Madison, Dimitri, and Xavier invite you to set sail with them on the newest BDSM ship, the Sapphire. Madison has a chance to be with the two men who complete her. But will they feel the same way after she tells them about her past?

Dimitri and Xavier love the woman Madison has become, but they crave the submissive she can be. Determined to help free her from her past they draw up a contract. A contract that forces Madison to tell all.

Madison finally has the chance to be free of the memories that have continued to haunt her. But can she truly trust these two men to accept her and all her faults? Can she be the submissive they need?

DISCLAIMER: This book includes the spanking of adult women, and elements of BDSM including ménage and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sample Chapter

Madison stood holding the maid of honor dress she had agreed to wear for Sadie and Cameron’s wedding. She couldn’t believe how fast the time had passed. It seemed like yesterday they announced their engagement.

Isabella came into the dressing room carrying a similar looking dress, as they were both Sadie’s maids of honor. However, Sadie didn’t want them in the same dress, so they were here, trying to decide.

“I kind of like the one you’re holding,” Isabella said.

“Here you try it on.” Madison handed her the dress. “Can you believe the wedding is a month away?” she shouted when Isabella closed the dressing room door.

“I know. They say time goes faster as you get older.” Isabella came out with the dress on, laughing.

“Wow, that really looks good on you, it’s a good color too.” Madison turned her towards the mirror.

“It does look nice, if I do say so.” Isabella turned to the left, the right, then all the way around, to see the back. “They’ll have to hem it a little, but if you don’t mind I’d like this one?”

Madison looked over her shoulder in the mirror. “I think you should wear it; it really does look better on you.” The gown was a satin sapphire blue, thick sash halter dress, leaving her shoulders exposed. It was gathered in the waist to one side, held by a silver clasp designed like angel wings. The bottom flowed to the floor with a small train in the back.

The dress hugged her curves in all the right places. “Sadie said to just buy what we liked, and Matthew from costume design will do the alterations we need. Cameron set up an account for us for anything we need.”

“Shoes included?” Isabella asked with glee in her eyes.

“Yes, even shoes!” Madison confirmed.

“Do you think Cameron’s brother will be at the wedding?” Isabella shouted from the dressing room.

Madison hoped he wouldn’t, but wasn’t too confident he wasn’t coming. “I don’t know. Sadie hasn’t said whether or not he sent back the response card they sent with his invitation.” Every day Madison prayed he wouldn’t be there.

She and Dimitri had been together since the launch of the Onyx, but with the launch of the Sapphire a month away, she hadn’t seen much of him and when she did, he just dragged himself into bed.

She was starting to think he was losing interest with her, they hardly played anymore, and when he wasn’t working, he was catching up with his friends. She had been feeling very neglected lately, and with her past relationship with Xavier hanging in the balance, it was better if she didn’t see him.

Isabella came out of the dressing room again, “Hey where’d you go, I was asking you if Dimitri has hinted about a collaring ceremony for you and him on the ship?”

Madison stared blankly at her. “Hey, what’s the matter?” Isabella went to her, holding both her hands.

“I don’t know, it’s just that he’s been so distant lately. I think instead of a collaring ceremony, he’s going to end our contract.” A single tear slid down her cheek.

Isabella wiped it away. “Madison, he’s just really busy. Caleb comes home and does the same thing I’m sure.”

“Okay, does Caleb fall asleep when you’re talking to him in bed?”

“Well, we don’t talk much in bed, but when we have, no, he’s stayed awake.” Isabella hesitated. “But I’m sure all that will change after the launch.”

“You know if it wasn’t for the wedding being planned for the ship, I would not go.” Madison sounded so sad.

“You have to go. You can’t let his work get in the way. You’ll have his total attention when we’re underway.”

“Well, of course I’m going, I wouldn’t miss Sadie’s wedding. I just think I might book my own cabin with Melanie. Nothing like being prepared. Besides it’s either do that or bunk with you, and I don’t think Caleb would be on board with that.”

“I think you’re seeing something that’s not there, but you do what you have to.”

