Sharing Their Highland Lassie

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Three dominant noblemen are going to share her, but will they keep her?

When an industrial accident floods the roads, Catriona has to stay at the country estate of Lord Wyndham Bradleigh overnight. Dodging the London social season, Bradleigh came to Glenash to shoot pigeons with his friends Viscount Carlyle and Count Ludovich, but their attention is swiftly drawn to a new pastime: Catriona.

Unable to leave the estate, Catriona is shocked to discover the three young noblemen are rakes with salacious tastes. After correcting her for telling an untruth, they claim her together. She is even more surprised that she enjoys being treated like this by the dominant noblemen. But how can three men of their position keep one lassie without causing a scandal?

This is book four in a series but can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy reverse harem historical romance with a HEA contains elements of power exchange and paranormal themes.

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Sample Chapter



Glenash Village, Scotland, 1877


Catriona was impaled on two cocks at the same time, a fact which greatly surprised her, given it was not how she had expected to spend the evening when she had come to Bradleigh Manor earlier today on an errand. By rights, she should be at home in her own bed right now, not being utterly debauched and deflowered by three English Lords.

Her eyes were half-closed and she shook as little sparkles of light seemed to radiate through her body from Raleigh’s finger stroking her clit, while she suckled on Wyndham’s cock as though it were filled with sweet ambrosia. The salty, musky taste wasn’t something she’d expected, but as he thrust into her mouth, she found the flavour was not unpalatable by any means.

Wolfgang stepped forward and took her hand in his, placing it gently on his cock. Trying to pay attention to all three men at once was difficult, but she managed to wrap her hand around his hard shaft, hoping she wasn’t squeezing him too hard. She held him without moving her hand at all, unsure what to do next.

“Slide your hand up and down, like this,” Wolfgang guided her hand with his own, and she enjoyed moving her hand over him in a way that seemed to make him harder than ever.

Little droplets of liquid seeped from his tip, but she ignored it, not caring that her hand was getting wet, while she continued to move her hand slowly over him.

At the same time, Raleigh was stretching her in a way that was almost painful, and an intense pressure was building deep inside her. She needed some sort of release, but her only uncertainty was, would the three men permit it, or would they make her wait?

She wasn’t sure she could stop herself from coming apart very soon. Oh, this really wasn’t what she’d expected to do today. Her attention was drawn firmly to the three men, as one of them pinched her nipples and she squeaked in surprise.

Chapter One


Twelve hours earlier


“I don’t understand. How can I smooth this over for you?” Catriona was perplexed. She stood in her father’s office, in the Village Hall, and inhaled deeply. When her ribcage pressed tightly against her corset, she felt calmer and more confident. However anxious she might be on the inside, that corset always held her together, so she could show her best face to the rest of the world. The other women of the village disapproved of her bringing modern city styles to Glenash, but Catriona was certain she would have ended up in an asylum long ago if it wasn’t for the support of an extensive network of whalebone surrounding her like the suits of battle armor that knights of old used to wear.

“You’re a lovely young lassie, Catriona,” Mayor Keeghan MacAllen said gently. “I’m certain you’ll think of something. Distract Lord Wyndham Bradleigh from what happened. Throw yourself on his mercy if you have to. We need to ensure we don’t incur his ire.”

Catriona ought to be surprised that her father was sending her to flirt with the aristocrat who took up residence in the village two summers in a row. Last year, Lord Wyndham had come to Glenash alone, and moved into his father’s country estate, three miles out from the village, staying all through the winter season.

The third son of a Duke, Lord Wyndham was the object of much gossip and speculation, on account of being in possession of a vast fortune, if no real title or lands, and every woman in the village would be dying to know what the inside of his spacious manor house was like. Catriona knew rumors would fly if she went there.

Being the mayor’s daughter, Catriona was constrained by rules other people in the village didn’t need to follow. Her father never allowed her to go out by herself, and he had engaged a chaperone to ensure her conduct was without reproach. She rarely got to speak to anyone, because she was almost without peer in Glenash.

