Spank Me, Maybe

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A young woman schemes to make her boyfriend give her spanking.


Sample Chapter

Bree knows better than to read some one else’s private email. She really didn’t mean to do it – but just as she was about to close her roommate’s browser, an odd sentence caught her attention.

Poor girl! After a paddling like that, I’m surprised you can even sit down.

It was so startling… she just had to read the rest! And that’s all it took. She was hooked. Now all she can think about is what it would be like to be spanked!

She doesn’t know how to get her boyfriend to do it, though. She can’t just ask him. What if he’s offended – what if he breaks up with her over it? How can she find out if he’d be interested, without coming right out and saying anything?

Bree finally confides in her roommate and enlists her help. Together, they come up with several schemes they hope will get Bree the spanking she desires. One of their ideas should work! After all, getting her boyfriend to spank her should be simple, right?

This is a re-release of ‘All She Can Think About’ by Samantha Danvers. Customers who have previously purchased this item will find the revision automatically available in their libraries.

Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Bree Thompson used to think she was high maintenance until she met her friend Mia Patrick. The woman couldn’t get ready for a simple run to the grocery store in anything less than two hours. Which sometimes made going out on a double date with her like they were today a nightmare. Luckily, their two-bedroom apartment had a bathroom with dual sinks and enough room for both of them to move around without getting in each other’s way. While Bree had been dressed and ready to go to the Bronco game an hour ago, Mia was still deciding between a blue sweater and an orange one. At this rate they wouldn’t get to the stadium until after kickoff, never mind in time to do any tailgating.

“Mia, hurry up!” she called from the living room. “The guys will be here any minute.”

Her friend said something Bree couldn’t make out. Probably that she’d be out in five minutes. Bree snorted. Right.

Since she had some time, she might as well check her Facebook page. Bree started digging her phone out of her bag, but then stopped. Mia had left her laptop open on the kitchen table. It’d be easier to hop on there.

Tossing her purse on the table, she sat down and ran her finger over the mouse pad. Mia had been reading her email before jumping in the shower and it immediately popped up the screen. Bree automatically moved to close it when a sentence caught her eye.

Poor girl! After a paddling like that, I’m surprised you can even sit down.

Bree did a double take. What the heck? She leaned closer, reading the sentence again. Oh yeah, she’d read it right the first time. Mia’s friend Kelley had definitely used the word paddling. And it wasn’t a typo, either.

Bree’s finger hovered over the mouse pad, but she couldn’t make herself close the email. She threw a quick glance over her shoulder. Mia was still in her bedroom getting ready and probably would be for a while. Bree turned back to the computer. She and Mia had always respected each other’s privacy?which was why they made such good roommates. She knew she shouldn’t read any further, but she couldn’t stop herself.

Kelley had replied to an email Mia sent that morning about the spanking her long-time boyfriend, Jim Carmichael, had given her the night before. Bree’s eyes went wide. Jim spanked Mia? Even more shocking was that Kelley not only thought the spanking sounded “yummy,” but was actually jealous.

Lucky you, were the other woman’s actual words. It seemed Kelley wasn’t getting all that many spankings herself lately since she was between boyfriends at the moment. At least I can live vicariously through you, Kelley wrote.

Bree quickly scrolled down until she found the original message Mia had sent.

The brat in me came out again last night, her roommate had written. Mia confessed she’d taken so long getting ready for her date with Jim the night before?no surprise there?that by the time they got to the restaurant, they’d lost their reservation and ended up having to wait an hour for another table.

Needless to say, Jim wasn’t too happy about it. The brute told me that I’d be getting a spanking the minute we got back to my apartment. I had to make sure he kept his promise, so I complained about everything on the menu and in the restaurant, including how long it took to get a table. Jim put his mouth right next to my ear and told me that I was going to get a spanking like I’d never gotten before. I thought I was going to have an orgasm right there at the table. Don’t know how I managed to make it through appetizers, dinner and dessert. All I could think about was that spanking. Since he didn’t say anything more about it, I was afraid he forgot, but as soon as we walked in the door, he dragged me over his knee, lifted my dress, and spanked me until I was squirming and kicking. I know what he said at the restaurant, but I still expected him to give me a few dozen smacks like he usually does before we have sex. But I swear he must have given me a hundred spanks over my panties, then yanked them down and started in on my bare ass. Ouch!

Bree felt her face heat as she pictured her pretty, dark-haired friend draped over her handsome boyfriend’s knee while he spanked her. Pulse quickening, she tucked her long, dark hair behind her ear and scrolled down the page so she could read more.

