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Joey Taylor is on the run from her blackmailing ex Dom, seeking refuge back in her home state of Texas. On her first night there she collides with her brother‘s best friend, the man who stole her heart over a decade ago.  

Cole Kaden once again steals her heart and, along with his two friends, Slate and Graham, becomes the family Joey’been missing. Soon, she finds herself in hot water with her new family and in over her head with Cole  while her ex is getting closer and closer to finding her. Will Joey learn to trust before everything she is hoping for is taken from her? 

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains explicit scenes and power exchange elements 



Sample Chapter


Chapter One 


Joey cursed her luck as she felt her car struggling to navigate the rough roads of west Texas. Her spare tiresbalder than an eagle nowseemed to rattle with each mile passed. 

Finally, she saw her destination, The Triple K ranch. It was owned by her brothers best friend, Cole Kaden. Joey knew from her last phone call home to her brother that Cole was in Montana on some cattle buying trip, meaning his house should be deserted—exactly what she needed now. Navigating up the long drive, she avoided the main house and parked behind one of the foaling barns. She glanced down at her phone. Forty-three missed calls and over fifty texts confirmed that her absence had been noticed back home. Shaking her head and refusing to allow the tears that had threatened for the last thousand miles to fall, she turned her phone off and exited her car. She walked around the back of the barn, coming up to a small log cabin. She knew that it used to be the foremans house, but after he married, Cole had built the man and his new wife a house further back on the range, leaving the one-bedroom cabin open to visitors. 

Joey had decided it was the perfect place to lay low and figure out her plan from here. She knew her brother thought she was in Europe, and Cole was in Montana, meaning she could use this time to fix what had gone so wrong and somehow make her life better. 

Approaching the cabin, she dug behind the planter for the spare key that had been there her whole life but now seemed to be gone. Joey cussed again; nothing was going right tonightit was dark and cold, and she was ready for sleep. She walked around the back of the cabin, remembering, as kids, the back window always was broken. Finally, luck was on her side as she climbed through the window. Moving through the darkness, she tried to get her bearings, but something dark and solid was blocking her path. She froze for a moment before it moved, causing her to stumble backward. 

Whoa, little burglar, not so fast. A mans deep voice cut through the darkness, and Joey felt hands reaching for her. Ducking, she fled for the door, losing her flip-flops along the way. She burst into the open pasture, feeling the desert cacti cutting into her feet, ignoring the pain as her panic fueled her escape. She could hear him behind her, cursing and gaining ground. Suddenly, the pasture was illuminated in light; she heard another voice shouting from somewhere behind her. 

Gotcha. The same deep rumble reached her ears at the same time strong arms lifted her off the ground. She screamed, kicked and punched, but it seemed to have little effect on her captor. He laughed, calling over his shoulderYou want to help or just watch? 

Joey heard another voice, laced with laughterHell, Slate, if shes running that hard from your bed, figure I might want to help her, not you. 

Her captor grumbled as he continued walking towards the porch. He held her like a baby but strong enough she couldnt escape, not that she had anywhere to run, anyway. 

Slate looked down at the woman in his arms. In the light of the porch, he could see she was small, her clothes were dirty, and her bare feet were bloody. He tried to see her face, but her hair was covering her. Honey, why dont you let us clean your feet up and get some food into you. Then you can tell me why you broke into my home? 

Joey shook her head. Im fine, plus, its not your house. 

With that, Joey heard the other man laugh. See, Slate, she knows youre a couch crasher. He approached her. NameGraham, sweetie, may I help? 

Joey groaned, now two men were surrounding her. She started to speak when a third man walked out and said, It is, however, my house, so can I inquire as to who you are? 

Joey shook, keeping her face pressed into Slates shirt. She tried to breathe; she would know that voice anywhere. Cole wasnt in Montana; he was here, on his porch. She was screwed. 

Cole frowned at the woman; he motioned for Slate to sit on the swing with her and watched as she kept her face hidden, her dark blonde hair hiding any clue to who she was. He could see blood on her bare feet. Graham, could you get our first aid kit, please? 

