Revenge of the Pirate Twins

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Twin sisters, Frankie and Kat, are willful, undisciplined, highly skilled in weapons, and fiercely determined to find the infamous master of the black pirate ship called the Nemesis. Jacques LaSalle, the owner of that ship, is the blackguard who attacked their father’s merchant vessel, killing their father and abducting their mother. First, they will find out what happened to their mother, and then he will be at their mercy.  

Jacques LaSalle is intrigued and amused when he hears that a beautiful raven-haired woman has been scouring the Caribbean for him and intends to challenge him. No one has ever bested Jacques in a fight, but he soon finds that Frankie is much more of a challenge than he thought. He intends to claim her for his own  if she’ll stop trying to kill him long enough for him to do that 

Morgan MacAlister is the pirate governor of the new colony, the Pirates Hideaway, and his gut instinct tells him that trouble is coming to his island paradise. When the mighty Aphrodite sails into his harbor carrying a set of twin sisters, the gorgeous redheaded sprite of the duo sets his senses on fire.  

It’s a hot time on the high seas when the two arrogant men figure out that the twins have the power to rock their worlds. But the girls haughty attitude and lack of respect may well earn them some much needed discipline before all is said and done.  

Publisher’s Note: This action adventure romance contains steamy scenes and elements of power exchange. 


Sample Chapter

Chapter One 



The Caribbean Sea, 1760s 

The sun crept higher, its restless flames stealing over the vast horizon of the Caribbean sea, heralding the arrival of a breaching new dawn. On the rolling planked deck of the Aphrodite, several sun-swarthy men encircled their captive, his face etched in a snarl as he eyed his captors in the macabre tableau. 

They all awaited the arrival of Captain Frank, and although Frank is typically a mans name, this man was actually a woman. Had he known this Captain Frank was a woman when the Aphrodite picked him up after the Bounty went down, he would never have sworn his allegiance to him. He would have gone down with the ship first. Shanks would sooner die than serve under a woman! 

Not too far away, Pierre stood at the open door of the captains cabin, his goldish eyes watching as she buckled her sword around her slender waist. Were ready, Frankie, he said quietly. 

Captain Frank nodded to Pierre, her hand on her rapier as she preceded him out the door. Reaching the deck, her sharp eyes scanned the silent scene, missing nothing. 

Her men were gathered around the scurvy rogue named Shanks, the one with a wicked knife slash down the side of his face. She watched his eyes narrow at her approach, his fists clench at his sides. 

Frankie was silent as she returned his stare, her dark hair blowing away from her face, her eyes noting the weak chin and the patchy stubble that didnt quite pull off being a beard. 

Ill not serve under a damnable floozy, he suddenly snapped, his vicious outburst causing spittle to land between her feet. His sharp black eyes faced her defiantly, giving no quarter. 

She stared coldly at him until he began to fidget. Youll serve, or youll be shark bait, she finally bit out. 

Frankie heard the rustling and murmuring among some of her less loyal crew and knew she could not afford to show weakness. The majority of them were her fathers men and were rock solid, but they picked up strays now and then who swore allegiance to keep their heads and then reneged or tried to create a mutiny. Such was the man in front of her. 

Ye wouldnt put me off, he sneered, his black eyes saying it all. Saying he didnt think a woman could do it. 

Watch me. 

She nodded then and Pierre moved forward, his cutlass prodding the man in the chest, herding him towards the plank. 

The pirate shuffled backwards, his disbelief still clearly evident. At the end of the plank, he stopped to stare her down once again. 

Cant do it yourself, can ye, bitch? he sneered. Youre just a common whore who aint got the guts to send a man to his death. 

Frankies temper flared but she gave no reaction to his words on the outside. It was he who was common, a filthy pirate brazen and bold, but he would scream for mercy at the last minute, just like they all did. 

Her lip curled and she strode forward. She would give him mercy, the same kind that had been shown her father and her gentle mother. She placed the tip of her rapier on his chest and pressed slowly, her face set like cold marble. 

Shanks face began to show fear then and he glanced down at the surging waters below him. He didnt see any sharks but they were always there, just waiting to sink their teeth into a man. A bead of perspiration broke out on his upper lip but he refused to give quarter to a woman. Death was preferable. 

