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When a horrific accident awakens Sienna Duncan in the middle of the night, the wretched event drags personal nightmares into the light. Then she’s in the wrong place at the right time, and saves an innocent puppy from a gunshot wound while the perpetrators race away. But she was seen…

Deputy Kane Logan, a transplant from Wyoming, is hopeful of finding salvation in a small town in Virginia. He’s running from tragedies he can no longer tolerate while working on a horrific crime involving the local teenagers. A chance meeting with the stunning Sienna awakens his soul and they begin a new and guarded relationship. But someone wants her dead…

As threats continue and Kane fights to save innocent lives from a powerful drug, Sienna is pulled into a game of cat and mouse. Until they’re both forced to face their personal demons. The truth will be told, but at what cost? Is someone from her past threatening her new life? Can she find safety in the arms of the man she loves? Will Kane find the strength to become her protector?

This is book two in the Rescue Me series but can be read as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This suspense-filled romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of danger, mystery, discipline, explicit scenes, and adult language. If any of these elements offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

There is always darkness, a penchant among those who desire to take what doesn’t belong to them. In those moments where shadows overrule, there is always a shining light, a reminder of those willing to give their lives to protect all that we hold dear.

“She’s perfect. I can’t wait to purchase her.”

He glared at the ugly man, keeping his practiced smile. “Well, Jared, you can have all you want. For the right price.”

“Money is no object. As long as she performs,” Jared slid his index finger down the side of her face, cackling as he darted his eyes back and forth. “Beautiful. Submissive.”

“She’s been well trained.” He looked away, bored with the conversation, and gazed upon the other units for sale. The group of women were indeed perfect, except for the fact their training had been cut short by unforeseen circumstances. His anger remained, fueling a darkness he rarely showed to his clients, their clients.

“I should hope so. I’ll take her and the thin, redhead. I assume there is a money back guarantee?” He slipped his finger around her nipple, his mouth slack, a trickle of saliva oozing from his mouth.

He snapped his head then grabbed Jared around the throat. “There are no returns. Do. You. Understand?”

Coughing, Jared nodded, his face beet red, his eyes bulging from the pressure.

Lifting the fat fuck off the floor, he smiled. “I think we understand each other.” He dropped the client like a rock and walked away, disgusted by the game. He would soon wash his hands of the ugliness.

* * *

“Mr. and Mrs. Walker. This is the perfect room for entertaining. Imagine standing on the veranda, the sun is setting, the colors orange and gold. You have a glass of merlot in your hand, and as the sound of Frank Sinatra plays in the background, you welcome your guests to your new home.” Sienna Duncan fanned her face and issued an exaggerated sigh as she purposely turned to face the pristine backyard.

“Honey. This is the perfect home,” Mrs. Walker said as she grabbed her husband’s arm. “We have to purchase this.”

“I think we should talk about this, honey,” Mr. Walker issued a harsh whisper.

“I’m certain you’ll want to talk. I’ll be in the kitchen.” Giving her clients a respectful nod, she sauntered out of the expansive living room, refusing to giggle like a school girl. If she managed to sell the albatross, her bank account would be padded for a solid four months, maybe longer.

Light on her feet, Sienna moved into the kitchen and toward her briefcase. How many times had she shown the house? Dozens and not even a single bite until today. While she no longer believed in praying, she just might get down on her hands and knees if the couple signed on the dotted line.

She laid out the appropriate paperwork, just in case, and walked toward the window. Hearing her cell phone, she grimaced and glanced at her watch. She was already bordering on being late for her… Chuckling, she realized she’d started to think the word ‘date’. There hadn’t been a date in her life in over two years. Her weekly catch-up glass of wine with her BFF was as close to one as she’d experienced in far too long. Things were going to change.

She was surprised seeing her boss’s number on the screen. He never called unless he needed a personal favor. The man was far too powerful for his own good and an absolute pain in the ass. She shuddered before answering. How many times had he come onto her in the past? Enough so that she wondered why he hadn’t fired her given the way she’d thwarted his advances. One day soon enough, she was going to find another job before telling him no meant a forced yes in his eyes. “Mr. Grady. What can I do for you on this fine afternoon?”