They left the store, bags full to the brim with what they would need for the wedding. Madison dropped Isabella at her apartment then headed home feeling a little better after talking to her.

When she got there, she carried her bags in and threw them on the couch. She called for Dimitri, but got no answer. She headed to the answering machine and pressed play.

The first message was from the dress shop, reminding her that they could do the alterations on the dress. Delete. The next message was from her sister telling her that her father was in town. “Big deal,” Madison muttered under her breath. Delete.

The last message had her holding her breath, it was from Xavier. “You refused to talk to me on the ship, and now you’ve blocked my number from your cell phone. We need to talk eventually. I’ve missed you Amber, please call me.”

She stood and stared blankly at the answering machine. Then she thought, “What if Dimitri heard this message, and left?” She headed to the bedroom to look for his stuff. Thankfully it was all still there. She raced back into the other room to erase the message.

Madison was in the process of pushing delete when Dimitri walked in the apartment. “Who called?” he questioned as she pressed the delete button.

“Just some newspaper looking for an interview.”

“Why did you delete it, we can use all the publicity we can get, and if it’s free, that’s the best kind.” He smiled, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh, sorry. I thought Melanie had set up all your interviews for the launch.”

“She did, but the more the merrier.” He put his stuff down on the couch and headed back towards her, scooping her up in his arms. “We are just about a month away from the launch. I don’t remember being this nervous with the last one.”

“Maybe because last time, Cameron took some of the edge off by helping. Remember, he did all the ground work so he wouldn’t run into Sadie.”

“Oh, yeah that’s right. I did forget that. He has helped, but not as much as the last time. He’s too preoccupied with his bride-to-be.”

“Can you blame him? It’s exciting getting married, so I’m told.”

“Well, they can keep it, I’m just fine being a Master to my sub. Don’t you agree?” Dimitri questioned, placing her on the ground.

“I guess so.” Madison’s response was close to a whisper.

“No rings and collars for us, we know who we are, Right?”

With every question Dimitri asked, Madison retreated a little more within herself. “Yes, you are correct, Master.” She reached for her bag and keys.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to meet Isabella to go over wedding stuff. I’ll be home late so don’t wait up. I’m sure you’re tired.” She stood were she was as he bent to kiss her goodbye.

“Say hello for me.” Then turning on his heel, he waved over his shoulder as he walked down the hall to the bedroom.


Madison sat in her car, her phone in her hand looking at the Sapphire. It really was a beautiful ship, similar to the Onyx, but the colors were all in blues and grays.

She looked at her phone in her hand. If she didn’t call him, he could call the apartment and leave another message, and she couldn’t have that. She dialed Xavier’s number.

“Hello, beautiful. I knew I’d be hearing from you. Still haven’t said anything to Dimitri about me have you?”

“No, and I plan on keeping it that way. You have to stop this, there is nothing between us, and there never will be.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Amber. I would have never let you go if I had known what was happening. Where are you? I will meet you.”

Madison knew he wasn’t going to go away until he saw that she had moved on, and she was with Dimitri. “Fine, I’m at the docks by the Sapphire, and Xavier, it’s Madison now.”

“I’ll be there in ten minutes, don’t go anywhere.” Then the phone went dead.

Madison looked around the area. Usually it was busy with activity, but it was a Sunday and everyone but security had the day off. That reminded her. “Stay away from the cameras.”

Xavier pulled up next to Madison’s car, and joined her in it. “You look the same, yet different. I mean, your hair is longer, and a different color, but there’s a maturity in your face that wasn’t there when we were together. It suits you.”

“Xavier, we can’t do this. We weren’t right then, and I can’t imagine us being good now. Why can’t you just let me go?” As much as the words were coming out of her mouth, he knew there was no conviction behind them.

“Because deep down you know I’m right. We had a few bumps in our relationship, but nothing we couldn’t have worked through. You just disappeared.” There was a pleading look in his clear blue eyes.

Madison started to panic; she didn’t know how to answer him. There were things in her past no one knew about and Madison wanted to keep it that way. Hearing the plea in his request pulled at her heart, though. The timbre of his voice vibrated through her, making her wet. She needed to concentrate or she’d be in deep shit. She couldn’t hurt Dimitri.