Yell have to do better than that, he sneered, feeling the tip of her rapier beginning to pierce his skin. Better to die on the sword than be torn to pieces, still half alive, watching those teeth coming at you . 

 Frankie lowered her sword and quickly planted a booted foot in the middle of his chest, kicking him backwards into the sea. She wouldnt give him the satisfaction of impaling himself on her sword and affording him even the tiniest of victories. 

Despite his bravado, Shanks could not stop a gurgled scream from escaping his lips as he went down beneath the water and then struggled furiously to the top. She was looking down at him, the she-devil, laughing at him! Taunting him! 

If you can swim, you might make it to the island before they catch up with you, she said, cupping a hand around her mouth so her words made it to his ears. Laughing, she pointed to the east. 

He looked and saw a pair of dorsal fins about a hundred yards off, heading in his direction. With a muttered oath and a mouthful of salt water, he began swimming as if his life depended on it, which indeed it did. 

Frankie turned and strode back onto the deck, her gaze cold and savage towards the rest of the men. Anyone else not want to crew the Aphrodite? she asked mockingly. No one answered. She turned towards her cabin, Pierre falling in step with her. Thats what I thought. 

One of the men says he heard LaSalle was headed for the Pirates Hideaway, Frankie, he murmured in her ear. 

The Pirates Hideaway? 

Yes, its a new harbor for pirates and its run by MacAlister. 

You mean Morgan MacAlister? she asked, her eyes narrowing as she turned to stare at her uncle and second in command. 

The same. 

Frankie paused, considering the information. MacAlister was a ruthless pirate who had slashed a reputation for himself that was as fierce as Blackbeards himself. But nothing would deter her. She would have her revenge on Jacques LaSalle. She nodded briefly. Set sail for the Pirates Hideaway then, Pierre. How long will it take ? 

About three days, I calculate, he replied. 

Set course. Im going to talk to Kat. My sister needs to know this latest development. 

Pierre Matisse Fontaine watched his niece walk away, her stride bold and assured. He shook his head, fearing the girls desire for revenge would bring about all their deaths one day. He walked to the wheel of the huge ship, giving the command as she had requested. Weigh anchor for the Pirates Hideaway. 


* * * 


Below, Frankie let herself into the cabin. Hello, Kat, she murmured, watching her beautiful sister standing before the dresser mirror. We have things to discuss. 

Feeding the fishes again, Frankie? Kat mocked, returning her sisters brooding gaze in the mirror. The girls were twins, but they looked nothing alike. The only thing similar about them was their temperament; both were feisty and high-spirited. 

Frankie gave the red-haired sprite a dark look. Her own raven hair fell to her waist in waves when she wore it loose, and her blue green eyes were hard and glittering. He didnt want to do his job. He left me no choice. She shrugged her slender shoulders, then snagged a chair with a booted foot. Sitting in it, she leaned back and appraised Kat. 

Kat turned sinuously, the dark reddish trousers and white silk shirt outlining her slender figure to perfection. Inside each boot, she had a pearl handled knife, her expertise. Katherine Adele Fontaine was as beautiful as her exquisite sister, Francesca LouiseFrankie to those close to her. 

Why didnt you just run him through with your sword? Kats green almond-shaped eyes gave her an exotic look. A delicate brow arched as she asked a question she already knew the answer to. 

Frankies smile was mocking. You know I wont do that if I dont have to. I like to give them a fair chance to live…sometimes. She thought of the man swimming for his life because he wouldnt work for her. In a way, he was right. She didnt have the stomach for this life, but the thought of their mother drove her on. 

So what did you want to talk to me about? Kat asked, not in the mood to taunt her sister further. She leaned against the wooden dresser, her pert bottom resting on the edge. 

We have word of LaSalles whereabouts. Seems hes headed for the new harbor, the Pirates Hideaway. 

Is the information reliable? You know Im sick of chasing him all over the Caribbean. Kat tossed back her burnished tresses and yawned, not quite awake yet. 

Pierre assures me its reliable. Well…as reliable as you can get. Ive already given the order to set sail. 

How long? 

Three days. 

Kat sighed and nodded. Three days it is, then. 

Frankie nodded and stood up. Ill meet you in the practice room. She let herself out of the cabin. As she made her way to the room where Pierre instructed them in the art of weaponry, she thought once again of her gentle mother. Attacked by pirates, her mother taken and her father killed, their faces still haunted her dreams. Especially her mothers. 