“You’re chipper. I hope that means you’re finally going to sell that bastard of a house,” Mr. Grady huffed.

“I’m working on it.” She rolled her eyes. Thomas Grady, principle of the firm Finer Homes Real Estate was a bear to work for, expecting miracles. Why he dropped the most unsellable homes in her lap was beyond her. She must have pissed in his Wheaties at some point.

“Good to hear. I have a buyer for you and he is more than motivated. He’s also worth millions so the sale will be in cash. I need you on this immediately.”

“Cash? Excuse me?” Sienna was taken aback. Why in the world was her boss offering her this kind of client? He definitely played favorites and she wasn’t on the top of the list.

“You heard what I said. This one is very important to our company as you can imagine,” he stated, his tone firm. “This is an upper echelon sale, if you understand what I’m getting at.”

“What’s the catch?” She tapped her foot. There was always a catch with those hungering for the mansions and estates, especially if cash was involved. “The man a drug dealer?”

Coughing, he mumbled then cleared his throat. “Of course not! He’s a legitimate business owner of several corporations up and down the East coast. He’s ready to move into a larger house. Think a Goochland estate, complete with a view and horses. I know him as well as his reputation. You have one chance at impressing him. I don’t care if you have to throw in a horse as a prize, do what you have to do. Stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to maintain him as a client. Do you understand?”

“I do, sir. I’ll see if I can find him the perfect house. When do I need to meet him?” Sienna smiled as the Walkers came back into the room. She had the distinct feeling her boss either knew the man or owed him a favor. If he expected sexual favors, the balding asshole had another thing coming.

“Tomorrow at eight am sharp.”

Sienna hissed under her breath. So much for taking the day off. “Fine. I mean, happy to.”

“I’ll text you the address of the coffee shop where he’ll be. You can take it from there. I appreciate you jumping on this and do me a favor. Don’t fuck it up. I’m counting on you.”


Don’t fuck it up? What the hell had gotten into him? Holding her breath to keep from tossing the phone in anger, she counted to five then eased the phone down on the counter. “Mr. and Mrs. Walker. Have you decided to call this fabulous house your home?”

“Of course.”

* * *

Two questions turned into twenty or more. By the time Sienna jumped in her car, without a contract in hand, she was already ten minutes late. Her bestie would be pissed. She zoomed out of the driveway and pressed the call button on her steering wheel. The moment she hit the two-lane road, she screeched. “Fuck this!” The bright green and yellow tractor was blocking more than half the road. At this rate, she’d arrive at her destination tomorrow.

“Katie Stevens. Best girlfriend and all around dumpee. How can I help you?”

“Very funny,” Sienna said through clenched teeth as she opened the driver’s window, darting her head into the wind. “I’m running late.”

“Obviously. Where are you, in a wind tunnel?” Katie snarked.

She slapped her hand on the steering wheel. There was far too much oncoming traffic to consider going around the jerk. While she adored living in Goochland County, Virginia, horse country to most, she didn’t appreciate the farm vehicles taking over the road. “Just finished with a client.”

“Ah, the albatross. Did you finally sell the POS?”

“Hell no. Or ‘we’ll call you tomorrow’ which means a big. Fat. No. Where are we meeting again?”

“Cooper Winery and Restaurant? You know, the happening new place in Short Pump Town Center?”

Sienna shrunk back in her seat. She might as well relax. The tall glass of wine was going to have to wait. “I remember. I should be there in about fifteen minutes. Ten if I hurry.”

“Careful, lead foot. I’ll just have to savor the enticing men all by myself. What a pity,” Katie purred.

“You’re a bitch.”

“And you love me. See you when you get here.”

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Sienna ended the call. Cursing certainly wasn’t going to help, but at this point, she didn’t care. The day had been much like the rest of the week, no month—shitty. She had to admit, she was curious as to who the powerful man could be? Some celebrity? No, her boss didn’t know anyone of importance. Now, she didn’t even have a day off to look forward to. Perfect. Her disgruntlement turning to anger, she snapped on the satellite radio, switching to an 80’s station. Maybe some sexy hair band music would get her out of her funk.

