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She’s every man’s carnal fantasy…and the target of one’s revenge.


At a Phoenix gentleman’s club, Lea dances as SiNN, her body bared and vulnerable to her male partner, her features hidden behind a feathered mask. To the men watching, she’s a sensual enigma, submissive and seductive with no face, name, or history. Not even Lea knows her real origins.

A man from the past does – and he wants her dead.

That won’t happen on the watch of Deputy U.S. Marshals Jake and Toby. Commanding and decisive, Jake not only wants Lea’s safety but to have her yielding beneath him. To Toby, she’s all he should resist but cannot.

Protected by them at a secluded estate, Lea’s drawn to their potent masculinity and the raw male lust in their eyes. Inviting desire and an emotional connection, she submits to both at once, surrendering to their most shameless hunger along with her own wanton needs.

All while a killer edges closer…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy ménage includes elements of power exchange.



Sample Chapter

Chapter One

SiNN was already on stage when Jake Gabriel slipped inside the private room, a male dancer cupping and caressing her naked breasts.

Jake halted mid-step.

Another latecomer bumped into him, demanding he keep advancing into the space. He didn’t budge. Couldn’t.

This was no ordinary strip joint.

Sensual Latin music poured from the sound system, the rhythm decidedly unhurried and sultry, creating an accompaniment to the performance rather than an intrusion. Subdued lighting bathed the semi-circular platform in a hazy glow. Light glinted off the dark gold wallpaper, the leather wing chairs surrounding the stage, and SiNN’s tawny flesh, ripe from good health and youth.

His heart beat quicker than the unhurried music.

She wore little. A delicate gold chain around her slender throat shimmered in the muted light. Another chain dangled from it and travelled down her torso to her navel where it attached to a diamond. Beneath the jewel, numerous chains draped her hips, then dipped to her cunt, barely covering it.

She swayed gently. The dainty chains rolled left, right, left, exposing her smooth mound, her delicate curls removed.

Her cleft peeked out.

Forgetting to breathe, he hungered to see her sweet opening, her pink lips damp from arousal, separated for a man’s cock.

Her skilled dancing and the jewelry hardly allowed that.

Bad, bad girl.

A tall woman, her gold high heels added another three inches to her height, which would put her face on the same level as his shoulder. She’d hidden her features behind an elaborate mask, the feathers iridescent blue and green, revealing no more than her eyes and mouth. Her plush bottom lip shone dully as it would after she’d drawn her tongue over it.

A pulse ticked hard in his throat, making swallowing difficult. He ached to strip off her mask and gold finery. The heels she could damn well keep, while she wrapped her long legs around him.

Look at me.

She did not. Seemingly oblivious to the forty or so men in here, she kept her gaze above the audience, her back to the male dancer’s. On a beat from the music, she draped her arms around his neck, exposing her bared breasts even more.

He dragged his thumbs over her taut nipples.

Air hissed through Jake’s teeth.

The male dancer stroked her tips again.

Jake wasn’t certain if the guy’s moves were an unconscious act on his part or typical for the performance. It wasn’t clear whether she enjoyed his touch or not. The guy was in his mid-twenties, the same as her, his muscles ropy from him working out.

Her curves were lush and natural.

Jake liked them.

Repeatedly the male dancer thrust his hips against her to simulate fucking.

Rough male murmurs rose from the crowd, signaling approval, the audience young, old, and in between, all affluent. The cover charge for this place made certain no lower-class slob would dare enter. The chamber was one of three in The Second Circle, an upscale gentleman’s club in Phoenix. Its name a tribute to Dante’s second circle of Hell, the one the Italian poet had named lust.

A wise choice for an establishment where SiNN performed.

Responding to her partner’s erotic cues, she dipped her head to the right. Her thick, shiny hair, as brown as cocoa, swept over the guy’s naked torso. He wore only a gold leather thong.

And had to be sporting an erection.

Jake sure as hell was and his cock hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

Didn’t stop him from lifting his face to the TV screen bolted near the ceiling, broadcasting the performance to give patrons a closer view.

SiNN’s coffee-colored areolas had puckered from her partner’s stroking, making the tips seem much longer. Surely heated and sweetly scented.

His mouth went dry.

The camera angled up, revealing a mole gracing her collarbone, another below her jaw line.

