Renovating His Heart

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Struggling to renovate former relationships, they discover they are constructing a new one.

In a field dominated by men, Grace Evans just wants to prove to her father that she is accomplished enough to take over the family construction company. However, her father believes Ty Parks, his senior Superintendent, is a better candidate. It doesn’t help that Grace finds him so attractive.

Ty has worked hard to achieve his position in the company. He’s always willing to step up and help. Now he’s ready for a new challenge but when he meets the boss’s daughter, he gets more than he bargained for.

Grace’s father makes one final decision that takes both Ty and Grace by surprise. They have no choice but to accept it… unless they are both willing to lose something they love.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance includes sensual scenes.


Sample Chapter

Chapter One

Meet and Greet


Ty Parks spread out his construction plans on the hood of his sleek new black truck. Something wasn’t right. He looked at the forms on the ground, then back at the plans, his brown eyes scanning for a discrepancy. Pounding his fist on the truck, Ty confirmed the subcontractor had laid out the forms for the concrete sidewalk on the wrong side of the site.

“Dammit all.” Another day lost because of his incompetent subs. He reached for his phone on his hip, anger rushing through his veins. Ty really didn’t want his Monday to start off this way.

“John, it’s Ty Parks with Evans’ Construction. We’ve got a problem.”

Twenty minutes later, a mixture of Ty’s workers and the chastised subcontractor, along with his crew, arrived at the site, coffee cups in hand, bragging about their eventful weekends.

Ty barked, and everyone scattered to their various assignments around the site.

That was the usual routine for Ty. Arrive early, find an issue, bark until it got fixed, go home, and repeat the next day. He never got to be the nice guy, and he never got a break. It must have been part of his job description, buried really deep in the small print.

James Guiser, his top laborer, approached him with an inquisitive face, pushing his overgrown blond hair out of his face. James was twenty-three-years-old, going on seventeen, and had the party attitude of a college student, though he had never stepped foot on a campus.

Ty appreciated the younger man’s zest to party from time to time, especially the couple of months following his breakup with his old girlfriend, Stephanie.

“You don’t want to know,” Ty responded to James’ questioning expression and stepped away from him to observe one of the framers as he placed a 2×4. When James continued to look at him with raised eyebrows, Ty enlightened him quietly. “The concrete guys put the forms in the wrong spot.” He nodded at the man working frantically to move the forms.

“No, shit. Really?” James threw his arms up, mocking Ty’s frustration. Ty rolled his eyes.

“Now we have to wait until they finish so we can pour the concrete,” he told James and anyone else who was in earshot, including the berated subcontractor.

As much as he regretted it, Ty also knew he had to call his boss. Mr. Evans needed to know there was a delay. Again.

He excused himself from James and turned to make the call, walking toward the far end of the construction site where it wasn’t as noisy.

Bill Evans was a hard man to work for and an even harder man to impress. He expected professionalism, punctuality, and a good work ethic from all of his employees. He didn’t tolerate laziness and incompetence; neither did he have patience for delays.

Ty had started at Evans’ Construction as a simple laborer, just like James, at the age of twenty-three. Nine years later, he ran his own jobs as the highest paid employee of the company. Mr. Evans also had pride in Ty and respected how hard he’d worked to gain his approval. He just recently hinted that he would like Ty to take the company in the event that his deteriorating health finally took his life.

“Jason, help Quinn move those boards. Let’s get this moved so we can be ready when the concrete arrives at ten.” Ty spewed out more orders after getting off the phone with Mr. Evans. His men, as expected, obeyed and shifted into action. There were never issues about resisting Ty’s orders, and no one tried to overstep and go against Ty’s authority. He knew how to run a job, and he was respected for it.

The sound of gravel crackling below the weight of tires came up behind him, but Ty didn’t turn around. He was too focused on the activity flaming in front of him.

Bright headlights dimmed as the sound of the quiet engine cut off while Ty crossed his well-defined arms over his chest and studied the activity in front of him.

He finally turned around just as a twenty-nine-year-old woman placed her shapely legs out of the candy-apple red sports car. She wore vivid red stiletto heels, which hugged her petite feet perfectly. Ty took a moment to ogle the beautiful woman as she stood with her long legs gracefully taking on the weight of her fit body. She wore dressy black shorts and a business casual top accented by costume jewelry.

Noticing the calm that blanketed the site, Ty turned to find most of his men had stopped to look at the mysterious woman as well.