Shaking away the mental image, she once again vowed revenge on Jacques LaSalle. The master of the black ship, the one who had attacked their fathers French merchant vessel on its way home to Louisiana in the New World, was a scoundrel. They said his heart was as black as the ship he captained, but Frankie didnt care. She would have her revenge, and if her mother was still alive, she would find her. 


* * * 


The Nemesis slipped silently through the shroud of night, coming upon the peaceful entry to the Pirates Hideaway. Jacques LaSalle kept watch through the spyglass as his helmsman and first mate, Frenchy, guided the black ship slowly closer. Jacques was a very careful man; it was part of why he had such a fearsome reputation. 

The Nemesis struck fear in the bravest of hearts, and people whispered tales of the black ship that often flew the jolly roger. Even her sails were black, giving her a demonic appearance as if she had floated up from the fiery depths of Hell itself. 

Some said it was revenge that drove LaSalle—revenge for the death of his young wife and child and the confiscation of his lands and properties by the French crown. Some said it was his black heart in league with the devil, but all respected his prowess, pirate and merchant alike. 

Frenchy, look at this, said LaSalle, handing the spyglass to the burly man beside him. 

Those would be Black Jacks flags, Frenchy answered with a feral growl. That lowdown backstabber has no honor, not even among pirates. 

Agreed, LaSalle replied smoothly, but this is the Pirates Hideaway, is it not? 

Oui, Capitan, responded Frenchy. Bosun Graves is never wrong in reading the charts and the waves. 

Something is afoot, then, growled LaSalle. The hairs were standing at attention on the nape of his neck, a sure sign that trouble was brewing. 

Oui, my stomach feels colder than a wenchs rump in winter, replied Frenchy uneasily. 

Well lay low here for a bit and keep an eye on things. I dont trust Black Jack, and the fact that he has three ships in harbor doesnt bode well for this MacAlister. 

MacAlister has made quite a reputation for himself, mon Capitan, Frenchy mocked, knowing LaSalle already knew that. Pretty soon, he will rival even yours and Blackbeards. 

He already does, muttered LaSalle grudgingly, peering through the spyglass again. Double the watch. Get someone in the crows nest, and I want constant surveillance of the situation until dawn. He handed the glass to Frenchy. Take charge of this and keep me informed. I want to know the second anything happens, anything at all. 

Oui, Capitan, murmured Frenchy, and he set about following orders as LaSalle strode off, bent on another task. 


* * * 


It was close to dusk, and Morgan Mathias MacAlister stood on the balcony of his island home, surveying the peaceful waters of the cove through his spyglass. He sniffed the night wind, trying to gauge the source of his uneasiness. 

Black Jacks three ships lay in the harbor, alongside his own, and he was well aware of the pirates reputation. He fully expected a takeover attempt before dawn but he had his men in place, plus a surprise for old Jack, should he be so foolish. 

Morg growled low in his throat. No one would ever again take what belonged to him, be it a woman, lands or gold. But there was something else going onsomething he couldnt quite place, something about to happen. 

Morgs gut told him trouble was coming to the Hideaway and it had nothing to do with Black Jack. 

He put down his spyglass when he heard the soft footfalls behind him. That would be his new house maid. 

Spinning to face her, the masters startling green eyes pierced her slender frame and Rosalie shivered as she stepped into the room. She watched MacAlister warily, her heart beating fast. His blond hair was tied at his nape with a black ribbon and he had a bandana around his forehead. The darker mustache didnt match the sun-bleached blond of his hair. His strong angular jaw was set in a foreboding manner. 

Im ready, master, she gasped fearfully. She trembled as the pirates ruthless gaze raked up and down her figure in the loose cotton gown. 

Rosalie fidgeted with her fingers, wishing he would get to her punishment so it could be over with as soon as possible. She didnt know what he was going to do, but she was most apprehensive. 

Morgs lips thinned into an almost cruel smile. The young lass had been caught by his first mate, Malik. The big black man had brought the frightened girl before him, saying they had finally caught the thief who had been stealing from their supply house. When shed pleaded for mercy with her soft, brown doe eyes, Morgs well-guarded, tender inner core had been touched. The sixteen-year-old girl reminded him of the younger sister hed left in Scotland long ago. Her shiny brown hair hung to her shoulders, and when she tucked it nervously behind her ears, her movements were endearingly similar to his young Eileen. 

