Saving Sharlee

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She has been always safe in her secret world, but once she is exposed, will she ever be safe again? 

Sharlee Armstrong is happy spending her professional life in seclusion as an independent information broker. Though she has plenty of high paying clients, the latest offer also finds her libido piqued when she meets Jacquard Reynaud. He’s gorgeous, sexy, and dominant.? 

The minute she sets foot into his office, and life, Jac knows he has to have Sharlee, but first he must keep her safe. Her reputation, her livelihood, and her life are in jeopardy. Despite her protests, he takes her in hand. For her own good.?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange. 

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Sample Chapter

Charlotte strode confidently out of the building that held the offices of Reynaud & Associates. Clients and employees referred to them as The Associates. Their job was to keep their clients safe and secure. She remembered the first time sheentered the building with much less confidence. She’d been approached at a time when she felt restless and decided to take a look at what the security team was offering.  

She’d always preferred to work at home, alone. She chose specific contracts for a variety of reasons, one being she didn’t conform well to other’s rulesThe other reason was those clients weren’t interested in meeting her face to face, in fact preferred not to. All she needed to work was a legitimate bank account and business set up. She was allowed to remain shadowy. Indeed, her line of work relied on her ability to remain anonymous.  

Her fees were steep and only a very select, highly vetted group of clients could afford her. They called often, sometimes too often. Shed been perfectly happy doing that until Jacquard Reynaud approached her. 

Charlotte had just finished an intense contract and was looking forward to a break when the call came in asking if she’d be interested in working for their company on a more permanent basis. Over the phone, she’d thought they were just fishing but when they set up an interview, she was curious. The timing was perfect: she was ripe for some adventure and possibly a holiday, so she agreed to meeting. 

Flying in to see what they had to offer, Charlotte didn’t expect that shed be as interested as they said she’d beShe was wrong. The interview was one she’d never forget. Jacquard Reynaud had picked her up from the airport and since she had researched him, he was easy to spot. He had almost coal black hair. She imagined it would shimmer blue in certain light, but she couldn’t determine his nationality. His skin had warm undertones that made his tan even richer. His eyes were just this side of black as well.  

Seems he had done the same internet check on her. “Miss Armstrong?” 

“Please, call me Charlotte.” 

“And I’m Jac.” 

“Yes, I recognize you from your pictures. You’re the only one I’ve found with that name. Easy to research, not that there was much out there. Good for you, but it means I need to ask more questions. Charlotte decided not to tell him that he was easily found and identified on a deeper net profile. Most would never go further than the surface. 

Jac grimaced. “Thank God. Most people have no idea what my real name is and usually assume the company has something to do with clothing or fabric. The name was a gift from my father who loved it and pronounced it in the soft French way. Dad may have been French, but my mother is Shawnee, Kentucky born and bred. I aspire to be a lover like the French, romantic and spontaneous, but from Mom I get my tougher, more pragmatic nature. The two cultures made for an interesting childhood. She pronounces my name with a K sound, making it sound harsh, but has only ever called me Jac. There, all you ever wanted to know about that odd name is now in your trivia file.”  

And now I also know where your coloring comes from, your mother, and why you picked here to set up business. 

He chuckled. “I guess so. You are good.” 

“Thanks, but that was easycan do much more with a computer.” 

Actually, I picked Lexington because I could be close to contacts and contracts, but not too close. And, I love horses. I enjoy a good race as well.” 

She later learned the ‘race’ didn’t always involve horses. There were days since that first face-to-face meeting that Sharlee would have called him Jac-hammer or, as was later pointed out by a satisfied customer, Jac-Ass.  

Jacquard corrected him. “I prefer being a horse’s ass if I have to be one, but why quibble over little details. 

Suffice it to say that while on some days she didn’t agree with his philosophy, he always came through and got the job done.  

She spent the rest of the interview, most of the day, learning who her new clients would be if she won the contract. Besides the partners, Garrett and Monroe, there were Mark, Kaden, and Carter. And their lawyer, Ryker.  