You’re not going to believe what he did then. He stood me on my feet, and told me to get the paddle and bring it to him. Seriously? I stood there with my panties banded around my thighs and my ass stinging like crazy and just stared at him for what must have been five minutes. Okay, it was probably only a few seconds. God, I love it when he gets all authoritative like that.

Bree heard Mia mutter something about wearing the blue sweater. Crap, she’d he coming out any minute. Bree quickly scanned the rest of the email. After bringing her boyfriend the paddle like he’d told her to, Mia said he put her right back over his knee for what she called “round two.”

He’s paddled me before, but this time was different. He was seriously trying to teach me a lesson, and he did his best to cover every square inch of my butt with that thing. God, was my ass red when he got done. I was so wet I thought I was going to come just from him spanking me. I practically ripped off his clothes when he finally let me up.

Bree blinked. It was shocking enough to learn Mia’s boyfriend spanked her regularly, but knowing her roommate loved it when he did?

“They’re not here yet?”

Bree jumped. Damn. She wasn’t even halfway through the email yet. And if she didn’t stop right now, Mia was going to catch her reading it. Face flaming, she closed the lid on the laptop and got to her feet just as her roommate walked into the living room. Aware of her friend’s dark eyes on her, Bree colored even more. She felt as if she’d just gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Then she realized Mia was simply waiting for an answer to her question.

“Oh. No.” Bree tucked her long hair behind her ear. “Not yet.”

Mia scowled. “And I rushed to get ready. I thought Dean and Jim wanted to get there for the pre-game warm-ups or whatever it is you call them. They’re always complaining about us making them late, and here they’re the ones who’re late.”

Actually, the guys were always complaining about Mia making them late, not her, but Bree didn’t point that out. After reading Mia’s email, she had to wonder if her friend purposely did it just to get a spanking.

“I thought you were going to wear the blue sweater,” Bree said.

Mia looked down at the orange sweater clinging to her generous curves. “I was, but?” She frowned. “You’re right. The blue would look better. I’ll go change.”

Bree opened her mouth to say the orange sweater looked great, but Mia had already disappeared into her bedroom. Bree’s gaze went to the computer. Did she have time to read the rest of the email before her friend came back?

She started to open the laptop when the doorbell rang. Damn.

“I’ll get it!” she called out to Mia.

Bree put her eye to the peephole, then smiled when she saw her boyfriend standing there. Tall and broad-shouldered with dark hair, brown eyes, and the sexiest smile she’d ever seen, the sight of Dean Davenport never failed to make her pulse flutter. Opening the door, she went up on tiptoe and greeted him with a long, slow kiss. He wrapped his arms around her, his hands going to her jean-clad ass and giving it a squeeze as he kissed her back.

“Mmm. On second thought, maybe we should forget about the game and just stay in bed all day.”

Bree was all for that idea. She opened her mouth to tell him as much but Jim Carmichael pushed his way past them into the room, muttering something about not blocking the doorway.

“Don’t even think about it, dude,” he said. “Not after the trouble I went to get us tickets to this game.”

He looked around, then turned to Bree, his grey eyes questioning. “Mia in her room?”

Bree nodded as she closed the door. “She’s still getting dressed.”

Jim’s mouth edged up. “Of course she is. I’ll go hurry her up.”

As he headed toward Mia’s room, an image popped into Bree’s head of the tall, handsome man dragging his petite girlfriend over his knee for a sound spanking. Or would Jim drag Mia out here into the living room and spank her right in front of Bree and Dean? The idea of watching her friend getting her ass reddened made Bree’s pulse suddenly race.

She blushed. Where had that come from?

Dean put his arms around her waist, pulling her back snuggly against his well-muscled body and nuzzling her neck.

“All ready for next weekend?” he asked, his warm breath stirring her hair and making her shiver.

She and Dean were going up to Vail to do some skiing with Mia and Jim. It’d be the first time they went somewhere as a foursome?other than out to dinner or a football game?and Bree couldn’t wait. She covered his hands with hers, glad to have something else to think about besides her roommate getting spanked. “Mm-hmm. I bought the cutest new pair of flannel pajamas to wear when we curl up in front of the fire at the lodge.”

He pressed a kiss to the curve of her neck. “I’m more interested in what you’ll be wearing underneath.”

She moaned and wondered if she should tell him she wasn’t planning on wearing anything underneath, but he’d already turned her around to take possession of her mouth. She parted her lips and ran her hands up the front of his shirt to grab hold of his shoulders. She’d let what she was wearing?or not wearing?underneath be a surprise.

“Dude,” Jim groaned. “Get a room.”

