closed, he locked it securely.

Josie noticed the by-play between her grandparents out of the corner of her eye. She hid a smile; her grandparents were cute.


15 reviews for Sub-divided

  1. Redrabbitt

    As a huge fan of the Corbin%u2019s Bend series, I was so excited to see a new book and to be back in Corbin%u2019s Bend, Colorado. Yes, it will have some of the favorites from previous books. But, don%u2019t worry if you haven%u2019t read them before, they each read well as a stand-alone.

    The newest residents of Corbin%u2019s Bend will be a Pediatric nurse, Josie Carter, and her fianc?e, an anesthetist, Max. Josie is the granddaughter of Corbin%u2019s Bend residents, Liam and Nicky O%u2019Donnell. Josie and Max will leave California to move to Corbin%u2019s Bend where they will apply to work at the local hospital.

    The story will have plenty of mystery, suspense, angst, freak accidents, and adjustments. Slowly Josie will make a few friends with some of the residents but especially when a woman named Sandy who also works at a hospital in Denver. Sandy talks of her fianc?e, Sean that is overseas with the military. She and Sandy also talk about their relationships with their men, and how they are only submissive for play in the bedroom, and how they wouldn%u2019t live it full time.

    The story is a journey for Josie to accept the D/s relationship with Max. Before the move, they attended BDSM clubs, and everything was played. She knew how her late mother felt about the full-time D/s dynamics of Liam and Nicky and had made derogatory comments about it. Josie knew she leaned towards the D/s lifestyle, but wrapping her head around it being 24/7/365 has her denying it. There will be multiple discussions between Josie and various people, including Sandy, her grandmother, and especially Max.

    The story has many discipline scenes, and there is always a discussion with questions and answers, and yes, a safe word. Max keeps everything safe, sane and consensual within their relationship. There is corner time, commands to put Josie in the right mindset and discipline and the use of various implements. There are explicit sex scenes, withholding orgasms as part of the punishment in this power exchange relationship. While I wouldn%u2019t call this an age-play story, Liam refers to himself as Daddy and her as little girl, and sometimes naughty girl to control the mindset of Josie.

    Best of all, it is a story of acceptance, understanding, love, devotion, and ends with a happily ever after. Oh, age doesn%u2019t matter between adults when the Head of Household decides his taken in hand partner will be spanked, after all, this is Corbin%u2019s Bend.

  2. Nancy Hughes

    Enjoyed this spanking story, set in Corbin%u2019s Bend, involving characters Josie and Max. Very interesting that Josie%u2019s grandparents practiced domestic discipline. Well written adventure, that includes sex besides discipline. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  3. Pico1

    I have read a number of the Corbin%u2019s Bend stories and enjoyed them; and this book fits in well with the others in the series. Corbin%u2019s Bend is a town in Colorado where BDSM relationships are the norm. The book is a good story about two people who are trying to make a BDSM relationship work. The woman, Josie, has a limited idea of what it means, and her boyfriend, Max, has a broader view of it %u2013 and trying to reconcile these points of view takes a lot of the book. They are both intelligent and interesting people, although she is a bit impulsive and makes a few unnecessary mistakes that are harmful to their relationship %u2013 but in the end things work out.

  4. Lillie1922

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.? A new Corbin’s Bend read.? This time, it’s Max and Josie’s story.?? When a Dom/Sub-inplay couple move into a spanking community, it seems as if new negotiations are needed.? Life is different there.? A 24/7 DD lifestyle is the norm.? Trying to get settled isn’t easy when odd things keep happening.? Spanking romance.? Hand, belt.

  5. Rhonda

    A welcome return to Corbin Bend

    Sub-Divided by Vanessa Brook is the first book in the Corbin Bed spinoff series but can be read as a stand alone story.
    There were things I liked about the story including the subplot with Josie’s grandparents Nicky and Liam as a senior couple still in a loving active DD relationship. And the author does a good job with notching up the sexual chemistry between the main charscters. What I had a harder time accepting were the bumps and the reasons for them in Josie and Max’s relationship. I don’t want to give an spoilers but the suspense subplot just didn’t add up for me. That being said I would read another of this author’s books.
    I received an advance reader copy.

  6. Jessica N

    Sub-Divided is a stand alone domestic discipline romance set within the Corbin%u2019s Bend universe! Newly engaged, Max and Josie are moving in together for the first time, but there are definitely some hiccups that they need to overcome. Josie firmly believes that she%u2019s only a submissive in the bedroom, but Max is up to the challenge to prove that she%u2019s his sub all of the time. When she exhibits some risky behaviors, Max knows that he needs to set some rules and boundaries, but with trust pulled thin, will their love survive?

    Yay! I love being back in Corbin%u2019s Bend! It%u2019s such a fantastic world built around domestic discipline relationships, and each book can stand alone. Max and Josie were a really great couple with some cute moments and some antics that even made my bottom cringe. Josie had so much spirit and I love that she challenged Max. I also loved her strength, especially when she knew she didn%u2019t do something wrong or when others didn%u2019t quite believe her. Max was all strong alpha, dominant, male, but he had this huge soft spot for Josie that made me smile! While he was firm, he was also fair, and he held his own hurts close to his heart. I loved the background story that was going on, but I don%u2019t want to give anything away. It was a bit of a mystery, highly enjoyable, and kept me flipping through the pages! I did not want this story to end, that%u2019s for sure!