Garrett and Monroe were hard to read. One minute they seemed to be polar opposites, the next, they were saying the same sentences. It might take a while to tease the differences out. For now, Garrett was the brown-haired man with the striking violet blue eyes that could become animated when he was debating an issue. Monroe had light hair and icy blue eyes that were surprisingly less chilly than the color would have implied. 

Then there were Mark and Carter. Mark was dark: hair, eyes, and personality, for that matter. Carter? Well, Carter’s huge stature hid a kind nature. Unless, by his own reckoning: “I’m hungry. Then I get irritated. Then you head for higher ground.” This declaration was followed by a grin that warmed the whole room.  

Kaden came and sat down next to her. This man was more open than the others and probably nearer to her age, too. He seemed hardware savvy and would be her equipment go-to person if she decided to work with them. She expected him to be easier to talk to than the others. 

“Except for Mark and Kaden, you all have last names as first names, did you notice that? Sorry, I tend to notice patterns in things. 

“Nope, but we didn’t notice we were all over the internet in bits and pieces until we had an expert scrub all but the most innocuous information from public view, either. Amazing what you can share even when you aren’t meaning to.” 

“Keeps me in business,” said Charlotte. 

“Right, well, we’re hired for a large assortment of jobs, but analyzing threats and eliminating them is the long and the short of it.”  

“Is it legal?” 

Monroe answered. “The job is legal.” 

Charlotte hesitated before responding. “I sense a ‘but’ in there.” 

“Nope,” said Kaden. 

“Good, because I’m not going to be part of anything shady. I mean, working on government contracts is too close for comfort sometimes.” Charlotte unsuccessfully suppressed a shiver. 

Carter spoke for the first time. “We don’t operate like those morons and besides, we do private contracts not government ones.”  

“Right. So what do you want me to do? Specifically. How would I enhance your work?” 

“We really need a good techie, one who can do the job without setting off alarms. Our contracts are so broad that we need a diverse person. We’ve run through some scenarios with you, but I get the feeling you’re concerned about something.” 

“I am. There’ve been so many undefined companies springing up that are, frankly, all below the water level and some are just dipping there. Others, the totally above-board ones, are very specialized.” 

The interview went on for over two hours and then they all went to dinner. When Jac dropped her off at her hotel, he offered her a drink after shed checked in. Charlotte agreed and met him in the bar twenty minutes later. 

They sat in silence, enjoying their chosen beveragesJac’s a Highland whisky and Charlotte’s a white winecontemplating the situation and each other 

“So here’s the thing, Charlotte, we work highly sensitive contracts. Contracts the assorted government and state agencies would if they could but for one reason or another, they either can’t or won’t. Anything from finding a missing person, to vetting people on a guest list, to ensuring an attorney makes it to court every day on a high-profile case.” 

“I see. And I would be support for those contracts.” 

“Yes and no. Yes in that you would support us, but we have support people to do the low-grade things. You would be an integral part of the team. We would need to trust each other implicitly.” 

“I normally work alone and in my apartment.” 

“Unfortunately, that isn’t negotiable. We’re a team and the only way to stay bonded is to physically work together, often. Not that you can’t work at home on some things, in fact you’ll probably need a good set up there as well, but it’ll have to be in this town or near enough to it to get to the office.” 

“I’m sorry, Jac. I can’t agree to do a nine to five job because I don’t do that kind of work.” 

“I understand. None of us do, but we all live within twenty miles. Look, it’s getting late,” said Jac. “I’d like to stop by tomorrow morning, take you to breakfast before you leave on your afternoon flight. Answer any other questions you might have and ask any that I might think up later tonight.” 

Three months later she was working in her new office at Reynaud & Associates. The company’s technology was in its infancy stage, much more so than any of their personal gear which was high tech. She settled in to setting up what she knew they’d need. The challenge was just the change she was looking for and working with the guys, as she affectionately called them, wasn’t as difficult as it had first seemed. She had taken the chance to change her life for the better. Now, months after she had answered the invitation to talk, she was part of this kick butt team and she was happy in her choice. Well, except she had a crush on her new boss. 

