Seducing Sandy

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When journalist Sandy Ebelson decides she needs a breakout story to advance her career, where does she set her ambitious eye? Why, on the Castle, an infamous BDSM resort that has plagued her small town for years. Sneaking inside is only as difficult as buying a ticket and filling out a fake application, but when Sandy finds herself matched to ex-military masters Eric and Reeve, carrying out her investigation grows quickly more complicated.  

Especially when it comes to Master Reeve, whose rough touch and dark authority make her body respond in ways she’s not at all prepared to understand. Sandy will do anything to get her story, and that includes pretending to be his submissive. What she doesn’t yet know is how much of what she’s doing is really ‘let’s pretend’ and how much is the real her, giving her heart to a man she has every intention of betraying. 

Publisher’s Note: Like all the other stories in the Masters of the Castle series, this contemporary romance can be enjoyed as a standalone. It contains elements of power exchange, explicit language, and MFM ménage scenes. 

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Sample Chapter

Well, the woman on the bus beside her said with a good-natured laugh. It was hell, Ill tell you, but I got myself together again. I got a job. Im living on my own and supporting myself for the first time in my whole adult life, and now look at me. She spread her hands in a cramped shrug, indicating the whole of the seat they shared and the length of the crowded, noisy bus in general. Im on my way to the Castle. 

Yeah, but… Knowing she risked sounding out-of-place and perhaps even judgmental, Sandy Ebelson tried to bite the question back, but curiosity overwhelmed her. Why here? Why the Castle? 

A twinkle in her green eyes, the older woman winked. Oh, I dont know. I guess I just wanted to do something wild and crazy before Im too old to enjoy it. 

Sandys gaze danced over what few facial wrinkles the other woman hadYou hardly look too old for anything. 

Arent you a peach? The older woman laughed.  

Sandy didnt argue, but she meant it. What was too old these days? If forced to guess, shed have placed the other woman in her mid-fifties, what with that hint of hard-to-cover grey in the brown of her shoulder-length hair, and lines at the corners of her eyes that deepened when she laughed. But it was an attractive laugh and, for all that she was carrying a few extra pounds under that heavy winter coat of hers, it was a rather handsome woman with whom Sandy was sharing her bus seat. And who was she to be judging anyone else, anyway? Sandy wasnt swimsuit-model thin either, not now and certainly not in the summer months. Nor would she be seeing her twenties again any time soon. 

Screw anonymity. Smiling, the other woman stuck out her hand. My names Wendy. 

Relaxing just a little, perhaps for the first time since bullying her way into this assignment, Sandy shook Wendys hand. Nice to meet you. Im Sandy. 

The bus bumped in and out of yet another rut in the long, unpaved drive that led away from Granger and the country highway they had just departed from. A wide series of farm fields surrounded them now, all knee-deep in snow at the moment and about to get deeper if this mornings weather forecast held trueStalks from last falls harvest still poked up through the snow here and there. 

So, tell me, Wendy said as she snuggled in for the last leg of their journey. What brings you out here? 

Work, but Sandy knew better than to say that. Fishing expedition, that was her next option, but she wasnt sure she ought to say that either. I just… she hesitated, that old familiar awkwardness creeping up into her face on a wave of heat, …want to learn more about myself, I guess. 

She was blushing. She knew she was, but if Wendy noticed she didnt think enough about it to bring it into the conversation. People probably blushed talking about this place all the time. 

You and me both. Wendy noddedI cant wait to see what theyve got planned for me.  

The older woman hugged herself, but Sandy knew the shiver that went through her had more to do with excitement than chill. This was a luxury bus, with warmers in the seats and heaters underneath. It was right on the verge of being almost too warm, but although Sandy had her coat open, she didnt take it off. It was too crowded. Not just the seat that she shared with Wendy, but the entire bus was packed. Sandy would have to stand in order to shrug out of the heavy garment, and they were in the very first row. Which meant she had a great view through the front windshield of the forest they were creeping up on at the super-safe speed of fifteen miles-per-hour that kept them from sliding off the road and into the field. Beyond that forest lay the Castle. The largest (according to their website) BDSM dungeon in the country. 

Her heart gave an extra skipping jump. She couldnt see the Castle yet, although here and there she thought she could pick out the shadowy grey form of a massive stone structure deep within that sheltering forest. It was another few minutes of crawling travel before she caught sight of her first multicolored flag playing peek-a-boo through the ice-shrouded branches. Here and there, she spotted the dark shadow of security cameras planted high on the electric poles hidden amongst the trees. If she let her imagination run away with her, she could almost imagine herself on a very comfortable bus en route to prison. Which was ironic, really. Because thats exactly where her boss warned her she could end up if she persisted in chasing this particular story. The Castle, he said, was insanely protective when it came to safeguarding the privacy of its guests. She would not be the first person arrested if she got caught. 

