Ronin’s Heartsong

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What happens when a feisty cowgirl is propositioned?by an Olympic gold medalist? 

At the end of a long day of competition, Devon Cooper runs into the hunky Olympic gold medalist, Ronin Gutherie.?After a major win on the Olympic qualifying circuit, Ronin propositions her and realizes he wants far more than just a tumble in the sheets.
When the next major Olympic trial is in Ronin’s homeland of New Zealand, he apologizes for his behavior and sets out to convince Devon that she belongs with him, even if it means introducing her to the idea of a dominant male who believes in a little corporal discipline. 

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of power exchange. 

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Sample Chapter

The cacophony was giving her a headache. Normally, Devon would have quietly exited the party and headed home by now. The completion and naming of the champions of the latest Fédération Equestre Internationale, or FEI, event and the announcement of the short-list for the US Olympic equestrian team had been cause for celebration. Many of the participants had been partying since the afternoon and as the evening dragged on were becoming rowdier as their consumption of alcohol increased. Devon had only just arrived and only because it was expected of her. She’d made sure her appaloosa gelding, Dreamer, was bedded down for the night and ready for their long flight tomorrow to Auckland, New Zealand. 

Devon and Dreamer weren’t part of the team per se but were part of the group that would be representing the United States at the upcoming Summer Games in the demonstration sport of reining. Reining had often been called western dressage. The horse and rider executed a series of specific maneuvers that included large and small circles, flying lead changes360-degree spins and sliding stops. She was thrilled to have been asked, but she wondered if inclusion in the Olympics would ever occur. There was resistance within the equine community, especially from the dressage riders. Reining had been a demonstration sport for more than twenty years 

The Aussie and Kiwi teams had been the big winners in the eventing division, dressage had gone to the Swiss and the Americans had managed to edge out the Canadians in stadium jumping. There were plenty of groupies of both sexes trying to make a connection with the winners and others who were more than happy to commiserate with those who had not done as well 

She watched as Ronin Gutherie, a member of the Kiwi eventing team and the overall winner for this event laughed, drank and fondled more than his share of female derrieres as he danced and drank the night away. Gutherie was interesting. He had the rugged good looks to be a male model, but was considered to be one of the best riders on the circuit. He was built more like a rugby player than a rider. He had a massive upper body that narrowed to a smaller waist and pelvisHis skin-tight breeches revealed well-muscled legs and often gave evidence to the rumor that he was more than well endowed. The latter rarely went un-noticed by the female members and fans of the sport. He had a few endorsement deals that always showed him shirtless or at least unbuttoned to show his amazing core muscles. He had dark, laughing eyes, close-cropped dark hair and a deep, heavily accented voice.  

“Devon Cooper! Come join us,” he called to her. 

She was surprised he knew her name. “Thanks, but I was just leaving.” 

He extricated himself from the throng of women vying for his attention. “But you only just arrived. You have to stay. Do you dance?” 

She laughed. “Like a giraffe on roller skates.” 

“No way. I’ve seen you ride. Any woman with flexible hips, a great ass, and legs like yours has to be able to dance.” 

He was charming and had an earthy sex appeal that normally she’d have found tempting. But tonight, he was just this side of drunk and way too full of himself and his most recent accomplishments. 

“No, really. I’m sure one of these ladies will be more than happy to accommodate you. Won’t you, ladies?” she called to the gaggle of girls he’d left behind. 

“But I want to dance with you,” he said stepping between her and the exit. 

“And people in hell want ice water, but that don’t mean they get it,” she said with a little more bite than she’d intended. 

She heard familiar laughter behind her. “Careful, Ronin. Devon can be a nasty piece of baggage when she’s in the wrong mood, can’t you, Dev?”  

Now the headache was in full force. Two years ago, Devon had made the mistake of getting involved with Jake Campbell, one of the coaches of the US team. It had been all passion and fireworks until she walked in on him plowing a groupie he had bent over a hay bale. The resulting split had not been pretty. 

“Fuck off, Jake.” 

“I’d like to Dev, but you haven’t opened your legs for me, or for anyone else I suspect, in a while.” 

