Shadows of Green

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He’s her biggest problem.

Mellie Anne can’t seem to get rid of FBI Agent Max Lemons. He wants to protect her. She just wants to be left alone.

While visiting her late husband’s grave, Mellie is the target of an attack.

Max demands she follow his orders or face the consequences. When they’re thrown together in spite of their vexation with each other, Mellie realizes that maybe Max isn’t the enemy after all.


Publisher’s Note: This steamy, action-packed romance contains elements of power exchange. Although it is the third book in the Cape Danger series, it can be enjoyed independently.

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Sample Chapter

Late October, 2019

Melanie Jenkins glanced around the cemetery nervously as she stood over her husband’s grave, wondering why she’d come by herself. Max Lemons, the Special Agent with the FBI, had told her repeatedly not to come here. The little cemetery outside town was too dangerous, too isolated for her to be there alone.

She stared at the large gray stone in front of her, seeing the past few years of her married life—the arguments, secrets, the regrets. Jim had owed a great deal of money, but to whom? The mob? She didn’t even know, but the death threats toward him had, during the last year, become more frequent, until one day, they’d been directed at her. Early in the spring, she’d approached him and given him a choice. She could sell her antique business to pay it off. They could sell everything they owned and live on beans and rice in order to get rid of the debt.

“You don’t understand, Mellie. These people are never satisfied. Once you owe them, you’ll always owe them. You bought your antique store with the money your parents left you. If you sell it, you’ll have thrown it away, and the debt still won’t be satisfied.”

“Who do you mean by them? Who are these people?” she’d asked, frustrated.

When he refused to tell her and she found he’d continued to incur more debt, she’d given up and threatened to leave.

“I’ll think about it,” was his only response.

I’ll think about it? Standing here, she supposed that statement had hurt almost as much as losing him.

Then, one day, it happened. Mellie had come home from her friend Amber’s wedding on a snowy Saturday afternoon in March, to find Jim gone from the house. When he didn’t show up by bedtime, she’d called the police and filed a report. And the next day, when his body had been found caught on a snag on the west bank the Mississippi, the house had swarmed with police and FBI agents. Max Lemons was one of them. He’d seemed to be a part of her life ever since and one she didn’t particularly want.

She hadn’t minded his presence at first, even though he was imposing and demanding. He did seem genuinely concerned for her welfare, but he shadowed her frequently, and it became annoying. He’d given her one order after another regarding where she should go and what she should do until it was cleared up, and he demanded she listen to him. She certainly hoped he didn’t discover she was here now.

With one more glance around, she bent down to place the flowers on the grave.

She heard a blast from the other side of the stone, and something splintered off Jim’s gravestone in front of her. Melanie froze, in shock.

A gunshot?

Suddenly, hands grabbed her from behind and she found herself forced to the ground over the grave.

Down. And don’t you dare move,” Max’s voice growled into her ear.

* * *

Melanie didn’t move. Trapped under his big body, she couldn’t if she’d wanted to. She turned her head to look up at him over her shoulder, watching as he rose up and fired back over the top of the stone.

Several more shots were fired, then, silence.

She waited. A car door slammed, and the sound of one driving off quickly met her ears. “Did they leave—”

His hand immediately clapped over her mouth and stayed there, cutting off any further conversation. She felt his body stiffen,

Ten seconds later, Max took his hand from her mouth, rose up, and fired.

A thud hit the ground not more than a few feet away.

Max’s voice, above her, muttered, “Damn. I think I killed him.” The weight lifted from Mellie, but not before he growled into her ear, “Not an inch.”

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4 reviews for Shadows of Green

  1. Redrabbitt

    I cannot get enough of this series, and as soon as I see a new addition, I must read it. Once again, Ms. Tessa Carr penned an amazing page-turning thriller that continues from the other two stories in the Cape Danger series, The Blue Lion and Danger Comes In Amber. The story has some of the characters from those stories; it is a mystery, romantic suspense, including danger, and more. The third story will focus on Melanie ‘Mellie’ Jenkins, who is now a widow. It is seven months since the death of her husband, Jim. But there are questionable things regarding his death, and FBI agent, Max Lemons has been keeping watch over her.