The allure, however, was just too strong, especially for Sandy, who had always dreamed of being a journalistIt was a tough market to break into, though. A person had to be really, really good these days if they wanted to get away from the minutiae of writing stories like firefighters rescuing kittens from trees, or elementary school play performances, or local births and deaths, and who got arrested over the weekend and why. Granger was a small town and shed lived here all her life. Big cities offered better news stories, but the competition was greater there. She didnt want to move anyway, so what did that leave? As far as she could see, Sandy had one choice: She had to find a story, a big story, and she had to be the one to deliver it. She had to prove she had the skills to make it as a journalist—a real journalist—or forever be content writing articles like: Criminals Cut Loose in Egg Aisle, Chicken butt, thats what spray painted in 41 colorful ways all over Tullys Grocery. Or covering local events like who won the chili cook-off during Dust Bark Days and who won the coveted Miss Sheep crown at this years Lamb and Wool Festival. 

Small as Granger was, even this sleepy little berg had its share of secrets. When it came to Ohio, no secret was bigger than the Castle. 

It had been in operation here for years, but Sandy had never met anyone whod admit to ever being inside. A real-life castle, it had been rescued from demolition crews making way for a shopping mall in Scotland. Dismantled brick by brick, the infamous owner, Marshall Leaf, had shipped every last bit of it to America, where it was rebuilt in the wilds of Ohio farm country. Granger was only a few miles east of it, a peaceful little slice of American morality that had been trying for years to shut the place down. At least once a month, some church started up a petition or picketed in front of city hall. But the plain fact was, the Castle wasnt going anywhere. Not when Granger had no other major source of business revenue or jobs to replace it, and certainly not when nothing short of Disney World moving to Ohio would have replaced the level of tourism the Castle inspired. Sure, the tourists were only in town long enough to get on and off the Castles privately-owned buses. But there was still money being made at the local gas stations, restaurants, the coffee shop at the bus depot, sometimes the hotels, and surely the tourist traps, because for years now theyd been springing up on both sides of the main thoroughfare through town like fudge, cheese and jewelry-selling whack-a-moles at a carnival show. 

People have a right to know what goes on in that place, Sandy had told her editor-in-chief. Dont you want to know? 

Im pretty sure I can imagine, hed dryly replied. Just hold on, now. If you think youre the first person whos ever tried to break in over there, think again. I can show you a whole stack of police reports on the people whove failed. Digging a file out of his desk, he began flipping laminated clippings across to her side of his desk. Elsa Crowley, caught on the grounds and arrested for trespassing. Daniel Webber, caught on the highway taking pictures. His equipment was confiscated, and he and his film crew were sued for invasion of privacy. He lost to the tune of half a million because the dumb shit actually filmed himself crossing the fence at one point, with a sign right there that read: No cameras or recording devices may be used on these premises and no trespassing. Andrew Harlestone, who landed a job there for about three hours before he was caught with a camera on him. He got fifteen years and will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. There were more clippings in that foldera lot morebut he stopped, dropped the file on his desk, flopped back in his chair and frowned at her. What are you trying to do? 

It is a statistical fact, Bill, shed hotly replied. 99.1% of these kinds of social dungeons Shed put that in air quotes. are nothing more than fronts for illicit and illegal activities. Im not a prude. I saw Fifty Shades of Grey. I own all the books. But is that whats really going on here? She began counting off on her fingers. Drug trafficking, sex trafficking, rape, coercion, assaultall of that could right now be occurring in our own backyard and nobody is doing anything about it. 

His frown deepened. Maybe because theres nothing happening. 

Or maybe because theyre too scared of what could happen to them if they talk. She frowned back. 

A leap of muscle ticked along his jawline as he studied her. But he wasnt shutting her down; he was listening.  

Im not saying that is whats happening, Sandy had persisted, trying to rein in her exuberance and bring it back to a strictly professional level. And Im sure not trying to buck for free vacation time. Maybe this really is just a place where consenting adults come for some good clean kinky fun. But if its not She paused for emphasis, bracing her hands on the edge of his desk to lean back towards him. She lowered her voice to a conspirators level, dont you want to know? I mean, beyond all question. Youve got four girls, dont you? Dont you want to know for sure every time they drive down that road, theyre not driving in front of a place where girls their age or younger are being pedaled to the lusts of the men who visit there? Why does it cost so much to get in? Why is the security so high? What are they hiding? 