After another five minutes of Mr. Tractor Boy, she’d had enough. Peering out the window once again, she grinned seeing a clear road ahead. She pressed down on the accelerator and deftly zoomed past the obstruction and back into her lane. “Thank God.” Now, she was on her way.

Smiling, she turned up the music and rolled down her other window. What was wrong with a little wind in her hair. A sexy look for a hot new bar. Singing along to the music, she continued on her way.

“What the hell?” A quick glance in her rearview mirror forced goose bumps along the back of her neck and arms. The flashing blue lights were immediately behind her, on her tail, as if the sheriff had been trying to get her to stop for some time. Groaning, she slowed down, eased her hand out the window in a slight wave, and pulled over onto a dirt road.

This wasn’t the way to end her day. Her left foot was tapping absently on the floorboard and she gripped the steering wheel with enough pressure that her knuckles were white. She only darted one look in the rearview mirror and that was enough. “I’m in Deliverance.” All she was able to see was a Stetson style hat and a pair of shaded sunglasses.

The scattered crunch of gravel mixed with the two honks from passing truckers and she jumped with each footstep. The sound was too reminiscent of the most horrible day of her life. By the time the lawman placed his hand on top of her car and leaned down, she was breathless, fear trickling from her stomach to her shaking legs. “Officer.”

I’m a lonely man who knows

Just what it means to lose control

The Whitesnake song continued, the singer’s voice full of husk. She slapped at the knob, finally managing on the third try to turn down the volume. She noticed he didn’t move a muscle.

“Just a deputy, ma’am. Did you know you were speeding and passed a tractor in a no-passing zone?”

His voice was velvety smooth with a touch of rough and ready, the tone meant for pitching movie trailers for action flicks. Sienna dared a look in his direction just as he removed his sunglasses. She sucked in her breath and kept her death grip on the steering wheel. Staring back at her were two of the greenest eyes she’d ever seem, In the late afternoon sun, they shimmered, flecks of gold and emerald green intense and penetrating. “Wow.”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, I’m so sorry I was exceeding the speed limit and it’s miss. I just wanted to get past Mr. Farmer.” She noticed a slight smile as she read his name tag. Deputy Logan.

“You were going seventy-three in a fifty-five. Fortunately, that isn’t considered reckless driving. However, passing on a double yellow line is.”

Sighing, she rested her head on her hands. “Idiot. Idiot. Fucking idiot.”

“Ma’am. I need to see your license and registration.” Deputy Logan’s voice held a slightly disconcerted sound.

“Yes. Of course. I’m sorry. Long week. Sucky long week. No, a shitty and horrific bad week.” Rambling, she fumbled to find the appropriate information. “Here. Here you go. I think I have everything. I should have what you need.”

“Ma’am. Take it easy. I’m just going to run your license through. I’ll be right back.”

Sienna slumped back in her seat but couldn’t help watching him as he walked back to his car. Lord, the man looked dynamite in a pair of khakis. She couldn’t help but imagine him in a tight pair of well-worn blue jeans. Or a pair of red briefs. Or nothing at all. Swallowing, she shook her head and looked away. The last thing she needed to do was fantasize about some cop. Then again, she did enjoy a man in uniform.

She closed her eyes and a vision from her past popped into her mind. The flashing lights. The lightning strikes. The look on his face. His. Damning. Face. No. She wasn’t going to begin having nightmares after all this time. She flat out refused.

“Ma’am. I’m going to issue you a ticket for speeding and fire you a warning on the other. Everything is in order. You can either pay the fine or come to court and challenge the ticket altogether.”

Sienna heard the deputy’s voice, knew that he was speaking to her, but she wasn’t certain she cared about what he was saying.

“Ma’am. Are you all right?”

“It’s miss not ma’am or madam or missus. Just miss.” She realized she’d said the words far too tersely and held her breath, prepared for a tongue lashing. When none came, she tilted her head and smiled as she signed the modern handheld computer to solidify her ticket. “Thank you, officer. I appreciate your kindness.”