Dean lifted his head. “Bite me.”

Bree laughed at the good-natured teasing between the two men. Dean and Jim had known each other since college, and were closer than a lot of brothers she knew.

She turned in Dean’s arms to give the other couple a smile. The sight of them standing there, Jim’s arm looped casually over Mia’s shoulders, her friend’s cheeks flushed, immediately conjured up that image of her roommate draped over her guy’s knee for a spanking. Had Jim spanked Mia while she and Dean had been waiting for them? She eyed her friends curiously, looking for some indication her roommate had gotten her bottom warmed, but didn’t see any. What did a woman who’d just been spanked look like, anyway? But no, there was no way Jim could have spanked Mia. She and Dean would have heard it, right? Then again, maybe there was some way to spank a girl quietly. Bree didn’t know. In fact, she didn’t know the first thing about spanking.

“Ready to go?” Dean asked.

Red-faced?again?Bree jerked her gaze away from the other couple. “What? Oh, yeah. Let me just grab my purse.”

As they drove to the stadium in Dean’s SUV, Bree tried to keep up with the conversation, but her mind kept going back to Mia’s email. She remembered reading an article in Cosmo about using spanking as a form of foreplay, but she’d never known anyone who actually did it. Until now, of course. She and Mia had talked about sex lots of times, so why hadn’t her friend ever mentioned she was into spanking. She obviously talked about it with Kelley. Was there some reason she hadn’t told Bree? Did she think Bree wasn’t kinky enough? No, not after Bree had admitted she wouldn’t mind if Dean tied her up. Maybe Mia was simply too embarrassed. If she was the one into spanking, Bree probably wouldn’t share it with Mia, either.

It really wasn’t any of her business, Bree told herself as she and Dean followed the other couple through the maze of tailgaters parked outside Mile High Stadium. What Mia and Jim did in the privacy of the bedroom was their deal. That didn’t stop her from thinking about it when Jim’s hand slipped down to rest on Mia’s jean-clad ass as they walked.

What would it be like to get spanked? It had to hurt at least a little bit, didn’t it? Would she get off on it as much as Mia obviously did?

Bree’s gaze slid to her handsome boyfriend as they sat down. While Dean definitely had an alpha side, she couldn’t picture him dragging her over his knee for a spanking. He was nothing if not caring and considerate. Then again, so was Jim, and he spanked Mia.

“You okay?” Dean asked.

She gave herself a mental shake and was stunned to see that the Bronco player were already lining up for kickoff. Damn, she’d zoned out again. “Yeah. Why?”

“Because you haven’t said a word since we got here.”

“Oh.” She smiled and took his hand. “Just thinking about the parent-teacher conferences I have at school this week.”

It was a lame answer, but being a high school teacher himself Dean didn’t question it. Instead, he leaned over to kiss her, then turned his attention back to the field. Bree tried to concentrate on the game, too, but watching grown men fight over a funny-shaped ball could only distract her for so long before she went back to thinking about spanking again. And what her boyfriend’s hand would feel like warming her ass.

* * * * *

Bree was still obsessed with thoughts of spanking after the game. They’d stopped for burgers at a popular bar and grill on the way home, and every time she looked across the table at Mia and Jim, she kept imagining him spanking her friend. It didn’t stop there, either. She found herself imagining other people doing it, too. The bartender, the waitress who served their table, the couple at the next table. For all she knew, everyone could be into spanking. And the idea was doing all sorts of crazy things to her.

By the time they dropped off Mia and Jim and went to Dean’s apartment, Bree couldn’t take it anymore. The minute they walked in, she dragged her boyfriend into the bedroom and tackled him with the skill worthy of an NFL linebacker.

“Damn,” he breathed as she pulled off his shirt, then made quick work of the buttons on his jeans. “Maybe we should go to football games more often.”

She tossed his jeans on the floor, then hopped off the bed long enough to strip off her own clothes. While she did that, Dean reached over to grab a condom from the bedside table. He had his hard cock covered before she stepped out of her panties.

She was usually a girl who liked a lot of foreplay, but not tonight. Probably because she was already primed from all the X-rated thoughts she’d had all day. Climbing on the bed, she straddled his legs, then placed her hands on his muscular chest for balance and lowered herself onto his erection in one smooth motion.

Dean groaned, his hands grasping her hips in that way she loved. But this time, she didn’t wait for him to guide her movements. She rode him like a bucking bronco, bouncing up and down so hard and fast that her orgasm hit her before she even knew what was happening. She threw her head back and cried out, not caring if the neighbors heard. Her boyfriend’s hoarse sounds of pleasure as he came were almost as loud, and together they seemed to echo off the walls.