It had been a low blow to mention his daughters, and Sandy knew it the minute she saw heated anger flare in the backs of his eyes. But Bill wasnt editor-in-chief by chance. He had worked his way through the paper for twenty years, earning every one of his grey hairs, and he knew how to hold his temper. 

All right, hed eventually said. You go ahead and draw up a detailed plan of what supporting evidence you have now, what you think youll find if you get in there, and how you intend to find it. Ill take a look at your plan and well go from there. But Im telling you now, I dont think youre going to find jack shit. The Castle aint nothing but a place for rich people to hang out with other rich people, doing God knows what because its the latest craze that money can buy. So fine. You wanna go get yourself in trouble over nothing, you go right ahead. But when you get arrested, dont come crying to me for bail money. And if you dont get arrested, congratulations, youre the new Miss Martha Perfect. Therell be a charity bake sale next week at the Pentecostal for you to cover. 

She really shouldnt have mentioned his daughters. But, on the other hand, if she hadnt, she probably would have had to come up with the entire ungodly entrance fee all on her own. But two days after that conversation and two hours after she dropped her type-written plan on Bills desk—complete with an entire section of anonymous tips that shed made up, because for a story like this, the end would absolutely justify the means—hed called her back into his office and handed her a voucher for the entry fee. The paper had covered it. 

Dont say I never gave you anything, Bill had said, right before he arched his eyebrows in serious warning and added, Dont get caught. 

So, now here she was. On a bus next to Wendy, bouncing out of the final tooth-jarring rut right before they crossed through a set of massive wrought-iron gates into the last half-mile stretch of private woods surrounding the CastleA manned security shack was built into the high stone wall and the gate itself towered a good eight feet higher than the top of the bus. Solid wall was all she could see stretching out the length of the property way to either side of the bus, until the denseness of the forest swallowed it up. Both wall and gate were higher than a standard ladder could reach, but not for a cherry picker. Good luck getting one of those past all those security cameras or the guard shack so someone could snap some pictures over the wall. 

The creak of the gates swinging open was antique-ish and rusty and probably done solely for the shivering effect that raced right up the length of Sandys spine. She squirmed in her heated seat, feeling the warmth against her bottom, but in a way that felt almost foreboding. At some point during her visit, her butt was going to feel this kind of warmth but in a whole new way. Shed known that for weeks. 

Dont lose your nerve. Sandy didnt mean to say that out loud. She wasnt even aware she had until Wendy laughed beside her, a slightly deeper, burble of a chuckle. 

You and me both. The older woman still grinned and the light of excitement in her eyes hadnt diminished, but it was mingled now with something that looked a little like fear. Her hands were clenched so tightly in her lap that her knuckles were white. 

Sandys hands were doing the exact same thing, she suddenly realized. 

Passing beyond the shadow of the wall, the bus crept down a longer drive where the forest at last gave way to neatly manicured grounds all covered in snow. The hedge maze was planted in bristly evergreen shrubs, the only dots of greenness in what was otherwise a landscape of white, marked by naked Greek and Roman statues and salted walkways that cut through an ankles depth of ice and snow. Those walkways spiraled out every which way, some leading into the woods and others toward a series of outbuildings, including a massive stable in the distance, easily identified by its numerous corrals. 

Crowning all of that, however, was the Castle itself, guarded by another wall and a portcullis which was raised up high and the drawbridge already lowered over a liquid moat. The water must have been heated, if only to a temperature somewhat warmer than the air above it. It was steaming. 

The bus pulled into a roundabout stop near the entrance, where a cluster of costumed livery men were waiting to unload the luggage. They were an orderly and efficient bunch. Being in the front row had its perks. As soon as the bus was parked and the doors swung open, Wendy and Sandy were the first to disembark and by then, the livery men had the luggage compartments propped open, with several pieces hauled out and stacked into the horse-drawn cart theyd brought with them. It was both a rustic and incredibly fancy touch, considering this was really nothing more than a glorified sex hotel. 

Im so excited, Wendy kept saying as they crossed the drawbridge together, followed by a trail of hopeful koi, begging their passing shadows for food. A burlap bag full of fish pellets set just off the drawbridge quickly identified itself as the reason why, along with a plaque above it that read: Feel free to feed the fish. No more than one handful, please. 

Sandy almost stopped to do so, but squeals from two younger women racing each other to the bag let her know those fish wouldnt be starving anytime soon. They didnt take just one handful, either. They took two apiece and made several trips, until a gruff salt-and-pepper haired servant in clothes that didnt look much different than the burlap bag, albeit layered and probably warmer than her own coat, called out to them in a heavy Scottish brogue, Dinna make me send ye fer switches! 