Deputy Logan took a step back, cocked his head toward the waning sun as if studying the various streaks of vibrant hues in the sky. “That’s deputy. Not sheriff. Not officer. Not trooper. Just Deputy Logan with an ‘L’. Have a good day, Miss.”

When he stomped away, his boots kicking up dust, she groaned. Perhaps the sexy lawman should have given her a spanking for her bad behavior. The thought at least giving her a smile, she left the scene. One glass of wine might just have to be three.

* * *

Screech! Bam!

“No. No!” Fighting, she shoved hard, pushing against the entity preventing her from moving. “Fuck you!” Sienna Duncan roared. Blinking, she thrust her arms to the side and panted, shifting as the unknown being continued to press hard against her body.

“Come to me. Come on, baby. You can do it.” She rushed toward the shore, reaching out. Wading into the water, she shivered as the rain pelted her face. She blinked furiously, trying to see him in the roaring waves. She heard a whimper and moaned. “Where are you?”

Turning sharply, she dove into the waves, kicking out as she attempted to move forward. With each arm stroke, every move forward, she was shoved back. Gulping water, she coughed and continued to struggle, doing her best to keep her eyes on the only creature she loved more than life itself. She watched in horror as the little head bobbed up and down, in and out of the water until he no longer resurfaced.

She swam harder, her adrenaline kicking in. “Baby! No!”

“No!” Sienna panted as she jerked awake. Images lingered, a wretched vision of a forgotten time, a man she thought she cared about turning into a monster. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she gulped for air, coughing and choking as if drowning in a pool of blood. “No. Please God. No.” She rolled over, burying her face into her pillow, and closed her eyes. Sobbing, she beat her fist against the pillow as the memories lingered. They would never leave her, never allow her to find solace. She was alone and very much afraid. This was just a dream, a manifestation of so much pain and confusion.

She remained in the same position until the agony passed, replaced with a dull ache, the same one she’d had for over two years. Now wide awake, she groaned. Why in the hell was she having the same dream? Tension. Worry. Extreme sadness. “Goddamn it.”

Breathing in and out, she kept her face buried in the pillow, listening and waiting. After a few seconds, she shifted and opened her eyes, glancing from right to left. A cool breeze wafted across, floating a scent of vanilla and cinnamon. Calming her nerves, she sat up, surveying the darkened room.

She was alone in her bed, in her house. There were no boogeymen waiting to drag her into Hell, at least one considered tangible. Only her nightmares could do that. She remained quiet, studying her surroundings, then shoved the covers away. Another damn dream. They were getting worse, each vision dragging her close to the end. She brushed the tears from her face and cursed under her breath. Pathetic. She was nothing but pathetic.

The wine. That’s why her dreams had been nightmares. Too much wine on an empty stomach. At this rate, she was never getting another good night’s sleep. A dull echo remained in her ears, an intense thudding sound. She’d been awakened for a reason. What had she heard?

Curious, she crawled out of bed and moved toward the window, peering out. The night was dark, moonless and in her mind, foreboding. Seeing nothing, she grabbed her robe and padded toward the kitchen, staring at the microwave clock. Two-thirty am. “Awesome,” she whispered and turned toward the refrigerator. A shimmering light drew her attention.

“What the hell?” Narrowing her eyes, she walked toward the picture window, palming the glass as she attempted to see past the murky haze. There was definitely a light coming from her front yard. A car? Who would come visit at this hour of the morning? Wait. Now she remembered the noise, the metallic sounds and solid slam.

Shoving her feet into her boots, she tentatively unlocked and opened the front door. Squinting, from where she stood, she could just make out a vehicle of some kind, but the angle to the headlights was all wrong. “Oh, no.” A terrible feeling sunk into the pit of her stomach. There’d been too many close calls with drivers almost missing the sharp turn, the road just inches from her driveway. But, this seemed too close. She turned on her porchlight and squinted. There was definitely a vehicle only thirty yards or so from the house, but far removed from the road. What the hell?