He cleared this throat. They didn’t have time to waste gawking at the magnificent creature who clearly didn’t belong on his construction site.

“Excuse me! We only have a couple of hours before the concrete arrives. Let’s go!” he yelled, and his men quickly swarmed back to work.

Once he was satisfied that the distraction was no longer an issue, Ty turned his attention back to the beauty approaching him with a box of donuts in her hand.

She had long, smooth, chocolate colored hair hanging down her back, which looked recently trimmed and styled. She didn’t appear to be wearing any makeup and clearly didn’t need to.

“Are you Ty?” her singsong voice asked him.

“Yes. Can I help you?” He regretted how blunt his words sounded but, in his defense, it was not a good time.

“Ty, I’m Grace. I’m here to help you manage this job,” she collectedly told him, extending her delicate hand while balancing the donuts in the other.

Ty couldn’t hold back the howl of laughter that rose from his gut. He didn’t accept her handshake and flashed a bright smile.

“Oh, sweetheart, that’s a good one. Who sent you? Bill?” Ty asked her with laughter remaining in his eyes.

She didn’t waver, humor absent from her sky-blue eyes.

“If you mean Bill Evans, then, yes, he sent me.”

“You can tell Bill I said thank you for the laugh and the donuts,” he responded, appraising her body with his hungry eyes. He reached out and graciously took the donuts from her with a coy smile on his lips.

“I’m sorry. I think you misunderstand why I’m here, Mr. Parks. I’m not here for your visual pleasure. I’m here to help manage,” she said and tilted her chin just a little higher.

Her tone sobered Ty just a little.

“I’m sorry. I don’t need help,” he told her, switching gears and flashing her a coy smile.

“Mr. Evans advised me there was an issue with a subcontractor this morning?” Now, her eyes held a hint of amusement, which clouded them like a slate blue storm.

“There was, but as you can see it’s been handled, and we are back on schedule,” he smiled, trying his hardest to hide the discontent flowing in his veins.

She raised her voice so that everyone on the site could hear her, “Maybe I should introduce myself and get started on the right foot.”

Ty tried to keep his anger in check and shifted uncomfortably on his feet. Maybe this was a test to see if he would get distracted.

“So, Mr. Parks, I would like to formally introduce myself. I’m Grace Evans, Bill Evans’ daughter.” She extended her manicured hand firmly out again.

This time, Ty accepted it as his jaw dropped wide open.


8 reviews for Renovating His Heart

  1. Stats23

    This book is an extremely well written romance but it is not a spanking romance, in fact it might best be described as an anti-spanking romance. Both Ty Parks and Grace Evans are recovering from previous romantic involvements that did not end well. They have both been hurt and are now VERY leery of any entanglements with the opposite sex. They are forced into a working relationship with each other because Ty is the managerial lead of Grace%u2019s dad%u2019s construction business and Grace wants to be more involved with the business. Ty is macho/sexist enough to believe that women have no place in the construction industry. Grace is feminist enough to take anything and everything that Ty says as offensive and/or demeaning. In other words, they mix like oil and water! In this age of #MeToo, this story is very timely with respect to political correctness and with how difficult it is for men and women to begin the development of a new relationship. It is a first rate contemporary romance, but it is extremely vanilla.
    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  2. Tami

    Grace and Ty are both struggling to overcome their past. Neither of them is very keen to enter a new relationship. But while they are working together, they realize that they are drawn to each other. But with all the hurt of the past, can they really make it work?

    In contrast to other Blushing Books releases, there are no spankings or power exchange in this book. Nevertheless it was a captivating read with great characters, an interesting storyline and the book was also well written. I enjoyed reading the book.

  3. Shawn Marchand

    I read this book as an ARC and it has not been released yet. Blushing books published this book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters are developed through visualizations, conversations and interactions with one another. There are steamy scenes without BDSM, although there are a couple of paragraphs referring to power exchanges of one of the character’s past experiences. For the most part this book is a love story between individuals who have both been burnt by past loves, and their actions lead the other to misunderstand their feelings as they get to know one another. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good love story with a couple of mild but steamy sexual encounters.

  4. Lillie322

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.? The eternal war – man versus woman.? Grace’s father doesn’t? believe she can run his company.? She does.? That leaves her at odds with Ty Parks, her father’s? choice.? With one of them recovering from a broken heart and one a cruel lover, neither knows how to deal with the attraction they feel.? Romance with no spanking, but with sex.

