Secrets on the River

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Everyone has secrets, but most don’t have major implications.

When Jenny tries to keep her weekend activities from Cal, the repercussions of him finding out land only on her. But some secrets are bigger and more far reaching.

You would think that as long as Cassie, Sue and Annie have known each other, surely, they could have no real secrets from one another. But you’d be surprised. The full truth behind one secret may never be known, another could change the face of The Landing forever. From steamy sex to both playful and painful spankings, the people on the river continue to live and love and marvel at all that are learning.

Publisher’s Note: This humorous, action-filled story contains a theme of power exchange.

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Sample Chapter


“Ms. Burton? This is Bill Paulson. I wanted to let you know I might have a lead on your case.”

Leah Burton stood staring at the phone in amazement. She stammered, “Our c-case? Y-you told us over a year ago that there was no case. You said you were dropping it. What’s come up now?”

“Ma’am, I looked for nearly a year before that and found nothing. I went over every police report. I talked to everyone who lived anywhere near the church. There were no leads, and I couldn’t think of anyone else to contact. I couldn’t keep taking your money when it seemed that there was no hope of finding who you were looking for. But I got a call yesterday from a woman I’d interviewed before. She was going through her grandmother’s things, and she found a picture from the year in question. No name on the picture, but the woman would be the right age and at least it gives me something to begin investigating. That is, if you’re still interested in going forward.”

Am I? Leah thought she had put this all behind her. Does it really matter after all this time? The police gave up long ago. I think I can cover his fee, barely, but is this what I should be spending my money on? The woman could well be dead by now. Do I want to know that? How would it make me feel? Why the hell do I care so much anyway? It happened over fifty years ago. No! It’s time to let it all go!

Even as she made that final decision, she heard herself say, “Yes. Find out everything you can and get back to me.”

Chapter One

Allie, Jenny and Lane were enjoying the afternoon sunshine as they sat on Allie’s deck. All three young women worked together in Allie’s home cleaning business. The hours suited them well. They mostly worked in the mornings and had their afternoons and weekends off unless they were hired to clean up before and after a party.

The girls were grateful summer was just around the corner and that the days were growing warm and sunny. Allie was really starting to get big. She was entering her third trimester. As usual, the girls were talking babies. Jenny, who lived within walking distance of Allie and talked with her every day, looked a little sheepish as she turned to Allie and asked, “I’ve been holding on to this question forever, but you have to tell me the truth. Did you and Ryan get pregnant just to shut the old folks up?”

Allie laughed out loud, and she quickly glanced next door toward her in-laws’ house. “If Mom hears that ‘old folks’ crap, she’s gonna kick your butt,” Allie warned. “And no. That is not why we got pregnant. Ryan and I talked about it for over a year, and we finally felt ready.”

Jenny gave her a dubious look. Allie, Jenny and Lane were all in their early twenties. Lane stood out from her dark-haired friends with her long red, curly hair and dark brown eyes. She enjoyed the baby talk but fervently hoped the condition wasn’t catching. Lane and Jenny were sisters-in-law, and each envied the other’s looks. Jenny loved Lane’s wild, untamed red curly mane while Lane craved the smooth, silky dark hair Jenny had. Jenny’s dark hair and blue eyes were a beautiful combination.

Allie looked at her friends as she thought about Jenny’s baby question. “Yeah, okay, maybe a little,” she admitted. “But it’s not what you’re thinking. No one talked us into having a baby. But they did enter into our thinking. Cassie and Tom and the others are such a big part of our lives. I mean, they moved next door when I was sixteen. Cassie’s been my hero almost since the moment I met her. They brought Ryan into my life. And all the girls’ trips and adventures I’ve been on with Cassie, Sue and Annie… they seem more like aunts than just friends and neighbors. Well, I just can’t imagine them not being part of our children’s lives. They all seem ageless right now, but the truth is they’re going to get old eventually. I don’t want my kids to miss out on a life with them.”

“I wouldn’t worry,” Lane spoke up. “Just the other day Cassie told me she thought she had at least a good four decades left. Of course, that would put her well into her hundreds, but my money’s still on her.”

“That would suit me fine,” Allie agreed. “But just in case, I’m glad we’re starting our family now.”

The girls fell silent, watching the river. Allie smiled, still thinking about her mother-in-law Cassie and her friends Sue and Annie. The three women often bragged about their half-century friendship. Though much of that time they had lived with the continent between them, they kept up with one another by traveling together several times a year. Over the past few years, the desire to be close to the only people who felt like family had become strong.

So, when a house just two doors from Cassie and Tom had become available, Sue and Steve had jumped on it. For a while, this area of the river, The Landing they’d named it, had been just the three families. Allie and Ryan had been able to buy her parents’ home when they’d relocated to England. Their house was nestled in between Cassie and Sue’s homes. Then just over a year ago, Annie and Andy bought the house on the other side of Cassie and Tom. Allie realized that her baby would have more than its share of grandparents and she loved the idea.