She lowered her face and looked at him from the screen, her hazel eyes glassy with desire.

Drawn to her, he stepped closer.

A hand gripped his arm. Toby Quinn leaned in, his mouth close to Jake’s ear. “We should wait in her dressing room or outside.”

Not a chance. When Jake first heard about her performance, her stage name had amused him. He’d sensed her show would prove no more than a routine striptease or pole dance.

How wrong he’d been.

He pulled his arm free and stepped behind the leather chairs. Each seat cost an extra three hundred bucks for the twenty-minute show. Men in their twenties, thirties, forties and beyond filled them, their casual clothing or suits impeccably tailored, their colognes not something Jake could afford.

For those who’d declined to pay the extra fee or had arrived too late for a seat, their only option was to stand behind the others. More than twenty men did so.

He should have observed them carefully, assessing any risk as he’d learned during his training.

Since Toby was already doing so, Jake focused on SiNN.

With a ballerina’s grace, she sank to one knee at the stage edge, her other leg outstretched. The male dancer held her arms above her head, trapping her in the position, exposing her tempting nudity to the crowd. She lifted her face to his, showing her long throat.

Heat battered Jake.

Her weighty breasts quivered from her heightened breathing. Several men leaned forward for a closer look. Their leather chairs squeaked. A few left their seats to slip crisp bills beneath the chain caressing her stomach and the strands draped over her cunt.

The money fell quickly, drifting to the stage.

Undeterred, the men offered more.

Jake guessed they wanted a chance to get nearer to her or capture her attention. He couldn’t blame them.

Her gaze touched a few. Additional bills made their way from the men’s pockets to her body jewelry.

The TV screen showed they’d gifted her with nothing but hundreds. Tens and twenties weren’t even in the equation.


Frustrated, he faced him.

At thirty, Toby had clean-cut features and close-cropped blond hair, making him a perfect clone for the corporate world. Similar to the other guys here who’d also dressed in suits. Like them, Toby now watched SiNN. He swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing. However, his face betrayed nothing, his features far more neutral than the rest.

Those in their forties and fifties bore wistful looks. They either reminisced about past carnal times or hoped they’d engage in some down-and-dirty action tonight. Millennials in the crowd leered openly. A few also checked their smartphone screens, though none dared record the show. The club promised to ban a man for life if he did anything that stupid.

A guy to Jake’s left made a pissed sound.

“Aw hell.”

He seemed too young for this place given his spiked black hair and cherubic features. His attention kept darting from the performance to a baseball game playing on his iPhone.

Others checked on what looked like stocks or text messages. Many frowned at what they saw, particularly one man across the stage. Cellphone in hand, he read whatever was on the screen, his Latino features absorbed, his mouth turned down, accentuating the thin scar on his chin.

Maybe his team had lost or his stocks had plummeted. Perhaps his wife or girlfriend had texted him to get his ass home and take care of their kids.

Toby elbowed Jake. “We should wait somewhere else.”

Jake wasn’t about to leave even if he’d been able.

On one knee, the male dancer had draped SiNN over his leg, her ass exposed and vulnerable.

Call him crazy, but Jake sensed he was going to spank her as part of the act.

The already subdued crowd grew quieter. A cellphone rang, playingNe-Yo’s Another Love Song. The owner shut off the ringtone, leaving the Latin music to fill the silence. Percussion instruments joined the guitars and piano, their rhythm accelerating like a quickened pulse.

Perspiration ran down Jake’s neck.

Head bowed, SiNN appeared ready to accept her punishment. She lifted her ass, welcoming it.

Toby made a frustrated sound. “Jake.”

“I’m not leaving.”

“We shouldn’t—”

“Then don’t.”

SiNN’s partner stroked her naked buttocks—rounded and firm. He explored the furrow between her cheeks, the fragile chain resting there.

She arched her back.

As Jake wanted her to do for him, face lowered, legs spread, willingly offering her juicy cunt. She’d smell from female need and animal lust. Her opening would be hot, tight, wet, his cock rigid and thick. He’d ease inside her inch by inch until her flesh hugged his full shaft and his balls tapped her ass.

He had no idea whether she’d enjoy a man taking her slowly, or quick and rough, pretend dangerous, like a modern-day pirate.

The room spun. Dizzy, he lowered his head.

Toby leaned in.