“That’s enough, mate,” Ronin said angrily pushing his way between Devon and Jake. 

“Thanks, Ronin, but I can handle Jake a lot better than he can handle his liquor.” 

Before it could get really ugly, the head coach of the team stepped in and got Jake out of harm’s way. 

“Are you sure you’re all right?” asked Gutherie. 

“I’m fine. Thanks,” she said, turning to leave. 

“No, you have to stay. You can’t leave me alone with these girls. My virtue could be compromised.” 

She giggled and put her hand on his chest. Is there any left to be compromised? Besides, I’m quite certain you’ll survive.” 

The aforementioned girls joined Gutherie and tried to pull him back to the dance floor. He extricated himself from them and approached her once again. “Come on, Devon. Just one dance? How hard could it be? I lead, you follow and it all works out.” 

“Usually for the one leading. No so much for the one who has to do all the following. Thanks, but as I said, I’m on my way out.” 

“But you have to come dance with me. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on your ass all day.” His eyes swept her up and down. 

“Well then it won’t kill you to wait a little longer.” 

Gutherie laughed. He liked her. Her long blonde hair and patrician features belied a wicked sense of humor and a caustic wit. She had a great body. Taller than most of the women who competed at an international level. She also had a more than ample bosom and legs that seemed to go on forever. He’d like to know how those breasts looked free of any encumbrance and what her legs would feel like wrapped around him. If he was being honest, he also wanted to hear what she sounded like in the midst of passion. She had a lilting drawl that spoke of her home in Texas, somewhere on the gulf coast if he remembered correctly. And she could ride. Good lord, could she ride. 

He took hold of her arm and drew her forward. “Come on, babe. I’m a visitor in your beautiful country. Don’t you want to show me all the sights?” he said. His eyes swept over her, leaving no doubt as to what sights he wanted to see. 

“Again, no.” 

He stepped into her space, brought her into his embrace and held her close. “Don’t let that jerk, Rutherford, get to you. Kiwi men know how to treat a woman right.  

“You’re drunk.” 

And you’re sexy as hell. Oh, I may have had a few too many, but you know what they say ‘in vino veritas. And alcohol never effects my performance. 

In vino there is also a hell of a hangover. You already proved your prowess on the course today. Devon tried to pull away again. 

He held her tight and allowed one of his hands to slip down to her ass. He leaned in close to whisper, “If it’s been a while, I can be gentleat least the first couple of times. Although, I have to admit that wouldn’t be my first choice.”  

Even as obnoxious as he was behaving, she could understand the allurefor some. She knew that arguing with him would be pointless so she turned to leave again.  

Gutherie pulled her back against the front of his body. He wrapped his arms around her again and struggled not to fondle one of her tits. He settled for nestling his hardening cock into her backside.  

Drunk, horny and strong, she thought. That’s never a good combination. 

“I really want to fuck you. I’ve wanted to fuck you for the longest time,” he whispered in her ear. “You have a smokin’ hot body and legs that go on forever. I have dreams of getting my hands on you, spending the night between those legs and rocking your world.” 

Devon was a bit shocked that no one seemed to either care or notice that she was being prevented from leaving or that Gutherie was just this side of molesting her. Knowing that she could save herself, Devon turned in his arms and smiled sweetly. He immediately dropped both hands to her ass and pulled her into direct contact with his hard manhood. She allowed the contact which seemed to mollify him somewhat. “So, you’ve wanted me for a long time?” 

“Absofuckinglutely. You have the best rack of any of the girls on the circuit and the way those chaps frame your ass, well it’s enough to give a man all kinds of fantasies.” 

“Is it?” she whispered with an alluring tone. “Well you know, I’m from Texas. And as you may know, Texas has a rich history of cowboys and cowgirls. Texas cowgirls know just how to handle a stud when he’s expressing himself like you are tonight.” 

He pulled her closer, nuzzled her neck beneath her long, blonde hair and said in a tone dripping with lust, “And how’s that, baby?”  

The words had barely left his mouth, when Devon brought her knee up sharply to make painful contact with his balls.  