Graham nodded, disappearing into the house. 

Joey heard them talking; she knew they were talking about her, 

She hoped against hope that she could keep her face out of sight and somehow vanish before he recognized her. 

Cole sat next to Slate, and talking calmly as he would to a spooked horse, said, Okay, look, hon, your feet are cut, and this is Texas; we have a lot of things that could infect it, so we have to at least clean your feet. 

Joey thought, if that could get him to leave, sure, so she nodded. 

I can keep holding you, if youlike,  Slate volunteered. 

Joey shuddered. As much as she hated to be around a man as big as Slate, she couldnt risk Cole seeing her. Yes, please, but maybe just you?  

Cole laughed. I got the hint, sweetie. He turned to let Slate handle the girl until Graham emerged with the first aid kit. It was then he noticed her right foot, a yellow rose of Texas tattoo right near her ankle.  

Jolene Lee Taylor, what the hell? 

Joey shook. It happened, somehow, he knew it was her. She tried to breathe, but her chest felt too tight; she gasped for air and then blackness fell. 

Slate jumped up. At the same time, Graham came running out onto the porch. What the hell, she didnt lose that much blood, did she? 

Slate shook his head. Moving into the living room and placing the now unconscious girl on the couch, he started talking. No, seems Cole knows her, and the fact that Cole realized who she was set her into a panic that, well, made her faint, I guess. 

Cole moved to the couchJolene looked pale, too pale, damn it. What had happened to her? 

Slate cleared his throat. Her clothes are wet, so we need to change her. And her feet need attention. Maybe since you seem to upset her so much, it should be done by one of us? 

Cole cursed, but he nodded and walked out of the room. 

Slate looked at Graham. You think I made it worse? 

Graham shook his head. No, you were right, and he knows it. Lets handle the girl and then we will talk to him. 

Graham moved onto the couch, where he lightly brushed Jolenes hair with his hand. Gently calling her name, he watched as her eyes fluttered open, saw the momentary panic, then watched as she pulled herself togetherstrong girl. 

Joey cursed herself silently; this night was getting worse and worse. As she moved to get off the couch, the man sitting next to her gently pushed her back. 

Not so fast, little filly. Before you passed out, we were going to clean your feet; we still need to do that. Graham moved towards her ankle, gently placing her feet in his lap, and moving quickly, he wiped them off. NameGraham, not sure you remember that. He finished by putting a generous amount of antibiotic ointment on them and covering them with gauze. 

Joey smiled. No, I didnt. Well, my name is Joey.  

Joey? Slate asked. I thought it was Jolene. 

Joey wrinkled her nose. Ugh, no, thats what my brother and Cole called me, but I go by Joey. 

Graham nodded. Well, then, Joey it is. Now, Joey, your clothes are soaked, so Slate here has a nightshirt for you. 

Joey looked down at her clothes; she could feel the dampness. The rainstorm earlier had thoroughly soaked her. She glanced over at Slate, seeing his shirt was wet, as well. Blushing, she pointed at him. Im so sorry I got you wet, too. Im just sorry. Tonight, was—well—a mistake. 

Slate barked a laugh. No apologies needed, little girl; a wet shirt isnt anything to cry over. Lets get you changed, then Ill make you a sandwich before we all head to bed, deal? 

Joey nodded, taking the shirt Slate offered and heading to the bathroom. She waited until she shut the door behind her and then she let the tears fall. She was exhausted, and she wanted to be anywhere but here. She tried to remember seeing Cole, but it was a blur of fear and just tiredness. Moving slowly, she removed her soaked jeans, tank top and sweater. Glancing in the mirror, she saw her normally pale body was ghostly white, her ribs were poking out more than normal, and her scars seemed to shout out to be noticed. Shaking her head, refusing to give in to any more tears, Joey pulled the flannel on. Keeping the sleeves long, she buttoned it all the way up. Taking one more moment to fix her hair and dry her eyes, she took a deep breath and went in search of food. 