She shook those thoughts off. “Things have been hectic with the launch of the new ship, then the planning for the wedding. No one has had time for anything,” she lied with a straight face.

“There is always time for the person you love,” Xavier said as he brushed some hair from her face, cradling her cheek in his palm.

She leaned into the warmth of his hand, remembering a time when she craved his touch all over her body.

“You still remember my touch; I can feel it.” He captured her lips. Coaxing them open, he deepened the kiss.

She responded just like he knew she would. She was everything he had hoped to find in his perfect mate, but she had disappeared from his life in the blink of an eye, and he planned on getting her back. No matter what it took.


Dimitri had waited for Madison to leave the garage before he climbed into his black Mercedes SLK550. Then he followed her to the dock.

He watched as an Audi R8 Spyder pulled up. He saw Xavier Legend get out, then climb into the passenger seat of Madison’s car. His anger grew with every lie he caught her in. He had heard Xavier’s message but had left it to see what Madison or Amber would do with it. Amber, that was the name Ryan had called her.

From where he sat he couldn’t see what was happening in her car, her tinted windows didn’t help either. He sat there for almost thirty minutes before the passenger door opened and Xavier got out.

Dimitri liked Xavier, Cameron had introduced them on the launch of the Onyx and he had ended up going to lunch with them. The conversation had covered a wide range of topics, and then it hit on the upcoming launch, and with that the wedding.

“Dimitri is going to be my best man, but Sadie has asked both Madison and Isabella to be her maid of honors, so I guess I need two best men, you up for the job?”

“To walk down the aisle with Madison. Hell yeah!” The words were out of Xavier’s mouth before he could stop them. “Sorry, dude, but she’s hot,” he said quickly to cover his admission.

“I get it. Don’t think I don’t know what I have!” Dimitri countered. He looked at Xavier as if seeing him for the first time. He had a military cut hairstyle, a chiseled jaw, with thick brown eyebrows that covered crystal blue eyes. His olive skin gave him a Mediterranean look.

His shoulders were wide, his arms bulged with muscles, and around both biceps he had tattoos wrapping around them. He imagined he had a six-pack under his shirt. His gaze had traveled further catching a look at the bulge in his pants, and as he raised his eyes he caught Xavier looking at him as well.

Dimitri had never been attracted to men before, but there was something about Cameron’s brother that affected him. Dimitri hid his growing erection not knowing how to deal with the feelings he was having. He had had a similar feeling when they had met on the cruise. He had excused himself from lunch and had not seen Xavier since.

Now, he watched him adjust the bulge in his pants before closing the door and getting back into his own car. He wasn’t sure if he was mad at Madison for meeting Xavier behind his back, or for Xavier having the same effect on him?

Dimitri knew there was something missing from his relationship with Madison. Things had changed after Xavier came into their life, but now sitting in the car, an idea was forming. He figured it could be a win for everyone. He just wasn’t sure if he could really follow through on it. Sharing Madison would take a lot of getting used to, but if that’s what it took to keep her, he would.

Dimitri watched until both cars had left before he started his car, and headed towards Cameron’s penthouse. He knew if anyone could convince him this was right, it would be Cameron.


Chapter Two


Madison stood holding a bouquet of white roses and blue irises. The flowers matched the sapphire color of the strapless gown she wore. Her long brunette hair was piled high on her head. Her red highlights noticeable in her curls. Her smoky blue make-up accented her green eyes. Being tall to begin with, she chose a smaller heel for her dyed blue shoes. A string of pearls adorned her neck and a matching set of earrings completed her appearance.

She stood waiting for Isabella to turn and look at her, the signal that it was time to begin walking down the aisle into the Sapphire’s dining room, the newest ship added to the Midnight Oasis Cruise Line. Marco and his crew had transformed it into a beautiful chapel for Sadie and Cameron.

The early morning wedding had been planned right down to the minute. The tables had all been removed. The chairs lined the center aisle ending at the lattice archway filled with blue and white flowers. The minister stood in the center waiting for the attendants to be in position before the bride made her way to it on the arm of her dad.