Apprehension crawling down her spine, she eased off her front porch, moving toward the light. As her eyes began to focus, she stared in horror at the catastrophe. Steam rolled out from under the crumpled hood of the smashed SUV. The front and passenger side of the vehicle had been sheared off by the massive oak tree. Glass and metal fragments covered the ground. Only the gleam of the one remaining headlight illuminated the horrific wreck.

Racing back inside, she rushed into the kitchen, grabbing the phone and dialing 9-1-1 while she yanked out first one then a second kitchen drawer. “Where the hell is the flashlight? Yes. I’d like to report an accident.”

She prattled off her address as she wrapped her hand around the cool cylinder. “Yes. Thank you. Please hurry.” After testing the light, she took long strides, breaking into a run when she was off the porch. A single flash told her everything she didn’t want to know. There were three occupants and zero air bags. No one could have survived this kind of crash.

Swallowing back bile, she advanced, shining the light inside. “No. God, no!” She stumbled back a few steps, moaning as she hunkered over. No, she had to find courage. What if someone was still alive? She inched closer, gripping the light and using the beam to scan the interior. Long blond hair was matted with blood covering the seat and headrest. The girl was wearing a seatbelt, but the force of the accident had pitched her forward.

Gulping air, Sienna was clearly able to see the damage done to the girl’s head and torso upon impact. She twisted to the side and dry heaved as the scent of blood and gore wafted across her nose. After a few seconds, she wiped her mouth and attempted to peer into the upper section. The boy in the passenger seat had vacant eyes, their last moment having seen sheer horror. Impaled by portions of the dash and what had to be the engine, she could only see down to his shoulders.

Sienna slapped her hand over her mouth and could take no more. Please let the police get here. Please. Shifting, she jerked back and stumbled, falling to the ground. The flashlight was pitched from her hand. She scrambled on her hands and knees in an attempt to grab it before she retched all over herself.

The second she wrapped her hand around the light, the steady beam flashed on yet another victim. This one had been thrown out the back window, tossed like a ragdoll. The light was pointed in the girl’s direction. Nothing would ever erase the vision from her mind. Nothing. Every part of her shaking, she managed to get to her feet and just as she was about to retreat to the safety of her house, she heard what sounded like a single moan.

Against her better judgment, she headed around to the front of the car, avoiding the broken glass and the damaged tree. A single flash inside allowed her to see that the driver was alive, his eyelids fluttering open and closed. The window was down and the young man had a massive gash on his forehead and cheek.

“Help… me…” he managed, his voice garbled. Coughing, he seemed to be trying to move. Her instinct kicking in, she inched closer. “Stay still. Don’t try and move. Help is on the way.” The smell of gasoline mixed with the disgusting copper stench of blood. She swung the light all around. Steam continued to ooze from the engine compartment. This wasn’t good. Not good at all. “I’m going to wait for the ambulance. Okay?”

“No. Please.”

He tried to search for her, his eyes obviously unable to focus. Struggling, he shifted then screamed out in pain.

“Okay. You’re okay. I’ll stay right here with you.” Shivering, from adrenaline as well as the cold breeze, she prayed help would arrive soon.

“Help. Help… Coming to… get her.”

Her? The boy had no idea how terrible the wreck had been. “I know. You’re going to be just fine,” Sienna softened her voice and remained talking to him until she heard sirens in the background. As the sound of roaring engines drew closer, she breathed a sigh of relief. A rumble and squeal of several tires drew her attention as a fire engine, an ambulance and a sheriff’s car rolled up her driveway. “They’re here now. Everything is going to be okay.”

She stepped away, looking at anything but the damning scene as she walked toward the vehicles. Men and women jumped out, of the fire engine, the majority headed straight for the car. A single man approached just as the door to the sheriff’s car opened.

“Ma’am. I’m Captain Frietag of the Goochland Fire Department. Can you tell me what happened?”

His voice was kind, soft and comforting. So damn similar to the one from… No, she had to concentrate. “I didn’t see the accident. I was awakened by the noise.”