Instinctively he let go of her and moved to soothe them. 

She leaned in and whispered, “We geld them.” With that, Devon turned on her heel and left the party. 

It was all Gutherie could do to keep from having to take a knee from the pain. Certainly, her blow had sobered him up.  

He was still nursing his groin when Jake Rutherford clapped him on the shoulder, saying “See what I mean? A real tight ass bitch. But if you can get her to spread those legs and loosen up, she’s a hell of a ride.” 

Gutherie came upright and drove his fist into Rutherford’s perfectly chiseled face, smashing his nose, loosening some teeth and knocking the assistant coach on his ass. “Don’t you ever speak her name in my presence again. Got that?” 


9 reviews for Ronin’s Heartsong

  1. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. This was a good read. Wish my man could hum like that. Devon meets a beautiful man who knows one day he will meet his mate. Is that Devon? If it is, can she stand up to him? Should she even try? Independence or answering to a strong, dominant man who will not take any disobedience. Sexy read with hot sex, painful spanking and much love. Hand, belt.

  2. Lalaland

    I enjoyed this book immensely, Devon Cooper is a superb horsewoman whose sport which is called Reining is only a demonstration sport at the Olympics but she is hopeful and still part of the American Team. She meets Ronin Guthrie a champion equestrian eventer from New Zealand. Ronins first impression on Devon is less then stellar but Ronin strives to do better. He believes that one day he will meet his soulmate and he is confident that Devon is just that person and he has a unique way of getting her to see his point of view. Ronin is very dominant and incredibly sexy but Devon is also a strong independant woman so will she capitulate and be his woman. There is a strong domestic discipline theme in this book with lots of hot and raunchy scenes and on occasions Ronin will not play fair but Devon never seems to mind too much. Very entertaining read, definitely recommend. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy.

  3. Tami

    Ronin%u2019s Heartsong is a spanking romance that includes horses, competitions, hot men and sassy women. Devon and Ronin’s chemistry was palpable. Ronin is such a hot, stern and dominant man who does not tolerate disobedience which Devon learns very fast when she earned herself a hot bottom. The raunchy scenes were sizzling and explicit, and the secondary characters were likeable and interesting. I liked reading the book a lot.

  4. DB

    Great second book to this series! Ronin is a very dominate alpha male. At times I thought he was a bit to much, it was either his way or no way. He did love and care for Devon and calmed her fears with his heartsong. Devon knew she needed/wanted a strong male and accepted his discipline without to much fuss, most of the time. Ronin and his brother, Gage, kept nothing from each other and I thought that was kinda strange the way they talked about how exactly to discipline and their sex life. I did enjoy this book and the length was great! There were many spankings, lots of sex, witty dialogue, lots of dialogue and lots of caring and love! 5 Big Humming Stars

  5. Kristine Anders-Kole

    This book is so, so bad.
    I have never been more offended by a book in all my life! Not only is this author clearly not familiar with life in New Zealand, she also doesn’t appear to have done hardly any research.
    The entire NZ culture is grossly misrepresented and the Maori culture has been absolutely massacred! Since when has it EVER been acceptable to call Maori, our native people, Neanderthals? This is so wrong!!

    Aside from the offense caused to Maori, this author has no idea about NZ life. She has gotten distances and geography wrong as well.
    In NZ, a bath is a thing you sit in to have a wash. A bathroom is the room the bath and shower are in. We don’t have hot tubs, we have spas.
    Here, a fanny is slang for lady parts, not butt.
    Sheep don’t live in a barn. We farm them free-range, on grass, in big paddocks.
    Maori do not believe in soulmates. At least, my iwi doesn’t. And they certainly don’t hum to arouse/seduce their woman. To suggest they do, is offensive.
    A kiwi is our national bird – the fruit is called kiwifruit.
    We don’t call our Grandma Kuia. This is the Maori term for a grandmother or old woman, but in everyday conversation, she’s just Nana, Nan or Nona.

    I can’t even explain how wrong the author has depicted my culture, but if you’re familiar with it, you will know what I mean.