Madison smiled, looking towards the bride’s side of the room. Sadie’s parents, although open minded people, didn’t know anything about the BDSM lifestyle, and she sure as hell didn’t want them finding out about it at her wedding. That’s why the Dungeon Arena which held all the equipment used during scenes was turned into a beautiful buffet area for the brunch that would follow the wedding.

After Sadie’s family and relatives left the ship, the crew would have all of the equipment back in place before the passengers began arriving for the evening departure. The early hour of the wedding was planned to allow the crew to attend.

When Madison turned to the groom’s side, she saw quite a few familiar faces. Many that had sailed on the Onyx. The Onyx’s captain being one of them.

Gabriel the entertainment producer and his partner Logan were there. As well as Greyson, who was now part of security team on the Sapphire and a beautifully glowing Payton. Nicholas had that proud father look on his face as he smiled at her from his spot with the groomsmen. The captain of the Sapphire, Captain Russell, and a few of his crew members filled the back row.

Madison’s eyes locked with Maximillian Greco. “Max” to his friends, he was seated with Raynor and Mason. Madison had hired Max to help her get the money her grandmother had left in trust for her.

While Madison had told Sadie and Isabella the version she always told people as to what happened with her mom, brother, and sister, she had told Maximillian the true story. But now was not the time to be thinking of the past. She needed to focus on the here and now.

In the front sat Cameron’s grandmother Constance. Next to her was Harley, next to him sat Emmett Legend, Xavier’s father. What a small world Constance lived in. Her life had gone full circle. Emmett had been her first real love, and a part of her secretive past. Who would have ever guessed that Xavier and Cameron were half-brothers? Only a few of those close to Sadie and Cameron knew of that secret.

Madison put a smile on her face and began her slow procession down the center aisle towards the altar. Stopping next to Isabella, she turned to see Sadie move into position. She looked stunning in her Allure bridal gown. The tight strapless champagne bodice was inlaid with sparkling diamonds, which led down to the textured ruffle ball gown. Her hair was wrapped with a diamond tiara and her veil fell to her waist with diamonds interwoven into the design. Around her neck she wore the angel wing collar Cameron had placed on her neck, at the ceremony that really mattered to them. The day he had become her Master, and hers alone.


Madison remembered the first time she had ever dreamed of her own wedding. She had been thirteen and her name had been Amber. One of the members of her church had gotten married right after service one Sunday. The congregation had been invited to stay.

Amber had looked across the aisle right into the eyes of Brian Boxwood. He was older than her by four years, closer to her brother’s age, and every girl in school was in love with him. He was that all-American boy, went to church on Sunday, played baseball and was the quarterback on the school football team.

Amber had developed early for her age, and suddenly all the boys were interested in her, and all the girls hated her. Brian had been one of them. Amber had really thought that he had liked her. As she sat and listened to the bride and groom profess their love for each other, she pictured her and Brian standing there. For two years Amber, ducked and dodged every roaming and groping hand, till Brian finally asked her to the Banquet Dance at school.

Her brother and father had been opposed to it, but her mother pointed out that she was growing up and it would be a good experience for her. After all, Brian had been from a very prominent family, and anything her mother could do to rub elbows with the wealthy families in the area she was all for it. Her sister just thought it was so romantic that the hottest boy in school was going out with her sister. All her friends had been so jealous of her.

Brian had picked her up in his Mustang convertible. She had worn a simple pink spaghetti strap sun dress. Brian had bought her a wristlet made of red roses and baby’s breath. He had held the door for her to get in, and Amber thought the night was starting out how she had always dreamed it would.

She had been so nervous, but Brian had reached over and placed his hand on her knee and told her to just relax and enjoy herself for the night. On the drive she remembered that they had talked about different kids from school, where they had wanted to go to college, and by the time they reached the dance, Amber had felt relieved that they could talk so easily.