Ooo, Wendy leaned into Sandy to whisper. I like him! 

Do you like switches? Sandy whispered back, because really, to her that would have been the bigger concern. 

Wendy just giggled. She might have been fifty, but that giggle had schoolgirl mischief stamped all over it. It was enough to make Sandy laugh too. She shook her head and, despite the seriousness of the cause to which shed already condemned the Castle, together they went to the admission tables to collect their fake names, their information packets, and the bracelets they would wear for the duration of their stay. 

Oh my God, this feels so real, Wendynow Jasminesaid as they found two empty seats. They sat together, because the devil you knew was always better company than the one you didnt know, especially at a fantasy BDSM resort. Not that Sandynow Gingerhad ever been to one before, but it was starting to feel incredibly real to her now too. When she opened her manila envelope and shook the bracelet into her waiting palm, she felt yet another trembling quiver roll through her in waves. This was it. This was the point of no return.  

Which was pretty much her exact same thought the moment shed boarded the Castles private bus. 

And again, when shed stepped out of her car in the Starbucks parking lot where the other Castle guests stood sipping their lattes, talking about the weather and how much snow was expected before tomorrow, and waiting for the buses to arrive. 

Except this time, it really was the point of no return. She was here. The buses would soon be leaving again, if they hadnt done so already. The gates would be closing and she would be stuck in the middle othis frozen nowhere, miles outside of town, surrounded by woodsand quite possibly wolvesin a place she had convinced her boss might actually be a sex slave operation. 

The crowning of a new Miss Sheep didnt seem so bad right now. 

What the hell had she been thinking? 

* * * * * 

What the hell were you thinking? Eric demanded, his blue eyes huge with disbelief. 

Why the hell are you giving it to us? Reeve added, taking the assignment file out of Erics hands to better see the details for himself. Red hair, green eyes, definitely a looker, judging by the photocopy of her drivers license. But then, it wasnattraction that concerned him regarding this case. It was the word reporter spelled out all in caps above her name, highlighted in neon yellow and circled in bright red ink. 

Two sets of eyes are better than one, Marshall answered, leaning back in his throne of an office chair, fresh cup of coffee in his hands. Both drapes over the tall, narrowpaned windows behind him were wide open this morning, but ice obscured the glass, which in turn reflected color from one of the waving turret banners, turning it the same eerie shade of blue as Marshalleyes. 

Those eyes were almost as well-known as this entire resort. Called the Master of the Masters for a reason, Marshall could make even the brattiest submissive back down and the most alpha of his dominants submit with little more than a stareThe joke below stairs was, it was so penetrating, that stare was all hed needed to impregnate his wife, Kaylee. Whether Marshall had heard that joke yet was anyones guess, but since it was still being passed around, probably not. Regardless, Reeve hated that stare. Marshall only had maybe five years on him, but getting called into the Master of the Masters office was like getting called into his fathers study at the end of a day that he already knew was about to get a little bit worse. At thirty-one, Reeve would have thought he was too old to spank, but sitting in this straight-backed chair meant for naughty submissives, staring at those two crook-handled canes on the wall directly behind the throne… well, Reeve half-way expected it.  

Every single time he got called in here. 

I know you two have tag-teamed other guests in the past, Marshall continued. I should think this would be just another day on the job. 

Reeve exchanged looks with Eric. Theyd been best friends practically from the day theyd met, serving together in the army, sharing women even then, and certainly sharing the same kind of kinky proclivities that made working at a place like the Castle something of a dream job. 

Youre setting us up with a vanilla, Eric told him. 

A dangerous vanilla, Reeve added. The kind that takes notes and files lawsuits. 

No, read the file. Im setting you up with someone who claims to be new to the lifestyle. Unlike some, who lie through their teeth because they dont want to be seen as ignorant— Like Marshalls own Kaylee, who had entered the Castle exactly that way. Reeve and Eric exchanged looks, but neither said that—at least shes willing to tell the truth. Shealso filled out a list of potential likes and dislikes, which she claims eagerness to explore. And that means you get to treat her like any other guest who enters these premises. Shes interested in rope and bondage, right up your alley, Marshall told Eric, and then turned to Reeve. Shes also interested in flogging and spanking, which gives you something to explore. Or, at least she says shes interested. But shes also a local reporter, born and raised in Granger, and no doubt possessed of all the same prejudices that have plagued us from the moment we decided to set up in this town. So, as I said before, two pairs of eyes watching over her every move are far better than one, especially while showing her all around our lovely, safe, sane and consensual, and completely law-abiding— He caught himself and rolled his eyes. Apart from that whole no adult can lawfully consent to receiving physical bodily harm from another bullshit, of coursecompletely law-abiding establishment. Now, are you willing to accept this assignment, or do I need to find somebody else? 