Entering the kitchen, she saw Slate making a sandwich and Graham leaning his hip against the counter. Both seemed lost in conversation. Seeing her, Graham smiled, and Slate offered the plate. Joey sat, taking a bite of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Swallowing, she smiled at them and saidThank you, um, is he still here? 

Yes, he is, Cole answered as he walked into the room. And he would like an explanation. Last I heard, you were in Paris, never mind the fact that your ranch is a mile away. Oh, and you freaked like I was Jack the Ripper. 

Joey groaned. Im sorry, exhaustion must have got my directions messed up, and She stopped, seeing Coles raised eyebrow. 

Seriously, Jolene, lying seems like your best course of action right now? 

Joey frowned back at him. Its Joey now, and, no, its just late and… 


* * * 


Slate watched Joey; he saw her tense the moment Cole walked into the room. There was a story there. He started to say something when he saw Joey move, causing the shirt to ride up on her thighs, revealing an angry purple bruise on her thigh. 

Joey, can I talk to you privately, please? Slate asked, motioning to the living room. He watched Joey nod and saw Cole frown. Thank you, can you wait for me in the living room, just for a moment? 

Seeing her nod and leave, he waited until she was safely out of hearing distance. He started to speak but was quickly silenced by Cole. 

What the hell, Slate? Cole asked, slamming his hand on the counter Thats my best friends little sister! 

Slate felt himself getting angry, taking a step toward Cole. 

Whoa, guys. Graham put himself between the two of them. Look, its been a stressful night, lets just all breathe, please. 

Slate nodded, taking a deep breath before he spoke calmly and softly, Cole, I know that; I also know she isnt comfortable with you, for whatever reason, right now. However, she has a bruise on her upper thigh, an ugly one, I need to know shes okay but didnt want to embarrass her in front of anyone. 

Without waiting for an answer, Slate left, walking into the living room. He stood for a moment in the entryway watching Jolene, or Joey, as she seemed to want to be called. He knew her or, at least, he knew of her. Cole and Remy were constantly talking about Remys wild sister, the tomboy who had ridden a bull at age seven, snuck into the Bronco competition at fourteen, and snuck off to get that tattoo on her foot when she turned sixteen. All those tales resulted in her getting her bottom spanked by parents or, laterRemy, who became her guardian when she was eleven. Slate knew from them that she was a wild, yet happy girl until she was eighteen and then something changed and she took off, first, New York, then, it was L.A., last Remy knew, it was Paris. 

Clearing his throat so as not to startle her, he walked into the room, sitting opposite her on the couch. Hi, sweetie. 

He watched Joey blush. Hi, she replied quietly. 

Slate smiled as he reached for her hands and grasped them lightly. I dont want to embarrass you, but I saw a bruise on your thigh; it looked angry. I need to ask, are you okay? 

Joey felt the breath leave her body. Trying and failing not to cry, she swiped at her eyes angrilyIm fine; its nothing. 

Okay, well, I need to see it. Athe angry shake of her head, Slate held up his hand. Im not asking, Joey; its a nasty bruise. You are our responsibility, for the moment, and we need to ensure that you are okay. 

Joey took a breather. She kept thinking this night couldnt get worse, but it kept proving her wrong. Okay, but just you, please? 

Slate smiled; it was a little bit of trust, but he would take it. Lets see what you look like. If anything looks too bad, Ill need to tell Graham and Cole. 

Joey nodded. Sighing, she turned her back to him, careful to raise her shirt just enough for him to see that bruise. She heard his intake of breath and felt his hand carefully tracing the bruise. 

When he talked, she heard the concern in his voice, Want to tell me what happened? 

She shook her head; she didnt want to tell him. She moved to lower her shirt, but his hand stopped her. 

Why do I feel like there is more? he asked. Do you have any other bruises or marks on your body? 

Joey started to shake her head no when he continued. Please think for a moment, then answer honestly. Id rather not have you lie.  

Joey took a moment. She didnt want him seeing any more. If he did, he would tell Cole, and Cole would tell Remy, but she also hated lying, and it felt like her life was just one lie. Taking a chance and choosing to trust Slate, she whispered her answer, I have more. 

