Spring’s Savior

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Samuel Fox is shocked to find two small girls alone on the trail. After discovering that the wagon train abandoned them and their parents had died in their wagon, he takes them home to his childless wife.


Together, they decide to adopt and raise the two girls, Spring and Autumn, along with Brenden, the boy they took in several years previously.


Brenden knew on the day he saved Spring’s life when she was seven years old that she would someday be his. He proved his love for her by waiting until she was old enough to become his bride.


Spring, however, has grown up to be a handful. Is Brenden up to the task of keeping her in line?


Publisher’s Note: This historical Western romance contains graphic scenes as well as stern discipline. If such material is offensive to you, please refrain from reading it.

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Sample Chapter




Samuel was a big man. He stood well over six-feet and was pure muscle from working long days on his ranch, and he also was one of the Pinkertons most famous trackers. His grandfather was a son of Little Fox, the Cheyenne chief. He married a white woman, whom he had found abandoned on the trail. He fell in love with her, and because he would not give her up, he had to leave the tribe. Little Fox always protected his family, though, and his son was always welcome. Especially when he had a son of his own. 

Samuels father spent every summer with his grandfather and had made trips to the Cheyenne camp many times with him. His grandfather and father taught Samuel many of the Indian ways. He learned how to live off the land and how to track an enemy or how to hide from one. Samuels father was a famous tracker for the government and he taught his son all he knew about how to stay alive. His father made a lot of money from the Pinkertons and other law agencies around the area before he settled down and bought five hundred acres, a half days ride from Buffalo, Wyoming. Samuel bought the adjacent five hundred acres just north of his fathers property; his wife Suzys brother owned the five hundred acres just to the west of his fathers and Samuel had bought the five hundred acres to the west of his for his adopted son, Brenden. The land was between Buffalo and Kaycee, Wyoming. 

Brenden ran Samuels ranch while he was gone. Samuel had found Brenden alone and hungry as a boy of six, running wild and stealing food from town. Everyone figured his parents were killed in one of the many wagon trains and left the boy orphaned. Samuel took him in and was never sorry he took the chance. The boy was fifteen now and had grown tall and strong and was a responsible young man. 



18 reviews for Spring’s Savior

  1. Lalaland

    I have never read anything by this author before so had no preconceived ideas. The basic story is about 2 little girls (Spring aged 3 & Autumn aged 7), found abandoned on the trail near their waggon which contains the bodies of both their parents. Samuel finds them, brings them home to his very loving but childless wife and soon they adopt them. Their Samuel and his wife also have a teenage son Brenden who is more or less grown up already. Shortly after their official adoption Brenden decides that Spring will be his and he waits for her to grow up. This is a gentle story which takes you through the growing up years of Spring and Brenden and also alludes to Autumn’s story. I enjoyed this book it was an entertaining read with some discipline spankings and some raunchy moments, nothing gratuitous and all within the context of the story. Interesting characters with full back stories, I would definitely be interested in reading Autumn’s love story when its becomes available. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  2. Tami

    Samuel finds two abandoned children on the trail. When he learns that their parents have died, he brings Autumn and Spring home to his wife Suzy and raises them along with his son Brenden. Brenden, even at an early age, is smitten with Spring. He knows that Spring will be his one and only when they are old enough. Spring is also in love with Brenden, but she is a sassy woman with a will of her own. Brendon knows exactly how to tame her, even if it means that Spring will have a smarting bottom.

    There are a lot of spankings in this book, Suzy and Autumn are also taken in hand by their men. The intimate scenes were explicit and I liked all the characters and pairings. I enjoyed reading Spring Daughters very much.

  3. Ajjmb

    Spring%u2019s savior by Char Carley was a very sweet story. Two young girls become an answer to the prayers of Suzy and Samuel when Suzy has tried for years to have her own child. Two little girls left alone after their parents die on the prairie are rescued by Samuel. Samuel%u2019s adopted son Brendan soon knows that seven year old Spring will one day grow up and be his wife even though he must wait a few years for her to grow into that woman. Spring also learns that Brendan will be there to rescue her from any trouble she finds herself in and he will also punish her if she needs it. This was a very sweet story and I truly enjoyed it. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  4. Nancy Hughes

    Spring and Brenden had been raised as siblings, though there was quite an age gap between them. Brendan knew at 15 yrs is age, that he would marry Spring, once she was of age. She was quite a handful,and there are many spankings. Happy ending. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  5. DONNA L