That was an order posed as a question and Reeve knew it. 

So did Eric, who stopped rubbing his eyes. He dropped his hand into his lap and pasted on a smile that was only phony to those who knew him wellI love it. Im excited about it. 

Count me in, Reeve agreed, but only so he could get out of this chair and out of this office with what few shreds of domly self-esteem he had left. 

I cant wait to get started. Heaving out of his chair, Eric took back the file. When do we meet her? 

Marshall didnt smile, not exactly, but there was a glint of mirth in the ice of his eyes when he said, Mistress Miranda should be finishing up her speech in the courtyard now. Shell be waiting for you in the Meet and Greet. 

Reeve startled. What, shes here now? 

We dont even get a day to plan it out? Eric seconded. He kept his smile and his falsely cheerful tone, however. Well, this just gets better and better. I cant wait. 

Dismissed. Marshall chuckled. 

just cant wait, Eric repeated on his way to the door, still cheerful although the strain to remain so could be heard in his voice. As soon as the door shut behind him, he dropped both the smile and the false tone, smacked the folder against his thigh and grumbled, just cant wait to wrap my hands around her neck and throttle her. Wait. Does she like breath-play? He opened the file to look. Hard limit. Damn. 

Reeve scrubbed his face with both hands. Already his analytical mind was drafting a list of things to do. We need to get into costume, reserve a room, figure out a game plan… Any ideas? 

Flipping through papers, Eric said, She put no to role-playing, but yes to age-play. 

Reeve snorted. She probably thinks were peddling out children. 

Probably, Eric agreed. But that gives us a place to start. What do you think, should we be brothers again or just really good friends? 

Do I have to see you naked if I say the latter? 

Eric snapped the file folder closed long enough to give him a wounded gasp. You love seeing me naked. It gives you something to aspire to. 

Reeve punched him in the arm, but his amusement was short lived. As they walked, Eric opened the file, acquainting himself with her limits and her likes, and Reeve stole another glance at the womans photo ID, stapled to the upper inner corner of the folder jacket. She really was pretty—a redhead with a shapely face that probably crowned an equally shapely body. 

Not that that mattered. She was a Granger reporter; she was here looking for trouble. Knowing what he did about this town and its incredibly small-minded populace, Reeve was glad all the rooms came with a fully stocked chest of adult toys. It wasnt often that he opted for man-made when it came to sexually fulfilling his role as the ultimate Dom and seducer of an assigned submissive. But in this case, hed happily purchase all the toys it took, because he would not be touching her intimately.  

All that pretty red hair, shapely curves and a smile that looked so innocent and friendly. Reeve tsked and shook his head.  

If only a persons appearance matched the deviousness of their intentions… 

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26 reviews for Seducing Sandy

  1. Tami

    Journalist Sandy is obsessed by writing a really big story. She suspects that there is criminal activity at the Castle, and she persuades her boss to let her go there on an undercover assignment. What Sandy finds at the Castle is a man who makes her blood boil and her pulse beat faster. Nevertheless, Sandy is determined to get her story, even if it means she will betray the man who captured her heart.

    Seducing Sandy is book eight of the Masters of the Castle series. I squealed in delight when I found out that the series continues after such a long time. I read the whole story in one sitting. I adored Reeve and Eric, they were so different as dominants and yet they complement each other. The intimate scenes were very steamy, and when the both dominated Sandy at the same time it got very hot in here. Sandy on the other hand – there were scenes when I wanted to throttle Sandy and then I also wanted to cuddle her. It was such a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but I enjoyed each and every second.


    Maren Smith%u2019s Masters Of The Castle series has been one of my favorite BDSM series for a while now, (Though Maren probably doesn%u2019t know this because I read most of them before I started reviewing.) Now, I%u2019m totally jealous because it%u2019s another Sandy. But, that%u2019s how it is when you are a blogger.
    Sandy is a reporter, and she%u2019s determined that there are horrible things going on in the infamous Castle. She figures there%u2019s underage sex, drugs, and sex trafficking. So despite her editors warnings, she manages to get herself into the Castle for the weekend, determined to get the real story. Master Marshall, however, knows exactly why she is there, so he assigns her to two doms, Master Eric and his friend, Master Reeve. Reeve hates reporters, especially after having to deal with them during his time in Afghanistan. So he plans to break her.
    Let me be honest here, Maren does what she does best, writes some over the top steamy BDSM and punishment scenes. I admittedly couldn%u2019t decide who I was more frustrated with, Sandy for her narrowmindedness, or Reeve for how he behaved. He broke a whole lot of rules in the dom behavior book, and Eric helped him. So I definitely felt bad for Sandy at times. (Then she%u2019d go and do something stupid!) But, you%u2019ll just have to read to see how it all ends up!
    One final note. Please be an informed reader and consumer! This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and sexual scenes. If you don’t enjoy this genre, this may not be the book for you. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers’ websites. Use these resources. DON’T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON’T ENJOY THE BOOK. It’s not fair to the authors. They work extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you’ll object to the book’s subject matter before you buy it, you’re doing yourself and the authors an extreme disservice. (Thanks WhiteWitch519 for the use of this paragraph!)