    I am disgusted by the inaccuracies in this book and take great offence to the way Maori are portrayed, especially in relation to the “Neanderthal” theme that appears to be running through it.

  6. Kirsty

    I thought long and hard before writing this review. I wasn’t going to, I was just going to leave it. But I feel that something needs to be said.

    I see someone has already pointed out the multiple flaws in this book, and the offence it causes to Maori, the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

    Why, why, why do people write about a culture they do not understand?
    This book is written as though the Maori are mythical creatures, like fairies or something, but they’re not – they’re real people, with a real culture, and this book has butchered that culture entirely.

    One piece of dialogue that I found incredibly offensive:
    (American heroine): “What about your Neanderthal tendencies?”
    (Maori hero): “Those you’re stuck with. That’s the Maori coming out.”

    Only a person with absolutely no sensitivity switch would think this was appropriate.

    I understand this author has never been to New Zealand and doesn’t understand the way of life here. But that is no excuse.
    The New Zealand culture has been absolutely butchered in this story.

  7. Rhonda

    Sparks fly in New Zealand

    Devon and Ronin are brought together by their love of horses.
    At times Ronin rather than coming across as a strong alpha man just seemed a little pushy. However Devon is won over by his mesmerizing humming, caring heart, sexy moves and discipline.
    The dialogue was smart at times and helped make the characters realistic. I look forward to reading more books by Willa Bradley
    I received an advance reader copy from the publisher.

  8. Redrabbitt

    I enjoyed this second book in the Wild At Heart series that will begin in America but move to New Zealand where the majority of the story takes place. The main story will comprise of Devon Cooper from the Texas and Ronin Gutherie, from New Zealand and this will be their hot and heavy, loaded with angst and passion romance. They both have known each other for years because of the equestrian competitions they are both compete within.

    Devon Cooper is part of the American team, but not part of the Olympics. She will do a show during the competitions with her horse, Dreamer. She had at one time been romantically involved with one of the assistant coaches on the American team until she caught him cheating. There is an undercurrent of hostility between them still with his snide remarks.

    Ronin Gutherie is a favorite contender for Kiwi eventing team with his horse Dax. While he has a reputation for being a playboy, he has set his sights on Devon, and once he does, he is determined she is going to be his. When her ex-boyfriend, Jake, harasses her, he will set him straight. Ronin%u2019s paternal grandmother is of Maori descent, and her heritage will play a role in his character in this tale.

    The plot of the story will include the alpha dominance of Ronin pursuing and eventually dominating Devon. He will stay with her on the flight to New Zealand, and his possessiveness won%u2019t allow her to put up barriers between them. He will help her get her horse in the stable and instead of taking her to her hotel, he will take her to his home. Once he has determined that she is his soul-mate, he takes control.

    While the story does cover part of the event and competition, it is only a very small part of the story. The chemistry and interaction between the two main characters have this sassy Texan and dominant Kiwi butting heads one minute and intense sex the next. There is plenty of action between the two of them, including multiple spanking scenes, and intense sex scenes.

    While I know very little of the culture and heritage of the people of New Zealand and never had heard of the Maori, I cringed at the term Neanderthal that Devon frequently called Ronin, and then even he references about himself multiple times. While I am sure the author did not intend this to be derogatory or offensive, but it may, in fact, come across that way.

  9. Kitty Ranma

    This is the first time that I have read Willa Bradley but it won’t be the last. I think she is definitely going to be a favorite. I hate spoilers so I will not give details. I hope Willa does more with the Guthrie family. I’d love to read the full stories for Kuai, Ronin’s mother, and the rest of his brothers. This will be a keeper for rereading. Reasons I enjoyed this book:
    Happily Ever After, Witty, Romantic, Wonderful characters, Page-turner, Great world building, Unpredictable, Original, Easy-to-read, Entertaining, Action-packed, Steamy, Funny , Informative, whimsical.

    Wow I just went to post my review and found out that this is a part 2 and I never felt lost. I looked at part 1 and they don’t seem to be linked by anything other than equestrians. So this is totally a stand alone.

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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