    ByDonna Lon January 24, 2018
    I enjoyed this sweet western romance by Char Cauley.
    The vibrant characters and attention to detail of the era
    brought the book to life.Spring and Brenden were easy
    to fall in love with,their relationship grew so naturally.
    The day Samuel Fox found two young girls on the trail
    changed his and his wife’s life forever.Suzy craved to
    be a mother but it was not to be.Spring and Autumn had
    no other family,both parents now dead they are adopted
    by Samuel and Suzy.Brenden Fox knows that Spring
    would be his one day,he has to allow her to grow up and
    mature.Spring is a good girl most of the time but does
    attract trouble.She has studied to be a teacher but a prank
    gone wrong could be the end of her dreams.Brenden is
    sent to sort out the problem,her career is safe but not
    her bottom.Marriage is everything Spring dreamed of and
    more.Brenden has only four rules for Spring to follow but
    mischief and danger is never far away .The plot includes
    kidnapping,danger,thieves,counterfeiters,sweet love and
    well deserved spankings.This is an easy,fun book to read.

  6. Carla

    Enjoyed this first read by Char Cauley. It was amazing to get all the back story so you could see what shaped Spring. Isn’t almost all girls dream to have someone fall in love with her and wait for her even if its 10 years or more. The discipline was appropriate to the scene at hand and was not overdone or too prolific. It added to the book as whole. Can recommend this book and will read more by this author

  7. Goldie Nut

    Spring and her sister Autumn were adopted by Samuel Fox as
    was Brenden prior to the 2 sisters. Samuel Fox found the 2
    sisters on his way back home to his wife Suzy. They had tried
    on numerous occassions but they kept losing their babies. Sam
    went to the Medicine woman and got something that would
    keep her from getting pregnant. There are so many twists and
    turns and you won’t want to miss reading this novel.

  8. PJB

    A sweet and simply written western tale which other reviewers have fully described. I found the relationship between Spring and Brenden unbelievable. Brenden is a teenage boy who sees seven year old Spring as his future wife – this is for me where the plot falls down and I had trouble keeping with the story line after that.

  9. Stats23

    There are an awful lot of things going on in this story, perhaps too many things for just one book. The title indicates it is the story of Spring, one of the daughters of Samuel Fox, but since it is the first book in what is obviously intended as a series, there just seems to be too little time spent on Spring herself, and her husband to be Brendan, and perhaps too much time spent giving us introductions and brief histories on all the other characters destined to be central characters in future instalments. Similarly, the many sub plots and action sequences are glossed over a little too quickly and lack substance and/or suspense. There are a few domestic discipline type punishments woven in and some fairly tame sex, but even they seem a bit shallow. I don%u2019t want to be too harsh, as perhaps the author%u2019s intent is to open our minds up to the myriad possibilities of more, and better, spanking romances to come, so I will give this 3 Stars with the hope for more in-depth characterizations and relationships in the sequels, as I am more than open to reading more by this author.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  10. Hope W

    I loved this domestic discipline romance. The storyline was easy to follow and fun to read. The story starts with Samuel, Suzy, and their adopted son Brenden. I enjoyed the loving nature of this couple and felt their heartbreaks as they faced it within the story. After reading the description I was not sure about the pairing of Brenden and Spring. As I continued to read the story I began to see and feel the chemistry of this couple. Although they were from the same family they were both adopted and Brenden was almost grown by the time Samuel and Suzy adopted the girls, Spring and Autumn. Brenden was loving and protective but also would not accept bad behavior. Spring found that growing up brought on its own challenges. She needed time to grow up and during this time she found herself in trouble at times. However, with time and a few spankings, Spring finds her happily ever after. I found the pace of the story moved extremely quick as the girls grew up and became young ladies. Overall, I loved this story, the interaction between the characters and I highly recommend enjoying this easy and fun read. I look forward to reading the next book to see what kinds of trouble Autumn can get into. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  11. DB

    Good start to what will be a western series. Brenden and Spring and her sister Autumn were all adopted by Samuel Fox and his wife, Suzy; the girls and Brenden are not related and Brenden is 7/8 years older than Spring. Brenden knew Spring was his the first time she was in danger and he thought he had lost her. They had a wonderful relationship but Spring needs time to grow up before she can marry Brenden. This book had laughter, spankings, feisty females, dominant alpha males, growing up issues and a HEA. I did enjoy the book and look forward to the next one. The reason I took one star off is because there was a lot of repeating thoughout the book. 4 Big Stars

  12. Redrabbitt

    What a wonderful beginning to a series that is sweet and sassy, with a touch of mystery and suspense, and don%u2019t forget to throw in dominance along with sexy. While this series is the daughter%u2019s of Samuel Fox, there is much to learn about Samuel and Suzy Fox and how the daughters came to be part of this family.