They had found a table and, little by little, it filled up with other teammates and their dates. Most of the guys had treated her like she was one of them. The girls however were harder. Amber tried to get into one of their conversations about different music, but when she interjected her opinion, they just looked at her, then continued on like she hadn’t even spoken. She stopped trying after that.

Brian had brought her some punch, and then asked her to dance. They had danced to three straight up-beat songs, so when she got back to the table she had downed her punch. She’d taken some time to go to the ladies’ room. When she got back, the music had slowed down, and all the couples from the table were on the floor.

Brian extended his hand and she went willingly. All of her fantasies were happening. He held his arms open and she walked in reaching for his left hand, while placing her other hand tentatively on his shoulder. He rolled her wrist holding it to his chest, pulling her up against his body as his hand rested on the small of her back.

He gazed down into her adoring eyes. She thought for sure he was going to kiss her. His head began to descend towards her lips. But at the last second turned and brushed his lips over her ear. “Have I told you, you look beautiful tonight?”

He leaned back to look at her; the blush she felt in her face followed his eyes down her body. “You look beautiful too.” Amber heard the words coming out of her mouth as her brain was screaming at her. He looks beautiful too. You should have said handsome, you’re such an idiot. That’s the best answer you can come up with? If you act like a kid, he’s going to dump you.

“I meant handsome, you look very handsome tonight,” Amber quickly corrected herself.

He smiled down at her, moving his hand up her back rubbing his fingers against the wide strap of her bra. “I have something special planned for later, I think you’ll really like it.”

“Are you going to give me any clues?” She leaned forward so she wouldn’t have to shout, pushing her breasts against his chest.

She caught his intake of breath before he responded, “And ruin the surprise? No way. You’ll just have to wait.”

The next song was also a slow beat. Brain took both of Amber’s hands and wrapped them around his neck. “Keep your hands wrapped around my neck and don’t let go.” It was the first command Amber had ever received and she answered with her full attention.

With her arms pulled up, it gave Brian free rein over her body. He gazed into her eyes as his thumbs brushed against the outside of her breast. Sliding them up and down, creating a yearning deep in Amber’s stomach. He leaned back just enough for his thumbs to brush against her pebbled nipples. Never in her life had she ever felt the sensations her body was feeling. So far, this surpassed any fantasy she had ever had of him. She couldn’t have ever imagined that he cared about her this much.

He was gyrating his hips into hers, to the slow rhythmic sound coming from the D.J.’s speakers. He moved both hands down, cupping each cheek of her ass in his hands, He squeezed, then pinched, slapped, and rubbed, soothing the sting she had felt. She wasn’t sure what had just happened. At first it had hurt but then, as he rubbed the pain, it turned into a totally different feeling, one that made her panties wet.

She started to pull away, but he leaned into her ear. “Don’t be nervous, Amber, I’ll take care of you.” He had kissed her down her exposed neck to the crook of her shoulder, smelling her perfume. “You smell so good it’s driving me crazy.”

He had sounded so sincere. Amber closed her eyes and leaned her head back, giving him more access. He moved in and began kissing along her jaw down her neck towards the top of her dress. She whipped her head up, losing her balance. If Brian had not been holding her, she would have fallen.

“Are you okay?” he asked, concern showing on his face.

“I’m a little dizzy; I think I need some air.” She started walking towards the table to get her sweater. She’d bounced off of three people by the time she made it to the table. Brian followed behind her. He helped her put her sweater on, as she quickly drank another cup of punch.

They walked out a set of French doors that led to a garden area lit by soft pathway lighting. They walked deeper into the garden area. Brian’s arm wrapped around her from behind. Pulling her close to his side, his hand drifted up towards her breast. They followed a path to the center of the garden area. The fountain was surrounded with benches. The water changing colors to the music tempo. The fragrant flowers and bushes finished off the romantic area.

Brian and Amber sat on one of the benches, “Are you feeling better?”

“Yes, the air seems to be helping.” Amber smiled at him.

“You know, Amber, there were a lot of girls who wanted me to ask them to this dance, but I chose you over all of them. Do you know why?” Brain asked her, rubbing his fingers along her cheek, looking into her dazed eyes.