After much indecision, Morg had finally indentured her as his servant and taken her into his home. Hed ordered her to clean up and report to his chambers at dusk for punishment for her thievery. 

Well done, Rosalie, he said gruffly. I see ye know how to obey orders. Ye will make a fine servant for my manor. 

Th-thank you, sir, she stammered and dropped a curtsy, bowing her head. 

Now then, your punishment, he stated briskly. Taking her by the arm, he walked her over to a straight-backed rattan chair and sat down. He began to pull her across his platform of broad hard thighs, enclosed in white cotton material and bulging at the seams from his thick muscles. 

W-what are you doing, master? gasped Rosalie, not understanding. She resisted him, pulling backwards desperately, even though she knew her slender strength was no match for the powerful man. 

Morg stopped and pinned her with an icy look. Do ye know what the traditional punishment is for thievery, my girl? 

Nno, sir! Shed never had to steal anything in her life until the Spanish had invaded the island and destroyed her childhood home and killed her family. The pirates had driven them off, but shed hidden in the woods until Malik had found her, taking bits of bread and nuts, hoping the filthy lot wouldnt notice. 

They lose a finger for the first offense, Morg declared. He pinched one of her slender digits between his own big fingers. How about this one? Would ye like me to cut it off for ye? 

No…please, begged Rosalie, trembling more than ever. Please dont hurt me, master! She tried to pull her finger away from him, but he held on. 

Then ye will obey me in all things. And right now, ye are going over my lap to be spanked instead of having this lovely finger cut off. Will ye stop fighting me? He could have forced her over easily, but somewhere within him was a feeling of protectiveness, and for some reason, he didnt want her to think him a total monster. 

Rosalies brown eyes widened, but she nodded, not exactly sure what he was talking about, but relieved that her finger was safe. She didnt fight when he pulled her down and over his thighs until he began to lift the loose cotton gown. Hed ordered she wear nothing beneath the gown, and this had been the true source of her nervousness. She knew little of the ways of men and women and was afraid he wanted to use her for his lust. The lifting of her gown seemed to confirm this, and she began to struggle again. 

Morg bared her easily despite her struggles. He would have been surprised if she hadnt fought him in spite of his warning. Twas only natural when a wench was about to get her hide tanned that she fight. Easily subduing her, his corded arm blocked her hands as he gripped her hip with his left hand and patted the smooth wiggling buttocks with his right. 

All right, my girl, here it comes! With that, he brought his palm down hardso hard that Rosalies body jerked and her legs kicked straight out as she squealed in surprise and pain. He chuckled. Aye, it hurts, little one, and theres a lot more to come. Yell be sorry you stole from me before Im through. 

Rosalie kicked desperately and screamed as Morg smacked her bouncing cheeks over and over, igniting fire and pain like shed never known before. She cried, begged and pleaded for him to stop, but he ignored it all, continuing until the girls bottom and thighs were a deep crimson red. 

At last, he stopped and stood her up while she sobbed hysterically, catching her when her knees buckled. Sitting back down, he fought with himself as he sat her on his lap, allowing her painful bottom to fall between his open thighs. There now, lass, let that be a lesson to ye. His voice was gruff, and he didnt want to comfort her but couldnt seem to help himself. He patted her shoulder awkwardly as she hid her face in her hands. 

Rosalie paid no attention to Morg, other than to use his knees for support when her legs had buckled under her. Shed never known such pain! Her bottom ached and burned like it was literally on fire, and she shook from head to toe. She sobbed helplessly into her hands, finally becoming aware that he was patting her back and talking to her. 

Yell need to have Alyssa help you with some cream for that arse, he said gently. Ye are going to be sore for a while, as well ye should. Now, get along and get ready for bed. He stood up then, gently pulling her to her feet and pointing her towards the door. And, if I have to punish ye again, Ill use a paddle. 

Yyes, sir, she sobbed. Rosalie flew to the door on shaking legs. She knew what a paddle was; the men of the native villages used them in their fishing dugouts. She had no desire to have him beat her backside with one of those. She would never steal anything again…ever! 

Rosalie! She stopped at the command in his voice and turned to face him Send Alyssa to me. Ye women are not to leave the manor tonight. Is that clear? 