“Okay. We’ll take it from here. Just step back. With the smell of gasoline, we have to make certain the gas tank isn’t going to blow.”

Nodding, her entire body went numb as she took a giant stride backwards.

“Miss. Can you tell me what you saw?”

The same rugged voice from before cut through the ringing in her ears. She looked up. The deputy stood in front of her, his face full of concern, a mixture of disdain. “Deputy Logan. I didn’t see anything. I heard a noise and came out to find this… this catastrophe.” A chill remained swimming throughout every cell in her body.

His eyes flashed as he surveyed the scene then turned back toward her. “Did you smell the gasoline? Did you see the smoke?”

“Yeah. I did. This was a wreck.”

“Then why in God’s name did you stay by the vehicle? Do you see that steam over there? That means that a spark could quickly ignite the fuel, especially since the tank has been ruptured and gasoline is all over the ground!” Deputy Logan huffed, his voice rising.

She narrowed her eyes and folded her arms. “I was trying to help that kid. He’s alive. He asked me to stay with him!”

“Does that mean you’d stay in a burning building if someone asked you to?”

Incensed, she reared back, her gut telling her to slap the shit out of the man. “How. Fucking. Dare. You!”

“How dare I? You could have gotten yourself killed!”

Sienna held her tongue as nausea settled into her stomach. No way this man was going to see her vulnerable side. “Look, I was just trying to help. Or don’t you actually care about the poor kid?” She could tell the words had gotten to him. His eyes flashed, as if a wretched memory had resurfaced. When he remained quiet, she softened. “I’m sorry. Okay? I reacted.”

“Impetuously.” He shook his head. “You need to get back further.”

“What do you want me to say? At least I gave a damn!” The sound of crunching metal drew her attention. This had to be what they called the jaws of life. She swallowed back bile and rubbed her arms. After the deputy guided her back a solid fifty feet, he turned to face her.

“Did the boy say anything?” he asked, his tone all business.

“Not much. Really.” She continued staring at the wreck.

“Miss. This is important.” He’d softened his voice.

“He was just worried about his friends and very scared. God. I can’t imagine what the parents are going to go through,” Sienna whispered after darting a look in his direction.

“Yeah. Worst part of my job. Look, I get it. I really do, but you should have been more careful.” Deputy Logan exhaled and looked toward the vehicle. “Second one in two weeks. Damn shit keeps happening.”

“What do you mean?” Shuddering, her teeth chattered. She swayed back and forth, pinpricks of light smattering across her field of vision.

“Kids. They get liquored up and get behind the wheel. Terrible tragedy and one that could have been avoided.” He turned back to gaze down at her. Then his eyes grew concerned. “You’re in shock. Let’s get you inside.”

“No. I’m fine. Really.”

He placed the back of his hand against her cheek. “No, you’re not. Come on. I’ve seen this happen before.”

“Seriously. I’m okay. I’m a tough girl. I can handle just about anything.” Sienna took a step back. When her body wavered, she reached out, grabbing his arm. “Shit.”

“See. Come on. There’s nothing you can do right now anyway.”

She looked up at him and even in the dim lighting of the emergency vehicles, she could see the concern in his eyes. “I’ll. Be. O-kay.”

“Ah, shit.”

Slumping forward, she was vaguely aware he’d picked her up into his arms, cradling her against the heat of his body. Nuzzling against his chest, she inhaled his exotic scent and smiled just seconds before she…

* * *

“Dead. Three of the kids are dead. This is a fucking nightmare!” Deputy Kane Logan shoved back from his desk, anger boiling deep within. He didn’t sign on to see carnage every other day.

“What do you know so far?”

He looked up at Sheriff Carter and shook his head. The aging man was gruff around the edges, but in the few months he’d been in town, Kane had grown to respect the career lawman. “Very little. The report from the medical examiner hasn’t come in yet.” He studied the other men and women in the office. The department was small but the kind of police work he could sink his teeth into.

“Daphne is overworked, underfunded and lost her best assistant. Might be awhile before she gets the report to us. The kids have their ID’s on them?”