  3. madpuss

    I was so excited when I saw a new Masters of the Castle book. I loved it, the story grabbed me, pulled me in and wouldn’t let go. I read late into the night. I love the depth of emotion and Sandy’s journey of discovery.

  4. JigsawGirl

    Interesting BDSM story. I liked Eric and Reeve. The information and detail about the Castle was interesting. I didn’t like Sandy. She was arrogant, judgemental, and immature.

    This is a standalone and the first Masters of the Castle book I have read. I think I may have enjoyed it more if I had read earlier books. I felt like I didn’t have enough background on the Castle or its employees.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy.

  5. Lalaland

    Before reviewing this eighth journey to the Castle from Ms Smith, let me state unequivocally that I am a big fan and I was absolutely delighted to see another story after such a lengthy hiatus. Sandy is a reporter working on a small town newspaper, but not just any town, her paper is published in Granger which is the closest town to the Castle. Sandy is looking to make a big name for herself with a scoop proving that the Castle is indeed a den of iniquity and all sorts of illegal things are going on there. She is convinced that there is underage sex, human trafficking and drugs, just about anything but safe, sane and consensual BDSM. She persuades her editor to send her in undercover as a newbie submissive but Master Marshal is already wise to her and puts her in the capable hands of two Doms, Masters Eric and Reeves. Eric is a cuddly Daddy Dom type but Reeves hates prejudice and dishonesty and especially hates reporters and likes to punish. And so our tale begins. I won’t give the rest of the story away because I don’t want to spoil it, suffice to say that Sandie makes some very bad decisions and Eric and Reeve make some mistakes end up on the bench awaiting Master Marshall’s judgement. This book can be read as a standalone but if you haven’t read any of these books I can highly recommend them. There is everything you would expect from a BDSM romance, hot sexy scenes, eye watering disciplinary punishments, and laugh out loud moments I loved it and hope that there will be more to look forward to. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  6. PJB

    Seducing Sandy is another excellent addition to the Castle series. This time the dominants are Reeve and Eric who are given a client, Sandy, who is actually a very naive, undercover reporter who is convinced that Age Play is a euphemism for pedophilia. How wrong could she be! There is some real humour woven in amongst the pantie, melting sex scenes of this latest book. As usual M. Smith gives us a tale that has you wishing for more even after the ending was everything I’d hoped for! 10 great big happy stars!

  7. Hope W

    Seducing Sandy is the eighth book in the Masters of the Castle series but can be read as a standalone. I enjoyed the storyline as Reeve, Eric, and Sandy played a cat and mouse game during her visit to the castle. As a reporter who did not do her research before her assignment and with a misconception of what BDSM really is, she had no idea what she was walking into or what emotions she would experience. At the same time, the author shows that even Doms can make mistakes and have to find a way to redeem themselves. This game between these characters leads to plenty of laughs, tears, spankings, hot explicit sex scenes, misunderstandings, and a whole lot of entertaining throughout the story. I did feel a little let down at times with how the characters only really showed that intense connection during part of the book and not throughout the entire read. However, overall I would recommend this book for a great nights 5 star read! I voluntarily received and arc copy of this book!

  8. stylie kidd

    As someone who was obsessed with The Masters of the Castle series, I was so excited to see that one of my favorite authors, Maren Smith, had written another story in the series. I was not disappointed! This is an incredibly great story of a young, somewhat naive local reporter, who poses as a guest at the fabulous resort where fantasies become real, in hopes of finding a story that will establish her as a serious journalist. What she doesn%u2019t expect is that she will be paired with Reese and Eric – a tag team of strict and experienced Masters who will be her %u201Cdaddies%u201D for her visit. She is also surprised at their deep, masterful domination and her responses to it. Its a definite distraction as she plots to expose some big problems with the policies at the Castle. This book is as great as the others in the series and you won%u2019t want to miss it. Maren Smith knows how to make us care about an unsympathetic character and it%u2019s really fun to be in the world of the Castle again – with many familiar characters doing what they do best. A very hot and yummy story that I couldn%u2019t put down. Highly recommend!