Slate looked at her, saw her back rigid and scared, and he took a breath. Grasping her gently by the waist, he turned her around so he could look her in the eye. Thank you, sweetie, for the truth. I know that wasnt easy. 

She nodded but kept her eyes down; Slate rubbed his eyes, knowing what he needed to do but hating it all the same. Alright, Joey, do you have a bra and panties on? 

He heard her sharp intake of breath, watched her eyes widen in fear. Shh, sweetie, youre okay, but I need to see what we are dealing with; so, do you? 

Joey blushed but nodded. 

Okay, then, it will be just like a bathing suit, Slate assured her as he sat across from her, giving her space and praying she wouldnt turn this into a battle. 

Joey decided it was better to get it over with, so she pulled the top off in one tug and started to turn around. 

Stop, Slate ordered. His voice, no longer joking, was hard, cold. 

Joey flinched. 

Slate cursed himself. Working to calm his anger, he spoke in a softer tone, Im sorry, sweetie, but I need you to stay like that for me, please. 

He let his eyes roam her bodyher shoulders were yellow, showing an old bruise almost vanishing, her back scarred, whip marks faded over and obviously not new. Walking around her body, he saw the front was almost worse than the back, with three large bruises covering her abdomen. Right under her bra was a deep cut, healing, but still red; lastly, her legs showed bruisesthese were new, a couple of days old, at most. He reached for her and, once again, trapped her on his lap. He covered her with a blanket before speaking to her. Joey, Im sorry, honey, but Cole and Graham need to see these. Ill keep you covered, and we will go quick, alright? 

Without waiting for her response, he called for Cole and Graham. 

Seeing Cole enter the room, he shook his head slowly at him, then spoke, Joey here has some bruises; none seem new or, at least, not from tonight. Shes agreed to let you see them quickly. There is a cut on her stomach that seems healed over, but I would like to be sure. 

Joey watched Cole, saw the way his shoulders tensed and she groaned. He would tell Remy; she was sure of it. Deciding to risk it anyway, she said, Cole, I swear Im fine; its nothing. 

Cole laughedit was short and deep, but his smile lingered a bit. He nodded at Graham, who came in with hot coffee for Joey. Jolene, he said, ignoring her favored nickname. You want to tell the crew here what happened the last time you thought it was a great idea to hide something from Remy or, at least, the last time that you got caught, I should say? 

Joey glared, remaining mute, choosing instead to sip her coffee, keeping the blanket wrapped around her. 

Cole laughed. I want to see these bruises, and I will, but Ill let you get some coffee in you first. And since you cant seem to remember, Ill tell the tale. 

Graham smiled. Oh, good; its story time. 

Slate rubbed Joeys back, feeling her relax as she glared at Cole. 

See, Jolene here was always a wildcat. Cole sat in his recliner, propping his feet on the coffee table. Anyway, so, Jolene was constantly in troubleseemed like her dad, then Remy, was always wearing her butt out. 

Hey! Joey interrupted. One, thats private, and, two, that isnt true. 

Sure, it isnt, Cole responded. So, at sixteen, she decides she wants a tattoo. Of course, Remy says no, so she asked me to take her and keep it a secret. Not only did I say no, what else did I do, Ms. Joey? 

Told Remy, Joey grumbled. 

Exactly, but Remy was in the middle of a huge cattle buyout, so he grounds her, thinking that will work, but of course, it doesnt. Cole smiled at the memory. You want to tell this part, or should I? 

Joey glared at him. Neither, its none of their goddamn business, and I dont feel like a trip down memory lane. 

Joey saw three men glaring back at her; it was Cole who spoke, though. You are injured and weak, so Ill let it slide, this once, but you know I dont like that language and you always know how Ill handle it.  

And fair warning, Graham and I wont tolerate it, either, and we handle it the same way, Slate added, patting her leg in warning. 

Now, if youll let me continue. Cole arched an eyebrow at her, daring her to challenge, a dare she wasnt quite ready to face, so she nodded. 