She bobbed her curtsey. Yes, master! She turned and left, the tears still flowing down her smooth cheeks. 

When Alyssa appeared in the doorway, Morg gave her the same instructions. The lovely island woman nodded, her crisp black curls bouncing. She looked inquiringly at him, instinctively knowing something was bothering him. If he wanted her to know, he would tell her. 

See to the young lass, Alyssa, Morg stated as she approached, her brown legs flashing beneath the island skirt. His eyes gleamed appreciatively as he watched her glide smoothly across the floor. 

Alyssas chocolate brown eyes met his with a smile for her old friend. Going soft, are you, Morg? Her rich island accent flowed like mellow music across his ears. 

Would ye like a trip over my knee then? Morg returned silkily. He felt a hardening of his shaft at the thought of her full ripe bottom beneath his palm and the delights they enjoyed afterwards. 

Alyssa was not fooled by his polite words, laughing quietly as she moved out of reach. Not tonight, I can tell there be other things on your mind. She grinned knowingly and fingered her shark tooth necklace as she watched him carefully. She enjoyed their encounters but expected nothing from him. They were from different worlds but met as friends and, occasionally, lovers. 

Im never too busy to tan your arse, Alyssa, Morg returned, his eyes gleaming. I have a new paddle just waiting for ye. He smiled wolfishly when she moved further away. 

Ill be passing on that offer, thank you, she replied with a chuckle, opening the door. 

Dont leave the manor tonight, Alyssa; theres something brewing out there. 

She turned and nodded solemnly. Yes, I know. There be mischief afoot, for sure. 

Morg watched the door shut, the uneasy feelings returning as the woman left. He strode to the balcony and took up the spyglass again. 

Sure enough, it was just after midnight when Morg spotted the signal from Malik. He was already dressed in dark clothes, his sword ready and a knife belted to his thigh. Quickly, he shinnied down the trellis attached to the wall for the fragrant morning glories and slipped into the jungle undergrowth. His target was Black Jacks biggest ship, the Satin Lady. 

Malik met him at the waters edge. No words were needed as they slid into the warm waters of the Caribbean and swam silently to the mooring ropes of the waiting vessel. 

While Morgs men engaged Jacks men in town, he and Malik intended to hit Jacks personal ship. Just as planned, the other men were already in place in the shadows along the ships base, and at his signal, they all began climbing the ropes. Once aboard, it was a simple matter to take over the greatly reduced crew Jack had left behind. A neck broken here, a throat cut there, and then he was slamming open the door to the captains quarters. 

Morg froze when he saw the woman. She stood naked and proud before him, showing no fear although her ankle was manacled to the floor beside a bed pallet. Her peaches and cream body was magnificent, her full, proud breasts swaying as she leaned forward to spit at him. 

Filthy pirate! 

He quickly stepped back to avoid spittle on his clothing. She was of obvious English descent, judging from her accent and coloring, and she glared at him with hatred in her startling blue eyes. Jacks woman, he assessed as he studied her for a moment. Or at least, one he intended to have for himself. 

Without a word, he strode forward and grabbed a handful of her long blonde tresses, then ground his mouth against hers, tasting her full red lips. 

At first, she hammered him with her fists, but then, she willingly surrendered, pulling him to her urgently, the scent of her arousal reaching his sensitive nostrils. 

Quickly, Morg freed his throbbing thomas as she pulled him with her to the pallet on the floor. Mindful of the chain attached to one ankle, he shoved her milky thighs wide and, with an exultant growl, rammed his rock-hard shaft into her dripping core. It was the ultimate humiliation, taking your enemy’s woman within his own sanctuary, and it gave Morg immense satisfaction. Not that hed ever had to force a womanand this one was no exception. Obviously, her pitcher had been cracked long ago. 

She screamed in delight, her nails digging into the rippling muscles on his back, her hips rocking and gyrating to his rhythmic thrusts. He dropped his sword and grabbed her buttocks, his hips slamming into her, bringing her to a raging peak of madness as he brought them both over the precipice of raw, hedonistic pleasure. 

Morg heard the pounding footsteps just before the door slammed open and Black Jack roared with rage at the sight before him. The black eye patch and three-day beard added to the roughness of his facea face used to instilling fear. 