  9. Lisa

    This is another book from the Masters of the Castle series and I am pleased to say that it is just as good as the others, I never tire of reading them.? This one is about Sandy who is a journalist trying to get her big story and her big break in the journalist world.? After hearing about the Castle she assumes that as it is so exclusive and expensive that there must be something illegal going on there.? She speaks with her boss about getting a weekend there and her boss agrees, not letting on to her that he is a friend of the Castle Master Marshall.??

    Once she gets there Reeve and Eric are her assigned Doms and have the job of keeping a bad press story out of the papers whilst also trying to show Sandy that what happens there is safe, sane and consensual with no illegal activities.??

    This story has age play elements but also focus on spanking scenes.? I do love this author and this is another great book to add to her repertoire.

  10. Carla

    Reeve, Eric and Sandy! Wow%u2026hot is not the word%u2026.moments of laughter too as vanilla Sandy tries infiltrate this world of BDSM. Loved that there was love at the end. The discipline scenes were hot as well! Good read!

  11. Margaret Corcoran

    I love and have read all the other books in this wonderful series. This is a great addition to it. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters. There is disciplinery spankings and hot spicy sex. I loved the castle and would love to visit! As I am sure anyone who has read this series. There is a great ending to this story. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. An enjoyable read. What a great way to spend a couple of hours!

  12. Margaret Corcoran

    I love and have read all the other books in this wonderful series. This is a great addition to it. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters. There is disciplinery spankings and hot spicy sex. I loved the castle and would love to visit! As I am sure anyone who has read this series. There is a great ending to this story. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. An enjoyable read. What a great way to spend a couple of hours!

  13. Margaret Corcoran

    I love and have read all the other books in this wonderful series. This is a great addition to it. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters. There is disciplinery spankings and hot spicy sex. I loved the castle and would love to visit! As I am sure anyone who has read this series. There is a great ending to this story. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. An enjoyable read. What a great way to spend a couple of hours!

  14. Margaret Corcoran

    I love and have read all the other books in this wonderful series. This is a great addition to it. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters. There is disciplinery spankings and hot spicy sex. I loved the castle and would love to visit! As I am sure anyone who has read this series. There is a great ending to this story. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. An enjoyable read. What a great way to spend a couple of hours!

  15. Margaret Corcoran

    I love and have read all the other books in this wonderful series. This is a great addition to it. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters. There is disciplinery spankings and hot spicy sex. I loved the castle and would love to visit! As I am sure anyone who has read this series. There is a great ending to this story. I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. An enjoyable read. What a great way to spend a couple of hours!

  16. lani

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy for an honest review. This is the most recent in the Masters of the Castle series by Maren Smith and oh how I’ve waited for it! And warning, it’s not like the others! Amazingly well written, with interesting characters, great plot and wonderful scenes, this story is different from the other books in the series. While the two main characters do end up with their HEA, the way they get there is darker, harsher than in other books. This is a great addition to the Castle series. However, if you are looking for a sweet romance, this is not the book for you. Reeve is harsh, and throughout most of the book seemingly quite mean to Sandy. However, I was just as happy for their happy ending as I have been for any other characters in this series. If you like Maren Smith and the Castle series, then you will like this book. Just be prepared for a bit more roughness than other Castle books.

  17. lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Another great story in the series. This time Sandy travels to get a story that will steer her career in the right direction. Then she runs into Reeve and Eric and she enters a world she both fears and desires. Can she get her story and get out unscathed? Hand, cane.

  18. Goldie Nut

    Sandy wants to be a reporter with an exclusive on The Castle. Master
    Marshal talked with her boss and he allowed her to come to snoop about
    but under the scrutiny of Master Eric and Reeve. She lied on her application
    and so when many lies abound it is up to Master Eric and Reeve to show that
    they will not let her get by with this. The twists and turns in this novel are many.
    This is a great read as stand alone novel but you should really read the whole
    series, you won’t be disappointed.