When they were both spent, Bree fell forward across his chest, her breathing ragged. Dean’s arms went around her, his hand smoothing her hair.

“We are definitely going to football games more often,” he said softly.

Bree smiled, but didn’t say anything. How could she tell him it wasn’t the game that had gotten her sexually charged, but the thought of him smacking her ass?

In the end, she didn’t. While she hated to leave the comfort of his warm arms, she snuck out to the living room after Dean fell asleep to look up spanking on the internet and satisfy her burning curiosity.

An hour later, she was still glued to the computer. When she typed in the words “erotic spanking,” she thought she’d find a page or two, but instead Google had given her hundreds of websites. Some sites were for message boards or chat rooms while others were links to photos. There were even some sites that sold romance books with spanking in them, as well as movies. But what surprised her most were the amount of blogs devoted to the subject. Clearly, a lot of people besides her roommate were into that particular kink.

Reading the posts on the various message boards she found not only amazed Bree, but turned her on, too. It was all she could do not to touch herself. The only reason she didn’t was because she didn’t want to wake up her boyfriend. She wasn’t quite ready to share her newfound kinky side with him just yet. But seriously, who would have thought that reading a story about a gorgeous guy putting a bratty girl over his knee for a well-deserved spanking could be such a turn-on?

She stifled a moan as she clicked on a site that offered complete spanking ebooks for sale. The genres differed from contemporary to western to sci-fi, but in all of them, the girls were always very soundly spanked. She wasn’t bold enough to make any purchases, so she settled for reading the sample chapters the website offered for free. Unfortunately, there were way too many to read in one sitting. Then again, maybe that was a good thing. If she read any more, she was going to end up pouncing on Dean for another round of bed-shaking sex, and they both had to be up early the next morning for work.

She closed her laptop with a sigh. While her internet search had satisfied her curiosity about spanking, it had also left her wanting more. As she slipped into bed and snuggled up next to Dean, she toyed with the idea of discussing it with the one person who was an expert on the subject?her roommate. Right. Like she could ever bring that up in conversation.

* * * * *

Bree spent her entire free period at school the following day coming up with a way to approach her roommate about spanking. Which was why she was bummed to find Mia and Jim cuddling on the couch watching television when she walked into her apartment that night. Maybe cuddling wasn’t the right word. Mia was actually half lying over her boyfriend’s lap and his hand was lightly resting on her jean-clad ass.

Mia quickly pushed herself up, tucking her curly dark hair behind her ear in that way she did whenever she was self-conscious. “Hey. I thought you were going to be at school getting stuff ready for the parent-teacher conferences.”

Bree didn’t say anything. She was too busy wondering what she’d interrupted by coming home. Had Jim been about to spank Mia? Or maybe he already had. Bree’s pulse quickened at that image.

Abruptly realizing Mia and Jim were both looking at her curiously, Bree gave them a smile. “I was. I just stopped by to pick up some things on my way to Dean’s.”

It wasn’t entirely a lie. She’d just planned on having a nice long conversation with Mia about spanking and how to get Dean to give her one before she went over to his place. Obviously, she wasn’t going to be able to do that with Jim there.

Bree went into her bedroom to grab those few things she mentioned. When she came out again, Mia and Jim were sitting on the couch looking as if they were counting the seconds until they could be alone. Giving them a wave, she scooted out of the apartment. She got halfway down the hallway before she stopped. If Mia and Jim were anything like her and Dean, they’d already be heading for the bedroom. All she had to do was wait until they did, then sneak back inside.

She waited five minutes, then ten before carefully slipping her key into the lock. But then she hesitated. What the heck was she doing? Spying on her friends while they got busy was just plain wrong. And what if she got caught? Was seeing her roommate get a spanking worth their friendship?

She wanted to turn and walk away, but she couldn’t make her feet move. The urge to see Mia get spanked was too strong to resist. An opportunity like this wouldn’t come along again. Besides, if she got caught, she could say she’d forgotten something.

Taking a deep breath, she turned the key in the lock and quietly pushed open the door. Bree let out a sigh of relief when she saw the living room empty. She poked her head in further so she could see into the kitchen. Mia and Jim weren’t in there, either. Which could mean only one thing?they were in Mia’s bedroom. The soft murmur of voices coming from that direction confirmed it.

A smack echoed in the apartment, followed by a loud, “Owwwww!” from Mia. “That hurt.”

A deep chuckle from Jim. “It’s supposed to hurt a little, babe.”