“No, I was really surprised you asked me. We’ve hardly said two words to each other.”

“So, tell me why did you say yes?”

Amber smiled at him. “Are you fishing for compliments?”

“Maybe; why did you say yes?”

“It made me feel special. I knew all those girls would hate me, but they all hate me anyway.” Amber looked down at her hands in her lap. “I also thought it was because you might like me.”

“I do like you, but I knew you would appreciate it more than the other girls.” Brian had started kissing her on her neck.

Amber had never been kissed before, and the butterflies that were going off in her stomach made it easy for her to tilt her head allowing him better access.

“Do you like how that feels?” he asked as he moved further around her neck.

All Amber could do was groan, as he made his way to her mouth. He moved his lips across hers in a gentle nip. His tongue teased the seam of her lips. Amber opened her mouth allowing his tongue entrance. His arm wrapped around the back of her neck, locking her in place. His other hand began roaming over her hip, giving it a gentle squeeze, continuing its route across her stomach, and ended on her breast. Rubbing against her erect nipple. “Your body tells me you like what I’m doing, does your head say the same thing?”

Amber tried to answer him but when she spoke she wasn’t making any sense. She moved her arm up to stop him from touching her, but her body would not follow her brain’s direction.

Her arm finally moved to her head as she tried to press her finger to her temple. “My head feels strange. I think I’d like to go home. Would you please take me?” She had pulled back from Brian’s kiss.

“In a little while your head will be feeling just fine, just relax back and enjoy the ride,” Brian said as he kissed his way down towards her chest.

“What are you doing? You need to stop!” Amber started to panic, her body was now not moving.

“Relax.” Brian moved to look in her eyes that were starting to tear up. “It will be okay.” He began to move his hands up her thighs. “All the other girls were more willing than you. Why are you fighting it? You know you want me to be your first. All the girls want me.”

“No, you need to stop. Now!” His hands had reached the top of her thighs and were prying her legs open.

“I believe she told you to stop. I suggest you do that and I mean, ‘Right’ now.” Amber heard a voice but she couldn’t see anyone.

Brian paused his hands where they were. “I don’t know who you are but this is none of your business. Just keep walking.”

One minute Brian was in front of Amber, the next he was lying on the ground getting the shit kicked out of him. “I’m making it my business, you piece of shit. That’s my sister and if you ever come near her again, I’ll kill you.” With that Matthew knocked Brian out. He stood up breathing heavy. “Are you okay, Amber?”

The tears streamed down her face. “I can’t move. I can’t believe, he was going to rape me, Matthew.” She sobbed into his shirt. “I thought he was so nice.”

Matthew gathered her in his arms. “I got you, I won’t let anything happen to you. Come on, I’m going to get you out of here.” He scooped her up in his arms. “I’m going to take you to the hospital. Who knows what he gave you or what could have happened to you?”

“No. You can’t. Then Mom will find out, and we’ll both be in trouble. Besides the feeling is starting to come back into my arms and legs.”

“Amber, you can’t always do what Mom wants you to do. She’s only out for herself, haven’t you realized that yet? It’s like she had us kids just to use us as her pawns on her chessboard of fun.”

Their parents had been together for over twenty years. When they had married, they had bought a rundown car dealership in town, turning it into a million-dollar business. There were no other dealerships within a seventy-five-mile radius, so they were the ones everyone went to. They also began buying up the property in the area, opening a real estate office as well.

“Come on I’ll take you home, but if you start to lose feeling again. I’m taking you to the hospital. Screw what Mom will say.”

“Thank you, Matthew, I love that you’re my big brother.” Amber tucked her head under his chin as he walked them back to his car.

That was the last time Amber ever dreamt of getting married.

Madison’s focus came back to the present, looking over towards the two men she knew she loved. Did they even know how much? Madison looked at the couple standing next to her thinking, I’ll never be the one standing there as a bride. Who could ever love me that way, after all I’ve been through?

Madison was drawn back from her thoughts. She plastered a smile on her face, as she heard the minister pronounce them, “Husband and Wife, you may kiss your bride.”

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