Jacquard Reynaud was exotic to look at, intense to work with, and easy to trust. She was excited to get to know him better. No girlfriend. She got the impression that the only one with a steady girlfriend might be MonroeThey were typical men, not ready to settle down. She wasn’t either. And she certainly didn’t need to have an affair with her boss. It would inevitably end and the mess at work would be unbearable. No, she would look but not touch and learn to be satisfied with him visiting her dreams. It would have to be enough. 

11 reviews for Saving Sharlee

  1. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. When Charlotte takes a new job with Jacquard Reynaud and his group, she is no longer working from home and is suddenly surrounded by a gorgeous group of alpha males. They all want to protect her, but the only one she wants smacking her bottom is Jac. He backs away every time they get close, but Charlotte has a habit of jumping in so backing away gets harder and harder. I can’t wait to read more in the series. Hand, paddle, slight anal play.

  2. Jessica N

    Saving Sharlee is the first book in the Safe and Secure Series. Jac runs an information and security business with some of his closest friends, but they need a cyber presence. Sharlee knows all about the cyber world, often taking her own contracts, but she joins Jac%u2019s team of dominant and protective men. Not only does she need to learn what it means to be part of a team, but she also wants to explore her desire with Jac, her boss. When she becomes targeted, it%u2019s up to Jac, Sharlee, and the rest of the team to find out what%u2019s going on and who%u2019s behind the attacks before Sharlee gets hurt, and the men will do anything to protect her!

    While this book had a bit of a slow burn romance, there was a lot of components of the problem as well as a lot of character development. Sharlee was independent and wanting to prove her worth, but she also got herself into trouble, often. Jac was all dominant alpha, but I really enjoyed how protective he felt towards Sharlee and I loved how he showed his care, often with his firm hand. There were times in the book where I felt some of the details about their jobs were a little vague, but it all came full circle by the end and most was explained pretty well. I loved getting to know some of the guys in the group as well, and look forward to their books! This is the first book I%u2019ve read by Ms. Bailey, but will definitely read more!

  3. Tami

    Charlotte, who always preferred to work alone, takes on a job with Reynaud & Associates. She has to learn to work with a team and she also learns that the men of the team will protect her at any costs, which means there will be consequences for certain actions. Sharlee is also very attracted to Jac and she wonders if he feels the same.

    Saving Sharlee is the first book of the Safe and Secure series. Though it took a very long time before Jac and Sharlee succumbed to their desires, the story held my interest. There is action, mystery and very likeable characters. I found the rest of the team members, Garrett, Monroe, Mark, and Kaden very interesting as well and look forward when they will find their happy end.

  4. Hope W

    Saving Sharlee is a wonderful start to this new series. Sharlee and Jac dance around each other and their feelings for quite a while, but the chemistry starts right from the beginning. The storyline is filled with action and mystery that kept me reading from start to finish. The characters are developed and likeable. Sharlee seems to find trouble at every turn but this group of strong alpha males will protect her at all costs. However, Jac has a special way of getting her to behave when his hand meets her bottom for plenty of spankings along the way. I loved getting to know the other members of the team and can’t wait to read about their stories. Alyssa Bailey always has a way of writing a hit with her books and I loved this one! I highly recommend this great start to a wonderful new series! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  5. Nicolette

    Sharlee Armstrong has the ability to hack into any site without being traced. When she is approached to join a private firm she is intrigued, especially by the sexy boss Jacquard Reynaud. Being used to working on her own working for the guys is quite an adjustment especially because the one is more dominant than the next. Soon she finds herself in trouble and with a hot bottom. A good entertaining read with a little bit of everything.

  6. Rhonda

    Promising new series

    Alyssa Bailey introduced a number of interesting characters in this the first of the Safe and Secure series.
    Sharlee and Jac’s romance was a slow build. I did find Jac annoying at times, while I like alpha males he just hit a nerve. The action moved the plot along fairly well though there were some confusing moments for me.
    I received an advance reader copy from the publisher.