Instinctively, Morg rolled off the woman and across the floor as the burly pirate lunged forward, his greasy black ponytail flipping back and forth as he slashed at him with his sword. Ill send ye to Davy Jones locker, ye filthy bilge rat, swore Jack, cursing at his misses. 

Quick as lightning, Morg avoided Jacks useless jabs until he saw his enemy suddenly freeze, then collapse in slow motion, falling to the floor with blood seeping from the corner of his mouth. 

Catching his breath, he looked up and saw the lovely blonde smiling, his sword in her strong grip. Quickly, she dropped to the floor and fished through Jacks pockets, squealing in triumph when she came across the key to her manacles. Keeping an eye on Morg, the sword in her hand, she unlocked the manacles and freed her ankle. What is your name? she asked boldly, kicking the chains aside. 

Morg got to his feet, still breathing heavily and stuffing his thomas back in his trousers. He supposed the proud beauty might have saved his life. Morg MacAlister, he answered cautiously, keeping his eye trained on the sword in her hand. 

Ive heard of you, she sneered. Youre another filthy pirate, just like that one. She kicked Jacks lifeless body, then cocked her head arrogantly to the side with a sensuous smile as she reconsidered her words. No, not quite like that one. You did give me commodities one of the best rides Ive ever had, so I will let you live, this time. But get off my ship! She motioned to the door with his sword. 

Would ye mind giving me my sword and using Jacks? queried Morg mildly, amused at her words. What is yere name, lass? 

Jacks men are coming back, hissed Malik urgently, sticking his head inside the cabin. 

Those are my men, snapped the blonde. That useless Black Jack caught me in a weak moment and took my ship, but the men will answer to me! 

You never did tell me your name, insisted Morg, catching his sword as she threw it to him hilt first. 

Its Lola! she replied proudly. Now get your sugar stick out of here before I change my mind. 

Morg grinned broadly. Ive heard of ye too, Lola…and ye call me a pirate. Nice diddies, by the way, he added, his glance grazing her ample breasts. Lola had a reputation in her own right, although she called herself a trader of goods. In short, she could be hired for anything and at any price. He chuckled as she shrugged, arching her delicate brow in derision. Until we meet again, fair lassie, he mocked as he quickly left. 

Standing on the dock, Morg signaled his men to let the Satin Lady leave the harbor. He admired Lolas confident stride across the deck and gave her a two fingered salute as he caught her eye. His men had already confiscated Jacks other two ships, and Lola acknowledged his prowess with a return salute as she sailed regally past him. 

Lola smiled wickedly, ecstatic that her merchandise was safe. MacAlister must have missed it, too intent on dipping his wick. There were rewards to be had for the return of said merchandise, and she intended to bring the women to England, provided she didnt get stopped again. That backstabber, Black Jack, had double-crossed her. She watched triumphantly as one of her crew hung his head off the prow of the ship, her bright blue eyes gleaming with satisfaction. As Jacks flags were taken down and her own hoisted, she was delighted to know that Jack would never double-cross anyone again. 


* * * 


Not a bad nights work, eh, Malik? Morg asked as he downed his ale at the island tavern. He too, was feeling satisfied…for the moment. The Nasty Grubb was quite busy for 4:00 am because he and his men were celebrating. Black Jacks untimely demise would serve as a stern warning to anyone else who might have thoughts of taking over his harbor. Hed assigned a couple of his trusted partners as captains of the ships theyd confiscated and the booty aboard them had been divided among all the men. Jacks remaining crew had sworn allegiance to Morg, as the governor of the island, and to their ship captains. 

Not bad at all, Govner, grunted Malik, watching the celebration going on around him. He was ever vigilant in spite of the control they had over the island. Mutiny and treachery were always lurking just around the corner. 

In spite of the revelry, Morg felt a sudden chill run down his spine. He looked around him uneasily, searching for a possible cause. The coupe had been thwarted, the manor was safe and Black Jack eliminated. Why then, did he still feel uneasy? 

He swiped his mouth across his sleeve and walked out the door of the tavern to gaze into the ocean horizon. What was out there? There was something coming, he could feel it in his bones, but what…or who…was it? 