  5. Redrabbitt

    I enjoyed this story that is full of angst, some mystery and suspense, secrets, attitude, passion and second chance romance. Two people will both want the same thing, Evan%u2019s Construction Company, but it will come with unexpected stipulations. Can they agree to the codicil in the will or will they both lose? The story has plenty of character interaction, with emotion, angst, and expectations. There is a fun cast of characters that keep the pages turning.

    The plot will have two people both with anticipation of running Evans%u2019 Construction. While Grace is the daughter and believes her father will give her the business, there is Ty who has worked for him for ten years as his right-hand man. Mr. Evan is dying of cancer and had made promises to Ty that Grace doesn%u2019t approve of.

    Both Ty and Grace have unresolved issues with past relationships. Ty was left by Stephanie and has done everything he could to make her see him as successful after her painful rejection. Grace left a relationship with Ben and promised her father she would never go back to him. Both are living with the past, and neither one is moving forward with their futures.

    You have to admire Grace and her determination in pursuing the construction trade, wanting to follow in her father%u2019s shoes and proving she isn%u2019t afraid to get dirty. Many men don%u2019t want to take orders from a mere woman in a man%u2019s trade, but she will garner the respect of the workers. Ty is impressed with her but deep down worries about her on the job site.

    Will a binding codicil in Bill%u2019s will pave the way for Ty and Grace or will it cause more issues? With the death of Bill Evans, Ty and Grace must decide how to conduct business together, with her handling the Business end and him the Construction management. They have one year to come to terms of the will, or the business will be sold. Maybe Bill Evans will get the last laugh from the grave.

    The story has a few consensual sex scenes but does not have any spanking scenes (as most Blushing book stories do) and only mention of BDSM that involved Grace%u2019s former boyfriend. It also brings out that he was a sadist and crossed the line into abuse. Ty must accept that Stephanie moved on without him and what he thought was love, really was one-sided. Is what he and Grace are feeling towards each other true love? Can they get past the demon%u2019s haunting them from their past and find happiness together in their future? Sometimes when you aren%u2019t looking for love, it finds you anyway, and life is good.

  6. Hope W

    Renovating His Heart was a wonderful story to read! This contemporary romance has a well written storyline that shows the many complications when two people want the same thing but both people can’t win. When you add in the instant chemistry between the characters it leads to plenty of fun banter and laughable moments. The main characters are developed and both had unresolved feelings from previous relationships that lead to trust issues between them. Trying to find a way to work together will be challenging but will keep the readers interest. The author gives a wide variety of emotions with love, friendships, happy times, tearful moments and some laughs thrown in. However, this book does not include any BDSM, spanking or power exchange and is a totally vanilla story. I enjoyed the read and recommend this story for a fun night of romance! I voluntarily received an arc copy of this book.

  7. Jessica N

    Renovating His Heart is the reluctant romance between two people with broken hearts. Ty runs his constructions sites with a stern attitude along with respect. He has worked hard and is about to inherit the company, that is until Grace shows up at his site. He immediately knows she%u2019s trouble, and that women shouldn%u2019t be involved with construction, but Grace is on a mission to prove Ty and her father wrong and to get the company back in her own hands. The attraction draws them together, but their pasts keep pushing them apart, but when a will forces them together to keep the company, will they succeed in their relationship, or will everything come crashing down?

    This book was full of angst, reluctant yearning, misunderstandings, and a whole lot of trying to prove your best to others. Grace felt like she had so much to prove, to her dad, to Ty, and to all of the men in the construction world. She had a whole lot of pride that sometimes got in her way, but she was driven and often had a positive attitude about her life. Ty was also driven, but instead of trying to prove his worth to the boss, it was proving his worth to his ex. Both Grace and Ty had such crappy past relationships, but I liked reading about their triumphs and I loved their chemistry together! The plot line was definitely interesting and kept my attention until the very end! I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next book from Ms. Grace!

  8. Toni L

    I’m really torn on this book. The premise was interesting and could have been an outstanding read, but for at least the first third of this book I wondered why on earth Grace would choose to become involved in someone who acts at least a decade younger than his actual age? Honestly, my sympathy was very much with Ty’s ex. It wasn’t until I was up to the last third of the book before I really started to like Ty. It was a very good last third so that all in all, I did end up liking this story. But I’m just not sure I wanted to.

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