So, anyway, she sneaks off to some border town close to El Paso and gets that tattoo on her foot behind some taco truck. 

He was interrupted again; except, this time, it was by Grahams laughter. Im sorry, but a taco truck? 

Joey blushed. Well, the guy was just learning, so his day job was selling tacos, and he did tattoos on the side. Joey held up her foot, showing it to the room. I think he did a good job. 

Cole nodded. He did, but what else did you get? 

Joey groaned. Well, so, my brother realized I was missing, and both he and Cole tracked me to El Paso after a friend of mine blabbed, so Remy puts me in the truck and drives me home, lecturing the entire way. 

Cole chuckled and went on. Shes leaving out quite a few parts. Remy finds her, bends her over the tailgate of his truck, asks me for my belt, and 

You gave him your belt? Slate asked, interrupting. 

Cole shook his head. Nope, I could tell he was too pissed to deal out a whipping, so I convinced him a hand spanking would work, with the added embarrassment of the people around watching. However, when she got home, that was another story. 

Joey smiled, remembering how Cole had started to feel bad for her, after Remy had pulled over twice on the ride home, to spank her some more, and had let her ride resting on him, keeping her butt off the hard seats. He had convinced Remy that she didnt deserve a whipping after multiple spankings. 

Cole returned the smile and saidTwo days after that, she walks over to Remy, in front of his entire team of employees and said that it was worth it, that she had won. 

Slate howled in laughter, followed bGrahamcomment, Gutsy girl. 

Graham frowned. Yeah, guts. 

Joey giggled at the memory. Maybe more like stupidity. He proceeded to drag me to the barn, tore my riding pants off, and used a strap on me. Cole swears he kept the ranch hands from seeing, but everyone heard, for sure. 

Cole sighed. Alright, much as I love this trip down memory lane, we all need sleep, so how about Joey and I spend some time alone so that I can see her injuries? 

I need to see, as well. Graham cut in, seeing Joey shake her head, he smiled at her.  Im FBI, sweetie, something tells me you didnt get these bruises on your own, so I have to see, okay? 

Joey sighed, but knowing she couldnt put it off any longer, she nodded. Slate kissed her on the top of the head and left. Graham excused himself for a moment, leaving Joey facing the man she had run from twelve years ago. 

Cole watched her face; he took a moment and studied the woman he had loved since she was eighteen. He remembered her last day herehe knew the reason she fled, and it was the one and only secret he had kept from his best friend. She had left because of him. 


14 reviews for Saving Joey

  1. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Joey has known Cole forever. He is her brother’s best friend. She has also loved him forever, but he rejected her and that was years ago. Now she has come to hide and recover, thinking he was gone. Lots of, sometimes harsh, punishment going on here and from four different men. Good read. Hand, strap, figging, anal play, mouth soaping.

  2. Stats23

    I usually enjoy the first book of a new series as it tends to introduce a number of characters that will be further developed and expanded upon in upcoming stories. This book was no exception as it had its own main characters and story line, yet still teased us with interesting support characters who are sure to be given their own chance at being the main leads in future installments. This particular story is somewhat on the darker side featuring a young lady (Joey) on the run from what can, at best, be described as her sadistic former Dom. She runs back to the horse ranch that she was raised on but had left 12 years earlier. Why she left the ranch, and who she left, contribute to the romantic side of this book. Why she left her former Dom, and why he pursues her, is the background story that provides the basis for the action scenes. . The pace of the book is fast with a few twists and turns and some frantic action. The spankings were all very disciplinary in nature, often quite severe, and the sex is graphic. For my money this story is a 4 Star read, the potential for greater character development and romantic developments in future installments will have me back for more.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  3. Lalaland