None of the local hunters or fishermen were interested in marrying her, which was just fine, because she planned to never marry. Men died so easily she didn’t understand why any woman allowed herself to grow attached. It would only end in pain. In a village full of comfortably-dressed, easy-going women, Catriona’s corset protected her from any danger of marriage. Who would marry a prickly, disinterested young woman when they could find someone warm and sweet with little effort?

As her thoughts drifted to marriage, Catriona was reminded of the abject futility of life. People got married, produced children, who grew up and got married, to produce more children… what was the point of it all? The emptiness momentarily gripped her chest once more and she breathed in deeply, until the whalebone dug into her ribcage much harder than before. The pain, the constriction… they were more powerful than smelling salts.

“Catriona! Do try and keep up! Leave now, and you’ll return before sunset. You must smooth things over with the duke’s son. We cannae have him thinkin’ we’re all a bunch o’ thieves, lassie!” Her father slipped into his Highland accent, which he always did when he was deeply concerned about something.

“I’m sorry, father. I will do my best for you.” Catriona wanted to do nothing less than she wanted to visit a lord, but she bowed her head and went to find someone to drive the pony trap, so she could begin this fool’s errand. With any luck, she’d be back in time for dinner.


“Ah, the country air. It’s so refreshing after choking on the smog of the city, is it not?” Lord Wyndham Bradleigh, third son of the Duke of Ribbleston, stretched his arms out to demonstrate how much space he was surrounded by. He felt the tension of the past fortnight ebbing away and he filled his lungs with more of the sweet, clean air.

Beside him, Raleigh Carlyle, Viscount of Castlereagh, surveyed the landscape.

“The hills are a fine change,” Raleigh commented. Wyndham eyed his friend with some amusement. Raleigh’s dark hair contrasted with Wyndham’s golden hair. Raleigh had long sideburns in the modern style, where Wyndham had no patience for any kind of facial hair, and shaved to his ears every day.

“Weren’t you born here?”

Wyndham and Raleigh turned to their other companion, Count Wolfgang Ludovich, Graf of Lefsburg, a small area in an obscure part of Austro-Hungary. His hair was light blond, and it matched his clear complexion and pale blue eyes. His brow line was straighter and more pronounced than Wyndham’s, but otherwise, they might have been mistaken for cousins.

“Indeed, I was born on this very estate,” Wyndham replied.

“And I was brought into the world in Fort William, although it was almost thirty years ago, and I remember nothing of it.” Raleigh’s father and Wyndham’s had been hunting companions, back in their younger days.

“Anyway, this certainly is an improvement on the social scene,” Wolfgang said.

“If I had to endure another ball with those pasty-faced waifs swooning everywhere, I might have been driven to bedlam,” Wyndham agreed.

“Two years in a row they were an especially bad crop of debutantes,” Wolfgang added.

“Anyway, we can put the whole shoddy business out of our minds, now. Which way are the hounds?” Raleigh asked.

“Over there.” Wyndham began walking across the rolling lawns of Bradleigh House to show his friends the dogs. Wyndham was rather proud of his prize hounds. He hadn’t seen them since last year, and looked forward to a reunion. Dogs were always so happy to see their master.

Wyndham opened the gate to the kennels and paused. It was oddly silent.

“Is the kennel master taking them for a constitutional?” Raleigh asked.

Wyndham frowned and walked further inside. Every kennel was empty. In a swirl of concern, he ran to the kennel master’s lodge and hammered on the door.

“Angus!” Wyndham shouted.

“Aye, sir?” The pasty-faced youth seemed to blanche more than he’d already done, and Wyndham knew something was deeply amiss.

“Where are my hounds?” Wyndham tried to keep his voice steady.

“Uh… well, y’see…” the youth trailed off and his white face had now turned a deep crimson.