Mia muttered something Bree couldn’t hear, but Jim’s word came across quite clear.

“Oh, you’ll be warm, all right.”

Her pulse skipping a beat, Bree ignored the twinge of remorse she again felt for spying on her friends and crept toward her roommate’s bedroom. When she got as close to Mia’s room as she dared, she cautiously peeked inside.

Jim sat on the bed, his girlfriend draped over his knee, one arm wrapped around her waist to hold her in place. Mia’s ass was already a rosy pink where her skimpy panties had ridden up to expose her bare skin, and Bree marveled at how erotic the scene was. Luckily, both Jim and Mia was positioned in such a way that neither of them could see Bree. She watched mesmerized as Jim lifted his hand and brought it down on Mia’s upturned bottom.

Bree’s eyes went wide as Mia’s ass went from blushing pink to rosy red under such punishment. Even thought it was sexy as hell, she was still amazed her friend could like getting spanked. It had to sting. And yet despite how much she squirmed and struggled against her boyfriend’s hold, Mia really did seem to be enjoying it. Especially when Jim occasionally paused to rub her panty-clad derriere. Her friend’s moans of pleasure made Bree’s face heat.

Her color only deepened a few minutes later when Jim slipped his fingers inside the waistband of Mia’s panties and slowly pulled them down until they were banded around her thighs. He trailed his fingers up Mia’s legs, caressing her reddened ass cheeks before sliding his hand between her legs.

“You’re so wet,” he said softly.

Mia moaned in response, spreading her legs as wide as her panties would allow. It was enough to make her wet pussy visible, and Bree caught her breath when she saw how aroused her friend was.

Bree knew she should leave, especially since the spanking part of the night was probably over, but as she turned to go, Jim took his hand out from between his girlfriend’s legs and began spanking her again. The smacks were harder than before, and Mia’s bottom colored rapidly under his ministrations, turning from a rosy pink to a deep red.

Bree’s own ass tingled as much as if she were the one getting spanked. She automatically reached back to cup her ass cheeks, mentally switching places with Mia. In her mind, she was draped over Dean’s knee. Would she squirm and kick her legs? Would her ass color as easily as Mia’s? And would getting spanked turn her on as much as it did her friend?

She was so caught up in her own thoughts she almost didn’t realize Jim had stopped spanking Mia. He was leaning over, whispering softly in her ear while he played with her pussy. Bree couldn’t hear what Jim said, but Mia obviously liked the sounds of it because she moaned.

“Oh yeah, fuck me just like that.”

Bree pulled back as Jim stood Mia on her feet. One long, hot kiss later, they were both stripping off their clothes, garments flying everywhere. Jim urged Mia back on the bed, and Bree heard a sharp intake of breath as her tender ass came into contact with the sheets. It didn’t keep her from spreading her legs so Jim could settle himself between them and slide his condom-covered cock in her wetness.

Bree bit her lip to stifle a moan. Watching her friend get spanked was bad enough, but watching Mia and Jim have sex was definitely crossing the line. Tearing herself away from the door, she hurried back into the living room, grabbed her bag off the floor where she’d left it, and let herself out of the apartment.

She leaned back against the door, her mind whirling. She thought looking at pictures of women getting spanked had been hot when she’d stayed up way too late browsing the internet the night before, but it paled in comparison to the real thing. And if watching her friend get her ass smacked got her this turned on, she could only imagine how much more aroused she’d be if she was the one getting the spanking. The thought made heat pool between her thighs. She didn’t know how she was going to do it yet, but somehow, some way, she was going to get Dean to spank her.

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6 reviews for Spank Me, Maybe

  1. SC

    I liked this story. I thought it was cute. Bree and Ronan\\\’s introduction into a spanking romance is both timid and sweet. I look forward to reading more about them in the future.

  2. SC

    I liked this story. I thought it was cute. Bree and Ronan’s introduction into a spanking romance is both timid and sweet. I look forward to reading more about them in the future.

  3. Denise (verified owner)

    This was a really good story. It makes you hot just reading it and wanting to be Bree. Loved how their friends helped them through an awkward situation, that ended up being anything but. Also liked how it was from both male and female viewpoints. Well done story.

  4. Denise (verified owner)

    This was a really good story. It makes you hot just reading it and wanting to be Bree. Loved how their friends helped them through an awkward situation, that ended up being anything but. Also liked how it was from both male and female viewpoints. Well done story.

  5. gail (verified owner)

    enjoyed this book, bit short, but enough to make you tingle,

  6. gail (verified owner)

    enjoyed this book, bit short, but enough to make you tingle,

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