    Following the death of her parents when she was about 11 Joey was brought up by her much older brother Remy. He was very strict but Joey was a wild child and constantly in trouble and across his knee receiving severe spankings. Remy%u2019s best friend Cole lived at the ranch next door and knew Joey all her life and she loved him from when she was very young. When Cole rejected her 12 years earlier she ran away but now she is back. She is on the run from an abusive Dom and has scars on her body which she will not explain. Cole is a Dom who has never been with the same submissive twice and now he has a chance to make things right with Joey but has too much water passed under the bridge and why is Joey so frightened and is she being completely honest about her situation. This is a new series about 4 Doms and poor Joey has to take her punishment from all of them. Harsh graphically described spankings, mouth washings and punishment sex, its all here, poor Joey. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  4. Tami

    Joey flees to the Triple K ranch to escape the Dom who has abused her. She thinks that Cole is not there, but is sadly mistaken, because it not just him but also Slate and Graham who are there. She and Cole do have a history and Joey is torn if she likes his presence or not because she realizes very fast that she is still in love with him. As Joey is in bad physical shape it does not take long until the three make her talk what has happened to her. They realize that they all are in danger.

    Cole, Slate, Graham and Remy are strong and capable men. I liked these characters and enjoyed the interaction with each other. Unfortunately, I was not very impressed with Joey, because she made some stupid decisions, and I do have a hard time believing that someone who just ended an abusive relationship does not have any trouble submitting to another man. However, the book was written well and flowed nicely. I look forward to the next book of this series. 3.5 stars from me.

  5. Penny Gwen

    Remy’s little sister, Joey, runs away from an abusive situation. She decides to hide out at a family friend’s ranch because he is out of town. However, she soon realizes that not only is Cade home, but he has Graham and Slate living on the property too. All three men are Doms that instantly realize Joey needs protection from her ex-boyfriend. When John comes after Joey for stealing from him, the guys all band together to keep her safe.

  6. Redrabbitt

    What an amazing start to a new series and I am already excited for the next book. The story will start with present day and then take the reader back to twelve years prior that will lead up to what is happening now with Jolene better known as Joey. Fair warning, this story does depict some violence by an unscrupulous Dom, and also harsh punishments by four other Doms that care about Joey. This is a BDSM story with explicit sex and power exchange, mouth soaping, corner time, humiliation, and various forms of spankings.

    Jolene Lee Taylor prefers to go by Joey, and she is a hellion, a wildcat, and very impetuous. After the death of her parents, she will be under the guardianship of her older brother, Remy, who is ten years her senior. He isn%u2019t afraid to hold her accountable and correct her with mouth soaping and spankings.

    Cole Kaden is Remy%u2019s best friend and has The Triple K ranch. He has a reputation for being a Dom but never being serious with a single woman. When Joey was eighteen, Remy must go out of town but ask Cole to keep an eye on her, and he will catch her on a horse she was told to stay off. When he punishes her, she begs for sex, which comes with some surprises. It is when he tells her he doesn%u2019t do relationships; it is more than she can handle. The next day, Joey will leave Texas and go to New York.

    The plot will pick up with Joey coming back to Texas in the middle of the night and planning to hide out at Cole%u2019s ranch, but things don%u2019t always turn out the way she hopes. Not only will she be surprised, but so will Cole, Slate, and Graham. Seeing the physical condition Joey is in, with bruises will set off alarms with these Doms. While Joey tells them bits and pieces, she keeps some critical information hidden that was important to share, especially knowing Graham is FBI. The cruel Dom in New York she is escaping from will be after her.

    In some ways, Joey is stronger for what all she has endured under the hands and control of John Waring, and in other ways, she feels like a failure for taking a stand and allowing other things to take place. She worries that when Remy, Cole, Slate, and Graham learn the truth about everything they will be disgusted with her and blame her. She can%u2019t allow anyone else to be hurt because of her actions, and that includes Remy.

    The story will take on life and death danger, but these four dominant men are determined to keep Joey safe and refuse to let evil win. But when it is all said and done, there will be a time of reckoning, and it won%u2019t be easy, for Joey, or for the four men in her life.

  7. JigsawGirl

    Saving Joey was a bit of a romantic suspense with Dd and BDSM all mixed in together. I have to say that Joey was tough. She was definitely a survivor. Just having to deal with Cole, Remy, Slate, and Graham together would make the average woman run and hide. Not to mention what she ran away from.