Jake didn’t want to hear what they should do. He only knew what he needed. “If you don’t want to stay, go outside and have a cigarette.”

 “You know I don’t smoke.”

“Maybe it’s time you learned.” He stepped away, ignoring Toby and the duty that brought them here tonight.

The male dancer lifted a small paddle off the stage, the object covered in black material. Velvet?

A man in the crowd straightened. “Go on. Give it to her good. Make her squeal.”

Jake frowned at the guy.

A faint crack sounded. Approval buzzed from the spectators. The male dancer brought the paddle down once more. Her ass cheeks vibrated from the measured discipline, its noise barely registering past the music, the Spanish guitars seeming too loud.

Jake expected her to wince in pain.

Her mouth tilted up in a feral smile. She lifted her buttocks, wordlessly begging for punishment.

Jesus. His cock stiffened so much the skin felt as though it might split. His balls ached. Her partner disciplined her in an impossibly erotic manner, interrupting the paddling to stroke her spanked cheeks, now faintly pink.

Her mouth fell open on a pleasured gasp.

The young man trailed his hand over her breast.

She mewed in delight.

He resumed punishing and arousing her.

A guy who’d been texting stopped to applaud. Others followed, the noise competing with the tune. Several men flung hundred dollar bills onto the stage.

Jake figured this performance wouldn’t be one they’d soon forget.

A good thing for an erotic dancer who called herself SiNN. Not good for a young woman known as Lea Baptista outside this club.

She was on Cubrero’s hit list and had once been in witness protection.

She should be keeping a low profile, staying off the grid as much as she could.

She certainly shouldn’t dance here.


9 reviews for SiNN

  1. Donna Fisk

    Excellent cop-menage-mystery! I very much enjoyed this book.

    SiNN has an unusual set-up and plot coupled with a terrific sexual heat starting right in the first chapter. The characters are well developed with solid, emotion-laced back stories that allow the reader to understand their actions and reactions to one another as well as the danger closing in on them. The plot is riveting, with twists and turns that made me gasp, especially right near the end when. No, I won’t spoil it for you. Go read it!

    For a good read you’re sure to enjoy, pick up SiNN!

  2. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Lea is an exotic dancer who has a mysterious and extremely dangerous past she will quickly learn from two strangers. Two hot, dominant, sexy strangers. Sex sex, light spanking, anal.

  3. Jessica N

    SiNN is a romantic suspense filled with elements of m?nage and themes of hope and longing and a desire to belong! Lea is paying for school by dancing at a gentleman%u2019s club, but unknown to her, she%u2019s been hunted. Jake and Toby are U.S. Marshals and are tasked with keeping Lea safe until she can be placed under witness protection and taken away. But, none of them expect the fierce attraction they feel for each other, or the danger that%u2019s following Lea and threatening everything she holds dear!

    This book is filled with enough passion, connection, and longing to keep you warm at night, as well as enough suspense to keep you turning pages. It%u2019s almost difficult to read about how they had a limited amount of time together, and then they would all be going their separate ways. You want to cheer for them and their growing love, but you don%u2019t want to see anyone hurt more than they need to be. It was a different dilemma than I%u2019m used to while reading, so I really enjoyed that aspect, which also made the ending all the better! Jake, Lea, and Toby all brought something special to their relationship and definitely expect a lot of passionate scenes. I enjoyed reading this book, I was hooked from beginning to end, and it%u2019s one that I recommend!

  4. Roxie Ferguson

    “This is an Incredible and Exciting Menage Romance”
    This book is fantastic!!. The Characters are Excellent!. You have two very sexy US Marshal’s and a Feisty Erotic dancer lol . This book is full of steamy sexy scenes, suspense and action!. Toby and Jake are sent to protect Lea from a Man set out to kill her and her Mom till Lea can be put in the protection program. Only neither one knew they would end up falling for each other. Toby and Jake have found the perfect woman to share, but they know it can not last. Lea feels she is in heaven she has two sexy as heck US Marshals who want her in all ways lol. So they decide to make the best of the time they have together. Boy is this some steamy reading!!. If you love sexy erotic menages with a amazing story line then you must read this book!!!!. Tina is an amazing writer, and all her books I have read so far have been Incredible!