“You sure won’t have to worry about babysitters,” Jenny pointed out. “And I do understand what you’re saying. You’re right, I want my kids to know them all too. But we are not ready right now. What does it really feel like?”

“Well, I started out feeling mostly sleepy and horny. I’m not nearly as sleepy now. But the horny…” she told her friends as they laughed.

“Oh no! If those are the symptoms, I’m pregnant too!” Lane cried.

“Me too,” Jenny agreed, “well, really just the horny part.”

“I’m not kidding,” Allie insisted. “During the first part of the pregnancy, when I got home after work, I could barely make it to the couch. I felt like I could curl up on the kitchen floor and nap right there because the couch was just so far away. But when Ryan walked in the door, I only had one thing on my mind.”

Both Allie’s friends grinned as they heard Ryan’s truck pull into the drive. “In that case,” Jenny told her, getting to her feet, “we’ll leave you to it.”

Allie heard Ryan greet the girls as they left and then smiled as he came around to the back of the house and trotted up the stairs of the deck toward her. Damn, he’s a beautiful man! Ryan’s looks had nearly knocked her off her feet the first time she’d seen him when she was only sixteen and they had only improved with age. Ryan had a lawn design and maintenance business. He loved growing things, and his nearly constant physical work outdoors had chiseled his muscles and darkened his skin to a permanent, year-round tan, even as the sun had lightened his brown hair.

Allie got up to give him a hug and to breathe in his scent. He’d been visiting the greenhouse today. He smelled of the plants, as well as the rich dirt and mulch he worked with. It was the scent of nature and the river and Allie loved it.

“You’re not getting too hot out here, are you? You don’t need to be in the sun so much.”

Allie grinned. Ryan was definitely a little overprotective these days and she thought it was sweet. But she could also sense he could go overboard if she didn’t check him. “I’m ready to come in, but don’t think you’re going to be as bossy as your dad. Got it?”

Ryan grinned as he followed Allie into the house. He gave her a firm swat on the butt as she went through the door. “You’re not saying my dad’s overprotective, are you?”

“Well, maybe just a little,” she agreed, laughing. “Do you have any ideas for supper?” Allie asked.

“Nope. Anything’s fine. Right now, all I want is a shower.”

Allie perked up. “You need any help with that?” she asked.

Ryan turned to her with a suddenly serious look. “Allie, I’m a grown man. I’ve taken showers before. Of course, I need help.” Laughing like kids, they hurried toward their bedroom.

Allie loved the new double shower they’d installed. Redoing the bath and master bedroom had been the first order of business when they bought the house from her parents. At first, she was worried that sleeping in her parents’ room might be a little creepy, but new furniture in a different arrangement was just what the suite had needed.

“Did you work hard today?” Allie asked as she unbuttoned his shirt.

“You’d better believe it. I definitely need all my muscles rubbed and massaged,” Ryan told her. “And what about you? Did you do a good job cleaning all the houses on your list today?”

Allie shrugged. “Not really. I gave them all a lick and a promise. I just didn’t feel much like working today.”

“Allie Marie! Shame on you. We’ve talked about this before. What did I say I was going to do to curb your laziness?”

“Have we?” Allie replied vaguely. “I don’t remember.” She smothered a grin, loving their game.

“Well, I remember,” Ryan told her in his sternest voice. He reached into the nightstand to pull out the thin paddleball paddle. “I told you I’d spank your butt and that’s what I’m going to do.” Ryan stood holding the paddle. “Take off everything you’re wearing,” he commanded.

When Ryan used that voice, Allie felt like putty. Her panties were already damp, and she pulled them off and dropped them on the rest of her clothes. She eagerly climbed onto the bed on all fours, her growing belly making lying over his lap no longer feasible.

He started right away with the spanking. Allie nearly giggled at the incredible pop it made. From the sounds the paddle made, someone not familiar with a real spanking would think this was a most horrible one. But the truth was the thin wooden implement was nearly all bark and very little bite. Ryan had been reluctant to do any spanking once he found out about the baby, but Allie wasn’t going to be denied.

Ryan continued spanking and began lecturing. “You have a reputation to uphold in the community. You’re a business owner. You have employees counting on your business doing well. You can’t do a half-assed job on a client’s home. You’ll lose customers, the business will go downhill. Is that what you want? And besides, I won’t have people saying my wife is lazy!”

Allie squirmed in delight and the sting began to build. “I’m sorry,” she cried. “I promise to do better.”

“See that you do,” Ryan told her, giving her one last loud pop. He rubbed her ass, which was now a lovely shade of red, as he helped her from the bed. Allie took the time go give him a meaningful kiss.

“Let’s skip the shower,” she suggested.

“No, ma’am! You promised me a shower. You go get it started and make it as hot as you can stand it.”