“Yeah, but I honestly think all but one are forged.” He nodded toward the evidence bag, eyeing the bloody contents.

“Figures. We’re seeing a trend. Scares the hell out of me,” Sheriff Carter said as he rubbed his chin. “You have to start somewhere. We need to contact the parents. Had two calls this morning from concerned parents. My guess is we’ll be able to identify at least two of them later today.”

Kane groaned. The worst part about the job was informing loved ones. “Great. My day is going to shit early.”

“You’re doing your job. Goes with the territory. Track down anything you can find. Any liquor bottles or sign of drugs?”

“None in what was left of that Wrangler, but the toxicology report isn’t back either.” Kids drank. They partied. They used drugs. They didn’t normally die in such a terrifying fashion. “Weird about the accident though.”

“What do you mean?”

“The tree they hit was off the road almost a hundred yards. They should have hit any number of trees before, which means they followed the path of the driveway.”

Sheriff Carter narrowed his eyes. “What are you suggesting?”

Kane rose to his feet. “I don’t know yet. Maybe they thought they were going to another party, but I have a sick feeling in my gut.”

“Okay. I’m with you. Go on.”

“The accident two weeks ago. Remember the scene?”

Inhaling, Sheriff Carter finally nodded. “The kids were in a parking lot, an empty parking lot.”

“Right. And they managed to find the only light pole in the entire area? Really? The thing was at the back of the lot, not the front. They didn’t just run off the road.”

“Good point. What was the ME’s report on that one?”

“The lovely Ms. Martin found some form of designer drug. She had no idea what she was dealing with, but given the accident was ruled just that, I didn’t ask any additional questions.” Kane folded his arms. His gut was working overtime. If there was some new drug in town, and if teenagers were being targeted, others would die.

“Take another look at that case and talk to the ME. If I know the tenacious doctor, she’s going to get to the bottom of this.”

The phone rang on his desk. Kane looked over and grabbed the receiver. “Speak of the devil. Dr. Martin.”

“Deputy Logan. I think you better come down here,” the ME stated.

“On my way. Did you find something?”

“More than I wanted to,” she said, her tone dropping.

“Talk to me. What are we dealing with here?” He heard her bedraggled sigh. “What?”

“Deputy Logan. I may be speaking out of turn here and my report isn’t conclusive.”

“But?” Hair stood up on the back of his neck.

When she answered, her usual dominating tone was demur, beaten. “I think these kids were murdered.”


9 reviews for Shadow

  1. PJB

    A tale of two people with pasts that collide one fateful night with a horrendous car accident. As it happens, Sienna had met Deputy Kane Logan a day before when he pulled her over for speeding. As violent events continue Kane Logan fights to save innocent lives from a powerful drug, Sienna is thrown into a game of cat and mouse. Until they%u2019re both forced to face their personal demons. The truth will be told, but at what cost? This is an exciting and nail biting tale one you don’t want to miss!!!

  2. JigsawGirl

    This was an intense romantic suspense. It had intrigue, mystery, and was slightly twisted. The story also had some elements of a psychological thriller.

    I found both Kane and Sienna to be a little over the top, and each seemed to have a problem with behavior control. I think you should read this book and judge for yourself.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy.

  3. Sandyleigh

    Another Great Read!!
    Another great story for the Rescue Me Series. If you haven’t read this series you should it has mystery, love and pups.
    Sienna Duncan is a Real Estate agent running late she gets pulled over by Deputy Kane Logan then they meet again when an accident happens at her house. Sienna rescues a pup she adopts and names Shadow. She is ow in danger over something she witnessed and Kane is determined to keep her safe.

  4. Tami

    Shadow is the well written second book of the Rescue Me series. I loved that we meet Diego and McKenzie again. I also liked Diego very much. But the heroine, Sienna, she really got on my nerves. There were passages where I’d loved to throttle Sienna. She acted as if she does not have a single brain cell in her head. She is in love with the Deputy, but she doesn’t even think to turn to him when she knows she is in danger??? Really? And she also did not tell him (I don’t know if this was on purpose, or if she simply forgot about it) some vital information! I was seriously tempted to stop reading, but, as I mentioned above, the book is well written and so I finished it. Unfortunately, because of Sienna’s behavior, I cannot give this book a higher rating than three stars.