7 reviews for Revenge of the Pirate Twins

  1. PJB

    Revenge is one of my favourite themes for a plot. This book did not disappoint, what an adventure! Frankie and Kat are twin sisters who have lost their mother, they blame the captain of a notorious black ship named the Nemesis, a pirate ship feared by one and all. The sisters train under the guidance of their uncle to become proficient with swords and fighting skills in order to avenge their mother. Two gorgeous heroes emerge as the plot thickens but are they heroes? Sexy as hell, Frenchman Jacques Lasalle and Scottish born Morgan Macalister (my favourite) set out to tame these feisty pirate twins but can they? This is a rollercoaster of a story and so worth the read. I cannot wait for the next instalment – roll on book two!

  2. DONNA L

    5.0 out of 5 starsAdventure On The High Seas
    ByDonna Lon April 8, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    This book is full of adventure,a swashbuckling tale of a time when Pirates ruled
    the seas.I fell in love with this book because it’s more than a story of revenge,
    all the characters are dealing with real life emotions,mystery and suspense.You
    get a glimpse of a world that is bursting at the seems, filled with chaos,conflict
    and enough hope for a happy ever after.Francesca and Katherine Fontaine have
    lived for revenge and blood,revenge for the death of their father and disappearance
    of their mother.Frankie runs a tight ship,showing no mercy to anyone who challenges
    her.Her skills with the sword are legendary and ruthless as she roams the Caribeen
    searching for Jacques LaSelle,she dreams of his demise.Kat is as high spirited as
    her twin, but revenge is not the only thing on her mind.The twins get their chance
    when they sail into Pirates Runaway,run by Morgan Mcalister,a ruthless Pirate with
    a fierce reputation.What luck,The Nemesis and LaSelle are there for the taking,only
    the twins are in for huge shock.Raw lust was the last thing Frankie expected when she
    met Jacques,he oozed charisma.Frankie has finally met her match at the hard hand of
    Jacques,taming the undisciplined brat will be his pleasure.Kat soon forgot her past love
    at the skillful hands of Morgan,a man who expects obedience.The twins have been
    disconnected from the real world for so long that it took many painful lessons for them
    to accept their new life’s.There was never a dull moment in this book,the writing is
    strong,interesting and moved quickly.If i closed my eyes, i could almost imagine myself
    aboard the Aphrodite, riding the high seas.The story is full of surprises,the outcome not
    what i expected, but i look forward to the next book in this exciting adventure.

  3. LuCinda Beebe

    This author is a very talented storyteller. Get ready for a heart stopping journey as the twins, Frankie and Kat go after the pirate Jacques LaSalle who they believe killed their father and caused the disappearance of their mother. The setting is so vivid that you can feel the dampness of the sea against your skin and smell the salt air. The characters are complex with both Jacques and Morgan being strong, handsome, and opinionated and both of the twins, Frankie and Kat being sassy, beautiful, and intelligent albeit young and naive at the start. This story kept me inthralled until the very last page and I can hardly wait for the next one in the series to come out.

  4. DB

    WOW what a book! Frankie and Kat (twins) are on a mission to find the man who killed their parents and they are doing it on the high seas! This book had one adventure after another. When the twins finally find him there is a lot more to him than they thought. Jacques and another pirate, Morgan, are both very dominate alpha males and expect the girls to obey them, even if they do want them dead! This book had lots of romance, many adventures, kidnapping, mystery, drama, many spankings, sex, disobeying females, well written dialogue, terrific length and lots of humor. 5 Big Stars

  5. rjr

    Believing a pirate to be responsible for their father’s death and the mystery of their mother’s whereabouts, twins Frankie and Kat decide to take him head on and exact their revenge. After five long years spent searching for Jacques LaSalle, while training with weapons, they decided to attack him as he rests in Pirate’s Hideaway. But Morgan MacAllister is the governor of this private island and does not look kindly on the twins’ plans. Two smart, dominant men, two reckless, furious women, and a whole lot of adventure await the reader in this exciting, page turner. The book is very fast-paced, very well written, and very believable. I loved it and can’t wait for book two in this revenge series.

  6. Jf12574

    I read an advanced copy of this book and all glad I did. Great story line with loving, strong, courageous characters keep you reading to find out what happens next. A great find!

  7. Sam

    I really liked the complexity of this book. Many of the characters had both good and bad parts to their character. There were many secrets that cam e out as the book progressed. I also really liked the main characters; Frankie and Kat were such interesting characters.
    I received an ARC.

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