Allie groaned, but moved toward the bathroom. Another hard swat on her stinging butt quickened her steps. She adjusted both shower heads and called to Ryan. As he stepped in, they both eyed the other thinking, damn, what a body! The swelling of Allie’s stomach with their child took Ryan’s breath away. He couldn’t believe it made her even more beautiful.

Allie wiggled her butt as the hot water increased the sting. She poured soap in her hands and began washing Ryan’s back. She rubbed and caressed his shoulders and then down his back. He had the cutest, tightest little tushie in the world. It was all she could do to keep from biting it, and occasionally she didn’t try to resist and nipped away.

Going around him, Allie began washing his chest and arms. She eventually looked down to what she’d been waiting for. Ryan’s erection was magnificent! Her soapy hands slid along the shaft and then gently cupped his balls, massaging ever so gently. An iron rod, covered in silk, Allie thought, remembering a line from one of the secret ‘dirty’ books she’d kept hidden in her bedroom when she was a teenager. Cheesy she thought, but oh so accurate.

Still caressing, she helped rinse him off. She looked up at him and asked, “What next?”

They stood together, the water beating on them for a moment before Ryan answered. “Put your hands on the seat.” Allie eagerly turned and complied. “You learned your lesson, didn’t you?” Ryan asked.

“Probably,” Allie answered without conviction.

Ryan grinned as he rained down a half-dozen more swats on her stinging bottom. Then, not willing to wait another minute, he held her by her hips and plunged into her warm depths.

Again! Allie silently begged as Ryan did just that, over and over. When he reached around to stroke her clit, Allie came at the first touch. She shivered and arched her neck as she clamped Ryan like a velvet glove. The intensity of her orgasm triggered his and he cried out her name.

Then they were still, each breathing hard. Ryan concentrated on staying on his feet and trying to get a drop or two of blood to his head. Slowly, he stepped back and pulled Allie up into his arms.

After a few moments, he asked, “Are you crying?”

Allie nodded and they held one another more tightly. Ryan understood. He was nearly crying himself as he wondered how in God’s name he’d gotten so lucky.



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2 reviews for Secrets on the River

  1. Redrabbitt


    As an avid fan of the Cassie series books, I was excited to see a new one come out that looks like a new series. I loved the multi-generational story because it emphasizes that a dominance/submission lifestyle can be timeless and definitely not outdated. The story will have bits and pieces of things that previously happened but are told so that a reader can follow along without being lost without a major repeat.

    Reading the Cassie series, I have fallen in love with the characters that have become friends. I love the relationship between the couples, the camaraderie of the friendships, the feistiness of the women, and the love of their men, with the long-lasting friendships, the marriages that have endured for over 40 years, the friendships that have been longer than that, along with the newer neighbors that have joined this group.

    Life on the Landing will be changing and soon with the expected arrival of Ryan and Allie’s baby. It will have the girls going to New Bern for a day of baby shopping and lunch which turns into a disaster when a punk decides to try and snatch Sue’s purse, throws her down, and Cassie tries to stop him and is injured. After a night in the hospital and back home, these two ladies are under strict doctor orders to rest and heal their broken bones. Trouble is afoot, with Annie not being herself lately and even snapping over Allie’s decision of how and where she wants to deliver her baby. Being homebound keeps Sue and Cassie from being able to go and talk with her.

    “Well, tell her that between us, we still have three good legs and three good arms. We’ll be okay.”

    The story has the good, the bad, and the secrets of people. As the story unfolds, it will have things from the past that Cassie will share. Annie will be harboring secrets that have affected her health, and she lives in fear that her past will cause her problems. It will be a relief to finally share her secret and shame when the truth comes to light.

    The story has mystery and suspense, with moments of on the edge-of-your-seat danger, with Cassie suffering nightmares since the accident. But the big scare will be with Annie, shutting down, snapping, losing weight, and making excuses rather than being with everyone. Eventually, that will have her running away—but finally reaching out to Cassie and Sue. The long-time loyal friendship will have them sneaking away to help her while not letting the men know where they are or a way to contact them.

    “A broken wrist, a broken ankle, driving a tiny sports car—the only one without OnStar—to who knows where, a bottle of pain pills and a friend on the edge for unknown reasons. You’re right, why should I worry?”

    While the story does have multiple couples, each handles their personal lives differently. The relationship between Tom and Cassie includes playful spankings and discipline spankings—but their intimacy is private. Sue and Steve have added domestic discipline into their marriage—and after the incident with Annie, Andy will discover that a spanking can help relieve stress. The younger couples’ relationships include domestic discipline and are more detailed in intimacy—especially between Cal and Jenny.

  2. Ronald

    Family Life near the River
    An enjoyable story involving several families living near each other, who are friends with one another. There are two generations – the older families which includes Cassie, Sue and Annie and their spouses; and a younger generation of Allie, Jenny and Lane and their spouses. There are various problems but one overriding issue involves Annie and her past – but near the end it gets resolved satisfactorily. All the characters are warm and intelligent, and there is a fair amount of humor strung through the story, along with affectionate sex and some spankings. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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