    Samuel loves his Suzy and is broken hearted of the fact that they can%u2019t carry a child to term, but she is too precious to him to take any more risk. He will rescue two little girls, Spring and Autumn, and they will join the family that also includes his adopted son, Brenden. The light and joy are back in Suzy%u2019s eye with the addition of these two orphan girls, and she delights in teaching them.

    From the time Spring is seven-years-old and nearly killed while watch Mike is breaking in a Mustang, fifteen-year-old Brenden will tell Samuel in no uncertain terms his intentions for Spring.Fast forward ten years and Spring is now a beautiful young woman, but she has a sassy streak, and while Brenden taught her skills of their Indian grandfather, she knows that Brenden has dated many young women, and she is determined to pay him back, but doing the same.

    After rescuing her from a terrible prank set up by a rival, Brenden will leave and go work with the Pinkerton agency as a tracker and Spring will go away to a school to obtain her teaching certificate. But she wants to fit in with some of the rich girls and will get into trouble that will bring Brenden and her parents to her. It is time for Brenden to take his girl in hand, just like Samuel does Suzy.

    The plot of the story is a sweet and long lasting relationship between Brenden and Spring. While there are eight years of age difference, he knows she is his soul mate and waits for her. He has been watching out for her since she was seven and that hasn%u2019t changed now that she is seventeen. When she is almost done with her schooling and gets into trouble, he will be there to correct and protect her.
    Brenden will be on his last case with the Pinkerton agency before moving back to his ranch. He will lay out simple rules for Spring that will be grounds for a spanking; one, if you put yourself in danger. Two, if you lie to me and hurt our trust and marriage. Three, if you do not obey me, and four, if you disrespect me. What happens when Spring decides to disobey Brenden and go investigate on his latest case?

  13. Nicolette

    Spring and Autumn is found alone next to their parents dead bodies by Samuel Fox. He decides to take them home with him since him and his wife cannot conceive and is sure she would love two little girls. Brendon is their adopted son and likes Spring form the moment she joins the family. She is however a lot younger than him so he waits for her to grow up to claim as his. A lovely old fashioned Western love story where the %u201Ccowboy%u201D saves the damsel in distress.

  14. Ben

    A cute story with love being known even from a young age. Brenden knew young Spring would be his when he first met her and as she gets older is impatient to marry her while she loves him is unsure of his high handedness but can’t resist him. There are some great intense dialogue and erotic moments together yet we spend a lot of time waiting to get to them being old enough to be a couple and we get little of them as characters at that time that made the book drag slightly. Still there is enough here worth recommending.

  15. Kitty Ranma

    Sweet, cute. This gives us more of a look into the childhood of our hero and heroine. The discipline is very lightly done.
    This is the first time I’ve read Char Cauley, I will definitely be reading more of her work.
    Reasons I enjoyed this book:
    Happily Ever After, Romantic, Wonderful characters, Page-turner, Great world building, Unpredictable, Original, Easy-to-read, Entertaining, Action-packed, Steamy.
    This book was given to me for free at my request from the publisher or author and I provided this unbiased voluntary review.

  16. Sam

    I really liked this book although I wish we had gotten to read a whole book about Samuel and Suzy as a prequel. Because this book covers some background, it takes awhile to get to the romance between Spring and Brendan. I really enjoyed their courtship. I hope to get to read more about them in another book to see how they adjust to married life.

  17. Jf12574

    Great story filled with loving characters making this an easy, enjoyable read. No dull, sappy parts. I read an advanced copy and this is my honest review. Enjoy!!

  18. Margaret Corcoran

    I love this talented author and this is a great example of her amazing work. All the characters are well written and described. There is lots of love and understanding between them. Very well written and interesting storyline. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. Well worth reading. A very easy to read and enjoyable story.

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