  5. Redrabbitt

    Book two in the Rescue Me series is a definite page turning of mystery, suspense, evil, lies, deceit, drugs, white slavery, murder, and survival. It has a great cast of characters, including a few main players in it from book one, Maverick, but can be read as a stand-alone. Ms. Piper Stone is a talented story-teller.

    Real Estate agent, Sienna Duncan, will meet Deputy Kane Logan, when he pulls her over for speeding and reckless driving, but encounter him several times in one day. When she sees a truck dump a black puppy out, she will turn around and rescue the pup taking him to a vet where Deputy Logan will be called out due to the injury of a gunshot wound. But the car crash in the middle of the night in her front yard that taking the lives of three teens will be the one that spins this tale into motion. As the story progresses, they will become friends and more.

    Sebastian Peterson seeks out Thomas Grady of Finer Home Real Estate and will request Sienna assist him to locate the perfect home, something quiet, out of the way, elegant for entertaining, and she does just that. His sexual overture comments to her are shocking and while titillating, leave her feeling uncomfortable.

    The plot will have Sienna and Kane crossing paths several times, and each incident becoming more bizarre. With teenagers from well-respected families come up dead, and an LSD type drug in high doses in their system, it sets the county of Goochland on alert. Learning the kids are going to Raves, and other teens in other areas are also coming up dead, has law enforcement realizing they have serious issues, especially when cases are also found in Baltimore. The deeper they delve into the case, the more bodies and murders will be uncovered.

    Sienna and Kane both have secrets from their past, secrets they aren%u2019t openly sharing, ones that have haunted them, and had them leaving their hometowns to start over. Even as the investigation unfolds for the accident with the teenagers, other bodies are being discovered. While Kane is law-enforcement and can%u2019t share what he knows, Sienna is uncovering information but keeping it a secret. Will these secrets lead to life and death for both Sienna and Kane?

    The story is an edge-of-your-seat romantic mystery suspense, with intense scenes, along with white slavery, drugs, murder and more. The story will unfold slowly without giving away too much, enticing the reader, keeping the pages turning and the suspense in play. Secrets, lies, and monsters will haunt both Sienna and Kane, and it will take time for them to heal and move forward. The chemistry between them is electric and will sizzle off the pages, with mild spankings and erotic sex scenes. I love a great story that you are unsure of exactly the extent of who the evil players are and keep you guessing, and this one did just that. There is a pleasant surprise at the end too.

  6. Joanie M

    This book is everything the overview promised and more. The suspense was never ending on many levels. Both Sienna and Kane have mysterious pasts; what actually happened to each of them? Kane is trying to solve a truly horrific series of crimes. How is Sienna involved? Who should we trust? Is everything somehow tied together? You’ll have to read this well written romantic crime story to find out. The characters are well developed and we know two of them from the first book of the series. The plot is complex yet the book flows nicely as the mysteries unravel. I enjoyed every minute of this entertaining page turner.

  7. Pettigg

    Sienna Duncan and Deputy Kane Logan both have so much going on in thier past and present, its hard to follow it all. Lots of suspense, murder, hit and run, and some unbelievably creative twists that you don’t see coming!

  8. DB

    Wow! what a great second book! This book had everything in it! Terrific length, page turning suspense, drama, danger, lots of dialogue, humor, murders, a dog rescue, a huge mystery and two very caring people. Kane and Sienna have the book come alive when they both work (not necessarily together which Kane has a problem with) to solve the mystery of kids getting drugs and girls being sold into slavery. This was such an awesome book, just as good if not better than the first one! If you haven’t read the first one you are really missing out. Can’t wait for book 3! 5 Humongous Stars!!!

  9. susan landowski

    This is the second in the series but can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend you read book 1 as well. This book has a great plot that runs the gambit of suspense, mystery, humor, love, sadness and sexual tension. I recommend you read this book.

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