  5. Redrabbitt

    I always enjoy a story that has mystery, suspense, danger, intense scenes, life, and death scenarios, and then throw in a heaping dose of raw, edgy passion, desire, kink, and forbidden romance. Well, Ms. Tina Donahue delivered all that and more in this romantic suspense thriller

    Imagine living your entire life believing one thing only to learn that it was a lie, but that lie was perpetrated to keep you safe. For Lea Baptista, that is the reality. Raised since she was three years old in Foster Care, told her Mother had died and her Grandmother%u2019s health prevented her from caring for her, it is all she ever knew. Along with her best friend, Danielle, also in the foster system, they had dreams and made plans as little girls, and still as adults, are best friends working on making their dreams come true. They have become each other%u2019s family.

    Lea and Danielle both work at an upscale gentleman%u2019s club, The Second Circle, in Phoenix where they are known as SiNN and LuST. They will perform an erotic dance and earn tips, helping them attend college. It is at the club where life changes one night when two US Marshalls, Jake Gabriel, and Toby Quinn, arrive to see SiNN perform and then take her into protective custody. But that isn%u2019t the only one there to see SiNN, Cubrero wants her to seek revenge for the death of his father.

    The plot will have Jake, Lea, and Toby going to a secret location, which is owned by Toby, from his late mother. The sexual tension between these three, especially after the erotic performance at the club cannot be ignored. For Lea, she desires them, and she needs a diversion from what is happening. For Jake, he isn%u2019t going to turn down her invitation, but Toby takes longer to get on board.

    The story is explicit in details, at the club with the dancing, and with the three of them at their secret hideaway. Knowing that time is against them, that Lea will be taken away and placed in another location, and they won%u2019t see each other again, they take advantage of what little time they have. It is also a time of true confessions for all three of them about their childhood.

    There are intense, heart-stopping scenes of danger that not everyone will survive. Cubrero has too many people on his payroll in law enforcement, and he won%u2019t stop until he gets his revenge. A strong bond is formed between Lea, Jake, and Toby, and the men would die to keep her safe. The clock is ticking; the enemy is near. Can they protect Lea and get her to safety? The story includes power exchange, spankings, voyeurism, exhibition, control, m?nage, with explicit sex scenes.

  6. Eva Millien

    Caution %u2013 This book is red hot and will singe your senses!

    SINN starts off hot and only get hotter the more you read so I had to turn the fans on high in order to finish reading this book. Lea, Jake and Toby are strong characters that have an abundance of electrifying chemistry and sensual allure. The attraction as well as the passion in this story is fast paced and produces flames that burn the pages as well as all available surfaces and the relationship grows from there although the romance between this threesome isn%u2019t assured because there is a bit of turbulence as well, another words the story is very erotic with lots of mf and mfm scenes with elements of power exchange, but it also has a story which makes it a great read.

    Like I said above, the story is fast paced but along with the relationship the story also has some thrills and suspense as the reason Toby and Jake show up in Lea%u2019s life is because a very bad man has set his mind up to kill her and he doesn%u2019t intend for her death to be an easy one. I have to tell you that the story focuses on the erotic as even the bad man imagines erotic scenes.

    I found this one to be one supremely steamy read that I couldn%u2019t put down until I had read every delicious word.

  7. Karen Brieger

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    SINN is a sensually erotic story with suspense and intriguing characters. I enjoyed the encounters between the three main characters who have a satisfying threesome.

    US Marshals, Jake and Toby are assigned to protect Lea. Jake and Toby are immediately attracted to sexually alluring, Lea and they find themselves falling under her spell. Lea is worried and fearful and is happy to have these two, big, protective men keep her safe. This is a sexy story with characters that are flawed and likable. The three of them connect on many levels and help each other through a difficult time.

  8. susan landowski

    Love this story. Characters are fully rounded flaws and all. If like myself you love mystery, intrigue, eroticism, spankings, and menage then you will also love this book. This is a fast paced sexy read. Please get this book. You will not be disappointed.

  9. Toni L

    This was an entertaining short read. As you could probably gather from the title & synopsis, the story is high on sex. A lot of sex. A LOT. All of it is hot & well-written. I particularly liked some of the dialogue between Jake & Toby, which was surprisingly light & quirky in places. Although I really liked the sex, I did get to the point where it was just too much sex & not enough story. For that reason 4 *, not 5.

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