  19. Ajjmb

    I am so excited to read a new addition to the %u201CCastle%u201D series. This is one of my most favorite series. This particular book, Seducing Sandy, is a roller coaster ride of emotions. I wanted to hate Sandy because she was there to ultimately hurt the characters we all have come to love. I just wanted to shake her and explain how wrong she is. Then there is Reeve who has a chip on his shoulder from the very beginning. I was down right mad at him with the way he treated Sandy in the beginning. However, as the story unfolds I was in tears for Reeve and Sandy. I could see the relationship forming and falling from their grasps. I am trying hard not to give away the plot but Maren Smith has written another hot and erotic book here. Don%u2019t miss it. It was awesome. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  20. Lea T

    It’s great to get another Masters of the Castle book – hopefully the first or more to come. As with all the previous books, this is standalone, but does feature characters from the previous books. Don’t worry it you haven’t read them, following the story won’t be an issue. As with the other books, this is well written with vivid characters & an interesting plotline. The only thing that keeps it from 5 stars is my dislike of Sandy. Sure, she hid why she was there but I found her very unlikable & undeserving of Reeve.

  21. Redrabbitt

    While many people in the nearby community of Granger have tried to cause problems for The Castle, they have been unsuccessful. Actually, the town has prospered from added business and tourism due to the guest who travel for a booked stay at the Castle. No one takes their vehicles on the property; they are met in town and bused to and from the Castle. Many journalists have gone out of their way to sneak pictures, and even get into the castle, but have been caught and prosecuted. Why does local journalist, Sandy Ebelson believe she can succeed where others have failed?

    The story will have Sandy showing up at the Castle, and at a meet and greet she will be the last guest to be confronted by two masters, Eric and Reeve, who are to be with her and not only give her an experience but keep tabs on her at all times. While Sandy refuses to use the Castle chosen name of Ginger, she will learn so much during her short stay, about the kink and proclivities of various people, and about herself. She will discover that there are certain proclivities, like being a Little that she doesn%u2019t like, but dominance is a turn on, even exhibition affects her.

    When she sneaks around and witnesses a scene between an older gentleman and younger girl, she believes she has proof that underage children are being used perversely. Stealing a master keycard will have her breaking into files to steal, all in the name of getting her story. But what if she is totally wrong in her assumptions, even when she is caught in the act? More than one person will be affected by her time at the Castle and her betrayal. Will Sandy be able to apologize and make amends formally? Will she be absolved of her guilt?

  22. susan landowski

    Love this series and each book can definitely be read as a standalone. This book deals with a new BDSM relationship and the trial and error involved. The characters interact well but sometimes a character seems to over the top. I always love a story that incorporates trust, love and sexual chemistry. This book delivers. I recommend you read this book as well as others in series.

  23. K. Brown

    Did you see me? Because I was there, right there on the bus squeezed in between Sandy and her newly made friend, Wendy. I was bouncing up and down chanting, “we’re going back to the castle!!!” I was truly happy to make this nostalgic trip back to the castle and was excited to see what “kink” we would be trying out. I enjoyed the characters presented as I always have with Maren Smith ‘s portrayals, but I was left was some confusions. Why are two men presented as the main male characters when the relationship appears to be with one man, and why is so much of the book about Daddy and a Little when that doesn’t seem to fit? None the less, you can’t do wrong with a trip to the castle, and I’ll be looking forward to the day when we can go back, because. Oh, yeah, I’ll be on that bus too! This book was given to me for free at my request from the publisher and I provided this unbiased voluntary review.

  24. Dyane

    I was thrilled to find another novel in the Masters of the Castle series. Maren Smith is one of my all-time favorite authors, and I love this series. The castle masters are all stern and sexy, fully capable of properly handling and satisfying their strong, sassy women. In this book, the heroine is an undercover reporter new to the BDSM world. I like the fact that, unbeknownst to her, her deception was uncovered before she even arrived at the castle. That way, right from the beginning of the book I know the hero is not actually being hoodwinked. The author does an excellent job explaining various aspects of the BDSM world through her characters. In fact, although some more intense BDSM activities are mentioned in passing, the actual BDSM content in this novel is mild to moderate, befitting the newbie status of the heroine. It was an excellent novel, and I hope there are many more in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  25. Sam

    This book makes a nice addition to the Masters of the Castle series. It is well-written with characters who seem very real. I did question why Sandy would have been allowed into the castle given that she was known to be a journalist. That seemed like a risky choice for the castle given their promise to provide privacy for their guests. One nice thing about this book was seeing glimpses of those we have met in previous books.

  26. Good bedtime reading

    Sandy Ebelson knows there’s a story behind the walls of The Castle famous for offering the BDSM inclined holidays worth paying for. Her journalistic instinct tells her there must be some kind of slave trafficking or human abuse of some sort going on that the general public should be made aware of plus it would kick start her career into the more serious side of reporting. So having forged her application to gain entry, she is assigned not one Master but two. Eric and Reeve both have military backgrounds they intend to “show” Sandy everything she needs in their own dominant way even if that includes a few punishments along the way.

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