Regency Matchmaker: The Complete Collection

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Meet Lady Ambrosia Anaconda Algonquin, matchmaker to London’s most discerning citizens. Part fairy godmother, part sorting hat, her methods might be unusual, but she always makes her match.

In this collection of four stand alone novels, Lady Ambrosia’s matchmaking skills are put to the test.

His Tempestuous Bride features a heroine who wants to get away from an unhappy home and a hero looking for an heir. What happens when this marriage of convenience becomes a love match?

His Mischievous Bride tells a tale of second chance love. Many years have passed since a misunderstanding separated William and Calliope, but they are determined to make up for lost time.

Lessons For His Bride is the story of Seraphina Moon, a girl who didn’t have the best start in life, but once she’s matched with Dr. Lucas Spencer, the future looks very bright. Except for that one little secret from her past.

His Bargained For Bride A widow who has sworn off men. A lord who’s finished with women. So why can’t they keep their hands off each other?

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1 review for Regency Matchmaker: The Complete Collection

  1. Redrabbitt

    I read each of these four stories when they released as individual books and sharing my review from before.

    His Tempestuous Bride (Regency Matchmaker Book 1)

    For Lady Tempest Tapoate, turning eighteen-years-old will be a new beginning in her unhappy life. After losing both her parents when she was twelve, and at the mercy of her relatives, who never treated her well, she will take her happiness into her own hands. Using the matchmaking services of Lady Ambrosia, who promises her, she will have the perfect match for a husband.

    James Harley, the Earl of Knox, doesn’t believe in love, but due to his title, he needs a wife and an heir. His goal is to produce the heir, and then continue with his endeavors. He believes in the sanctity of marriage, and there will be no divorce, he just doesn’t want to become encumbered by matrimony. He goes into this arrangement as a business transaction and doesn’t even take the time to find his own spouse, but employs the services of Lady Ambrosia.

    The plot will have Lady Ambrosia making a match between Lady Tempest and Lord Knox. She will send Tempest in a carriage to his home, where her arrival comes with a shocking beginning. There will be fireworks, but not in a good way between these two, but the marriage will proceed.

    All Tempest wants are to be loved and accepted and hearing from Lord Knox that all he wants is his required heir leads to trouble from the beginning. Can Tempest find love and will James discover that marriage to her will be better than just a business transaction? What will happen once Tempest is with child? Will Lord Knox be satisfied and put her away and find new pursuits?

    “Gazing into the future, all I saw was misery. All I wanted was to be loved, but clearly, I was unlovable.”

    His Mischievous Bride (Regency Matchmaker Book 2)

    The second story in the Regency Matchmaker series will bring Lady Calliope visiting Lady Ambrosia after a successful match of Lady Tempest to her son, James. Callie has been widowed for a number of years, and now with her son married and even a baby on the way, she is hoping for a second chance at happiness. Can she find a marriage that is a love match?

    Colonel William St. Clair has served in the Army for over twenty years and is ready to retire. He never married and maybe now it is time to find a wife and settle down. But the army has one final mission for him, uncover the traitors to the crown. To do so, his good name will be brought into question to help open doors to less than savory homes.

    The plot will have Lady Calliope keeping an appointment with the matchmaker. She is asked to do some crazy things, including doing cartwheels, and before long, told to return to dinner that evening where she will meet her husband. What a shock to meet up once again with William St. Clair from her childhood, a man she has secretly loved and missed. Fate will bring them back together, and in a whirlwind, they will be married at once by special licenses. But what happens after the honeymoon and William has to resume his cover, and now he has a respectable wife, and his name is in question?

    “I trust you completely. I always have. I always will.” “We have been given a rare chance. An opportunity to make amends for folly years ago. Let us vow, here and now, never to forget how fortunate we are. Never to take for granted our love for each other.”

    The plot will take on a semblance of cloak and dagger danger and rather than Callie shying away; she will embrace it with gusto. She may be able to garner more information than the Colonel will at a dinner party. Are they amongst a group of like-minded people who are less than favorable to the crown? Will her son forgive her for marrying William?

    The story has mystery, suspense, danger, passion, second-chances, a bit of magical matchmaking, plenty of laughing out loud moments, explicit sex scenes, and several spankings. You can’t help but love the chemistry between William and Callie and cheer for them finding each other, or maybe Lady Ambrosia bringing them back together after all these years. Oh yes, and there is fadoodling in this story!