  7. lynn

    I loved the plot of this book, all the alpha men trying to protect Sharlee. I loved Jac and I kind of wished Sharlee didn’t fight the relationship so hard. It was a slow build up between the two but I think that was mostly because of Sharlee doubting she could accept Jac and all the other guys looking out for her. This book contains tons of action, I would have liked to see a little more romance though. There were some punishment spankings but they almost always turned in to something intimate so I’m not sure how much Sharlee learned. I am excited to read more of this series.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book

  8. rjr

    Sharlee is a brilliant computer wiz who decides, after working independently for a while, to join an elite security company headed by Jac. The firm is full of dominant men. While some women are employed in support positions, Sharlee is the only female on the team of main players. She butts heads with the guys over her safety, especially Jac. The firm gets involved with a very complicated scheme and soon realize that someone is after Sharlee. Every instinct has the guys wanting to lock up Sharlee somewhere safe, but she is essential in solving the mystery. Meanwhile, she and Jac are getting closer and they are trying to find a way to have a relationship and work together while he is her boss. The fact that she constantly disregards his direction drives Jac crazy. I enjoyed this story and the cast of characters involved. It was a longer story with an original plot. The romance was steamy and spicy. The only thing that I took issue with, was some of the kind of dumb things Sharlee did that put her at risk. She seemed too smart to repeat the same mistakes. Still, it’s a very good, original story.

  9. Redrabbitt

    What a great start to a new series with mystery, suspense, danger, espionage, secrets, angst, and then throw in a romance. Enter the world of high-tech security and protection of Reynaud and Associates, where their team is made up of men with military training. And then adding, Charlotte Armstrong to the team, a woman who can perform magic with a keyboard, will add spice to this tale.

    The plot will have Jac Reynard courting Shalee Armstrong to join his security team because of her skills, and while she has been doing well with her independent work, the offer is lucrative, especially since she can still do other private jobs on the side.

    The story will take place over several years, and it will detail some of the contracts and issues that team will face. Being the only female on the team will have its challenges, especially when Sharlee has a thing for her boss, Jac. When she makes some irresponsible decisions that could lead to her being harmed, Jac will take it upon himself to discipline her. These two have feelings for each other, but keep that information hidden. There is an underlying chemistry that neither one is willing to allow the other to know about, but in due time, it will come to the surface.

    Several things have the team on alert, especially after Sharlee is nearly arrested along with an old acquaintance, Kyle, from her hometown that she was dating. Then when her apartment is broken into, Jac refuses to allow her to stay and she will acquiesce to his demands, and it will be the turning point for them. Who is after her? What do they want? Is this because of some of her side contracts? The game of cat and mouse has become dangerous, and it is more than just surveillance and computer work. Is Sharlee%u2019s life in danger?

    The relationship is slow to progress with Jac and Sharlee avoiding their feelings, but when it does, he is even more protective of her. The entire team takes her safety as a top issue, especially when it becomes clear she is a target. While Jac punishes her with spankings, he always gives her the option of accepting his dominance, and it is never forced.

    The story has many spanking scenes, which are consensual, even by dubious consent, and the power exchange is always with love and concern. As they develop a DD relationship, it is at first in a non-sexual relationship, but later will change to a full-time D/s relationship with mild sex scenes.

  10. Sam

    This book is full of mystery and intrigue which provide a great backdrop for this story. All of the members of the team have to work together to kept Sharlee safe and solve their cases. Sharlee and Jac make a great couple. I love that this book covers a lot of time. It removes the insta-romance aspect that many books have. I an looking forward to the next book in the series.
    I received an ARC.

  11. Good bedtime reading

    Charlotte otherwise known as Sharlee was an expert in her field of computer delving and as such likes to work alone and away from the other employees. Certainly away from Jac who set her hormones into overdrive whenever he came into contact with her or just hearing his voice. When she finds herself targeted by a person or persons unknown, he finds all his protective tendencies coming to the fore. He will keep her safe from the dangerous mystery that shadows their professional and personal relationship, even if he has to threaten her with his own form of discipline to keep her in one piece.

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