“I want to see them within the hour.” Wyndham decided Angus needed some time to compose himself. Pressuring him to make the dogs re-appear or to explain himself wasn’t going to help matters. After clearing his throat, Wyndham turned back to the main house, followed by Wolfgang and Raleigh.

“Do you really believe the hounds will be back in an hour?” Raleigh asked.

Wyndham shook his head. “No. But I’m hoping by then our kennel master has overcome his selective muteness and put together a rather good explanation.”

“Whether or not that explanation reveals the location of the hounds remains to be seen,” Wolfgang added.

They entered through the French doors that led from the terrace to Wyndham’s drawing room. With no women around, he was using it as an office. Almost immediately, they were found by Palfreyman the butler.

“There is a young woman to see you, sir.”

“Unannounced? Who is she?”

“Miss Catriona MacAllen, daughter of Lord Mayor Keeghan MacAllen.”

Wyndham frowned. The mayor wasn’t ex officio any sort of peer; the title was bestowed on him for the duration of his time as leader of Glenash. Still, it grated on Wyndham that the Lord Mayor’s daughter wasn’t viewed as a Lady, and he didn’t know why that ought to bother him.

“Send her in,” he said after a moment’s thought.


10 reviews for Sharing Their Highland Lassie

  1. Jessica N

    Sharing Their Highland Lassie is the fourth book in the Highland Fling Brides series, but can be read alone. Catriona is only known as the mayor%u2019s daughter, so she%u2019s held in the highest standard by her father and very lonely. After a romantic and passionate encounter with Wyndham, Raleigh, and Wolfgang, she feels even more depressed about her situation and agrees to a loveless marriage. But when her men find out, they decide to fight for her and her home. Can the four of them find their happiness even when outside forces try to rip them apart?

    Oh my goodness, this is that book that once I started to read it, I was completely hooked and couldn%u2019t put it down until I was done. This book was fascinating for me because it doesn%u2019t start at the Highland Fling and in fact, Catriona doesn%u2019t even want to get married or fall in love! Their initial passionate encounter was all just biological, but emotions turned everything messy. Catriona just about made my heart hurt at times with her inner self confidence issues and wanting to make her father happy, even at personal costs. Her three men were so different and provided different needs, and I loved that they rallied around Catriona, each other, and their home when needed! I loved the paranormal aspects of the storyline, too! I definitely am intrigued about what some of the fallout of this book may be in future books in the series. I have loved this series and really enjoyed my time reading this book!

  2. Redrabbitt

    I enjoyed this fourth addition to the Highland Fling Brides, and the story will hold up well as a stand-alone. The town of Glenash, Scotland, in the Highlands, hold different customs than the rest of Scotland, in that, two men or more will marry one woman. In the area, many of the men hold dangerous occupations like hunters or fishermen, making the possibility of an early death a risk to a woman and their children. Mythical creatures also enchant the town and area around it, but there is also those of the darker side, and that will be a component in this tale. Also, this story, while it will read well as a stand-alone, it is quite different than the first three books.

    Catriona MacAllen has purposely avoided attending any of the Circle Dance ceremonies, and she is caught between two classes. She is the mayor’s daughter, not the working class, and yet not in the line of royalty either. She is like a dutiful daughter, playing hostess for her father, and when needed, a goodwill ambassador to neighbors.

    The plot will have her Mayor Keeghan MacAllen sending Catriona to distract Lord Wyndham Bradleigh from some things going on, and basically become a peace offering if needed. Something is going on, and she is unaware of her father%u2019s dealings, after all, she is just a girl. Things have happened on Bradleigh%u2019s estate that isn%u2019t right either.

    When Catriona arrives, she will not only meet Lord Wyndham, third son of a duke but his two friends, Raleigh Carlyle, Viscount of Castlereagh and Count Wolfgang Ludovich, Graf of Lefsburg. Before she can leave to return home, a dam will break, flooding the area and road, and now Catriona must stay as a guest, or is it a sacrifice?