    The last 1/4th of the book moved pretty quickly. Joey’s situation was wrapped up and they moved on to the next phase. I had an issue with everyone, including her brother, getting to punish her after she and Cole got together, but it is what it is. I wish the author had chosen to write an epilogue. You still get your HEA.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy.

  8. Jessica N

    Saving Joey is the first book in the Texas Lost Series. Joey is running away from an abusive relationship and situation and trying to hide out in her home town until she can figure out what to do. Unexpectedly, she runs into her past, Cole, as well as her brother and two other men who all give her the support, love, and guidance she needs. But as her ex gets closer to finding her, will Joey trust in Cole and the other men and tell the full truth about what happened or will her fear get in the way?

    This book was full of emotional turmoil, suspense, love, and some firm guidance! Joey%u2019s character, I both loved but hated some of her decisions. So much has happened to her during the past twelve years and it all really pulled at my heart strings. It had to be hard to learn to trust others, especially ones you had a past with that didn%u2019t end happily. Cole was both firm, but loving, and I liked that he quickly realized he wanted Joey in his life and in his heart. I look forward to reading the rest of the series and I%u2019m hoping the rest of these dominant men will find their happily ever after, too!

  9. madpuss

    This was a well written easy to read story. There was plenty going on and after everything Joey had been through she needed the safety and security Cole and his two friends could offer her. Their protectiveness of her and concern was sweet. My only problem is that Joey’s experience with Mark was so bad I’m not convinced she could tolerate the amount of punishment these 3 men give her and start a BDSM relationship with Cole when her first and only experience with Mark had been so disasterous and she was still trying to escape him. She seems to be putting it behind her way too quickly and easily. It didn’t sit right with me.

  10. Margaret Corcoran

    I enjoyed this story. It’s different! There are plenty of different elements to hold the reader’s interest. The characters are well done. Joey needs saving even if she doesn’t want it. And Cole needs Joey. The other men need their own stories! Hint! I received an ARC copy of this book and I highly recommend it. It’s a great read with spankings and hot spicy sex. Brilliant story.

  11. Hope W

    Saving Joey was a fast moving story that kept my attention. I found the storyline a little unbelievable as she went from an abusive partner to a domestic discipline relationship so quickly. However, I still liked the story and was glad that the story addressed the difference between abuse and domestic discipline. The plot had some twists and turns that had me guessing what would happen. Although Joey was abused she is still a strong, determined, and feisty woman. All the alpha male characters are likable and protective of Joey, but are also quite strict. There is action, crime, friendships between characters, chemistry, passion, and graphic sex scenes between Joey and Cole, plenty of spankings, and much more to enjoy. While I have never read anything from this author, I look forward to reading more of her work and continuing to read this series. I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  12. susan landowski

    I enjoyed this plot line and story as dealt with highly emotional topic of abuse and overcoming it thru a strong new relationships with varying dynamics. This has many characters that are developing and different kinds of relationships from new friends that act as Daddy’s to the sexual BDSM relationship with her long time crush. Also contains some suspense. This is a fast paced story. This book is not for the faint of heart as highly explicit. Contains everything from spanking, anal play, age play and harsh discipline.

  13. Ajjmb

    I really enjoyed Saving Joey. Here is a scared woman, beaten down and running for her life. She returns home hoping for a safe place to stay. She found more men willing to keep her safe than she bargained for and she found the man she has been avoiding for twelve years but loves deeply. I liked the plot line and the characters and I was glad to see her ex got what he deserved because he is a real piece of trash. I did like that so many men, her brother, Graham, Slate, and Cole all loved her. I could see her healing with all the people that care about her. All in all, it was a pretty good story and I enjoyed the storyline. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

  14. Good bedtime reading

    Joey wants to start anew, away from the clutches of her ex, the Dom who’s blackmailing her. Heading for Texas she finds a haven with Cole Kaden at his ranch along with his two friends Graham and Slate. Together, they provide Joey with the family she desperately needs and the loving protection from her ex, even if that protection includes a few spankings.

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