    The story is full of angst, danger, and unanswered questions. Who is after Mellie, and how does this tie into Jim Jenkins and his death? An unannounced trip to visit his grave and leave flowers almost has her as the next victim. If it weren’t for Max Lemons following her, she would be the next causality. Now, Max will have to take her into protection—but after a safe house was compromised, he decides she must stay with him.

    “Max hung up. “I swear, I’m not sure when life got this complicated.”
    Mellie was staring at him sadly. “It was when you got involved with me.”
    “Not so at all, little girl.”
    “No, it’s true, Max, and you know it.”
    “That’s tough. You’re stuck with me. No complaining.”

    For Max and the FBI, it won’t take long to know who, and even why, Mellie has become the target of a mafia individual. Keeping her safe and trying to piece together the puzzle of Jim’s life is the main mystery. Getting her to accept the truth, to understand that her life is in jeopardy, and she must listen to him, isn’t as easy, she is used to her independence.

    “I believe the word is sassy. Or you might try bratty, or insolent, or impudent, or disrespectful and disobedient.”

    I love the chemistry between Max and Mellie. For Max and Melanie to be together in seclusion, it leads to more than just protection, it has him dominant over her, spanking her to get her attention, but also the beginnings of exploring a D/s relationship. Will Mellie submit to his dominance? Max is upfront with Mellie, what will happen if they take this further.

    “Don’t put words in my mouth, brat. It’ll get you in trouble every time. I don’t know why in the world you’d think I don’t want you. I do, desperately. But it’s been a long time for me, too, and if I take you to bed, I won’t be able to stop. And then, you’ll have to marry me.”

    “You hold me—accountable. It makes me feel secure.”

    The story has mystery, suspense, danger, and life and death moments. Yes, it has the good, the bad, and the ugly of people. With plenty of love and support, Melanie will learn the difference in people and friends, those who care, and one who loves her enough to risk his own life for her. It will bring out secrets between a couple in their marriage after his death. Did Mellie ever really know Jim? Have his demons come to claim her after his death? How far will one evil person go to destroy another?

    With this new series, Cape Danger, I eagerly look forward to the next story.

  2. Toni

    This is book 3 in a series that I haven’t read books 1 & 2 of & I admit it did take me a little while to really get a feel for the story. There is a good prologue which helps significantly. While I did enjoy this story as a standalone there is a feeling that it really does make up part of a more complete series compilation, so some readers may need to take that into consideration. After my slow start I ended up liking this story more than I initially thought that I would & I really enjoyed the interaction between Mellie & Max which a lot of the time was quite fun & sassy.

  3. Marybeth

    This story starts 7 months after Mellie’s husband’s death. She is putting flowers on his grave and is shot at. She is saved by Max, who is none too happy that she is there. Now, I know this is fiction, but attracted to a man or not, I would never allow him to spank without my consent. His butt would be in jail. But Mellie is naive and she has been exposed to D/s through her friends relationships and doesn’t realize that she can say no and make it stick. I am not as fond of Max. He is very bossy (I can’t think of a better word). It’s his way with no discussion. He spanks her several times before they talk about safewords. He calls her a brat because she asks questions that a normal person would ask. It does get better once they talk and she consents. There is a HEA and I did enjoy the story. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  4. John

    This third book in the Cape Danger series by Tessa Carr was not only a fast-paced action-adventure story but also an erotic dominant/submissive romance as Max, the FBI agent, tries to keep Melle safe from assassination attempts due to obligations of her late husband and members associated with the Mafia. The action was quick and kept your attention. The dom/sub relationship also kept your attention as it escalated between the two of them, resulting in numerous spankings for her, which ultimately led to a most erotic and sensual sexual relationship between them as well. The author attempted to show the reader some of the key components of a dom/sub relationship, such as the feelings of safety, security, absolution, and love that results after a punishment has been issued. I am eagerly looking forward to other books in this series to add to my TBR file. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from Booksprout for Blushing Books.

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