    Lessons for His Bride (Regency Matchmaker Book 3)

    The third story in the Regency Matchmaker series will once again, having a lady—and a gentleman seeking the matchmaking skills of Lady Ambrosia. She will pair Dr. Lucas Spencer and Miss Seraphina Moon—and this is their story. I will admit that I was laughing out loud many times at the antics and behavior of Seraphina.

    The plot will have Seraphina rescued from the greedy clutches of Mrs. Hartpence at her brothel, where she has entered into a contract to sell Seraphina and her virginity to Lord Ross when Colonel William St. Clair as her guardian shows up to extract her from the home after making a promise to her dying father who served under him. It will be Lady Tempest and Lady Calliope who decide to take her to Lady Ambrosia for a match. Dr. Spencer has asked for a marriage match because he is ready for a wife and to stop the matchmaking of mothers in his town of Briar Glen.

    I loved the chemistry between Lucas and Seraphina. She may have been raised in a brothel, but she was sheltered and completely innocent from the activities. Both of them agree to a domestic discipline marriage, even if it is only a fantasy to Seraphina, she knows that Lady Tempest and Lord Knox have that type of union—and look at how happy and in love they are. Even Lady Tempest had instructed her, “I hope you will find a husband someday who loves you enough to provide you with the discipline and guidance you may occasionally need.”

    “I expect an obedient wife and I am not a man to spare the rod when it comes to wifely discipline. When the situation calls for it, yes. I intend to take you over my knee and punish your bottom. As we will be husband and wife, it will be upon your bare bottom. Among other punishm—“

    “I would be honored to have a husband who cared enough to turn me over his knee. It would be a small bit of discomfort for such a worthy affection.”

    The marriage will happy, and the lessons begin of what takes place between a husband and wife, from kissing to mild petting, and nothing like a spanking to start it off right. But what happens when Seraphina lets loose with some colorful language? That must be corrected, but afterward, it is time to consummate the marriage, and they both are ready.

    “We shall wash away the old, and start fresh,” he said when he told her of his intentions. “We are a new family, this is a new day, and we shall have a new beginning. You and me together. Dr. and Mrs. Spencer.”

    The story has innocence, passion, angst, mystery, suspense, danger, and romance. Once again, Lady Ambrosia has made the perfect match between Lucas and Seraphina

    His Bargained for Bride (Regency Matchmakers Book 4)

    The fourth story in the Regency Matchmaker series will once again, having a gentleman seeking the matchmaking skills of Lady Ambrosia. But this time, he wants a fake fiancé, and shockingly enough, Lady Ambrosia will pair him with Amaryllis, a widow who has sworn off men. This will be the story of two people who had no intentions of marrying, only a very short, temporary arrangement. But sometimes, the unexpected happens—but what about love?

    The plot will have Lady Ambrosia rescuing Amaryllis from ruffians who have robbed and injured her. She will take her to her home and help her out—and allow her to be her assistant while she earns the money she needs to travel to America. When Lord Drake Stowe shows up without an appointment, Amy wants to turn him away, but Lady Ambrosia will cater to his request. What starts as a secret to appease Uncle Jarvis is turned upside-down by the appearance of Lady Tempest and Lady Calliope, who bring along the vicar for a marriage. Can they do this to make the final days of Uncle Jarvis happy?

    “If we marry, it will be a real marriage, in every aspect, do you understand me, for however long it lasts. Neither of us is good at pretending.” –Drake

    “I simply wonder if, before all is said and done, your contract bride might capture your heart as well.” –Dr.Spencer

    To the surprise of Dr. Spencer, Drake, and Amy, Uncle Jarvis’ health seems to improve with their marriage. He is laughing again, getting out of bed, and enjoying time with Amy, as she reads and entertains him. He can even coerce her into allowing him to eavesdrop on a ladies’ meeting. But, Uncle Jarvis has his serious moments and shares his regrets of letting “the one” get away and how he still misses her—and he will impart words of wisdom on the younger generation.

    “Do not let foolish quarrels and pride keep you from love. Promise me.” – Uncle Jarvis

    What will happen between Drake and Amy after the death of Uncle Jarvis—will they finalize their arrangement and she leave for America to join her sister? Have the past several weeks only been for show? What about the sexual pleasure that Drake and Amy find with each other? Has she only been a diversion and he is ready to let her go?

    “I know how much you have meant to him, and to me, over the last few weeks.” –Drake

    The story has angst, secrets, regrets, passion, and romance. Will Drake and Amy admit their feelings for each other, or will this be goodbye? The chemistry between them sizzles off the pages, but is that enough? Has Lady Ambrosia failed at making the perfect match? The story has several punishment scenes, along with explicit erotic sex scenes.

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