  7. Sam

    I loved this book. It was great to see more of Corbin’s Bend. This book featured several characters form previous books in addition to our main couple. I enjoyed these characters and found Josie to be especially relate-able.

  8. Ajjmb

    I am so excited to see a new Corbin%u2019s Bend book. This is one of my favorite series. This book was so endearing. Josie is trying so hard to find her way in this new community and to come to terms with be a full time submissive. Max is trying to be supportive but is a bit confused by her behavior and the strange incidents that are plaguing them. I love seeing older characters as well. This is a great book. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  9. Joanie M

    This book was super good. It was so nice to be back in Corbin’s Bend. If you haven’t read any books taking place in this unique spanking community then you are in for a treat. This story was about Josie coming to terms with being submissive to Max full-time. It was amusing and fun to read. I loved that multiple generations were part of the story and the conflict that Josie feels about it. The mystery of the mishaps added another layer and I enjoyed the suspense. I’m thrilled that there are more books coming!

  10. Margaret Corcoran

    If this is the start of a new series then I am in. It’s wonderful. Brilliantly written with plenty of characters from the first series. All the characters are well written and described. There are plenty of disciplinery spankings and lots of sexy scenes. All so much part of the story. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book and I highly recommend it. A very easy to read, enjoyable story.

  11. Goldie Nut

    Josie is excited to be moving back to Corbin’s Bend with her boyfriend Max
    as his submissive. She arrives first to Corbin’s Bend looking to live with her
    grandparents until the apartment is ready. She has a not too pleasant encounter
    with a dr. that is going to be her boss. The encounters continue to involve her
    boss. The real surprise is that all these things that look like Josie is to blame
    turn out to be a woman that is wanting revenge against Max. There are
    many twists and turns before this story is told.

  12. Tami

    I was so happy when I learned that there will be more books of the Corbin’s Bend series. I love reading about the secluded spanking community Corbin’s Bend and this book is a great attribution to the series.

    Josie is so happy when she an Max move to Corbin’s Bend. Now she is not only close to her grandparents, but she can also enjoy their chosen lifestyle to the fullest. Of course, there are some bumps in the road, but love and the stern hand of Max will make sure that everything turns out well. I adored Josie and Max, they were a great couple and made this book a pleasure to read.

  13. John Lindow

    This Corbin Bend book by Vanessa Brooks is a spanko’s dream: an actual city where domestic discipline and BDSM are not only accepted, they are the norm for the city and all its characters in one way or another. For me this was an enjoyable and fun read about the many things Josie did wrong in the eyes of Max as well as other citizens, all of which usually resulted in her getting a hard punishment lesson. Underneath this was a plot line of Josie attempting to understand what and where she stood in her relationship to Max in regards to BDSM rules and roles. There was also a sneaky plot of someone attempting to sabotage Josie’s happiness and new life in Corbin Bend. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Blushing Books.

  14. Toni L

    Having read a lot of the previous series of Corbin’s Bend books I eagerly read this. It provides what you’d expect – it’s completely standalone, focusing very much on the characters of this book and features cameo’s of other Corbin’s Bend favourites. I really enjoyed this book. The relationship was a bit more BDSM-y and less DD than I remember (not that it mattered) & I loved the push-pull of the relationship as Max & Josie work to get their relationship on track. There is a suspense/drama sub-story but it didn’t really pull together all that well. An enjoyable, easy read.

  15. Etta

    The new season of Corbin’s Bend (entitled Back to Corbin’s Bend) kicks off with Vanessa Brooks’ Sub-Divided which is a belter of a story with which to start the new series.

    Josie and Max have just moved to Corbin’s Bend and in a rather wonderful leap of faith the couple’s moving to the spanking-based community is also their first time living together as a couple.

    They already embrace a D/s relationship and Josie already knows she loves Corbin’s Bend from her numerous visits to her grandparents, Liam and Nicky, who are current residents.

    But it turns out that life isn’t going to be straightforward for the pair. For one thing Josie encounters a run of extraordinarily bad luck from the moment she arrives. Her house gets flooded, she almost gets run down, a night out at a club turns very weird, there’s invasions of moths, and locusts and hordes of zombies. Maybe not those last two. The bad luck comes so thick and fast that Josie suspects that foul play is at work but is at a loss to understand why it might be happening.

    On top of that, Josie is struggling with what exactly she wants from her and Max’s Dom/sub relationship. While she might be adamant that she is “only a submissive in the bedroom”, Max doesn’t necessarily see it that way.

    Josie and Max are great together. The sex and spanking between them is fantastically hot. The scene when Max first arrives at Corbin’s Bend… just wow. They’re clearly perfect for one another which makes watching them work hard at establishing their relationship, all the more satisfying.

    It’s good to be back at the Bend and Vanessa Brooks’ story was the perfect homecoming.

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