    The story will have Catriona, along with Wyndham, Raleigh, and Wolfgang entering a m?nage relationship during her stay. She never believed she would marry and decides she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The men are not interested in marriage, so it is strictly an arrangement of carnal pleasure.

    Returning to the village, she is now in a depression and tells her father to make a match for her for marriage, which he is all too happy to do. She will accept an instant proposal of Wellesley Scarburn, with a marriage set to take place in days, without much preparation. But what happens when Wyndham comes to his senses and decides he wants her too? Is he too late or can he convince her they are perfect together?

    What will happen, when she encounters a spirit in the forest, and it is a bad experience? Will she now believe in the legends of the spirits%u2014something she has never believed before? When it also attacks Wolfgang, they must form a plan to keep themselves safe. It is decided that this year, Catriona and her three men must attend the Circle Dance and allow fate to play it%u2019s a role.

    The story takes on the war of good versus evil and Catriona, and her three men will be caught in the battle. Will they be matched in the Circle Dance orchestrated by the spirit world? Have the four of them found their happily ever after in an unusual situation?

  3. Nancy Hughes

    Enjoying this series of dominant men in the Highlands of Scotland. Catriona has avoided marriage, yet finds herself involved with three rakes.
    This is an erotic story, with explicit sex, and a continuation of spirits in the Circle of Dance.
    Story includes D/s, bondage, and spanking. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  4. Ajjmb

    This fourth book of the Highland series was a great new addition. It can be read as a stand-a-lone. The men are so dominant and this book is a nice mix of erotic and excitement. Of course the magic of the highlands is always a nice touch especially when it acts so mysteriously. This new magic threat is no match for Catriona%u2019s men and I would guess that this is not the end of this series and I look forward to more. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  5. Goldie Nut

    Catriona goes to the estate of Lord Wyndham Bradleigh to do her
    father’s bidding as Mayor. There is an incident that floods the roads
    and she ends up staying at the manor of not 1 rake but 3 that have
    questionable tastes. Catriona finds she is in love with all 3 at the same
    time. She thinks that she doesn’t mean anything to them and she is
    ready to have a wedding quickly to a man she does not love and as
    she finds what he wants to do to Glenash she is not sure about marrying
    him. The 3 work to help her out of a difficult situation but can they
    stop the wedding? There are many moments of intrigue, mystery and
    domestic/ discipline.

  6. Joanie M

    If you like paranormal romance and menage, then this series is for you. The spirits of Glenash pair women with multiple men as a matter of practicality, since the mortality rate of men is high. In this book, the three men and our heroine come together on their own. Read the book to find out how the spirits will react and whether men of high society can find a way to share a highland lassie without creating a scandal. Adding to the suspense, there is villainy at work. The book is entertaining and the plot held my attention. I’ve been enjoying this whole series.

  7. LuCinda Beebe

    This is the first one I have read of this series and I think it was definitely enjoyable to read and I didn’t feel like I was missing something from a previous book. The characters are well develped and are interesting with their beliefs and values. There is depth and twists to this tale. I am going to go back and read the previous books in this series.

  8. Jf12574

    A well written exciting book that you laugh and gasp at, characters are co!ortho yet caring. Don’t miss this one.

  9. Susan Kirkland

    This is the 4th book in the Highland Series and if you enjoy a little mystery and intrigue and domestic discipline then you love this book.

  10. Toni L

    Book 4 in this series & if you haven’t read any of the previous books, this is mostly standalone. The main characters build their relationship only in this story but there is a bit of a storyline arc that flows through this which, since it doesn’t resolve, must continue on in the books to come. While this isn’t my favourite book in this series, it is an enjoyable read with a few lighthearted moments that make this very easy to read. It is also quite a short book, which is great if you don’t want to get tied up in reading a longer book, but does make it seem a bit wham-bam. I liked all of the characters individually, but just felt that the chemistry didn’t really gel between them.

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